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Postby eviscerator » Tue Jun 12, 2007 6:55 pm

.....From over six billion and booming, to a mere hundred thousand?

Why do I feel like people were caught napping at NORAD?
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Postby Kusanagi » Wed Jun 13, 2007 12:06 am

Nice twist, though Rick's right not like anyone follows it. This just proves how isolated people are these days not to have a clue on the population. Also I find it interesting they made a point of humans instead of littles, guess we just taste better. 8) (something new has been added :o)

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Postby Rexx » Wed Jun 13, 2007 12:26 am

Actually that sounds about right If people were the main food source of a macro and theres a sizable macro population who feels humans are nothing but food imagine how fast the population would die to that let alone the collateral damages of rampages..
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Postby Cassiel » Fri Jun 15, 2007 3:04 am

Great story as far. I am looking forward to the next part
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Postby ericthepim » Fri Jun 15, 2007 5:06 am

Sorry for getting off topic but, Cassiel what is your avatar from?
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Postby TShaw » Fri Jun 15, 2007 7:06 am

To get back on topic, I smell epic in the air. Looking forward to much more here DTF.
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Postby Cassiel » Fri Jun 15, 2007 10:14 pm


It is from a sceene from the cartoon Silverwing.
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Postby Duct Tape Fanatic » Mon Jul 02, 2007 12:02 am

"Okay," Rick finally managed to get enough confidence up to talk to a being a thousand times his size, "what did you say you were going to do to the Silvia? Report her?" The tiger nodded dismissively. "You can"™t do that, sir. She"™s--," he felt embarrassed saying this next part, but the girl he loved was more important than personal dignity, "she"™s not going to eat me, she"™s my girlfriend."

Ben stared at him in silence. Rick held his breath in worry; more than once he"™d pondered what reaction other macro furs would have to their relationship; Silvia was downright terrified for his safety in that regard, having kept him a secret from even her childhood best friend, Lira.

"SHE"™S YOUR WHAT?" Raucous guffaws threatened to both deafen Rick and at the same time knock him out of his paw. "DAMN, I HEARD THAT PEOPLE "EXPLORED" WHEN THEY WENT TO COLLEGE BUT THIS IS TOO MUCH! HARHAR!"

At least he doesn"™t find me offense to the natural order, Rick thought with a sigh of relief, his ears ringing. He"™d take the reaction of bemusement over irrational anger any day of the week, although he was still concerned both for Silvia"™s reputation and his immediate safety.

Then Ben asked the question everyone who did know always wanted to have the answer for. "How in the world does a micro end up with one of us, let alone his natural predator?"

Well the natural predator part was new, and quite frankly it stumped Rick as well. "Um, the net," he explained. "Apparently we both liked the same MMORRPG."

Ben raised a furred eyebrow, "MMORRPG?"

"Massive Multiplayer Online Rampage Role-Playing Game," Rick"™s mouth felt dry just saying it. "For some reason our computers can connect to yours; Silvia and I were on at the same time on the same server, and we just sort of started playing together, until one day we decided to meet.

Even though she was my, natural predator, as you put it, I guess we still had a lot in common."

Rick thought back to when he and Silvia had first declared their love for each and she had jokingly told him, "I"™m in love with my food," he"™d laughed at the time, guessing it to be a facetious remark, but now"¦


"What"™s your name, little sweetheart?" Silvia cooed as she continued to be as gentle as possible to her new acquisition. He seemed to have accepted that he was safe in her hands and therefore had stopped trembling---not as much as before anyway.

"Quincy," he sniffed, "Quincy Heroll."

Silvia froze, "by any chance are you related to Darver Heroll?"

"He"™s"”He"™s my daddy."

Silvia wanted to suppress a groan; the Heroll family, a rich group of landowners that according to Rick owned half of Oakswood, were good people, but had suffered a series of catastrophes and overall bad luck since staking their claims in the town.

In particular, fresh in her mind was when she and Ven had been forced to have a brawl with two rather ornery felines named Linx and Katz. The entire ordeal doubtlessly appeared to the micros as two groups of predators fighting over prey, even though in actually the fox and the wolf had been trying to save several particular micros they were fond of.

Regardless, the majority of the Heroll estate had been leveled with the prize mansion of Old Man Heroll obliterated in the scuffle. And now it seemed that he"™d suffered the loss of one of his sons, as well. At least it"™s not permanently, Silvia, thought, I"™d hate to think what would have happened had SHE been given the poor kid.

She had a vague recollection of where it was---for another thing, hardly anyone else was willing to risk living in a large, highly visible home. The locals, those who had lived here for generations much rather preferred to be inconspicuous as Rick had said.

Silvia always felt a little guilty whenever he mentioned something common to her but it was something that his people had given up in the name of self-preservation, even more so knowing that others her size had been responsible for it.

But, she thought, nearing the residence of the Herolls maybe I can do a little good right now. Silvia was so preoccupied by this that she nearly caught the first missile right in the nose. The vixen flinched backwards with an eep as the poorly guided rocket just barely missed her face.

"Open fire!" There was something to be said about micros knowing how to hide. Even though they generally avoided trying to confront the larger folk, even though they preferred to sacrifice a few so as to avoid bringing worse down on the whole, when they decided to attack you, they could do it considerably well.

These had been concealed within the various foliage surrounding the Heroll estate, their clothing colored to match the plants, bushes and trees. Silvia clenched her paws protectively around Quincy and then with a hasty warning, jumped far to the left just before a hailstorm of chattering projectiles and rockets tore up the air where she had been, several grazing along her right arm.

The fox slammed into the ground and rolled over on her back. She immediately checked her hands to make sure the micro was all right---he was rattled but otherwise unharmed, the she barked back at the soldiers, "hey, wait, I"™m not here for trouble, I just brought back the kid, that"™s all.

It was only then that Silvia felt the slight stinging sensations along her arm---it didn"™t feel like the shots had broken the skin, but they burned and itched like hell. Of course, she thought, they figure that killing me would just bring someone else so instead they just want to drive me away with the impression that it"™s not worth it.

Reaching into her pocket as a last ditch effort not to have to resort to anything---violent, Silvia pulled out her handkerchief, tied it around a nearby stick and waved it in a mockup of a white flag to the micros.

The little pops and other assorted sounds stopped. Silvia sighed with relief, though her arm still felt like it had a thousand fire ants on it and she desperately wanted to lick it and gnaw at the pain, but she needed to keep her hands together so she just grit her teeth.

"Do you have my son?" A different micro was talking this time. He sounded older and more concerned than the last voice she had heard.

The vixen decided to risk peeping her head into the kill zone to nod and reply, "yes, I didn"™t take him, someone else did. Please tell your friends not to shoot at me and I"™ll happily give him to you."

"Daddy!" Quincy squealed with joy, looking over Silvia"™s fingers as she held him up and unfurled them to show that she was telling the truth. Silvia could see an older human standing well past the protective reach of the armed micros, but she supposed that he knew that she could have easily gotten him if he"™d been further back if she desired too.

The leader of the troops was a little more skeptical, stepping up to hold back what was presumably old man Heroll. He said something that her vulpine hearing vaguely picked up as, "do you know what that is?" To which his charge replied, "yes I do. If she really wanted to harm us she could have done it a long time ago regardless of the repellents."

Deciding not to agitate the situation further, Silvia lowered her hands to the ground and let Quincy scamper off onto the ground and towards his father. The scene of them reuniting and hugging each other was something she would have found adorable, were she not currently being menaced from every direction with this burning pain creeping up her shoulder.

"You have my thanks," Darter said before telling all the armed men to stand down. "When my son disappeared, I feared that he was gone forever. Tell me, young lady, is there anything I can do?"

"Well," Silvia said, "you wouldn"™t happen to have any extra large size bottles of aloe on you, would you?" She finally lost her composure and sank her fangs into her flesh to begin chewing, licking and sucking vigorously on her arm. This was not a becalming sight to the micros.

It turned out that Darter did. The substance, he explained, was an invention designed to chase off macro furs that weren"™t "really into it" as he said, thus avoiding the inevitable retaliation that came when someone"™s brother was killed by the little insects that dared to defend themselves.

"But what if that provokes it?" Silvia asked. Currently she sat Indian style behind the manor with her inured arm lowered to the ground where a very scared personal doctor on the Heroll family staff tended to the area that had been hit. He was applying the anti-burning cream and removing the pellets with very meticulous care, least he anger her suffer a fatal malpractice suit.

Silvia had tried smiling at him to alleviate his fear, but the average human wasn"™t about to be relieved by a fox muzzle full of sharp teeth pointed in their direction; even Rick had been unnerved by that when they"™d first met, although the had good reasons.


Bill had felt it necessary that he tell them the truth. You could preach, "Is it really our right to interfere and change them," all day long, but it weighed heavily on his conscience that these people thought they were marching off to salvation, only to be going into an oven instead.

They certainly wouldn"™t believe him, he thought, but at least I"™ll have a clear conscience later.

He wasn"™t too worried about a large portion of Oakswood converting, or at least, anyone he was concerned for the wellbeing of. Anyone who"™d buy into such an obvious cult didn"™t last too long here."

He caught them coming out of the apartment across the street. Bill didn"™t really have a plan for telling them this, so it sort of spilled out. To his surprise they never interrupted his tale and in fact when he finished, their leader, the male human said, "ah, you are referring to the Old Prophecy."

Bill frowned, "the Old prophecy?"

"Yes," the rabbit said, enamored. "You are speaking of the original pact that was made for the devout, to journey into the light. We know now that that was a lie and that only death and suffering awaited those who followed, such was the way of the Great Deceiver.

But then a New Prophet appeared, telling us all that the land of Smo Keyes Ri Bzu was NOT where it had been previously stated. Therefore, that was why the Evil Fox had been preying on even the most devout souls," his tone was regretful but then perked up, "you, sir, appear more interested in our path than I let on, perhaps you would like to stop by our Faith Rally tonight at the Community Center?"

Bill could only stutter, "Oakswood has a community center?" And for that matter, he thought cynically, do we even have a community?

"Just come," the rabbit said, turning away to follow her companions who had already gone to the next door. "And oh yes," she turned back to Bill quickly, "the password is Chain Breakers."

Bill was left standing in the street holding several pamphlets, dumbfounded with the only thought in his mind repeating itself over and over: why the hell do I need a password to a community event?"

It would seem, then, that there were many questions in life that had no answers.


Rick waited until his girlfriend had showed up and crawled into the bed with him that he asked the question, "so, I heard an interesting story today; it seems macro foxes and humans don"™t get along as well as we do?"

Silvia froze, and then looked embarrassed, "how long have you known?"

"Since your RA mistook me for an illegal food item," Rick grinned, "you should thank me; I saved your butt from jail time."

"Ben found you?" Silvia blinked, looking embarrassed, "oh, damnit, I knew they would do room checks some time this month, I just didn"™t think now! What happened? Are you all right?"

Rick nodded, "yeah I"™m fine, but he told me some interesting stuff. You see, when I was little my parents taught me to be afraid of macro furs. But in particular they told me never go anywhere near a fox because we were like rabbits to them. Now, I was a little kid at the time and never questioned this, however I met you and started to think that maybe this was just wives"™ tales.

I mean, sure lots of macro furs treated us like toys and worse, but I always thought that was just a matter of opportunity combined with instinct. Now, however, a little tiger birdie said that there"™s actually some forethought with certain species. Is it true?"

"Oh, Rick," Silvia purred during her best "melt-you-over" act as she scooped him up and snuggled him against her chest, "you"™ve had such a rough time, don"™t you just want to cuddle with me and forget about all that."

But it wasn"™t working on him, not today, "cuddle yes," he told her, "forget, no. Please, this is important to me, Silvia, please tell me if what he said was true."

The vixen sighed heavily, "I"™m sorry, Rick, it"™s all true."

"Oh." He hadn"™t really known how he"™d react to hearing this answer. Oddly enough Rick"™s first impulse was to just feel relief that he knew how thing really were. "Then, if I may ask, why? Why us?"

Silvia set him down gently and turned away, "it"™s---complicated," she told him. "I look back on it now and think "˜that"™s horrible what we did to them"™ but there are reasons, maybe not the right ones, but there ARE valid reasons."

Rick frowned, "what reasons justify eating sentient beings, even if they are smaller than you?" He looked her in the eye. "They weren"™t being opportunists or even "˜natural"™ as some call it."

"Rick, you"™ve never read any of our literature, have you?"

Rick shook his head, "no, it would take me a year to read the first chapter," he smiled at his joke but Silvia remained humorless.

"Well, in a lot of fur-written stories, legends, etc., humans are---the bad guys." Silvia wrestle with the next part but knew she had to keep going, "they"™re portrayed as destructively violent, greedy, intolerant creatures that persecute, rape, and murder innocent fox fur women and children because they hate them for being what they are."

Rick stiffened, "so I guess micro society isn"™t all that below your people"™s attention is it?"

"There was a time with a certain romantic fascination with micro furs," Silvia said sadly, "it"™s sort of like saying "˜they"™re us, but smaller, more hard-working and devout"™. A lot of vulpine literature focused on the struggle of the micro fox to live in a harsh, uncaring environment, and one of the things that made that environment harsh was often the Human, the thing that destroyed the environment so as to fill his own pockets.

The Human was furthered demonized as being utterly incompatible with furs because he lacked any natural instincts, and thus had no "˜harmony with nature"™. Therefore, many furs even began to hate humans just because of what they"™d read from other furs.

As for us foxes, I"™m afraid that since these books were written by foxes for foxes, started to think that it was their duty to preserve the furry way of life for those facing human persecution and oppression. And our particular brand"™s instincts tell us to eat small creatures, so, well, two things became rolled together."

Saying that something was human nature and saying that it was fur nature were too different things, Rick knew. If it was human nature it just meant that you were inclined to act a certain way towards a certain situation, but fur nature would actually have you acting a certain a way good deal of the time twenty-four-seven.

Among furs his own size it was no big deal, but when it came to the hundred foot plus folks, then things started to get really ugly, especially since more furs, micro or macro, seemed to embrace the philosophy of, "if it feels good and natural, then the only wrong thing you can do is not doing it!"

"Right," Rick nodded, "fur nature. And since the Mice micros were already gone at this point, anyway, I suppose it just made sense that we were next on the menu, huh?" He frowned, "they were micro furs, too, you know."

"Yes, well, that was before even humans became considered." Silvia swallowed, "to be fair, that wasn"™t entirely Foxkind"™s fault, the wolves, cats, and other predatory furs had a hand in it too. To be honest, what doomed the Mice micros was that they just fit the role all too well; nobody even needed to stereotype them. Our problem was just that we refused to become conservation minded after they already had told us that we had to let the population recover before future consumption."

"I pretty much know the rest," Rick said, "hence why we"™ve started living like rats all over the place, never making sure to congregate in too large a number. This also explains why a lot of us don"™t like foxes"”even the ones our size."

"What about you?" Silvia nuzzled him, "you still like me, don"™t you? Please tell me that this hasn"™t changed anything between us."

"Of course not," Rick said sarcastically stretched back into her palm and looked up, "learning that my species is almost extinct and then learning that my girlfriend"™s species brought it to that point changes NOTHING."

He had the feeling that Silvia must have guessed why he had never brought it up; because he hadn"™t known. Anything that happened outside your community was generally outside your knowledge; that was how humans and furs their size had it.

Silvia turned her gaze away from his, looking hurt. What seemed like an eternity passes as both tried to come to terms with how this new development would affect their relationship, if it would even still exist afterwards.

Rick sighed, "but you know, I didn"™t even know about that whole "˜billion to a hundred thousand"™ thing." He reached over and stroked her thumb, "you were being truthful when you said you never contributed to it, right?"

She nodded and he continued, "and all this happened decades ago, right?" The vixen nodded again and Rick smiled, "so therefore, we"™re talking about something that happened between humans and macro foxes well before any of us were ever born." For a third time she nodded.

"Silvia, I"™m not going to deny that bad things happened and that maybe there was no justice for it. However, I"™m not going to blame you for something that happened to my people just because it was inflicted by yours, if I did that, then I"™d be no better than whoever wrote those "˜evil human"™ stories."

Her response to this was a wordless choked sob of gratitude followed by a kiss that made Rick"™s ears pop.

(I"™m ending the story here. I might go into more detail about the Journeyers in follow-ups but for now I just wanted to close this and get back to my other projects).
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Postby Cassiel » Mon Jul 02, 2007 2:31 am

Good work. I really enjoyed it, to read this story.
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Postby Kusanagi » Mon Jul 02, 2007 4:35 am

Liked it a lot, and finally explained why it was specifically humans. Always looking forward to the next Rick and Silvia story. (something new has been added :o)

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