U-Uh Hi! This Little Char Would LOVE to Rp With You!

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U-Uh Hi! This Little Char Would LOVE to Rp With You!

Postby CollinTheCharmander » Fri Jun 17, 2016 6:39 am

Char! Hello! I'm Collin the Charmander and I'm somewhat new to this and I was hoping you lovely people out there can either 1 on 1 roleplay or a group roleplay!.Here are my guidelines, There will be no permanent death in these roleplays! please discuss what our roleplay should be either in PM or Here.Alright so now that we have gone over my little rules lets get to the big picture! As you can tell I am A "Little" Charmander And I Am Looking For....Macro Males (No Females Please!) This Can Include Males,Furries (NOT PONYS) , This Character Must Have A little detail so provide a ref down below in the comments and ill message you to roleplay with me! My Interests in a giant is...Vore,Paws,Feet,Rubbing (as in Rubbing the Paws/Feet) Alright So I'll Leave My Char's reference right here!

Age:12 1/2 (Half)
Likes: (Already Put Up There)
Dislikes:Digestion, Fatal Death, 18+!!
Personality:Happy, Shy, Loves Paws
(Comment if you need any more info)

CHAR! Hoping to roleplay with you!
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