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GROWING UP (A Macro Novel)

Postby Johnman » Wed Jan 18, 2006 4:19 am

Johnman 2005

Chapter 1: The Orphanage


“You thought that was funny you little punk, didn’t you? Well why don’t you come out and take your lickings like a man?”

Theodore didn’t answer the enraged teen. Instead he remained hidden underneath the conference table. The “Common Room” was large enough to make it difficult to search in the dark. Hopefully Jimmy would just give up and leave him alone.

“Come out now and maybe I’ll let you off easy. Otherwise I’m really going to beat the **** out of you!” Jimmy growled.

The young fur knew better than to fall for that old trick. Last time he trusted Jimmy to let him off easy, he beat the crap out of him anyway. Besides the look on his face when he bit into the shaving cream on his pie was almost worth the penalty.

“Alright then puppy. Here I come and when I find you I’m going to…”

“Do what?” An authoritative voice asked.

“Nothing Ms. Walters...” Jimmy stuttered nervously, “Just putting him to bed like he should be, it’s past curfew.”

“Oh… Well then you should be in bed also young man.” Walters replied pointing to the hall, “Let me worry about Theodore.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Jimmy replied and scurried out of the common room pouting.

“Now Theodore, it’s your turn.”

“Yes Ms. Walters.” The fur replied as he climbed out of his hiding spot.

“You know sweetie one of these days I won’t be here to stop Jimmy.” The proud woman announced while gently stroking the fur on Theodore’s head.

“I know Ma’am…” The pup replied shamefully.

“Good. Now go to bed and we’ll talk about your little prank in the morning.”

Theodore smiled and darted out the door. As he walked down the hall to the bedrooms the young pup thought of how nice Ms. Walters was. She had always been kind to him and…

“There you are you little ****. Now I’m going to make you pay!” A cruel voice announced from the shadows and pulled him into a dark closet.


“Oh Theodore, why do you continue to aggravate him? You know he is just going to beat you up.”

The pup looked up from his pillow into Sheila’s beautiful green eyes. Very few of the children at the orphanage wanted anything to do with Theodore. Being the only fur there, many of them seemed to avoid him like a plague. But not Sheila, she seemed to enjoy spending time with him.

“Jimmy is a bully and a jerk. He needs someone to put him is his place.” Theodore replied sternly.

“You’re right,” Sheila replied while tending to his battered ribs, “but that person is not you.”

Theodore laughed. Although the chuckling made his bruised rib ache even more, it was worth it just to see the beautiful young lady smile. What she saw in a poor mutt like him…

“Children…” Ms. Walters hollered while rushing into the group bedroom, “We’ve got a couple coming in this afternoon. Put on your good dress cloths and gather in the common room in two hours.”


Theodore’s heart skipped a beat when Sheila entered the common room. Although he’d seen her in that pink dress many times before, the way she looked in it never failed to take his heart away.

“Wow you look great!” The pup announced.

“Oh you always say that.” Sheila replied and kissed him on the cheek, “And don’t you ever stop.”

“Sheila you’re next.” Ms. Walters announced and waved.

“Wish me luck Theodore.”

After only ten minutes, Ms. Walters walked Sheila out of the common room. When she returned, the orphanage’s administrator walked Theodore over to the interview table and waiting couple.

“Theodore this is Mr. and Mrs. Thompson.” Ms. Walters announced and pointed him to a open chair at the table.

“Nice to meet you Sir, Ma’am.” Theodore replied while forcing a smile.

“Theodore what happened to your face?” Mr. Thompson asked.

The wolf rubbed his swollen eye lightly and replied, “One of the older boys and I got into a little scuffle. He won.”

Ms. Walters stepped forward and injected, “That really isn’t like Theodore. His is normally a sweet and kind boy.”

“Theodore are you normally on the losing end of these scuffles?” Mr. Thompson asked.

“Always…” The pup replied shamefully. “The older boys don’t like furs like me.”

The Thompsons looked at each other and whispered for a few moments. Afterwards they looked back up at Ms. Walters and nodded.

“Thank you for talking with us Theodore.” Mr. Thompson announced and watched as Ms. Walters escorted him from the room.


Theodore growled as he pulled the tight dress shoe off his foot paw. The damn things never seemed to fit right and only managed to make his feet ache. But at least his interview was over and things can return to normal now.

“How did you do handsome?” Sheila asked and entered the room.

“Oh they only asked me about the fight. They didn’t seem interested at all!”

“Well that doesn’t mean anything silly. The couple that adopted Missy last month only asked about her favorite TV shows. Besides who wouldn’t want a sweet young wolf like you?” Sheila replied playfully.

The young wolf just smiled and gave the lovable girl a hug. Her optimism was almost contagious. Unfortunately he’d had too many disappointments in the past to get excited. Couples these days don’t want 8 year old wolf furs that get into fights. They want newborns and infants that can raise like their own.

Sheila gave him a little kiss on the cheek, closed his door, and went off to get undressed. None of the orphans liked the uncomfortable garbs they had to wear during the interviews but they made them look presentable. Well everyone except the wolf that just had a run in with a ****ed off teen and his fist.

So now it was back to getting those damn shoes off. One down and one to go, at least that was what he thought as he pulled the other shoe off and…


“Come in.” The wolf hollered.

Ms. Walters opened the door and entered his room with a smile, “I’ve got some great news sweetie. You’ve been adopted.”

Chapter 2: Home Sweet Home

“Here we are Theodore; your new home.” Mr. Thompson announced.

The pup lifted his weary head off the back seat and sat up. As the car pulled into the driveway the house came into view. Although somewhat larger than expected, it was still modest. The building had a simple brick construction with two stories. The manicured front law seemed inviting but the dirty work truck parked in garage was somewhat out of place.

Mrs. Thompson opened the car door and led the curious pup in and up the stairs. The bedroom was a far cry from the closet sized stall he had lived in at the orphanage. It had a large soft bed, desk with a computer, and was filled with toys. Theodore found himself pinching an arm to ensure the whole thing was not just a wonderful dream.

“Mrs. Thompson is this my…” Theodore started to ask but was afraid to finish.

“Of course silly,” Mrs. Thompson replied warmly, “And please, you can call me Mom now.”

Theodore smiled and gave the kind woman a big hug. He never had anyone to call “Mom” before but Mrs. Thompson sure seemed to fit the title well. But was this all to good to be…

“Now go ahead and get out of those dress cloths. Ms. Walters told me your sizes and I picked up a few things for you to wear yesterday.” His new Mother replied opening the closet door.

Inside were a couple of T-Shirts, pairs of shorts, and two pairs of sandals. Also inside was a robe and about 20 empty hangers. More toys and sporting equipment were stacked up on the shelves and everything was brand new.

As his new Mom showed off the contents of the closet Theodore pulled off his dress shoes. Once he got the socks off, the pup let off a soft moan of relief. His new foster mother heard this and walked over.

“What’s wrong sweetie?”

“I’m just happy to get those shoes off Ma’am.” Theodore announced bashfully, “They make my paws ache.”

“Well it’s going to be a little while before we can get you some new ones.” She replied and lifted the pup’s feet up onto her lap for inspection, “Until then you’ll have to wear those sandals.”

“Anything is better than dress shoes.”

“Well I suppose furs aren’t used to wearing any type of footwear.” Mrs. Thompson replied then produced a small bottle of lotion from her purse.

As the kind women began to rub lotion on his footpads Theodore pulled away shyly, “Oh you don’t have to do that…”

Mrs. Thompson just smiled and replied, “You’re right, but I want to.”

Obediently, the pup laid back on the bed and placed his paws back in her lap. Soon the careful kneading and gentle stroking of his sensitive soles replaced the painful aching with soothing delight. It felt so good that he found it hard to keep his toes from curling while Mrs. Thompson massaged them.

No one ever done anything like this for him before. The very concept of someone giving this “Fur” a massage was totally foreign to him. But this wonderful experience, and the smile on his Mother’s face, made him feel special. It made him feel loved.

Unfortunately the soothing effects soon began to overwhelm the fur. As he laid in bed smiling, the pup drifted to sleep.


The mouth-watering aromas of a home cooked dinner aroused the dreary pup. He didn’t know just how long his nap lasted but his footpaws felt great. They were both covered in lotion and the fur suspected that his foster mother rubbed even after he passed out. It was the kindest thing anyone had ever done for him.

Quickly Theodore jumped out of bed and changed into a pair of shorts and a T-Shirt. Although he was still unfamiliar with the layout of the house, the smells of dinner led him straight to the kitchen.

“Well look who’s up.” Mrs. Thompson announced as the pup entered the kitchen.

“Thank you for the…” Theodore started to reply shyly not knowing how exactly phase what he wanted to say.

“The foot rub?” She finished with a smile, “Well you’re welcome. I hope you enjoyed it.”

“Yes but it… Well it kinda… put me to sleep.”

The kind women laughed softly, “Well I’ll just have to keep it up until you get used to it.”

This made Theodore laugh too. He didn’t know why but it seemed like the right thing to do at an awkward moment. Perhaps he was making too big a deal out of a simple pawrub but just wasn’t used to people wanting to pamper him. Perhaps that’s what real mothers do.

“Now go wash up for dinner Theodore. We’re having pot roast.” She replied and pointed him to the bathroom.

After washing up, the pup headed back to the kitchen but ran into Mr. Thompson in the hall. The large man took a knee and patting the pup on the head.

“So I heard that Mom gave you one of her world famous massages.”

“Yeah, sort of…” The pup replied nervous.

“Oh you don’t have to be so timid about it. She likes to do things like that for the men in her life. Hell her back rubs give me something to look forward to at the end of the day. Suppose I’ll have to compete for her attention now though.” He replied with a light chuckle.

“But I’m not used to… I mean…”

“Oh youngling you don’t want to turn down your mother’s affections. She takes the men in her life very seriously and you should thank her for the attention every chance you get.” The proud man replied with an experienced grin, “Now let’s go get something to eat.”


“There you go sweetie. All tucked in and ready to go to sleep.” Mrs. Thompson announced, kissed Theodore on the head, and turned out the bedroom lights.

As the pup stared at the ceiling fan above he got to thinking about his new foster parents. The pup learned at dinner that John, his foster father, was a contractor that worked for a large construction company. He started out as a general laborer and worked his way up to chief foreman over the years. It really was an inspiring story that John liked to tell in great detail.

Despite a past work history, Mrs. Thompson is now a stay at home housewife. Her masseur skills were mastered from years of work at a nearby spa but are now used solely for the enjoyment of the men in her life. And the pup has been informed that she likes to keep in practice.

The couple didn’t discuss why they chose to adopt rather than have a child of their own. Honestly Theodore was afraid to bring up the subject out of fear of losing such a great deal. Somehow this down on the luck fur found the foster parents he always dreamed of and didn’t want to lose them.

However something inside made pushed the pup to ask the one thing he couldn’t figure out, “Mom can I ask you something?”

“Sure dear.”

“Why me?” The pup asked softly.

“Because my sweet little pup, you looked like someone who needed a break.” She replied warmly. “Besides Ms. Walters told us of your history. It takes a lot of courage to stick up to a bully, even if it’s in the form of a prank. And that kind of character is something both your father and I admire.”

Theodore smiled and kissed his Mother. Perhaps all those years of torment at the hands of some miserable teenager paid off. Things were really looking up for him now.

Chapter 3: The First Time

AGE 10

“Mom I’m home.” Theodore announced as he rushed in the front door.

“How was my favorite pup’s day?” His mother asked with an interested smile.

“It was fine but I’ve got to get ready for practice.” The fur replied and ran up to his room.

In less than ten minutes Theodore was out of his school cloths and into a baseball uniform. Up until about 6 months ago the young fur didn’t even like baseball. But that all changed when dad took him out to play at the company picnic. Then it became apparent that his wolf reflexes gave him a distinct advantage over the human children. And being better at something than humans was somehow gratifying after all those years of living in a human orphanage.

When Theodore got downstairs his Mom was waiting to take him to the field. Although she never understood the mechanics of the game, the proud woman seemed to like the fact that he was starting to play with schoolmates. And she loved to cheer him on at games.

“I got to leave practice early today.” Mrs. Thompson started to explain, “John’s truck is acting up again and I have to pick him up at work. Are you going to be able to make it home alright?”

“Yeah Mom I’ll be fine. It’s only a couple a miles home from the field and Bud showed me a shortcut home through the woods last week. Figured it would be good to know with the way Dad’s truck has been acting up.”

“Good.” His mother replied with a smile.

Quickly the wolf grabbed his gear and gym bag and rushed out the front door. His mom followed right behind him…


“Come on Timmy pick it up a little!” Couch James yelled supportively as one of the boys ran for 2nd base.

As the human came around, Theodore caught the baseball from another teammate and tagged him. A moment later the empire called “OUT” and the couch ran over to the base.

“Timmy you need to get the lead out when rounding the bases. Look at how easily Teddy here tagged you.”

“Well I can’t help it the freak can…”

“WHAT!!!” The couch hollered, “Listen here Timmy I don’t ever want to hear you call one of your teammates anything like that again. Now got hit the showers… ALL OF YOU.”


After a brisk shower, Theodore got dressed and headed out of the locker room. Timmy ignored him after they got off the field but shot a dirty look his way as they headed back out.

“Hey Teddy!” Bud yelled.

Theodore looked over to the far end of the field at a short, and chubby human kid. That was good old Bud, his best friend. Over the years the two boys developed a close friendship, probably because both of them were not fully accepted by their peers. In an odd way, being the outcasts made their friendship a strong one.

“Man you looked great out there today Teddy!” Bud exclaimed patting his friend on the back as they headed into the woods, “But Timmy doesn’t seem to be too happy with you right now.”

“Well I can’t help it he sucks at baseball.” Theodore replied with a sarcastic grin, “Besides I’m already used to people not liking me because of what I am.”

“Oh Teddy not that fur **** again!” Bud replied and rolled his eyes, “You know you’re not the only fur in school.”

“Yeah but the only other fur is a bear and do you really think anyone will be messing with him? Andy would just sit on them if anyone tried.”

“Oh Andy isn’t like…”

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” A familiar voice announced from the shadows, “The wolf boy and his fat friend.”

“What do you want Timmy?” Theodore demanded as three boys emerged from the nearby bushes.

“I want you two off the team. Fat boy over there can’t run worth **** and a freak like you should be in the circus.” The youngster replied and spat on Theodore.

Before Theodore could react the three boys pounced on him. When Bud tried to help, one of the thugs punched him in the face and knocked him out cold. As the boys now concentrated on plummeting him, a strange sensation overtook Theodore. He felt a strange energy flow through his body and then the plummeting suddenly stopped.

When Theodore opened his eyes, the world seemed to be shrinking around him. However the fur realized as his clothing was torn to shreds that the world wasn’t shrinking, he was getting larger. That strange sensation became stronger and filled him with an almost electrical feeling. Once the growing stopped, Theodore figured he must now be at least 100ft tall.

The disoriented titan got to his feet and felt the hard ground below crumble beneath him. He then looked down at the 4 small figures below. Bud was still unconscious and the other three boys stood frozen at his feet. Theodore smiled as he swung one of his massive footpaws over his attackers and gently pressed down.

A cruel smile filled his face as the boys struggle frantically below. A dark predatory instinct deep inside longed to feel them compress under his sensitive pawpads. He wanted to feel their bodies crack and pop before grinding them into puddles of goo. He wanted to hear their cries for mercy transformed into screams of agony.

Then a voice of civility kicked in. That voice was one simple though, “What would mother think of me if I did this?” It probably saved those boy’s lives.

After toying with his captives underfoot for a few more gratifying minutes, Theodore lifted his paw up. The absolute look of horror on Timmy’s face made him feel powerful. He could have crushed that little bastard like an ant and it would have probably felt pretty damn good. But that would have been wrong.

“Please Teddy don’t…” The boy started to beg.

“Shut up and listen!” The megawolf growled, “You little pricks are not worth getting into trouble for. But if any of you say a word of what happened here today…”

The megawolf finished his threat with a simple but effective gesture. With a grin, he swung his foot over to a fallen tree and stomped down hard. The impact sent a shockwave across the forest that left the smashed tree in a deep paw shaped crater. Timmy and his friends then scrambled out of the forest like frightened deer.

Instinctively, Theodore closed his eyes and concentrated on a shrinking. Somehow he knew that was the way to return to normal size but didn’t completely believe it until he reopened his eyes. The world around him now was now much larger, it was an odd but reassuring feeling.

After returning to normal the wolf did the only thing he could think of, got dressed. Unfortunately the only clothing that wasn’t destroyed in the transformation was his dirty baseball uniform. But it was still better than running around naked.

“Ooooo… My head…” Bud moaned. “What happened?”

“Timmy and his crew jumped us and then ran away.”

Bud slowly got to his feet but jumped back when he saw the giant paw-shaped footprint nearby, “What in the hell did THAT?!”

“Don’t ask.” Theodore replied solemnly.

“What happened to your cloths?” The panicked boy asked.

“Don’t ask.” Theodore repeated sternly.

Bud took another look at the footprint and then back at his friend. He probably had a general idea of what happened that day but chose not to push the subject. Perhaps this was done out of fear, friendship, or maybe both.

As the two boys walked home not another word was said. That day Theodore discovered great power and dark desires that laid deep within him. However, unbeknown to the fur, that day’s events did not go unnoticed…

Due to the length and fact that this is an ongoing project, I can't post the entire novel here. However if you like this story so far you can find Chapters 4 - 9 on my website. In addition, every time I post a new chapter there, I'll post a reply to this thread.

Please feel free to post any feedback on the story in this thread.
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Postby Jhaqastar » Wed Jan 18, 2006 3:43 pm

I likey, I likey :D
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Postby Evofly » Thu Jan 19, 2006 2:43 am

that was really good. :D
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Postby Saberith » Thu Jan 19, 2006 5:33 am

That is awsome! totaly worth making a into a paperback
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Postby Johnman » Mon Jan 23, 2006 8:44 pm

Thank you everyone for the great feedback. :D

I've already started working on the next few chapters and hope to have another update ready in the months to come. Of course knowing that people actually read and like your work is a great motivating factor to get it done. :lol: (SITE CLOSED. GEOCITIES IS NO MORE!) :(
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Postby BusterBunny » Tue Jan 24, 2006 9:01 pm

Wow, amazing story dude. Been waiting for the day when you prase us with another kool story. Theres always something in them that appels to us pawsluts ^_^.

I gota check the rest out now

Keep up the kool work dude

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Postby padfootsm » Wed Jan 25, 2006 4:39 am

"on plummeting him"?

I believe you meant 'pummeling' so I thought you might like that pointed out.

It's a good start. My question is this...are you really wanting to get this published or is this for online peeps to read? If you really want to get this published...I'll give you a bit more on the comments and critiques side of things. :D

I look forward to the next update.
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Postby Johnman » Wed Jan 25, 2006 4:51 pm

BusterBunny wrote:Wow, amazing story dude. Been waiting for the day when you prase us with another kool story. Theres always something in them that appels to us pawsluts ^_^.

I gota check the rest out now

Keep up the kool work dude


Thanks Buster. :D

padfootsm wrote:It's a good start. My question is this...are you really wanting to get this published or is this for online peeps to read? If you really want to get this published...I'll give you a bit more on the comments and critiques side of things. :D

I look forward to the next update.

Nah, I would never try to get any of my macro works published. I'm way too far in the closet about my macrophillia to do that. :shock:

Although "Growing Up" was designed to be a novel in every other sense. With 9 chapters so far, and more on the way, it's already my longest story.

It will be a little while before I have the next few chapters finished. However I always enjoy getting feedback and your comments are certainly welcome. :) (SITE CLOSED. GEOCITIES IS NO MORE!) :(
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Postby 13years » Mon Jan 30, 2006 8:38 pm

I'm a writer (in a sense... I'm not a "writer" and could never make a proffession of it, but I like to write.). Anyway, my point with saying this is that I love to critique other people's work. I figured, "why not read a story based on a fetish..." It's common sense actually, it integrates 2 main interests. What I'm trying to say, is that I read the first 3 chapters and was impressed, and I hope to see more (I will, I'm going to go to your site for more chapters.) Amazingly well written.

Stories posted on this website tend to ignore writing and grammatical patterns. The word "MACRO" is usually brought out much more than the word "STORY". That's great and all, seeing as we all know why we come to this site. But, you hath proved that someone can not only bring out their fetish, but can use their brain at the same time. For all of this, I salute you in thanks and praise for a job well-done!
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Postby Johnman » Tue Mar 11, 2008 2:33 pm

Well after a rather lengthy hiatus, I've finally started writing new chapters to Growing Up. Once I've gotten the next three chapters done, and completed some repairs/updates, they'll be posted on my website.

In addition, I've decided to post my new chapters on Canaan's pawslut forums as they are written, due to the strongly position response I got from my last story :D :

So if any of you don't want to wait for me to fix my website and update, you can find the new chapters there. (SITE CLOSED. GEOCITIES IS NO MORE!) :(
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