Chapter 1: Prelude to a Beginning

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Chapter 1: Prelude to a Beginning

Postby KingDead » Fri Jan 02, 2004 7:40 am

This is my first sotry that I've ever written. Just so you know, it's not that exciting a beginning, but if I continue with it, the action and plot with improve greatly. I have an idea of where I want to go with it, but I'm not sure how it will end yet.

Let me know what you think

“...and so the battle between the god of light and the god of darkness came to an end. With their great armies destroyed, and only the two mighty gods remaining they struck at each other with a final blow. The resulting blows mortally wounded both gods, and in their final moments they realized their errors. Light needed darkness and vice-versa, from their dying spirits they molded a child made of light and dark, the one who rebuilt our world, the Titan, was born. The planet had been completely decimated, all life extinguished from it, but the old gods put within the Titan the seeds of hope. He was merely a small child, but from him, life as we know it came forth again. He showed our people how to live in peace, and taught them the miracles or magic and science, both of which had been forbidden except to the gods themselves in the old times. He created the various tribes of our worlds and lead them into a live of great joy and happiness.”

“ Marvelous cities were created during these times, and our people prospered. With the joy of the people, the Titan grew into a great creature indeed. It is said that it was he himself that crafted the mountains and dug the Great Sea before he left the world. As the Titan sensed his time on our world was nearing its end, a new evil was said to have sprung forth. As old as the former gods, it created a great rift in our world, and almost brought us to destruction again, but the Titan and the great army of warriors he amassed from all the tribes was able to save us. Though the evil was not able to be destroyed, He was able to contain it deep within our planet. The scar from that battle still separates the northern side of the world, where we are, from the southern side. After the battle, it was the Titan himself, not wanting his world to ever be divided, cut off his own great tail and created the Titan's Bridge, so that neither side would be alone. He realized unity is what saved us, so must must stay united or the evil is said to be able to return.”

“Injured and exhausted from the battle, the Titan knew he had to leave the world. As he departed, the placed his great paw on the wasteland created by the war near the Bridge itself, and created the four great valley's we call Titan's Paw; a great fertile area with prosperity never before seen to our people. Great trees were born, and fruits and vegetables never seen on our world were created. All of tribes united and formed great cities around the valley, the Titan said that only those chosen to live inside the valley's would be able to live in them though, he said we would know who those are in time. With that he left our world. A great rain came down as he left, said to be the Titan's tears. Unbeknownst to us at the time, the tears implanted the seeds of the Titan within all who live in the world. It is on this day, the Titan's Day, that the great ceremony is held, and those who have left for the Valleys one year ago finally return. Much you you children will do one day....”

A tall, clapping wolf cauies the children's eyes to turn to the doorway he comes into, “Father Thomas, every time I hear your Titan's story it seems to get better.”

“Out of all of the children, it is you Johnathan who seems to like my story the best every year. It is hard to believe how quickly the years go by isn't it?”

“That is true Father, but even though I am no longer a child, it is still a good story. I'm on a mission though, so I'd prefer you'd not use that name.”

“Why you must use the dreadful name is beyond me, but I'll honor your wishes, King Dead. Come now, it is Titan's Day, and I'm sure these children would like to get back to their families. The ceremony is about to start soon after all. I never understood why you take such a simple mission every year, you seem to prefer a greater adventure.”

“I have my reason, but let's go shall we?”

The two go off with the children following their lead.
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