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A Night with Your Friends

Postby Duct Tape Fanatic » Fri Feb 06, 2004 11:41 pm

Well, I got another story out that takes place in the same setting as my last (see it for details). Hopefully, this time I'll have less typos and get the format right.


Normally, one could talk to their girlfriend over the telephone, or better yet, in person, however, in this case there were some difficulties that made a chat room online better than a sidewalk by the store for a meeting.

VixenStomp137: Hi, how are things going with your authoring career?

WolfCrush89: Pretty good, thanks. I got a magazine to buy an article I wrote on the theories of how macrofurs came about.

VixenStomp137: Lol. Did you put in anything I told you?

WolfCrush89: Um, maybe. I kinda said a few of the "theory origns" stories you let me in on. Are you mad?

VixenStomp137: (makes a face) Of course not, trust me, when I get mad at you, you'll know. If you ever come home to find that your apartment is upside down, chances are you should check to see if you forgot anything special.

WolfCrush89: (Laughs back) I'll make a note of that. Just if I do ever make a mistake like that, promise to let me live long enough to make it up to you.

VixenStomp137: (mischievous grin) No promises.

Rick Owens chuckled aloud as he read this. Silvia Redtail, both a macrofur and his romance interest, had been a great help to his writing life ever since he met her a month ago. The 100ft tall vixen, being a macrofur, knew countless things that most humans and small furs didn't---not any that were alive anyway.

The two of them had carried on an online friendship for three years, participating in role-playing games together, and eventually deciding to date when they met face-to-face, along with when Rick had finally gotten enough courage to ask her out.

Even though she was dozens of times his size, and thousands of times his strength, Rick trusted her with his life, though he sometimes had to wonder if the same could be said of Oakwoods, the city he lived in that looked like a ripe target for flattening.

He supposed that Silvia would never do something like that, at least not while she was dating an inhabitant, but even so they had to keep their actvities away from the eyes of the others who lived here. Just seeing a macrofur would probably cause panic--and it wasn't like that view had never been justified in the history of Nedonall.

They talked for a little while longer, then Rick had to sign off for the evening to go to his part-time job at the coffee shop down the road from his apartment. After trading the usual good-byes, he threw on the red suspenders and green hat that made up his uniform for "Javaland", his uncreatively-named workplace.

At the bottom of the stairs, he ran into Garner, the landlord, who flinched and ducked behind a door as he went by. Rick smiled to himself: things definitely had been looking up lately.


Silvia Redtail got up from her chair and stretched her scarlet-furred arms. She always enjoyed being around Rick, even online where they could forget their size differences and just act like a couple.

"Hey, Red. Who were you talking to online?" The fox girl turned to see her best friend, Lira, stepping out of the shower in a towel. The gray and white-furred she-wolf had a look of deep curiosity on her face.

"Just Rick," Silvia replied nonchalently. She hadn't told anybody yet about having a micro-sized boyfriend. It wasn't necessarily that she was ASHAMED about him, just that she was a bit nervous about what their reaction would be to the tiny human. Or to be more precise, she was worried about what they might do to him.

"When do I get to meet this Rick?" The wolf raised a furred eyebrow. "What's he like?"

"Um," the vixen swished her tail nervously, not sure how to answer. "He's a sweet guy, and he's very artistic. In fact, he told me that I'm like a goddess to him." Actually, Rick porbably might have been implying a different reason for the comparison, but Silvia still liked it when he said stuff like that.

"Is he handsome?"

"Well---he's cute." A human looked nothing like a canine fur, but Silvia definitely liked the way Rick was, and even better was how she could hold his fragile body in one hand and cuddle him like a pet, though with much higher regard.

"Sounds to me like you found the perfect guy."

If only you knew, Silvia thought ruefully, but nodded politely. "Well, you know, I don't want to say he's PERFECT, but he's been great for me so far."

"Well, if you break up with him let me know." Lira replied with a wink. Silvia rolled her eyes. She wondered what got under a micro's skin.


"Welcome to Javaland," Rick tried not to sound monotonous as he talked the next man in line. "How may I help you?" He noticed that this person was surprisingly well-dressed for someone looking for expresso.

"Yes, sir, I believe I can help YOU." The man was balding, but had more hair growing in a moustache that seemed to turn upward with his smile. His eyes fell on Rick's employee tag. "You are the gentleman known as Rick Owens, are you not?"

"Um, yes sir." Rick blinked in surprise. The late-fifties-ish man extended a hand and before he could think to respond, he felt his own grabbed and squeezed with excruciating pressure.

"Darver Heroll." His voice took on a boom. "I believe I owe you an apology for trying to throw you out of your home." He then thumped the younger man on the back like a fraternity brother.

The name sunk in and Rick's jaw dropped. "THE Darver Heroll?" He wheezed, more from the blow than surprise. "The real-estate nut--er--I mean tyccoon who owns half of the land in Oakswood?"

He beamed a smile. "None other."

Rick gaped for a moment, then remembered what he was supposed to say, "Uh, yeah, apology accepted. But, sir, why---oof!" He was cut off with another thump.

"Why am I saying this? Well, you see, my son Trevor was coming in to your residence for somewhere to hang his hat. Problem is, when I offered Garner the car for a room, I had no idea that he'd stoop so low as to try to take yours. I would have taken the car back when I found out, but something happened to it that he won't talk about."

Rick smiled and looked down nervously.

"Anyways, I then went looking for you to try to make amends for my error in judgement. And now I've found you."

"So, you came to say you were sorry?" Rick hadn't really expected this.

"That, and I'd like to personally invite you to the party that I'm throwing at my new mansion tomorrow evening. I would be honored if you'd come, Rick."

Rick didn't get invited to many parties, much less by people THIS important. He practically felt himself unable to get rid of the sudden excitement at being called out by someone this famous and wealthy.

"Sure I'll go!" He said enthusiastically.

"Great, great, I'll tell the security guards to let you in. It starts at precisely seven o-clock." He turned to go, then stopped to glance back at Rick for the last time, "oh, and if you have any friends, tell them to come along to."



Okay, I gotta stop here for a while, but I'll have the rest of the story up in this section in a day or so.
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Postby Duct Tape Fanatic » Sat Feb 07, 2004 3:35 pm

All right, thanks for waiting and here's part 2


An invitation by the great Heroll himself, Rick couldn't believe it. His one regret was that he couldn't take Silvia to what would undoubtedly be the best parties Oakswood had seen in a while. However, despite his glee he couldn't help but feel that something was hanging at the back of his mind, something that he couldn't quite place right now, but knew was important.

It must be the excitement, he thought. I'm too giddy about this opportunutity to remember what it is. I guess if it's that hard to recall it can't be TOO important.

That afternoon he went to carry out Darver's request and invite his friends. The first two lived in an apartment similiar to his own on the other side of town. Rick made his way up the steps and knocked on the ebony colored door.

An instant later it opened and he found himself looking into the face of a wolf of the same color. "Hi Ven---"Rick started to say, but couldn't finish as he suddenly found himself crushed in a friendly bear hug that reminded him of one time when Silvia pressed a little too hard when picking him up.

"Rick, buddy!" The wolf's voice boomed into his face. "Man, you have no idea how great it is to see you little guy!"

"Hey, is that Rick Owens at the door?" Another male voice came from inside and an instant later Rick found himself being crushed by another heavy form. This time, it was a human five years older than he with sandy blond hair and green eyes. "Hey, man, great to see you."

"Bill, you too," he gasped, pulling out of the double-hug to catch his breath. He straightened back up and grinned, "You'll never guess what happened to me today."


An hour and a few drinks later---due to the insistance of his friends---Rick had managed to get out the point of his visit. Bill Spalz, of course asked the most important question that would determine of he'd go.

"Will there be any chicks there?"

Rick rolled his eyes while Ven laughed, "Yeah, Bill," he replied, "I imagine Mr. Heroll has invited young, female company."

"Then I'll be there." He grinned. "What about you, Ven?"

The wolf looked down at the floor for a moment, "I dunno. I don't think they'd want furs at a HUMAN party." Fur and human interaction was somewhat scarce for most groups. Rick wasn't sure if the prejudice came from furs being cousins to their giant counterparts, or if it came from them simply being DIFFERENT.

"Hey, if anyone gives you trouble, we'll tell them a thing or two." Rick patted his lupine chum on the shoulder, feeling the rough hair as he did so. "Come on, Ven, it wouldn't be fun without you. And I have an idea on how to avoid being the only one there. You can invite Janet to come along."

Janet Rithall was a beautiful collie that Ven had dated on and off for a while. She was never afraid to do something new or even possibly dangerous, as Rick would tell anyone from their days in high school together.

Hearing this though made Ven's ears perk up considerably. "All right," he said with a smile. "If she says yes, I'll go."

"That's the ticket." Rick smiled back. This was going to be a night to remember.

Before it was over, he'd recall that he had no idea how right he was in thinking that at the time.

End of pt2. Pt3 is yet to come!
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Postby Duct Tape Fanatic » Sat Feb 07, 2004 6:32 pm

"Subtle" wasn't a word to describe a party thrown by Darver Heroll. "Extravagant", "big", and "loud" were much better adjectives that crossed one's mind when they stepped through the gates that merely were at the entrance of the garden.

"I think I brought too poor a car," Rick muttered to his friends as they left the parking lot. Everything was a RollsRoyce and worked its way up from there. Clearly, to be an associate of the multi-millionaire real-estate company owner, you absolutely HAD to have a net worth of at least a hundred-thousand. Currently, the four-set blue automobile that was in need of a paint job stood out like a sore thumb.

"Don't worry about it, Rick." Ven told him. "If nothing else, having that old girl won't cause near as much of a stir as WE will."

"Yeah," came the reply of his date. "It's actually kind of exciting to see how they're going to react to us." Janet grinned toothily as she said this, causing the two humans with her and the wolf to chuckle, knowing that a collie and lupine fur would definitely cause a shock.

The Heroll manor stood overlooking the otherwise tiny area of suburbia and apartment complexes, a colossus among otherwise unimpressive furnishings. Rick had to give the man a nod for being able to come up with something so large and omnious.

"Now what kills me," Bill said as they approached the party, "Is why that guy's son wanted to live in YOUR apartment--no offense Rick--- when he could have had this. It makes no sense. "

"Actually, I can see why he would," Rick replied. "I mean, why does anybody who isn't kicked out leave home? Because they want to go and make their own way of course. My guess is that Trevor Heroll wanted to do something by himself."

"Yeah, well," Bill shrugged, "I certainly wouldn't have gone off if my folks owned a place like that."

There was a style of music being played that Rick mistook for Jazz, then Rock, and then finally he just gave up trying to place it. Whatever the man was into, it was fast, upbeat, and easy to dance to. Predictibly enough, when their canine companions hit the scene their was a long period of silence in which all eyes turned to the furry intruders.

"Don't mind us," Janet called out, voice dripping with sarcasm, "we're just here for the free food." If anyone had anything hostile to do or say, this apparently worked in disarming them. Janet, without a moment to spare, grabbed Ven and hauled him out onto the dance floor: a wooden upraised platform that was the size of the parkinglot at Javaland.

"Looks like she's handling herself pretty well," commented Bill wryly. "I guess I'll go introduce myself to the ladies. You coming?"

"Um, no thanks," Rick replied, remembering Silvia. "I'll just hang. You go and have fun." Bill shrugged and padded off, leaving him alone. At least, he was alone for about two minutes before he ended up face-to-face with a chauffer in a tuxedo.

"Excuse me, sir," the butler said in a prissy tone, "but Mr. Heroll requests your presence." Rick figured it was to be yelled at for bringing furs along, but he nodded and followed him anyway.


"Hey, Linx," the gray feline called over to his brother. "Check out what's going on." The two feline furs peered through the trees to see the mansion lit up like a Christmas tree. Their pointed ears could easily pick up the sounds of festivity.

"A party," Linx rubbed his hands together, sheathing and unsheathing the claws. "But no one invited us, Katz."

"Invite us?" Katz grinned with his sharp fangs. "We're so important that we don't NEED an invitation to party. I say we head on over and pay them a 'little' visit."

The two guffawed in laughter at this and began deliberately making their way towards the mansion. "How big do you suppose it is?" Linx asked.

Katz threw him a grin. "I'd say, compared to us, only about HALF as tall as we are."

"That's what I thought." Linx replied, stil grinning.


End pt 3, pt 4 coming soon
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Postby Duct Tape Fanatic » Sat Feb 07, 2004 9:59 pm

Darver Heroll was on the front porch that overlooked where the outdoor festival was going on. Rick hadn't thought it was possible to dress even more sharply than he was when seeing him in the shop, but he was once again proven wrong. With him was a young man about Rick's age, and judging from the dark hair and brown eyes that matched, he was probably the Trevor that nearly took his living space a month ago.

"Ah, the famed writer I've heard so much about." Darver smiled and warmly shook hands with him. "Come, come, I want you to meet someone. Trevor, this is the esteemed Rick Owens, the author of several articles and even a novel that I found superb."

"You read my work?" Rick asked, shocked more than anything else. "But, I just sold those; how did they get published so fast? And ,uh, I don't think I'm really that well known as a writer."

"I can answer that, Mr. Owens." Trevor spoke up. Rick suddenly realized that he'd forgotten to shake hands, and quickly did so. "You see," Trevor continued, "my father has a keen interest in literature, and he since he is on close terms with the owners of the publishing company, he was able to get a copy of your work after your name came up and touched off his interests."

"Yes, well, er, thank you for liking what I did." Rick swallowed hard. "I thought you were asking me to talk to you because of----."

"Of the furs you brought in?" Darver laughed. "Nonesense! I never knew a man who had friends that weren't human. Tell me, Rick, do you have any interesting experiences because of this?"

"Heh," he replied nervously, "you have no idea."


"This is such a pretty song," Janet said to Ven sweetly as he held her close throughout their dance. "It's enough to make me forget that we're the only ones here with muzzles."

"You're the only one that matters to me," the wolf replied, moving smooth and gently with her. In his opinion, the black dress she wore with the gold necklace made Janet more beautiful to him than any other female there in one of those brilliant outfits.

She nuzzled his neck. "Glad to hear it. Did you ever meet any other girls prettier than me?" Her voice had a note playfullness in it.

"Never," he replied. He would have left it at that, but Janet chose once more to bring up an old topic.

"So, what was it like in your home town?"

"I--do we really have to talk about that right now?"

"Oh, come on." She frowned. "You never told me about your past. Ven, I just want to know what the guy I'm dating is like, that's all." Ven HATED it when she asked this, and she was always tryign to get him to divulge his previous life back home that he personally wanted to remain buried.

"There's nothing worth telling," he said finally. "Please, can we just enjoy the evening?"

"All right, play it your way." Janet was visibly disappointed. "But I'll find out someday, Ven Claws, just you wait." She didn't say any more after that, but Ven still got an uncomfortable presence from it.


Rick supposed later on that fate just seemed to have chosen him for this, as if it was a joke about how his life was going. He was about to ask Trevor if the reason he didn't live with his father was because of what he'd suspected, when he felt the ground vibrate under his feet.

With a sinking feeling, even as those around him glanced about in confusion, he knew that he recognized what it was. More vibrations followed, and then he heard Trevor utter what he already was knowledgible to.

"Th--those sound like FOOTSTEPS!"

As if on cue, that was the point when Rick spied the two looming forms hanging over the parking lot and garden. His body went numb, and time seemed to slow down as first one, then the other took a casual step into the lot---each time smashing at least one car. Good thing I parked mine in the other section, he thought.

Then came the screaming. "Macrofurs!" Somebody or somebodies yelled, and the group of about sixty or so party-goers quickly became a panicked mob. Glancing back up at the creautres he now saw to be feline, Rick felt a sinking pit open in his stomach as they SMILED at the terror they were inspiring.

"This is going to get really ugly," he muttered.


Ven wrapped his arms around Janet to keep her from being away in the tide of the mob, and as he did so he felt her shaking. He stroked her hair reassuringly. "It's okay," he whispered, "I won't let anything happen to you."

Janet nodded, but he could still see she was scared, and she had a right to be. Ven knew they couldn't stand still forever, so with one hand around her he began pushing his way through the crowd, both to escape and to hopefully get away from what the macrofurs would see as the largest bunch of prey.

At that point he spotted a limosine sailing through the air, towards the pond that had several statues floating in it. The car sailed end over end upside down, and it wasn't until it struck the water and bounched did Ven realize that the macrofur was skipping it like a stone.

"HA! THREE BOUNCES! HEY LINX, CAN YOU DO BETTER?" The thunderous voice of one of the giants fell on them all, and it was particularly hard on Janet and Ven's sensitive hearing.

"I DUNNO,KATZ, LET ME SEE. MAYBE I'LL USE A MICRO NEXT?" This proclamation caused the already panicked huamns to go into full-blown chaos as they began to realize how they were seen: as toys.

Both cats seemed to be wearing only a T-shirt and shorts, which seemed to make them appear more out of place than their size did. The one called Linx glanced over the area, and Ven supposed that it only came natural that he'd see two furs--and true to Bill and Rick's predictions, they did stand out.

"WELL, WHAT HAVE WE HERE?" Linx bounded over to them, smashing more cars, a fountain, a garden shed, and leaving huge footprints that covered yards. Ven tried to get himself and Janet away, but then found himself facing a hand stretched across his vision.

"A LITTLE DOGGIE AND A LITTLE WOLFIE. SAY, SHE'S KINDA CUTE." He licked his lips hungrily, but maybe not in the fashion of thinking about food. "HOW ABOUT YOU DUMP THAT PUNY WOLF AND BE WITH A REAL MAN?"

"Leave her alone." Ven snarled defensively. "I don't care HOW big you are, touch her and you'll be sorry."

Linx actually appeared surprised to have something so small threatening him, but he quickly got over it, and got angry. An instant later Ven was seized tightly in his fist and pried off Janet. "Ven!" She cried, but was quickly snatched up in his other hand.

The macrofur held the two squrming captives contemplatingly in his hands before his face. "SO, LITTLE GUY HERE THINKS HE'S TOUGH, HUH?" The pressure around Ven increased. He cried out as his ribs threatened to break. Linx turned his attention to the pond once more. "I WONDER IF HE EVEN KNOWS HOW TO SWIM?" An instant later, Ven was approaching the water with dizzying force.

Well, he thought before hitting the water, guess I have to reveal my secret to her after all.


Rick was trying to get Darver and Trevor away from the mansion--the most obvious target, when they found their way blocked by Katz. Rick gulped. He thought he'd gotten used to a macrofur because of Silvia, but when you were faced with a 100ft tall fur that DIDN'T like you, he discovered that he hadn't run out of fear in this area.

"I BET YOU'RE THE BIG CHEESE AT THIS PARTY, HUH?" Katz squatted down, drumming his fingers on the food tables that were quickly reduced to spinters and mashed goo. "YOU DIDN'T INVITE ME OR MY BROTHER, NOW THAT'S JUST UNNEIGHBORLY."

Rick was then further amazed at how calm Darver did business. He looked up at the giant feline, and in an unwaivering voic said, "I was unaware that any macrofurs wished to attend my party. Had you asked, I would have simply let you in."


Then the feline lefted his foot over the millionaire. "Dad!" Trevor yelped. "Wait, please, we're very wealthy. Let us go and we'll pay you well!"

"AH, I NEVER HAD ANY USE FOR MICRO-MONEY ANYHOW." Katz then brought his foot dropping roughly down towards Darver. But, instead of him being crushed and ground into a pulp, he was instead knocked to the side by Rick as the heel slammed mere inches behind them, throwing Trevor back with the impact.

"Bless you," Darver wheezed as Rick picked him up.

"DAMN YOU!" Was what Katz said instead. "YOU PUNY LITTLE BUG. YOU DARE INTERRUPT MY FUN?" I'm dead, Rick thought, there's no other word for it. He could only hope he bought enough time as he was squashed for the others to get away.

But Katz must have decided that he'd give him a slower demise. Rick got up, prepared to die on his feet, but that quickly left as an option when he saw the finger cocked back and then released to FLICK him a good several feet. The wind was knocked out of him and he wheezed and struggled to get up.

This also became impossible as he was suddenly pinned underneath the largest of Katz's toes. The feline macrofur was deliberately keeping his weight off Rick so he could prolong the young writer's end.

"YOU'RE GOING TO FEEL EVERY LAST MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE IN EXCRUCIATING PAIN." Linx said gleefully, and began to press down. Rick yelped, kicked, fought, and generally had no effect whatsoever. The weight increased, and he was starting to see black spots in his vision.

Then, past the spots, he saw something long and slender sail across the sky and strike Katz directly in the face.


The feline yowled and Rick was freed, gasping he sat up and glanced instinctively over at the Herolls. They had predictably fled. He couldn't really blame them for that, then he glanced back towards where something the same size as Katz had just punched him in the face.

It was Siliva. No doubting that vulpine face with the amber eyes. She had her teeth bared and looked beyond a shadow of a doubt MAD. She glanced down at him, and then Rick realized a lot of her anger was at HIM.

It was just then that he remebered what he'd forgotten. Today was the anniversary of their first date. He'd promised to meet her tonight and had forgotten about it due to his party invitation.

"YOU." She pointed a black-furred finger at him. "Get out of here, Rick. I'll hold him off as best I can." Well, he thought, at least that means that she isn't here to stomp me herself.

He took off running, and his pace increased when she tossed over her shoulder, "and don't think this lets you off the hook either. When I'm done here, Rick Owens, we are going to have a little chat." He gulped, temporarily more afraid of her than Katz or Linx.


Janet also got a big surprise, emphasis on BIG. One minute she was held before a crowing Linx, and the next she was traveling backward, away from the feline who was yelling, "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" Only then did her terror-stricken mind realize that she was in another massive hand, and had been snatched from the previous one.

"I'm the guy who's going to kick your furred tail." Came the low growl from behind her. Janet was shaken up, but then she gapsed as she recognized the voice and turned with a whimper to see none other than Ven glancing back at Linx.

"Ven?" She whimpered. There was no mistaking it. His eyes, each larger than her head, had soft tone to them. "This can't be happening."

"Yes, Janet, it's me. I'm a macrofur too." The hand holding her moved carefully away from the cat. "But I won't hurt you, please don't be afraid of me." She was set down at a safe distance. "Run and find Rick and Bill, they'll get you to safety."

Janet, despite knowing it would be pointless, still wanted to help. But she knew deep down he was right, and regardless of her surprise at what he turned out to be, still trusted Ven and cared deeply for him. "Give him a punch for me," she said, then stumbled away.


"Rick!" Janet cried as she spied the human racing towards her.

"Janet!" He called back. The two of them met halfway and stood panting for a minute, finally, they both yelled out the same thing at once.

"You'll never believe what just happened to me!"


Katz snarled and lunged at Siliva, who ducked and planted a foot in his stomach, knocking him back into the mansion. She winced as the upper floors collapse with a crunching, shrieking noise, and hoped none of Rick's friends were in there.

"Bitch," snarled Katz, popping his claws. "Why are you against me? Hoping to get all the bite-sized snacks for yourself?" He didn't wait for an answer, diving at her again. Silvia sidestepped his attack and brought her elbow into his mouth, cracking a fang.

"Hey, I like one of them," she replied, knocking his feet out from under him. Katz went face first into the pavement. Silvia winced, even to a macrofur that couldn't have felt good.

Then the feline reached back into the crumbling mansion and pulled out several steel support beams, looking like another set of claws with their broken, sharp edges. Silvia raised an eye at this. She glanced around quickly to make sure Rick wasn't anywhere nearby, then backstepped near to the pool.

Katz came for her again. Silvia grabbed a small garden shed, ripping it from the foundation. She turned it upwards like a cup, and spied a terrified human inside. She plucked him out and set him down on the other side of the pool with an apology, then scooped the empty building through the water.

As Katz stepped forward, she then tossed the water-filled shed towards him. It crashed into the side of his head, and then he was soaked as it burst apart and he was instantly soaked. She smiled, knowing that cats hated water. He also dropped the beams and growled at her angrily.

But he didn't advance this time. Silvia stood there, puzzled, that was until she heard another person come up beside her. She turned with a glance and was surprised to see a black wolf her same size standing next to her.

"I took care of your brother," he said with a growl. "Now get lost." Katz looked seriosuly ticked about this, but he knew he couldn't take on the two of them, especially since she'd already left him with plenty of bleeding spots on her own.

"Oh all right," he growled, "This was a stupid party anyway." Then he turned and stomped off angrily.

"Thanks," Silvia turned to the wolf. She noticed that he only had a torn pair of shorts on, which seemed to reveal even more than the simple bra and shorts she wore as well. "Who are you?"

"I'm a friend of," he stopped, then stared back down towards where the party had gone on. "Rick's." Silvia then realized what he was thinking as well. She swallowed hard, hoping she hadn't trampled him by accident.

But no, she picked up his scent and then spied him with a small fur and the human she'd pulled out of the shed watching them. She smiled to herself. Good he's okay she thought. That means I can officially be mad at him.


"Th-t-th-that's the one that threw me out of the shed I was hidng in!" Bill whimpered as the two macrofurs began walking towards them with the usual vibrations.

"It's all right, guys, I know her." Rick reassured them as the vixen approached. "And that's Ven with her; you know he wouldn't do anything."

"He's right, I trust Ven." Janet nodded. Then they saw that Ven had a considerable cut mark across his chest--no doubt a gift left by the macrofur they saw him chase off.

"Are you three okay?" Ven asked, kneeling in front of them.

"Y-YES!" Bill squeaked.

"Oh yeah, we're fine thanks to you," Rick nodded, then glanced about at the scene of destruction around them. Everyone else had run off, only a few cars--his thankfully included--had survived, and the mansion was now a collapased wreck.

"Rick," the vixen kneeled down as well. "Don't scare me like that ever again! She reached down and picked him up in her hand before tipping him against her chest to cuddle him fondly. "You're lucky I decided to track you down when you didn't show up for our date."

Rick nuzzled the white, soft fur. "I'm so sorry I forgot about that. Can you ever forgive me, Silvia? Please, if there's some way I can make it up to you, let me know." One of her fingers began to stroke him gently.

Silvia stood back up fully, smiling down. "Actually, yes. That's enough party tonight for you. Now, I'm taking you home with me, any objections?"

"Oh no," he replied, grinning back up. "I'm a perfectly willing captive." Silvia giggled, and then walked causally away with him held safely in her hands. Now it was just the four of them.

"She carried him off." Bill said in disbelief. "Oh man, do you think we should try to do something?"

"Nah, he'll be fine." They all turned with shock to see Ven back at normal size behind them. "She seems to care for Rick a great deal. I'm sure she'll treat him fine, and," he grinned, "he'll probably enjoy the rest of tonight.


There was an uneasy silence. Ven surveyed his friends' faces to see how they'd take him being a macrofur, and one that could shift-size at that. Finally, a look passed across Bill's face and was shared in Janet's.

"Well," Bill said with a smile. "This certainly was a good night to be out with my friends." Ven smiled back, knowing that everything between them would be just fine.

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Not bad...

Postby Johnman » Fri Mar 05, 2004 3:15 am

Wow that was longer than I though. :shock: Unfortunately nobody got squished. :( Also some parts of the story were difficult to read due to grammatical errors.

However, overall it was a nice story with a happy ending. :D There was some nice paw action in there. And I've always had a soft spot for macro/normal-sized relationships. ;)
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Postby Duct Tape Fanatic » Fri Mar 05, 2004 10:02 pm

Sorry about that, I hope saying this won't get me run out, but I'm not much of a *ahem* pawslut as its called. I dunno, I just never got into the whole sexy feet thing. But, it is nice to hear from someone who also thinks macro/micro relationships can involve more than just food and stomping practice. Well, there is some stomping in one of my other stories, and Rick did get stepped on, just not squished.
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Postby Rough_Edge » Sat Mar 06, 2004 9:57 am

You won't get ran out for saying you arent a pawslut. We don't get that much respect actually, truth be told everyone else tends to walk all over us. :shock:
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Postby Duct Tape Fanatic » Sun Mar 07, 2004 3:02 pm

Hey, you guys are okay in my book. Do all the paw-worshipping you want, I have no beef with it and I actually find it kind of interesting(though more from a third-person point of view).
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Postby Heartwing » Sun Mar 07, 2004 9:01 pm

Rough_Edge Posted:

You won't get ran out for saying you arent a pawslut. We don't get that much respect actually, truth be told everyone else tends to walk all over us.

HAHA, that was great RE. That is sort of the Idea. :D Though I do wish people would put more Paw action into their fur related stories, I am a fan of well written fiction. This is fiction, right? :D

I count myself a fan of Duct's.
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Postby Rough_Edge » Mon Mar 08, 2004 9:15 am

Yeah, I'm probably going to be a total whore with paw related stuff when I get to making animations. I don't want to get off topic though.

I like your stories so far. You do a good job with making characters that are interesting, which for me is what is needed to be interested in continuing to read. :wink:
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