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Connections (Set in DTF's "Nature" Universe)

Postby Herobreak » Sat Aug 18, 2007 5:41 am

As the title says, takes place within the universe thought up with by Duct Tape Fanatic. Universe and scenario used with his permision. It helps greatly if you have read both Nature and what has been done of Parton's War. Seeing that this is my 1st Macro story comments of any kind would be very helpful. Thanks in advance for those who comment.

Now... I guess I should get on with it.

The sweet sound of classical instruments filled the main dinning area of the [i:2681e716ce]Rose[/i:2681e716ce], a very high profile restaurant with equally high prices, the fruits of which seemed to go directly into the building's interior design. The building treated the eyes with deep reds and browns which made up the plush themed furniture and table cloths. The lush maroon carpet ran in every direction, leading up to the clear glass windows covered in dark chocolate brown curtains.

As the chorus of the song played through the speakers that lined the walls for a second time, Mark thought he could make out the sweet wail of a violin, but he couldn't be sure. He never did have a keen ear for music; he was a marine after all: the only sounds his ears where trained to identify were the different pat-pats of artillery's fire. It was times like these he wished that the drills and fight-sims he was always put through would have taught him how to wait for his late date.

"Damn, nine thirty," Mark muttered while looking at his watch. She was supposed to have arrived half an hour ago. Kathrine, or "Kathy," as her friends called her, was the young woman in question that he was waiting for. Her and Mark had been going strong for some time now and it was for this reason he was willing to put up with the high class feeling of this place and the ever annoying stiff feeling of his tuxedo: for tonight marked their first year anniversary as a couple.

As the light from the flickering candles danced across his face, he flipped open his cell phone for the third time that night and tried calling her. As he listened to his phone ring, he caught a glimpse of a man he hadn't noticed before sitting at a table to his left. He looked nothing out of the ordinary, only having light skin and neatly trimmed blond hair. Mark wouldn't have given him a second thought if he hadn't had a smirk directed directly at him.

What's his problem? Mark thought as he heard Kathy's voice mail come on the other side of the line. With a sigh he closed his phone. He was about to say something to the man at the other table when a noise caught his attention. The sound of the front desk"™s bell signaled Kathy"™s arrival. The host greeted her and directed her towards Marks' direction. Quickly forgetting about the man, Mark quickly jumped out his seat to meet her with a warm smile.

"Hey, there you are Honey, I was..." Mark cut himself short as his girlfriend never seemed to notice his presence. Instead she walked right past him and greeted the man at the table left of him with a hug. The mans smirk turned into a full blown smile as he embraced the blond haired and blue-eyed Kathy. Utterly dumbfounded at the sight, all Mark could do was stutter a string of incoherent sounds before he was finally able to get his mouth in working order: "Kathy! just what in the hell do you think your doing?" His rage nearly deafened him from the loud and bizarre sound that echoed through the now deserted and silent dinning area...


Ignoring the annoying noise, he approached them. Kathy embraced the man again, this time with a kiss, and as they locked lips, all he could was ask a simple question as a tear gently streamed down his face: "Why?" She looked up, and opened her mouth to respond; but for some odd reason her body seemed to fade in and out of existence, and the only thing Mark could hear was that annoying sound ring inside his ears again:


Before it struck again, he could see her beautiful body, clad in a dark blue dress which brought out her eyes, fade in and out like a ghost once more before it vanished form his sight and he was completely consumed by darkness...


With a flash of movement, his eyes shot open. It took a couple of seconds for his mind to register that he was laying on his bunk inside his shared quarters. Can't they think of a less annoying way to wake us up? Mark thought as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and tried to get the sound from the wake-up siren to stop ringing in his ears. As he forced his weary muscles from bed and headed toward the shower deck with a towel in hand, he couldn't help but notice that the dreams used to scare him, but over the past few months, he had gotten used to the fact he would have them from time to time. That didn't make them any less painful.

Upon finding a stall that was free to use, Mark pushed a small button which caused a steady stream of hot water to hit his naked form. As the steam from the hot water filled the stall he couldn't help but look away, blushing from embarrassment as two young women walked by with nothing but towels around their wastes. Though he had been on board the ship for nearly a week now, he still hadn't gotten used to the fact that the facility's here where all co-ed. What was the same however, was the ever annoying five minute time limit that this ship shared with his old base. His knotted muscles never had much time to relax.

Though he had not seen any actual combat since he arrived here, his body still felt like it had been through hell. He guessed that it was the seven straight days of being put through drill after drill in the new mech suits the army had acquired from their new allies. He personally hated having to be stuffed in the cramped cockpit; even if it was a simulation, he would have much rather done it the old fashioned way: on foot. Unfortunately, it was the only way a marine could be effective against the enemy.

As he made his way back toward his quarters, Mark found it amusing that a lot of his fellow crew members were disappointed at the way the alien ship was designed. It looked like your everyday barracks with its smooth and simple metal walls and barren rooms, and Mark didn't see any reason to make any fuss over it. In fact, it helped him feel more at home than anything he could bring with him. That was a good thing too, since it helped to get his mind off the fact that he was in the middle of space on some massive ship not made by human hands.

After getting dressed, his first order of business was to check the message terminal, it was a simple device that every quarters on the ship shared. It reminded Mark of the E-mail system he had used back at the home, only all of the messages where recorded audio and video instead of text. Not only did it allow the crew to keep in contact with each other, but it also was able receive messages from wherever one would call home. Mark placed his thumb on the DNA scanner. His full name MARCUS JUAN VASQUES flashed across the screen confirming that his log in was successful. Quickly, he checked the "Off Ship" box, and found what he wanted. He clicked on the message and smiled as a familiar face showed up on the display.

"Hey, What's up? Its your favorite big brother!" Christopher said with a smirk.

"Sorry if you get this late, we weren't sure how long this would take to get out there, but Mom, Dad, and yes, even I would like to wish you a happy 19th birthday! They want to apologize for not being able to be here to send this with me, but you know how they are, busy people and all."

Mark couldn't help but let his face curve into another simile Mom and Dad always did remember us."

"Since you ran off on that alien ship, It's been hard to find anything amusing to do, sure I've got Samantha to keep me company but it just isn't the same here with out you. After all, Sammy was never too keen on basketball or trips to the local Holo-cade. Anyways, enough about me, how are you holding up? I know it's been hard since it happened, but stay strong.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, there's a file attached to this message, Mom wanted me to make sure to tell you to open it after I'm done here." With a smug look he added: "We wanted to wait till your 21st to give it to you, but seeing as your out there fighting for us, we figured you could use a reminder of home. Well, I must be off! Send us a message when you can. We all love you and are always praying for your safe return."

Doing as his brother asked, he opened the attached file, and nearly groaned in regret as a movie file started playing. It was video shots of his life, baby clips and all. He watched in embarrassment as he saw himself mature from a small toddler to the young man he was now. He desperately hoped no one would walk by the terminal's room while the video was playing. The last clip showed him with his parents and brother right before he was shipped off to the base on his home planet. He looked just as he was now, only with shorter hair. He was fairly small for a marine of nineteen, and his lanky but muscled build didn't help to instill any kind of imposing impression on to his 5'7 and 140 pound frame. His Dark brown hair and, brown skin gave away his Hispanic heritage. After it finished, he closed the mailbox thinking that he had gotten away with no one seeing it, but his hopes where soon dashed when a mocking voice made him jump from his seat:

"Well, if that wasn't the sweetest thing I've ever seen."

Rolling his eyes, Mark didn't even turn around to see who it was.
"Hi Jeff."

"Hey what's up amigo?" he responded with lopsided smile.

"Nothing much I guess, seeing that I have the next two days off duty ." Mark responded as he got up and turned around to face his friend "So how much did you see of the video?" he said with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

A smirk spread across Jeff's face: "Oh, just about all of it, I especially liked the bit where you were eating chalk, that was "˜cute."™"

"Oh shut up. you probably did the same thing when you were two." Mark said laughing as he got up to greet his friend with a pat on the shoulder."

"Actually, I didn't. Heck, by the time I was two, I was already taking names. He said while cracking his knuckles. It's not my fault your just a weak little norm." He said with a laugh, then added "So if you've got nothing to do right now, care to head with me to the mess hall?"

"Sure, lead the way. I am rather hungry after all"

As they made their way out of the quarters and along the simply designed metallic hallways, which made up this portion of the human section of the ship Marks thoughts drifted off to just how funny it was that Jeff such a laid back guy. Seeing that he was a Sterkor or "Neo-human" as the politically correct term happen to be for reformed Sterks. Being a Neo he was supposed to be among the most high-strung and aggressive of people, Jeff was none of these, in fact, even though Jeff found combat rather enticing, he was one of the most mild mannered guys Mark knew. Even his very image seemed to defy his neo lineage: his spiked blond hair coupled with his green eyes made him look like your average everyday guy and not a single tattoo could be seen covering his white skin.

Mark could tell that they where approaching the mess hall long before he could see the actual entrance simply by the amount of people that where heading in the same direction as they were. The mess hall was one of the busiest portions of the human sector and like every other section of the ship, it wasn't eye-catching, just of plain and boring design. On the wall furthest from the entrance was the serving booth, and as Mark followed Jeff to it he could see people of every decent making small talk at various tables which dotted the dinning area of the room. Whatever hunger pangs Mark was experiencing suddenly went away as he caught sight of a couple sitting at table. The young man and women seemed to not have a care in the world as they eyed each other with love-struck eyes.

After getting their food and finding an empty table, Mark and Jeff sat down to eat, well, Jeff did, Mark instead just sat there looking at his full plate with a stark look held upon his face. Noticing his friend's expression, Jeff broke the silence between them by asking:

"Hey, what"™s with the sudden change of mood?"

"Them." Mark responded as he motioned towards the couple.

"Oh, that..." Jeff said as his voice trailed off. " How long as it been anyways, like five months?

"Yeah, five months next Wednesday." Mark responded with a distant look, he laid his head in his cupped hand with sigh as he poked his eggs with a plastic fork.

Jeff couldn't help but let out a frustrated sigh of his own "Geez man, when are you going to get over it? It's been almost half a year already and your still dragging yourself down with what she did, just let it go."

"You don't know what it's like..." Mark said absentmindedly before he was cut off by the angry voice of Jeff...

"Yeah you know what? Your right, I don't know what it's like to be screwed over by someone you once loved like that but I do know what it's like to have shitty stuff happen to me. If I recall correctly I was the one who had family on Pieces and you don't see me crying over it."

Mark just kept staring into space, seeing that he couldn't find a response.

"Look" Jeff said in a more mild tone "Sorry if I sound harsh and all, it's just that I don't want you to hang on to it for the rest of your life. Besides, I'm sure you will have some girl wrapped around your finger here soon enough."

"Hah, somehow I doubt that..." Cames Marks reply.

"Well, look at it this way. If it doesn't work out with any of the humans here you could always go for some Lyth chick." Jeff said with a devilish smile.

Marks response was to look Jeff straight on with one of his brown colored eyes which was partly obstructed with a strand of his dark-brown hair "Dude, that... that's not funny."

"Oh?" Jeff shot back "Then why am I laughing my head off?"

Mark dropped his sour attitude and added "Maybe it's because your an ass who just likes to make my life more difficult than it actually is?"

"Nah, I think I liked the other reason better." Jeff responded with another laugh, as he tried to change the subject. "So, got any idea's of what your going to do on your off days?"

"No, not really. Mark said with a shrug I was just hoping to take a look around the ship, I've only been able to see our quarters and the training room. The sarge has had us on a tight schedule since we arrived here so I haven't had any time to look around."

"Ah, well, then, I would suggest the viewing deck, I've heard lots of "interesting" things about it from my fellow bunk mates. Jeff said with a smirk as he stuffed the last of his food in his mouth. "As for me though, I gotta get going, I don't want the wing commander to give my crap about being late... again." He said that last part with a wince of mock pain."

Mark got off from the table to see his friend off with handshake "Alright man, I will see ya latter I assume?"

"Sure thing Jeff, said. He turned to leave but was stopped by Mark's words.

"Hey Jeff."

"Yeah?" Came his response

"Thanks for that."

"Heh, anytime man, anytime." Jeff said with a wave

As Mark sat down to finish his food he couldn't help but wonder what was so interesting about the viewing deck.
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Postby Freshmeat » Sat Oct 13, 2007 11:44 pm

this sounds interesting, are you working on the continuation? If not, then do so - great job :D
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The Thousand Year War--- 80% written, 50% typed
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Postby Herobreak » Sun Oct 14, 2007 7:10 am

:shock: Wow a real response! Thank you so much for reading! Yeah, I'm working on the next part right now, I'm just a little delayed because I don't have a computer to work on it right now (My laptop decied to die on me this weekend). Again Thanks for reading and Macros will apear in the next part...
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Postby Olafur » Tue Oct 23, 2007 10:36 pm

Hey man, good story you got there! When you gonna post the next chapter?

Who is Duct Tape Fanatic, though? I'd sure like to know more about this universe he has created.

Again, I enjoyed reading that. :)
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Keep going!

Postby Kimelan » Thu Oct 25, 2007 1:57 am

I shall make my first, and perhaps only post for a while, about this here story. I am a chronic lurker.

You should keep going. I like your style of writing, and this appears to have great potential. I would love to see more of it.

Good luck with the next chapter! :D
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Postby Freshmeat » Sun Oct 28, 2007 5:52 am

Duct Tape Fanatic is the best writer here(in my opinon :D )

You can find the first part of the story in the adult story section, look for Nature. I just posted there so it should be at the top.

Excellent, albeit very long story.

I would ask him to have it published but that's going too far
Current works:
The Thousand Year War--- 80% written, 50% typed
Larger and Larger---50% written
Deitism---coming soon
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Postby Lobo-Branco » Tue Nov 27, 2007 1:40 am

Hey u're doing great. When reading "Nature" and "Patron's War" I've always wondering about the other people on the story, curious huh?
Well, if u wish to finish this story I want you to know that u're doing very well.
Keep it up! ^^
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Postby crazyfox22 » Mon Jan 21, 2008 11:59 pm

Dude...I read both storys and I must say,
you are doing the DTF a great honor.
your story is FREAKIN GREAT!!!
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