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Postby Lennox » Thu Jan 24, 2008 3:44 am

This story will take quite a few twists from my normal style, hope you enjoy this experimental piece.


It was a calm, cool night and Mark decided to spend it inside his living room. He was comfortably reclined on an old fabric couch. He sat and watched television. He usually did when he couldn't conjure up anything else in his mind.
This night he resorted to watching science specials. Most normal people avoid programs like these, but Mark was one of the few who loved them.

The full moon illuminated through the window a faint outline of the sill. Outside, his mountain cabin was surrounded by miles of woods in every direction. He was fairly remote, and loved every bit of it. Areas with large amounts of people irritated him.
Just then, the program cut out. The channel was replaced with the text: "Please stand by."
"Well that sucks."
He changed the channel to see if anything else would catch his interest. Again, he saw a standby screen. The provider must be out, he thought.
Mark lived quite a fair distance from the city, but he shared the same power and services with the urbs.
"Whatever," he said as he turned it off and placed the remote back on the coffee table. Pushing himself up with the aid of the chair's armrests, he stood up and stretched.
Since the television was worthless, he at least wanted some connection to the outside world for the latter half of the night. He remembered an old radio he kept in the garage and decide to go for it. He could listen to music at least.

Searching a cluttered garage for something he hadn't used in years wasn't the easiest thing in the world. Five minutes passed before his eyes fell on something familiar.
"There's that old piece of crap," he said lifting it up and finding his way back inside.
Once he had replaced the old batteries and got comfortable on the couch, he flicked it on.
"Whoa." He slowly turned the dial.
Classical music... definitely not, he thought. Commercials, no.
Just as he tilted the dial a little more, the speaker came to life.
"-get out of here now!"
"If anyone can hear this broadcast right now, stay away from downtown. There is something going on."
"They're all screaming-"
"Oh my God-"
"-what the fuck is that?"
"It's a..."
"A wolf."
"It's huge!"
"People, if you're hearing this, get out of the city now. Stay away."
"-way too many screams to make out anything else."
"We need to get the hell out of here."
"-there's more than one!"
"They're killing everyone, they're just killing for the fuck of it!"
"Everyone evacuate the city be-"
Static blared and the power shut off, leaving Mark with a worthless radio and no light.
Half of him wanted to see for himself, the other half wanted to curl up and hide under his couch. The former of the two was victorious as he got up and walked to the back porch. He slid the door open and stepped into the crisp night.
Nothing outside stirred. Not the wind nor any creatures were making any noise. It was dead still, and dead silent. Where the town usually lit up the valley floor with thousands of tiny lights now lay as a patch of darkness.
A void, Mark thought.
A slight breeze began to blow and with it came the slightest sound of screams and panic. It made Mark's heart lurch after hearing that radio broadcast.
"It's true," he whispered to himself, "People are dying right now."
Mark truly didn't know what to do but wait until morning. He walked inside and laid back on his chair. Thousands of thoughts went on inside his mind. He wondered if whatever was in the city would come up to the mounains. His heart leaped with the thought, so he dismissed it for now. He simply waited on his chair, not wanting to jump to any more conclusions. When no more disruptions entered his mind, he didn't find it very difficult to eventually fall asleep.


The sun rising over the mountains cast bright beams of light through the cabin window and into Marks eyes. He sat up in the chair and looked around. Everything seemed normal inside the cabin. Soon enough, he remembered the night before and shot out of his seat.
Reaching the door to the porch, he slid it open and swung himself outside.
"Holy shit," he gaped, slowly walking towards the rail.
The city at the bottom of the valley was in ruins. A massive smoke cloud rose from every corner of what seemed to be the crater that was left.
Mark was now scared that whatever hit the city would now be out for him.
A split second decision had him inside packing personal belongings and a few clothes. He flew to the kitchen next, packing only canned foods. To the garage he gathered some camping equipment. He grabbed his keys and went for the door. He figured he would have to take more than one trip, so he dropped all the bags on the foyer and took the one on his back outside.
When he opened the door he instantly fell backward.
He knew it was over. He hadn't even the chance to walk out the door on his grand escape before being caught. His mind had a very difficult time processing what he was seeing.
A wolf, white as snow, standing on two legs was waiting at the end of his driveway, watching him.
It was definitely a she, he thought. He noticed she wore a bra as well as a loincloth and extra hair flowed between her upright ears. He decided whatever she is, she must have been at least two hundred feet tall.
The white wolf actually stood at two hundred and five.
Mark wouldn't have given a damn at the moment she took a step covering half the driveway's length.
"Oh God," he breathed as he failed to get back up and instead crawled on his back, not losing eye contact with the wolf.
She took another step, and reached him. Pulling her lagging leg forward, she stood at ease, just staring at him. Mark couldn't move; he just remained on the ground of his front door, marvelling at the sheer size of the beast.
Well, she's not really a beast, he thought, she's actually quite attractive. For a wolf. She's like, a goddess or something.
It wasn't until she bent down and extended a paw for him did he have second thoughts about her being a goddess. She took hold of him tightly and pulled him up to her eye level. The speed at which she did so was enough to make Mark want to vomit.
She brought him up to her eyes, and to Mark, they looked like giant glass marbles. She scrutinized him for what Mark thought was eternity.
She seemed to have seen enough as she pulled him away and brought him closer to the end of her muzzle.
"Oh God."
He was inches from her nose and could feel her warmth as well as smell her breath.
She's making sure I'm safe to eat, he thought.
Just then Mark remembered the knife he carried in his pocket.
He knew it wouldn't do much damage, but he didn't want to go down without a fight. He tried for it, but the white wolf's grip was too much. He was held fast as she continued to sniff him.
She loosened her grip and opened her maw. This gave Mark just enough time to grab his knife, flick it open, and jab it into the wolf's lip. He dragged it as far and as deep as he could.
Her blood poured from the gash onto Mark below. She quickly pulled him away from her muzzle and held him out in front of her as she licked the tiny wound clean.
That's it, Mark thought, she's definitely going to kill me now. She tightened her grip and narrowed her eyes. Mark's breath was squeezed from his lungs. He was brought closer to her muzzle again and he lifted his knife, prepared to attack.
The white wolf saw him do this and let out a deep chukle which shook Mark inside-out.
"Don't worry little buddy," she spoke, "Someone as yourself doesn't belong in my stomach."
Mark didn't move a single bone. He was simply too shocked at her comment.
"What's the matter guy? Don't you speak?"
Mark couldn't think of anything to say. He wasn't much for conversations with giant wolves.
"Uh, I uh," he started but realized how idiotic he sounded, "Why aren't you going to eat me?"
"You really seem to want to live," she replied, "Others I've met only run in circles, scream, cry, or just go nuts. Not many put up a fight in the face of death."
Mark wanted to give her a lesson right there on being humane but knew it wasn't his place.
"Really, there's absolutely nothing you can do right now, but you are burning inside. You're burning a fire I can't put out. So why try?"
Mark didn't know whether to take her seriously or not. She had probably mindlessly killed hundreds of people and here she is sparing someone who sliced her lip.
"Are you serious?" he asked.
"About what?"
"About you not killing me."
"Yes. I wouldn't have to trick you. I think my size gets me what I want quite efficiently."
He gulped and nodded. Strange as it was to Mark, he sensed something about the white wolf that warmed him. He didn't want to believe it.
"My name's Mark."
The wolf cocked her head at him.
"I'm Carah," she replied and lowered to her knee to set him down.
She stepped back, then turned to walk off. Mark shuddered at the strange encounter and the fact that she obliterated his driveway with her step as she quickly receded.
"Wait!" Mark found himself shout. Shortly after, he regretted this act of impulse.
Carah stopped and slowly turned her head to him.
"You want to come with me," she said, looking at him left alone in his driveway. He didn't make a move towards her, nodded his head, or make a sign.
"Trust me, you do not want to witness what I can do. You're alive only because I wanted. Remember that." She turned her head back forward and strode off.
Mark was left in the wake of the she wolf feeling hundreds of times smaller and insignificant. Watching that white beast walk away to tend to more important matters slashed his ego.
His sense also seemed to be affected as he grabbed keys from his pocket and went for his car. He jumped in and started the engine, completely ignoring the bags he packed and left on his porch.
The car swerved back and forth to avoid deep prints left by the wolf's paws. He was in hot pursuit and gunned the engine when he reached the mountain road. The wolf didn't need roads to travel, she simply walked the terrain, whatever it brought. Mark was restricted to roads running parallel to her path. He was very grateful to his knowledge of the area.
He pushed the car as fast as possible, but the windy mountain roads slowed him immensely and soon the wolf disappeared beneath the timberline. His only hope would be to get off the mountain. He turned onto the one road that could take him down in under ten minutes. It was also the same road that would lead him to a city at the bottom of the valley.

All the while he drove down the mountain, he hadn't seen a single other driver. This didn't make him think twice about his pursuit. The roar of the car's engine reached for miles in every direction.
Taking the nearest entrance ramp, he soon was on the interstate. This is where he started seeing others. Hundreds of people were traveling southbound. Some were driving, most were on foot. Mark had to slow down and keep right to avoid crowds of oncoming people congesting both sides of the road. He kept a steady speed until the crowd began to die down and become a small blob in his rearview mirror. He took his eyes back to the road in front of him to see a massive, white paw descend directly in front of him.
"Shit!" he yelled jerking the wheel to the left. The car flipped out of control and passed the median striking a man distracted by the wolf. The car grinded to a stop on it's roof on the southbound pass. Mark was shaken from the wreck and struggled to pull off his belt as the sound of hundreds of panicking survivors filled the air. He crawled from the damage unscathed and brushed himself off.
He turned around and looked up to see a familiar form.
"Carah," he whispered, "What are you doing?"
She continued to walk away from him, heading towards the crowds of people he passed just moments ago. When she reached them, it was not what Mark wanted to see.
Step after earth-shattering step, she crushed the lives from anyone in her way. She would reach down and grab groups of people to swallow them alive. She didn't seem to care that entire families of evacuees fell under her step. Mark even noticed that some people weren't stomped completely. Only half their bodies would get caught under her paw, resulting in the other half to split open from the pressure.
Mark lurched from the sight and turned around, unable to watch any longer.
Carah was right, he didn't want to witness what she could do. In sense of pointless murder at least, he thought.

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Postby crazyfox22 » Thu Jan 24, 2008 6:13 pm

Good start to a blood, but thought provoking story
I shall be watching this one with interest
you can believe it
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Postby FatTony » Sat Jan 26, 2008 2:25 pm

For an experimental piece very good . I look forward to read more of that .
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Postby Nottyeagle » Sat Jan 26, 2008 9:58 pm

Wow. Such a different twist to it. The conflict of interests is very well thought out. I look forward to more. 8)
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Postby Lennox » Sun Jan 27, 2008 10:01 pm

Thanks for your comments. :wink:


He could do nothing but watch on as Carah continued to devour the crowd. Pawful after pawful of screaming, helpless victims were jerked up and dumped into her maw. She swallowed them whole, not too worried about their attire or personal effects hindering her experience.
For how savage she was, she wasn't very messy at all. The only blood he could see on her was from where he sliced her across the lip. That and the blood that covered the pads of her paws, of course.
He suddenly remembered what she said about people panicking instead of fighting to the death. He watched on and hated what he saw. She was absolutely right. Everyone panicked, screamed, cried to their deaths either in Carah's stomach, or under her paws.
This is just a typical human response, Mark thought. But to Carah, the scattering crowd looked nothing more than an aggravated ant hill.
No wonder she spared me, he thought. After standing up to someone as powerful as she, she thought I deserved some merit.
In a few minutes' time, she had eaten her fill and scared off the rest of the crowd.
"How was that?" Carah asked with her back turned to Mark.
Oh fuck, he thought, is she talking to me? How the hell did she notice me?
Carah still had her back turned when Mark got on the other side of his flipped car and ducked. He heard a crashing footfall behind him and could only hope the next would be slightly more faint.
It was much louder and jerked the asphalt underneath him.
"Fuck fuck fuck." He didn't think she would be too happy to see him again after she dismissed him. It seemed pretty obvious at the time she didn't want a little hitchhiker tagging along.
She's gonna waste me, he thought. I followed her, she's going to rip me apart limb by limb. Well, maybe not that bad, she might just have me for dessert, or use me to clean her huge ass teeth. Maybe she wants to-
Before he even had time to finish his own thought, his car was lifted from the spot behind him. He shot up and turned around to see her take the wrecked car in her forepaw and compact it yet furter into a much smaller chunk of compresses metal which was heavily dripping oil and gasoline onto the road.
"I asked you a question, little man," she snapped, tossing the car away. She now stood directly before Mark, which made him feel surpassingly inferior and meaningless.
"No words huh?"
"H-how'd you know I was here?"
"Are you joking? First, you're roaring down the mountain, letting the whole world know where you are, then you almost slam into my foot. I also didn't mention my keen ability to track by scent, did I?" Mark slowly shook his head.
"I'm sorry I followed you. I know you didn't want me with you, but I was just curious. If you kill me-" Carah's roaring laughter cut him off from his pathetic little speech. Mark looked up at her, partly pleased but mostly terrified.
"Mark, I said I wouldn't kill you. Why are you so damned scared? Get up here," she told him as she kneeled down and dropped a paw beside him.
Very hesitantly, he crawled into her palm. He knew damned well he didn't even have a choice. If he didn't go willingly, she would just pick him off the ground. That's already happened once, and it made him feel really small.
She brought him up, and held him level with her face. Mark didn't enjoy free standing in her palm nearly two hundred feet off the ground. With her not gripping him like before, he found it difficult to ignore thoughts of falling.
"What is it about me you find so damned interesting?" she asked him, "Why did you follow me?"
Mark's gut lurched. Now I look stupid, he thought. There is no good way to answer a question like that.
"I was curious, of course, to see, well, if you really didn't want me to see what it is, that, you do." Mark wanted to slap himself.
At this she smiled.
"That's a lie, Mark. But don't worry, I can wait for the truth."
Wow, a mind reading wolf, he thought.
"Well, when you walked away, I felt like I was missing an opportunity. It's like I was getting left behind," he admitted. This was only part true.
"You didn't think of the danger you could have put yourself in? Come on. You didn't think for a second that you wouldn't be too comfortable with what you saw? You didn't th-
"Okay, I actually followed you because of you!" he snapped, "Is that what you wanted to hear?"
"Well, not necessarily," she said, "No need to get so mad at me either."
"I'm not mad at you. It just bothers me slightly that you could be in such a fine mood after murdering all those people."
"Whoa, only slightly?"
"You ever heard of sarcasm?"
"Mark, I'm just fucking with you. Besides, I didn't murder those people." Mark gave her a look of disbelief.
"You mean to tell me you weren't part of the whole rampage last night?"
"Ding ding ding! We have a winner!" she dramatically admitted. Mark could only stare at the burning horizon.
"Listen Mark, I don't kill people for fun. I have to eat and this is really the best way to do it."
"Carah, how long have you been, you know-"
"A wolf?"
Mark nodded.
"About twelve hours. That's if my internal clock is right."
"So, you haven't really had much time to adjust to your body that well," he pondered aloud.
"I'm getting much better, but it's still pretty difficult to step exactly where I would like. That means all those people I just stomped back there was because one, they were simply all over the place, and two, I lack the motor skills to control these monster legs."
Mark looked up at her.
"I know where you're getting, Mark. You want to tear me down and find out how I could possibly be such a heartless beast. But when you're up here, it's not that difficult to chow down on mankind. It's like an all you can eat buffet."
"What about me?"
"Well, you're like the lone Brussels sprout that, by some divine force, ended up on my plate. Of course I'm not going to eat it, I most likely wouldn't enjoy the taste. Instead, I'll just play around with it."
Mark had a hard time taking this absurd analogy as reassuring. He faked a smile and had a feeling she knew it too.
"So all the others, are they just clumsy like you are?"
"Not really. They give themselves all the room they need to roam. They run around, jump, romp, and play. They've got themselves under control. And how did you know there were others?"
"So you're not completely in the dark. That's good," she said, "Why would I want you to be?"
"Well, Carah, why would any normal person want someone to be completely ignorant of them?"
"Mark, you forgot something," he looked up at her when she said this, "I'm not normal."
He could only let out a deep sigh. He was getting nowhere. Carah seemed to read him like a book. She's no dumb beast, he thought.
He smiled.
"So, you coming with me?" she asked nudging him with her damp nose.
"You going to stop eating humans?" She looked at him and thought for a bit.
"Well, I'm sure there's plenty other food sources along the way. We'll see, huh?"
Mark nodded.
"Why do you find it so easy to abandon your life to tag along with me?"
"I have no family, no real friends, and no obligations thanks to you guys," he explained, "That, and I think you really are a good person underneath all the fur, claws, and those teeth."
"Damn, Mark. Trying to flatter me so soon."
"So soon of what? You're admitting we have a future together or something?"
"I guess that's what I did," she simply answered.
"And you think nothing of it."
She smiled at him. The sight gave him the chills.
"Okay, I understand," he put.
Carah held him closer to her body as she began to walk, following the northbound pass.
"Where are you headed?" he asked.
"Where are we headed?" she confirmed, "A pack meet of course."
"Pack meet?" Oh God, Mark thought, more wolves?
"I was hoping we'd avoid more wolves," he worried.
"What's wrong with more wolves?"
"They're going to kill me if they find me."
"You don't think out of a hundred other wolves, not one of them also has a plaything? It's a pretty common reality."
"I'm a plaything?" he asked, irritated with the thought.
"If that's what's going to keep you in my paws, you'll pretend to be my little bitch all I want, okay?"
Mark nodded.
"If you do anything to catch another wolf's attention, they can snatch you up and probably will. You lay as fucking low as possible," she explained, "Weird ass first-time conversation were having, huh?"
Mark found it very hard to laugh at a man-eater's joke, but didn't find it impossible.
"So you said there are a hundred wolves?"
"Yeah, in this region," she answered.
"Uh, just this region?"
"Yeah, there's rumors that this happened worldwide, which I believe. I've never seen a single military attack. There's probably thousands of wolves running rampant."
"And how do you know each other?" he asked, "Do you all bowl on the same night?"
"Now that was a little rude, Mark," she put, "Truth is, we don't have a damned clue. At midnight, it just happened. Most people became violent with the transformation, and that's where you get your leveled cities. Others can be more content."
"Like you."
"There you go again. Flattering me," she teased, "Seriously, people just started becoming wolves. There might be something behind it, but it eludes us. That's why we're having the pack meet. We want to share the information we've gathered to try and piece it all together."

In the distance, from behind them, the first wolf they saw was gaining on them. Mark confirmed it was female.
"Is she friendly?" he asked, concerned.
"How should I know?"
"I was human just like you," she explained, "Until I was lucky enough to get a body thousands of times cooler than yours." Mark smiled.
"That other wolf is sure getting close," Mark said.
"Yeah, she's most likely excited to see another one of her kind."
"Well, what are you going to do with me?" Carah held him up to the end of her muzzle and bared her teeth. Mark fell back, weak from the sight.
"Geez Mark. Is my breath that bad or something?"
"Come on, Carah. That's not funny."
"Just keeping you on your toes. I need you to act scared when other wolves are around."
"Carah, I am scared."

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Postby Duct Tape Fanatic » Mon Jan 28, 2008 3:52 am

So...I've always wondered about this sort of set-up; is it technically cannibalism since they were formerly human or just run of the mill savagry? Maybe a little of both?
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Postby FatTony » Mon Jan 28, 2008 4:20 pm

Now I got the feeling that you come back to the old theme .
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Postby Lennox » Thu Jan 31, 2008 11:37 pm

DTF, I can't really answer your question without giving away the story. Sorry. :)


Mark looked up at her as the other wolf approached. Carah winked, "Trust me, and do exactly as I say."
"Hey babe," she cooly said walking over with what appeared to Mark to be a crowd of humans riding her. She was chocolate brown with darker curly hair and stood half a head shorter than Carah.
Carah only acknowledged her with a nod.
"You're low on toys, huh?" she asked curiously, eyeing Mark.
"That's what you call them?" Carah questioned.
"Once you get used to being in control, it's not that hard to do whatever the fuck you want, babe."
The chocolate wolf then gathered up a pawful of humans from her sholder and extended it to Carah.
Carah layed out a paw to recieve them and gave her a smile. Letting go, the chocolate wolf dumped them and began to walk away.
"Thanks," Carah nodded.
"Seeya at the great, big, important meet!" she called completely turning around and heading off. Carah just stood speechless and disturbed at how cool the chocolate wolf was with what she did.
When the other wolf was just a dot on the horizon, Carah looked down at the people in her palm.
Three men, two women, all scared. Mark in the other paw looked up at her impatiently.
"Are you going to kill us?" one of the men cautiously asked, "I'd much rather die than get used just for your pleasure."
Carah was shocked at his comment.
"What the fuck?" she replied, "She did that to you?"
"Well, no. But we were next. She was killing them, suffocating them, in places nobody deserves to die."
Carah shook her head, "No. I have done wrong by eating humans, but never would I derive pleasure in killing."
"I don't get it. So, you're not like the rest?" the man asked.
"How many wolves did you see?"
"About twenty."
Mark looked from the group back up to Carah.
"No, I'm not like the rest," she replied.
Carah then kneeled down and let the group go.
"Stay out of sight, and stay far away from large groups of people," Carah informed, "And don't you dare forget how lucky you were to meet me instead of any other wolf."
With that, she stood up and walked off, shuddering the earth below.
"That was nice, what you did," Mark told her.
"Well, I'm a woman of my word," she said, gritting her teeth.
"Is it that hard for you?"
"Yes, Mark, it is," she explained, "I didn't just start eating people just because I was hungry, there's a force driving me. An instinct, you could call it. It only felt natural at the time I was doing it. I was in the zone. My surroundings were blocked out and it was just me and the crowd."
"This instinct isn't a frequent experience is it?" Mark asked.
"Yes," she admitted, "But don't worry Mark, I've never had that feeling around you. I don't see you as food."
She looked down at him and smiled.
"You're safe for now," she teased.
"Well at least for now. I can worry about getting eaten later." They both laughed.
Mark then saw Carah lose her smile and let out a deep sigh.
"What's wrong?"
"I'm beginning to reconsider taking you with me to the meet."
"What? I can play along. I'll be fine."
"It's not you, Mark," she told him, "I don't know if I'd be able to fake it." Mark didn't believe her. From what he could tell, she was definitely up to something.
"What are you going to do with me?" Mark asked.
"I'm not sure," she said while scanning the horizon, "I need you somewhere safe." Fuckin' great, he thought, I can't trust her. Why else wouldn't she want me with her? She's got to be hiding something.


"Look, Mark. I'll go to the meeting alone. I need you to be exactly where I left you. No wandering."
"Okay," Mark said, but not agreeing to her directions. He already had a plan thought out and it didn't involve sitting in an abandoned building for five hours.
"I'll make this as quick as possible. I'm coming back for you so don't go anywhere," Carah told Mark through the tenth story window.
"I understand," he replied patting her on the tip of her nose.
She smiled, standing up, and stepped off. As soon as she was out of the window's sight, Mark bolted for the stairwell. Wanting to make it down before she had time to disappear, he jumped entire sets of steps. He held fast to the handrail to help pull himself down faster. He covered three flights as Carah rounded the building.
She stopped beside the other face of the tower. She put a forepaw on the roof. She thought about Mark, but not for long. She kept thinking about what she had to do. What she couldn't resist, and Mark just happened to get in her way.
She put her other paw on the building's roof. Mark had now reached the fifth floor.
Pushing down, she just plowed through the roof down through the floor below. So far, she was only slicing through the structure with her arms. The building finally gave way when she had smashed through the fifth floor from the top.

Mark was almost at the bottom when the building roared and started to tremble. He stopped to hear it clearer.
An intense rumbling came from above and quickly increased in volume.
"Fuck no!" he yelled, grabbing the rail and dashing down the flights of stairs. He only had one floor to go when he saw the stairwell above him crumble and dissapear in a cloud of debris.
Mark fell and pulled himself into a corner, covering his head as the building around him imploded completely.


That cold bitch! He thought, why would she want to kill me? What is she getting out of it?
Mark had survived the collapse in the safety of the concrete stairwell. Everything around him was completely destroyed, yet a small part of the stairwell stayed intact, sheilding him from the rest of the deadly debris.
He knew he would soon catch up to her. A few minutes earlier, he had found a car and immediately got back on the freeway. He wasn't sure what he was going to do. His anger left him with no common sense. He was chasing after a woman who could crush him and his little car in her palm.
He was so angry he could drive right into her foot, get out, and give her a piece of his mind. Lucky for him, she was still nowhere in sight.
He knew he had to stay low. Once he found her, he wouldn't be able to get anywhere near her without her noticing.
She could smell me if I get too close, he thought. She could hear my car and-
He shifted his eyes to the rearview mirror and saw a massive, grinning, white muzzle.
"Holy fuck!" he screamed, "How the fuck did you get behind me, bitch?"
He was already going as fast as the engine would allow and the wolf behind him was holding a steady trot on all fours with its head close to the ground directly behind the car.
The wolf came up close and nudged the car with its muzzle. Mark held the wheel tightly and kept the car on course.
In all my rage and fury to find her, I didn't even notice her sneak up on me? This is bullshit! Why the hell is she still fucking around with me? I thought she wanted me dead!
With that, he slammed on the brakes. The wolf slowed to avoid stepping on the car. Instantly, the car was plucked off the street. Mark tangled with the seat belt and started to get ready to jump out. As he faced the window, he got a clear view of the wolf.
She took the car in her palm and tore off the door with a thumb. Mark instantly stepped out of the car, violently tossing the seat belt out of his way.
Instantly, the wolf wiped the grin off her face and squinted her eyes.
"Yeah!" Mark yelled to her, "It's me! You didn't get me back there, I'm still alive!"
"Mark?" she asked, "Well, of course you're alive. I said I wouldn't kill you; I don't know why you're so uptight."
Mark simply stared at her, seriously wanting to punch her in the nose, "What?"
"I said I wouldn't kill you," she told him again and grinned, "If you seriously want to die, I can arrange it."
"Are you joking?" Mark asked, "You had better not be fucking with me!"
She flicked the car off her palm and focused on Mark.
"What is your problem?" she growled, narrowing her eyes.
"You just tried to kill me!" he hollered, "You don't remember that?"
"Well, yes," she admitted, "until I saw it was you in the car."
"What are you talking about?" he asked impatiently.
"I eat people, Mark. I was chasing you for fun, but mainly to eat you. Look, I said I wasn't going to kill you. What's the matter?"
Mark stood still for a moment, just staring at her. He had a feeling she wasn't lying. He began to look around, scanning the horizon. He looked in every direction. He didn't see any wolves, save for the one holding him at the moment. Then he snapped back and looked her in the eye.
"What's your name?"
"Carah," she answered cautiously, "You don't remember the name of the wolf that spared your life?"
Mark ignored the question.
"Did you see any other wolves recently?"
"What," he interrogated, "What were they like? Men, women, white, brown, black?"
"What are you getting at?"
"Carah, just answer the question."
A finger larger than his whole body struck him before he had time to react. The air was forced from him as he fell back violently and found himself pinned. She held him firm and was showing no signs of loosening her grip. Mark was without air and growing weak. His vision was taken slowly, just leaving faint outlines of everything around him. He had just a few seconds left.
The pressure receded and Mark slowly regained full consciousness.
"Oh God," he gasped.
"Don't ever order me around like that," Carah snapped, "Remember where you stand."
He looked up at her. Sincere. Wow, he thought, this is sure an elaborate setup.
"Now what would you like to know, Mark?" He looked up at her breathing heavily.
"I'm sorry, I just wanted to know what the last wolf you saw looked like."
She opened her maw to speak but hesitated. Mark looked up at her.
"It was a she wolf. White, like me," she paused again, "actually, just like me."
Mark continued to stare into space, considering the possibility that he was fooled by another wolf.
"She was extremely violent. She crashed through everything in her way, and mindlessly killed any human she set her eyes on. She seemed to be in a hurry too."
"Well, she's off to that wolf meet you're probably heading to right now."
"What wolf meet?" Carah asked, "They're having a meet?"
"Are you serious?"
"Yeah. Well, if there is a meet going on, I wasn't informed."
Mark watched her muzzle as she spoke. He focused on all those teeth. He wondered how he avoided so many others' fates so easily. Here he was, after meeting three wolves, still uneaten.
His attention turned to her lip when she was done talking. A cut, hardly visible from where she held him, stretched a good length across her upper lip. It was licked clean, but still fresh. Mark let out a deep breath.
"That other wolf," Mark explained, "I thought she was you."
Carah held her ears upright and listened intently.
"I saw her after trying to chase after you this morning. I'm guessing she took your identity when she noticed that I took her for someone else. I have no idea why, but she pretended to befriend me. She said she had to go to a meeting and opted for me to stay behind for my safety. She put me inside a building far from the ground, and knocked it down. I survived only because I managed to climb down eight flights when it collapsed and the stairwell acted like a shield. I thought you were her when you snuck up on me."
She slowly nodded.
"I'm sorry then," she calmed him, "I probably would have been angrier if I was in your position."
"So, how many people have you killed?"
"How many people have you killed?"
"I've been eating them, but I don't kill for any other reason," she explained.
"If you don't mind me asking," Mark continued, "Why does it seem to me like you have a whole conduct code on how you should or should not be treating humans?"
"Because I do." Carah said, "I won't kill anyone unless I need to eat. I've always gone by this rule."
Mark was blown away by her answer.
"You've always gone by a code? You've only been a wolf since midnight last night!"
"Mark, you're starting to get on my nerves with the questions again."
"I'm sorry Carah. Thing is, I've been in the dark this whole time and don't know what the hell's going on."
"How about I just explain everything to you?" she offered, "You have time to listen?"
"All the time in the world," he answered.
"Alright then," she exhaled and sat down, propping her legs, leaning back, and dumping Mark on her stomach, "I am Carah Grashrund, and I am regrettably one of the Loup Garou."
"Like, a fucking werewolf tribe?"
"Yes," she sighed, "Like a fucking werewolf tribe."

Extinction Level Event
Extinction Level Event
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Postby FatTony » Fri Feb 01, 2008 5:00 pm

Well I read the last and the 3 chapter more than one time and I must say something got wrong with the exchange .
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Postby kool kitty89 » Tue Feb 05, 2008 9:20 am

If it wasn't her he was with, how was she able to call him by name? (Maby just an oversight...)

Or was it her and she's just dilusional?

Well I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
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kool kitty89
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Extinction Level Event
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