Which one?

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Which one?

Male giant
Female giant
Herm Giant
Doesn't really matter
Yes, please.
Total votes : 385

Which one?

Postby bennie » Fri Aug 15, 2003 4:12 pm

So which one would you rather see?
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Postby Micole » Fri Aug 15, 2003 4:20 pm

...yes, please, may I have some more, sir?

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Attack of the 50ft
Attack of the 50ft
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Postby SenorPhrog » Fri Aug 15, 2003 4:22 pm

Giant furry babes. Mammoth Mammaries, and nothing else gettin' in the way. I say no more. :roll:

Yeah, I feel shallow :oops: This, I'm sure, will be an interesting debate. I realize this is just a hypothetical poll, but...do the results have any secret bearing on actually getting to *see* the winner? Elsewise, I'd feel that my two minutes were wasted :P There are plenty of artists here...p'raps we should have a bit of a gallery display for each entry to give everyone a fair chance. Or something. Pikshurresss...

..Yeah. I got nothin' ta show :(
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Extinction Level Event
Extinction Level Event
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Postby ROGUE » Fri Aug 15, 2003 4:46 pm

Males tend to be more brutal.

More fun that way!
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Postby BrianKDragon » Fri Aug 15, 2003 6:05 pm

I want a big frickin' female herm and i want her in my face. Biznatch.

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Postby Tombfyre » Fri Aug 15, 2003 6:13 pm

I agree with the frogs. ^^ I want me a big giant dragon lass with huge everything! From bellies ta tails n' boobies! Hyoogeness is good on the ladies. :)
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Postby Naman » Fri Aug 15, 2003 7:11 pm

Doesn't really matter to me, so long as they're, ahem, nice. *ducks*
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Postby Ottsel » Fri Aug 15, 2003 7:23 pm

I'm partial to the guys myself.

Wait, I mean no I'm not! I like girls, honest! :wink: :P
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Postby Fritzie_Pup » Fri Aug 15, 2003 7:37 pm

I myself am also partial to the males..

Big, stompy males..

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Newbie / Lurker
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Postby CashewLou » Fri Aug 15, 2003 9:01 pm

Heh...now THIS was an easy one, just so long as one is stating preference and not being exclusive.

Though 100% card-carrying gay in RL, I do admit it is fun to play with the big ladies now and again.

But overall, gimme a beefy giant guy any old time!

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