Kate's Christmas Toy pts 1, 2 and 3 plus something extra.

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Kate's Christmas Toy pts 1, 2 and 3 plus something extra.

Postby Misty_Crom » Sat Nov 29, 2003 1:35 pm

...But first; something completely different.
I came up with this a little while ago, and is for anyone who wishes to do so to use.
If anyone wishes to copy it onto their site, feel free... Or you can just skip it and scroll down to the story; which I have separated into pts 1, 2 and 3 so that anyone who's read either of the other parts can just scroll down without it being too difficult to find where you left off.


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Kate’s Christmas Toy (U)
Sh(2), Mi(5), Ch(4.5), FM (4) LB(2) MP(?)

We begin our tale at dinner on the twenty second of December in the home of Michael and Jennie, and their daughter Kate - a family of cats. The previous day, they had been victim to a carelessly discarded cigarette butt which started a fire in Kate’s bedroom; specifically in her hamster cage and teeny-tiny doll’s house, killing her hamster - a happy, well kept creature of the ripe old age of five - and ruining her doll and doll’s house.

“Mommy? Daddy?” Kate said as she pushed her sausage around in her beans.
“What is it sweetheart?” Jennie asked.
“Will you get me a really special doll for Christmas. A foxie one.” Kate asked hopefully. Her father reached over, ruffling his daughter’s head fur a bit; “We’ll see what we can do Kate We are yet to get you your special present for this Christmas so you never know.” He smiled. Kate simply smiled back, “Can I leave the rest of my dinner?” The kitten asked once she’d wolfed down her sausages. “Hmmph; okay scrape of your plate and put it in the sink.” Her mother consented, watching as her daughter did as she was told before heading through to into the front room to watch telly. “Michael...” Jennie said, giving her mate the sort of look he knew meant that she wanted an explanation. “Something I saw on an advert earlier... started me having an idea. I’ll explain later when certain kittens won’t be hearing.” He smiled toothily. Jennie just chuckled and nodded.

Several hours later, Kate reluctantly headed off to bed, chomping on a tree chocolate. After another three hours spent watching telly, Kate’s parents followed her up.
“So, what’s this plan of yours?” Jennie asked softly of her mate as she rested her head on his chest. “Well, you remember that liquid we found on that other world we... visited? The stuff that removed magical abilities; I’ve still got that somewhere; in the attic.”
“I understand. That stuff disorientates people for several minutes too.” Jennie purred, “We’ll tell Kate she’ll have to stay round a friend’s house tomorrow night, cause we’ve got to pick her present up Christmas Eve, and we don’t want her at home in case she sees it when we get back.” She told Michael, who simply nodded in agreement, purring himself now.


It was Christmas Eve morning, and Misty Crom had gone to Tiger’s den mall to try and get his collar fixed. He realised that he should probably be getting a new collar, but he’d been a bit strapped for cash lately, but he could at least afford to get his old one fixed. The twenty two year old, five foot tall red fox was only just coming up to the big doors of the mall when he noticed one of the non-automated doors about to hit a little tiger cub - who was looking in the opposite direction - on the back of the head. Sprinting across to the door, he caught it just in time; “Are you okay kid?” He asked as he crouched down in front of the cub.
“Thank you mister. I didn’t notice.” The cub nodded in reply, “I’m waiting for my mom.” He added, pointing over to a big tigress who was apparently unlocking her car.
“Well maybe you should step forwards a touch, or wait on the other side of the door. But I’d better go, just be a bit more careful where you stand next time.” Misty smiled as he stood up and went inside through the door next to the one he’d caught.

No sooner had he entered the mall however, than he was accosted by a deep charcoal coloured feline. “Umm... excuse me sir, but I wonder... You wouldn’t be a size shifter by any luck would you?” The taller cat asked somewhat unexpectedly.
“Well, yeah, I am a bit. I can only grow to twenty foot, or shrink to six or one inches though. Why do you ask?” Misty replied, curious.
“Well, it’s my camera you see; there’s a tiny turquoise stone stuck inside it, just behind the lens. I don’t suppose you’d be good enough to... well; shrink down and climb in and get it out would you? I’d understand if not of course.” The cat asked with an awkward smile.
“I guess that wouldn’t be too much trouble. Not like I’m particularly busy. I’m only here to get the clasp fixed on my collar.” Misty shrugged, giving a short smile. With a grateful nod, the feline pushed open the door Misty had just come in through: “If you’ll just follow me then, my mate has it. She’ll be in the car. My name’s Michael by the way.”
“Misty.” The fox replied as he followed, giving a smile and wave to the tiger cub as he climbed into the back of his mother’s car.

“Jennie. This is Misty; he’s willing to go inside the camera and get that stone out.” Michael said to his mate - who was sat in the passenger seat of the car, holding said piece of photographic equipment (a rather nice Olympus camera with a 115 mm zoom lens) in her paws. “And I’m sure he’ll do just fine.” She responded somewhat cryptically as far as Misty was concerned. “With a deep breath, the vulpine shimmered slightly seemingly disappearing before suddenly being stood on the drivers seat at one inch tall. “Wow, that’s quite impressive.” He heard the female say as he was scooped up by Michael.
“Umm, thanks.” Misty smiled up, a little taken aback by remembering how big everything was like this. “There ya go little fella.” Michael said as he placed his hand next to the opened camera. “Could you hold this please mister?” Misty asked of Michael as he took his collar out of his back pocket, holding it up so the cat could see. “Sure, just put it down there in my palm.”
“Thanks; I won’t be... long... what’s the blue stuff in that bottle?” Misty asked as he noticed a bottle of blue liquid in the female cat’s lap. “I’ll let you try some if you like once you’ve got that turquoise out. So long as you stay like this for a minute or two for me. You look really sweet this tiny.” She told Misty just before he disappeared inside the camera.

After barely thirty seconds inside the camera, Misty found the stone. “I’ve got it.” The tiny vulpine called up, holding the gemstone aloft. “That was quick. I’ll just tip you into my paw, okay?” Jennie told him as she raised the camera. “Nyaah!!” Misty cried as he fell into the centre of the huge feline handpaw. “Here, I’ll take that little one.” Jennie said as she took the tiny stone from Misty, “Here you go my dear. I’ll let you take care of this.”
“Thank you. And I know exactly what I’m going to do with it.” Michael said as he but both the turquoise and Misty’s collar in his wallet. As Misty was busy watching Michael putting his collar away with the stone, he didn’t notice the female cat’s mate lifting the bottle over his head and begin to pour, soaking him in the liquid - which seemed bizarrely to soak into him very slightly at first, the smell of the liquid making him feel dizzy. Even as he tried to scramble to his hands and knees, the fox seemed to stumble and fall - loosing consciousness for, he thought, a moment or two.

As Misty came too, he remembered the liquid being poured over him. His vision still being very blurred, Misty tried to shift back up to five feet tall. None of the shapes changed; it hadn’t worked. Trying again and again, the fox noted the blurred surroundings staying exactly the same every time. After a minute or two, Misty’s vision had cleared and he looked around a bit, noticing the two felines sitting either side of him, the male evidently driving. “Umm... excuse me; sir? Miss? I - I can’t get bigger. I seem to be a bit stuck.” He called up to them. Having been watching the fascinatingly tiny fox anyway, Jennie noticed that Misty was awake, and so managed to hear what he said. “Hmm... that’s what the blue liquid was for.” She nodded. Now, as he used one of the bars to pull himself to his feet, Misty suddenly noticed that he was in a cage. “Wh - why?” He asked, referring to both the liquid and the cage. Now, Jennie lifted Misty up so he was at face level. “You’re our daughter’s Christmas present little fox. I’m sorry about the cage, but it saves you trying to run away and making Michael or myself angry.” She explained casually. With this, Misty slid down against the back of the cage, pulling is knees in against his chest as he started to shake with fear, squeezing his eyes shut when he heard Michael chuckle. “It’s okay little foxie. She treats her toys very well.” Jennie said reassuringly, though the words only served to frighten the inch tall fox even more. Shaking her head at the terrified tiny fur, Jennie put the cage on the floor, on its side, resting a footpaw on it on it, plunging Misty into darkness.

After a short time, the darkness was lifted away from Misty and he was picked up by Jennie as she got out of the car. “Jennie, I’m going back out for a while.” Michael told his mate.
“Okay love.” She replied as she shut the car door.

“Well; welcome to your new home... Misty wasn’t it?” The cat said to the fox as she opened the front door, holding his cage at around waist height. “Y - y - yes m - miss.” Misty called out, cowering at the back of the cage as he glanced around the sitting room, noticing the four hundred foot Christmas tree as he was carried through to the kitchen.
Smiling at the terrified fox, Jennie reached into her pocket taking out a small key. “Here little fox; I’ll let you out of there for a couple of hours.” She said as she put the cage on the diner table, unlocking the little door.
“I’ve got things to prepare for Christmas lunch.” The giantess told Misty as she turned away. For ten minutes, Misty just sat in the cage watching the giant cat before gingerly reaching over to the cage door, pushing it slowly open as he moved closer to it, stepping out when the giantess on the other side of the kitchen continued her business.

When the giant feline finally finished doing everything she needed to for Christmas lunch, she headed over to the table, picking up Misty between finger and thumb, lifting him up to eye level. “In half an hour, I’ll have to put you away for a while until Kate’s in bed. Wanna watch the snow?”
“Y - yes please miss.” Misty nodded, feeling a little less afraid since the giantess had been nice enough to him thus far; not being particularly bothered about watching the snow, but grateful that he was being treated with some dignity. With a smile, Jennie turned round, and stepped over to the window, holding the hand with Misty on next to the glass, leaning against it with her other hand. As promised, as soon as half an hour had passed, Jennie tipped the tiny vulpine back into his cage and locked it, putting it in the cupboard with the pots and pans.

Moments later, Michael returned with Kate and three boxes - two pizzas, and one wrapped present which Kate put straight at the foot of the tree before running into the kitchen to give her mommy a hug. “Daddy said you got me a really special present. Better than Santa Fox can give me even. Really?” She asked excitedly with a big grin on her face.
“Yep. But you’ve got to go to bed when we say, and stay in your room until we’re up okay Katie?” Jennie smiled as she crouched down in front of her daughter, who simply nodded and hugged her in response. “Here ya go Kate. Pizza.” Michael smiled as he held out a box with half a meat feast pizza in it for the kitten. Kate smiled at her father as she took the box and went through to sit on the couch to eat, shortly followed by her parents. “Mommy, Daddy, can I go to bed after this? So Christmas comes quicker?” Kate asked as she ate.
“Of course you can. If you want to.” Michael chuckled, ruffling her head fur.

Once Kate had been in bed for an hour, Jennie went through and took Misty out of the cupboard, taking him through and placing the caged fox on the coffee table in front of her mate. “Well, I take it you heard your owner’s voice. Like we said though; Kate treats her toys well.” Michael told the cowering fox as Jennie headed off to get the wrapping paper an tape.
Picking the cage up, lifting it to his face, the male cat told Misty: “I want to hear you greeting Kate in the morning. Wishing her a merry Christmas and telling her your name - and that you’re her new toy. Do you understand me?”
“Y - y - yes s - si - sir.” Misty cowered; moments before being tumbled about, his world going dark as the cage was wrapped up. For what felt like an eternity, he could hear he thunderous conversing of the giant feline couple, falling asleep in the darkness before they went to bed.

Misty was woken by his cage being hoisted into the air, the darkness of the paper being torn away at the same time. Before the fox even remembered where he was, his cage was ripped apart by Kate’s claws, the painful sound of tearing metal snapping Misty fully awake just in time for him to fall out the bottom of the cage as it was torn in half, landing on the Kitten’s nightie, just above her knees on his back, though surprisingly, unhurt.
As soon as the tiny fox landed on her lap, Kate - suddenly oblivious to the camera flashes - dropped the cage by her foot and scooped him up in both paws, smiling down rapturously. Staring up in terror at the gigantic kitten face beaming down at him, Misty remembered what he had been told the previous night by her father. “M - m - merry C - Chri - Christmas K - Ka - Kate. I’m M - Misty, your n - new f - f - fo - xie... t - to - toy.” He called up, more whimpering the last word than saying it.
“It’s okay little foxie. I won’t hurt you.” Kate assured him, tipping him into one paw, lightly rubbing his belly with a fingertip. “Th - th - thank you m - miss Kate.” Misty said, nuzzling the finger appreciatively. Moving the finger away, Kate lifted Misty up to her face, touching her nose to his chest., though it reached as far as his knees, purring slightly as the tiny fox reached up and rubbed her nose with his hand paws. “You’re the best present I’ve ever had.” Kate said to Misty, flicking her tongue up the length of his body quickly, soaking him. “Thank you.” He smiled weakly, nuzzling the titanic kitten’s nose.

“Don’t forget Kate, you’ve got one more present to open yet.” Jennie reminded her daughter, curious herself as to what it was.
“Oh yeah!” The kitten giggled, “You can watch from there.” Kate told Misty as she put him on her muzzle before reaching over for the last present. “It’s a new dolls house! It’s a house for you Misty.” Kate smiled, lifting the house out of the box after unwrapping it.
“Fully functioning too.” Michael told her happily, “And lift the roof up.” He told his daughter, grinning slightly.
“Another present?.. Hey, this one’s for you little Misty. From me, Mommy and Daddy.” Kate said upon lifting the roof of the dolls house; lifting the little fox down, putting him next to the present, which was as big as he was in depth and width, and half as long again.

Looking at the present - and at the thickness of the wrapping paper, Misty decided not to bother even trying to open it himself; “Umm... miss Kate; could you open it for me please? The paper's too big.” He asked, looking up at the kitten's face which was framed by the top of the walls. “Okay, I'll put you here so we can both see when I open it.” Kate smiled down at him as she lifted him out of the house, putting him back on her lap before taking the present out and unwrapping it in front of Misty.

“A - a new collar! Thank you Kate! Th - thank you Michael sir; miss Jennie.” Misty called happily, hugging at Kate's leg as best he could.
“Here... put it on.” Kate giggled as she moved the open box closer so that Misty could reach into it. Obediently, and happily, Misty climbed up into the presentation box and put on the gold collar, which had the turquoise stone from the camera moulded into the front. Sitting in the middle of he soft sponge in the case, grinning up at his owner. “What do you think?” He asked leaning back and turning his head left and right so she could see. Picking Misty up again, holding him close to her face so she could see properly, Kate smiled: “I think you’re the sweetest little foxie I’ve ever seen and it suits you perfectly.” Before flicking her tongue out, licking the fox’s entire upper body. Misty just chuckled at this, resting his hand paw on Kate’s finger for support.
“I’m going to get some breakfast. Stay on there and be good.” Kate said as she put her toy foxie on her muzzle and stood up, heading into the kitchen. “Okay.” He just about managed to reply as he clung on to the kitten’s short muzzle fur as she moved at a terrifying speed for him.

As Kate poured out her bowl of frosted cornflakes, Misty asked: “Please can I have some Kate?” Rubbing her nose with his hand paws as he watched what she was doing. After a brief pause, Kate padded over and took the milk out of the fridge, taking the cap off before taking one small flake and handing it to the tiny fox on her muzzle. “One.” She told him with a gentle, yet firm tone before pouring the milk. “Thank you miss.” Misty replied; a little intimidated by the tone of the giant kitten’s voice, sitting back against her forehead - between her eyes - to eat, Kate sitting up at the kitchen table.
As soon as she had finished her breakfast, Kate grabbed Misty off of her muzzle, carrying him back through to the sitting room. “I’m going to take my presents upstairs and watch my new DVD now okay.” She said to her parents as she crouched down, putting Misty on the floor before stacking her presents up on the big book she’d got, Misty’s house going on the top. “Wanna ride my My Little Pony little Misty?”
“Okay.” He replied simply, looking way up at Kate’s face, still holding on to his cornflake, of which half was still left.
“Kate. Do you want me to carry up the rest of your presents so that you can just take Misty up on your My Little Pony?” Michael offered as his daughter lifted Misty onto the comparatively elephant sized toy horse. “Yes please Daddy.” Kate smiled before smiling down at Misty, picking the My Little Pony up with one paw, using the other to make sure Misty didn’t fall.

“There you go Kate. I’ll put his house up here on your chest of drawers.” Michael said as he did so whilst Kate gently lowered the My Little Pony to her bed, plucking Misty from its back, putting him on her pillow before stepping back over to her father, taking the rest of her presents from him, putting them on the table at the foot of her bed. “Thanks Daddy.” She smiled. “Okay... I’ll call you when dinner’s ready; it’s up to you if you want to bring Misty down with you.” Michael told her as he closed the door behind him on his way out.

Leaning against the closed door; Kate looked over at Misty thoughtfully for a moment as he stood on the pillow, looking back at the kitten.
“I’ll put you in the drawer with my T-shirts for a bit whilst I change, okay little foxie.” Kate said finally, moving over and leaning right over Misty as she did. Misty simply nodded in response as his gargantuan owner’s hand paw moved down to scoop him up, looking over to the chest of drawers, seemingly around twenty stories high. The next thing Misty new, a moment later, was being tipped onto the pile of neatly folded T-shirts in the drawer which was promptly shut, enveloping the inch high vulpine in pitch darkness for around ten minutes.

When Kate lifted Misty back out of the drawer, she was dressed in a magenta T-shirt and a pair of black jeans. Putting Misty back on her bed by her pillow, Kate lay down on the bed on her front with her feet close to him. “Climb onto one of my feet Misty and I’ll lift you up. You’ll be able to see the telly better from there.” She told him.
Apprehensively, Misty did as he was told, crawling up the kitten’s paw pad to just below her heel. Giggling as the tiny Misty tickled her foot with his movement, Kate lifted her feet, starting up the DVD as she did.
“What film is it please miss?” Misty asked as he settled down, rubbing at the heel.
“It’s called Big Trouble... That’s really nice; thanks.” Kate purred, looking round at Misty, “By the way, you are allowed to call me Kate.”
With a happy nod, Misty started kneading Kate’s heel, as the film started. “Okay... Kate.” He smiled, figuring that belonging to this kitten might be okay after all.

About halfway through the film, Kate decided to head down stairs for a drink, putting Misty back on the My Little Pony which was beside the pile of presents by the foot of her bed. “I wont be long little Misty. Wait there like a good little foxie.” Kate told the tiny fox as she placed him on the head of the toy horse. Whilst Kate was gone, Misty decided to take a look at the pile to try and see what else the kitten had got. He already knew about himself, the house, the film, the clothes Kate had on, and the pony. There was also big book at the bottom of the pile - the spine facing the other way, a box of chocolates, and a board game which Misty could just make out was a chess set(may change).

Just as he was trying to find something with the time on it, Kate came back in, putting a plate down with a mince pie on it, and a glass of what Misty guessed was cola in front of the My Little Pony. “Wait there a minute, I’ll get a cup and plate from your house so you can have some.” The grey furred kitten smiled down at Misty as she stepped over to the house. “Kate... What time is it?” The tiny fox asked as Kate filled the tiny cup with some of her cola. “It’s ten past eleven.” She told him as she handed him the cup, the little fox smiling up as he took it, feeling very thankful for Michael having got that house suddenly. “Thank you Kate.” Misty called up as he took the plate with a tiny scrap of mince pie on it which more than filled the dinner plate, setting it on his lap to drink some of the cola. “It’s okay little Misty. can you see the telly okay from there?” The kitten asked sweetly as she jumped back onto her bed, laying as she was before, looming over the tiny fox. Looking up at Kate, Misty nodded, taking a mouthful of cola before answering. “Yes thank you Kate.” he smiled up. Giving her tiny foxie a quick smile back, Kate unpaused the DVD.

Once the film had finished, Kate put the DVD back in its case, putting it with her other DVDs and turned round, crouching down in front of Misty, resting her chin on her elbows on the table, looking at Misty, who sat on the head of her My Little Pony, gazing back up to his now owner. With a smile, Kate blew softly on the tiny fox before speaking. “Would you like to come down with me for dinner, or wait up here? I’ll bring you some up if you wait of course.” The kitten asked softly as Misty narrowed his eyes and clung onto the horse’s mane, the cup and plate falling down to the table, “I’ll... wait up here please Kate.” Misty replied meekly Once Kate had stopped blowing him. “Okay. It’s all right Misty, I won’t hurt you.” She said, plucking him off of the horse’s head, kissing him wetly on his chest and face before standing up with him, wandering slowly over to her stereo to put the radio on, playing her Christmas CD and then just lay down on her bed, setting Misty on her nose. “So... Do you like my new jeans and T-shirt? Not that clothes could ever be as good a present as you are.” She asked, purring as the tiny fox settled, laying between her nostrils, looking down her muzzle to her eyes. With a smile, Misty nodded, licking at Kate’s nose. Before any more could be said by either though, Michael called Kate for Christmas lunch.
“Here you go Misty. You can have a look around your new house whilst I’m having dinner.” Kate smiled at Misty as she put him just in front of the door. “Thank you Kate. Hope you enjoy it.” The inch tall fox called up as Kate bounded to the door.

Whilst Kate was out of the room, Misty did indeed have a quick look around the house, finding that it was indeed as fully functioning as Michael had said as all the lights turned on and off and even the fridge seemed to work, though it was currently empty. Soon, Misty could hear Kate and her parents talking around the dinner table as he himself found his bedroom and just lay down, taking the opportunity to think a bit about his situation. One thing he knew was that he was actually genuinely fond of Kate who was being extremely kind and gentle with him. Just as the tiny vulpine was drifting off to sleep, idly rubbing at his new collar he was woken sharply by the crackers being pulled, which to Misty sounded like artillery fire, the little fox laying back down, covering his ears with his hands when he realised what the noise was, waiting for Kate to come back up.

Eventually, Kate did come back up, bounding up the stairs, Misty sitting up and looking out of his bedroom window for her, but unable to see her for the angle. Stopping just outside her bedroom door, Kate looked over to the dolls house to see if her little toy foxie was looking. Smiling, satisfied that he hadn’t seen her, Kate crept along against the wall to the chest of drawers, and gingerly slipped her hand up, putting the teaspoon of Christmas lunch down behind the house before flipping up the little latch that kept the front of the house closed. When after a few moments, Kate didn’t appear, Misty figured the kitten to have gone to the bathroom first, so he laid back down on the bed. Laying on his side, facing away from the window, Misty didn’t notice the wall of the house swing silently away.
Standing in front of the house, Kate just stood, bent down a bit to look in at the tiny fox as he lay there, just watching for a bit. After thirty seconds or so, Kate very carefully lifted one hand paw up, wondering how far into the room she could get a could get her fingers without Misty noticing.

Laying in the quiet - as he thought - alone, Misty closed his eyes a bit whilst he waited. By the time he opened them, Kate had got her fingers right into the room, bending them round in front of him. With a smile, the kitten stroked her toy foxie with her index finger, keeping the other one curled around the bed. At the touch, Misty’s heart skipped a beat, but he quickly relaxed at the stroking from his giant owner’s finger, myrring loudly, reaching out to stroke the finger in front of him in return. “My sweet little foxie toy.” Kate purr-whispered affectionately, “Hungry?”
Myrring happily as Kate continued to stroke him, Misty nodded, reaching forward to give the kitten’s index finger a nuzzle. Purring loudly, Kate hooked the tiny little vulpine with her finger, nosing him gently back before setting him in front of the house, reaching round behind the house for the teaspoon. “Wanna go inside and get a plate and cutlery little foxie?” Kate told Misty as she reached into the house, grabbing the kitchen table and a chair with her free hand, taking them over to put them on the table with her presents on before going back to get Misty. Whilst Misty ate, Kate lay on her bed, watching him, barely able to see the knife and fork he was using.

“Come on, best go wash your things up... Get the plate and cup you used earlier, then just climb into my paw.” Kate told Misty as soon as he’d finished eating. Looking up at the kitten, Misty nodded before doing as instructed, sitting down close to Kate’s thumb.
With the tiny fox safe in her paw, Kate padded down the hall into the bathroom, where she let Misty off at the back of the sink between the taps, and filled the soap dish with water, the dish itself making it soapy. Holding the dish in front of Misty, Kate smiled down at him, “Put the things in here.”
With the things in the dish, Kate lifted it away and covered it with her other paw, shaking it for a bit before placing the dish next to Misty. “There you go; all cleaned.”
“Thanks Kate.” Misty smiled up, climbing up and retrieving the things from the dish, climbing out onto Kate’s offered paw, being let off to put everything away.

“Wanna come downstairs now Misty? Phaeton and Laya and Kara are coming over.” Kate asked, bending down a little to look into the bottom of the house at Misty. “Umm, maybe... I didn’t like it much being up here on my own. But will there be more crackers?” The fox asked, looking over at the gigantic kitten face peering in at him. “I don’t know. But you’re not getting a choice anyway, so you might as well say yes and you can enjoy it.” Kate explained, doing her best to not sound nasty. “Umm, o - okay... Miss Kate.” The tiny fox answered, a little nervous, despite knowing that his young owner meant well and wouldn’t hurt him, stepping out of the house so he could be picked up, duly being so, being placed carefully on the kitten’s muzzle. “Comfy my little Misty?” She asked, stroking down his back with a fingertip. “Yes thank you Kate. Will... you put me somewhere away from the noise if there are crackers please?”
“Hmm? Okay, if you want. I suppose they’re really loud for you huh?” Kate smiled, nodding slightly as she headed out of her bedroom.

When Kate was just halfway down the stairs, there was a knock at the door, “They’re here... You’ll like them, they’re nice. And they’re gonna think you’re so sweet too. Especially with your nice new... Hello Phaeton, Laya. Heyas Kara. Happy Christmas all of you.” The kitten smiled as she walked down the stairs, smiling up at the large horse and his white tigress mate and their daughter, who was a lot younger than Kate, and was also a white tigress - after her mother. “And a merry Christmas to you too Kate.” Phaeton smiled down.
“What’s this Kate? Santa Fox get you a new Teeny Tiny doll?” Phaeton asked, noticing Misty, who tumbled back between Kate’s eyes as she looked up to the horse and tigress.
“Yeah.... And he’s really special.... He’s alive. But Santa Fox couldn’t get it... Mommy and daddy got it for me.” Kate replied excitedly.
“Lemme see. Is he real cute? Can I hold him Kate?” Kara asked, practically leaping over to beside Kate, trying to see up onto her muzzle - despite the age difference - not being too far off due to her parentage. “Promise to be careful though. He’s very delicate.” Kate told her.
“Okay. I be careful.” The younger kitten nodded enthusiastically. After a moment, Kate smiled and lifted Misty off of her muzzle, holding him just lower than Kara’s muzzle, “Misty, this is Kara. She’s nice, okay. Kara... this is Misty.” Kate introduced, holding the tiny fox in her open palm. “H - hello m - miss K - K - Kara.” Misty greeted as he stared up at the cub, who promptly licked him, the tiny fox getting drenched in her saliva. “Heylo Misty. Climb on my hand.” Kara told him with a big grin. With a nod, Misty did as he was told, climbing up onto the back of the massive hand paw, quickly being lifted up to Kara’s muzzle, where he was tipped carefully ono her nose. “You comfy?” Kara asked. Moving back a bit away fro the edge, Misty nodded, looking up at her eyes. Suddenly, the kitten skipped off into the front room, followed immediately by Kate, who wanted to watch Misty.

“Mamma. Dadda, look. I got Kate’s Misty on my nose. She let me hold him.” The white youngster told her parents, flicking her tongue up to lick Misty again, mostly just to show her parents where he was. “Oh. Hello there tiny one. I’m Laya.” Laya - a big white furred tigress smiled down once she spotted Misty, lifting Kara onto her knee as she spoke. “H - happy c - chr - Christmas m - miss Laya.” Misty replied, moving back on Kara’s muzzle.
“Can I come up too Laya?” Kate asked when she was sure Misty had finished. With a smile, Laya nodded and did lift Kate up to her other knee, licking over the top of her head once she was up there, Kate giggling and hugging at the tigress’ arm before smiling and waving to Misty; the minuscule fox waving back. After a moment, Misty found the younger kitten’s fingers wrapped around him again as he was hoisted up and set down on Laya’s nose, between her eyes. “Hello Misty. Comfy up there?” Laya greeted as she looked along her muzzle at the fox. “Y - yes miss Laya.” Misty answered with a big nod so the tigress could see before rolling onto his front to look down over the huge black leathery nose, rubbing at it as he smiled down at Kate.

“Smile everyone.” Jennie said, moments before taking a photo of the group. “Kate. Why don’t you take Misty and I’ll take a photo of you with him.” She said as she wound the film on. “Okay.” She smiled, standing up on Laya’s thigh to reach her muzzle for Misty. “Bye-bye little Misty.” Laya purred softly at the tiny fox before lifting Kate down with him in her hand. “In my hand or somewhere else?” Kate asked her mother once down. “Well how about in your palm first. Like this... She said, holding her free hand in front of her chest, just above waist height. With a bright smile, Kate gave Misty a kiss over his body before standing as she’d been shown, “Smile for mummy Misty.” She told him. As he was kissed, Misty myrrred warmly, patting at Kate’s lips in reciprocation. “Okay mi... Kate.” He replied, leaning back to look up at his owner before facing the same camera he’d gone inside before. “Stand up and hold onto Kate’s thumb Misty.” Jennie told him, being obeyed instantly.

“Now on your shoulder.” Jennie said as she wound the film on again. Giggling, Kate nodded and gently tipped Misty on to her shoulder, where he stood up and stood by her neck, stroking the soft fur. “That’s good Misty, well done.” Jennie commended the inch high fox as she took the photo, “Muzzle next, then your head.” She told her daughter. Once she’d taken one with Misty on Kate’s nose, and one sat back between her eyes, and then one with him right in the middle of Kate’s head and one stood holding her right ear, Kate stepped over and gave Jennie a big hug, “Can I take one of you and Misty now Mummy?” She asked; her little vulpine sat down next to her ear. “Of course you can. Then I’ll have to change the film.” Jennie said as she carefully lifted Misty off of Kate’s head. “How should I hold him then Kate?”
“Kiss him.” Kate said shortly. With a chuckle, Jennie nodded and held Misty between her finger and thumb, pressing him to her lips, the tiny fox being completely covered by them, hugging back as best he can, getting a purr from the white cat. A few seconds after Kate took the photo, Jennie moved Misty away a bit, “That was nice Misty. Kate been teaching you already?” She asked. Misty just stroked her finger in response. With a smile, Jennie lowered Misty down and set him on the floor, where he quickly made his way over and climbed up onto Kate’s right foot paw.

For a while, Kate left Misty on her foot before picking him up to put him on the coffee table when everyone sat around it to eat so that she could give him something too.

“Look around and choose what you want Misty.” The kitten told him as she started putting things on her own plate. After a few moments of just staring up, watching Kate, Misty did as she said, though he generally spent more time staring up at all the giant hands reaching over him, lifting away pieces of food up to the size of small cars. As he wandered around the table, Kate snuck in another photo as a crumb landed on his head as Kara lifted a piece of cake over whilst he was looking up at the dips tray, looking somewhat exasperated. After some thought, he went back over to by Kate, “Can... I have some... crisp please?” Misty asked dejectedly, sitting down beside her drink. With a smile, the young grey furred kitten gave her tiny fox a stroke and a smile before reaching over for a crisp for him.
“Misty; do you want some dip?” Jennie asked softly. Looking round and up to her, Misty nodded slowly, his ears back against his head. “Why not ask then? You are allowed.” Jennie smiled down. “But I’m too small. It’d be a waste.” Misty argued quietly, forcing Jennie to concentrate quite hard to hear what he was saying.
“You can share mine if you want little fella.” Phaeton - a huge pecheron horse - and Kara’s father - offered. “There you go Misty. What do you want? Crisp, cracker or dorito?” Jennie smiled as she scooped the inch high fox up. “Dorito please miss Jennie.” Misty replied moments before being moved over and placed on the edge of Phaeton’s plate, close to the piles of dip he’d taken. “Hello there. Here you go.” Phaeton greeted as he held out about a quarter of a dorito for Misty to take. “Thank you sir. My name’s Misty.” The fox responded as he took the crisp.

An hour or so later, Phaeton and Laya went home, Laya and Kara both giving Misty a kiss, drenching him completely. “Come on Kate; time for you and Misty to go to bed now.” Michael told his daughter once they’d left. “Okay. Can I come back down for a drink and a cuddle when we’re changed?” Kate asked as she held Misty in her palm, stroking him with a thumb. “Course you can sweetie.” Michael nodded with a smile. Smiling back, Kate bounded off up the stairs to her room.

As before, Kate put Misty in her T-shirts drawer whilst she got changed. When she lifted him back out five minutes later, she was wearing the same pink/blue/green nightie that she had been wearing when she’d unwrapped the cage with Misty in that morning. “You’ve been very good today. You’re the best present I’ve ever had.” The kitten smiled, rubbing Misty against her cheek as she spoke, then washing her tongue over him. “Come on, let’s go say goodnight to mommy and daddy now.” She added as she set him up on her muzzle, just behind her nose. “Thank you. And you’re very kind and gentle.” Misty replied once he was stable on Kate’s muzzle, giving her nose a hug as she headed out of the room again, heading into the bathroom to wash.

Setting Misty on the back of the sink, Kate filled it up, and then refilled the soap dish again, scooping the water from the half filled sink before lifting the tiny fox into it to wash, washing herself whilst he did so. As soon as they were done, and Kate had dried herself, and dried Misty off with the corner of the towel and blown him to dry him off some more, she put him back onto her muzzle and headed down stairs.

“So, did you have a nice day Kate?” Jennie asked of her daughter as she gave her a tight hug goodnight. “Yes thank you Mommy. I love all my presents. Especially Misty.” The kitten purred as she hugged back before moving across to Michael, who was sat next to his mate.
“Night night Daddy. Thank you for Misty. And for his house. You and Mommy say goodnight to Misty now?” Kate smiled, thanking her father as she hugged him.
“Why of course Kate.” Michael smiled back as he lifted Misty off of his daughter’s muzzle, “Good night Misty. You’ve been very good today, and very polite.” The charcoal furred male smiled down, stroking over Misty’s back with his little finger before rubbing his belly gently. “Thank you Michael Sir. And for my house and collar.” The tiny fox replied just before being passed over to Jennie who hugged Misty, pressing him gently against her cheek fur. “Hello again. Good night little one.” she purred softly.
“Thank you miss Jennie. Thank you too for my house and collar.” He replied, this time barely finishing the words before being covered by Jennie’s tongue as she gave him a short lick before carefully putting him back on Kate’s muzzle. “Night night Mommy, Daddy.” The kitten added finally before going back up the stairs to go to bed.

Once she closed the door, Kate put Misty on her pillow before turning out the light and getting into bed, smiling at her little Misty as she closed her eyed to sleep. Once Kate was settled, Misty got up and padded over, laying down to sleep against his young owner’s neck, letting her gentle pulse and body heat lulled him to sleep.

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