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Re: Furry Ins and Outs

Postby HypeEnlite » Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:29 am

ahh what the hell

I'm more or less the same as others here, if it comes up in the convo, like I talk about some comic a friend and I are eventually going to work on, then yeah I'll say it's a furry comic and I'm a furry, but that's about the extent.

I actually met a group of furries around my area at work, one of my friends at the time would come in with a camp Feral shirt and the first few times I saw him wear it, I would keep my mouth closed, but eventually I just asked him if he was a furry and he said yes, then I was like WELL I AM TOO ZOMGZOMGOMZGOMGOZGM. He introduced me to like 30 other people, a few are now some good friends and actually live pretty nearby. 20ish of us get together every two weeks for brunch and sometimes other meets.

Aside from that, I rarely, if ever mention that I'm a furry... even less a macrophile. I didn't have any kind of revelation while I was in school, and all my friends were into the 4chan/encyclopediadramatic biznass so of course I was too. Just yaknow, being all vocal and FURIES R GROASE on furry friday and crap. I suppose as time went on, that kinda got boring and honestly, I was a macro fan before I was a furry fan. Cougr and DNA were my initiation to macrofurs (and furs in general I spose) though my first macro love was godzilla/monster movies and the giant pokémon episodes on Pokémon.

As far as (sexual) macro goes, that's more personal than furry I find and have only told one or two people I know irl (aforementioned furry group aside :I ...although there are no macro fans in the group haha DISSAPPOINTED) . Just the concept of giant people/animals/dragons whatever is safe in itself, but as a kink... People really don't need to know. Aside obviously from sites like macrophile and/or artsites like FA and crap.

UHHH I dunno what else to say. I don't care whether or not my parents somehow stumble across my tame furry art... when I feel it's worth showing them, I might actually do that, as I've told them I've started drawing again but eh. They of course need not know I draw porn and giant tits and giant ladies and men and what have you.
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Re: Furry Ins and Outs

Postby Fixiye » Thu Nov 08, 2012 12:40 pm

I'm far more open about my furryness than my macrophillia to be honest.

Although I don't go around announcing to everyone that I'm a furry, I also won't ever deny it. Most of my non-furry friends are aware of it, but I know they rather not think about it so I don't try to bring it up either
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Re: Furry Ins and Outs

Postby kool kitty89 » Mon Nov 25, 2013 9:24 am

OK, for some reason none of the tags (for quotes, bold, italic, etc) seem to work here . . . odd, since some of the old posts seem to have managed it fine.

OK, wow, so after making this thread: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=18454

I noticed this old poll here . . . and noticed a hell of a lot of the comments had a lot to do with the sort of stuff (topic wise, at least) that I ended up rambling on about there . . . at great length. (and, of course, the comments of others there too . . . )

Anyway, there's some really interesting stuff that's been said here over the years since it was started back in '04 (which, as it happens was just a few months prior to my own discovered the community -macrophile or furry related, or vore for that matter-).

I rambled on about that enough (or too much :p ) already in the memories thread, but the more interesting thing I noticed when comparing things to others' comments here, is that my situation apparently isn't all that common. (that, or just by chance, a lot of people with less . . . favorable situations ended up posting more)
Even still, several of those people included some of my favorite writers and (to lesser extent) artists on here, and several whom I'd like to consider my friends, and I can't help but both feel sympathy for them as well as recognize how fortunate I am to have had the family I do, and the experiences at school and with friends that I have.
I also didn't realize how big a chunk of the users her (or at least among these users -including a bunch of those writers especially) are from the bible belt . . . which would certainly explain some of the awkwardness. (not that there's not tons of other places it would still apply, just that there's obviously tons more chances of it being problematic there ;) )

Anyway, I'm not sure I'd actually classify myself as a furry . . . I enjoy the genre (and subgenres) with fiction and artwork, games, role play, etc (albeit I've never actually taken part in RPs . . . online -I used to act some related stuff out with friends and family as a kid, at least a few times). I also do not and never have had a fursona of any sort, and pretty much any self-insertion into fantasies is with me as a human . . . and pretty close to my real life self (more or less -obviously with more deviation if the premise involves size changing or something).
That and I'm one of the little guys . . . as in the preferred fantasy PoV is with others being the giants, not me. (though the whole concept of tiny creatures is still really cool and fun too, just not the one that -clicks- with me on the deepest level)
If pressed, I'd be OK getting into the role of a furry character in RP or something, or writing a story from that PoV, more so if it really fit a well built premise or story.

Growing up in San Jose with very smart, open minded, and (more or less) geeky parents (as far as them being into several geeky genres, more so my dad, but my mom totally played along for most of it with all of us), and then being super inquisitive and smart for my age (or in general), and also weird and geeky, but it still seemed normal even from my PoV.
I'm more or less a "geek of all trades" (plus quite a bit of "less geeky" stuff), but I covered that at great length in that other thread, plus some of it's in my "interests" list on my profile (and a lot more detail on FA -which I finally added a description for).

To summarize part of what I said in the memories thread:
My parents not only were open to weird/cool/interesting stuff, they introduced ME to it and encouraged me to go further into it (this goes both in terms of fiction/entertainment AND science/nature/history/technology/etc). I spent a ton of time with movies and TV as a kid . . . basically none with comics or such, but tons of time with PBS (kid and adult stuff -plus KTEH's sci fi -including Red Drawrf and Doctor Who- and, a bit later, Anime -mid 90s they pushed that big time, and my dad, brother, and I got into it . . . again way more detail in the ramblings in the above linked memories thread).
I both learned a ton from the educational and editorial/documentary stuff, and got tons more from the entertainment . . . much of which still had a lot of interesting stuff to pull from it too, even aside from "fantasy and imagination fuel" (ie social commentary and other intellectual stuff . . . Doctor Who was full of that, as were many of the better 90s cartoons -and other kids shows- out there).

Hell, my parents introduced me to Fantastic Planet (English Dub) when I must have only been 4 or 5 years old . . . and, honestly, I seem to have made a lot more sense of it back then (and the other times I watched it as a child), than most people do now. The whole giant alien thing was totally fascinating too. (so definitely one of those "early memories" there . . . also incredibly weird, surreal, and full of complex social commentary too -a suprising amount I actually understood as a little kid too, and my parents realized that . . . to some extent at least -given the confusing and complex questions they'd occasionally pose to me, including stuff about deep social and life situation stuff that would be more applicable to me as an adult . . . sometimes to the point where I'd say something like "why do we have to talk about this [i]now[/i] )

Then there was my mom freaking me out by pretending to transform into a cheetah and was going to eat me; this being while we were watching Survival (Doctor Who serial -final 3 episodes in the original run), and my dad playing along . . . neither of them realizing how convinced I was until I started crying. Funny now, and never a painful memory, but certainly something I remembered well. (also something that almost certainly made me think . . . not so much about furry stuff, but probably more about the predator/prey thing -which, looking back, I'd had memories of pretty much as far as I can go -around 2 years old- but the realism of that specific scenario hit home in a deeper way, plus the really dark and pretty damn deep exposition of pred/prey -and the context of sentient predators and prey- in Survival must have certainly had an impact too)

Never had imaginary friends (this thought came up from Macrokat's musings on memories), but my mom and I named all my stuffed animals and would pretend they were alive and could talk to us. That and she and I used to play games together in typical kid live action role play style . . . though that was all sci-fi stuff iirc (and mostly space ships -mostly where she was an opposing force or neutral-ish, I forget most of the details).
My little brother and I used to role play that one of our cats had grown giant and was going to eat us . . . and then we'd use a huge quilt to simulate being swallowed.
And there's a scant few cases where I can remember either live action or sit-down (spoken word story) role playing involving giants/giant creatures . . . with them being the giants and me being chased etc. (I say few, but it's not because they refused, more like the situation and ideas only popped up a very few times)

None of that seemed weird to me, really . . . I mean not beyond the "normal" degree of weirdness that made me [i]me,[/i] and the combination of my family environment, friends, and all the weird stuff in various media I was exposed to, it seemed pretty well in line with most of that.

I also had dreams of wither being eaten, or climbing/swimming inside giant creatures (real or imaginary), which, again, didn't seem all that odd. (and my parents didn't seem to think it was that odd either . . . even at my disappointment about waking up before "I could go deeper inside" :p )

Now, when it got [i]weird[/i] is when I realized there could be a sexual element to those fantasies . . . and that's something that cropped up pretty soon after I started actually . . . developing, so to speak :p or, more to the point, when I started having any significant degree of interest in sex (so around 14 -mid 2003). It was late 2004 when I happened upon an erotic vore stories message board, and that's when the sex link to the fantasies was exposed. (within a few months I'd found the giantess community and -at pretty much the same time- macrophile.com, and registered shortly thereafter -admittedly mostly to gain access to the adult forums, initially, at least)
I ended up cobling together a surprisingly detailed history of that whole series of events (including the curious realization that I'd written a monster/snake vore-ish short story as a Lord of the Flies response in my 10th grade lit class in fall of 2004 . . . probably mere weeks before happening upon that site :p )

Almost all my close friends growing up (and now) were pretty big geeks and/or nerds (even if they crossed over into the "cool" or "sports loving" categories too) and into a lot of the sci-fi and/or fantasy stuff. Given my age group and the associated internet culture on top of that, it's not surprising that all of them were/are at least familiar with furry stuff (and several with macro and vore), if not being actually interested in the subject matter. (though most of them have at least some real interest in the furry community, and/or close friends who do)
One of my oldest friends used to poke fun at furry stuff (and had done so before I actually got that far into it -but after I'd discovered M.com) . . . he wasn't ignorant of it, and he knew the difference between the more casual and the overt/weirder stuff or just more . . . dedicated parts of the community (including fursuiters -though there's a huge range there too, obviously). But a few years later, low and behold, he turns out to be a huge furry fan, the most "dedicated" (in terms of interests and self-insertion into the fantasy) that I actually know IRL.

Nearly all of my other friends are into some sort of fantasy stuff, and several (or a couple, at least) are into some sort of paraphilia. Hell, on top of that, several of my online friends from non-furry related stuff (particularly retro video game/computer sites) are furries and/or into the scene in some way or another. (again, detailed much more in the other thread)
Hell, in 10th grade (that year of discovery, so to speak), I had this awesome Biology teacher who formed this "Fantasy Cinema" club (which was more or less a code word for all things geeky) . . . anime, fantasy, role play, Magic The Gathering, you name it, they dabbled in it. Unfortunately. it fell apart after the first year as he ended up leaving, but the friendships and experiences I shared there last to this day. :D

I had an unusually good high school experience, really, especially by "geek" standards. (a bunch of other cool teacher in various ways -science and math especially, a couple cases in English, and one in Economics too . . . history was more so-so -good, but not amazing)
Then again, it was a new school with small class sizes, no upperclassmen, and pretty damn awesome staff. (I'd always been bullied by people mostly in the same grade though, so the upperclassmen thing may not have much mattered . . . the bigger deal is said bullying was almost alway just teasing, which rarely bothered me by that point and didn't happen nearly as often as it had in middle school -and I never had a big self esteem problem anyway, anxiety yes, but not self image or self esteem to any major extent)
Community college has been OK too, but more so-so than high school for the most part. (well, more to me being my quasi-introverted self and not taking the initiative to look into any cool clubs or such -still, by change I met a few neat people, and several carry-overs from high school -including a couple close friends)

My brother isn't really into the furry thing, but he's friends with plenty who are, and is interested in some of the art. (and I'm pretty sure some of the porn too :p )

OTOH, I'm still not really open as such . . . no one's ever asked me, and as near as I can tell, they only know I'm at least casually interested in the scene (I've said that much, and we chat about some stuff, including related sci-fi/fantasy topics). Vore has come up, but not on my end, and everyone in that conversation was totally cool about it (more or less -depending how you classify trollish joking), though never anything in depth, and never the more intellectual stuff (as in pred/prey relationship and some of the fascinating scenarios that can be built around that -macro or otherwise and furry or otherwise).

Hell, take away the sexual elements, and these fantasies and fascinations still don't seem that weird to me in that context, and even more so after reading Arilin's Dark Romance, and a few others rather detailed and thoughtful accounts of all that. (her analysis of that are spot on to my intrigues of the subject, even with sex totally aside and the sort of things I found so cool as a little kid . . . of course, with my PoV being on the opposite end of those who actually RP as giants or have fantasies from that PoV ;) )

My parents know almost nothing about my furry or macro (or giantess) related stuff. It's never really come up . . . the do share a lot of related interests, as mentioned above, and I wouldn't really mind sharing it, but there'd been no reason, really (just seems unnecessary and awkward, really). If I made art or some such, I'd probably share it (or at least some of it), but that's not my end. (and, until the last month, I'd never contributed anything to the community besides my thoughts and comments)
I've had my own computer with internet in my room since before I found any of this stuff, so privacy wasn't too hard to manage, especially since my parents were pretty trusting in general. (that and the whole walking in on porn thing is awkward regardless of anything "weird") On that note though, my did did walk in on some giantess (or related human size difference stuff -I think it was SW CGI renders ) briefly, though I'm almost positive he only noticed the nudity before I could click away. (he laughed off my awkwardness about it with some teasing comment like "ooh, naked bodies" )
Mom . . . she did walk in on me reading erotica at one point, or more like a fantasy/sci-fi story with erotic parts to it, but I manged to pass it off . . . more or less as what it was sans the erotic part and she didn't seem to notice. (that one was REALLY early . . . one of the stories on that first vore site I found iirc)

Though, on the computer/internet note, it's actually rather odd it took me so long to actually get online, so to speak. My dad's a software engineer and he'd been building computers for us at home since the very early 90s (for himself longer than that, but we got out first shared family/educational/game PC set-up late 1993). He helped me build my first computer when I was 10 in late 1999, but I didn't start using the internet until a little later, and first at school (and for research), then for flash videos (stick figure stuff, then albinoblacksheep and newgrounds -mid 2003, I think), so only about a year of being online before I found the vore stuff and then the giantess/macrofurry stuff. (which was kind of good actually, as it was right on the edge of my being old enough to actually understand the adult stuff properly, albeit still technically underage -and that maturity did make an idiot out of me once . . . maybe twice, but I was mostly a lurker and still -at least intellectually- pretty damn mature for my age anyway)

Hmm, I saw religion mentioned too. Well, Dad's more or less an agnostic (or more of a vaguely spiritual atheist with an open mind and respect for others' beliefs), Mom's from a German/Czech catholic family, and I was raised as such, albeit very liberally, and in a very liberal church (the take their "All are Welcome" mission statement quite to heart . . . even if the Vatican doesn't . . . ), and better still, for a very long time, out pastor was a really cool middle-aged (young-middle when he started) intellectual half-Japanse-American sci-fi and fantasy nut who was raised bhuddist and converted in his late teens. (I mean how many catholic pastors do you hear making south park, Battlestar Galactica, and Doctor Who references?)

I'm not really a strict catholic or Christian, myself . . . in as far as I'm open to spirituality well beyond that as well as the possibility that there's nothing beyond this world too, though I lean way towards the "belief" end than not, and agree with enough of the stuff in christianity (especially the way our church/pastors channel it) to be completely OK with being more or less a technically practicing member of the community. (same for my brother -still live at home, so the two of us and my mom go every Sunday . . . current pastor isn't as intellectually interesting or moving as some previously -especially that one above- but he'd OK -just kind of boring, TBH)

[quote="ROGUE"]The difference is that one is a hobby, the other is a fetish.[/quote]
I dunno if I completely agree to that. Some folks just like wearing leather, ya know? Some folks just like Macro.[/quote]
I'm necro-quoting this, but it's a super good point. For me, and a lot of people (especially given the recent memories discussion thread . . . not to mention the huge number of totally tame art and story stuff -including some incredibly well made, cute and funny -or even deep- stuff). The macro/micro thing goes WAY beyond being a sexual fetish.

Honestly, i don't see how it couldn't, at least for any of us who've always had it as part of ourselves and didn't "develop" it (if that's possible) later on through some sort of power trip fantasy thing and/or the opposite (outgrowth of submissive fantasies). For me, the power thing is certainly part of it, but in the awe inspiring sense and a general intellectual (and primal) fascination with it. It's not about me wanting power or to be dominated, but a fascination with the general dynamics of interaction that such situations provide.

That's also part of why I'm not so bag on super extreme sizes or (especially) unlimited growth/shrink scenarios. It takes most of the fun out of it, and any trace of realism. (for goofy cartoony stuff, it can be fun sometimes, and it works on that level for me, but it's still not my favorite) The really extreme size difference thing is still cool if done well, and for me, the whole "body as a landscape" thing is probably the biggest draw there. (again, still not my favorite -I prefer sizes that still allow individual interaction- but still pretty interesting at times)
Having nested/multiple sizes kind of works around that too, since the intermediate tiers can still tend to interact more. (so you merge the aware and unaware scenarios and a bunch of other stuff that ends up being pretty damn neat -of course, depending on the scenario and exact scales involved, etc)

[quote="MasterNightBlade"]Personally, I think the Macro attraction comes from desires of power, strength, and dominance. But that's just my opinion, likely to be flawed and incorrect.

I think the furry attraction represents a desire to return to nature, and the appearance of animal instincts back on the rise. Either that or people just think furry is cute :? , I dunno, I can't say. That's just what I think! :P[/quote]
Heh, that's certainly true for some . . . and obviously for people who A. fantasize about being giants (or having tinies around them), and B. fantasize about being furry. Even then it's not necessarily the case since "having the power" might not be the draw as much as liking the idea of interacting with cute little creatures. (big example with Macrokat's stuff)
And, of course, people like me who prefer to imagine their human selves with giant anthro animals . . . or self-insert themselves into similar characters in stories, etc. :p (of course, that's also much closer to the typical situation of those in the giantess/giant part of the macrophile community . . . which I obviously identify with to a fair extent too -the macrofurry/anthro part is more interesting though, especially in the pred/prey context)

[quote="Duct Tape Fanatic"]Where would it be considered normal? [b]Other than California[/b], I mean, lol.

But, it seems that furriness is better known in the North, is that true? Like I've said, down here in the South most people don't know about it, so I couldn't base any political reaction to it. Still, in the land where some folks get nervous about Harry Potter I guess that they'd be even less crazy about furries.

Sigh, I sometimes feel pretty alone about this. In RL I mean. Online it's great to talk and share it with your buddies, but in real life it sometimes gets depressing when I realize that you can't tell anyone without being looked at differently.[/quote]
OK, wow . . . that speaks volumes right there . . . the California thing, I mean. Not only that, but the part of CA I live (and lived) in. (there's some pretty conservative regions too . . . it's a huge state with a huge population) But being in the SF bay area and also having the parents, teacher, friends, and even church community I did (and do), I guess I'm pretty damn lucky. You kind of take that for granted most of the time, though. (not like I didn't have other hardships -or don't still- but lack of open-mindedness has never really been one of those -my mom's mother would probably have been the worst case, but I never had any reason to but heads with her anyway, she loved our family and we loved her . . . she had obvious faults and some major prejudices and insecurities -a lot of them pretty understandable given how she grew up orphaned at ~13 growing up in Chicago during the great depression, but that's another story anyway -the point is that I just took it in stride and didn't push it, there was absolutely no reason to and I was OK with leaving it at that; and even so, I get the feeling that she still wasn't that bad in some ways compared to some other peoples' family members)

I guess Morgan Hill's average is a little more conservative than San Jose, and we're right on the edge there (enough to be in the MH school district), and there's a pretty big Mormon community there too . . . but I didn't really feel that at all growing up there. (and a good chunk of my weird friends are from Morgan Hill anyway -not odd given I went to High School there)

But yeah, I guess living where I do . . . in the same city that's the home of Further Confusion, and, for that matter, (since 2008) Caer Carnovore too, it makes some sense that it worked out that way.
Hell, my mom works right across the way from the Convention Center where FurCon is usually held. (and I'm almost positive we were actually downtown while it was going on one time . . . definitely so for Fanime)

Hell, the Town Cats shelter I volunteer at in Morgan Hill has had a booth at FurCon a few times too (not this year, but definitely in 2012), and at least a few of the volunteers are in the fandom too . . . actually there's a couple who came suited up as impromptu mascots for several charity events, like this:
http://www.google.com/imgres?sa=X&biw=1 ... 103&ty=100
(at a car wash a few years back)

(and then some time at last year's Halloween event, I overheard someone explaining what anthropomorphic meant and what the whole "furry" thing was . . . to the founder of the shelter -my brother caught that one too, and we shared some awkward looks :p )

On that note, the only other person I know of from California (let alone Northern California) here on Macrophile . . . who's in my age group (I think), is Berserker. Though given some of his comments and introspection, I get the feeling his childhood (and school experience especially) was not in the same vein as my own.
Obviously there's several other (fairly obvious) users on here who are from California, or live there currently at least; most obviously being the residents (and recent former residents or transient ones -forget the specifics) at Caer Carnivore, including Bennie himself. ;)
But they're all a good deal older than I am, and I don't think any actually grew up here.

[quote="TesconWhitepaw"]Ah, 3 am, perfect time to tell the story of how I came into the fandom eh?

I [i]knew[/i] that I was into the fandom by the time I was in 9th Grade - but tracing back I can find my development toward the interest by the time I was in in 7th.

Ironicly, of all things, I was asked to book report in seventh grade - and I was at a lose of things to write from, because by that time I wasn't quite viable to start entertaining myself with [i]Lord of the Rings[/i] nor any reknowned tales, or poems - or authors thereof. So as time ticked away, I made a desperate leap upon the libary shelf - and drew out no other book, than Redwall; Marlfox.

What can I say besides the fact that I was utterly enthralled. The book consumed my impressionable young mind with no wasted time - and book report writen and turned in a week early - I was hungry for more of these truly delightful, [and very much wonderfully written] tomes. By the end of the month I had depleted the school libary's stock of them and was jittery knowing that there were three more floating around.
OK, here's another thing for me . . . I not "too young" for Tolkien by 7th grade, in fact that's just about the time I dove into The Hobbit (late 6th grade iirc) and was well into The Felloship of the Ring (or had completed it) before the first film came out. (my dad later showed me the 70s rotoscoped animated film too)

OTOH, Redwall was awesome too, but I got exposed to it when PBS started airing the BBC animated series and never actually got into the books. (the books and show are both awesome thing . . . albeit still just one among many things that caught my interest in that vein -the predator/prey and size play stuff in part of that series certainly caught my attention in particular though ;) )
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