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Postby Brahma » Sat Aug 23, 2003 10:54 pm

<P><big>Welcome to Levi's MacroJournal</big>
<P>April 16th, 2003
<P>Well, they finally drove me over the edge. That group of macro worshipers doesn't exist anymore, save for what's left over on the soles of my paws. I tried being nice to them, I tried scaring them off, but in the end, they <I>just wouldn't listen.</I>
<P>I mean, hell, what kind of fucking morons don't take “No” for an answer, especially when the fur saying no is a 200 foot tall dracomorph? What makes things worse, they begged for mercy before I crushed them into toejam. Guess what? I gave you mercy, because I could've just swallowed up the lot of you, and let you digest sloooooowly before you finally died.
<P>If you had just left me alone, you people would still have been alive today, but you didn't. It's all your fault.
<P>This is going to be the last entry in a while. I don't feel like posting here anymore.
<P>Mood: :( Depressed
<P>April 15th, 2003
<P>Even my pet was upset with those morons. He's not the type to upset easily--after all, he knows what I do for fun, and he still loves me--so you <I>know</I> this group is bad.
<P>Mood: :( Tired
<P>April 15th, 2003
<P>I don't believe it, they were WAITING for me when I got home to my cave, waving their little signs showing how they support me in my time of need. What time of need? A need for peace and quiet, maybe. I don't need anything else. Hell, if I needed anything, I'd take it. I don't think these idiots understand, but if they keep this up, they're gonna make me mad, and they don't want that to happen.
<P>It was such a nice day too. I thought I had gotten rid of these morons. They are so stressing me out, so if they even TRY to bother me, that's it, they're gone.
<P>Mood: :x Annoyed
<P>April 15th, 2003
<P>Alright, I'm going to go out for a walk. No signs of the annoying little group. Maybe they got the hint. I hope so, because I don't want to have to deal with them again. The last time was too much for me. Some people need a clue, and these people need a ton of them.
<P>Mood: 8) Hopeful
<P>April 14th, 2003
<P>Hey, long time no see, huh? It's been one hell of a week for me--I found myself <I>hiding in my fuckin' cave</I> from those losers until I realized I shouldn't have to hide from ANYONE. What to do, though? I'm not the violent type until I'm pushed, then I'll push back.
<P>Mood: :roll: Exasperated
<P>April 7th, 2003
<P>If they weren't so <I>damned pushy,</I> I might not be so annoyed. They say I'm the victim--victim of <I>what,</I> though? As far as I see it, they're more of a victim than me, especially when I go out with my pal <u>Behemoth</u>. Do these little guys not watch when he and I go out into a city? I mean, come <I>on</I> folks, when I go out into the urban areas, I don't watch where I step--I romp, smash through buildings, and chase cars before I eventually step on them. I <I>like</I> the feel of how metal crunches under my paws. Don't you people <I>listen?</I>
<P>Geez, I just wish they would be in one of those cities when I smash it. THEN maybe they would leave me alone.
<P>Mood: :( Tired
<P>April 6th, 2003
<P>Damn, I just heard from <u>GreatOldOne</u> that the army finally managed to take down old Tower. He was a cool giant wolverine, but he was getting pretty old. That's the only way the military could take him, I guess.
<P>For once, I agree with these groupies I have. They say it's a shame that the government can't just leave us bigfurs alone (even though I'm not a bigfur, technically, I'm a bigscalie), but then again, we <I>are</I> endangering a lot of those little guys. Can we help it if we like to play with you guys?
<P>See ya, Tower. You were one of the good ones.
<P>Mood: :cry: Sad
<P>April 5th, 2003
<P>Hey, my friend <u>Humongus</u> has a MacroJournal! Welcome aboard, Hummy!
<P>Mood: :D Happy
<P>April 4th, 2003
<P>It's my pet's birthday today, so I asked him what he'd like for this special occasion. He said he wants to have some alone time with his owner.
<P>That pet of mine is just <I>too</I> sweet.
<P>Mood: :) Touched
<P>April 3rd, 2003
<P>What a day. It wasn't too bad. I spent it with my big buddy Tremor. I think he lives up to his name, because every step he takes makes me have to keep my footing. Of course, he also makes me look small. He'd be great to have fun in the city, but he refuses to even set foot in one because he prefers the “great outdoors”. I think it's because he empathizes with the little furs too much. He talks about how his parents raised even though he was bigger than anyone in their territory when he was nine, and that he had to grow up real quick when they died. He doesn't talk about how they died, but I have a feeling it wasn't by natural causes. Maybe even one of us did it. He doesn't say anything about me playing in the city, but he's made it clear that he doesn't want to participate. I can understand that, but I wish he would take that group of macro lovers with him. Why do they like me so much, dammit! I mean, my head doesn't even reach his shoulders, and yet they don't fall down and worship him. Tremor told me how he thinks it's “cute”.
<P>Yeah, right, try living with them nearby. Oh, who am I kidding? He'd just sleep through it all until they'd get bored and go home. Wish I could hibernate like that, but I'm not a bear like Tremor.
<P>Mood: :lol: Amused
<P>April 1st, 2003
<P>This is a joke, right? I woke up today to see that group of macro lovers waiting for me again. Seems they were serious when they told me they were fans of giants like me. Makes me wonder where their brains or sense of self-preservation went, because giants like me step on little guys like them normally.
<P>Still, some of them took the hint when I asked them nicely to go away. Others insisted that it was their right to protect a giant's right to do what comes natural to them.
<P>Little furs are weird.
<P>Mood: :? Confused
<P>March 31st, 2003
<P>Ooooookay, I found out I have a fan club, believe it or not. This group of little furs no bigger than my thumb was waiting for me when I got home. Kinda brave of them, but I had just finished stomping around a city I found yesterday, so I was in a good mood and talked to these guys instead of squashing them. Does this mean I'm a humanitarian?
<P>I found out this group is dedicated to a giant's right to do what comes natural for them. That puzzled me, but they went on to explain how they thought it was unfair for us big guys to be harassed by the military just because we tend to cause a little property damage. This puzzled me some more, because normally the military is defending the places we giants are having fun in. Of course, some of us do it because we're hungry, and those little boxes the little guys call 'buildings' are just too much fun to open up.
<P>Still, they were amusing, but this has to be a joke from one of my pals. I mean, who ever heard of prey protecting predators?
<P>Mood: :lol: Amused
<P>March 30th, 2003
<P>OK, I finally decided to let one of my friends sign me up for this “MacroJournal”. I guess my little pet is going to get to take dictation from me after all.
<P>My name's Leviathann, but call me 'Levi' for short--which I ain't at 200 feet tall. I'm one of those dragon types that stand on two feet. Yeah, I can fly, but it's more fun to walk because those little furs then try and dodge where my paws are going to stomp. I love that game, but I sense the ones who play with me (whether they like it or not) don't much care for it. Tough, I say!
<P>Anyways, I live in a cave, but I get the electric directly from some power lines nearby. Didn't take much convincing from the company to provide me with some juice. All I did was promise not to stomp their building into the ground. See? I can be nice once in a while.
<P>Mood: :) Accomplished
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