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Lost and Found (Sequel to ATL)

Postby Lennox » Thu Jul 26, 2007 3:30 am

If you haven't read ATL, I really suggest you do before reading this! (It's in the mature story section for mild language.)

This is for all those out there who are as confused as Trevor is about Terra


"Do you think everyone will be fine back in Atlanta?" Trevor asked from atop the two-hundred-fifty-foot-tall, brown wolf's head.
"What exactly do you mean?"
"Don't you think they need a leader? Someone to tell them how to get started? Anything could happen now, they all could have a free-for-all and start looting shops or burning buildings."
"Trevor, don't you think that's the least of our worries? The wolves are no more, people know where to go for refuge. What you should worry about is Sandra, and I should worry about the military rising again and targeting me for what I am. The people will do fine, they have nothing left to fear."
"I guess you're right," Trevor said as he sat down in her hair.
They entered a rural area and the sight of cattle was enough to stop Terra.
"I hope you're hungry," she said altering her path towards the pasture. Trevor didn't mind at all. Terra had to stop three times a day to satisfy Trevor's hunger, but Terra only needed to eat every four to five days without going nuts. When she did eat, she ate literal tons of food. It struck fear in Trevor's heart whenever he witnessed her eat. Although he knew she would never purposely harm him, seeing her massive paws and maw at work gave him the chills.

She set Trevor on the field and walked over to the bovine crowd. She plucked one from the group, then slammed it back down to the ground. The brown spotted cow died instantly.
Terra then tore the animal in half with a claw and scraped a large chunk of meat from the carcass. She hung the strip on the fence beside Trevor who looked at it, surprised.
"That thing is huge!" Trevor exclaimed.
"Don't worry," she calmed while downing the rest of the mangled cow in a single gulp, "Whatever you don't finish, I'll eat."
Trevor looked at the fifty-pound slab of meat. He was more worried about being able to pull it apart than thinking about eating it.
He sighed and started his search for wood as Terra filled herself with a large portion of the remaining cattle. When she felt she had her last, she stood up and walked towards a nearby stream. She struggled to gather the shallow water in her massive paws, but cupping what she could she washed the blood from her muzzle and paws.
She turned around to see Trevor tending to a small fire equipped with a rotisserie built from small branches. She smiled and walked over.
"Always worried about germs?" Terra teased as she settled down next to his setup using her arm to prop her head up, "That meat couldn't get any fresher."
"No, not at all. I like my meat rare as you do," he defended, "I just prefer to eat it warm."
"Would you like some au jus for your steak sir?" she asked, "Perhaps a baked potato, no?"
"Okay, I get it," Trevor laughed.
"Sorry, that was lame, but seriously, if I were you I would start getting used to eating cold, raw meat."
At first thought, Trevor didn't know what to make from her statement. It was a few seconds later that he stopped smiling.
"Why did you stress that?" he asked, "What are you implying?"
Terra looked up and smiled. She twirled a finger above the ground and brought it down, digging into the earth.
"You're a wolf Trevor," she stated simply.
Trevor stared at her expression, dazed and delirious. He forgot of his meal which started to cook beyond his preference. Terra licked a finger and snuffed out his small fire.
"Eat up," she insisted, "I'll start explaining."
Trevor looked at his steak, and ripped a good chunk from it. He walked up to Terra who lifted him to her lap. Settling into a sit, he began to eat as Terra cleared her throat.
"I told you everything about my research team's encounter with the wolf," she began, "Yet, I didn't tell you anything about my personal encounter with him."
Trevor paused and looked up at Terra's face. Her speech interested him and demanded his full attention.

Continuing soon...
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Postby FatTony » Wed Aug 01, 2007 7:45 pm

That sounds interesting.
I hope you continue this story soon.
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Postby zukezorin » Fri Aug 03, 2007 10:41 am

Before I read this, as per your instructions, I decided to check out ATL.

Then I realized I have no idea what ATL stands for :o Mind filling me in?
Z. Zorin
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Postby KingDead » Mon Aug 06, 2007 5:30 am

zukezorin wrote:Before I read this, as per your instructions, I decided to check out ATL.

Then I realized I have no idea what ATL stands for :o Mind filling me in?
ATL is the airport code for the city of Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America.
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Postby Lennox » Tue Aug 14, 2007 4:20 am

Oh yeah, sorry about the short updates. It's hard for me to find time to write right now. Maybe next week?


"Alright, I left the center after the wolf appeared for some alone time. It didn't last very long, for the same wolf I had seen just earlier now was right in front of me again. He told me I was the strongest of the group and had a destiny that would set me apart from the others. He said I was the only true wolf, that the others didn't muster the responsibility required to be a wolf. He admitted there would be worldwide chaos, and after the world had a little time to heal, I'm to go through some kind of test or something. I would be tested, he said. Over all of it, he promised to me I would not be alone. I would stand alongside a faithful partner who would become my equal, who would take care of me as I did to them."
She shrugged her shoulders and looked down at Trevor.
"I gathered the rest on my own," she said, "That's just about all I know."
"So you think I'll actually become a wolf?"
"You're the only person I can think of who's been by my side ever since," she explained, "I have no idea what else the wolf would have implied by telling me that. I really don't think I was meant to be the only wolf left to wander the earth alone."
"Well," Trevor said patting Terra on the thigh and getting up, "You raise a good point, but I'll believe it when it happens."
Terra rolled her eyes and let out a deep sigh as she set him back down to the ground.
"You've never been so skeptical before," she explained.
"Don't get me wrong, Terra. I believe what you say to the fullest. I just don't think you translated it all correctly. The wolf you saw might have meant something different, he could be speaking metaphors, or a code perhaps."
"Yes, he very well could have, but I don't think that's the case. He wasn't a teacher or a figure from a fable. He was very straightforward."
"Do you have any idea when it would happen?" he asked.
"I have no idea, maybe during the next full moon?" Terra offered.
"Which is in two more days," Trevor added, "And assuming I'm supposed to become a wolf, and we both are to remain wolves for the rest of our lives, then how will we live? We couldn't possibly find a place among humans. We would have to find some way to rake in literally tons of food almost every day, finding a place to live wouldn't be the easiest task around either."
"Trevor, take it easy, we'll have a much easier time coexisting with humans just because there are so few of them left. We just need a reputation. Right now, everyone we've run into has tried to run away from me, but after gaining their trust they loosen up and spread the word to others. We need to let the world know the only wolves left are peaceful. Once we have the people's trust, who knows, maybe a city will adopt us. Maybe they'll give us a home and feed us in return for our protection. Look, this is all just a shot in the dark, anything could happen. We just need to stay positive about it all."
"Yet, isn't ignorance bliss?" Trevor remarked.
"Maybe, but who ever said bliss is ignorance?" Terra smiled.
"Well, whatever we get into," Trevor said, "I'm behind you one hundred percent."
Terra smiled and licked him lightly.
"Ready to go?" she asked him.
"More than I'll ever be," came his tiny reply.
She placed Trevor on her head, letting him settle down before lifting herself up. She stepped over the fence around the field and walked alongside the road. She stepped in the grass leaving deep impressions of her paws to avoid further destroying the road.
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Postby Freshmeat » Fri Nov 09, 2007 7:42 am

i really loved ATL and would like to see how the sequel unfolds.

sorry for the short post, but im writing this on a PSP and it isnt too fun and the "keyboard" is annoying.
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Postby Lennox » Thu Nov 15, 2007 5:35 am

Here's a quick update 'till I get back on the ball tomorrow...


Trevor looked down over the edge of her forehead. Each step, he thought, easily covered more than a hundred feet. He guessed one twenty five. He counted about seventy steps in a minute. He did a little more math in his head and came to realize they were traveling at a steady 100 miles per hour.
"No wonder the wind is so damn strong up here," he commented aloud, "Does it ever bother you, Terra?"
"Nope," came a simple answer from below.

The long stretches of prairies and fields seemed to continue for hundreds of miles in every direction. Trevor was getting hot soaking up sun atop Terra's head.
Terra herself wasn't any cooler. Her thick, brown fur had her panting as she crashed over the desolate farmland.
"I would think any survivor who had wits would be out here, away from populated areas," Trevor said eyeing the horizon.
"Maybe there aren't as many survivors as we thought," Terra replied, "We caught the last wave of survivors when we headed south. Anyone heading north, or those that didn't decide to stay with us must have intercepted with Sirius and his minions."
"If so, they're all dead then," Trevor hopelessly put, thinking of Sandra.
"Well I wouldn't lose hope yet, Trevor. The bad wolves couldn't have covered all that land on the way down. The humans are hiding. The reason we don't see any now, is because nobody would want to hide out here. Look, there is nowhere to hide; it's all grassland."
"You have a good point," Trevor admitted, "but what if Sirius' plan was more than you expected?"
"What do you mean?"
"What if Sirius was rounding the humans? Herding them?"
"Yes, but where? What good would that do him? He's dead. I, myself, felt him crush underpaw. Anything he's planned is no longer in effect."
Trevor had to agree with Terra. Sirius was indeed dead. He would never return to finish what he started.
But, what if he didn't need to return to finish what he started?
"Wait," Trevor blurted, "What if Sirius was herding people mentally?"
"Sirius could have easily recruited armies of humans, allowing them to live for their services. You know, they don't know he's dead and may never will."
"Trevor, that's ridiculous," Terra added.
"Well, I'm trying.."
"Look, I'm sorry Trevor. I didn't mean that to be harsh at all. You are giving ideas and I'm just shooting them all down. It's not you. I just don't feel Sirius would have had the time to think of a plan outside his original plan. We'll give it time."
"Okay, Terra," Trevor replied with a pat on her ear. He sat back down and gripped her hair to situated himself. Just as he was about to lean back and close his eyes he noticed something on the horizon.
"Terra, do you see that?"
"See what?"
"Straight ahead."
"Trevor, my vision isn't that great, help me out."
"Smoke. A whole lot of smoke."
Terra squinted and barely could make out a dark plume rising from beyond the horizon.
If it's that far away, it must be miles high.
"That smoke has been rising for quite some time," Terra explained.
"You think it just might be a city still burning from the wolf attacks?"
"Well, how long do you think it would take a city to burn?"
"I don't know, I've never seen it happen. We'll just have to check it out."
Terra upped her pace, now covering much more distance in a shorter period of time. After a few days of traveling, she's become quite good at predicting arrival to certain points on the horizon.
"We'll be there in about thirty minutes."
"That slow?" Trevor teased.
Terra chuckled, "You know, I wouldn't mind riding on your back."
"Neither would I, but my doctor told me to avoid unnecessary stress."
"I never cared for piggy-backs anyway," Terra said with a smile.
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Postby Freshmeat » Fri Nov 16, 2007 3:05 am

nice update to your story

I wonder when Trevor will turn into a wolf like Terra said. its burning a hole in me now. Also, did sandra survive and will trevor see her again?

The suspense, its killing me
Current works:
The Thousand Year War--- 80% written, 50% typed
Larger and Larger---50% written
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Postby Lennox » Fri Nov 16, 2007 5:13 am

Another quick update. I didn't get much time to write today, maybe more tomorrow?


The plume of smoke didn't get any weaker as they approached the outskirts of a small town. As Terra kept walking, Trevor couldn't make out any signs of life.
"The fire's concentrated to a single point up ahead," Trevor noted aloud.
Terra kept an eye out and constantly sniffed around. She didn't feel comfortable with their surroundings at all. She lightened her pace, seeing the source of the smoke was just a few blocks away.
Trevor looked around taking in everything. Most of the buildings were demolished. Those that remained intact were just a few stories tall, no higher than Terra's knee. Cars with smashed windows were parked along the street. Traffic lights and street signs were broken off and scattered about the street. Pawprints littered the road; a wolf had definitely been here. Yet, out of all this damage, something didn't seem right to Trevor.
Something's missing...
"The bodies, there are no bodies here. The entire town is destroyed, but there are no bodies."
Terra looked down, Trevor was right. Down every street they passed, every path, every alley was void of a single corpse. She continued walking and the fire they had been seeking became fully visible. The stench was horrible, it watered Trevor's eyes and caused Terra to wrinkle her nose.
Upon close inspection the answer to their question was brutally answered.

"Okay, so they're burning bodies..." Trevor wondered aloud.
"Yeah, but who? You didn't see a single soul, and neither did I."
"They could be moving on. Maybe they're just honoring the dead and moving on to find remaining survivors."
"You're probably right," Terra agreed, but she also had a gut feeling against it. Being in this town worried her more and more with every passing minute.
She gave another quick look around. Nothing on the horizon jumped out. She looked down and that's when she knew their visit to the town was expected.
She saw them placed around the immediate area. Terra was surrounded by them. Fuel tankers, about ten of them had been scattered around the fire. Terra nor Trevor noticed them at first, but now, Terra knew exactly what was going on.
"Trevor, stay calm," Terra said quietly.
"Sure, but why-"
Trevor didn't have time to finish his sentence. Terra's forepaw came from below and snatched him up. The next thing he knew, she tossed him in her mouth and rolled him up with her tongue.
"Terra!" he shouted, "What are you doing?!"
His voice was muffled, and Terra didn't make any move to chew him up, so he just rolled with it. She kept her lips receded, baring her teeth so Trevor could still breathe. It didn't take long for him to get completely soaked.
She better have a damned good reason for this!

Flattening the street below, she used her legs to propel herself away from the array of trucks. She immediately dropped on all fours and sprinted over the entire block. She didn't get as far as she hoped when she heard a click and felt a wave of heat catch up to her. The entire sky lit up and Terra was temporarily blinded.
Her left forepaw caught a small building, completely crushing it and throwing Terra off balance. Not wanting to land on a limb, she curled up into a massive cannonball and protected her head as best she could.
Her landing was fierce and destroyed everything in her path. With a few rolls, she came to a stop; just in time to see a mushroom cloud rise from a crater where the massive pile of burning bodies had been. That's when it hit her.
A tiny chunk of molten flesh fell from the sky and landed on her arm. The flesh splattered over her fur and seeped through, burning her skin on contact.
As it started to rain flaming debris, she got back up and started running.
Hang on, Trevor. Not much longer...
Little fireballs pattered the town as she tried to avoid getting hit. Every chunk felt like a white-hot poker jabbed into the skin. Terra had to muster all her strength to avoid using her vocals or moving her tongue the slightest as she was getting pelted.

Trevor felt noxious from Terra's acrobatics, yet he felt very secure at the same time. Aside from bathing in her saliva, Trevor knew he was much better off in her maw than outside.

Finally reaching a point where the debris stopped falling, Terra slowed to a halt and turned around. She eyed the wreckage they left behind and, deeming the situation safe, unrolled her tongue and plopped Trevor into her paw. His clothes were drenched and she heard a splat when he sat down.
"I apologize," Terra started, "It's the onl-
"Don't worry, Terra. It was a good idea; I wouldn't have thought of it for sure. I would be dead if you didn't make that split-second decision. Simple as that."
"Well, you can't stay wet, you must be uncomfortable. I'll find you some new clothes, in the meantime, take off what you have now so I can dry you off."
Holding Trevor in one paw, she reached into various buildings hoping to find clothing of any sort. Trevor removed his soaked shirt and pants and kicked off his shoes.
Terra had found a clothing rack in an old shop and tore it from the wall, lifting it through the crumbled entrance.
"Shirts, and pants," she stated, inspecting the rack.
"No underwear?"
"You can go commando for now," Terra chuckled as she flipped the rack upside down and dumped its contents onto her paw. Trevor quickly found what he wanted to wear.
"Alright, don't get used to this," Terra said as she lifted up Trevor and rubbed him against her cloth bra, drying him off almost instantly. She didn't seem to mind at all that he was smashed up against her breast. Trevor, himself, was surprised at the act, but it didn't bother him at all.
"Wow, I didn't know we were that close," Trevor joked as he quickly got dressed.
"Anything for a close friend, eh?" she replied with a wink.
Terra then jerked her head up, ears directed ahead, eyes squinted.
"Whoa," Trevor exclaimed, "What's wrong Terra? What do you see?"
"I don't see anything," she replied, "It's what I hear."


For those of you who've read ATL and are wanting answers... next update. :D
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Postby Lennox » Sun Nov 18, 2007 6:01 am

Trevor followed the direction of her head and saw it was pointed directly at a lone ten-story structure in the distance. He looked back up at Terra, who's ears were flicking spontaneously, trying to pick up any sound.
"We're not alone," Terra whispered, "The people who set up that trap are still here."
She placed Trevor on her head and brushed herself off. It didn't take very long for Terra to carry them over to the dilapidated building. The ten-floor structure only reached past her knee.
The noises had completely subsided as she knelt down and looked through the building's facade.
Of course they aren't going to make anymore noise now that I'm right here.
Terra's prediction was wrong, a whisper from inside the structure went up like a red flag to her ears. She lifted her right paw and extending her fingers, she brought it down, tearing the facade of the building away.
She looked back inside and there they were on the seventh floor. A group of at least thirty people were clustered defensively in the other side of the building.
"Who are you following?" she growled.
Not one individual from inside made the motion to answer. They stood their ground, silently.
"Answer the question or this building is coming down!"
Terra had lost her patience with the group and was ready to stand up and send her hindpaw down when someone finally spoke up.
"Darsan," the group leader admitted.
"Darsan?" Terra questioned, "Who the hell is that?"
"Follower of Sirius," the leader replied, "Darsan controls the remaining survivors loyal to Sirius. Sirius the wolf hunter. Our only task is to destroy all wolves, like you."
"You idiot!" Terra snapped, "Sirius is a wolf! He's the one who lead the wolves! The one who started all this!"
"And now he leads us."
"He's dead!"
Terra's words seemed to not stir the group at all. They stood affirmative, loyal like dogs to their master. Not one of them seemed to really know what was going on.
Terra stood up and faced the building one last time before turning around and stomping away.

"This is hardly believable," Terra said, "Nothing here makes sense. Sirius is dead, how is this 'Darsan' taking orders?"
"He's not, since Sirius is dead, he probably controls everything now," Trevor said.
"Yeah, but how is everyone communicating?"
"I have no idea," Trevor replied, "Maybe they have radios."
"I have a feeling it's a little more primitive than that," she added.
"What do you mean?"
"I'm talking about a messenger of some sort," Terra explained.
"Well they'd have to be really fast messengers," Trevor said.
"Or, really big," she put.
"But that's impossible," Trevor said, "You and I both watched them all shrink down."
"Yeah," Terra said, "But we let most of them go. Remember we went back looking for Sandra? We still haven't caught up with all the bad wolves."
"You don't think," Trevor started, "they could grow again, do you?"
"I have no idea," Terra said, "I really hope they're still small and manageable."
Trevor thought of the feeling he got when he saw that first wolf back in Chicago. It sent chills up his spine and he shook all over.
From behind them, Terra picked up the sound of a crumbling foundation and turned around just in time for them to see the building implode on itself.
"You must have taken out a support when ripping off the front," Trevor said.
"I had no intention of killing them," Terra explained, "Yet, if fate wants them so bad, there's nothing I can do."
"Don't worry about them Terra," Trevor calmed, "They weren't going to change."
Terra walked on, leaving the abandoned town behind. The sun was getting ready to set, leaving the sky a bright orange.

"I feel so worthless in all this," Trevor said.
"Not again, Trevor," Terra pitied, "You can't say that."
"Terra, come on. I'm nothing when compared to you. I don't know how I could possibly help you."
"You are, Trevor," Terra explained, "Look, just because I'm much bigger than you doesn't mean I'm any more important than you are. I've treated you with all the respect you deserve and nothing less. As for helping out, you're doing great. You're not a liability at all. Without you by my side cheering me on, I probably wouldn't be here right now."
She reached up for Trevor who climbed into her fingers. She brought him down and placed him on her muzzle.
"Trevor, I need you by my side. It might not be so evident, but I want you here more than anything else in this world. I have no one else in my life. You are the only person I know that is still alive."
Trevor drooped his head, ashamed.
"I'm sorry Terra. I underestimated your dedication as a friend, and your respect as a peer."
"Don't apologize," she comforted, "Don't leave me just because you think you're worthless either."
"That's the least I can do for you," he said with a smile.
Just then, Terra's tongue came up and over her muzzle and gave him a reassuring lick.

Terra had stopped at a general store as they closed in on another abandoned town. She set Trevor down, who ran inside to grab his next meal.
The sun had just begun to set and Terra was admiring the view when she felt a strange feeling come over her. She looked down at her paws that occupied the street below. She quickly became light-headed. Growing weak fast, she dropped on her knees and hunched over. Her vision slowly receded and she felt as if she would black out.

Inside, Trevor was in the canned food section with a flashlight. He was deciding on getting beef stew instead of chicken when a massive crash outside shook most of his selections off the shelves.
"Terra!" he shouted, dropping everything and scrambling outside. He was sent to the floor after tripping on a few canned goods. It didn't take him long to get back up and reach the entrance.
"Terra?" he called. Looking left and right down the road, he saw nothing. He looked up and saw just buildings. No wolf. The town was still just barely lit by the dying sun, and Trevor could hardly make out objects on the street.
Then he looked straight ahead.
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