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Deus In Machina -Prologue-

Postby DeadLantern » Wed Jan 23, 2008 2:44 am

Hi there. I'm a little nervous about how posting my first story will go, but I'm going to take the chance anyway. This is only the prologue (or can even be considered the first chapter) in what I hope to be an interesting and enjoyable story. Forgive me if it's too cryptic, but I wanted to get the story out there, to see if it's even worth continuing. I do very rudimentary art, and if enough interest builds, I will try to post the mecha in this story for a better understanding. Just as a handy reference, use wikipedia for "super robots" if necessary.

Anyway, without further ado, here's the prologue to my new story, "Deus In Machina"


"Status, Blade-3: how is it handling?" a female voice asked over a radio set.

Second Lieutenant Johnathon King checked a small blue screen to the left of his Primary console.

"All readings in the green. I'm good to go." He responded

"Any comments about it?" Said the first voice with a slight crackle of static this time.

"Yeah," King began to muse "I swear to god if feels like I'm drifting in space right now. I would

have floated out of my seat if it weren't for these harnesses!"

"Well, that's the effects of the GLIDE system. What else did you think defying gravity would feel

like?" chuckled the first voice.

"That's enough," An older male voice broke through' "No uneccessary chatter. Blade-3, maintain cruising speed and bearing along the transport. Control, just take the data."

"Yes Major." The female responded smartly.

"Aye aye, CHIEF!" John said in a mocking manner.

"DAMMIT King. You know it pisses me off when you start using that Navy terminology. I've told you before, I don't care where you're from, but you're in the ARMY'S 3rd SR division. GOT IT?!" Growled

the older man.

"Unnecessary chatter, Major, but I got it." King said, in the same style as before.

"IDIOT! That cocky kid'll get caught one day, and I'm gonna be the one to tell his parents they

raised an DEAD moron." Said Major Thomas Vasqez, walking away from the communications. He walked over to a window in the transports narrow passageway, and peered outside to the large but sleek, silent craft his young Lieutenant now sat in the pilot seat of.

Problem is he's too good, thought the gruff, old warrior. He shook his head, turned away, and began

to walk towards the the hangar bay.

This kid had proven to be some sort of prodigy when it came to piloting a Sapien Replicant. THAT'S why King sat in the seat of the newest model, testing out a completely new system of transportation, instead of one of the older, more experienced pilots of the 'Blade' strike team.

But too many times in the past had Major Vasquez seen the best prodigies die in the line of combat, victim to their own ego. King had shown those same traits.

He opened the hatch to the hangar, and stepped through. He peered out to the bay below, greeted by the sight of soldiers doing their job. Many a man and woman scurried about, most of which maintained the massive, metal humanoid warriors standing stoically along the bay's walls. This was
no strange sight to the Major, as his role in this war was a Sapien Replicant pilot.

Sapien Repliants, or SRs for short, had even earned the nickname 'Super Robots', after the Giant robots of old Japan's cartoons. They looked nothing like "mechs" of older western science fiction media, but did, in fact, were the blocky, bright super hero robots of old far eastern culture.

The reasoning behind this (Or so ALL the propaganda commercials showed) was because the scientist who developed this weapon system saw a child playing with an action figure, and became inspired enough to bring the solution of giant robots to real life.

Of course the first SRs made their debut five years ago, when war had started seven prior to that.

Mankind had been pushed back so far to the edges of his own countries, that several orbital elevators had to be destroyed to make sure those wretched invaders never followed him into space.

Logically speaking, the elevators could probably never be use by the enemy, but if these monsters EXISTED, there's no telling what else may have been possible. Either way, the SRs had been created on the moon for the sole purpose of allowing man to protect what was rightfully his. The earth.

This had lead to a massive campaign of reclamation, using the Moon as the base of operations.

The major now sat in his cockpit, running the mandatory pre-mission system checks. If he had learned anything in his fifteen years serving the Alliance of Northern Atlantic Nations, it was routines were established to save lives.

Touchdown with even one defective system, and you were beast meat.

"MAJOR!" hollered a smartly dressed technician,"You sure you want a standard weapons cache? Nothing else?"

"Yes. I'm paid to kill, not to torture!" Replied Vasquez.

"You still believe in that sentience crap, eh? Well, suit yourself."

"Hey, if Johnny asked for no torture tools! It's how a team works!" Calmly said the major. He was of course, referring to his Second Lieutenants ideas of the enemy. What man fought was indeed dangerous, but had also shown signs of intelligence.

Rumors had even been heard of a group of "Mega Beastials" who were intelligent (similar to their smaller cousins), and even benevolent. King believed that they were thinking, feeling creatures. So strongly, in
fact, that he had gotten into a fist fight over this with a higher ranking intelligence officer. Ironic considering what THEY did to the kid's father.

Thomas Vasquez himself had to bail his ass out, but if there was one thing the old wardog respected it was a firm belief. Even it it was insanely moronic. And didn't sit well with the rest of the team.

But nonetheless, he had obliged a request from King NOT to use any weapons designed for

torture. He applied the same rules to other members of his strike team, such as never "using the lord's name in vein", or at least in their presence.

The transport gave a lurch, and the main speaker cracked on.

"Strike team, we are beginning descent, you will be at the drop off point in thirty minutes."

The alloy titans began to shift and move, lights began to twinkle on and off in various cockpits. The war machines were getting restless. The major's communications panel lit up with a video feed of Lieutenant King.

"Hey major?" he said, voice wavering slightly

"Yeah" replied Vasquez

"Do you think my dad... would be proud?" King managed

The Major was quiet, as if actually thinking about it.

"Yeah" he said dryly, "I know he would"

2nd Lieutenat Johnathon "Johnny" King was, by most accounts,both a lucky AND cursed man in the grand scheme of things. Sure he had a rather poor social life, but after seeing the things he had seen, he was still alive.

He made good grades through school, Joined then ANAN Navy (making it all the way to Petty Officer 3rd class as a storekeeper), and even crossed into the Army as an officer, and a Super Robo Pilot. But all of these paled in comparrison to an earlier event in his life.

He experienced the "Bloody Gateway" incident at ground zero. Twelve years ago, he stood in Manhattan the day the earth would change forever. He saw the first Beastials, and the first Mega Beastial any man would ever lay eyes on. And he would later take on the training necessary to take back his planet.

He had less than thirty minutes to the drop off point, and he couldn't help but be nervous. This was his third official mission, but about his eight time in an SR. Talking to the Major a few moments ago had definitely help calm his nerves, but he was by no means confident about what may come next.

He checked his SRs autopilot to make sure his altitude and bearing were in tandem with the C-210 ZEUS transport Jet (they were), and then decided to lean back and relax.

Difficult, considering he was floating an inch above his seat. He WAS in Earth's atmosphere, but he, and his Robot, were under the effects of a test model GLIDE system.

His was the first unit in history to be fitted with the Gravity Leverage Inertial Displacement Engine system, and all things considered, Johnny was amazed that they selected him as the pilot. He suspected it was the same reason they wanted him to pilot one at all. His father.

He would never forget that day either. Five years ago, his father went back to earth from their home on the Moon, to prove that this new weapons platform works, and what it could do to the lumbering beasts that had stolen the planet.

The initial tests went well, but an accident left his shuttle destroyed, and his father was too far from any orbital elevators. So he used the first Sapien Replicant for the purpose it was designed for.

Johnny remembered vividly, what he had seen easily a hundred times on recording.

His father powered up the round clunky armor, and with a shout of "FIIIRRREE BLLLASSTT!!!" The V shaped crest on the robots chest began to glow. Seconds later, a beam of bright light burst forth, annihilating the forest before him, and two Mega Beastials that were hidden in it.

Most Super robot attacks were voice activated, so what used to seem ridiculous now seemed almost inspiring.

King's father then began into a mad dash towards a new group of foes, who had congregated at the sight of their fallen comrades. Six of them. And with a howl, scientist warrior Jack King leaped at his enemies.

Reality slapped him in the face.

"King!" called Vasquez "We're at T minus zero! GO GO GO!" and with that, King peered to the back of

the ZEUS transport, to see his three comrades, now as their metallic alter egos, one by one leap

from the hulking jet's rear bay.

I sure did waste my relaxation time, King thought somberly.

"Roger that! Let's ROCK AND ROOLLL!!" Johnny yelled back enthusiastically, contrasting his inner tone. He took his long, sleek vehicle into a barrel roll and began to dive with them.

"God, that kid is such a nerd" said a new female voice over the radio line, "no wonder they give him all the toys."

"Is that jealousy, I hear, Miss Lin?" replied King, in a taunting tone

"The hell it is! I'm just saying a guy who pilots something like THAT will probably never get laid is all." Said First Lieutenant Jiang Lin. Her bulky SR even made a rather offensive finger gesture

(you can guess which one) during free fall.

"Well, I guess you would probably know more about that sort of thing than me, you know, being the base slu-" King was about to finish a real zinger when he was interrupted.

"Hows about you morons shut the f*ck up before I send both your asses to courts martial, huh?" Snapped an angry voice. Clearly African American, it belonged to First Lieutenant Mark Fry. "Or in case you didn't know, we have people to save." He was gruff, to say the least, but on point thought Johnny.

The land below came into view. Portions of the city were in ruins, plumes of smoke, and debris riddled the streets, but the majority (thankfully the civilian living sectors) were for the most most part unscathed.

We'll keep it that way too, thought the hot blooded young pilot.

A large, onmious figure slowly began to rise from the obscurity, and locked eyes on the quartet of falling metal masses, now only a scant thousand feet above it.

"Here's were we hit the ground running..." Said the Major, in a somber voice.

The battle had begun.
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Postby crazyfox22 » Wed Jan 23, 2008 5:30 am must continue with your story!!!
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Postby Kusanagi » Wed Jan 23, 2008 7:23 am

Very good start, always have a soft spot for scifi, I also like how your embracing Super Robots instead of dismissing them as cheesy. Hope you continue, it could be fun. (something new has been added :o)

catch other stories by the drunken writer
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Postby Lobo-Branco » Wed Jan 23, 2008 10:20 am

You are doing great, but try to be more descriptible about the SRs. How much tall are them? What's the colour of the armour? What kind of weapons can them fire? etc

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Postby DeadLantern » Thu Jan 24, 2008 3:45 am

Thank you very much for the votes of confidence.

Kusanagi, you're actually one of my favs here, so that comment means alot to me.

As far as mecha designs go, I am hoping to be much more meticulous and detailed abut the Robos AND their foes (although given this site, not to hard to figure out. Also, am not personally a furry, just interested in the fandom). I also plan to MS Paint some stuff and post it to my deviantart.

Estimated time to completion: Two weeks. I got to finish technical school, but then I'm in a holding unti, then off to be stationed in Okinawa, Japan. So i'll have plenty of time and inspiration. Am in the Navy, so I can guarantee the military terminology and situations.

Thanks again, and expect more soon.
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