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Link Library
Macrostat 2.0
Media Index
Story Library
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Postby Nyx » Fri Nov 19, 2004 3:37 am

I'll go with the whole "stories" section. There's been so many stories over the years that I would love to read again, but alas, have been lost when websites are taken down. Printing stories out is too risky (as I learned the hard way, when my mother was trying to find something in my closet and almost grabbed the folder containing my fave giant stories), so it'd be nice to have an archive to access online.
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Postby Rattus » Fri Nov 19, 2004 8:39 am

I go stories for sake of trying to get more work out to those who would enjoy it.
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Postby padfootsm » Sun Nov 21, 2004 6:36 am

I had to vote for Story Library though my mind runneth over with ideas for this site based on Bennie's suggestions.

The Macrostat would be cool too, but I'm a story man. So stories.
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Postby Ransom » Sun Nov 21, 2004 12:12 pm

I'd like to see stories or links.
Cheator's working on a VMS thing, so we're not totally SOL when it comes to that kinda stuff.
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Postby Starvosk » Mon Nov 22, 2004 6:50 am

Stories for true. Cheetor's VMS could be linked to on the site somehow, and I think that would actually be a great supplement.
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Postby Nemesis » Mon Nov 22, 2004 11:29 am

I too voted for a story library, and my thoughts already have been stated far more eloquently than I could have said it myself:
Shira Skystreaker wrote:I too voted for a story library, and my thoughts already have been stated far more eloquently than I could have said it myself:

Theophilous_Bolt wrote:Writers are underapprecited, and their works likely to fade into nothing as websites move and messageboards progress...
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Postby TommiCat » Wed Nov 24, 2004 7:52 pm

I'm all with Theo on this one. Which is why a story librabry can help the writers be easily accessed and appriciated than the artist. Honestly if an art fan wants to see more work, they can always go back to click and view. I like the way Crux is helping his friends who are writers by illustrating their work in a comic form. Although not every other artist here can do the same, it's one way of promoting literal works.

As for any othe suggestions, I'm blank for the moment, I kinda like how things are here currently.
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Postby Lone » Sat Dec 04, 2004 11:47 pm

We should have a story area as there are alot of authors that would probably like to post stories on the sight. Right now i am working on my first story, i would like somewhere to put it when its done. Somewhere, where people can read stories.
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Postby Jakebe » Thu Dec 09, 2004 3:02 pm

I was also torn between the MS v2.0 and the Story Library. There are literally scores of good macro-fiction I've seen on websites that just aren't available any more because they were hosted on places like Geocities or Tripod, and that's a real shame. A museum for such wayward pieces of fiction would be outstanding, especially since I tend to skew storywards instead of picturewards most of the time. Hmm. I wonder if this means I'm in touch with my femininity? :)

I ultimately went with MS v 2.0, though. Why? Because VAM was probably the best thing ever, and it's sorely missed. How's *that* for sticking to your principles? :D
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Postby Brahma » Fri Dec 10, 2004 9:46 am

I went for the Story Library, but I wouldn't mind having the Macrostat 2.0 as well, because it would help me with my macro fiction.

If there's anything I can do to help with the library, just ask.
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