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Foxes and Tigers and Dragons Oh My... (U)

Postby Misty_Crom » Fri Dec 05, 2003 3:21 pm

Foxes and Tigers and Dragons Oh My... (U)
Ma(5), D, LB(3), FM(3), MP(1)

It was a warm day in California, and Misty Crom was there for the first time... he was being put up by a fellow vulpine he'd met called Tarns Havil, though unlike Tarns, his fur was more uniformly shaded, though he didn't have the black ears of most of the rest of his kind; also, and very importantly, Tarns was thirteen feet taller than the five foot Misty, standing at an amazing eighteen feet tall.
Misty was currently standing at Tarns' front door, a huge bag of groceries in his arms, and another on the passanger seat of his car; "Tarns!" he shouted, kicking at the twenty foot door. after a few seconds, the door openned, "Thanks Misty... here, I'll take that. I assume the rest is in your car?" Tarns smiled down at Misty, taking the bag from him with one hand. "Yeah, just give me a moment mister Tarns." the smaller fox said as he stepped over to his car.
"Misty, please... just Tarns. Not mister Tarns, not sir, just Tarns... please, I get the yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir response from everyone else, that's why I didn't want to go get my shopping myself..." Tarns told him, stepping out of his front gate, bending down by Misty's car, "Sorry Tarns... here, can you take this please whilst I lock my car up?" Misty asked, holding the massive bag of food and drink up with a deal of difficulty. "Sure thing... Ummm, what sort of car is this anyway? It looks fast and expensive." Tarns smiled down, taking the bag from Misty with his free hand.
"It's a Venturi 400GT... Not many people know about them. And I've had it tuned to four hundred and seventy horsepower." the smaller fox explained as he locked the car up, stepping round the back of it, "I'll take one of those if you want."
Tarns smiled down at Misty, holding out the smaller bag of groceries for the little guy to take, "Thanks." he nodded as he stood up once Misty had the bag, the pair of them heading up into the house.

"What do you fancy for dinner Misty?" Tarns asked once the food was in the cupboards and fridge, "Ummm, lasagne?" Misty suggested.
"Okay, Lasagne it is... I'll put it on one of my saucers for you okay... I promise, I am going to get some normal sized stuff soon." the giant fox chuckled.
Whilst the lasagne cooked, Tarns went off to look for something for Misty to sit on so he could reach the table, eventually finding a big, old book which he put across the arms of one of the end chairs, "There, what d'you think? Clever eh?" he smiled at Misty, lifting the fox up to the seat.
"Yeah... it's just the right height for me." he smiled at Tarns, watching as the huge fox took the lasagne out of the oven.

"That was great Tarns, thanks a lot." Misty thanked Tarns as he put his travel knife and fork down, wondering wether to try and bring up the subject of payment again; he'd brought it up sometime earlier, but Tarns had said not to mention it even, saying that he was glad of the company. Looking at the happy smile on the guy's huge face, he actually believed that, and decided to leave it, just watching as the huge fox cleared the plates away, putting them in the ten foot tall dishwasher, "How long have you been this big Tarns?" he asked instead.
"Always Misty... as long as I remember anywa... did you just feel something? like a jolt...?"
Misty shrugged, giving Tarns a smile, having felt every one of his footfalls. Figuring as much, Tarns smiled a bit and headed to go through to he front room.

"Tarns?" Misty called, as his big host headed to the door.
With a chuckle, Tarns paded over and picked Misty up, and carried him through to the front room, setting him on the couch, "I could've walked y'know.." Misty said, looking up at Tarns as he sat next to him. "I know." Tarns smiled, ruffling Misty's headfur. Misty myrred happily at the rubs, so Tarns kept it up, "You like that Misty?" "Yeah... really nice..." the much smaller fox smiled, stretching into the rubbing, which Tarn's now moved down to his back, quickly lifting him onto his lap before resuming, rubbing for several hours, eventually having to carry Misty up to the guest bed since he fell asleep whilst Tarns stroked him.
"Sleep well little guy." he smiled before heading across the hall to his own room.

The following morning, Misty woke up quite early and couldn't help stepping into Tarns' bedroom to have a look since the door was left ajar. "Geez you are huge Tarns..." he muttered as he looked up at the sleeping giant. Being naturally curious, Misty clambered up onto the bed, using the ottoman at the foot of it. With a smile, Misty remembered the previous night, and how Tarns had stroked him and rubbed his back so nicely. Sitting cross legged by Tarns' feet, he took one of the huge feet in his hands and started to massage it. After ten minutes, Tarns stirred, and looked down at the much smaller fox a little curiously, "You're a good foot massager little Misty. That feels really nice." he smiled, wriggling his toes a bit.
"Thanks... I felt I owe you one after last night. I've never been stroked and petted like that before." Misty replied, looking up to Tarns' face.
"Well as much as I'm enjoying this Misty, I'm affraid I've really got to get up." Tarns apologised, swinging his feet round over Misty's head, and getting up and heading through to the bathroom, grabbing his clothes as he stood up, "Wait down stairs for me little Misty." he called through before shutting the bathroom door.
with a shrug, Misty did as he was asked, climbing down off the bed and making his way down the stairs, where he went through to wait in the kitchen.
After a fifteen minute wait, Tarns came downstairs, "Here you are... what do you want for breakfast?" he asked, taking a bowl down from the cupboard for himself.
"Ummm, weetabix please... three." Misty smiled, "so... anything planned for today?"
Tarns chuckled at Misty's sudden change of topic, getting a bowl down for him, and taking the weetabix out of the cupboard, "Well that's half a box done.." he smiled as he tipped nine into his own bowl once he'd put three into Misty's, "But, yes, I do as a matter of fact... we're going to the beach."
As soon as he'd made the breakfasts, Tarns lifted Misty up to the seat he'd used for dinner the previous evening, and they sat and ate, Misty struggling with not staring as Tarns ate the nine weetabix.

"So... we walking?" Misty asked as Tarns opened the front door.
"Well I'm running and you're driving... unless you think you can keep up on foot?" Tarns asked with a smile.
"Oh.... okay..." the normal sized fox frowned as he started down to his car, digging in his pocket for his keys, and climbing in. "Put your seat belt on Misty... and don't move off just yet.." Tarns told him, kneeling down next to the car; still towering over it.
"It is done up..." Misty called out and up, expecting Tarns to just be being safety conscious. He was soon proven wrong however as the back of the car suddenly jolted up into the air, Misty seing nothing but Tarns' face in the rear view mirror.
"Hmmm, just curious really... never looked at a car closely before. hold on so I can look at the front too?" the giant fox asked as he slowly lowered the back of the car back to the ground, then moved round to the front, lifting that up in the same way, smiling down at Misty through the windsreen. "Shall we go now then?" he asked before putting the front down also, moving off down the road for Misty to follow. After a moment of just staring at Tarns, slightly dumbfounded at what the huge fox had just done, but then shook his head to clear his mind a bit and pulled away, driving just behind Tarns, staying right on his heels, yet surprised at his speed as the big fox nudged seventy miles per hour.

As the pair neared the beach, Tarns suddenly stopped, Misty very nearly hitting his heels, stopping just beside him, "What's wrong Tarns?" he asked, opening the window so the huge fox could hear him.
"Look... the size of those two... now they are giants.... proper giants..." Tarns said, kneeling down beside the car, pointing straight down the road to where the beach was. The beach however couldn't be seen due to a truly enormous tiger - easily well over a hundred foot tall, perhaps a hundred and fifty - laying on the beach, with a very young looking dragon laying on the tiger's chest, the young dragonmorph being arount fifty five feet tall - despite looking to be only around five or six.
"I gotta go see these up close..." Tarns said haf to himself, sprinting off along the road. Imediately, Misty started after him, driving along side the huge fox.

As Tarns and Misty aproached however, the yungster began to stir, and looked imediately straight at Tarns and Misty's car, "You're bigger than the others." the dragonmorph said, stopping Tarns in his tracks, knowing that the giant meant him.

Very slowly, Tarns raised his head to look into the eyes of this huge child, "Yes... I am..." he rplied simply; quite simply awestruck by the size of this being. Slowly, Misty got out of the car on the side next to Tarns, looking up too, "Hello... I'm Kai... wait." the youngster told the two foxes, patting the even more massive tiger on the chest, waking him, "Good morning Kai... hmmm? where are we?" he asked of the dragon.
"I don't know... all the peoples are tiny... look. that one's loads bigger than all the others. The little one next to him's the sort of size everyone is.... here... look." the dragon - Kai - said as he reached over, wrapping a hand around both foxes, lifting them up and placing them on the tiger's chest.
"Kai... you souldn't just grab people like that." he smiled at the dragon.
"Sorry daddy." Kai appologised.
"Oh well, they don't seem harmed in any way, so it's all right. Now then... hello there; my name's Kahn. please... you've nothing to be afraid of from me or Kai here..." the huge tiger smiled, turning to the two rather dumbfounded foxes on his chest.
Misty looked from the dragon to the tiger, and, after a few moment, stuck out his hand, and introduced himself: "My name's Misty Mr Kahn; Kai."
"Pleased to meet you Misty." Kahn smiled, taking Misty's hand very carefully between finger and thumb.
"And I'm Tarns Havil sir." the big fox chimed in, emulating Misty's movements.
"Hiya Tarns. It's nice to meet ya." Kai smiled as he shook hands with Tarns, taking half of his arm in his hand, but being just as carefull as Kahn had been with Misty.

"Can I keep 'em daddy?" Kai asked, smiling down at Misty and Tarns.
"I don't know... you'll have to ask them." Kahn smiled, stroking the two foxes with his fingers.
"Umm... how d'you mean?" Misty asked first.
"As pets... but I'll look after you good. Better than hoomans do. And if you wanna leave, I'll let ya..." the dragon assured him
"Okay. If you promise you'll let us go if we're unhappy." Tarns nodded, followed after a few moments by Misty, "But can I keep my car please?"
"Sure ya can... and ya can just call us Kai and Kahn still... no misters or sirs." the dragon nodded as he jumped over Kahn, shatering the road for a half a mile and the windows in all the surrounding buildings as he landed, kneeling down and picking up Misty's car, being careful not to dent the bodywork.

"Well, I'll take you two then if you'd like to climb on." Kahn said as he rested a hand just infront of the two foxes; Tarns lifting Misty up before stepping into the palm himself.

Nodding satisfactorily, Kahn stood up with his two pasangers and took Kai's free hand and they headed through the city, making sure not to step on any people, and only even catching the odd wing or bonnet with a claw or toe as they walked. after several hours, Kai and Kahn arrived at the face of a huge mountain which had a near vertical face, and Kahn pushed on the rock, a one hundred and seventy foot chunk of which slid inwards easily.

On his hand, Misty's and Tarns' jaws both dropped on seeing the huge tiger push such an expanse of rock with just one hand, and then push it back once inside.
"Welcome home little buddies." Kahn smiled as he held his hand out, showing the pair what - were it not for the scale - was a rather nice, cosy, cabin house with a window at the back which seemed to lead out to a forrest on a giant scale.

For a long time Misty and Tarns stayed with Kahn and Kai happilly, enjoying in particular Kahn's pancakes. what happenned durring that time, and since? I'll leave that to your imagination.


by Misty Crom
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Postby biggiant » Sun Mar 18, 2007 7:17 am

really good story, I liked it, like the detail.
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