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Expierement Backfire

Postby Karo Hardskale » Sat Feb 02, 2008 1:51 am

well it's gotten good reviews on furaffinity thusfar so why the hell not. Grammer and punctuation and tense all suck, cheers.

Darkness, cold lonely darkness, this is Karo"™s life for a time period he can not possibly discern. His eyes are shut and he fears to open them. The nightmares somehow have stopped, this means that he is awake. This feeling of now living darkness is different.
Even before opening his eyes, Karo tries to move his digits and limbs. They feel stiff as if not moved in sometime. Also there is a slight weightlessness to them, like being in a pool. His breathing seems labored, as if his nose were larger and longer than normal. He suddenly notices that his tailbone feels different, and moves slightly, there is something attached to it.
Karo decides it would be good to attempt opening his eyes; he needs to see what he is feeling. He opens them slowly; he has to concentrate on the movement, and also does not want to damage them from any shock from sudden light. Water, or what feels like water washes against his unprotected lenses. Karo blinks to get his eyes used to this and to get them to focus. He can see almost immediately he is in some manner of tank, suspended in a greenish liquid. The liquid is somewhat cloudy so he can"™t see extremely clear but enough to tell that he is looking through glass at some sort of laboratory. Computers and odd machinery line the walls, and some sort of humanoid stands in a labcoat, frantically looking at the computer and running around to the various machines in the room. Karo ignores him for now, taking more interest in looking himself over as best he can.
Some sort of breathing apparatus is fixed on his nose, but his nose isn"™t a normal nose and in fact shocks Karo in disbelief; it is a muzzle, like that of some sort of animal. His gaze wanders down his form as he moves to look at his arms and legs. They are furry and pitch black, his wrists up to the elbows and ankles up to his knees are lighter, grey maybe. His fingers and toes appear lighter and brighter, through the water he cannot tell what color they are exactly, they look black. Something odd about them hands and feet both are padded on the bottom. His feet, his toes are weird, he has two big ones, then on the inner side of his feet there is a small double toe, he"™s only seen one animal that this reminds him of, a kangaroo. Their length alone, while still seeming proportionate to his body, is evidence to this fact.
The thought bubbles up that if he were some sort of mutant kangaroo, he would have that big tail of theirs. Slowly in the suspended state he contorts himself to look at his rear. And there in thick furred mixture of horror and glory, is a kangaroo tail coming from where his tailbone should end. Oddly enough, it is moving in an odd manner, kangaroo"™s tails are mostly limp except when being used or twitching of the tip slightly while lounging, but his seems to be swaying side to side.
Karo"™s attention returns to the lab where that humanoid, now thought to be some sort of mutant lizard, is still frantically looking at the machines and his computer, then looking at Karo. He continues to watch this lizard, it goes over to the far side of the lab where there is clearly a phone mounted on the wall, and quickly grabs it and dials a number. Something inside Karo tells him this isn"™t good for him.
Karo takes note of the many tubes and IV"™s running into and out of him, as well as the thickness of the glass in front of him. There is a sense of urgency, this lizard is moving around like something is wrong, and there is a panicked look in its eyes. Suddenly another figure comes around the corner. This one is a human, a scientist. He"™s wearing a labcoat like the lizard, but seems to be in charge, the lizard is nodding to him a lot as he seems to be yelling. Karo can"™t discern what he is saying through the glass, but he is deffintly speaking loud, and this lizard looks grim and frightened.
The man leaves and the lizard looks solemly at Karo as he begins going to the various machines and hitting a single button on each. Something is very wrong, The tubes in and out of Karo are going dry, and the breathing apparatus on his muzzle seems to have stopped circulating air, what little is still in there is coming in short gasps. He gets frantic as the lizard begins to walk out of the room and shuts off the lights.
Karo looks to the tubes and IV"™s, as the shudder slightly. Some dark liquid begins coursing through them. The urgency and feeling of doom sets in slowly, but powerfully. Karo may not know where he is or how he got here, but he"™s no dunce. He"™s in a tank of liquid with his air shut off and dark liquids aren"™t considered to be necessarily good. Without too much more hesitation he begins pulling the IV"™s and tubes out of his arms legs and chest. As he does this he barely notices a dark, cloaked figure come in the doorway. There is a slight red glow and a gleam of gold as a sharp object scrapes the glass of the tank. Karo sees a small glowing red circle next to another more elliptical shaped one for a split second outside the tank, before it disappears and the cloaked shadow races out the door.
The small scrape is seen by Karo as a weak point. Keeping the breather on for the last few gasps of air and knowing that the tank is probably filling with whatever dark liquid was in the tubes adds to the despair. Frantically, Karo runs down his options and only one seems the slightest bit logical and worth a shot. He braces himself against the back of the tank, which is not very wide, just enough for one body to fit uncomfortably. From thee he pulls his legs back to his chest, and grounds his tail which he feels stiffen at the thought. He then thrusts as hard as he can through the liquid, to kick the glass. After two more of these kicks, he feels and softly hears the glass lose solidity and the cracks spread across. Karo rips off the breather and holds his breath as he pushes off from the back of the tank and rams the weakened glass.
The glass shatters from his force and the pressure of the liquid itself. Karo goes spilling out onto the floor in a wet mess containing broken glass, Pain shoots through his right forearm and something seems to be in his right eye causing an unhealthy amount of pain there too. Even with that, Karo hears sirens going off, alerts and heavy movement. He gets up and tries to run, walking at first to get some idea of how to use these feet and legs, but it is in vain, he topples and falls, atrophy, he"™s not used them in too long. He cannot help but wonder how long he has been in that tank. A pair of arms followed by two more sets of arms seemingly from the same source heft him up and carries him. Karo tries to talk to whoever it is, though he cannot see from the darkness in the room still, he can only focus on a small red circle that seems to be fading on him.
A voice comes. A somewhat nasal, yet soft and soothing and melodic voice. "Shush, don"™t try and talk, I"™m getting you out of here, I won"™t let them throw away your life."
Karo then plunged into darkness, the same darkness he has been in, the same he just woke from.

Kalena Fearsome stared out her cold small attic window. It was her only link to the outside world. Open aired with only slanted vent like wooden covering, the snow wisping through it again. Were it not for her thick wolf fur, she"™d be cold, instead she only feels a little chilly. She can"™t remember how long she has been locked in this attic. Her mother is an evil abusive person that just can"™t bear for her progeny to be good natured and full of hope. At least she still brought up food for her now and then.
The young wolf reflects, as she does often for no other reason than to pass the time of her miserable holdings, on her life and why she has been put in such a torment. She was born to an evil demon sorceress of an anthropomorphic wolf. Her fur a deep blood red shading to darker and even black on her back. Fiery bright red eyes with almost no pupil at all that burned into the souls of anyone who looked at her wrong. The woman was full of hate and sought nothing but pain and suffering for anyone but herself and her daughter. That is the Daughter that is not Kalena, but rather her sister, Keelu. Keelu is the spitting image of their mother, Demina, almost identical really both in appearance and personality. Kalena however had been born a curse to her mother, why the old witch hadn"™t killed her yet was an enigma to her as she sits in her attic torment.
From the day Kalena"™s mother saw that pristine light blue fur with white belly and an odd white cross shape on her shoulders, the witch had been scared of her, threatened so much that she locked the little one up in the attic as soon as she was able to walk. This of course is an exaduration, but that is how the mind contorts things after so many years of isolation. The truth is Kalena distinctly remembers destroying one of her mother and sisters evil rituals to Satan before she was locked up, but she cannot remember what age she was nor does she know what age she is now.
She sighs and reaches for her bible. The only book she found in the attic besides old magazines and some reference books when she was placed there, it brings her hope and has done so every time she reads it. There is sudden shouting downstairs, and Kalena drops the book. Her mother is yelling about something, angrier than usual, and there is a distant bell of some sort that becomes audible and then silent every couple of minutes. She snorts and snarls slightly, but picks up her book. As she reaches for it though she notices it has laid itself open to a popular story, one of her favorites really, David and Goliath. She re-reads it for the up-teen thousandth time. Suddenly, like never before, a flame burns in her, a slight chill runs down her spine as she realizes, she isn"™t just a pup now. She has been sitting up here in fear of her mother for decades it seems. Kalena shuts the bible and grabs the little clothes she has and places them in an old cloth satchel bag, another item she had found up here. She put on an old t-shirt and jeans and a pair of old boots that barely fit her anymore.
Having made herself decent, Kalena goes over to the attic door and begins kicking at it. From the shouting down below, she is sure her mother is distracted by something. Getting frustrated at the door, Kalena stops kicking and stands on it, she takes a deep breath and focuses her concentration on the door. She then jumps up, thanking god the attic is tall enough to allow plenty of movement, then comes down with full force, exerting force through her feet as well as the dead weight of the drop on the door. With that amount of force placed on the old wooden door, the rusty lock on the other side gives way, and Kalena goes crashing down into the warm house. Her fall is cushioned and there is a loud yelp as she lands.
Kalena looks down at what she has fallen on. It was her mother, her evil heartless mother, something is wrong though, there is blood dribbling from the evil wolf"™s muzzle. Kalena slowly realizes why, and even though this woman had held her captive in the attic for so many years, she feels compassion and cannot believe the fatal coincidence. A sharp thick splinter from the wood fell forcefully enough to stick the evil wolf"™s neck and when Kalena fell, she must"™ve kicked it in further before coming down on her rump.
She stands up, aghast at what just transpired. Tears welling up in her eyes, she backs away from the scene. Before she can dwell on it too much, there"™s a crash down the hall that takes her attention. Kalena moves down the hall and around the corner quickly into the kitchen. Entering the kitchen she finds a busted basement door and a tall shadowy robed and cloaked figure with golden tentacle like arms as well as one mechanical looking one carrying a limp figure of some thick tailed black and bright green creature that seems to be missing half of its right arm.
The dark figure looks at her for a moment or two before running toward the door and shouting at her to follow for her own safety. Without really thinking it over and going on the oddly positive feeling she gets inside from it, Kalena decides to follow the two as they head out into the cold snowy mountains.
"Where are we going, who are you?" She asked the black clothed stranger, who has two grey furred pointy canine-like ears poking out of his hood.
"There is an old run down looking shack about a mile ahead. Take him there. Once you get there put this on the stub of his right arm. It is a cybernetic replacement and contains medication and DNA bonders that will seamlessly attatch itself to that arm, all you need to do is use this cloth bandage and wrap it around the ends of the two together. I could have saved the arm if I"™d gotten him out of there quicker but one of the guards down in the lab shot it off while I was running with him to the service elevator."
The stranger said hurriedly while still shadowing his face so that all Kalena could see were those red pupil less, yet somehow soft eyes.
"What lab? Who is he? Who are you?"
"There isn"™t much time for me to explain lady, those bulls are going to be running out of that house soon in large numbers. It doesn"™t matter who I am, just get him to safety, they can take me but they cannot have him, everything depends on it. His name is Karo, Karo Hardskale, I don"™t know his original name, but that"™s the one we gave him in the lab. Now go!" With this the stranger ran to the west.
Kalena didn"™t wait to see if his claims that men were coming out of the house were true, she just ran with the limp creature somehow ignoring his weight. In fact she didn"™t notice how heavy he was until she laid him down in the shack that was closer than the stranger had said. Inside she sees a small metal frame with some canvas strung tightly across it, a cot. She lays the creature on this, covered him up with some blankets that she found in an old dresser. Kalena left his right arm out so she could wrap it with the gold colored metal forearm piece the stranger had given her.
After all this, she sits back to look at this creature. Definitely a male, his pectoral muscles speak for themselves. He has a broad muzzle with greyish markings near the black nose that makes a sort of T shape above his mouth. A spark of recognition flares in the back of her mind from an encyclopedia she had read in that attic. A Kangaroo, this man is a humanoid Kangaroo. Yet there is something different about him. As he stirs slightly she notices sharp teeth in his muzzle, somewhere between canine and feline. Kalena"™s now wide eyes move up to Karo"™s, she is even more shocked to see his right eye has a large piece of glass sticking out of it.
While pondering what to do about this, she happens to notice the metal fingers of the replacement hand are twitching. She pulls the bandage off and sees that it has indeed bonded to Karo"™s arm almost seamlessly. Out of the corner of her eye Kalena notices a small white box under the cot, it has a red cross on it. She knows this is a medical symbol, this is a first aid kit, she"™s seen pictures in old books and magazines besides the bible in the attic. She pulls it out and curiously opens it.
Inside she sees bandages, gauze, syringes, and some various medications. Again remembering those books, one of them being a medical encyclopedia, she thinks that maybe she can do something about Karo"™s eye. She checks his pulse to assure it is good, then prepares a syringe full of a sedative, a mild one, but it would do the job. After sticking it in his shoulder and waiting a few minutes for it to take effect, she begins to slowly pull at the piece of glass. Kalena gets the glass out, but the eye with it. She frowns at this, feeling she failed in her attempt to help and heal, but still finishes up, bandaging the socket and staying with Karo until he wakes up, and assures his heart rate is good through the night that has fallen outside with blizzard like weather suddenly upon them as well.

The dark figure that had let the kangaroo escape, and with that wolf too, was now facing his employer"™s wrath. It seemed almost a habit with him that he made the wrong choices with employers and always ended up doing work he loved but despised who he worked for. Here he is now, limp in the arms of two tough-men. Bleeding from the muzzle and coughing up more blood. His cybernetic right eye in disrepair and sparking, the tendril-like arms on his back completely ripped from their holdings , and his grey jackal fur matted with blood in most areas, the areas that his black robes weren"™t covering.
His employer Dr. Scrapper spoke in a gruff German accent. "You disappoint me again Architect. Your slight compassion for some of these creations is a weak point for you and one I cannot tolerate any longer. That wolf and that roo were two of our most deadly and unpredictable projects. As a result of the disruption you caused, some of our other equally valuable projects escaped, and one of them works for the resistance. My main concern is still for that project Karo777. He should have died. It was my order that he be terminated. I"™ve had him in custody for a very long time, and I"™ve seen him get corrupted, first by that other roo and that cat I had working for me, fooling around in the stockroom next to the DNA samples. And now after all my efforts to bring him back from that mistake and having to ultimately destroy him for fear that he will destroy this whole organization, you save his life and set him free. Your punishment is to no longer have your free will. You will work for me unquestioningly; your project is back in my control." With that, the tall blond haired, blue eyed, boney man placed a small chip into a small rectangular hole on the architect"™s arm. He feels his grip on reality slip and his world turn around and his consciousness flee. He only feels the urge to serve his master Dr. Scrapper. "Ah see now my cybernetic jackal comrade in arms, that isn"™t so bad. Now go down to the slave chambers and ensure all of the "freaks" are keeping the fires hot."
The dark robed jackal did not respond beyond a nod and went about to do the bidding of his current employer.

Karo slowly opens his eyes as he wakes up. Immediately he senses things are amiss. He isn"™t where he fell asleep, where"™s that tube he was in? For some reason he can"™t see on his right side, there is something blue and furry on top of him and his right arm feels awkward. A cold wet object pokes his furry black and green cheek and it startles him, and subsequently makes the blue furry thing stir. Karo saw now, as the blue thing moved that the cold wet thing was a canine nose and the blue thing was some sort of humanoid wolf, just as he is a humanoid kangaroo, anthropomorphic in a manner of speaking. It is also a she, being half blind and feeling disoriented doesn"™t change the fact he knows what he sees on her furry chest through the neck in her shirt. She just looks at him, curiously if not nervously. Karo reaches his hand out to touch her, thinking he may be hallucinating, he reaches out his right hand. The sight of his hand quickly diverts his attention.
Almost on impulse he speaks in pure shock and exclamation, until this point he had been afraid to try and speak, for his newly reshaped mouth. "Oh my God! What"¦What"™s going on? Where am I? Who are you? What happened to my arm? Why can"™t I see correctly?"
As the roo frantically asks questions Kalena simply puts a hushing finger to his lips so to speak. "Shhh, it"™s okay hon, relax a bit, I"™ll tell you all about it."
Karo did as she asked, she had a calming nature to her. He learned that her name is Kalena and about her troubled past. Karo told her he didn"™t remember his past. Kalena explained to him about his arm and eye and the stranger that rescued him and her.
Watch where you step please.

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Postby Freshmeat » Thu Feb 21, 2008 12:31 am

OOOO! Im hooked. Please update because this is one great story that I dont want to miss.
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More, more, feed me more.

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