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Postby chessman » Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:13 am

Rosco said "Pranksters with a genie is defenatly not a good thing and can be vary dangerous. Pranks have a tendency to get out of hand quickly. I'd rather not use that scrambler again so I dont really mind you breaking 1 of them. I thought the 2 of you might do something like shrink or grow everyone in the hotel or even a larger area than that."
Rosco has seen some pranks that seemed harmless but turned out deadly.
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Postby macrokat » Wed Feb 02, 2011 2:33 am

Milenna laughed as Slade added the "yet" to the statement that they weren't serious enough. That was exactly what she was thinking as well, which made her happy. Though it was always fun to tease that way regardless.

"Ok, how about this?" Milenna started to say, placing both her hands on Slade's natural hand. "It would seem I'm just... a little out of touch, with some modern things." She said, hinting to the ipod and the fact she was last out back in the 70's. "Why don't you introduce me to some of the interesting new things to see? You said there are more games than just Pac-man, maybe you could show me some of those." She said with a smile.

(Could you just imagine? She practically jumped 'cause the pac-man ghosts were chasing her. What would she do if she played Doom? Silent Hill? Talk about scarred. XD )

Excess was confused, there wasn't really anywhere to hide the marble around the hot-tub, except, on Serenade, Excess and Mach, or Blackhart. Unless it was IN the hot tub. "Hmm..." Excess mused as she stepped into the tub, leaning down and dunking her head under the water. "Not here." She said, shaking her head and causing water to fling off.
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