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The Squatter {freindly macro story}

Postby timid-wolf » Fri Mar 21, 2008 5:52 am

Hope someone likes this

Randy turned under his blanket. He didn't want to get up, the comfort of the bed keeping his furry body prisoner. He knew he had to get up though, or he'd feel groggy and disgusting for the rest of the day. Unfortunately he had no shower. Rarely did a squatter ever have running water.
The fox yawned and rubbed his eyes as he sat up. He looked around his room at the mint green walls, the open door to the hallway, the bathroom, the closet, and the two tenth floor windows in his bedroom. He went into the bathroom with its old-fashioned fixtures, and poured some water out of a jug onto his toothbrush as he looked at his face in the dirty mirror. He squeezed out some tooth paste onto the brush and briskly started brushing his teeth. He frowned at his reflection. "Another boring day to last through", he thought to himself. Detroit wasn't exactly a happening city.
The bathroom had a window too, though it was frosted and slightly smaller than the two in his bedroom. the vulpine opened it and looked outside at the street below, at the tiny-looking pedestrians below walking to wherever their destination was. Wolf anthros, fox anthros, dog anthros and the like. He left the window open and walked back into his bedroom to put a pair of pants on. Though randy wore pants, most other anthros chose to go nude or wear loincloths. Randy was definately a minority when it came to clothing.
The ratty frayed curtains blew in the newfound breeze. Randy rubbed his empty stomach as it growled, wishing he had gotten more food the night before. He sat down in the beat-up wooden chair by the already-opened windows in his bedroom, and stared out at the neighboring building, an insurance company, a lovely orange building. The wind ruffled his orange fur, and caused the ceiling fan to start turning despite obvious lack of electricity.
That was when it happened.
There was suddenly an ominous rumbling and the whole building shook. Randy's chair fell over, throwing him to the floor as bits of dust and plaster fell from the decaying ceiling. He instinctively put his arms expecting to be crushed by the twenty-three floors above. "This is the end"! he thought to himself.
But to his surprise the old Book-Cadillac hotel held together.
Two young german shepherd puppies ran by his door crying for their mother. Randy helped himself up, happy not be a ground-up hamburger patty. "What could that have been"? He thought about it for a second. They weren't demolishing anything. This, after all, was Detroit, and on top of that, Lunaku.
He needed to know what it was, frightened that something could make that much noise. He left his room and went into the hallway. The german Shepherd mother was comforting her puppies down the hall, keeping them in her loving embrace. She looked at him nervously. In a deep yet feminine voice, between comforting her young, she told the fox, "We're evacuating. you should too". "In a sec", Randy replied. Her look turned to become more worried. "Be careful". About ten rooms down was the stairwell. The stairs surrounded three ornate ironwork elevators, now stranded on three different levels and devoid of the well-dressed attendants that once worked them.
He held the tarnished brass railing as he hurried up the carpeted grand staircase, kicking up dust, dirt and trash as he went. A husky and a cat came running down past him in a mad dash to get out. Their pitter-patter soon faded into nothing. He heard yelling coming from the bottom of the stairwell reverberrating up to his position, as the other pannicked squatters rushed to get out. Four more floors and he'd finally have reached the roof, a great vantage point to see what was going on.
Fear coursed through him. He wondered why he was doing this. He should have left like everyone else. The building may have become unsafe. It seemed to him like it had become unstable, but that was not the case at all.
He continued up the next four flights breathing heavily, heart beating like a drum, through the multi-colored corridors with their colorful dusty runners. The 33rd floor looked the worst since the hotel had been closed slowly, floor by floor. The dark green paint was even beginning to chip off the walls. The young fox went up one more flight to the roof access door, and flung the old-fashioned metal door open, letting in a strong breeze along with leaves, dirt and more trash.
Randy ran out the door onto the roof patio, sweat soaking his fur, his tongue hanging out as he panted. "Where could that noise be coming from"? he asked himself as he scanned the horizon and listened for the noise. It had been built to basically be a garden on the top of the building. Tall grass and vines had taken over what had once been well-kept plantlife and the ornate iron furniture was now rusted and scattered all over, intermixed with cheap plastic stacking chairs and degraded metal folding chairs. Here and there were makeshift firepits. And it was all surrounded by a four foot brick wall covered in grafitti.
Small ornate patio-style buildings surrounded it on the front, back and corners sporting fancy tiled roofs. Randy hurried to the left side wall. Looking over the side, he saw the various furs below running in one direction, dividing into two streams at the ground level of the hotel. "What the hell? Where are they going?" He tried to look down the road in the direction in which they were coming but the road curved around the side of the neighboring insurance company building.
The fox trotted to the front, and into a corner building, his fluffy tail bouncing with his body movements. He wiped the crud off of one of the dirty windows and looked out trying to see further than he did before. Suddenly the scores of anthros turned and fled in the opposite direction that they had been going as he heard pounding reverberating through the ground and the building. His ears twitched. The pedestrians were tripping over one-another, screaming, howling and pannicking on the street far below. Randy darted out the door. Finally he was gonna get his furry ass out of there. He took a quick look back. That was a mistake to him....... The vulpine froze in fear.
For a moment he stared in Awe, and when he finally broke himself from it he ran for the stairwell, his only escape. He closed in on the rusty door. "Im goonna make it"!! he said to himself.
Suddenly a giant clawed hand dropped in front of the door, blocking his only hope of escape!
He ran through his options, desperately trying to conjure up some escape plan. His green eyes darted back and forth from the creature to varying slits of the city visible past its enormous form. Loosing all hope, He pannicked. Suicide became his only option if he didn't want to be digested alive or chewed like a peice of meat. He ran for one of the walls and hurled himself over it..


After a short moment of total confusion his mind started to re-focus from its rush. He propped himself up on an arm and rubbed his aching head, his big ears twitching. "Hey, little fox". a gentle, yet booming voice said. "What"? He replied a bit slurred. Whatever he was laying on was both soft and smooth, almost like leather.
He opened his forest-like eyes. Dragon scales!!!! It was a giant dragon, covered in red scales. The huge creature had a muscular build, large wings tinted yellow on the underside, and two horns behind a majestic powerful head. the mouse-sized fox male scrambled onto his paw-like hands and his knees but the huge drake caught him by his neck scruff and turned the little fox around so he was facing the dragon. Head down in submission to the huge reptile Randy screamed ,"Dont eat me! Please! I swear I'll do anything to please you!" "Calm down, little creature", the dragon said in his surprisingly soft tone. The fox looked up at him with his terrified green eyes. The dragon smiled warmly.
"I didn't mean to frighten you, little one. I assure you Im not here to harm you or any of your kind". He bent down and picked up an abandoned burned car from the street and put it in front of the roof access door. The dragon then picked the whimpering fox up by his neck scruff again and gently placed the whimpering Vulpine back on the roof of the building. The fact that the dragon had blocked Randy's escape made him not so sure about the macro's intentions. Randy obviously had no choice but to cooperate with this enormous creature.
He sat where he had been placed, heart and mind racing. The fox worried that the dragon might bring down the whole building down when he was through. It may be a wreck but it was home to at least two-hundred squatters of varying species, many of which the young fox knew.
The dragon smiled at Randy, showing his rows sharp glinting white teeth. The fox crawled backward, letting out a loud yelp followed by continued whimpering. Immediately, the dragon closed his lips. "Oh, Im sorry! I keep forgetting"! He laughed in a freindly way. "My name's Draco. I've come to this world merely to study your kind. I promise you I have no intention of hurting you creatures or attacking any of your nests". The fox scratched his head. By nests he probably meant the buildings, maybe? It seemed weird being a subject of study.
The dragon moved the charred automobile from the roof access door. "You are free to go little one. I just needed to document your reaction". The fox looked up at the huge dragon. "He could have easily crushed me, he could easily destroy the whole city. So why am I still alive?". The dragon smiled at the much smaller fox and slowely walked on. He disappeared behind another neighboring building. Randy got up onto his feel, and padded to the front of the Book-Cadillac. He looked at the street below. There was no blood or mangled furries in the deep footprints. All the buildings that had been standing before still were. There were no flattened cars, no mourning parents. Randy couldn't help but feel fortunate. God was definately watching over them........
The picture that goes with the story. Already su bmitted this pic Im prety sure. but I couldnt find the original submitted version to link to. so here it is again
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Postby DeadLantern » Tue Mar 25, 2008 11:25 am

Good start, but please do elaborate on the world. Humans? No Humans? Future Earth? Alternate Earth? That sort of stuff. I know I'm not one to talk (my story is still unfinished), but I see a lot of potential in this story (kind of wish there were more friendly macro stories out there.)
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Postby timid-wolf » Tue Mar 25, 2008 7:54 pm

DeadLantern wrote:Good start, but please do elaborate on the world. Humans? No Humans? Future Earth? Alternate Earth? That sort of stuff. I know I'm not one to talk (my story is still unfinished), but I see a lot of potential in this story (kind of wish there were more friendly macro stories out there.)

Thank you, man. I appreciate the critique ^^
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Extinction Level Event
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