Candidate: Killosk

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Candidate: Killosk

Postby bennie » Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:07 pm

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Killosk posted this summary of himself in another thread:

Killosk wrote:As long as I'm mentioned, I guess I'll throw my hat into the ring. I'll try and model my post in the same style as Arilin, who I personally know and would say is a totally valid choice for such a position. The Giants' Club in FurryMUCK is run well, and I've been regularly going there for nearly a decade. Anyway, on to me:

  • As said above, I've been around the furry fandom for nearly a decade. I'm familiar with it, good and bad.
  • I've built up communities of my own, including a couple of years of running a wiki and adminstration.
  • I'm familiar with coding and the backends for administration.
  • I'm always connected, and usually am watching the forum. If necessary, I can setup some way for users to get in touch with me faster than usual.
  • I'm unpopular, and don't particularly care about making a popular decision when a right-but-unpopular decision is available.
  • I'd like to think I'm impartial, and am willing to lay down the law when it's needed.
  • I want to see an emphasis on quality of the community, and some attempt at standards to ensure decency.
  • I'm unpopular, and people will likely raise a fuss or may even be shy about joining if they're familiar with me.
  • My emphasis on quality standards means that some will fall below these basic standards. I'm not a robot, nor am I completely heartless, but there may be instances where people can not or are unwilling to improve.
  • And for the big one... I'm an abrasive asshole who's mean. I'm more likely to not mince words, and be blunt about things. Even mean when I feel it's needed, and I can be kind of brutal about it.
Quality standards?
This is a bit difficult to formulate, because there's no way to just create a list and have it work in every situation. What would work are a general set of guidelines. The immediate things I'm looking at are pretty obvious, though: Make an effort in posting. If no one can read the words you're writing, then you're creating clutter. Make sure your posts fit into a discussion. Don't post stupid worthless things for no real reason other than to increase your post count. If you're going to make a topic, ask yourself if others would be interested in reading it. E/N posts are about yourself are fine, but don't turn Macrophile into your personal blog.

People who don't meet these requirements should be told about this. Allow them to improve and meet these needs, but it's all often on a case-by-case basis. "Don't turn Macrophile into your personal blog" is kind of overridden if, say, they're like me and recently lost a family member, and would like someone to listen to them. That's understandable. "If no one can read the words you're writing, then your creating clutter" is asking for just that: The ability for your words to be read. No one's going to give you shit for a misplaced semicolon, and understanding is necessary if someone's bad at English due to it not being their first language. As I said, it's ultimately case-by-case, and requires guidelines instead of hard rules.
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Re: Candidate: Killosk

Postby Killosk » Mon Sep 10, 2012 11:14 am

A vote for me is a vote for incomprehensible gibberish posted by spambots.
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