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Candidate: deatheater

Postby bennie » Sun Sep 09, 2012 12:35 am


deatheater posted a summary of himself in a PM to me:
deatheater wrote:Hope it's not to late to join, but I would greatly appreciate the opportunity presented to become a mod for the RP or Story section of this website. I am an avid writer and role-player an as such, visit both the general and adult sections of each topic multiple times a day.

*Spam bots beware, because I would personally guarantee that their posts would not be up for more than 8 hours max before being removed by yours truly. Just like the one that's currently in the Macro Story secon now ahem Raraquaws*

I am also great in dealing with personal conflict, in that I listen to both parties and try to put myself in their shoes as best as I can before making a decision. As an Instructor at a University, I deal with personal grudges almost on a daily bases and have had many successful outcomes when it comes to mediating conflict.

If picked for a mod position, I would do my best to help accommodate every individual on this site for the amount of time I'm in such a position. I greatly enjoy this site and plan on staying until it is removed from the web entirely or I die of old age, which ever comes first.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

- Deatheater
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