Where the Giants roam...

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Where the Giants roam...

Postby ActualityReactr » Sat May 28, 2016 9:40 pm

((Hello one and all, to the first RP I will be taking a shot at doing on here! I will be explaining the story slightly in a moment, along with other things. But if I miss anything, please ask me any questions, as I am always willing to answer!))

IT was rumored that either within the realm of Athack or just beyond its borders, laid the home of the giants, beings much larger than any other that was known. Their strength capable of being as much as any respectable army among the realms, and their size even rivaling those of the mountains, they could build structures of amazing heights and structure.
But legend is merely that, never have the giants been spotted, in either war, diplomacy, or any other matter. Some say they hide among us in smaller forms, concealing themselves by some means of magic that their kin alone know of. And for each adventurer or group to go out in search of these beings, have either not returned, or come back empty-handed. Until one lone man claims to have found them, and has returned to the wide-world, to search for a group of adventurers, to come and see the fabled realm of the giants...

((So! Now with a simple setting, forgive me for that since my mind was a bit tired when I wrote this, now I shall put out the details! The Realm of Athack is a large place with a large numbers of towns, cities, and castles within its borders. Meaning the place has plenty of room to explore, ect., and most of the story will probably take place within its borders. This is a Medieval Roleplay, so please leave sci-fi or high-tech things back in their respective timelines, though I am willing to allow Medieval technology, basically older versions of whatever we have today as long as they are kept realistic, that it was possible to make these things back then. Magic is of course allowed, seeing how it is a Medieval roleplay and may otherwise be incomplete without such components.
Now character wise, as mentioned magic and Medieval-tech is allowed, but there are other things to discuss! Size is whatever you want it to be, characters can be micros, macros (Though they will have to be capable of shrinking down to 'normal' sized if they are a part of the Athack giants, any other realm giants are welcome to being complete macro), or normal sized people. Species is also not a problem, self-made species are allowed with explanations about them, anthros are allowed as well, and of course where would we be without humans?

So I feel I've covered most everything, save for character introductions. And so, what must be had in a introduction AT LEAST will be shown:

Bio/History: (One of the other, or both if wanting)

And that is all I can think of being needed, if you want to add extra things like occupation, weapons, ect. to your character introduction, that is perfectly fine and more than allowed. And if there are any other questions. Please feel free to ask! ^ ^))
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