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Laya's Dolls House (Cv)

Postby Misty_Crom » Fri Dec 05, 2003 3:23 pm

Laya's Dolls House (Cv)
Ma(1), Mi(4), V(2), D, LB(1), FM(2)

It had been several months since Laya had come back from her holiday on that tiny world inhabited by people less than three inches high; and now, she had almost finished making her dolls house, though it amused her to think that this was almost certainly sturdier than the real tiny houses she had seen on holiday. "Right; all that's needed now is a little occupant and I think a car for the garage." The six foot tall white tigress smiled as she put the bedding in.

At the model shop, Laya took her time choosing a doll and car. First, she settled on a fox that she just thought seemed really cute; and then, after much deliberation, she took a light blue Jaguar XJ6 over the Dodge pickup, getting back home at around half ten. Carefully placing the car in the garage and the little fox in the bed, Laya took a final, proud look at her little house before heading for bed herself; falling quickly into a pleasant dream, even though it wasn't particularly late for her.


Misty Crom was having one of those boring evenings at work. No one was coming in. It was definitely Wednesday. At least he had Payback for company though. Misty liked Payback; not only was she very good company, but she was also very pretty too. The five foot tall red fox actually really liked the shading of her fur - the way the lighter grey offset the darker grey fur. He swore that if he ever had a car the either shade, he'd trim it with the other.

"I'll be back in a minute Payback. Just gotta to go to the loo quickly." Misty smiled faintly as he headed for the left aisle (from facing them) just as a group of four males entered. "Okay. I think I'll cope... Just." The taller female joked languidly.

As Misty came back out however, three of the four males were surrounding Payback and it was fairly obvious that something was very wrong. The fourth; a boomer about the same size as Misty was just getting up behind Payback, holding his muzzle.
Silently, Misty crept up behind him and nailed him in the kidneys, right, then left, knocking the wind out of the 'roo before breaking his leg with a short, quick side kick to the knee as he passed him. "Can I be of any assistance here Payback?" He asked as he stood behind her, immediately kicking the hyena to the right of her in the face, breaking his jaw. As Misty kicked however, the big wolf grabbed Vikki's wrists, practically throwing her to the side, casually walking after her. As soon as he was facing away however, Misty laid he slightly taller fox out with a spinning-back-kick, jogging up behind the wolf, grabbing his left shoulder.
"Misty! He's got a knife!" Payback shouted, just as the wolf swung round, thrusting the hunting knife towards Misty's stomach. As the wolf thrust the knife however, Misty side-stepped slightly, grabbing the wolf's wrist, pulling it round quickly before arcing it up over the wolf's head, tipping him off balance, trapping the hand and locking the arm as he landed on his back, the knife dropping out of the wolf's hand as soon as Misty dislocated his shoulder and broke his wrist, the fox catching the knife in his free hand and plunging it into the wolf's elbow, the blade coming out through his bicep. "Ooh, you might wanna get that looked at." Misty smirked.
"Woah; I knew you were kinda handy, but... Jeez, they didn't even touch you. I could've handled it though." Payback said as she stood up.
"I know, but your way of dealing with it would've practically demolished the cinema; and your designs and my car keys are upstairs." Misty pointed out as the manager came rushing out of the office. "That's true." Payback chuckled as she pictured the scene.
Once the four guys were out, the manager told Misty and Payback they could go home, promising to close for them.

As soon as he was indoors, Misty went straight to bed, falling asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow.

When Misty woke up the following morning, he didn't really pay much attention to outside until he'd been to the toilet and came back into his bedroom. As he closed the door, the fox noticed that the room darkened slightly, figuring it was just the wind blowing cloud in the way of the sun as he got down onto his stomach for his morning push ups.


Slowly, Laya woke up, glancing over at her alarm clock for the time. It was two minutes past ten. With a short yawn, and a smile, the tigress got out of bed, pulling on her white dressing gown with pink and green flowers on it before heading through to the kitchen where her now completed dolls house was sitting on the table. With a silent giggle, Laya muttered to herself: "I wonder how my little foxie's doing." As she stepped over, bending down to peer in the window. She could have opened the side of the house, but it was more fun this way. At first, she couldn't see the little doll, but then, caught sight of it on the floor out of the corner of her eye. Laya's first thought was that she hadn't put the little fox in the bed properly, but then she realised it was moving. Her little fox seemed to be alive... And doing push-ups. "I like a guy who keeps in shape little foxie." She purred softly.

As Misty got to around forty five with his push-ups, his concentration was broken by a rumbling noise and a voice coming from outside. "Thanks. I do a bit of martial ar... Huh?" The fox broke off, realising where the voice was coming from, looking up slowly mid push-up. When he saw a huge eye peering in from outside though, Misty leapt up and back, backing quite hard into the closed door, not knowing what to say, even if he would've been able to string a serviceable sentence together.

"How did you get in my dolls house? And how are you so tiny?" Laya asked of the tiny fox, echoing his thoughts as he stood pressed against the door. "I - I do - don't kn - know... I... D - dolls house?" Misty just about managed to say.
Lyra chuckled slightly at this, keeping the sound down as much as possible, and trying not to show too much fang. "It was a rhetorical question; but yes, my dolls house. I made it after visiting a tiny world for my holiday. Only finished it last night actually." She told the tiny male. "It's okay, I won't hurt you. Why don't you come outside so we can see each other better. You can use the door, or climbing out the window to my paw'll be fine." She added when Misty didn't respond for a few seconds, the fox just standing against the door, staring out at her; only his rapid breathing and the scared look in his eyes letting her know that he was still alive and not a doll again. Wondering whether he had any choice in the matter; and deciding he probably didn't, Misty quickly fumbled behind him for the door handle and disappeared inside, heading rather numbly down the stairs. If it wasn't for the fact that the huge creature was obviously feline, he'd have wondered if it wasn't in fact Payback having decided to demonstrate her oft talked about ability to grow to over a hundred and forty feet tall.

As he came out of the front door, Misty saw what the tigress had meant. He - and his house - were sat smack-bang in the middle of what was apparently a table. A kitchen table as he deduced from the fridge sat next to the door. Seeing the little fox disappear inside the house, Laya assumed he was going down stairs, just catching a question about how much choice he had about coming out, the feline deciding to wait for him to come back out before answering. As the little fox headed down the stairs, Laya turned the house round so the front door was facing herself, being careful not to disturb or scare the little thing too much. Once he was out, Laya sat down at the table so the poor little fox didn't have to look up quite so far. "Hello there. And in answer to your question, no you didn't have much choice in the matter. But there's no need for me to go being rude now is there eh?"

Looking up at the tigress, Misty wondered what she was planning on doing with him, and asked as much. "Well, I don't know... I didn't expect this any more than you it seems. Last night, I just put a foxie doll in the bed." Laya smiled down.
"Oh... But I've lived there for nearly a year." Misty pointed out, beginning to calm down a bit with the way this huge creature was keeping her voice low for him.
"I guess I could keep you as a pet... You've already got a house and I've no idea how to get you home. There's no way I could afford a return trip, the process involves items that are way too rare and since I've used some, have gotten even more expensive." Laya explained, getting up as she finished, heading over to a cupboard from where she removed some item of crockery, though Misty couldn't see what as Laya's body was in the way. "My name's Laya by the way. Do you have one?" She asked as she shut the cupboard door.
"Misty. My name's Misty Crom... Miss Laya." The tiny fox called over, Laya only just catching the words. "Good job I've got good ears." Laya muttered half to herself as she got a box of cereal out of another cupboard.

Whilst the giant feline was getting her breakfast, Misty headed back into his house, and into the kitchen, looking to see what he fancied for breakfast. Now however, he realised that this was indeed a dolls house as the cupboards only contained toy tins of food. As he started back out, Misty heard a loud bang which must've been Laya putting her bowl on the table. "Hello again Misty. Where did you go?" She asked once he emerged out of the front door, smiling down at him over her bowl. "To find breakfast." The tiny fox replied, looking up, "It's all pretend tins and stuff." He added, a little worried that his belongings were not here. "Well don't worry, You can have a bit of mine. Go in and get a bowl and spoon." Laya told him. Looking up at Laya, Misty nodded and went back inside, coming out again after a few minutes with a bowl and spoon as instructed.
"Good, now put the bowl in my hand and I'll get you some of my breakfast." Laya told Misty as she laid her hand down beside him. Without questioning, Misty did as he was told, meeping shortly as he was lifted up and put on an upturned glass by the tigress's other hand before she scooped up some of what Misty guessed was Muesli, in his bowl.
"There you go." The giantess smiled down, trying not to chuckle at the little guy's sound of distress as she plucked him up between two fingers and her thumb. Not that she was amused by his being scared, just by the sound he had made.

"Thank you miss Laya." Misty smiled a bit as he took the bowl back, setting it on his lap to eat.
"Nice?" Laya asked with her mouth half full.
"Yes thank you. Wh - what did you mean... Holiday on a tiny world? Where?"
With a soft smile, Laya looked at Misty a moment before answering, "Just that. I went for a holiday on a tiny world. I think I can guess what you're thinking, and I'm not sure to be honest. It could well have been your world. I was careful though not to cause too much damage or to kill people if I could help it. Is that what you meant?" She told him gently.
"I - I'm not sure miss. I guess." The tiny fox shrugged as he put his bowl down beside him.
"I told you Misty; I won't hurt you. I promise, I'll take good care of you. And please, you don't have to keep calling me miss all the time." The white tigress told her little companion, scritching his head with the blunt top of a claw.

For a long while, the two stayed like this, with Laya scritching Misty all over as he sat on the upturned glass. "Why don't you go and see if you've got any clothes eh? I'm going to get dressed myself. Here, climb in the window." Laya told the tiny vulpine as turned the house round again before picking him up and holding him on her palm in front of his bedroom window. "Okay; thank you mi... Laya." Misty called up to her as he climbed in. As she headed out of the room, Misty just watched Laya, only now having an opportunity to see all of her at once, turning to check his wardrobe, being surprised this-time to find that his things were present, and getting dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, his mind working overtime as he pulled them on. He figured he definitely trusted Laya; she seemed like a very kind fur - luckily; and he had just found out that she was extremely attractive as well. He just wished he could get over his nervousness of her. But she was just so huge... He couldn't help but be aware of how vulnerable he was.

Laya watched the tiny fur climb in the window and then made a move to go and get dressed herself, smiling as she knew he'd be watching her walk away, closing the door behind her for the first time since Christmas probably. As the tigress got dressed, deciding to wear her denim shorts and a pink T-shirt, she kept thinking how amazing this whole thing was. Her cute little foxie doll was actually now a living breathing little foxie guy. And he was even cuter than the doll had been. Pity he's so nervous though. Understandable, but still a pity; "I'm sure he'll get over that though in time." She muttered to herself as she tied off the bottom of the T-shirt so that her stomach was bare. With a deep breath and a big smile, Laya moved to open the door again, but changed her mind and went round through the sitting room instead, sneaking up to the opposite side of the house, kneeling down and crawling round to peek her head up to see what Misty was up to unwitting of her presence.

Once he was dressed, Misty made his bed quickly and just lay on the bed to wait for Laya to come back, not hearing her stealthy approach, and - for the second time that day - putting the shadow down to cloud cover, this time outside Laya's kitchen window. Suddenly, Misty had a thought; grabbing his car keys, he swung himself round off the bed and jogged down stairs. Thankfully, Laya had built in the door to the garage in the kitchen. Standing there for a few moments, Misty moved his hand out, putting the key in the lock - it turned; the lock popped up - it was his car. Quickly, the fox climbed in and started the engine, revving it as he practically rolled it out. Yup, it's my car! He thought to himself with a smile as the tuned engine snarled and roared as he revved the engine.

Just as Laya was about to let Misty know she was there, Misty got up and headed out of the room... Where is he going? The tigress wondered as she tried to look through, moving down a touch to see if he was in the kitchen, just in time to see the door to the garage open. With a smile, Laya moved round to the side of the house and stood up a bit to look over the garage roof to see if the tiny fox was coming out. After thirty odd seconds, she heard the engine start up, raising an eyebrow at the sound it made, keeping silent as the little Jaguar - less than twenty centimetres long - slowly crept out of the garage. As soon as the back of the car was clear, Misty floored the accelerator, the car accelerating over the tabletop, power sliding round the side of the house away from Laya and accelerating past the back of the house, Misty slamming the brakes on when he saw the huge tigress standing, looming over him and not looking too happy.

Laya's mood changed a bit when she saw the black marks left on her table by Misty's driving, the feline standing up to her full height, folding her arms over her ample chest as she watched the car sliding round the far side of the house, stopping abruptly as soon as the little fox looked up at her. "Having fun little fox? Look at the state of my table." She said at full volume this time, pointing at the black marks left by the tyres at the opposite end of the table.
In the car, Misty just sat, staring up at Laya, his heart in his throat, the tiny fox wincing at the sound of her voice and looking round sharply as soon as he was told, noticing the rubber made as he'd gone round the house. With a whimper, Misty slid down in his seat, grabbing hold of the seat belt which he was suddenly glad he'd put on as he expected Laya to snatch up the car at any moment. She didn't though. The gargantuan tigress simply turned round and headed to the sink where she grabbed a cloth, wetting it and grabbing the bottle of washing up liquid next to the sink. Turning back, Laya slammed the bottle down right next to the car, Misty inside yelping and flinching away as the bottle came down, watching the giantess's every movement as she scrubbed at the marks, the tiny fox thanking his lucky stars individually, and by name as they lifted with just the wet cloth.

As soon as the black marks were gone, Laya dropped the cloth over Misty's car as she put the washing up liquid back, then pulling the cloth off of the car and throwing it over into the sink.
"Right; get out and climb on." Laya told the fox as she slammed her hand down on the table, making everything on it jump. Slowly, shakily, Misty did as he was told, looking up at Laya quickly before very tentatively climbing onto the back of her hand, sitting down in the middle with his knees against his chest, squeezing his eyes shut as he forced himself to at least not cry. Suddenly, he was lifted, he guessed to Laya's face, but he didn't dare to look, keeping his eyes held shut and his head down with his ears flat against the back of his head.
"Well?" Laya barked, making Misty jump back on her hand.
"I - I'm s - s - sorry m - miss L - La - Laya... Please... D - don't eat me..." The tiny fox whimpered as he cowered near the edge of Laya's hand.
"I'm not going to eat you. But don't do it again, okay?" She assured him soothingly, her voice quieter again. Misty just nodded in response to this.
"Good. Now then, if you want I'll lift your car down and you can drive around, have a look about the place. But I don't want to see any black marks on my floor okay?" Laya said, leaning in, and bringing her hand up to give Misty a gentle nuzzle. "O - okay m - miss Laya. I'm - I'm s - sorry." He replied, finally looking back round to the tigress.
"It's okay... I'm not going to hurt you. Just come and park by me when you're done, I'm going to nip out to the shops for some groceries. I'll only be about twenty minutes." Laya said as she lifted the Jaguar down to the floor, then tipping Misty down next to it, before heading straight through to the front door, Misty hearing it open and close as he stood by the car, climbing in after a little while and driving round as suggested.

When Laya returned, Misty was parked under the coffee table in the front room, sitting listening to a CD on the stereo. When he heard the door however, he drove out and round to drive beside Laya as she walked through to the kitchen with her shopping. With a smile, Laya looked down at Misty as she walked, picking him up in the car as soon as she'd put the bag on the table. "So; you have a good look round whilst I was out?" She asked, holding the car up to face level, looking in through the front windscreen.
"I like the colours in your bedroom." Misty nodded, smiling a bit.
"Thank you. But if you'll excuse me, I've got to put this away before the ice cream melts." Laya told Misty as she lowered him down again, "go wait by the settee, I'll be through in five minutes." Immediately, Misty did as he was told, stopping just beside the chair.

As promised, Laya' footfalls could be felt, and then the giant feline seen, heading over, carrying a cup the size of his bedroom, putting it on the coffee table before leaning down to see where Misty was. "Come here Misty. Leave your car where it is, just climb onto one of my feet, and I'll lift you up to my lap. You can have some of my coffee."
With the promise of a drink, Misty practically dove out of the car, running over and climbed up onto Laya's right foot, reaching up to scritch a bit at her shin. "Mmm, that's nice little foxie." She chuckled as she raised her foot, plucking the tiny fox off of it, and sitting him on her left leg. "Now you just wait, and I'll save some for you, okay." Laya smiled down, petting Misty on the top of the head with one finger. With a smile and a nod, Misty just reached up and rubbed back at the finger. Suddenly, Laya stopped drinking, looking straight ahead.
"Laya? Are you okay? I don't mind not rubbing your finger..." Misty called up, a little worried, though unsure if for himself or for Laya. "Hmm? Oh, no, I'm fine Misty. Just I might have just had an idea. Wait - no, come with me, where's your car?" The tigress said quickly, even as she found the car, picking it up and heading through to the kitchen, and out into the garden, carrying Misty in the palm of her hand, the little fox hanging onto her thumb as tight as he could. "The portal I made before might be good for one more trip. I remember using too much of some of the ingredients." Laya smiled down at him as she opened the door to her garden shed - just an old bike and a few pool inflatables visible inside. With a deep breath, the tigress stepped inside the shed and closed the door behind her, then stepped towards an inflated dinghy, Laya and Misty seemingly both disappearing into it with a blue and white flash. Looking down and around, Laya noticed that everything was indeed tiny - to Misty's scale, "Who's that?" She asked, pointing to a grey furred canine figure in the middle distance, seeming to be almost a hundred feet tall herself.
"It - it's Payback! She grew... I'm home." Misty said quietly, looking up at Laya, following her gaze.

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