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Postby Freshmeat » Tue Nov 20, 2007 10:55 pm

oh noes! not Terra too,she cant shrink. but if she does, will she grow back to normal? im lovin the story Lennox,great addition. i will remain a fan of yours forever
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Postby Lennox » Mon Dec 03, 2007 12:18 am

More updates soon...
"Oh no."
Trevor ran to the middle of the street where he saw just her makeshift bra and panty. He looked around again. Frantically eyeing up and down the street for something he couldn't miss, he missed.
"Terra!" he cried. No response. He couldn't see anything, or hear anything.
Trevor felt so vulnerable. He was scared, and alone.
He stepped back, and just as he brought his other leg behind him, it hit something.
Turning around, he saw a large lump in the canvas of Terra's bra.
"No," he said as he ran to the edge of the canvas, "please, no."
Using all his strength, he lifted the edge of the canvas and walked with it. Slowly, he dragged the heavy cloth revealing the underside. He pulled until his fears were confirmed.
He was looking at a much smaller Terra. One his size. Still a wolf, but now just a mere six feet tall. He was baffled by the sight and could barely contain his mixed emotions.
He ran to her side and put a hand on her forehead. With his other, he checked her pulse. She was still alive.
He cradled her naked body and struggled to lift her up. Propping her weight with a knee, he repositioned his arms to get a better grip. When he had her in his arms, he quickly carried her inside the grocery store. Once inside, he quickly remembered the display tables in the front and headed over to the first one. Swiping off the contents in one swift motion, he laid her out on the table.
"I'll be right back," he promised, giving her a kiss on the cheek and setting off to find some supplies in the immediate area.
Trevor worried for her safety even just walking to the other side of the store. No longer did he have a two-hundred-fifty-foot security guard scoping the horizon. It was pitch black all around and he had no idea what could be outside.

He came back with an armful of blankets. He dropped the bunch on the floor and propped Terra up to lay one underneath her. He did the same for her lower half, then moved to cover the rest of her. Tucking her in, he hopped up on the table and sat beside her.
The grocery store was dead silent and that's exactly the way Trevor hoped it would stay. If another wolf were to find its way to the city, or even a radical group of Darsan's, Trevor would be powerless without Terra.
He shoved these thoughts aside and laid down on the opposite side of the table, his head beside Terra's. Alone with an unconscious Terra, in the darkness of a cold grocery store in the middle of an abandoned town, Trevor spent one of the longest nights of his life.

Lifting himself up and rubbing his eyes, Trevor adjusted himself to the light now pouring through the entrance of the store. He put his hands down and jumped off the table.
"Terra!" he blurted as he acknowledged the table empty save for himself. He eyed the market frantically in search of her. He ran up and down every aisle twice, but he couldn't see her. He rushed back over to the table and sifted through the blankets. Through his anxiousness he noticed something.
The blankets, they're still warm.
Trevor knew he didn't sleep on or under any blankets. Only Terra did.
If Terra just got up, then where the hell could she go in such a short amount of time?
Just then, as Trevor looked out the front entrance, a massive paw came down in the middle of the street obstructing his view and sending him back a step.
"Oh no," he whispered under his breath. As quietly as he could, he ran off down one of the aisles doing his best to evade being noticeable.
With a groan of metal and the sound of crashing debris, a furry hand clawed away the ceiling providing enough room for a muzzle to lower and scope the scene.
Trevor stood still and silent watching the nose of the beast at work. He must have been about twenty feet away, but he knew his scent wasn't as quiet as he was.
The muzzle lifted out of the hole, scraping more debris to the floor.
This is it. That wolf knows I'm in here, it's only a matter of time.
"Trevor?" came a familiar voice. Trevor looked up through the gaping hole in the ceiling trying to get a view of anything. Still he did not budge from his stance.
It's not possible... I saw her! She was my size, there's no way she could grow again that fast. Or, could she?
"Trevor?" the voice said again. This time, Trevor stepped forward. He stepped slowly, peeking up through the hole as if trying to avoid gunfire.
The incoming sunlight made it very difficult for Trevor to decipher the figure standing above the store. Then it moved just slightly to the left, blocking the bright beam of light.
Trevor could now see clearly what was above him.
"Terra," he exclaimed with a sigh of relief.
She smiled back down at him and bent down to pick him up. Just then, both Trevor and Terra felt the earth shake and from Terra's blind spot came a large black figure.
From Trevor's view, the object that hit her occupied his entire sight through the roof. With the momentum of a hundred speeding trains, Terra was thrown her own distance twofold.
The crash that followed violently sent Trevor and the contents of the grocery store to the floor. Trevor did his best to cover his head and barely missed getting crushed beneath a falling shelf.
He got up just in time to see a black hindpaw smash through the ceiling and crush the table he had been sitting on just minutes before. Spinning around, he bolted for his life. He felt horrible for running away from the assault, but he also knew there was nothing he could do. And that's the feeling that killed him inside. It made his heart sink. The thought was so powerful it overwhelmed him. In the middle of his dash to escape, his whole body shivered and tingled. He grew weak and as he passed through the shattered glass doors, he stopped in the street, turning around, and looking up.
There in front of him, two massive forces of nature struggled much to the dismay of the mostly unscathed town. One fighting for survival, the other for a cause. A cause that eluded Trevor. He could only see hate pouring from the black beast.
He couldn't watch them for long. He began to lose his sight.
He shook his head, but to no avail. Moments later, he had gone blind.
Trevor stepped back and, tripping, fell to the ground. To make matters worse, the crashing noises a block away had begun to fade. Faint reverb was all that was left for his brain to process.
I'm going to die this way if I can't find my way out of the street.
Trevor tried to lift himself, but his arms gave out. Soon, he had lost the ability to move entirely.
It was just his thoughts that occupied him any further. Soon enough, not even that.
Trevor blacked out exactly where he fell in the middle of the road just mere wolf paces away from one of the most powerful and destructive brawls in history.
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Postby Freshmeat » Mon Dec 03, 2007 3:39 pm


so terra's conditions was temporary(my guess is her version of "getting sick") and resumes her height at adybreak.

But methinks that trevor is going through the changet to be a macro wolf :)
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Postby Lennox » Tue Dec 04, 2007 4:46 am

Trevor opened his eyes and was forced to squint from the bright light. A blast of warm air rushed over his body and rippled his clothing. He knew that could mean only one thing. He tried to open his eyes, but he couldn't keep them open long. Just long enough to see a familiar face and droop down again. Trevor could barely move at all and was seriously disorientated. He felt as if he was sedated.
"Terra," he moaned.
"Yes," she answered licking him softly, "I'm here."
"Good," he breathed.
"I'm not sure how long," she added painfully.
Trevor shook his head, trying to escape his trance, but failed.
"Wh-What do you mean?" he asked worrily.
"I'm hurt," she said lifting him to a position where he could see her holding her canvas against her stomach.
Slowly and carefully, she removed it. Trevor could see a gash across her front. It looked as deep as eight feet and must have been twenty feet across.
"No," he protested, "You're going to be fine."
Terra covered the wound back up and held it tight.
"I hope so very much," she said with an amount of uncertainty in her voice that Trevor easily picked up.
He couldn't keep his conciousness much longer. He felt his body begin to slowly fade again.
It took only seconds for him to black out in Terra's palm.
The whole time, he kept telling himself no.
"No," he said.
Terra looked down at him and couldn't hold her emotion and love for him inside any longer.
Trevor looked up one last time and saw a tear fall from Terra. One that fell beside him, splashing its warmth over him.
Terra felt him go limp in her paw and lifted him up to her muzzle, licking him again.
"Goodbye, Trevor."

The sunrise blasted piercing light over the hills and into Trevor's eyes. It proved quite effective in waking him up.
Shaking his head, he leaned up. The sunlight was blinding him and he put up his hand to block the light. Or so he thought.
The light was effectively blocked. Blocked to the point where he could see perfectly well the environment around him. Bloacked to the point where he realized he didn't raise a hand at all, yet a paw. And the streets, cars, and buildings around him were nothing but trivial.
"I'm dreaming," he whispered to himself. With that said, he lifted a paw above one of the smaller structures beside him and brought it down. The steel and concrete structure yeilded instantly, crumbling underneath the pad of his paw.
"Holy shit."
The feeling, all of it, was extremely vivid. It wasn't something Trevor could just conjure in his mind. It was real.
Standing up, he felt as if he was on top of the world. He could see for miles until the horizon diminished to a blur. He looked down at the street. His stomach lurched at the sight. Trevor never got over his fear of heights when travelling with Terra, and seeing the street hundreds of feet below still gave him the chills.
He took a step forward. He didn't bother looking down as his paw scraped alongside buildings taking out glass panels along the way. Letting his leg down and pushing his weight forward, he could feel the asphalt crumple and compress into the earth.
Another thing he noticed quickly, was how precise his hearing was. He could make out many more frequencies from typical sounds than before. And everything was so clear.
After the obvious fact that he was a wolf started to set in, he regained a little bit of common sense. It didn't take him long to realize he stood before the town completely naked.
"Oh crap," he cursed as he crouched, bringing his waistline below the canopy of structures. He remembered the loincloths that all the wolves wore and also remebered the very wolf that attacked Terra before he passed out.
"That bastard's body has to be around here somewhere," he said to himself as he scanned the streets around him, "Terra survived, she must've killed him."
"The grocery store," he said.
Lifting himself up, he scouted for that large recognizable structure. With a few scans, he couldn't find it.
"Where else could it-"
He didn't find the grocery store, but he definitely saw something else he was familiar with.

He slowly walked up, cautious of what he thought might be a setup. As he neared, he worried less about a potential trap and became curious. What lay before him was not a body, but just a canvas loincloth.
It laid eerily straight and neatly placed in the middle of the street. He saw no bra nearby.
This has got to be from the male wolf.
Bending down, he grabbed it from the side and lifted it in both paws. As he brought it to his face, the stench made him wrinkle his nose and pull it away.
Just as he did so, something rolled out of the cloth into his paw. He noticed it immediately and brought it closer for inspection.
It was a body, a human body, that laid in his palm. Squinting his eyes he could tell it was male.
The black wolf.
Discarding the body in disgust, he turned his attention to putting on the loincloth. He wrapped it on and tied it tight. He felt dirty wearing it after the other wolf.
I should probably wash the damned thing at the first sign of water.
He dusted his paws off and turned around to look down at the street where he woke. It was utterly destroyed. Structures had been pushed left and right, away from the street which was crumbled and smashed. A few automobiles littered the scene.
The blood's a nice touch...
Trevor cocked his head.
He hustled over to the stain and bent down.
This is where Terra left me, this must be her blood. I wonder if I can... track her.
Ignorant of his sense of smell, he sniffed the stain anyway. He didn't know exactly what he was doing, but he did it anyway. Dropping down and crawling on all four limbs, he moved down the road at a snail's pace sniffing the road furiously.
Light debris in the form of tattered fabric, newspaper, and garbage got caught up his nose as he inhaled a little too deeply. This resulted in quite a powerful sneeze that shattered nearby windows and cleared the road immediately before his muzzle.
I have no idea what I'm doing.
He got up and decided to follow the blood trail and visible paw impressions leading away from where he thought was the spot Terra might have left him. He set off in the direction of wavering prints.
They do go on for a long way. I wonder where she would go?
His strides easily carried him outside the skirts of the town and he now was pacing trough pasture. The tracks were very easy to follow. Up hills, over roads, and even through streams, the prints he chased were obvious. He monotonously dragged on until his eye caught something different.
Trevor squinted his eyes at the ground farther ahead. In short time, he had arrived at the site.
Where Terra's tracks had lead Trevor through the countryside for miles was nowhere he was familiar with. He had reached the end of the path. Terra's tracks came to abrupt halt in front of him.
Are these even Terra's prints? Damned if I know, I was too flustered at the time to make sure. I should have stayed in that town a little longer.
Trevor started to realize as the sun was setting that he might never see Terra again. It was not a good feeling at all, but it was a feeling that burned steady inside him.
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Postby Freshmeat » Tue Dec 04, 2007 4:03 pm

:shock: Noes! Terra must have run off so that trevor woouldnt be worried about her. Nice update, the cliffhangers are keepin me locked in.

I wonder if the other wolf will survive or not. *lands on some random matress in a store or on the road*

*shouts to an empty universe*Am I the only one reading this?
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Postby HypeEnlite » Tue Dec 04, 2007 4:58 pm


Nothing to add to that. >_>
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Postby Orbital_Seht » Tue Dec 04, 2007 5:01 pm

Most excellent!
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Postby FatTony » Tue Dec 04, 2007 5:30 pm

Nice Chapters .
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Postby Lennox » Wed Dec 05, 2007 8:29 am

Thanks to all those reading, and especially to those showing support.

Trevor knew he wouldn't be able to make it back to the town before the sun completely set. He decided to camp out somewhere in the small mountain range where he had faced the end of his pursuit.
Finding shelter was no option; he had to look more for just a comfortable place to lay down and curl up.
As the sun set, casting the mountains in darkness, Trevor crashed down in the woods, using fresh crushed wildlife as rancorous bedding. The night wasn't very long. It was getting to sleep that Trevor found to have such a hard time with.

With the sun already quite high, he walked over to a nearby stream, untying his loincloth and removing it. He sat with his legs crossed before the water. Taking the garment, he did his best to submerge it in the shallow water. He used the stream bed to scrub the canvas; hoping the process would remove the scent of the other beast.
After a few minutes of scrubbing, he wrung it out. The whole time he sat there, he couldn't stop thinking of Terra. She left him in the town and he had no idea why. Why she would run off and leave him completely alone when she knew there were still wolves running rampant.
She was hurt. But if she really was dying, she wouldn't have travelled all this way. Then again, I never found out if these were her prints. This is rediculous.
He got up and put back on his damp cloth which no longer reeked. He turned around and walked back over to the spot where Terra's trail vanished. He looked down at the prints. Scrutinizing them, he realized they were clustered about.
She was walking in circles.
He followed one short loop that lead into the woods and right back out. He knew this is where she walked from the sight of crushed timber, but didn't understand why.
Was she looking for something out here?
He kneeled down and scanned the area himself. With delicate movement, he sifted through the canopy of trees, trying to get a good look at the earth below. He poked through the trees until he hit something.
She was definitely looking for something.
He pulled away the trees blocking his view and found a small wooden shed.
"Hello?" he announced, "anyone inside?"
No reply.
He tapped the side a few times and noted the roof slide a bit. With a finger, he slid the roof all the way off and revealed the contents of the shed.
He pulled out a loincloth followed by a bra.
She knew exactly what she was looking for. She shrunk. Well, there's no way she could have put these in here by herself. Unless, she knew she was going to shrink. Unless she had he ability to shrink at will.
Trevor knew his search was now probably a thousandfold more difficult now that Terra was just under the size of his finger.
Why Terra? Why would you be escaping?
Placing the roof back on the shed, he got up, taking the clothes with him, in case he found her.
Even if she did come back to this spot without me, she'd know I'd been here by recognizing my scent.
Even better for Trevor, he now knew exactly what Terra's scent was. Back in the town, it was impossible for Trevor to rule out her scent from hundreds of other odors around the streets. Now, he could track her.
This still won't be easy.
Once again he stepped over to the end of Terra's visible trail and kneeled down.
Carefully sniffing this time, he picked up a familiar scent. Waving his nose over the ground he had a heading. Pulling his head up, he stood and strode forward. Idly, he tied Terra's garments to his own, freeing both paws. Trevor covered ground at an impressive pace, stopping every now and then to make sure he was on the right path.
For not being deeply informed on wolves, Trevor was adapting very quickly to his new body. He still hasn't learned to control his cumbersome movements like Terra had, but he did know how to take advantage of any ability he knew he had.
To Trevor, Terra seemed to be graceful in everything she did. As a wolf, she never accidently crushed anyone, she was gentle as possible, and she used her wolf form like she'd been accustomed to it for years.
It's almost as if she was a wolf her entire life.
"What?!" he blurted aloud.
Snap the hell out of it! Terra risked her life several times to save my own damned skin, I can't be making theories about her behind her back! What kind of friend would I be?
Trevor did try to hide this thought. He failed miserably.
It seemed perfect. As Terra told Trevor, the researchers at the lab visited by that talking wolf were only given the time until the next full moon to wonder what they were going to do with themselves before the transition to their much larger selves.
Thing is, Sirius had a plan so intricate, it would take hundreds of people across the globe many years to help piece it together so it worked out perfectly. It did work out perfectly.
He also remembered Terra telling him there were over three hundred wolves running rampant the first night he met her.
Three hundred. With enough time, three hundred people could sure as hell find out a great deal about this wretched planet.
Once locations were locked in, the people didn't have to go anywhere at all. They were already strategically spread over the globe. All they needed to do was get big. Since they were wolves the entire time, they could just transform during that full moon to make such a theatrical mood.
The only problem he saw in all this was the shrinking.
Why would Sirius and the others all shrink uncontrollably at sunrise, but not Terra? Did she have control over them? Could she control their size?
Trevor just then felt like he had been shot in the chest.
Terra can control her size. She's the only wolf who can control her size. She must be able to shrink others as well. Which means she must have initiated the destruction of the human race by sizing up her companions around the world. Convenient to her plan, she didn't finish killing off all the wolves in Atlanta. They're still out there, and they obviously hate her guts. Every single one I've seen has tried to kill her or at least thought about it. But why?
Trevor had definitely had enough brain sizzling for the moment. He decided to sit down on a large bolder formation facing a distant river. He looked around and saw absolutely nothing.
Appalachian mountains. Just like I imagined, not much to see.
Looking down, not too far past his path he saw smoke rising from the trees. He would have gotten up to check it out had not a small voice demanded his attention.
"You lost?"
Trevor whipped around and looked down. A man dressed casually with what seemed to be a shotgun strapped behind him stood within arm's reach.
"Well, n-not technically- Wait. You're not afraid of me?"
"Why should I be? You're not like the other wolves I've seen. You're very calm," came his answer, "Anyway, if it's my time to die, then there's no arguing with that."
Trevor smiled, "You're right."
"So, why are you out here. You seriously look like you're just wandering."
"In a way, yes. I'm looking for another wolf. A much smaller wolf."
"Brown fur? Female?"
Trevor's ears shot up and his heart skipped a beat.
"You saw her?"
"Yeah, yesterday she passed right this way. I didn't say a word and neither did she."
"Oh, I hope she's fine. She's been traveling out here all by herself and sh-"
"By herself? Whoa, I think your mistaken," the man warned, "She was not alone."
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Postby Freshmeat » Wed Dec 05, 2007 5:42 pm

uh oh, things are now bad.
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