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Postby DreamspinnerSethan » Mon Mar 29, 2004 4:54 pm

Awesome, DTF, your writing style is quite good and I'm looking forward to seeing the next part.
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Postby Ransom » Tue Mar 30, 2004 2:55 am

I like the story, but there's this one part that stuck out for me.
but had arranged her hair and fur in SOME way as to be the most enchanting look he’d seen in a while.

I think you should elaborate on that a little bit, because it doesn't really let me picture her hair at all.
Anyway, keep 'em coming. I think you're getting some fans. 8)
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Postby Duct Tape Fanatic » Tue Mar 30, 2004 10:49 pm

Yeah, I admit it. My biggest weakness in writing about furries is their hairstyles---I JUST CAN'T THINK OF HOW TO SAY IT! That's why I guess I never elaborated on the 'dos of Silvia, Lira, or Ven in my other stories.

Anyway, I'm also not that conscientious about my own hair (I just keep it short and neat, my sister would tell you that she always was trying to get me to gel it when we were in High School and I always refused to let her).

But like always, thanks for the critique and I'll try to improve all hairstyles both real and imaginary.
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Postby Duct Tape Fanatic » Tue Apr 13, 2004 1:07 am

The next three weeks went by more smoothly. Rachel began to fit into Bradford High’s student population with ease, and several more times she discovered the world of dating through her experiences with Joey. She didn’t want to go off and call it passionate love, but the two of them were becoming closer as time went by. She even began to find that it was easy to just put off the truth about what she was in the back of her mind.

But she still had to wonder if Joey would think the same about her if he knew that she was a macrofur. Rachel of course had never told him or anyone else her secret. Though the young fox hadn’t shown as much prejudice towards them as others, she still figured that were he to know the truth, Joey would undoubtedly be terrified and maybe even hateful towards her. And that was something Rachel couldn’t bear to have happen.

Even this dark cloud couldn’t overshadow how she was starting to feel, not just about him, but also about everything else. Rachel enjoyed every bit of this place. She enjoyed hanging out with Vinny, Clark, and Clarissa. She enjoyed having someone like Joey to be affectionate with. She even enjoyed Mr. Linskie’s lectures on some battle or another economic shift fifty years ago. But, whenever the topic of macrofurs came up, she generally shied away and even sometimes tried to change the subject.

Her friends must have assumed this meant that she could barely handle the violent subject of macro-related incidents, so they only talked with her about the weather, sports, and what was planned for the upcoming weekend. Yes, for a while the young fur was able to completely forget that she could become a size that made the others less than ankle high in comparison.

Then it changed.


“You guys have to see this,” Vinny whispered as he led Joey and Rachel out behind the school. Neither of the two was able to tell just what exactly the cat meant by it as they rounded the gym. “I found it the other day when I played hooky, and when you get a load of it I guarantee you’ll be speechless.”

They came to an area that Joey thought at first to be some sort of development project in the woods. A couple of small trees had been knocked down and the smaller vegetation looked to have simply been flattened. Vinny pointed to a muddy area and said, “check that out.” Joey and Rachel did so, and the fox then heard a gasp come from both of them at what they saw.

There were footprints, LARGE footprints. But there were some smaller ones too, and some normal sized as well. Joey was no forensics expert, but he guessed that whatever made both sets of prints was the same animal. “You think there was a macrofur here?” He asked Vinny. He caught sight of Rachel’s face. She looked scared, but he could have almost sworn that instead of terror-caused fear it was instead nervous-caused fright.

“Yeah, because not only do the footprints get bigger the deeper you go in, but I also found an entire gully that looked like someone had pressed into a nice, flat state. It’s almost like it was used as a bed or something.”

“What do you mean, ‘get bigger’?” Rachel asked quietly.

“I think we’re dealing with a changeling,” Vinny replied, all humor gone out of his eyes, “and if so, then we’re in big trouble.”

“A-a changeling?” She repeated, eyes wide. Joey put an arm around her to try to comfort the girl, but she seemed to almost shy away from him for some reason. “What’s so bad about that?”

“A changeling can go from macro to our size,” Vinny explained, “I did a report on them once. They’re pretty interesting, actually. A changeling can walk down the street looking like you or me, but on the first inkling for chaos they size-shift and suddenly there could be a hundred plus foot macrofur in the middle of a crowded area---not good for all those in the immediate vicinity.”

“Most macro attacks are done by changelings,” Joey nodded. “That’s because the permanently big ones can be tracked by radar or even satellite, but how do you track something that could blend into a crowd of a billion, ordinary people? No, changelings can practically go invisible, since it’s kind of hard to match a gigantic face with a normal sized one.”

“B-but,” Rachel stammered, “then perhaps they’re a bunch of changelings who just live normal lives? You know, they probably act just like you and me.”

“Until they get hungry,” Vinny snickered. “Or until some fool makes the fatal mistake of cutting in front of one in traffic or anything else that they don’t apologize for.” He turned serious, “Joey, we need to report this to Earwood. If there’s a changeling in this school then we need to warn everybody---not that it would do them much good if a macrofur busts out of the gym one day.”

The cat turned to head back up to the school, “coming, man?”

Joey looked back once more at Rachel’s frightened face, but he could have sworn that she wasn’t afraid of a macrofur, as if there was something else to fear. “Yeah, yeah, I’ll be up in a minute.” With that, Vinny gave a shrug and continued on his way. Joey sidled up next to the canine and held her gently, “hey,” he said, “it’ll be alright. I won’t let anything happen to you, come hell, high water, or macrofur,” he tried to smile lightly.

She nodded. “So you trust me?”

Yet another question that seemed almost completely irrelevant, but from the look in her eyes it seemed to mean the world to her that he answer. “Yes, of course I do,” he replied with a smile. “Why wouldn’t I trust you?”

She didn’t respond.


“Oh, just what I need!” Earwood rubbed his temples. “The board director is coming by to evaluate me soon, someone set off a stink bomb in the boys’ locker room, and now there’s a evidence to suggest a macrofur being around here.” The human principal was normally cool and collected, but right he appeared stressed to the point of tears.

Joey gave Rachel a sheepish look at Earwood’s comment about the stink bomb. She got a pretty good idea what he meant by it, so she simply rolled her eyes and mouthed the word, “men.” He grinned slightly, turning his head away both in embarrassment and so Earwood wouldn’t see.

“Are you sure it’s not a hoax?” Earwood asked of Vinny. “Specifically, one of YOURS? If so then, you can get rid of it and I won’t hold you accountable for anything.” Judging by the glare in Earwood’s face, Rachel could tell that Vinny must have done that sort of thing quite frequently.

“Oh no, sir.” The cat shook his head. “I can honestly say that all the evidence—fabricated or real---was not made by me.”

“It is kind of odd that a macro would pop up outside the school and not touch anything or anyone.” Joey said. “I mean, there’s a prime set of smash-ready buildings full of prey and you simply let it be without so much as tipping a goal post or grabbing a nerd.”

“Maybe she was just passing through?” Rachel suggested, then bit her tongue as everyone turned to look at her. “Or it could have been a he,” she added quickly while mentally slapping herself. “I mean, the macrofur might be a thousand miles away by now—it certainly is a possibility with how big they get.”

“Whatever the case,” Earwood said, “I have to ask you three to keep quiet about this. If word gets out about there possibly being a monster,” Joey saw Rachel flinch for some reason as she heard it, “ around, then the entire school, no the entire COMMUNITY could have a mass scale panic. And of course all the parents would expect ME to be able to solve the entire problem.”

“Sure thing,” Joey nodded, “mum’s the word.”

“Oh dear,” Earwood wrung his hands, “oh, dear, oh dear, oh dear! I’ll have to inform the authorities, which will bring about an investigation of the school---oh dear---and they’ll probably even ask ME some questions and hold me responsible if anything happens—oh, dear, oh dear!”

“Uh, well, I hope it goes okay for you,” Joey scratched the back of his head nervously. “We’ll just be heading on home now since school was out.”

“What? Yes, yes, go then,” Earwood waved them out of his office, “go on to your happy, irresponsible lives. Go to your malls, your arcades, and just have oodles of fun while I sit here and await the stream of federal agents, military sergeants, and the inspector from the board---OH DEAR!”

They quickly hustled off. But not before Earwood said, “oh dear” five more times.


When Joey and Vinny promised not to tell another soul, they of course meant that they wouldn’t tell another soul who wasn’t a member of, “the gang”. So, of course Clarissa and Clark knew all about the footprints, the flattened forestry, and Earwood’s nervous breakdown by the time they started to walk home together.

“It’s kind of exciting, really,” Clarissa said, “I mean, you read and see stuff about macrofurs in other towns and cities, but never in your wildest dreams are you able to imagine one right in your hometown. I mean, if it wasn’t such a dangerous issue I’d hope we had more show up.”

“You obviously haven’t been watching the films in Mr. Linksie’s class,” Joey muttered.

“Well, if we show up tomorrow to see tanks instead of school buses we’ll know they’ve taken us seriously,” Vinny chuckled. “I bet you never have this kind of action back on the quiet farm, eh Rachel?”

“Ah, ha, ah ha, yes,” Rachel fake laughed. “This is really quite the experience now that there’s a bloodthirsty, killer giant on the loose.”

“Um, yeah, what she said,” Clark gave her a queer look. “I know you didn’t do anything, Vinny, but I think I’d rather this turn out to be a joke by some bored seniors instead of the real deal. You know how most macro-related incidents turn and it’s not a pretty picture.”

“Indeed it wasn’t,” Joey agreed, no doubt still recalling the film. “Glad to see you’re not completely terrified, Rachel. You definitely are a brave one. The rest of us are probably shaking in our boots and yet you have kept your cool throughout the whole time.”

“I’ve been calm, too,” Clarissa pointed out.

“Yeah, well, that’s because you’re crazy and we all know it.” Vinny gave her a wink. She snorted and punched him in the arm.


That evening Rachel sat down to write her weekly letter back home. She could have just called, but her parents were old-fashioned and while they did talk on the phone, they also insisted on some written responses since they believed that writing a letter was a good way to get your true feelings out.

“Dear, Mom and Dad,” Rachel began. “I’ve had a good time so far, met a lot of friends just like you wanted, and I’ve--,” she thought for a moment. Was it really smart to reveal that she’d started getting close to someone like Joey? “---Been learning some interesting stuff,” she finished. Rachel was tempted to say what was on her mind about her growing out of control and the later discovery of her traces by Vinny, but decided not to. Her parents wouldn’t be able to do anything about it---except get worried.

“No major problems,” she started the next line. Why did I do that? She asked herself for the hundredth-odd time. Was it stress-related from seeing those images or was it because I was witnessing two of my own kind at work? I certainly didn’t feel any need to cause massive amounts of death and destruction, so I at least know that’s not some sort of predatory impulse---I hope.

No, she couldn’t think like that. Rachel had been just fine her entire life. She’d never wanted to harm a soul, and was confident now that she didn’t have to do anything she didn’t want to. “I look forward to seeing you soon,” she concluded her letter, “love, Rachel. Bye for now.”

The canine fur yawned, muzzle opening and closing slowly. She caught sight of herself in a mirror. “What am I?” She asked herself aloud. “My parents were huskies, and yet I almost look like a wolf---maybe I AM a wolf, or maybe half a wolf, or----something else entirely?”

She sighed, then corrected her last statement, “or rather, I should say that my ADOPTIVE parents are huskies. There’s no telling who my real ones were, or why they’d abandon me. Although, I can’t imagine a typical macrofur being much into compassion, but then if that’s the case I should probably stop seeing Joey before I…” she swallowed hard.

It wasn’t fair. Why couldn’t she just be normal? Rachel was too soft-hearted to be what she took a macrofur to be like, and as for being a normal fur it seemed that if she couldn’t stay small indefinitely then she had no right to go amongst them. I could hurt or even kill someone by accident, she thought bitterly; it could be as simple a matter as stepping on Joey when I’m big because I didn’t even see him. I might not even FEEL it if I’m not barefoot.

She could begin to feel tears, but Rachel brushed them away. There was no use crying, and besides, it was probably a result of her being tired, that was all. Come to think of it, she WAS feeling pretty sleepy right about now, and the writing was becoming quite wearisome. Rachel gradually slid her head down onto the desk with her letter on it and fell asleep.


She was in a forest, at night, but otherwise there was nothing to really give away the time and location. Rachel felt everything moving in slow motion as she took ponderous steps through the trees, going somewhere distinct but not really conscious about her actions. It wasn’t until she brushed past the top of an redwood that she realized that she must be at her giantess height---and there before her was the city of Free Greens illuminated by twinkling lights.

Once more, she had no coherent thoughts about what she was doing, rather, Rachel simply acted without any sort of directive---or conscience. She crashed out into the streets and was greeted by a chorus of screams. They were both coming from the people and at the same time the cars that slammed on their breaks to avoid hitting her feet.

Rachel felt strangely encouraged by all this. They were terrified of HER. They were unable to stop HER. They were completely at HER mercy, to be playthings, toys, or food, however she dictated it, the lives of the creatures around Rachel no longer were in their own possession. She owned their fates---and the knowledge of this was strangely intoxicating to the point where she wanted more of this new feeling of power.

The first car she smashed was blue. It was like crunching a soda can, really, and it didn’t hurt even though she was without shoes. It made a pleasant noise as it folded around itself, and Rachel, giddy with ecstasy, wanted to see if ALL cars felt like this when stepped on.

She crushed several more that tried to flee—oblivious to the creatures inside. To her, the cars were less than toys. A single person to an entire family was irrelevant---she just wanted to have fun. But then she felt a pain in her right foot, and turning it upward she saw a cut, not very deep, but it still made her a little irritated. Apparently, she’d smashed a vehicle the wrong way and caused a pointed it to stick her. Oddly enough, she barely felt the pain and time itself seemed to go in slow motion.

She planted her hands on her hips and looked down at the terrified crowd nearby. “Well, now,” she said with a smile, “I guess I’ll just have to find some softer targets, hmmm?” She barely recognized her own voice, but then she instead listened to the panicky cries below and chuckled. She could smell their fear, and it was awakening a hunger in her both physical and mental.

“I’m getting kind of peaked,” she announced, “who wants the honor of being my first snack?” No one obviously did. “Very well, then,” Rachel smiled, “I’ll just pick and choose which ones of you make the journey.” With that, she quickly sat down, encircling the crowd with her legs and then trapping them as she sat almost with them crossed, but touching at the feet. The movement wasn’t that precise and she felt some pleasant warmth as a few were squashed against her legs, thighs, and feet.

“Now, then, first I have to pick the best ones and toss the rest.” She reached down into the captured mass and plucked out a few furs and humans who were overweight. “Too much fat, I’m afraid.” True to her word, they screamed as she tossed them over her shoulders with a laugh. Rachel repeated the process with those that were “too skinny” and for a few elderly people, “too gamely”, and the females, “too lean” and finally had about eight young men of varying species but with average physique. “Beefy, just how I like ‘em.”

“Mmmmm,” Rachel licked her lips as her stomach growled. “I’m starving.” She eagerly snatched up her first victim, a coyote about a few years older than she. “Congratulations, you get to prepare the way for the others.” Rachel decided to play with her food first. She dangled him by his arms in front of muzzle, inhaling deeply with her nose to take in his scent. “You’re making my mouth water, little man.”

He struggled and begged, but she paid his frantic pleas no heed. Rachel smiled and parted her jaws, her tongue lolling out a ways to eagerly accept her meal. She held him over the pink carpet, then lowered him onto her tongue before drawing it back slowly into her mouth. “Umm,” she smiled with her lips as she felt him wiggling inside her muzzle. “UMMM!” She closed her eyes and moaned at the taste she experienced. She rolled him around within her mouth, savoring him like a piece of chocolate.

But the best part was yet to come. Rachel opened her eyes and looked back at the terrified faces of those she had trapped. She gave them a wink and then tilted her head back. She felt her body tingle with excitement at what she was about to do. The little fur’s squirming and whimpering only excited her further. Rachel’s stomach gave a gurgle of almost impatience. It wanted that morsel. And she wasn’t to deny it.

Rachel swallowed, enjoying the coyote’s struggles as he slid effortlessly down her throat. She felt him drop into her stomach where his movements became less and less distinguishable---no doubt because of the churning that was taking place. She enjoyed his continued squirming inside of her, but then digestion began taking its course and the movements became faded until they finally ceased.

She stroked her belly tenderly and smiled down at the remaining seven. “Who’s next?” She didn’t bother for any answer, instead she snatched a cheetah up and tossed him into her mouth quickly. They had claws, she reflected, better not try to take him down whole. She rolled him in between her sharp teeth and bit, extinguishing his life in a single round of chewing. She swallowed and repeated the process with another few cat furs. The juices from their bodies made them taste that much better.

“And then there were three,” she giggled. A dog, a weasel, and a wolf all tried to run in their panic, to find a way past the barriers, but she flattened her legs all the way to the ground. Escape was impossible. “You know what?” Rachel asked no one. “I’m getting thirsty.” She noticed a water truck nearby against a building. Apparently she’d kicked it over without realizing it. “I’m going to wash the next one down.”

With that, Rachel grabbed the tank off the trailer, broke the top off like a can, and then dropped the dog into the water. She brought it up to her face and eyed the fur trying to swim about in the swirling water. “Bottoms up,” she laughed, then tipped it against her lips and poured the contents into her mouth. She never even felt the fur as she took a huge gulp, her throat working considerably. She smacked her lips as she pulled her newly made beverage can back. “Ah,” Rachel said, “that was refreshing.

Her stomach gave a slight gurgle and she burped. “Oh,” she giggled, “excuse me.” The weasel finally lost all reason and started climbing up her leg. Rachel giggled again and plucked him off. “Naughty, naughty,” she waggled a finger at him. “Mommy punish.” The weasel bit down on her finger in defiance, which made her angry. “Well, if THAT’S how you want to play it.”

Rachel then lowered the fur slowly into her mouth, but rather than keeping it open she began to nibble, starting from the feet as she chopped them up with her fangs and then moving up his body. She was pretty sure he died or fainted before she got to his waist and polished off the rest of him.

“Well, well,” she said, looking down at the wolf. “What creative way should I eat you in?” He simply was looking down, now, sobbing into his hands. “No answer, huh?” She plucked him up between her forefinger and her thumb. “I guess I’ll just get creative. Say, have you ever seen those olives on sandwiches?” She spied an antenna on a nearby building as she said this. Rachel plucked it off and before the wolf could respond she shoved it through his body in a manner that left him alive, though in very much pain.

“If only I had chopsticks,” she mused. “Oh well.” With that, she pushed him into her muzzle and used her front teeth to pull him off her “toothpick” and once more felt a warm, tasty body, marinated in blood, upon her tongue. Rachel tilted her head back and lifting her tongue slid him effortlessly into her throat before swallowing. He didn’t wiggle quite as much as the first, but it was still pleasurable to feel.

“Well, that was nice,” she said, patting her tummy, “dinner’s over, time for some fun.” Rachel moved further into the city, pushing buildings over, crunching more cars, and this time she began crushing hapless people under foot, thinking that the sensation of a little warm body popping between your toepads was one of the best experiences imaginable.

“I’m getting to be quite a mess,” she tisked as she passed a skyscraper and looked at her reflection on the windows. Beyond that she saw the faces within looking out at her in horror. “What are YOU staring at?” She snapped, then punched straight into the side of the building, chuckling as a few fell screaming to the street below.

She caught a fur here and there under a toe or heel and would take an extra moment to have some delight squeezing them to a pulp. This was so much fun, she thought. I can’t think of it getting any better. But then, coming up the sidewalk, she saw a little, gray fox face that she recognized.


He stopped, and looked up at her with terrified, vulpine eyes. Rachel smiled down at him and lifted her foot. He turned and began to run, but he was too slow and could have never covered the distance necessary to escape. Rachel gave a loud laugh as her foot neared him, Joey’s last expression in this world would be one of fear, and his last words would be a scream.

Her foot slammed down on top of him as a loud wail reached Rachel’s ears.


“NOOOO!” The wail was her voice. Rachel sat up at the desk heart pounding and shaking all over. She gasped as the horrible images flowed once more in her mind. She shuddered, and quickly stood up to examine herself. Normal, she looked normal. No blood, no guts, and she was even feeling hungry like she hadn’t eaten in a while---yes, she thought with relief, it was only a dream.

But what a dream! Rachel was still shivering. It was worse than being chased by a monster. In that nightmare she had actually BEEN the monster, and worse, she had not only killed, but she’d also done it entirely without any remorse or any feeling of obligation towards the lives extinguished.

Of course it hadn’t really happened, she reminded herself, but still, the thought of there even being a remote chance that Rachel could become something like that was truly terrifying. She looked out at the alarm clock to see that she had another thirty minutes before having to go to school. She normally would have tried to get some more rest, but she instead found herself in capable of sleep because of the worry about another such horror awaiting her.

“Rachel, sweetie, are you okay?” The young girl snapped her head around to see her aunt standing in the doorway with a nightgown on, along with a tired-but-concerned expression. “I heard you scream and came up to see what was the matter.”

“Oh, I-I just had a bad dream.” She said quickly. She felt a slight of embarrassment that she still wore her clothes from yesterday. Rachel quickly grabbed a fresh pair and went into the bathroom to groom and shower herself, since she would not be going to bed for a while.

When she came out, cleaned up and wearing the new outfit, Rachel saw that her aunt was still standing there watching her. “A bad dream, huh?” She asked, husky eyes skeptic. “This didn’t happen to involve you doing anything---violent---did it?”

“How’d you know?” Rachel replied glumly, slumping down in her chair.

Her aunt came over and say beside her with a sigh and patted her leg. “I guessed,” she replied. “I figured that there were few other things that would scare a teenage macrofur, and at the same time I think I heard you moan out that boy’s name a few minutes ago.” She chuckled, “when I heard THAT I assumed that your dream was of an entirely different nature, one that your parents probably wouldn’t like to hear about, given their old-fashioned ways.”

Rachel giggled in spite of herself. But the mirth faded quickly. “I—did some bad things.” She said. “They weren’t real, I know, but I still feel awful. I’m afraid that I might do something one day, something terrible, to you, to Joey, or to someone else. I don’t know if I could control myself. I,” she felt her throat choke up in tears, “I don’t know if I can be TRUSTED.”

Her aunt put an arm on her leg. “Yes, you can be trusted, Rachel. I know for a fact that as long as you’re true to yourself you’ll never have to worry about something happening. You’re strong, but not just physically. You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to, Rachel, and do you know how I know that?”

“How?” She asked.

“Because you lived your entire life in peace,” her aunt took on a strong tone. “I bet that as you learned how----others like have acted you’ve felt yourself slipping away, correct?” Rachel nodded and she continued, “in that case you need to remember that your pedigree doesn’t determine your personality. Being a macrofur doesn’t mean you HAVE to kill and destroy, just like being a normal fur doesn’t mean you HAVE to live a peaceful, happy life.”

“I just get afraid sometimes that I might find myself getting carried away, and without realizing it I could lose control and seriously hurt a lot of innocent people.”

“Rachel, listen to me,” her aunt cut in sternly. “When I first met you, first discovered what you were, I was a bit skeptical about you for the same reasons you’re skeptical about yourself.” She smiled, obviously remembering her reaction to her sister’s “daughter.” “When I found out that your mother was raising a macrofur, well, I said some things I’m not proud of. I basically didn’t think you could be trusted---and I even said that all that was needed for disaster was for you to get hungry one morning and mistake somebody for breakfast.”

She looked at her steadily, “but then something happened that taught me otherwise. I was on the barn, looking at some storm damage with your father when I slipped and fell. The roof was rather slick from the rain and I would have fallen straight to the ground where I most likely would have been injured badly---if I were lucky. Your barn is about forty feet tall if I remember.”

“Forty five,” Rachel corrected, suddenly remembering this story.

“Anyway,” her aunt continued, “then next a recall was going off the edge, but stopping in mid air. I was rather confused until I realized that it was a giant hand that had caught me, and then I gave a slight shriek of surprise when I turned to see you smiling at me and saying, ‘you fell. You should be more careful ‘cause it’s steep and dangerous there. Daddy says that’s why I’m not allowed on the barn roof’.”

Rachel blushed. The older fur grinned at her. “I couldn’t believe that my life was saved by a macrofur, but from then on I had a different attitude towards you, heck, perhaps even towards others of your kind. You didn’t know me yet, but it didn’t matter. You had protected the life of a complete stranger because you were brought up with ideals for good, and sensed that I needed help. If you were of a vicious nature like you assume, you never would have done that. Rachel, that is why I trust you, even if you have problems trusting yourself.”

“Thank you,” Rachel said, eyes brimming with tears of gratitude. She leaned forward and shared a long hug with her aunt. “I just have an awful feeling about all this. I know it sounds silly, but I can’t help but think that SOMETHING has occurred.”

“There, there,” she replied soothingly, “don’t worry, nothing happened. I’m sure it was a realistic dream and all, but my room is directly across from the stairs, and I would have heard you going out the door since it’s the only one in the house and there’s no windows in your room to climb down from.”

Rachel finally broke free from the embrace and went to finish readying herself for school. She ate breakfast and had a normal morning. Then, she gave her aunt a thankful hug before stepping out and walking down the sidewalk towards the High School.


It was empty. Not a single soul was in the parking lot, or in front of the doors. Rachel tried them but they were locked tight. All in all, it seemed that the place was completely deserted. She felt a tingling sensation in her stomach that told her this wasn’t right. “Hello?” She called out to the empty campus. “Anybody here?”

It must be a holiday I didn’t know about, she thought, trying to reassure herself. Rachel swallowed nervously and began walking slowly back the way she came. Then she felt a hand clamp onto her should and with a gasp she jumped, but then to her relief she turned and saw that it Joey, whose scent must have been blocked by the wind.

“Sorry,” the fox said quickly, “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s okay,” she said, relieved that he was here, at least this meant that her dream HADN’T been real since he was alive and well before her. “Where is everybody? Why is the school closed on a Thursday?” In response, Joey gave her a funny look.

“You mean you don’t know?” He asked. “Didn’t you see the news this morning?”

“My aunt and I were, thinking of other things beside the news.” She replied.

“Oh,” he nodded, and shifted uneasily. “Dang, I was hoping not to have to break this to you.”

“Break what to me?” She asked. That queasy feeling had returned. Joey’s eyes were that of someone who held a dark bit of information that they were sorry they knew. He finally straightened his shoulders, took a deep breath, and told her at last. His words crashed into her heart like shards of glass.

“There was a macro attack downtown last night,” he said, “nobody knows much about it except that it happened very fast and they aren’t sure what kind of fur it even was.” Rachel was ready to ask why no one knew, but he read her expression and continued, “the reason nobody’s sure about it is because that most people who caught a glimpse of the macrofur didn’t live to tell about it.”

The schoolyard was eerily quiet. Not a word passed between the two furs, but Rachel was certain she felt a cold breeze whip up her spine. “Anything else?” She asked quietly.

“Yeah,” Joey nodded, “the macrofur vanished as mysteriously as it appeared. They found lots of damage in the middle of the city, including footprints bigger than cars, but other than that there was no trace.”

“Which means,” Rachel began softly, not wanting to say it but knowing it was true.

“Which means Vinny was right,” Joey dropped his voice low, as if afraid to summon the very creature mentioned. “There IS a macrofur loose, and it IS a changeling. And it could be anyone, Rachel.” He looked truly frightened now---he wasn’t the only one in this case. “Anyone.”
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Postby padfootsm » Tue Apr 13, 2004 2:04 am

Holy Canoli! I love this story! DTF, you have outdone yourself with this chapter. Here I am writing my own story and now I'm not sure if I want to post some more of it cause it just pales in comparison to yours!

I can't force you to write more, but I can sure beg! :D Please write some more when you get the chance mate. This is getting really, really good. I would rank you at Rogue's level of writing, if not higher.

*Runs away in case Rogue sees this*
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Extinction Level Event
Extinction Level Event
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Postby Kusanagi » Tue Apr 13, 2004 2:56 am

padfootsm wrote:
I can't force you to write more, but I can sure beg! :D Please write some more when you get the chance mate. This is getting really, really good. I would rank you at Rogue's level of writing, if not higher.

*Runs away in case Rogue sees this*
Couldn't agree more, well except for the running away part gotta stand by your convictions giant evil wolves or not. :wink:

Please, please, please, continue this as soon as possible. (something new has been added :o)

catch other stories by the drunken writer
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Extinction Level Event
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Postby Duct Tape Fanatic » Tue Apr 13, 2004 4:10 am

Thanks for the feedback. I don't really consider there to be levels of writing, just unique styles. And I'm not just saying this in the hopes of not getting killed (mostly). Rogue's probably still better because he knows how to make SHORT, short stories, while I turn mine into novels without really meaning to.
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Duct Tape Fanatic
Extinction Level Event
Extinction Level Event
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Postby Heartwing » Tue Apr 13, 2004 4:11 am

Gods I love this story DTF. Even some paw action. hehe Though violent, it was made a perfect part of the story. You, sir, are a genious. :D
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Postby Duct Tape Fanatic » Tue Apr 13, 2004 12:38 pm

Yeah, the violence wasn't too much was it? I figured I'd throw in the mushy scene there afterwards to sort of buffer some of it out, and don't forget, though all evidene seems to point to Rachel going on a rampage, there's not enough to actually prove it.

I sort of figured on a bit of a mystery factored in. But, if this gets to violent fo the kiddies feel free to let me know.
Fixing the world, one duct tape job at a time.
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Duct Tape Fanatic
Extinction Level Event
Extinction Level Event
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Postby Ransom » Tue Apr 13, 2004 5:45 pm

Duct Tape Fanatic wrote:Yeah, the violence wasn't too much was it? I figured I'd throw in the mushy scene there afterwards to sort of buffer some of it out, and don't forget, though all evidene seems to point to Rachel going on a rampage, there's not enough to actually prove it.

I sort of figured on a bit of a mystery factored in. But, if this gets to violent fo the kiddies feel free to let me know.

Who here's gonna bitch and moan about some violence? Your violence to mushy thing worked well.
It's always worth the wait to read your stuff. :)
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