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Postby Misty_Crom » Fri Dec 05, 2003 3:00 pm

I really don't mean to repeat myself, I just figured that it might be easier in general if I post these seperate from any stories.

Ratings Key.
U = Universal, suitable for all (U)
C = Caution, may contain sex/violence (PG)
X = contains explicit sex (18+)
V = contains violence (Pg13/1
Cx/Cv = contains limited sex/violence (PG13/18+)
VX = Lots of sex and Violence

Content Key.

S = sex
V = Violence
G = growth
Sh = shrinking
Ch = children
Ma = Macro
Mi = Micro
Col = collaborative
LB = someone from Lofty’s in it.
FM = Someone from FurryMUCK’s in it
MP = Someone from Macrophile's in it
D = Dedicated
Ilu = includes illustration/s
1 - 5 (with content indicator) = level of content
1 - º (with LB/FM/MP) = number of furs in it

Feedback Marking.
(ratings 1 - 10 unless otherwise stated, notes to be placed after score if latter included)

S = story (how enjoyable a read it was regardless of grammar, spelling, etc...)
W = writing (grammar, spelling etc...)
C = Content (was there enough macro, micro, sex, violence etc...)
Ilu = Illustrations (quality, relevance to story, placing within document)
Score = How you rate the overall package
Wish = what you would like to see from the writer (use content/rating key indicators)

Pic = include if you would like to create a picture/illustration based on the story


Kate’s Christmas Toy (the original post of the original story)(U)

Ch(4), Sh(1), Mi(4), FM(1), MP(?)

Kate’s Christmas Toy (U)
Sh(2), Mi(5), Ch(4.5), FM (4) LB(2) MP(?)

Anyone wishes to add any to any part of this, feel free.
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