A Thorough Greeting

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A Thorough Greeting

Postby Berserker » Mon Aug 22, 2016 9:36 pm

Eyyyy. You all remember these two, right?

Right. Totally.

Regardless, I wrote a sequel to an old story I scribbled many years ago (http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9735029/ if you want to check that out) out of one part boredom and two parts inspiration over the weekend. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, so I thought I'd share here to breathe at least a little life into these boards! Let's see how that works out.

Google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BOq ... sp=sharing


---- “You know they have polysize tables over there, right?”

I rolled my eyes. “Oh, please... just lemme pretend that I'm by myself so we can get the good seats!” To drive the point home that I didn't care to abandon the perfect table bathed in sunlight so soft you'd think it was a masseur tending to your shoulders, I planted myself firmly into the towering throne of steel and crossed my legs. “This tiger is going nowhere fast, Alex.”

“Okay, fine,” Alex threw his hands up. Damn right I call the shots when I can flick you away. The fox was infinitesimal—I'd wager half an inch if measurements were worth a damn in this day and age. His muddy brown hair complemented the creamy fur that strode up and down his little body, as well as the puffy cotton candy stick he sometimes called his tail.

I puffed as ladylike a sigh as I could manage as I settled into my seat, brushing my silk dress down my thighs. I glanced left, then down. My chair's legs dug into a meadow, around which holographic warnings blared at me not to stray. Curtains of red light set a solid boundary around the table that I was supposedly not to breach or pass while I sat. I never minded the city, but I'll be honest—I've never liked it either. To me, rising spires of metal that brush at my hips have always been incredibly fascinating, but also a source of annoyance. Not because they themselves bother me, no. It's more of an 'I really hope I'm not stepping on anybody' kind of thing.

It had only been one year since I'd moved close to town. It was an undertaking venture, honestly, as the movements for polysize adjustments to existing institutions had only just begun. “Polysize”, mind you, was a term that had only recently become common. It was nothing more official than saying a place was fit for people who were my size—towering giants, by the way, if that wasn't clear—alongside people as small as you. I was what would probably be considered a “second-wave” giant since I came a little after localized integration in had really started, after all the pushes for better quality of life and all.

I can only imagine what world I'd live in without those first people setting the groundwork for us. Maybe the buildings I passed by every day would be a little steelier, less... friendly than they are, like alien spires jutting from the earth. Or maybe that's just how they'd seem to me without the open acceptance I've come to expect.

“Say, Kyla.” Alex snapped me out of my thoughts. His voice was stable, quiet too, but noticeably firm. I always really liked that about him. No way he wasn't at his wit's end just saying hello to someone who utterly diminished him dozens of times over in size and weight, and yet there the fox was, putting on his best face. “Do you remember when we first started talking?”

“Of course I do,” I replied coolly. Perhaps unnecessarily, my hand came up to brush aside a few wayward black bangs. Just to be sure, I put the full story on fast-forward and let him know exactly how awkward he was when he bumped into my foot while crossing the street. How unnerved, how scared for his life he was when I ripped away the detachable roof to his polysize coffee shop, stared right at him, and said hello for the very first time.

Alex didn't seem to like recalling the details and promptly shut me up.

I couldn't help giggling, but just a little. “You were awfully cute, you know,” I said, pursing my lips.

“I beg to differ.” Alex seemed unamused, ears slightly flattened. My eyes were keen enough to catch even the littlest fluxuations of his expressions. It's the sort of detail that comes with watching out for bystanders day in and day out and making sure you're causing any of them neither harm nor trouble, like ants skittering beneath your paws and disappearing into their mounds. I've come to accept it as part of the “Being Bigger Than Is Practical” package.

On the end of practicality, I used my gifts in the largeness arts to dump him out of my hand and onto the center of the table. “Little more gentle next time,” he squeaked, tail flicking as he rose to his feet.

I plopped my elbow onto the glassy table, eying the inch-high figure. “You just like to deny that you're cute,” I said in a way that I like to think came out sweet. Probably was more haughty though. His brow furrowed ever so softly. “I bet lots of girls think you are.”

That got him good. The fox's cheeks went from brown to caramel in a snap. “Not at all!” he squeaked. “Okay, Shelly doesn't count. She's the dating equivalent of a flower telling you you're hot as hell so that you'll water it more, only if the water was answers to math homework.” He puffed a sigh. I could see his brown eyes flick to their sides, then back to me, where mine waited intently to meet them.

“That's quite the metaphor,” I added. He didn't like looking right into my eyes. He liked to say they were “too scary-pretty” to stare at for too long, so I took great pains to word things just so that he'd make eye contact.

“I'm on my feet,” he replied quickly. God, I love poking him.

I crossed my striped arms upon the table like orange pythons, lazily letting my chin rest upon them. Sure, my posture was complete shit, but it was a lot comfier. Besides, lots of places had been made polysize for the express purpose of keeping a weight like mine against a table that big totally stable. Thankfully this very cafe counted among such establishments—nothing was in any danger at all, a fact I liked to shove at Alex whenever he worried.

I think Alex had it figured out already, but the biggest reason I liked this seat was its proximity to the rest of the city. The giant-only tables of the polysize cafe were sectioned off in a field just beyond the streets so as not to endanger the little folk, but I always picked this one because you could reach out and be just within range to touch things in the city proper, particularly the buildings that leveled off at stomach-height.

It was cheating, in a way.

My orange-fuzzed fingers trailed down beside me, just devilishly outside the cafe barrier. The family of minks who owned the place would be alerted to a giant sticking their hand through the bright red holo-light, but they knew me well enough not to worry. My hands dared breach the blaring red wall of light, rippling like a liquid to the touch. My arm didn't fully commit; it sort of hung beside the chair. Damp grass so fine you wouldn't even know it was made of individual blades met the tips of my padded fingers like a range of nothing but moss.

Sighing, I slid my toes free from their sandaled vessels, pulling backward. The taut teal leather scrunched and creaked loudly with every curl of my digits, a feeling that I honestly enjoyed for longer than I should have before I kicked them off completely. The sensation of grass caressed the bottoms of my black-padded paws as I pulled them inward, bending my knees and balancing by my toes. I was careful not to bounce; every step caused the earth to thrum ever so slightly, and if I dug them even a little into the ground, it'd mean lots of work for the little folk. Nobody wants to refill a crater the size of a bus, especially not one that was assisted by a toe ring. I've gotten yelled at about that before.

I peered below. The acres of safe-zone beneath my glass table where no littles were allowed to tread soon gave way to city streets where I wasn't allowed to tread. Little labyrinths of black cement trickled through a pristine palace fit for any little girl's toy set, brimming with vehicles no larger than one's fingertips as they filed along in destinations unfathomable.

Now, call me awful, but at this point I couldn't help reaching through the fine red curtain of light again. It was there to tell us to keep our grubby stupid giant hands off the easily-endangered edifices, but when had that stopped me? I reached right on through, caressing the one building I could most easily reach.

Breathing a curious, slow exhale, I let my index trickle down, gently, courteously so as not to break the fine glass of the office window that had caught my interest a few moments later. From my distance, I could only picture the faces within that gasped and put their hands to their mouths. I couldn't see quite that far. The thought was tickling enough, though. It was fun to imagine being seen as their King Kong; like I would reach in and snatch them all up in my hand before taking to the rest of the city. Lord knows some of them already thought that of me. Really gotta stop touching buildings without precedent.

But honestly? I couldn't break that glass without tearing my hand to shreds. They're perfectly safe.

“Oh, leave them alone,” Alex laughed. He'd caught me.

“The glass isn't gonna break,” I replied guiltily.

This time he laughed. “Okay, fine. Yes, I do remember when we met for realsies, yes I remember how stupid and awkward I was and... yeah.” He paused, pensive. “I also remember thinking that you were so busy that you'd never linger around in town for longer than you needed to. I honestly thought you just cut through to get to work.” This time his eyes flicked up. “Didn't exactly expect that you'd want to play with buildings.”

My posture sprung back straight. “What—what! So what? I find you guys and your architecture 100% fascinating. Take it as a compliment, won't you?” I shrugged. “Or don't. That's fine too.”

“I'll go 50/50. I mean, I kinda think it's cute how curious you are about us rather than being totally uninterested.” Alex fell to a sit upon the table, one leg flat on its side while the other stood straight.

I couldn't help smirking. I nodded, letting the conversation go still for a moment as I took a band out of my pocket and wrapped my arms behind my head to weave a ponytail out of my long, black hair. When I was finished I reached over to him and let a finger's pad stroke over his head and down his back. His ears splayed to their sides to allow the massive ceiling of flesh and pad to do what it willed.

“Hey, that's fair to me. Just means you know me well. Do find it curious that you're the one calling the many-stories-tall tigress 'cute', though.”

If he wasn't completely floored by how much sway I had over him with just the movement of a finger, I assume he'd have been offended by the very thought of not being my best friend. “O-of course I know you well! At least I like to think that I do. A-and hey, if you get to say it then so do I,” he added sheepishly.

There really was no chance of stopping the giggle that crept up my throat. That was it—I just had to pick him up. Carefully, cautiously, I scooped up the itty-bitty fox with a sweep of my palm from underneath. He wriggled a little, squirmed too, but it didn't really accomplish much and I brought him close to my chest as I stood up. The chair grated behind me due to the force of my knees.

I shifted, muzzle focusing right on him to speak more directly. Close, now, my breath and voice flowed over him hot and heavy like a physical force. “I dunno about you, but I've had enough sitting around for now. Whaddya say to a quick stroll, hm?”

Alex straightened himself out and patted down the rumples in his blazer. “I would say why not, so long as you don't breathe right at me anymore. I'm getting tears in my eyes. Not that I have a choice as to where we go anyway.”

I replied with “Yes you do, shut up,” and looking back on it I could have tried harder to be convincing, I think. Alex seemed content to accept my answer this time; he probably found it funny.

I promptly bit my lip and showed myself away from my seat, departing the cafe's balcony and waving goodbye to the reception building. The glossy, opaque windows of the littles' end of the cafe, a quaint, lengthwise rectangle of an edifice, obfuscated the owning family of lovely minks. I had hoped they were returning the gesture from within those walls.

It took a bit of willpower, but I tore myself from the tall, rectangular building and cupped Alex to my chest. As I rounded the edge of the homely meadows, I couldn't help giving temporary pause to enjoy the bath of sunlight and the kiss of grass. It was a steel jungle that sprawled before me; an entire playset of towers and houses, buildings and streets, the tallest of which could brush my hips. Many my size and taller still strode betwixt the wide roads and streets, eyes, glued to their surroundings, but plenty more simply opted to walk around. The city wasn't large, after all. A few miles for someone like Alex could be overtaken in a fraction of a fraction of the time.

Air filtered through my nose. Deep, fresh like the wilds. “You never smell more or less than you want to when your head is as close as it is to the clouds,” I said, in part to Alex. “It's all pure air.”

The fox took to leaning against one of my slightly curled fingers, which I admit twitched a little at the feeling. His tiny paws pushed invisible divots into my palm and I watched him slowly nod. “It is a lot fresher up here, if a bit harder on my lungs.” He looked up at me, seemingly without any real idea of what to do now that our hangout was apparently done. “I'm happy to be strung along for whatever, but what's the plan now?”

“That's food for thought,” I mumbled slowly. I say “mumbled”, but anyone with functioning ears at my feet could hear me loud and clear. “Well... what do you say we head back to my place? Don't think you've ever been there.”

While I always had been a very tactile kind of person—I love to be doing things whenever my hands are free—I'd taken great pains not to show that same love of touching things when it came to people smaller than me. With Alex, though, particularly now, I found little resistance in curling the fingers he was leaning against. Like the bars of a cage, they bent and embraced him, enveloping him in a fuzzy roof as my thumb went down his head, pressed his ears apart, then repeated.

“W-what, your house?” I remember him stuttering. It was very cute. I felt him push up against my thumb as it passed by, but he gave up pretty quickly. “I mean... hell, if you're cool with having me around.”

“You don't take up any space, dear.” My chest thrummed with the sound of my own stupid giggles and I began my trek through the city, one foot lifting at a time to reveal acres of meadowgrass and wildflowers imprinted with its exact shape. It was and still is a little hard not to take pride in just how much of an impression I can leave in just a single step.

Alex laughed. “Hey, I just thought I'd be sure!” He sighed, then reluctantly leaned into my thumb the next time it came with what little of his weight I could feel. I felt my heart slow down just a little before skipping a beat entirely. My reaction came in the form of a supple, almost inaudible gasp that excited my blood.

“Awww, Alex...”Of course, as I strode, the familiar sound of my own steps faded back in. The world I knew was coming back, my headway aglow with countless pedestrians who vibrated with the force of my gentle gait. Thump. Thud. Thump. Thud.


I looked down and raised my foot by its ball, twisting slightly to find what was once a street lamp that had now been crumpled into a lunchbox. The unfortunate cement of the sidewalk had been chipped as well.

“Oh. U-umm.” I exchanged disapproving glances with Alex, then cupped my palm before he could ask if I was really that distracted. “Let's go now.”----
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Re: A Thorough Greeting

Postby gadabout » Sat Sep 03, 2016 7:52 pm

Blast, too late was I once more! And to skip out on a gem like this too! Real sorry about that D:

But that aside, good stuff, this whole polysize thing is an interesting concept... or rather an interesting suggestion since those rules dont seem to be enforced any, but at least they make the little folk safer >:I
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Re: A Thorough Greeting

Postby Magnatross » Sun Nov 20, 2016 6:00 am

Glad to see this couple's triumphant return ♡
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