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[u:ea2d98a15c][b:ea2d98a15c]Angel Shayera Pt9: Thanagarian Palms[/b:ea2d98a15c][/u:ea2d98a15c]

"See okay there? Or do you want upon my shoulder? Either"™s fine with me. Really." Shayera asked as she stopped at the elevator. "Mmm"¦ I"™m happy here"¦ your hand"™s really comfy." Adrian smiled, sort of half-hugging Shayera"™s thumb. Then he looked up to her, leaning to one side to see better. "Uhm"¦ but"¦ I mean if you need your hand"¦ I don"™t mind. Really." He assured Hawkgirl before sitting back against her again. "Okay... I"™ll bear it in mind. But I shouldn"™t do." She chuckled as she wriggled her thumb against him, stepping into the elevator when the doors opened.

"Uhm"¦ Shayera?" Adrian called up during the quiet wait in the elevator, "Where am I going to sleep?" he asked when Ms. Hol looked down to him. After a moment, she lifted him up, then moved her hand to her shoulder for him to climb onto there. "Thanks"¦ just think it"™ll be better for talking. As for your question"¦ well"¦ you can sleep with me." Shayera explained, then answered, smiling a little.
"I mean"¦ not sleep [i:ea2d98a15c]with[/i:ea2d98a15c] me"¦ but I mean"¦ with me"¦ in my room. No"¦ I mean"¦ [b:ea2d98a15c]in[/b:ea2d98a15c] my room [b:ea2d98a15c]with[/b:ea2d98a15c] me." Shayera gushed embarrassedly suddenly when she suddenly realised how what she had said sounded. Adrian just chuckled a bit at the Freudian slip. He was about to stand up to hug her cheek, but the elevator doors opened and she moved off, the force knocking him back onto his backside. "[b:ea2d98a15c]OWW[/b:ea2d98a15c]!" Shayera cried suddenly as Adrian had been holding onto her hair when he fell back. "Sorry"¦ but"¦ [i:ea2d98a15c]oww[/i:ea2d98a15c]"¦ what happened?" she asked, looking round, rubbing her head a little where the hair was pulled. "I"™m fine"¦ just was going to"¦ uhm"¦ I was gonna hug your cheek"¦ to let you know I was fine with the slip... but you moved as soon as I was up. I"™m"¦ sorry I pulled your hair." Adrian apologised as he settled back down on the Thanagarian"™s shoulder. "It"™s all right. It"™s a good job you were holding on I guess." Shayera dismissed, walking slowly along the hallway.

"If it isn"™t too late after; could you take me to meet Courtney? I mean"¦ I haven"™t got a clue what the time is, but"¦ I"™d like to meet her." Adrian asked just before Shayera stopped, presumably at either Kara"™s or Dinah"™s room. "Well I can take you. If she"™s up still, then sure, you can visit. I"™ll maybe leave you with her"¦ ask her to bring you down to my room when either of you wants to go to bed"¦ Unless you want to stay with her. I wouldn"™t mind. Really." Shayera replied, sounding a little over-earnest with the last bit. Before her little shoulder occupying friend could respond to that, the winged red-head knocked on the door in front of her.

After leaving "˜Angel"™ Shayera to take the tiny man to the toilet, Kara and Dinah had finally headed up to play their long-promised rematch at RaveBall. Dinah couldn"™t even explain why she liked the game so much. Were there a court in the Tower, then sure, she"™d probably enjoy the odd game with other League members who didn"™t have natural advantages at that sort of thing. But she had always discounted video games. She always thought of them as lazy. But this one "“ well, admittedly there were several others she liked, but she"™d never have admitted as much. Except maybe to Ollie. But RaveBall had her a little addicted. It was nice to be able to compete with someone with Kara"™s powers at something too. The first three wins were down to inexperience. The fourth time Kara won was because she had gotten lucky. This time, Dinah knew that she would demonstrate to the girl "“ Super or otherwise "“ how RaveBall should [i:ea2d98a15c]really[/i:ea2d98a15c] be played.

Dinah was five sets to three up; about to start off the final set of her first winning game against Kara when someone knocked at the door. As Kara moved over to the door, Dinah saved the game in case it was turned off. She was [b:ea2d98a15c]not[/b:ea2d98a15c] going to lose her winning game because of an interruption.

"Hey"¦ You wanted to meet our little visitor? Well, I"™ve explained everything, so now you can say Hi properly." Shayera told Kara and Dinah as soon as Kara opened the door to her room, lifting Adrian down from her shoulder as she spoke, holding him between herself and Supergirl. "Oh"¦ neat! Hey"¦ you wanna come in then?" Kara enthused, greeting Adrian as she invited Shayera and him in. Back over on the bed, Dinah just turned off Kara"™s X-Station, smiling a little at the news that she wouldn"™t have to call Shayera Angel any more; giving the Thanagarian a short wave, not sure if she could be seen behind Kara or not where she was sat.

With his attention having been the opening door and Supergirl, Shayera caught Adrian by surprise when she picked him up off of her shoulder, the miniature man grabbing hold of a finger tightly before the hand unwrapped to let him sit back in the palm again. As he did get himself back in Hawkgirl"™s palm, Adrian realised that he was being held right in front of the S on Supergirl"™s top. And from his perspective, it was a seriously huge S. Easily taller than he was. Also not lost on Adrian was the way that S was pushed outward. He knew Supergirl wasn"™t particularly large chested too. Hardly flat, but"¦ He knew that Dinah [i:ea2d98a15c]was[/i:ea2d98a15c] particularly well endowed in that area. Heck, in [b:ea2d98a15c]every[/b:ea2d98a15c] area. He considered Green Arrow to be seriously lucky in fact. It was only when Kara addressed him personally that Adrian realised that he had been staring, blushing at himself as he looked up to her face to see her invite Shayera and him into her room.
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