Candidate: Triple L

Should Triple L be a moderator?

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Candidate: Triple L

Postby bennie » Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:07 pm

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Triple L posted this summary about himself in another thread:

Triple L wrote:If people want me, I'll step up.

Here's the lowdown on how I look at things.
[*]I think I'm personable. I strive to always be around if people need a hand, and there isn't very much that fazes me. I've had a -lot- of practice in dealing with unusual people.
[*]I have had previous experience moderating large amounts of users on a forum, specifically BigFurs and Offscale for a time.
[*]I take the time to consider all sides of an issue, and ensure all parties are not drowned out, another pointed thing I've tried to refine in myself.
[*]I also would like to think I'm tactful. It -is- very much not just what you say, but how you say it to someone, that matters and that can resolve a dispute. We're all just people here, dude.
I'm good with people.

[*]Sometimes, I cannot always be present to moderate things or put input into something. I do have a life, and as you might understand, that does take up rather a considerable amount of my time.
(fortunately that would be partially negated if we had a team instead of just a lone gun.)
[*]That whole, 'listen to all sides of an issue' may sometimes result in me defending the aggrieved party to an extent. It should be said all forums need an advocati diabolus now and again; I see no reason to discontinue that.
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