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story idea/request

Postby biggiant » Sun Mar 18, 2007 6:27 am

how about if a male tiger named Mike eats a candy bar than later on his stomach starts to hurt and he burps and he starts to grow, he is shocked and suprised, all the human people start to become neverous and scared of his size, so they move him to plane hanger, he doesn't want to get any bigger and doesn't want to hurt anybody. than his stomach hurts and he burps again he grows and his head hits the ceiling, he becomes lonely because nobody will come see him, the hanger becomes cramped. At night he goes to sleep and when he wakes up he finds there is food for him. He wonders who is leaving it, he speaks outloud to see if there is anybody there, but nobody answers. so he goes to sleep and he wakes up to find a tiny human girl, leaving it, she screams and runs hides in one of the planes, he peeks inside the plane thru the window, he opens the door with his claw, he coaxes her out and is so happy to have somebody to talk to. he talks her into getting onto his giant paw, they talk and he tell her how he gets big, and asks her if she will help him get back to normal, she agrees and he puts her down slowly because she acts like she is afraid of heights, suddenly he grows before her eyes his head goes thru the ceiling. She makes a bubbly potion in a beaker and he drinks it and he returns to normal.
Does anybody want to write it? I suck at Dialogue, I am not sure what the name of the story or girl will be that can be up to the writer.
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