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Should El_Dustino be a moderator?

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Candidate: El_Dustino

Postby bennie » Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:05 pm

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El_Dustino posted this summary about himself in another thread:

El_Dustino wrote:There is a line between taking a firm hand and being a jerk, though, and maybe more attention should be paid to it.

Anyways, I have no computer skills, though I would be willing to be a mod, if people thought I was good enough. I'm only 20, I'm busy, and I have a lot on my plate, but I feel that I would be mature enough to handle the job, and that the power would not go to my head (I am not sure how much of a worry this is, but it has definitely been a problem on forums I have been to). Of course, I would not be on every day, but I would try to at least be on 4 days a week, if not 5 or 6, for several hours. If that is not enough, then I understand. And if for whatever reason people, especially you, Bennie, do not think that I am right, that is fine too, though I would like to know why, and be let down gently.

I just really... like this site. I have always felt a sense of community here, that I have never felt on any other Macrophile sight. I might not come here as often as I like, or contribute (but that SHOULD change; I am both a writer and RPer, though my skills in the former are questionable), but I want to be a part of this site, and I want this site to thrive. It's probably silly, but I can get attached to things easily.

Well, I have probably rambled enough. I just thought I might as well say that I support the cause. Though, I find the forum to be stable now, which is nice, and I personally really like the late 90s colours; that was something that attracted me to the site, actually.

Either way, I hope, and am willing to work, for the best. :3 And, like I have to always say, I hope everyone's doing well.
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