The truth? (part 4)

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The truth? (part 4)

Postby padfootsm » Sat Jan 03, 2004 9:52 am

(Argh...sleep is coming for me. I hear the drums of the darkness. They are coming. -LOTR rip off- Ah yes, the power of caffeine. -insert holy music- I have defeated it for only a period of time, let the writing commence!)

"True Indian," Steven exclaims loudly. "I'm sorry to burst your bubble Mr. Cat, but I'm not Native American." A loud snore comes from the couch in the other room, but it doesn't affect the conversation at all.

"First of all," the stranger begins. "I am not a cat. I am a panther. My name is Tharen. Second of all, you don't have to be Native American. The blood has mingled over the years."

Steven turns away from Tharen. "Than why aren't there tons of these animals all over the place," Steven asks angrily.

Tharen looks down. "There are few of our people around because of one thing. Though people may have the blood in them, it is rare that it activates. A special gene in the DNA must be active in order for the person to be True Indian." Tharen walks over to the sliding door. "Our people is a divided people Steven."

"Stop calling them our people! I am not some fre... Wait. How did you know my name?" Steven turns back around.

"I know more than you think. Steven, you have to believe that you are one of the True Indians. You saw what you did."

"I did nothing," Steven shouted back through tears. "I'm not a murderer. I didn't do it. I didn't do it!" Steven let the tears begin to flow freely. When Steven ceased crying and looked up Tharen was gone.

What just happened Steven wondered. He was here trying to tell me I'm a murderer he thought to himself, but than he leaves? Steven shakes his head. The images of the deaths still lingered in his mind. It was real Steven realized. But what had triggered it he asked himself. What?

Far away from the town, Tharen looked back to where Steven was living. "Foolish boy," Tharen said to no one. He grabbed the human he had picked up on the way. The inferior creature started to scream. Tharen quickly responded by breaking its jaw. He took the arm of the struggling creature and bit it off. He slowly chewed on the hand as the human fell to the ground in shock. A pool of blood gathered. "He's much more powerful than anyone should be," Tharen whispered to himself. He finished off the arm quickly. He reached down and grabbed the human again. This time he took a bite of the human's side. His teeth broke the rips there like a knife through butter. "He hasn't even achieved his base form. Strange. I thought that was impossible to do." Takes another bite of the side of the human, avoiding any major organs. Blood runs down his arm as he holds the human. "This one is more important than any other. His father needs to know as well." Tharen looks down at the human and smiles. The human looks up and screams. Tharen begins to grow in size. He throws the human into his mouth whole. He savors the feeling of the struggling in his throat. Tharen turns away. This one would be easy to convert. After all, Steven already trusted him. And the boy was weak Tharen thought to himself.

Tharen disappeared into the sun set.
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