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Without Rhyme or Reason

Postby TShaw » Mon Aug 13, 2007 4:15 am

Felt like some senseless rampage for a change


Without Rhyme or Reason
Part one

With his radio informing him of traffic the ferret navigated the morning rush like any other day. The usual Monday crowd was out on the roads. The same idiots rushing like lemmings to the workplace they all hated. Laurence was no different then any of the other motorists he competed with over that one car length just to get ahead and shave seconds of the commute.

The traffic report ended and returned to the station’s morning show. The show lived to take callers stuck in traffic just to hear them vent their frustrations. To Laurence it made the drive somewhat better to know others shared his rage at stupid drivers that always managed to get ahead of him. The first caller after the traffic beak way a bit different sort though.

The female voice was trying to advise everyone of a giant rabbit sauntering down 34th street heading for the intersection right in front of Laurence. Laurence chuckled as the radio personality began mocking the caller asking if in her opinion the rabbit was hot. To Laurence’s amusement the female began describing the twenty foot rabbit.

As she was interrupted by the on air host Laurence became aware the vibrations he’d been feeling were not only in rhythmic intervals but also becoming stronger. He glanced around him at the others stuck in the bumper to bumper traffic, seeing the usual oblivious self-interest in the faces around him.

A large shadow falling across the traffic lights at the intersection before him arrested his full attention. In the brief moment before the cause of the shadow appeared Laurence was already a believer. He watched as the rabbit strode into the intersection in his full glory towering over the vehicles around him. Laurence wasted no time in scrambling for the door handle and attempted to make his way from the car. His door only opened a handful of inches before knocking into the fender on the moving van parked next to him at the curb leaving Laurence trapped in his car. He sat alone in his car as other furs lucky enough to escape their own personal entombments rushed past his car on foot.

The rabbit standing in the intersection surveyed the chaos erupting around him with a mischievous grin. He reached out to the street signal and wrenched it from the ground effortlessly and proceeded to bend it into a pretzel shape. The rabbit held out the dismantled light pole to appraise his handiwork for a moment before flinging it down the street in the opposite direction of where Laurence sat trapped and forced to watch.

Now finished with his latest undertaking the rabbit turned his attention to the little furs still standing around in shock looking up at him. The giant stood for several seconds looking back at the furs surrounding him smiling almost benevolently. From his vantage Laurence could see the rabbit was still growing slowly, gaining altitude as well as mass. The arms and legs of the beast filled out in width faster than they grew in length, the muscles of the giant clearly showing more and more through the thick white fur of the rabbit.

The rabbit looked away from the furs on the street to stare straight at those looking at him from the third floor windows of the building next to him. The growing rabbit’s arm shot out and his fist impacted the side of the building, instantly obliterating the furs that had been at the window staring at him. The white terror pulled his fist from the crumbling building face shaking the dust and debris from his huge paw. The rabbit opened his fist looking at it curiously, flexing his fingers and turning his paw over to examine it. A smile spread across his muzzle as the rabbit closed his fist again reared back and slammed his fist into the building again with enough force to inter his arm to the shoulder into the building.

The terror instead of pulling his arm from the building swept his arm sideways sweeping building materials, furniture and helpless furs out of the side of the building to plummet to the ground thirty stories below. Laurence could see where the sweep of the rabbit’s arm left a massive wound in the corner of the building that was slowly closing. Laurence whimpered in fear as the rabbit sidestepped the building and crossed the intersection as the building succumbed to gravity.

Laurence’s last moments where spent watching the side of falling tower grow in his windshield.


Might do a few more parts when and if I feel the mood strike me. Comments are welcome even though I spent little time or effort on this.
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Re: Without Rhyme or Reason

Postby Lennox » Mon Aug 13, 2007 5:26 am

Just a couple things.

TShaw wrote:on the moving van parked next to him

At first when I read this, I thought "How could a moving van be parked?" Even though you meant a cargo van, the word moving in that sentence might be confusing to others too.

TShaw wrote:to the ground thirty stories below

You mean thirty feet?

The idea for the story is solid, you just need to throw in more about the main character. When he died at the end, I didn't feel at loss. Try to familiarize us with the main character some more.

You don't have to take my advice here, but I thought this would be neat. At the end, definitely go into more detail about his impending death, but don't make it completely obvious he dies. Leave the reader with questions.

Good approach, I'm looking forward to a completed version. :wink:
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Postby TShaw » Wed Aug 15, 2007 5:09 am

Thanks for the heads up on the typos. As for not feeling loss of the last character, don"™t worry. I didn"™t try to establish a main character because I don"™t intend to have one. When I said senseless rampage I meant it. So don"™t try to read too much into anything in the story, just sit back and enjoy the rampages. You"™ll see where I"™m heading soon. :wink:


Part two

"Hey buddy." Kale said holding out the cup. After a second he waved the full coffee cup in the open driver"™s window in an attempt to gain his customer"™s attention. Kale resorted to speaking again, "Come on, you"™re holding up the line."

The rabbit continued to sit and stare out his car"™s windshield heedless of Kale"™s efforts to serve his order. Kale turned his head down the line of waiting cars worried everyone behind the comatose rabbit would take their frustrations out on him, again. He was surprised at the lack of angry faces in the line of his espresso shack seeing instead a sea of slack jawed astonishment. Turning to see what everyone was staring at Kale unconsciously dropped the triple shot macchiato with extra cream at the scene at the far end of the open parking lot across the street.

A forty foot tall otter was at the moment standing back up after grasping two cars from the roadway her tail whipping back and forth in the air. The otter placed the two cars bumper to bumper, adjusted her grip and began to compress them together slowly. The helpless furs within could be seen to scramble for any way out of their vehicles. Before the occupants had any chance to escape the cars were crumpled into a large ball of twisted metal the equivalent size of a beach ball to the otter.

The otter hefted the ball of metal in her paws and gazed out at the parking area nearly full of assorted vehicles a moment. She lifted the sphere over her head and brought it down right in front of herself pounding the ball onto two more cars with an ear shattering crash.

The loud noise was enough to shock the rabbit from his stupor as he accelerated out of line to the sound of screeching tires. Kale looked after the rabbit reflexively shouting, "Hey!" and continuing much quieter to avoid the attention of the otter, "You didn"™t pay for that." The cars that had been held in line behind the rabbit tore out after him.

Kale needn"™t have worried about catching the otter"™s attention as everyone still in vehicles shared the same thought as the fleeing rabbit, gaining distance between them and the giant otter. As the cars within sight of the otter made reckless dashes and runs for freedom the otter reached out for her ball of wreckage and pushed it further into the car lot. She took several moments experimentation to discover the best method of grinding the ball against the cars to make each individual vehicle stick as if rolling a metal snowball. Kale stayed in his shack crouching down and watching out his window.

Unfortunately for several of the motorists around her she didn"™t confine her metal ball building efforts to the parking lot and heedlessly swept up several furs trapped in vehicles as well. Kale soon noticed the otter was growing as she worked, staying well ahead of the growth of her ball. By the time she was satisfied the otter had an enormous multicolored sphere thirty feet across of compacted cars and trucks dripping with various fluids. Even at thirty feet across the sphere only came up to her hips, for the moment.

The female otter tilted her head as she scanned around her, turning to look behind her as well. She then stepped to the opposite side of the ball and began rolling it down the street toward Kale"™s tiny espresso shack. Kale scrambled away from the window backing into a corner and covered his head with his paws. He could feel the tremors through the floor of the shack building as the terrible ball approached his location. The bottles of the various creams, coffees and mints rattles with increasing vigor, mirroring Kale"™s own trembling as he waited for the sphere to crush him along with his tiny shack. In what he was sure were his last thoughts he wondered if he would even leave a smear.

Kale let out a strangled sigh as the tremors began to decrease indicating the passage of the otter and her ungodly sphere. Suddenly emboldened by escaping certain death Kale jumped to his feet and bolted out of the shack and raced to the sidewalk to look after the retreating otter rolling the ball before her down the center of the street.


Stay tuned, more to come.
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Postby TShaw » Mon Sep 03, 2007 8:01 pm

Part three

Joe knew he was being razzed again.

He rode in the back of the SWAT van barely suppressing a smug grin at his ability of spotting their initiation prank. As he went through his weapons check he remembered the last prank they"™d tried to pull on him. The chief had sent him on a snipe hunt to the Home Warehouse to find a squeegee sharpener, he"™d used his ingenuity to come back with one. As everyone had laughed with him over the cobbled together styrofoam, plastic and duct tape contraption he"™d thought he"™d earned a place with them and shuffled off the rookie label. It looked to Joe they were taking another run at him.

As they had pulled out of the station the chief had briefed them on their current assignment. The reaction of his teammates had been quite well acted, but he"™d sensed their lack of surprise at the absurdity of the mission. Who could believe a giant raccoon had walked up and relived itself on the monument of modern art situated in the square in front of City Hall? A slight grin escaped his effort to remain pokerfaced as Joe thought about the assignment, and his belief that the chief had overplayed his hand on this one.

As the van rocked around from the movement due to traveling at high speed Joe knew he"™d have to play along for now, he hoped could figure out a way to turn their prank back on the rest of the team before they sprung the "˜gotcha"™ on him. Joe sensed they were making the last turn toward their destination as the chief placed a hand over one helmeted ear to listen to the driver and reached for the door handle with his other hand while standing up to a crouch. As the vehicle began to decelerate rapidly the chief ordered, "Stand ready."

As one Joe and the rest of the team stood and held their weapons in the ready position in front of their bodies and braced themselves against the van"™s effort to through them against the front wall with practiced ease. Just as the van came to a stop the chief threw open the double doors and led the rush out into bright sunshine. Joe being the rookie was of course the last to leave the van and used the extra time to observe his team mates as they turned left toward city hall and stopped in their tracks.

Joe paused in the doorway of the van standing with a satisfied grin on his face until he noticed the chaos going on through the wide square before him. Furs of all kinds were running to and fro and screaming in apparent panic. The sheer volume of the noise coming to his ears stuffed under his helmet caused Joe began to wonder how the chief could arrange so much extras just for this initiation prank.

Stepping down from the van to stand behind his team mates Joe"™s eyes were drawn to the huge figure on the opposite side of the square. There was a large thirty foot tall iron sculpture of a generic fur reaching to the sky in the center of the courtyard, it was dwarfed by the raccoon standing between it and the front of city hall. The urine drenched sculpture"™s hands now barely reached up to the raccoon"™s hips. The raccoon stood with his hands on his hips its back turned to where Joe watched as he surveying his latest remodeling efforts of the square. The enormous raccoon had broken through the façade of city hall leaving most of the lower six floors exposed to the light of day.

As Joe came to the realization this was not for his benefit he heard "Um, chief?" from one of his team members as they all stared at the raccoon.

The chief shook his head slightly and ordered, "Bullhorn." and reached out his bear paw expectantly for the ordered item. Fulfilling his rookie duty as the team "˜gofer"™ Joe scrambled back to the van to grab the bullhorn and tossed it to the fur next to his chief who in turn handed it to the bear. As the chief fumbled with the controls of the bullhorn he issued the order to his team, "Spread out, form a line."

Joe took his station on the far right of the line stretching out from his chief"™s anchoring position and crouched to one knee and readied to fire on the massive fur. The chief activated the bullhorn and said, "Attention you standing there, stand down and uh, stay where you are."

The raccoon turned its head to look behind himself to glare down at Joe and his SWAT team mates. Joe narrowed his eyes as he hoped the feeling that the raccoon was still growing was only an illusion. Joe took a strained gulp as he watched the ear tips of the raccoon creep up to the bottom of the eighth floor windows behind him and slowly but perceptibly continue reaching further. The raccoon slowly turned to face the SWAT team folded his arms across his massive chest and asked, "And just how do you imagine you"™re going to stop me?"

Keeping his body still Joe turned his eyes to look to the chief for guidance only to see the bear move his jaws without making a sound as he fumbled for a response to the raccoon"™s query. Looking back to the raccoon Joe was forced to examine the giant more closely as the seconds ticked by. The raccoon"™s fur seemed to be growing slower than the rest of him giving the titan an even more imposing appearance. His powerful muscles stood out like no other fur Joe had seem, and the raccoon was bulking up even further as he grew. Joe had never seen any fur with muscles as massive and clearly defined than on the towering raccoon that stood mocking the power and authority of Joe and his team mates by his very presence, and he had yet to take any action. As the raccoon"™s ears reached the ninth floor windows Joe glanced down at the wet sensation on his grounded knee to realize he was kneeling in his own urine.

The raccoon had taken to taping his foot on the concrete as he waited the seconds out until his head suddenly jerked up as he stared at a point up and beyond where the SWAT team nervously stood their ground. Glancing back quickly Joe was stunned to see a wolf that equaled the size of the raccoon striding up behind them. Joe"™s voice even to his own ears was tainted with the fear he felt as he reflexively shouted out the warning, "Chief! Our six!"
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Postby TShaw » Sun Nov 25, 2007 12:59 am

Four day weekend, woot! Gives me some time to come back and play with this thing.


Part four

Jeff gripped the metal rail tightly, the tremors of impact traveling up through the building he was hanging from and back down the suspension cables to rattle the platform. He stared out across the wide street at the shorter building opposite as the rat climbed out of the massive hole his back had created and came after the bear snarling.

His job as a high rise window cleaner had today placed him on the west side of the Waloington building, the city’s second tallest tower. He’d not noticed the tremors at first, not until they were strong enough to visibly rattle the glass in the windows. Having started early, by the time he had noticed the unusual vibrations he had worked his way almost to street level and tuned to watch in stunned amazement as a four story tall coyote had sauntered down the street. Jeff’s eyes were drawn to the destruction its huge paws caused, crushing traffic without even a glance from their owner until it turned at an intersection and passed from view.

He’d lost precious moments staring at the distant point the coyote had last been visible and when an even taller lemming had appeared he’d finally decided to call it a day and started his work platform on its way back to the top. Unfortunately for Jeff the Waloington Tower had lost power when he’d been only two thirds of the way to the top. Since then he’d had one of the best vantages in town to see the destruction. The chaos the growing furs seemed distant and unreal, until they’d started sighting each other. The first to make acquaintance had been the bear and rat that were still struggling against each other for supremacy practically right under Jeff. And they were still growing as they fought.

At the forty first story Jeff had what would normally be a great view of the city, but today it was a ringside seat at the biggest fight the city had even seen. The rat came lunging out of the Sternor building across the street, shrugging off tons of debris as he came at the ursine. The bear reached out in anticipation grappling with the rodent, each of them brushing the sides of buildings as they staggered against each other’s efforts. The gouges in the structures their limbs or even their bodies left behind as they brushed up against the structures stretching up from ground level past fourteen and now fifteen stories.

The bear succeeded in getting his paws around the rat’s throat for a brief second, until the rodent’s countermove where he sank his fangs into the forearm of the bear. The roar was deafening as the bear reacted to the sudden pain of the rats jaws sinking deep into his flesh, his opponent twisting and lashing his head back and forth to maximize the damage his teeth caused.

The bear released the rat’s throat to pound furiously at his head with his free fist. On the third blow the rat staggered back from the now freed bear shaking his head to clear it. As the bear examined his own arm, Jeff too was amazed to notice there was not only no blood but with the exception of the wet appearance of the bear’s fur from being in the rat’s mouth the arm seemed untouched.

As Jeff looked back to the rat he was momentarily confused at the change the giant had undergone. He looked as big as the bear, if not a bit larger, having previously been half a head shorter. His body also had undergone a subtle shift, his lean appearance gone now and replaced with fairly large and rippling muscles giving him a powerful physique nearly matching that of the bear’s frame. The rat must have felt the change himself, his face gaining a wickedly confident expression as he cracked his knuckles in front of himself and grinning for the first time since their encounter had begun.

The bear advanced on the rat growling and crouching low and came at his opponent in a rush startlingly fast for something so huge. At the bear’s crouch the grin of the rat spread wider across his face, and as the rush of the bear reached him he grabbed the bear and shifted his weight allowing the lumbering attack of the bear to bowl him over onto the pavement behind him. As the rat’s back crushed the unlucky furs and their cars the concussion of the two slamming to the ground spread outward in ripples that seemed almost visible. At the same time the rat was rolling back on the ground he was bringing his legs up to shove against the bulk of the bear atop him. The move of the rat succeeded in using the mass and momentum of the bear against himself as the kick of the rat’s powerful legs forced him up and over the rat to land back first further up the street in an even more devastating crash of his massive body.

Jeff steeled himself against the expected tremor as it was transmitted to him through the fabric of the city’s infrastructure. As the shock waves reached him he was nearly thrown from the platform as it bucked and twisted at the end of its cables and against the sides of the building. The twanging of the steel cables and crashing of breaking glass could barely be heard over the droning note of near deafness in Jeff’s ears.

The huge rat gained his feet by deftly kicking out his feet in the air, the sudden momentum bringing him up off the ground and with a twist of his upper body he landed almost lightly on his own feet. He turned to face the bear, standing at the ready for the ursine’s next attack and watching him slowly shack his head in an effort to come to his senses. While the bear occupied itself the rat underwent another change, this one a bit more obvious.

He stood up straightening from his ready to fight stance and looked out along his arms, watching in fascination as they bulged out with more muscle and mirroring the expansion the rest of his body was going through. His height increased even more rapidly while he stood watching his arms, the seconds passing as quickly as the four stories of the building he stood next to fell under the tip of his ears.

As the bear stood once again it was to face his rat opponent that now towered more than a head over him and easily out massed him. The appearance of the larger rat standing in a nonchalant manner seemed to enrage him as he rushed head long at his opponent screaming his outrage. The rat still looking at himself was caught off guard and toppled over at the impact of the bear. On his back the rat struggled one handed to keep the bear’s jaws from his throat, his other paw reaching back in a classic wind-up of a blow aimed directly at the snarling bears face. The rat’s fist came crashing in, knocking the bear completely off the rat from the force of the massive blow.

Taking advantage of his opponent’s dazed condition the rat scrambled over to pounce on top of the bear. He flipped the half conscious bear over onto his belly and bringing the bears own arm up behind his back locked it in place painfully behind him. The bear screamed out his pain, the sound of defeat clear and strong in the bellow.

Jeff watch in horrid fascination as the rat situated right under his vantage seemed to inhale, span across his back expanding rapidly. It was as the winner of the battle stood over his vanquished foe that Jeff realized the growth of the rat had increased tremendously. In seconds the rat dwarfed the defeated bear. Jeff watched as the rat leaned over and picked the bear up at the scruff of the neck to hold him up at eye level. He watched the two giants as their comparative sizes changed, growing confused and a bit lightheaded at the spectacle, not sure if he was actually seeing the bear shrink as he was held in the rats grip. Finally the rat brought his other paw up and dropped the bear into his palm, smirking over his defeated enemy as his growth continued while the bear seemed to be shrinking in his open palm.

Jeff could only stare in amazement as the explosive growth of the rat topped out to stand towering more than forty stories tall. He had to look up to see the furry tufts of the rat’s huge dish shaped ears. The bear could just be seen in the open palm of the rat, still larger than a normal fur but far smaller than previously.

Looking out at the city Jeff could see several more towering furs across the city, and still more joining the rat at his new size.
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Postby KingDead » Sun Nov 25, 2007 7:52 am

Just caught up with the story. Very cool and interesting premise. Hope to see more chapters soon.
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Postby TShaw » Tue Dec 11, 2007 3:18 am

Not a story update, sorry. But hey, this may be even better;

The crunch at work is over, at least for me, and I’ve got more time on my hands now. Since the registration for secret santa art was only open a short time and some missed out, and seeing as its that season everyone expects getting something for nothing I’m throwing open an offer here. Sign up for an appearance in the next few sections of this story (and this story only)and I might, just might, put your character in. This is only for those who have not signed up for secret santa this year, or missed out. Of course I reserve the right to include who I wish, as many as I wish.

What do you say, up for some fun?
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Postby HypeEnlite » Tue Dec 11, 2007 5:12 pm

lol, I had read the story up till now, but didn't post (as I did with some other stuff, but whatever)

The fact that the story has no dialogue (other than the SWAT team and the little scene at the café) adds to the title, removing (well, almost completely :P) the "Rhyme" part, and there was no reason for rampage (well, unless some kind of reason comes up in future parts) giving what you would expect from a macro rampage story: senseless macro rampage... With styyyyle.

Looking forward to the next parts!
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Postby TShaw » Sat Dec 22, 2007 7:45 am

All characters appearing here are copyrighted by their owners and are used with permission.


Part five

Smarty Llewellyn now had a front row seat in the biggest act of futility in history. The traffic reporter at his side was still babbling as if anyone could hear him on the ground. Smarty had seen the building that once housed the station airing his reports go down under the assault of a giant rabbit nearly forty minutes ago, and yet the dumb fool still tried reporting everything he was seeing.

His instincts screamed at him to get as far from the city as his remaining fuel could take him. Yet he was drawn in by the awesome spectacle below still underway too much to leave it behind. Besides he was still relatively safe at the altitude the helicopter granted him. The helicopter he was piloting could stay in the air for another hour at best, and there was no way Smarty was going to land in the center of a city under attack by a pack of giants who"™s only intent seemed to be destruction and fighting amongst themselves.

Even worse, they still looked to be getting bigger, though not as much as the moments after one giant defeated another. He could see six of the behemoths even now as they squared of against each other. Directly below the copter stood a huge rat sizing up a red and yellow dragon, both of which towered more than five hundred feet tall. The multicolored dragon stood calmly staring at his opponent while the rat stared at the dragon cracking his knuckles. Smarty felt as though he could hear the booming sound of the rat"™s finger joints even over the thunderous roar of the helicopter.

Shivering from the sheer power of the two below him and looking away to the east he saw a massive raccoon and an even larger grey wolf slowly circling each other. The slow and dangerous ballet of the two macros slowly brought them closer to each other as if they spiraled in toward a gravitational center. The wolf bore a cocky grin that eerily matched the raccoon"™s expression. The two looked to be fairly evenly matched as far as height went, but the raccoon likely out massed the wolf by a tenth.

His attention snared by a thundering report Smarty looked north to see two more macros already engaged in combat. A massive metal sphere was embedded half in the ground, still rocking slightly inside the crater its impact had formed. A massive all red dragon was in the act of hurdling over the huge hunk of scrap metal at a female otter that grinned wildly at the oncoming rush of the dragon.

The crashing boom of the massive sphere must have served as a signal for the rest. In seconds the remains of the city began to fall under the mutual aggression of the giants. Smarty had trouble taking it all in at one time. Slashing kicks of the red dragon against his otter opponent who countered with a ducking maneuver that brought to bear her thick whipping tail.

The raccoon and grey wolf grappled with each other, heedlessly knocking over smaller buildings all around themselves. They traded blows with fists and footpads while standing toe to toe, neither gaining instant advantage.

The rat was sent flying as the red and yellow dragon turned the momentum of his rush against him with a backward flip that ended with the dragon landing surprisingly lightly on his own feet. However the rat ended up flat on his back, crushing several previously damaged buildings, ending untold helpless lives still trapped within.

The madly stuttering traffic reporter grabbed Smarty"™s attention by literally grabbing him and pointing. After shrugging off the interference and righting the craft his eyes following the pointed finger of the gibbering reporter. Smarty had to swivel the craft slightly just to be able to see the massive object the reporter was so distraught about. He saw a massive rabbit flailing his arms wildly as he backpedaled in an obvious effort to regain his balance. A towering fox swept into view from behind the last of the city"™s skyscrapers as he continued his advance on the staggering rabbit raining blows on the momentarily defenseless giant. Another news helicopter narrowly missed being knocked from the air by the wind-milling arms of the rabbit. The turbulence caused by the near miss was still enough to force the copter into a fatal tailspin.

As the other craft disappeared Smarty pulled on the controls, gaining enough altitude to keep from sharing the fate of his fellow pilot. As the craft climbed above the last of the city"™s towers the new height gave an even better view of the disaster zone the two was making of the center of the city. It turned out to be good timing for Smarty and his passenger as he maneuvered away from the dying skyscrapers, backing his craft so as to keep all the combatants in view, for safety"™s sake of course.

The otter had regained possession of her metal sphere and hurled it in a desperate toss at the dragon she was battling. The red dragon had in the mean time gained even more height on her and caught the ballistic weapon easily in his talons and proceeded to crush it even smaller in a smug display of incredible strength. As the otter clearly steeled herself for a rush against the dragon Smarty"™s attention was drawn to the scene unfolding behind them. The grey wolf had managed to bear the raccoon to the ground and had him pinned on his back and was mercilessly pummeling his apparently shrinking adversary.

Elsewhere the red and yellow dragon now held the rat in a headlock, the rat now just half the size of the dragon that was clearly growing even faster with the nearing defeat of his opponent. The kicking and squirming of the rat"™s futile attempts to delay the clear defeat at the growing dragon"™s claws became less and less energetic with the rapidly increasing size difference. Shifting the rat from the head lock to holding him in the air by the neck one handed, the multi-colored dragon watched as the rat continued to shrink while he grew ever larger in every respect.

To the east the grey wolf now simply held the raccoon to the ground as he too swelled larger while his defeated adversary shrank under him.

Smarty looked back to the otter just in time to see the beginning of her rush at the dragon who had taken to tossing the metal ball between his two paws. Her rush was stopped cold by the dragon as with both hands he snap tossed her own sphere at her where it impacted squarely in her belly. As she bent over hacking and retching from the blow the dragon advanced quickly and with a practiced swipe of his foot knocked her feet out from under her. He flipped her on her stomach and put her in a submission hold from behind. The red scaled menace quickly began to grow as the other victors had, rapidly expanding as the otter shrank in his arms.

Beyond them the growing fox stood with the rabbit held up by his ears, the cottontail just a quarter of his former size. The expanding difference in size between the two former combatants clearly announcing the victor of their struggle.

Smarty was forced to back away further and gain more altitude with the growing of the four remaining macros. Judging their size was difficult, with so few of the city"™s tall buildings left. At a guess using the grids of the city streets as a guide Smarty estimated they were topping a thousand feet and still growing. Even putting their massive size aside, each looked like they had just stepped from a steroid user"™s wildest fantasy.

The two dragons stood closest to each other as they stood from their latest victims and assessed each other"™s new size even as they continued gaining mass. Without having to take a step their expansion brought them close enough to each other for them to smile and share a high five in their momentary exuberance. In seconds the growth of the four slowed as they seemingly slipped by fifteen hundred feet.

The two near identical dragons turned away from each other and faced the other two macros. The four macros towered over the ruins of an already devastated city. Most of the even moderately tall buildings remaining in the city center smashed flat. In fact the tallest building left standing only came up to the grey wolf"™s knee cap as he stepped up next to it squaring off against the red and yellow dragon.

The red dragon and the fox faced each other sizing up their own competition. As one, and as if to an unseen and unheard signal each of the paired contenders separated. Each set of macros stepping away from the other giving each pair enough room to compete without interfering with the others. As they reached a mile in separation they all paused a moment, waiting. The air in the helicopter grew thick from the tension on the ground. Smarty hovered his craft well out of the combat zone in a stationary position trying desperately to ignore the murmurings of the reporter next to him.

The seconds dragged by in agonizing anticipation, Smarty"™s attention so focused on the four giants he gritted his teeth at the sudden cough of the reporter. The next moment he was blinking in surprise at the sudden movement of the macros below, each had surged at their opponent as if the cough from next to him was the cue to go at each other.

A tail swipe by the red dragon.

Jumping dodge by the fox.

Duck of the wolf turned to blurred upward kick at the head of an over extended dragon.

Dodge and counter blow by the multi-colored dragon.

Foot kick by the fox.

Jump and roll of the grey wolf followed by a slashing foot aimed at the dragon.

Blurring spin kick of the red dragon.

Snapping jaws of a red and yellow dragon maw.

Jumping spin kick by the fox.

Red scaly head butted into the gut of the fox

Punching strike of the grey wolf.

Stabbing spade of yellow and red dragon tail.

On it went, attack and counter attack. The city took the brunt of the damage under the wild antics of the four macro combatants. Dust rising, and buildings falling under heedless and uncaring feet; whole city blocks fell under the stomping pivoting and thrashing feet of the four powerful macros.

The fox was the first to gain an advantage with a lucky blow under the chin of his red opponent, staggering him for a second. The dragon backpedaled as he shook off the effects of the blow. He regained his fighting stance only to see the fox had gained half a head in height on him as well as the added mass that went with his new size. Gritting his teeth in determination the red dragon stalked in toward his opponent punching, kicking and tail swiping with renewed abandon.

Elsewhere on the field, the red and yellow dragon was clearly on the defensive against the grey wolf, unused to the oddly spirited and unconventional style of the wily canine. The wolf hadn"™t yet landed as spectacular a blow to the multi colored dragon as the fox, and yet he had already gained a full head over his opponent. The scales of combat were slowly slipping in the two canine"™s favor.

The two pairs of combatants continued battling around and circling each other adding to the devastation of the city. Now no building was left that rose above the ankle of any of the macros and much of the rubble had been pounded into a comparative fine dust.

Gaining even more height on the red and yellow dragon the grey wolf"™s blows were having a cumulative impact on the ability of his opponent to maintain a defense against his growing power.

The fox, nearly a full head bigger than the dragon he faced managed to again breach his defenses and land another blow to the head. Before the dragon had a chance to shake off the stunning effects of the first blow the fox pressed his attack. He continued pressing the dragon by following up with a withering series of punishing hits to the head and body raining punishment on his opponent mercilessly. The dragon"™s stature diminished slowly under the harsh pounding administered to him by the fox.

Misses Llewellyn didn"™t raise a fool; Smarty maneuvered his copter higher in anticipation. The reporter sat beside him, finally struck silent by the eminent prospect below.

The grey wolf was the first to land a finishing blow, felling the red and yellow dragon. He stood over the dragon and placed a foot paw on the chest of his vanquished foe, growing rapidly as the dragon dwindled literally under his feet. The growth of the wolf seemed even faster this time, already passing a massive two thousand feet in seconds and still climbing faster by the second.

The fox wasn"™t far behind the wolf in his victory against the red dragon. He had the red in a viselike head lock and was pummeling the hapless dragon"™s face without letup. The dragon was already dwindling in the grip of the fox, less than two thirds the size of the fox and shrinking steadily. Sensing the dragon had been beaten senseless the fox shifted his grip and held the stunned dragon by his horns. Again watching as the helpless victim he held out before him shrank.

The two canines grew to dwarf everything around them. They stood apart on separate parts of the city expanding through twenty five hundred feet. Their gaze was on each other, each evaluating their final opponent. All that stood between them and victory were each other, and with victory came the total domination of the pitiful remains of the city. In stature they could have been twins, the ultimate example of power in the flesh towering tall as mountains. Unstoppable to all but each other.

The fox and wolf stood facing each other until the speed of their growth diminished and tapered off leaving them at more than an overwhelming three thousand feet high. Smarty"™s helicopter was running low on fuel by now, and as the low fuel warning beeped surprising the pilot out of his awe inspired stupor the macros charged each other.

No boxing match this time. Instead the two titans went at each other and grappled for supremacy. They came together in a tremendous sound, magnitudes above thunder or even sonic booms. The shock wave of their meeting buffeted the tiny aircraft, bringing it dangerously close to faltering and plummeting to the ground. By the time Smarty brought the copter back under control the final struggle was well underway.

Locked in hand to hand combat they had toppled over together to roll about on the trembling ground. Everything that was once part of the city was propelled into the air by the shock waves of their struggle passing through the earth. To Smarty the city looked like sand on the face of a water filled drumhead. Under the contest of the two titans the hard earth was as yielding to their mighty blows as wet sand and yet still firm enough to hold them upright. Long minutes passed as the two struggled for advantage; wrestling for handholds, gripping an opponent"™s flailing limb, each struggled for space enough to swing a limb and strike a blow, or even a desperate attempt to pin their opponent.

Their struggle was the final chapter in the demise of the once proud city. Nothing remained after the two struggling titans passed. Streams and rivers crushed under untold tons of fighting fury, everything passed to memory with none left to remember. Even a faint hint of the grid work of roads and highways dared not survive under the onslaught. Smarty and his passenger the last two furs left alive from the vanished city to watch the two macros in their battle for domination.

All movement stopped suddenly. Smarty stared at both combatants locked together in a wrestler"™s hold. He tried to make out which was growing despite the desperate distraction of the now constant warning whine of the fuel alarm. The fox was on top of the wolf, but it was the wolf that seemed to be growing out from under him. As Smarty watched he was shaking from dread and an odd sense of excitement. The wolf threw off the fox and stood, and stood tall at more than four thousand feet, already vastly taller than the fox. The wolf glared down at the dwindling fox and threw his arms in the air victorious as he strutted before his final victim.

"Yes!" The green raptor shouted as he jumped from the couch. "I win. In your face Hype."

The other lizard sat on the couch staring at the game console in hand and pouted saying, "I should have had you, I think there"™s something wrong with the buttons on this thing. The reactions are too slow."

The raptor finished with pumping his fist in celebration replied, "Oh really? Want to prove it? Best two out of three?"

"Only if I get first pick this time. I can get a better performance out of Dragonien than you, and you rely too much on KingDead"™s fighting style. I would have wiped the floor with him if I"™d have had Dragonien."

"Fine you want Dragonien take him. I get Jack Foxglove and you take Slayersiny. Deal?

"Yeah, bring it on Zed. I"™ll mop the city with your carcass."

Zed laughed and said, "Fine. Reset the game while I get something to drink from the fridge."


Thanks again to everyone who gave permission for the use of their characters.

Hope you all had almost as much fun reading as I did writing this odd bit of macro rampage and destruction.

As always, comments and critiques welcome.
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Awesome series, man.
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