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This is Life

Postby DragonMasterX » Sat Mar 03, 2007 5:31 am

Hey guys, I kinda woke up inspired today and spent whole afternoon writing. This is a real life-based story, nothing supernatural, neither macro unfortunately. But it's original work, nothing fan-made.

Anyway, here's my story, hope you like it, I'd also like to recieve any constructive feedback you can give. Thanks in advance!

Disclaimer: All of these things you are about to read are copyrighted to me, this is original work and may not be used without permission.


Hey, the name’s Jason. I’m just a normal guy, not the hero of a story, neither a mutant with superpowers. I’m just an anthropomorphic dragon of the west. I’m gonna be frank, I don’t really know any of you, but if you are interested in my tale, then it’s because you do want to know what’s going on here with all my rambling, and I can’t just turn you all down, right?

All right, I’ll let you read this and I’ll just tell you something: Last week, I had everything: Tons of fans and friends, a hot girl and even my own rock band. Now I have none of that, but I’m happy with it, you know why? Well, not gonna spoil it here, read to find out.

“This if Life”, by DragonMasterX.

The big city, Raynald was located in a remote piece of land near the equator, an island to be more exact. The whole beach city was the island itself; the first civilization had taken emplacement in the center of the tropical ambient. As eventually, it got around time and evolved into a splendidly built society, tourism was far great here than anywhere else. The city was over flooded with shopping centers, bars, leisure centers and many general sport fields. But this wasn’t just a touristic attraction; the city itself possessed suburbs, schools, hospitals… and small chains of houses that didn’t have anything to do with anything else but families and friends living together. The city itself was wild, parties every night, drinking contests; anything you could imagine could happen in just a single night in Raynald. Those who liked less conflictive places and famished tranquility stayed back in the suburbs. Though most teenagers left for the big city each time they organized themselves. It was a flourishing city.

Our story begins in the 1095 of Grimace Street, the red and white painted house in the corner, adorned by tons of flowers in the front garden. The house itself wasn’t huge, but it looked beautiful.

“Aaaaaarrghh…” a dragon stretched, his day had just begun, and so had his fatigue, “Man… what happened last night?” Jason asked himself, rubbing his blue hair with a claw, when he woke up in his room, he was surprised to see that everything was clean, nothing was disorganized, and nothing was destroyed. Everything was normal, and tidy.
“What the hell happened to my room?” he asked himself as he stood up, he looked everywhere. It wasn’t normal to have his jungle this tidy. Normally, it’d be totally ravaged and completely messy everywhere you looked. “Can’t believe it. I didn’t go out yesterday night or what?” he wagged his green scaled tail; it obviously combined with his green scaled body.
Jason shook his head, not being interested in his room’s tidiness for the moment. He stepped inside the bathroom, where he looked at himself, he was only wearing his jeans, his sneakers weren’t on, neither his shirt. Jason stopped for a moment to admire his figure, he was more or less the big guy, sculped finely from toes to head, his green eyes blinked as the tiredness kept him into mental wandering.

It was then that his mother’s voice broke his concentration, “Jason honey, breakfast’s ready! Come down and eat or you’ll be late for school!”
Yes, Jason was still a kid so to speak, an adolescent going to High School coursing tenth grade with his 16 years of age and he still lived with his parents.

“Be there in a moment mom!” Jason shouted back, before he stared at his face a bit more, “Hmm?” he became aware of a mark on his cheek, “What’s this?” he asked himself, touching said spot, before automatically reflexing back at a jolt of pain that went right through his cheek, “Ack! Fuck it hurts!” he cursed, his eyes still didn’t deter from staring at his face, a scratch? A cut? A hard slap in the cheek?
The young dragon didn’t have time to bother though, he slid his pants down, and his tail took care of grabbing the pants from the floor and putting them where the laundry would be delivered by any of his parents. Soon he stepped in the shower.

Downstairs, Jake, Jason’s father, and Sally, his mother, were both having breakfast already. Both were dragon morphs, yet they looked different from their son, while he was an occidental dragon with no wings, both of these dragons possessed them. The two looked almost the same, only separated from their male and female perks respectively. The dragons were green scaled too, but their hair was black as well as their eyes being blue for the male, and green for the female. Jason had inherited his mother’s eyes.

Jake was a personal trainer; he took care of his own gym too. His ambition was to leave everything up to his son, unfortunately, Jason wasn’t one to keep good grades in biology, a fundamental subject to know about the anatomy of the different inhabitants of the world, and thus be able to keep a title for a trainer. It was a downside for him, but Jake was constantly pressing his son to do better at it, he didn’t want to have to sell the gym when he retired, and neither wanted to take chances.

Sally was a model and a housewife; she had started a career at modeling in the midst of high school. It was a problem for her that her boyfriend had impregnated her on her early teens, but she had made it fine through her studies, till she eventually gave birth and started occupying on both Jason and her career along with Jake’s help. She managed doing everything in the end, and now she’s both a wanted model, and a caringly loving mother.

“Dear, did Jason bring his report card?” Jake inquired as he turned a page of his newspaper.
“Uhm, I don’t think so, isn’t it early for it sweetie?” Sally asked as she moved the pan in the stove, turning the pancakes swiftly to serve them into the plates.
Jake sighed a bit at the answer, “Sally, it’s the end of the month” the male dragon said, “Are you hiding something?”
“No, why would you think that?”
“It’s just that I’m wondering how Jason did in biology this semester.”
“Well…” Sally nervously objected, being too busy squinting her eyes at her food work.
“What’s that?”
The dragoness picked a plate full of tasty pancakes, neared it to Jake’s side of the table and silently turned, careful to hide her expression, “Nothing dear.”
Jake’s tail snaked on the floor as he stared at his wife with a weird stare, “Alright, we’ll skip this just because of the delicious scent I’m sniffing” he grinned, left the paper aside and started eating his breakfast.
Done with it, Sally sighed in relief, “Always feed men to shut their maws up- thanks mom” she then finished preparing the food for her son as well as a quarter of what the males ate, for her.

Seconds later, Jason came downstairs, being fully dressed, but still drying his hair with a towel. It was completely messy after he finished. “Morning mom, morning dad” he greeted, and then sat down in front of his plate.
“Morning dear!” said Sally; her radiant smile could warm the coldest hearts with just a glance.
“Morning son” Jake simply greeted, then continued to dig in his breakfast. And his hungry son quickly followed him.
“How was yesterday? Was the concert alright?” the dragoness asked as she put her woolen gloves away and sat down in front of her family.
One of Jason’s ears perked up at the question, “Concert?” he thought a bit, before he blinked in surprise when he found out his band had played at the stadium for the party he had been at, “Oh, we did play there! But… argh, can’t remember anything else…”
“Honey?” Sally repeated, looking on the young dragon as if he was troubled, “Anything the matter?”
“Uhh, no… it’s okay mom. Yeah, the concert went alright!” Jason grinned a bit, faking the smile in fact, “I think…”
“Well, that’s good news!” Sally cheerfully added, giggling at the comment. Then she asked: “Hey, when’s the next one?”
Jason smiled, that was a question he could easily respond to, “School, we’ll play some hard rock, we got permission from Principal Dillwyn already!” mentioned the eager dragon.
“You should also study more son, life’s not only concerts and wild parties,” Jake added, darting his look at Jason.
Jason was still smiling to his mother, before he heard his father’s small scowl, which made him frown “I know dad” he simply replied.
“If you know, then why your grades still go down? You need high grades in biology to get a professorate and a good title to manage the gym,” the elder dragon explained, giving another eye darting at his son.
“Dad, I’m not going to manage the gym” Jason stammered, “ I don’t wanna study to be a personal trainer or a gym manager or anything, I just wanna go on with the band.”
Both titans of muscle stared at each other's stare for almost three minutes, before the heavy atmosphere started to worry Sally. “Uhm, aren’t you going to be late dear?” said the mother, carefully observing both with a mid-scared expression in her face. Both had gotten into fights before, and as for her, she couldn’t stop any of them, and she feared getting herself hurt as well if she interfered.
Jason still was into the staring contest, but he didn’t want to ignore his mom and got the stare off Jake, then eyed the clock, “Kay, I’m going,” he announced, then got off his seat.
“You aren’t getting anywhere yet young man, I’ll take you by car to school fast so you aren’t late, you still got 20 minutes” Jake stood up after Jason, “And we still got to talk about your attitude towards your own father. If you might know, when I was your age, I was a hard worker at school, and my father encouraged me to do it because he wanted the best for me, and that’s what I want for you.”
Yet, Jason still walked away “You don’t know what’s best for me.”
“What did you just say?” Jake raised the tone in his voice, then walked after his son, “Come back here Jason!”
But Jason left upstairs, “Stop smotherin’ me! I’m tired of being puppeted around by you!”
“I said come back!” Jake roared and stood next to the stairs.
“Honey… calm down” Sally said from behind the dragon.
“This is between me and the kid Sally, don’t get in the way” he growled at his wife, who easily got scared and stepped back, “You are going to listen to me Jason, this isn’t about what you or I want, it’s what you should do for your best!” he started lecturing, hoping Jason would come down.

But Jason didn’t come down at all.

It was then that Jake got enraged, he was ready to give his obstinate son a good beating, so he took walk to his room, “You are going to come down you like it or not.”
“Please don’t hit him…” Sally pleaded.
Jake grabbed the door’s knob hardly, and twisted it. He was surprised it was easily open for him to open the door, “Jason?” he said in a much calmer voice, and “Son?” he asked as he stepped in.
But no one was inside the room, except for the little wind that was blowing inside from the opened window, “The, window?” Jake thought, and then he walked towards it, “Darn, he escaped” Jason cursed, gripping his fists. With his remaining dignity, Jake turned around, huffing as he walked out, Sally was at the entrance with a worried face, looking up at his face.
Jake hugged his wife, “I’m very sorry, I shouldn’t have lost my temper my dear…” the dragon apologized to the dragoness, he knew how sensible she was and detested seeing her in any way troubled, and much more since he was the cause. “Please don’t feel bad, I’ll apologize to him when he comes back.”
Sally smiled slightly, “Thank you honey… Jason’s not a bad boy… he’s just confused” she then hugged Jake back, cuddling against him like as if he was her protector.
“I know dear, I know. It’s just sometimes… I forget about it” the dragon admitted.

Outside, Jason was running as fast as he could, he had only time to grab his cel-phone and of course, his back-pack, “Whew, that was close” he gasped as he slowed his pace of running not to get exhausted. He was a good half mile away from his home now anyway. “Alright, let’s see if I’ll catch the guys in the way!” he grinned, then started running again towards school.

Soon enough, Jason was at school, but alone in a way, since he hadn’t found any of his friends neither band mates in the way. “Guess I didn’t really have luck with it. Oh well, gotta see ‘em inside” Jason said out loud, then walked inside the establishment which was surrounded by lively green trees and small sets of flower fields.

Inside, Jason walked to his locker, upon opening and depositing his things inside, he sighed, “Man I gotta convince him to stop annoying the hell out of me or I won’t be able to mentally survive till univ…” but before he could continue his thoughts, after he slammed the door of his locker, he was surprised to see a very familiar someone.
“Jason” a female appeared from the sides, she was being covered of sight by the locker’s door.
Jason smiled at the pretty girl, his girlfriend, “Woah, hey Candy, how are ya?” the dragon inquired, reaching to put a claw on her shoulder to approach and give her a greeting kiss.
But Candy slapped his claw away and stepped back, the wolf morph folded her arms as she stared at how Jason fell right on his chin to the floor, her expression wasn’t that of a mocking attitude, but of a pissy, annoyed person.
“Oww!” Jason rubbed his chin as he sat up not to look as a complete idiot on the floor, “Hey love, why did you do that for?” he grunted as he stood up and looked at her face, her red fur matching the fiery colour her eyes possessed, “Hey, what’s wrong? Something happened?”
“Stop fooling around Jason!” Candy scowled, her white fangs being in view as she growled, “You perfectly know what’s going on!” she took a deep breath to calm down slightly.
“Geesh, hey, keep your cool, tell me what the problem is!”


Jason’s eyes were widened, the split second he had taken to say the last word was when his face ended looking on the side, his cheek hurt again. He now knew why it hurt so an hour ago. Silence dawned in the area, other students were surprised, and were staring at the couple.
Candy held her paw across, her right palm was still itching from the hard slap she had given to the dragon, and “You want to know what’s going on? You do? Huh?” she asked in an accelerated mood, “I’m tired of you and your fan-girls following you everywhere we go, even you alone. You know what? Keep them and ditch me! You probably have fucked them more times than me!”
Jason’s face flushed a deep red, he had gained colour not only from that face slap, but from the embarrassment he was feeling right then, “What are you saying?!” he said as he turned his face back in place to stare down at the red haired wolfess, “But you are all I got! I never did another girl but you!” he confessed.
At this, more students summed to the soap opera, it was like a show nobody wanted to lose view. The most popular guy at school being caught with the dough by his own girl? Worth to see!
“Don’t you lie!” Candy yelped, sounding really hurt, “Yesterday you were hosing them with beer after the concert! You, you… you darn womanizer!”
Jason’s pupils shrank at that moment, had he really done that? Wait- the mark, the temporary memory loss… was he really that drunk the day before? “But Candy! I… I did not-”
“You did! I saw you with my own eyes!” the girl cried, her tail waving up and down like an angry animal ready to bite its foe.
“I can explain, I just wasn’t,”
“You’ve got nothing to explain to me, now go back to those bitches, they probably still have wishes to see you again!” the girl yelled at him, then turned around and left walking.
“No! Wait, Candy! Hear me out!” he pleaded, “You got to listen to me!”
Soon, everybody was leaving the hall, the show was over, and nothing had happened, nothing was left, but the eerie silence that accompanied Jason now.
The dragon was strong, he wasn’t crying, but he felt like if a wall of bricks had hit him right on the head. “What… the…” were his last words, before he drifted to his class-room; the bell had rung few minutes ago.

Day at school went fast, Jason didn’t pay attention to anybody else during that period. He had many things to think about. However, upon getting out of the school, he found his band buddies outside, “Hey guys…” he said and walked past them, staring at the ground as he left walking.
“Hey J, come here” Fisk asked, he was one of the members, the drummer, a rat boy with white hair and blue eyes “We gotta talk buddy.”
“Jason, I heard Candy broke up with ya, is that true?” Ray asked, he was the main guitarist, another rat boy, but with blonde hair and brown eyes.
Jason only nodded to them, then walked to them with a not so enthusiastic expression, “Sorry guys, I can’t practice today, I gotta get home and,”
But before he could continue, he was cut short by the blue eyed Clay, another wolf morph with no hair, but a huge body, he was the bass player, “We know you can’t.”
“Huh? You know?” Jason asked confused.
Ray nodded, “Maybe you should know something, it’s time we…”
“Let me be the one to tell him” Squall, the backstage singer said. He was nicked Squall after the popular Final Fantasy character as he dressed almost exactly like him always. A black jacket, black pants, and his hair was identically a replica of the game’s Squall. If he was given a sword, he’d look like a fur-suited Squall. The wolf stared onto Jason’s eyes for a second, before finally declaring, “As Ray started, it’s time we advance forward J, you kinda don’t stick out as the leader anymore. The guys and I’ve been talking about it, and we’ve decided to replace you completely.”
“Replace me?!” an altered Jason shouted. “With who?!”
“Me” Squall stammered.
A cold wind blew in Jason’s direction, he suddenly felt his heart shrinking, as if it was being crushed from the inside by an intruding hand, his eyes widened greatly, almost at the size of saucers. He was totally stunned. His very best friend had just… kicked him out.
As no words came out of his maw, Squall walked forwards, “No hard feelings buddy” was everything he said, before patting Jason in the shoulder and putting his former shades on, he had taken them from the practice room the day before when Jason had forgotten them. Squall walked past the dragon like air, now ignoring him completely. “Come on guys, we gotta practice for next week, we are going to do it my way now.”
Consecutively, the others did the same, calling out to him in soft voices, yet simple words:
“Sorry J.”
“Sorry Buddy.”
“Jason…” finally a female voice chimed, as all the others had left already. The mixer of the band, Vicky, stepped forward, she was a lite-blue scaled dragoness with long blonde hair, her eyes deep blue as the deepness of the very sea. “I’m sorry… I,”
But before Vicky could say anything else, Jason turned to the sides and began to walk away, staring at the floor, he felt completely useless, depressed, and beaten.
Again, Vicky chimed softly “Jason…” and she lowered her head, turned around, and then left on her own road.

A week passed since the events hit Jason, he wasn’t depressed anymore, he hadn’t found another band, neither another girlfriend, and he spent most days inside his room at the computer or listening to his own rock music. This sudden change of attitude was worrying his parents, specially Sally.

It was on Friday morning that the caring mother walked inside Jason’s room, “Honey? Honey are you there?” she asked softly.
“Leave me alone please” was all heard.
“Jason you can’t stay living in your bedroom forever” Sally said, walking to the window to open it and let light come in. The room was completely ravaged, it was totally a mess. Jason wasn’t even resting on his bed, but next to his stereo, surrounded by empty beer bottles.
“I can still try” Jason sarcastically added, sitting up and sighing, his face more depressed than ever.
“Aren’t you going to school today either?” Sally asked, then reached to help the young dragon up.
“School can suck my dick, I’m tired of it” Jason coldly replied, before he headed to his bed and collapsed on it.
“But…” Sally objected, “What are you going to do here all day? Why don’t you go visit Candy or,”
“Don’t mention her around me” Jason growled.
“Honey, what’s wrong?” Sally finally asked, “You’ve been like this for an entire week, I can’t help you out if you don’t tell me what’s wrong.”
“I don’t need help” Jason retorted, “I just need to be alone, that’s all; go away now.”
Sally started to get fed up with his attitude. Suddenly she went to the bed and pulled him up from his shoulders with both her claws, “Listen to me young man, I am your mother, it’s your mother who you are speaking to, not a random girl from school!” she rose the tone in her usually low voice, which actually freaked Jason, “Keeping your problems to yourself will not solve them, you’ll only repress your feelings and later on you’ll just suffer more from them” she explained, then asked once more, “Are you going to tell me what’s wrong or not?”
“Mom…” Jason gasped a bit, staring at her eyes, but then both his ears dropped, before he looked down on his knees. He spent a whole hour explaining everything that had happened to him a week ago. Sally listened to her son intently, never taking a moment to even think, she just heard.

“…and I screwed everything up with Candy. I didn’t know she hated all those girls that followed me around after the concerts, I know I didn’t sleep with them, but she won’t hear me out, she just thinks I did all of them.”
“Are you sure you didn’t betray her?” Sally asked.
“Definitely, I didn’t. I’m sure of it; I know I have done many weird things, but not played with Candy’s trust in that way.”
“Alright, then you don’t have anything to worry about” his mother replied, “You must get to her in some way and tell her the truth.”
“But how? I can’t get her to listen to me, I,”
“That’s something you’ll have to ideate my son” Sally explained, “I can’t tell her to listen to you, but I can tell you that if you want to get her to listen to you, you must find a way to express yourself to her.”
“Thanks mom…” Jason said, “And… sorry.”
Sally blinked in surprise “Sorry?”
“I shouldn’t have acted the way I did around you, you were only trying to help, right? I kinda owe you an apology” Jason admitted.
The dragoness smiled and caressed her son’s cheek, “Don’t worry at all honey, you were just pissed off” she said, giggling a bit, “Hey, and you know what you should do?”
“What’s that?” asked Jason.
“Isn’t today the school’s concert?” the female commented, her voice filled with hope.
“Yeah but,”
Sally interrupted “But what?”
“I can’t… they… kicked me out” Jason said a bit saddened.
“They kicked you out of the band? Why would they do that?”
“Squall replaced me, they said I didn’t stick out as a good leading band member anymore”
The mother was confused at the odd name, “Squall?”
Jason sighed, “John.”
“Ohhh… well, why didn’t you fight for your place?” Sally suggested, “I mean, you are a really good singer, that’s why you have fans everywhere in Raynald.” She smiled.
“I don’t have the will to sign anymore, the just don’t want me there and,”
Sally huffed a bit, “Look, if you don’t have the will to do something that you’ve been doing for years, then you are a darn coward, and I didn’t raise any weak lout, you hear me?”
The dragon blinked again, surprised by his mom’s attitude once more, “Mom?”
“Whoopsie” Sally blushed at her own manner of speak, “Teehee, but you get what I mean, right? At least go to the concert, it’s the last meeting at school before the final exams of the year, isn’t it? Besides, you don’t wanna stay here alone doing nothing, your dad and I got to go there too” she giggled.
“Right, that’s true” Jason accepted with a nod of his head, then stood up, “Alright, I’ll go. Besides, you got me interested to see how Squall is leading everything.” Jason then got a determined look in his face, he knew that this day was gonna be an overcrowded night full of both teenagers and adult all over the place, and obviously, the manager they had contacted a month ago to come and observe the band’s performance. It now thrilled him to know what was going to happen. The band had always gone on his style, it was successful, and they played songs from many popular bands, including Sum 41, Linkin’ Park, Nirvana and many others. That was his style, gathering many songs and learning to play them instead of producing his own for now since they weren’t an official band. Squall however had always opted to write his own lyrics and mix them all with few mixed melodies.
“That’s good, your father and I have to get prepared, and we’ll see you there, okay honey?” Sally smiled gladly at his response as she stayed still sitting on the bed. “Well, you’ll be late for school, but at least you can eat breakfast before you go, it’s more likely still warm enough!” she giggled.
Jason only nodded, before leaving the room immediately to go down and eat.
As her son left downstairs, Sally collapsed on the bed, she puffed her beautiful chest a bit since she was exhausted of the conversation, “God being a mother of a teen is really tough…” she gasped a bit, “I don’t have the motherly gene, but at least I’m not like Jason’s granny” she grinned hopefully.

That night was when Jason had made his way to the school’s gym, the band was playing already, however, it seemed as if the activity inside wasn’t what he had expected, “Thought it’d be all noise and beating… maybe the party’s just started and I’m early” he thought, but confused or not, noisy or not, he still walked inside. He was surprised to see everybody gathering, but only a quarter merely moving at the beat of the band’s rhythm. “What the?” he looked everywhere, then saw Squall singing on top of the scenery with all the others, confused as ever, even troubled to follow the rhythm of the improvised song. It was on the second afterwards, Squall’s throat was having problems.
“Arghh… why did I have to take that medicine for my cold… it only made it worse” he thought.
“Wonder what’s the problem” but then was when the dragon eventually found the problems, Squall’s lyrics were sounded less rhythmic with each passing second, as if he was periodically losing his singing voice. Suddenly, Squall coughed loudly, he stopped singing, and seconds later, the band stopped playing.
“Hey Squall, can you continue?” Fisk asked as he went to him.
“I think I can’t…” Squall talked lowly, his throat hurting way too much.
“Uh? I came for this?” Jason asked himself, all the furs had stopped dancing, he didn’t see anyone familiar there anymore, just a whole lot of people pitying the singer of his former band.

Feeling pity for Squall as well, Jason made haste to the exit and went out, “Guess my replacement didn’t work out” he thought, a small smile appearing across his face, before he bumped with someone on the street, “Hey! Watch it-” but before any further word was said, he noticed he had bumped with the lite-blue beauty, “Vicky? What are you doing here?”
“Jason? Thought you wouldn’t even come here…”
“I came to see how the band fared, you know, I expected a lot more than,”
“I know, that’s why I had voted against him” Vicky said.
“Huh? You had voted against him?” Jason blinked in amazement.
“Of course, you always were my favorite singer” the blonde dragoness gave him a radiant smile, “You know, I came out hoping to get out of that embarrassment, the others are in backstage. They don’t know how to continue the concert.”
“He screwed up right?” Jason asked, putting one of his claws on his jean’s pockets.
“Gee, I know. I changed his medicine” Vicky said, “He had caught a cold some days ago. He was irritating me so I gave him a lesson.”
Jason was lost, Vicky, the shy of the group had done what he had just heard? “Uhh” he blinked, but then added, “Hey, but what about the concert?”
“I don’t really care. It’s not a concert without you” Vicky said, winking and chuckling a bit.
Jason blushed a bit, not expecting such a revelation, “Well, hey, thanks.”
“I know, why don’t you come and take Squall’s place right now? At least you’ll save the party from becoming a yawning factory” Vicky smiled.
“I don’t know, maybe I should go home and,”
“Now that’s not the Jason I know, come on, let’s go in there and show who’s better singer. You just gotta convince them in your way!”
Jason looked on the ground, but eventually found meaning in her words. He had just ideated a plan after her last sentence. “Candy’ll be there… Dad’ll be there… thanks mom, I’ll show them.” Jason nodded to Vicky.
“That’s the spirit, let’s go there then!” the dragoness cheered, then she grabbed Jason’s claw tightly and dragged him all the way inside.
“WAH!” Jason gasped as he was dragged. He was really surprised at how she had changed from a shy little girl to a more rushy and decided dragoness.

Seconds later both were inside. Jason fixed eyes with the first one he saw in the entrance. Fisk.
The white haired mice blinked at seeing the dragon there, “Jason… what are you,”
“Came to save the show, just because a singer sucks doesn’t mean you can’t use the back-stage one.”
“Y-you can’t replace me… I’m the s-star of the band” Squall said, coughing a bit.
“Not anymore John,” Jason took Squall’s shades and put them on him, “I think these are mine.”
“Hey! Those are mine!” Squall complained, he was about to stand, but the cold had taken a toll on the wolf boy, not only was his throat sore, but his resistance had fallen thanks to the illness he had caught.
“Last time I leave them next to my mike” Jason smiled to Vicky, who smiled back.
The other three had already mentally agreed with the improvisation, Squall couldn’t continue, Jason had to take his place, there was no other choice, “Let’s go on then!” they suggested, grabbing their instruments.
“Not yet” Jason said, “According to the time-table, we’ve got about ten minutes. We’ll play two songs. The ones we know the most: From Linkin’ Park”
Clay objected, “But, weren’t we going to use Squall’s idea of,”
“You do it my way or nothing” Jason stammered, gripping both his fists together, making sure they knew he wasn’t kidding around.
“Alright!” Clay, along with Fisk and Ray agreed with no further complaint.
Vicky giggled to Jason, “Our leader’s back.”

A few moments later, the whole band minus Squall was out on the stage, the lights had been asked to be closed off, few people from the whole lot had remained in the gym.

However, soon, Vicky’s mixer started making sounds, a nice rhythm, before suddenly the drums, bass and guitar sounded loudly, way loudly. Hard rock was playing.
Jason grabbed his mike and started as soon as the song let him:

I am
A little bit of loneliness
A little bit of disregard
Handful of complaints but I can’t help the fact
That everyone can see these scars

I am
What I want you to want
What I want you to feel
But it’s like no matter what I do
I can’t convince you
Just believe this is real

So I
Let go, watching you, turn your back as you always do
Face away and pretend that I’m not
But I’ll be here ‘cause you are all that I got

Jason took a needed breath, and started looking, “Nowhere yet… damn” he walked around, feeling the rhythm creeping into his body and stimulating him to sing better.

I can’t feel!
The way I did before
Don’t turn your back on me,
I won’t be ignored!

Time won’t heal
This damage anymore
Don’t turn your back on me,
I won’t be ignored!

I am
A little bit insecure
A little bit unconfident
‘Cause you don’t understand I do what I can but sometimes I don’t make sense

I am
What you never want to say
But I never had it out
It’s like no matter what I do, I can’t convince you for once just to hear me out

So I
Let go, watching you, turn your back as you always do
Face away and pretend that I’m not
But I’ll be here ‘cause you are all I got… got… got

After the echo, Jason took the time to breathe and move again as his friends did all the instrumental work, and as he prepared himself, he kept using his vision to search for a certain someone. Until finally he spotted here, “This is for you Candy.” He fixed eyes with her, then immediately continued.

I can’t feel!
The way I did before
Don’t turn your back on me,
I won’t be ignored!

Time won’t heal
This damage anymore
Don’t turn your back on me,
I won’t be ignored!

Hear me out now
You’re gonna listen to me like it or not
Right now!

Hear me out now
You’re gonna listen to me like it or not
Right NOW!!

Jason took a third breath, and then calmly followed.

I can’t feel…
The way I did before
Don’t turn your back on me,
I won’t be ignored!!

And the drums sounded loudly, the lights finally revealed the band, and Jason roared as he jumped down the stage to a sub-level, just half a feet below his band mates.

I can’t feel!
The way I did before
Don’t turn your back on me,
I won’t be ignored!

Time won’t heal
This damage anymore
Don’t turn your back on me,
I won’t be ignored!

I can’t feel!
Don’t turn your back on me
I won’t be ignored
Time won’t heal

Don’t turn your back on me
I won’t be ignored!! *

And Jason finally ended, gasping, sweat covered, he grabbed his shades, crushed them in one claw and then hurled them away.

Everyone stared at the young dragon in amazement. Some even whispered why Squall had been removed, but some didn’t complain. The whole stage gave a huge round of applauses, this was exceptionally good for the other band members since they felt nervous before, but now they were thrilled and ready for the next song.
Jason however, was still staring at Candy, his face more serious than ever.
Candy stared back, but her face didn’t reflect hate anymore, she even looked like she had fallen in love. But Jason ignored her and looked back at his band, “Guys, Numb” he simply said, then nodded to Vicky, who loaded a special sound configuration. The girl then put it to full volume and started, gave an okay to Fisk, and he started the drums. The other two, with their respective cord instruments started playing as well.
Jason took this time to immediately look for his second someone. Soon, his vision came across to his father’s, who was staring at him in a despised way, it was obvious even though he had apologized, he still didn’t like what Jason was doing in the band at all. “I’ll show you what’s best for me dad.”

Tired of being what you want me to be
Feeling so faithless
Lost under the surface
Don’t know what you’re expecting of me
Put under the pressure, of walking in your shoes…

Every step that I take is another mistake to you

Become so Numb
I can’t feel you there
Become so tired
So much more aware
I’m becoming this
All I want to do
Is be more like me
And be less like you

Jason suddenly felt the rush of passion for music in his veins, holding the mike tightly on both his claws, he walked forward, the girls were just wildly screaming as he approached, all of them extending their paws to try and reach him, among them, Candy was, but as Jason kept singing, he turned his back on them and walked back to his band, his eyes opening slightly just to know where he was walking, then he turned again to the public and again closed his eyes to keep singing with all his heart.

Can’t you see that you’re smotherin’ me?
Holding too tightly
Afraid to lose control
‘Cause everything that you thought I would be
Has fallen apart
Right in front of you…
It was then that Jason’s father had begun to understand what he was singing, the song he was singing… reflected just everything Jake had been doing for the past sixteen years with Jason. He could only frown, being totally disappointed at himself, but he kept on listening, however, now he was beginning to understand his son at last.

Every step that I take is another mistake to you
And every second I waste is more than I can take

Become so Numb
I can’t feel you there
Become so tired
So much more aware
I’m becoming this
All I want to do
Is be more like me
And be less like you

And I know
I may end up failing too…
But I know
You were just like me
With someone disappointed in you!!

It was here when Jake shed a tear. The song, no, Jason was right. His father, Jason’s grandfather, had pushed him into doing exactly what he had wanted, and not what Jake actually wanted to do when he was young. Now he understood, he completely understood everything.

Become so Numb
I can’t feel you there
Become so tired
So much more aware
I’m becoming this
All I want to do
Is be more like me
And be less like you…

I’ve become so Numb
I can’t feel you there!
Tired of being what you want me to be…

I’ve become so Numb
I can’t feel you there!
Tired of being what you want me to be…*

And Vicky and Fisk ended with the last beat. Jason stared at the public, the audience was cheering. The only reply he gave at them was a rising fist. Cheers and whistles were heard; this made Jason smile slightly while he walked back to his band.
“Thanks guys” Jason smiled to all of them, and then winked to Vicky; he hurried to leave the scene, and was followed by the other four, who gave a wave to the audience.

In backstage, Clay was over-excited, “DUDE! We rock! They love us!”
“Yeah! That was the coolest performance we’ve ever done!” Fisk said and spun one of his sticks between his fingers as he grinned.
“Where’s the manager, I’m sure we’ll get a contract and we’ll get famous faster than any other band!” Ray said, punching the air.
“Tee-hee! Maybe you are right, but don’t get over-excited Ray, nothing goes that fast.” Vicky said, trying to knock some sense in Ray.
“Hey don’t be so skeptic” Ray scowled, but grinned afterwards, “When we are this good, the sky’s the limit!”
Vicky giggled, then shook her head and walked over to Jason, who was about to leave the building, “Hey, where are you going? We’ve got a party to celebrate over here!”
Jason turned his head and smiled, “Sorry” he apologized, “I’m too tired to party tonight. But you’ll see me soon” he said, then closed an eye and poked his tongue out as he left outside.

Outside the school, Jason sighed, he bruised his sweat away with an arm, then put his claws on the sides of his waist, finally taking a glance at the night sky, “I finally did it… I was tired of both of them not listening to me…”
But after he finished his thought and turned around, he was surprised by his ex. Candy was standing there, she knew he always came out after a concert not to be overwhelmed by fans like before, nor anyone else. “Hey… so how are you?” she inquired, smiling cutely.
Jason put one claw on his pocket and smiled back, “I’m fine. Been through a lot of thinking lately.”
“Really? Well, how about we put your brain to work on something else than thinking?” Candy winked, then started to lean forward for a kiss.
However, Jason stood back, “You broke up with me, don’t you remember?” he said.
Candy was left leaning forward, she almost fell down, but she managed to balance herself on place, though her eyes didn’t show the same confidence. “Uhh… yeah? But that was before, now I’m giving you another chance to be with me.”
“Thank you, but I’d rather not” Jason responded.
This hit the wolfess with a heavy blow to her pride, “What?” she blinked, then started to talk loudly, “I’m giving you, nobody since a week, the chance to return to me, the most popular girl of the whole high-school; and you just turn it down?!”
Jason narrowed his eyes at her arrogance, “I didn’t know you could be such a bitch when you talked. I’m going home, do whatever you want”
Candy walked forward, “You don’t know what you are doing Jason, I’ll get another boyfriend!”
“Do that” he said as he walked, “That one surely will want your attention” he sarcastically mocked.
Putting both his claws in his pockets, the dragon left walking on the street, towards his home.


Tough ending, huh? It didn’t end with a girl and a guy kissing, huh? Well, that was my story. It was a real tough lesson for me to learn, but in the end, I learnt that sometimes, you need to make people hear you out, no matter at what cost. There are people who will want you to change for good, and some for your bad; and unfortunately, it’s up to you to know who is what kind of people. This tale has ended, and so has the narration. I hope you know what I tried to say with the songs, you never know, maybe it’ll be up to you to communicate your feelings through songs to other people.

The End.

What? You want to know what happened to the others? Oh… you’ll have to wait. This isn’t the end really. Or is it?

* Lyrics/Songs taken from the Meteora Album officially Copyrighted to Linkin’ Park.
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