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I, pariah

Postby Xoguran » Wed Jan 02, 2008 3:32 pm

My first episode from a series I´m going to post here during this year. It was a while since I wrotte soemthing in english, but I save ennough willpower to try again to post soemthing here. This tale is mostly a sci-fi story what involves political conspiracies and the bad use of macro beings.
I hope you all enjoy it, happy 2008.
All the mornings was the same routine, the antiseptical scent, the pure white walls and the shinning light comming trough a square in the ceiling where saying good morning to him. As usual, he try to move his limbs and his tendrils finding the resistance of a adaptative strait jacket what was the only company during the interminable hours on this new home.
One thousand needles started to punish his brain as the drugs secondary effects faded away, his scaley skyn started to recover it´s sensivity in a slow but progressive way.
He smiled to himself as he found his comunication skills where returning to normality, a few hours ago, since the doctor administrate the drugs, he was only capable of emit incoherencies and gibbering sounds.
Trying to convince him he was uanble to, he focused and try to cough his breath weapon, but only a dry coff was audible, not gas, not flames, nothing. His reptilian tounge touched his now harmless teeth, his fangs where extirpate and the rest where polished and smooted.
Suddenly, the hidraulic sounds of his jail doors opening make his ears protests with a hurting whistle, his eyes, still half blind try to see who was this time, the doctors?, the nurses?.
-Sir, are you sure you are interes in this case?, he is only a common patient, nothing special...
A deep voice answer to the medicore weak voice comming from one of the psiquiatrist he know very well.
-I am very sure about what concerns to the Atabeg´s activities and intereses, Dr. Sacks. Now leave me alone with the patient, the motive of this interview is alpha.
He hear how one of the nurses let her notebook fall to the floor with a loud impact.
The doctor and the nurse leave the room fast as they can follow the hidraulic sound of the door closing behind the new visitor. His vision start to go from the blurry miopia like to one more clear, and the unkown face start to draw front of him. All the medical personal where humans, he know that very well, but the new visitor was not a member of the homo sapiens, he was a neohuman.
The pure black eyes, the marbre like white of his skyn, the lack of hair on his head, the perfect simetry of his face with the absence of a nose and mostly the impressive strong bulky phisique where features of one of the many humankinds subspecies he know well.
-Hello, my old fryend.
A cinical chuckle followed that salutation as the uniformed neohuman get closer to him. He was wearing the luxurious militar uniform what remind he a victorian age colonial infatry capitan.
He try to stand up and attack that familiar face as his memory was starting to summon images from the past, iamges from a few years ago. Sadly, his body collapsed uncapable even to rise from his sitting position.
-Calm down, calm down...these drugs must be very potent, even you where uncapable of recognice my voice.
He growled, frustrated as the sudden rage sunked into a depressive sea.
-Why you show your face now?. Why this, why all this "insanity" charade?.
The neohuman militar bend a bit front of him with a smile on his face.
-Well, let me remember, you where choosen from the metadministration functionary mass and trained as a test subject for use an artifact what the public opinion think is just a fiction for monitorise a multiverse beyond ours.
His face turn into the right as the neohuman suddenly bitch slap him.
-Until you decide to use it for travel to that multiverse even knowing it was forbbiden by the Grey Lord Himself! You, an insignificant mediocre dragon who was even a low class functionary!.
Tears fill his eyes when the neohuman´s big hand grab his straitjacket and lift him from the floor witouth effort.
-If you don´t suffered all these changes "thanks" to your travel, you would face a total erradication sentence, witouth even reincarnation possibility!.
The dragon body collide against the wall as he toss him just bit a small portion of his strength. Humilliated, angered, he tryed to reply.
-I...was tired...and curious...
The militar let a sig of relief, trying to calm down.
-I read the pisquiatrical informs, I know all the story and the reasons. For that reason the atabeg is interesed into you.
The neohuman look on one of his uniform pockets and take a holo cube from it, with a press of his fingers a tridimensional image appear, the iamge of a organ, a non human one. The dragon gasp and started to cry, all his hopes where now lost as he contempalted that organ.
-Yes, is your grow gland, the new organ you develope during your stance in that strange multiverse. We know about it during the first days you where "hospitalised" here after your return trough the One thousand doors and I know you try to hidde it´s existance as your bonus card.
The holoproyection dissapear as he turn off it. The dragon was uncapable now os say anything, all his hopes of scape dissapear when that image appear.
-Of course, I know you didn´t outgrow this space station for two reasons, first you want to gather enough information about what happen in the Grey Dominium during your absence and the second you need to know where is this space station is emplaced, for don´t be absorbed or annihilated by any space disturbance, like a black hole, during your scape.
The dragon´s face expression changed from total defeat to one of total apathy.
-And why you don´t kill me?, you have now what you want and I doubt the medical personnal here want to hear me again telling tales about a multiverse where all the parallel worlds it haves are populated by anthropormorphical Earth animals.
The neohuman face look more serious as he hear that reply.
-Because, since your absence, we try to send an expedition and all the human and neohuman explorers died when they cross the Void barrier, seems that multiverse you visit just accepts dragons and any other inteligent species what looks like it´s inhabitants, but as you know, during the Divergency all the dragons and anthropomorphical like sentient lifeforms joined to the other side.
The dragon smile.
-The Divergency is over as well as the second Grey Lord abdicated and trespass all his political and supernatural powers to the third Grey Lord, ending the totalitarism era I knowed before my "exile". Or that is what the nurses and the docs here told me...
The marbre white face looks more serious, but the pure black eyes transmited a feeling of pure hate and frustration.
-Yes, we now live in a democratical era, but the factions still there, same powers in the shadow, same intereses, but different names. And as you know, the last we want is one of these factions obtaining a militar independent force thanks to a foreigner multiverse what doesn´t obeys the Grey´s rules. The unity all these new Grey lord loyalist price and predicat is just an illusion, we doesn´t democracy, we need the second Grey Lord back.
A explosive laugh filled the room as the dragon hear the last comment.
-What?, you want him back? And how?, he abdicated, he rejected the idea of rule the entire multiverse as all he builded started to crumble and downfall around him.
The inexpressive marbre white face grin.
-Using you, of course, and those who think as us. You will guide a small group to that universe and stay there until we send you a experimental dispositive what will allow you to open a stable portal to our multiverse and bring some of these multiversal "aliens" here. The chaos in result will show the ineficacy of this new Grey Lord and the people will claim and cry for the return of Ishker as a Grey Lord.
He shake his head, uncapalbe of belive what that variation of human was telling him.
-You want I help you bring back a brutal totalitarian ruler, what just delivered a period of absoulte terror across a infinite number of paralel worlds, timelines and realities? When you know I use the One Thousand dorrs for scape of that world, of that nightmare make true?.
The grow organ hologram appear again.
-I know you are addicted to it, the power, the idea of become something unstoppable and beyond good and evil...is to entoxicating to a dragon who doesn´t even deserve to being consider a member of that noble species. You know it very well, you know you want it back...isn´t it, Xoguran?.

(To be continued)
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Postby The Blue Mage » Sun Jan 06, 2008 3:48 pm

The backstory is kinda useless without any rel elaboration behind it, but it's decently-written. I know you're trying your best to translate, but it kind of glaringly shows at points.
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