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Postby Lennox » Fri Jan 18, 2008 4:36 am

With this post, I wrap up the story.


The land fell fast beneath Trevor's stride. Anything in his path yeilded without hesitation.
He was basically racing to find Terra. He wanted answers. He wanted to know how he had become a wolf. He wanted to know why Terra was still running. Lastly he wanted to know if she was the ringleader in all this.
He continued through the countryside, furiously tracking Terra's scent. Wherever it went, he went; faster.
He would catch up to her much sooner than he thought.

Less than a hundred miles away, hidden behind a row of mountains lay a small town. A town unlike any others at the moment. One that thrived, teeming with people. A city among the rest of the world. In it, were thousands of people who shared one cause.
Followers of Darsan.
And in the middle of it all, marched a parade. A celebration, a victory dance. People lined the streets up to the town hall and awaited the arrival of a very important group of people.
The town was not full of willing followers of Darsan, but chock full of those forced to follow Darsan. None from the crowd were actually true followers.
Fifty miles outside the celebration, was a force nobody would expect to still exist. Every single individual in the town was mere minutes away from a brutal reminder of the very first global wolf attacks.
Oblivious to what headed their way, they carried on with the parade. Tricked by Darsan, they applauded, cheered, and shouted for reasons which seemed entirely genuine at the time.

Trevor surprised himself with how anxious he was. He didn't pay any attention to where he treaded. His paws came down furiously on whatever was in his path. Step by step, he approached the town at an impressive speed.
He could see it. He couldn't see it was bustling, but he could see the outline of the town.
He would be there shortly. He would get his answers from Terra. He wanted to find out who was travelling with her, and what their plans were.

The sound of hundreds of people panicking below snapped him out of his thoughts.
The streets exploded with people running away from his step. Trevor walked slowly, positioning himself in the middle of the street. He had a perfect view of the town hall.
He stopped and observed the crowd. He watched them smash into each other trying to get away. Trevor didn't move another paw. He waited for everyone to calm down.
When they didn't, Trevor decided to just go on with what he arrived for.
"Terra!" he shouted.
His voice trembled the crowd and shattered a few nearby windows.
People still scrambled about, tripping over each other's feet, and scurrying towards entrances to buildings they thought were safe havens.
Trevor knew shouting her name again would do no good. Instead he did what he thought was the next best thing.
Swiping a paw down into the mass of people, he grabbed hold of a few from the crowd and lifted them to his face slowly. He knew jerking them up would provide enough force to kill them. Easy does it.
"Where is she?" he asked, flashing his massive teeth. He hoped this attitude would scare them into telling him everything.
It worked. Trevor could see clearly they were all pointing generally towards city hall.
He had the urge to drop them right where he stood, but instead bent down and placed them on the closest rooftop.
He remembered how frightening it was to look up at a wolf. He knew exactly the feeling. This connection lead to his compassion, but didn't help his anger.
Trevor laid his eyes straight ahead on the city hall standing formidably at the end of the street. He imagined Terra inside, sharing cake with her friends and laughing it up.
He knew well not to make outrageous assumptions about others, but this seemed like a meritable excuse for him. Anyway, he didn't truly believe anything that went through his mind, although sometimes he wanted to.
He looked down at the street, towards the crowd of fleeing people. They looked meaningless. Every one of them. He wanted to walk on through, crushing the lives out of whatever happened to fall underpaw, but something kept him where he stood. Some force in the back of his head kept him from losing control.
I'm going to be really grateful for making this decision tomorrow. And he waited.
Soon enough, the people below got wind that Trevor wasn't here to level the town. They simply cleared the street for him; right to the city hall.
"About fuckin' time, people," he grumbled putting a paw forward. The street crumbled beneath each step as he drew closer to the building that started to seem less and less grand.
His shadow consumed the structure and everything around it. For a moment he stood still, not making a move, simply staring at the building and wondering what to do next.
He didn't need to decide for himself. Just then a motorcade moved defiantly towards him. He counted seven vehicles in all; some cars, some trucks, all under the size of his fist.
They slowly came closer, having to avoid the paw prints of destroyed asphalt he left behind. Upon reaching him, they lined up, the first of them, a pickup truck equipped with a public address system.
"Move away from the building at once," someone from inside the truck blurted into the mike.
Trevor looked towards the truck and widened his stance.
"Are you fucking kidding me?" came his reply.
"I repeat, move away from the building at once."
"You better, by some divine miracle, have the ability to overpower me," he said, "If not, you can leave me to my business."
At that point, he didn't expect the truck's passenger door to open. He watched intently at who stepped out.
"Sandra?" he kneeled down to get a better look.
"Stay back!" blared the truck and he saw a man emerge directly behind Sandra holding a gun into her back. "You've left me in quite a predicament here, asshole," Trevor said, standing back up, "You want me away from your truck, and your city hall. Since they're placed immediately in front and behind me respectively, there's no pleasing you."
"Silence! You do as I say or she dies!"
He looked down at Sandra who was cuffed from behind and being held fast by the brute with a gun. He nodded to the driver.

From behind, a door cracked open and Trevor turned to see it was from the city hall. He couldn't see anything past the grand French door entrance due to the lack of light inside the building.
Turning his head towards the motorcade, he confirmed things were definitely going according to their plans. Not a soul stirred, they were fixated at the city hall entrance.
Trevor's ears picked up quite a few pairs of footsteps emerging from the building and he turned his head slowly to meet his maker.

"What the fuck is going on?" he blurted.
Behind him, a lost friend help captive. In front of him, another lost friend leading the whole operation. He wasn't sure at first; he never saw Terra in human form, but her scent confirmed it and he locked his target.
"Terra, you were leading these idiots the whole time?" he asked.
She stood still, looking at him but didn't answer.
"Answer the question!" he bellowed, sending her to her knees.
He squinted his eyes down at her and could see that she was crying. The expression on her face was genuine, she couldn't have possibly faked it.
How could a woman lead an army so large, be so damn deceptive, and break down all in the same day? It definitely did not seem right to Trevor.
He turned his head and focused on Sandra.
Looking at him, she looked frightened, but not of the man behind her. She was scared of Trevor.
Why the hell would both these women be expressing emotions contradictory to their situations? This is some psychological bullshit they're trying to pull on me.
He turned back around facing Terra. The group behind her had lifted her back up and stepped back to their positions.
No fuckin' way. What a show. There's no way to tell who Darsan really is. Darsan, what the hell kind of name is that anyway? Darsan, sandar, no matter how you say it, it's a stupid name.
Unless... San... dra.

He continued eyeing Terra, and when she mustered enough courage to look up at him again, he gave her a wink.
"You've lied to me so much. I'm not sure why, but I'm pretty sure it was for my own good wasn't it?"
Terra looked up at him and didn't say a word.
"You had no idea I would follow you. You didn't think I had the ability to track you down." Yet, she did very well know, and Trevor was well aware. She turned him into a wolf for a reason.
"When I finally got here, surprise! It's all clear," he last put.

He turned again and addressed the motorcade.
"You're not going to shoot her," he said eyeing down the man behind her.
The man didn't say anything. Sandra didn't say anything. She still stood, held captive by the brute. They continued to carry out their performance. Nobody dared to make a move, except Trevor.
Lifting his leg, he brought it over the truck. He let his paw down, crushing it with the driver inside. The brute behind her had pushed her from the scattering debris and helped her up when it was over.
Trevor looked at Sandra and smiled.
"How did you know all this time? Was I dragged into this merely by coincidence when we met at the cafe?"
Sandra no longer dared to look at Trevor.
"For some reason, when we met Terra that first night and you left, I had a feeling you weren't scared for your life. I now know. You weren't scared of any of the wolves. Terra probably knew who you were," he said as he turned and looked down at Terra.
"You were behind her one hundred percent, huh?"
Trevor could do nothing but chuckle at the situation.
"Before this whole wolf invasion, I was a very lonely individual. The only thing I knew was my job, and it sucked. Meeting you, Sandra, was great. Even though we were running for our lives, or at least I was, I felt a little more complete. Then you had to run off the moment you saw Terra. I chose to stick with Terra, which I'm not sure was a great idea either, but then I felt even more complete."
He sighed deeply.
"Then both of you stabbed me in the back."

The brute uncuffed Sandra and Trevor saw her give a sign across the street. Before he could turn around, they had Terra tackled to the ground.
Trevor started to advance but stopped.
"That's right," he heard from behind him, "You move and she dies."
The group tied her up and held her standing up. Trevor could see the genuine fear in her eyes. She looked up at him and could see his feelings as well. One thing was killing him all this time. He knew Terra could control her transformations and of those who surrounded her.
Why don't you just grow now? We can kill these freaks and get the hell out of here! Then, you have an assload of explaining to do.
He tried to sign to her to grow, but she simply shook her head.
Why the hell not?!
"Trying to communicate?" Sandra called up to him.
Trevor turned back around, "Fuck you."
"Ouch," she put, slowly shaking her head.
"What's your next move? You can't just have me stand here for much longer."
"Well, Trevor, we won't have you here for hopefully too long. Once we force Terra to shrink you down, we're going to dispose of both of you," she explained, "With both of you dead, there will be no more wolves in North America. We'll be free to recruit human survivors and raise an army that will eventually rule the world."
"And you think it's that easy?" Trevor asked, trying to buy time.
"We'll see when we get there," Sandra said as she turned her attention to one of the other drivers in the motorcade, "Up here, now."
The driver hesitantly pulled the car up to Sandra, which also was front and center to Trevor. Sandra put her foot up on the step rail and grabbed ahold of the roof rack. The car creeped forward and gained acceleration coming closer to Trevor.
Trevor was infuriated with who she thought she was. Crushing the car wouldn't even do her justice; he knew better than to risk Terra's life for something so trivial anyway.
He simply watched as the car traveled beneath his stance and over to the group in front of city hall. Sandra stepped down and walked up to Terra.
"What if Terra chooses not to shrink me?" Trevor tested.
"There's more than one way to skin a cat," Sandra replied cooly, "This would happen to be the easy way, though."
Trevor wasn't sure if she was bluffing or not. He decided not to risk anything at the moment.
"Alright Terra," Sandra announced, "Every single one of us here is waiting. Don't make this moment long."

Five minutes had passed and Trevor had failed to shrink.
Just when Sandra had her fill with waiting, Terra fell to her knees. She turned immediately to see Terra with her eyes closed and her head facing the sky.
"What the fuck are you doing," she asked, losing her patience.
"This is ridiculous," she said kicking her in the side, "Stop playing games!"
Terra didn't respond to the kick at all; she simply remained on her knees, locked onto Trevor. Sandra threw her arms in the air and turned around. She was furious and it was obviously showing. She glanced up at Trevor who was fixated on Terra. He didn't break eye contact when Sandra hollered up at him. Sandra knew what he was trying to do and she didn't have much time.
"Kill her!" she shouted, worried Trevor might succeed at what he was doing.
"Too late," Trevor said shifting his eyes to Sandra.
Sandra slowly stepped back from Terra. Her clothes tore to shreds as she took on her wolf form. She grew very quickly, pushing everything in her immediate area out of the way. Most of the group that had surrounded her died instantly from getting caught under her growing body.
Terra stood up and watched as the world shrunk around her. She was reaching Trevor at an impressive speed. Buildings rushed below eye level, then chest, then waist.
A total of thirty seconds passed when she stopped growing and looked Trevor in the eyes. She was still taller than he, but for once, they could finally be the same. They could finally put their differences aside. Terra wouldn't have to be so fragile with him. Trevor wouldn't have to feel so insignificant.
"Here," Trevor said as he untied her garments from his waistband, "I thought you might need these."
Terra smiled, grabbed his face and locked him in a kiss. She wrapped her arms around him and he dropped the garments, returning her embrace.
Below, Sandra could only watch on, overcome with defeat. She stepped backward and turned, only to see people emerging from buildings onto the street.
"Shit," she cursed as they advanced.

Terra and Trevor held each other for a long time, long enough for the people of the controlled town to gain enough trust to gather around them and cheer on.
They separated and as Terra covered herself, Trevor grabbed her canvas off the street. He put on her bra as she stepped into her loincloth. Soon, they were standing together again, looking on at thousands of people. Trevor waved.
"I guess you were right," he told Terra, "I think we've found our hometown."
The crowd below exploded in applause.
"I could definitely settle in here," she replied.
"Let everyone you see know, this town is protected by wolves," he announced to the crowd and turned to Terra.
"We still have a lot to talk about."
Terra nodded, grabbed his paw, and lead him forward. The people of the town cleared the way for them.

"You knew I was coming for you," Trevor said.
"How could you not? I left you a perfect trail," she replied smiling at him.
"Well, there you go again," Trevor teased, "You're so damned smart. I would never have been able to think up something like that."
She turned to him and he could see she was serious.
"Trevor, you saved my life back there. You played it all so confidently, you put on a great show. You fooled Sandra, she had to switch hostages. You read her, Trevor. Many people wouldn't have been able to do what you did."
"I guess it worked."
"Look where we are," she said.
"I know, we're finally where we wanted to be. Somewhere we could call home."
"No, Trevor. Look where we are, does this place look familiar?"
Trevor turn his attention to the scenery. Just outside the town, he saw a large rock formation, trees, and a lone road.
"Uh, no."
"Trevor, this is where we first met. This is where I introduced myself to you. This is where you explored my chest in front of Sandra."
They both started laughing and Trevor came to his senses.
"I remember now," he replied.
"This is also where I told you all those lies," she said holding his paws in hers, "I think it would only be fair that I tell you everything. No lies, nothing to hide, just one on one with the truth."
Trevor nodded as she lead him to the spot where she had already laid before. They sat down facing the sunrise.
"Well, let's start with this," Trevor said, "Why after my transformation are you still bigger than I am?"
Terra smiled, "You are very protective, Trevor. I love you for that. That doesn't make you alpha wolf, though."
"Ah, there's still a hierarchy?" Trevor questioned, "I thought we were more civilized than that."
They both erupted in laughter as the sun began to set, putting on the perfect mood for the long and bumpy road they were just getting ready to travel.
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Postby FatTony » Sat Feb 02, 2008 10:04 am

Good Story .
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Postby Lobo-Branco » Sat Feb 02, 2008 4:35 pm

Aww, that's an awesome story! Congratulations. ;3
But... poor truck driver. ='(
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Postby Freshmeat » Tue Feb 05, 2008 12:07 am

who cares about the truck driver when he's involved in a totally botched scheme that wont ever succeed.

YAY Ending!!1!!!
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