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Vanguard Part 2

Postby Minsten » Mon Jun 04, 2007 1:55 pm

Well, here it is after a long few months. I hope you people enjoy reading it and actually bother to as well, especially as I made it half the length solely because I hoped more people would read it and comment on it. So please read and an even bigger PLEASE comment! Comments are the only way I have to help me improve on my writing, if no one comments I can't get any better at writing, as remember, this is only my first ever story ;_;


Vanguard Part 2

In the action of injuring the giant rat, the jerking of the finger had sent the wolf"™s axe flying through the air and deep into the forest; Cren had memorized roughly where it had landed and was heading in its general direction. He did this for two reasons; firstly because it was extremely valuable to him and secondly because when the rat catches him, he wanted to cause as much pain as possible in his last few seconds of life.

"Crap!" the wolf cried out, the frenzied rat had kicked a tree nearby to the aged wolf and it flew towards him at roughly a diagonal angle. Reacting swiftly, Cren dropped down and let the tree fly past, but as the tree passed him, a twig scratched past his face. The wolf flinched and wiped the blood running down his cheek. He attempted to push himself back up to his feet, but he forgot about his injury to his left shoulder and fell back to the ground.

Meanwhile the rat was getting ever the more infuriated, it just wasn"™t fair to him. He wanted to find his prey and kill it now! He didn"™t want to keep playing this pointless game of cat and mouse; especially when he didn"™t even know where the mouse was. Jubilation! He watched one of the trees he kicked fly past a fur and he quickly realized it was the one he was pursuing. "Worm!" the rat called out in disgust, swinging its paw down as it tried to kick the downed wolf.

This day just couldn"™t get any worse for him. First he finds a village full of fellow wolves destroyed, then he loses his soldiers and best friend to a macro, and now this macro was pursuing him and highly likely to find him. The only way out of this for the wolf would be some sort of a miracle; or so he believed. Come on, you can get yourself out of this, you"™ve been in worse situations"¦ like when you were surrounded by all those snakemen... okay, maybe you haven"™t been in such a crap situation, but you"™ll survive"¦ somehow. Cren sighed; his thoughts weren"™t making him feel any better. He looked up and cursed the wolf again as it brought its leg back in another kick. At first he believed it was to try and kick another tree over, but he soon saw it was aimed at him. His bloodshot eyes widened in fear as he stared at that paw, the one that had ended so many lives of his fellow wolves with little regard and effort. That paw that now would end his life if he didn"™t manage to get his ass up and move. As the paw drew nearer to him he made his move, rolling to the side and narrowly avoiding the swinging paw. Instead; the paw dug into the ground and kicked up a huge amount of dirt, leaving a hole big enough to bury a decent sized car in.

Cren didn"™t need further emphasis that the rat was back on his trail. He pushed himself up regardless of the pain and sprinted off through the forest again. The wolf stumbled forward as the echoing footpaws pursued the injured and weary wolf. The loud crunch of tree"™s followed him as the huge footpaws destroyed all in their path without even slowing in stride.

Cren was thrown up through the air as a paw smashed down beside him, the strength of it knocking him against a nearby tree with a horrible thud as the tree cracked. The wolf fell back down with a thump on the softer ground. All that he could hear above his thumping heart was the evil cackle of the towering rat as its shadow descended on the broken wolf. Cren peered up as the shadow surrounded him, staring in fear at fur to end his life. He knew this now, he was far too injured to escape the macro rat; it was just too fast and too powerful.

Out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of something glistening against the sun, it was his axe. He didn"™t know exactly how and why, but somehow the remaining adrenaline in his system managed to supply his body with enough energy to get up and sprint off towards his axe. It was a fortunate thing as well, because a few seconds later the giant paw slammed down again just where he had been lying. This frustrated the rat even more as it let out another feral roar of anguish; but it was exactly what Cren needed in order to make it to his axe; because even though adrenaline initially aided him in moving forward, it quickly wore off and only sheer determination let him stagger over to his axe which was buried into a tree stump.

Gripping his paws around the shaft of the axe, Cren began to pull on the weapon, but soon found that it was relatively stuck in the wood and in his weaken state it was impossible to pull it out. The wolf leant against the axe in exhaustion as the vibrations of the giant rat drew nearer once again. He looked up with wear eyes at the towering rat, it"™s giant form blotting out the sun, "Make it quick" he muttered weakly, but he felt the axe shifting slightly in his handpaws. The vibrations caused by the macro rat had dislodged the axe from its hold on the tree stump.

Cren smirked to himself and lifted up his axe again weakly and held it shakily in his paws. For the first time in a while he looked over himself and saw the dirt and cuts that covered his body from continuous running through the shrubbery of the forest. He turned his gaze back up to the rat and shouted out in defiance; "Come on!" the rat just smirking as it raised it"™s paw and brought it down hard on the wolf.

As the paw came down Cren moved his axe down against the ground, then swung it upwards towards the pad as it descended, aiming to cut into it"™s paw and leave a nasty scar before he became nothing more than paste on it"™s already blood covered pads. The axe started to bite into the fleshy pad of the paw, driving it deeper in as the paw came downwards still regardless of the injury. Then Cren was unexpectedly knocked over to the side instead of trampled down by the colossal rat paw. In addition to this, his valued axe was wrenched out of his drained paws along with the paw, stuck tight in the pawpad.

Bewilderment filled the wolf"™s head as he lay there still perfectly alive, even though being knocked down had further injured him; the axe being yanked out of his paws cutting through the paw, while he had landed awkwardly on his shoulder and felt like it had just been dislocated. This perplexity was further amplified with an earsplitting boom. "What the hell?" the wolf muttered, spitting out some blood which had filled his maw as he stood up and looked around. At first Cren couldn"™t understand why there was an enormous cloud of dust rising above the forest just a few hundred yards away; but as this cleared it showed the form of the rat underneath a radiant white wolf--- "¦ Make that wolfess. The dirt that rose up from the ground tainted the brilliance though as it matted to her sides and front. Her fur looked sparkling clean apart from the areas where the dirt had stuck itself; her hair was an unusual colour for such a white wolf though; it was a stunning pink which drew the eye to it. She wore a shirt that appeared to be plain purple, though this couldn"™t be seen for sure as the wolf only had a good view from behind. The wolfess also wore tight blue jeans, the tightness evident the way it showed her rump off. The veteran wolf shook his head quickly; this wasn"™t time to be staring at a females"™ ass.

The wolfess appeared to be somewhat larger than the rat that her paws were strangling. The rat squealed and wriggled against the strong paws, trashing its legs around and scratches at her arms as it tried to break her grip. Finally the rat managed to break the grip as it kneed her in the stomach, winding its attempted executioner. The wolfess fell back, gripping her stomach and breathing deeply, trying to recover by taking in deep breaths. The rat smirked and got up again, grabbing a giant rock nearby and lifting it up over the winded wolfess.

Cren had been completely motionless in shock at the sight of the wolfess strangling the rat; but now his saviour was in danger and he knew that he would never defeat that killer without her help. He spotted his axe nearby, having fallen out from the rat"™s paw in the struggling between the two. He picked up his axe with aching handpaws and stumbled forward as the rat kicked at the wolfess"™ body a few times in mockery, giving the injured wolf time to hobble over to the giant"™s rat paw and bring his axe back up. He slammed it back down into the paw, causing a yelp from the rat and dropping the rock to the ground near to the wolf. Cren dived to the side as the rock landed with a heavy thud, throwing him far back and hitting his head against a tree, knocking him out.

Rubbing her eyes of the tears she had fought back through the rat"™s kicking, she slowly pushed herself back up, wondering why the rat had relented in its vicious attack. She soon spotted the reason on the ground motionless and growled softly. The wolfess picked up the rock the rat had dropped and snuck forward with it raised, waiting for the right time as the rat slowly raised its paw above the unconscious black wolf. Just as the rat licked its lips in anticipation for its kill, the wolfess struck hard to the back of its head, sending the rat falling forward with its giant paw narrowly missing the wolf. The wolfess quickly followed to relentless bash the rat"™s head in with the rock until she was certain the rat wasn"™t getting up again.

Cren slowly opened his eyes, looking down at his legs due to having his head hung down after being knocked out. "Ouch..." he muttered softly, looking around at the ground and seeing giant indents left by something, he viewed around the ground a bit and realised that it was a giant paw mark and that his body was right between two toes. "That"™s some lucky crap" he chuckled, then wiped his brow. For some particular reason it was rather hot. He felt the warm air brush through his blood and dirt matted fur and smiled softly, it was actually quite enjoyable. But why was there such a warm wind here? His eyes opened wide in fear and he slowly peered up, finding his thoughts were indeed correct and mumbled several profanities as he stared at the large muzzle of a white wolfess.
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Postby Xelar » Tue Jun 05, 2007 6:42 pm

great story ! cant wait to see where this one goes
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Postby Cassiel » Tue Jun 05, 2007 11:47 pm

i agree with Xelar^^
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Postby sirrinose » Tue Jul 10, 2007 7:15 am

More! giveith more!
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