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Cave Kali

Postby macrokat » Sun Aug 02, 2015 7:01 pm

I realized I haven't updated any of my drawings here in a while, so it's a little bit behind, gonna fix some of that now, starting with a little series of comics starring Kali and Dante (care of Tinyguy001 / Alman001) Kali likes to explore, but she can be a bit eager and careless at times. I love her expressions when she's teasing Dante in this.
Nice View.jpg
Kali Melannis-Grey is out exploring with her faithful companion Desmond, and her new boyfriend Dante, Dante is actually able to manipulate the elements, and could probably get them to that temple pretty quickly using air currents, but I think he's kind of enjoying taking the scenic route with his girlfriend.

For some reason...

I wonder if he'll ever show her the pictures he takes?
Nice View.jpg (185.27 KiB) Viewed 2305 times
Cave Kali 1.jpg
possibly following the previous mini where Dante was "enjoying the view" Kali and Dante have found the secret chamber of their latest expedition, and the amazing ancient golden gentleman caveman. Kali takes the time to tease Dante about his sudden desire to play it safe, but, perhaps she's speaking a bit too early...

Well everything will work out, these things always do right?
Cave Kali 1.jpg (286.78 KiB) Viewed 2306 times
Cave Kali 2.jpg
Looks like the mysterious Golden Gentleman Caveman had consequences after all, and Kali's sporting a new do. She's probably gonna be pretty upset about her outfit being torn, but for now it seems like she's happy enough. She's got herself a nice little boyfriend to drag around and play with, and she's not gonna let any little cave entrances stop her.

Hopefully Dante can figure out how to handle the sabre toothed panthress, at least until the spell/curse wears off, or he can find some treats to keep her entertained and acting like a good girl. ;)
Cave Kali 2.jpg (230.86 KiB) Viewed 2306 times
Authentic Cave Costumes.jpg
Having some fun with Halloween costumes.
Amanda the black panther... which is the smaller one on the left since its not colored and they're all white right now so you can't really tell...
But, Amanda the black panther is trying on a caveman outfit for Halloween. She thinks she's doing a good job pulling off the authentic cavewoman look, but cave Kali seems a bit confused. And Dante is just along for the ride...

A fun little throwback to this comic:

Kali is actually Amanda's daughter, but being all cave-panthered out she really doesn't look like the smaller, younger one at the moment...
Authentic Cave Costumes.jpg (162.3 KiB) Viewed 2306 times
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Re: Cave Kali

Postby Narzain » Tue Aug 04, 2015 12:27 am

Certainly a view well worth admiring. What? I was talking about the temple. Don't you believe me?! ;) I imagine that if he's smart, he will not show her all the pictures he took. Though, one or two she might find amusing if not flattering.

Never a bad idea to wear gloves before handling mysterious statuettes found in abandoned temples. I've seen more side-effects from those things...

I'm sure he'd be admiring that view too, if he stopped to think about it. Nice close-up view, too. :)
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