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Skybar pic/story

Postby macrokat » Sat Nov 29, 2008 11:03 am

After doing the first sketch I was inspired, and came up with a cute image, which led to me doing a story which was way more detailed and longer than I'd expected it to become. The story's long so I'll cut the explanation short. Hope you enjoy it, A night at the Skybar/ Going Big.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A night at the Skybar / Going Big

Hip, hot, bigger than life. All buzz words used to describe the Skybar.
If you ask me it all sounds like a desperate attempt to draw the "in" crowd. Well, I guess in that regard we're both alike, I know I'm desperate. It had been years since my last relationship, it ended pretty roughly so I wasn't too eager to get back on the horse. However I was beginning to get sick and tired of being alone, so I decided it was time to get back in the game, and if I was going back in, I was going to go big.

I got into the club and couldn't really see what all the fuss was about. The layout was interesting, everything was tiered with different ceiling heights, but aside from that everything looked normal. The bass was thumping as
loud as it possibly could, multi-colored lights ran up and down the floor like manic beacons. The bar sold watered down drinks at rediculous prices, one can't help but ask if it was worth it.

What am I thinking? That's the attitude that's gotten me where I am now, nowhere! Tonight isn't about asking, it's about doing, I'm going to go for it.

It was less than a half hour before I ended up on the roof. The music was giving me a migraine and the women weren't biting. So I now stood alone on top of the building, looking past its railings to what seemed to be an endless expance of city lights. Then she appeared rediculously long orangeish red hair slightly covering two gigantic deep green eyes. I couldn't believe it at first, was someone moving a billboard, no way this beauty could be real. I cautiously approached the railing, what lied beyond looked like the sheer face of a cliff, so I didn't want to get too close, but I had to get a better look at this giant beauty. Her coloring was similar to a fox but she had slightly softer rounder features. I still can't believe she's real, is this what they mean by bigger than life?

She stands there staring off, slightly swirling a martini glass, which looks almost like a small above-ground pool with reinforcing. I can't help but wonder how much her drink was watered down.

She glances at me slightly, I'm the only one on the roof, no mistaking it, and I'd been staring this whole time. My hands start to shake, I grip my drink tightly in my left and lightly rest my right hand in my pocket. I take a drink of slightly watered down liquid courage and a deep breath then step to the railing. I said I was going to go big and not ask questions, well, she's as big as you can get I figure. Standing at the ledge I finally speak "H-hi..."
She doesn't respond, she doesn't even react, ok, this time louder...
She turns slightly with a faint smile appearing. I become flustered and try to control my shaking, I'm not sure if I'm overcome by her beauty or freightened by her shear scale.
"So, um... You come here often?" I ask in a lame attempt at an opening line.
Any other woman would have laughed, and possibly pushed past me, God I hope she doesn't try to push me, there'd be nothing left.
To my surprise, she smiles, her mouth spreads wide and her eyes light up as she chuckles lightly.
"Wow... that's cute."
She says confidently. I smile and begin to rock back and forth nervously.
"You know, most men are afraid to talk to me. They find me intimidating."
Jokingly I lean against the railing and wave my hand replying.
"I can't imagine why."
She lets out a hearty laugh then leans in closer. I can't help but have my full view focused on her face, those sharp green eyes now gigantic, I could see that each ear had three piercings in it. I couldn't even imagine how much metal those required. Each one looked like a cannonball. Slowly I traced my way across her face, long soft hair between two perked ears, leading down past her nose to full smiling lips that could easily cover my entire face with the slightest peck. I'm in awe, I can't help it and I find myself standing there mouth agape yet I can't stop myself.
"You're pretty cute yourself." she says pointing one enormous finger at me.
I begin to mumble unintelligably, desperately grasping for words in the feverish environment that was my mind, overheated by my unchecked blushing.
"Y-You're not cute..."
She raises an eyebrow and slightly skews her head. Oh no, I didn't mean to stop there, say something fast.
"I mean, you're way beyond cute, cute is an understatement, you're..." my throat tightens, it's almost impossible to get those types of words out to someone you've just met, yet I choke my way through...
"you're gorgeous."
Her smile spreads from ear to ear.
"Wow," She says slightly turning away, "You're not just playing around are you?"
"What?" I ask shocked by her words.
"When most men talk to me here, they're either drunk or on a dare, but you're..." She pauses a moment searching for the right words, then seemingly coming up empty. "You're just too cute to be lying."
I laugh slightly and say thanks. It's hard to imagine anyone trying to take advantage of this girl, or even trying to play a joke on her. When it comes to bets or dares, messing with a woman who's bigger than an apartment building isn't the first thing that comes to my mind.

We talked idly for a while, getting to know each other a little better. Me leaning slightly on the railing trying my best not to look down, her leaning slightly against the building, looking slightly down at me with those gorgeous eyes and that beautiful smile. I kept expecting to feel the building move or sway at any moment, yet it didn't it must have been designed for this sort of thing.
After talking a while I remarked on her martini's swimming pool like appearance, to which she replied,
"Hmm, I wouldn't know, too bad there's no way to test it." Then she winked slightly. I knew she was joking, but my body started shaking again, and I kept thinking to myself, don't ask, go big.
"I know a way to find out."
"Really?" She replies playfully.
"Sure, put it here." I say pointing to the ledge.
"Ok." she says between laughs.
As the pool sized glass touches the railing I begin to climb over, she quickly stopped me with a finger, her movement was fast and precise, yet extremely gentle. Her fingertip practically covered my whole chest, but her touch was incredibly soft.
"You're not serious are you?"
"Sure." I replied once again.
"Well, you're not going to wear your shoes and everything are you?"
My eyes got wide and my mouth dropped a little. She flashes me a seductive look and winks again. I slap my head and begin to unbutton my shirt.
"What was I thinking?"
I had stripped down to my boxers, clothes laying neatly in a pile next to me, I could feel the night air creeping up behind me, it was cold at this height, but no time to back down now. I stood next to the railing. She cautiously pressed the "glass" up again, chuckling slightly the entire time. I climbed the railing and slid in. The liquid inside came up to my chest, even watered down, this much alcohol was enough to assault my senses, the smell was incredible.
"Oh my God!" She exclaims laughing. She then brings the drink up to her eyes slowly.
"How is it?" she asks softly.
I stood there trying to stop my shivering to no avail, standing there was like floating in an icy pond. I tried to think up a witty response but couldn't come up with anything. Suddenly her expression became a little concerned, before getting a devilish flash in her eyes.
"Let me help you." She says quickly as she tilts the drink towards her mouth.
I can't help myself I begin to slide down and fall flat against her muzzle, soft and warm I place my hands atop her nose and hold on. I can feel the liquid flowing past me as it passes gingerly between her lips with only the
slightest of effort. When she's done drinking she opens her eyes again then stares down at me.
"Is that better?" she asks.
The night air is still cool, and my drenched fur doesn't help, I continue to shake.
"Hold on" she says as she pulls the martini pool away. I grasped tightly to her fur and pressed myself closely against her warm face hanging for dear life. Then, after putting down her drink she gently slides one hand up
behind me and lightly pulls me off.
"Poor guy." she coos as she holds me cradled in her hands.
As she holds me I can't help but see more of her body and my eyes are immediately transfixed. I don't mean to stare, but can't help it. I can't believe I hadn't noticed her chest up until this point, but now with a perfect view I stare straight into the canyon of her cleavage. I could simply dive between them and sink in if I wanted.
I know I've been staring too long yet I can't help it. Finally she lets out a soft polite cough. As I look up I can't help but blush, I'd almost swear my entire body was turning red. I could only imagine what I looked like to her, a grown man, cupped in her hands, beat red and caught staring at her breasts. She could have done anything at that point, I was like a toy to her, helpless in the palms of this massive beauty, yet she radiated happiness and kindness. She simply stared at me and laughed.
"I'm surprised it took you this long to notice." She says still laughing.
"So am I." I reply with a relieved sigh and a laugh.
"Well..." she's talking quietly, slowly, this is the first time tonight she hasn't seemed so assured, so impossibly confident, she actually seemed vulnerable.
"I know you must be cold, I can grab your clothes ... you could dry off at my place." She says sheepishly.
"I would love to!" I yelled uncontrollably, though I was so excited I couldn't tell if it came out properly or if I'd somehow condensed it to a single syllable. Once again her smile became huge and her eyes lit up.
"Ok." she says happily as she gently scoops up my clothes and begins to stride away passing over buildings and pedestrians below.
Looking at her from below I'm transfixed on her effervescent expression, and I can't help but think to myself, wow, this is going to be one Hell of a night.
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Postby Huz » Sat Nov 29, 2008 12:48 pm

Ha ha, oh man thats a nice story behind the pick, both look'd well made.
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Postby starforge » Sat Nov 29, 2008 7:51 pm

This is an awesome story! Great pic, too! I look forward to more!
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Postby Herakilla » Sat Nov 29, 2008 7:53 pm

i love the story and the artwork! would be fun to continue :3
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Postby happiest_in_shadows » Sun Nov 30, 2008 5:41 am

I just love the warmth of the story. It seems like things worked out quite well for him and her both.
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Postby kool kitty89 » Sun Nov 30, 2008 11:32 am

Very cool. (I especially like the story, and the illustrations are a good complement)
Are you planning to continue the story, and have you though of names for your characters?
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Postby Freshmeat » Sun Nov 30, 2008 12:08 pm


The pic complements the story so much that it is much easier to see.
I look forward to your works.
Current works:
The Thousand Year War--- 80% written, 50% typed
Larger and Larger---50% written
Deitism---coming soon
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Postby macrokat » Mon Dec 01, 2008 8:56 am

Thanks for the great comments and encouragement. The story was fairly sudden I must have written the entire thing in less than a half hour, it just sort of came out really.
I'm kind of torn on whether or not to continue, I do have some fun ideas, exploring the dating scene, and normal domestic life with a macro perspective could be very fun, but I'm not sure whether or not I'd want the story to become too adult.
As far as names for the characters, I can't say they're officially named, but two in particular keep popping up in my mind;
Mac, and Tia or nickname: Tee (like the letter)

I'm glad everyone enjoyed it, it is good to finally be contributing and actually find that people like what you're doing. Maybe if I'm suddenly struck with inspiration again the story will continue.
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Postby Freedom Enterprise » Mon Dec 22, 2008 12:08 am

sweet story and a nice pic to go with it I hope to see more from ya
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Postby lol2012 » Fri Nov 13, 2009 3:49 am

nice story. would love to hear more!! :)
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