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Postby belvadeer » Tue Mar 25, 2008 7:17 pm

Thanks for that link ^_^
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Postby baggy52 » Tue Mar 25, 2008 9:50 pm

Well, I really hope I didn't screw up too badly with this story.

ErdeKaiser, this is all yours.

(NOTE: Gore and poor grammer)



"Most gods of this world are associated with death, pain, and all malevolence in the world. Some gods are so feared that it is considered a death wish to merely utter their name. None more so than the god of the shadows."

"It is told that by merely looking into the vast oceans of blank white that are his eyes you will yourself become a blank nothing, damned to forever walk the earth casting a perpetual shadow for him. He is said to live everywhere, in all the shadows of the world, undying and relentless. It is said to speak his true name is to have a death wish, so upheld is this belief that his name has been lost to time."

"Today we still fear the gods of old; the stories fill us with fear and teach us lessons. Every story involving the god of shadows involves much pain and suffering, all but one that is..."


"It's here. I know it is." A man said as he shifted his flashlight from corner to corner of the vast room.

"Look Cain, we came all the way. We found the lost library, but let's face it! It's EMPTY! We lost! Somebody made it here before us!" A female said, her voice echoing throughout the walls of the ancient building. "Do you understand yet? You grandfather was a kook! A nutcase! There is no "ancient tome"! The shadow god was just that! A god! A cruel, uncaring, evil god! Just like all of them!"

Cain dropped the flashlight as he dropped to his knees sobbing. How much of his life had he devoted to this cause? When he was young his grandfather always told him about the tome, and the story it contained. He placed his face in his hands, this was the end and he knew it.

The flashlight tossed carelessly aside cast its piercing light on the wall, the dust in the air making the beam clearly visible. The female let up on her harsh words and realized just what she had said; placing her hand on Cain's hand she attempted to comfort him. "Cain. I, I didn't mean all that. I just meant to say we should leave. I'm sorry. Your grandfather was a great man, but he was wrong."

Cain stopped crying and looked up at her, "You're right, let's go."

As Cain reached for the flashlight he noticed the large circle on the wall, like a projection. He chuckled and made a small wolf on the wall with his hands. He moved his hands out of the beam but the wolf remained on the wall. Shocked, Cain jumped back and knocked his friend over. "Sorry Jana." Cain uttered sheepishly as he kept his eyes locked on the wolf on the wall.

"What the hell Ca--" Jana began but stopped when she too saw the wolf on the wall morphing into a dragon, and slowly materialize from the wall.

The two watched the four-legged apparition appear and move directly into the light. The spines on its back constantly changing, as if it had no permanent form, like a shadow. The eyes were exactly as they were in the myths, blank, white oceans. Five golden bands were clasped on around the legs, and one on the tail. The reflection from the gold bands seemed to fill the room with a soft yellow glow.

The apparition smiled callously and curiously did not smite them both. It simply dropped a small book and vanished, its crackling laughter piercing the silence and slowly fading away.

Cain slowly grabbed and opened the book, after he read the first page his eyes widened. "It's the tome!" he exclaimed as he hugged Jana.

The two made their way out of the building, toward civilization, and towards infamy.


Cain stepped up to the podium and cleared his throat. After reading the tome he was nervous to recite it to the masses. Jana insisted, even after she read it.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! I give you Cain Strong, reading from the original tome!" The MC declared as the crowd went wild. Cain gulped, and pondered, "How many people actually cared for the story? And how much of this is just media hype?"

Cain opened the tome to the first page and began to dictate from the tome.

"Her name was Shina. I loved her so, but how could I? I was a shadow! Surely nobody loves me. I followed her forever; I was her shadow, the only constant in her life.

Her lovely red hair complemented her smooth face, her lips soft and pliable. All of her was love, even her personality which radiated happiness and joy, lifting the spirits of all who met her. I saw her for who she was, I was her shadow, and I was always there for her.

I loved her dearly, and this is why I write this account of my love. So that if I am ever to fall in love again I may read this and see what pain and sorrow it has brought me before. I have loved and lost, this is my true curse.

The beginning of the end was a normal day. I watched her walk to work like she did every morning. I watched her read walk into the room, that wretched room. I followed her into the room, her faithful shadow.

The room was dark, as it was every morning. The wood floor was waxed and polished such that it gave off a crisp reflection of those who stood on it. The walls of light green seemed to sing in perfect harmony with the cool cream ceiling. This room was normally a room of cool, pleasurable greetings.

Then the man came, he came and yelled at her. I watched in horror as his hand became a fist. I watched in horror as he hit her with his filthy fist. I watched in horror.

Her perfect teeth flew out of her mouth, trailed by a stream of soft red blood. When she fell to the ground he stood above her, menacing. I wanted to kill him then, I wanted to rip his throat from his mouth, but what was I to do? I was only a shadow.

I watched as he slowly beat her to death, beating the beauty out of her. She finally came to rest, her face towards the ground, towards me. I looked up and watched her cry two tears as she died. Two blank tears. Once they hit me I was filled with power, I jumped forth from the ground and killed the man in the most savage way possible.

The way in which he died, the blood flew across the room, the walls forever silenced, and the floor tainted stopped its glorious reflection. His already twisted face torn to shreds, the two watery orbs that once served as eye of hate lying at the two ends of the room. And there I stood no longer a shadow, but a being.

My love for her was absolute, yet it had brought so much pain to me and others. I looked back at her, her hair a drape over her lifeless eyes. Thus, I was born.

To this day this writing stands as a testament to my love, and my hate of what all love brings. My beginnings are that of love, yet my life is that of hate."

Cain closed the tome, and walked off the stage. There was no applause, the crowd slowly started to leave in silence, and as they left the god of shadows watched as the truth of life settled into them all.
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Postby Twitch » Tue Mar 25, 2008 11:50 pm

omfg Erde, that pic is full of win, especialy the caption for it
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Postby Hapoppo » Wed Mar 26, 2008 4:51 am

And that's not even the whole of it:

Snake: Otacon, what the hell is this shit? Its even worse than that floating pink marshmallow!

Otacon: That's Hapoppo. He started out as an avatar, and made his first public appearance as a character in a fan webcomic, Spyro Advance. Since then, he's been seen occasionally lurking on web message boards like Macrophile.com.

Snake: Are you serious? How could someone from a WEBCOMIC have made it to the Smash Tournament?

Otacon: I guess Iwata was just smoking the funky dragon when he approved that one... and speaking of smoking, don't let him get a hold of your head! Hapoppo loves to jump on people and set their hair on fire with his zippo lighter.

Snake: Set their hair... you have GOT to be kidding me!

Otacon: There's a reason Mario always wears a hat, Snake.
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Little behind

Postby Tyrnn Eaveranth » Wed Mar 26, 2008 9:48 am

Just so you folks know, I'm a bit behind on my schoolwork, and haven't had adequate time to draw my share of the doodlings around here, so I'll get it done as soon as I can, probably tomorrow or Thursday. Thanks!
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Postby ErdeKaiser » Wed Mar 26, 2008 5:17 pm

@Baggy- Interesting and intertaining read, thanks!

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Postby Scream » Wed Mar 26, 2008 5:24 pm

i am nearly done with mine... terribly sorry for the delay. I should have it done tonight or LATEST tomorrow.

oh, thanks Tesc for the great poem! the honor is all mine :P that was very nice of you.
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Re: Little behind

Postby Kattywampus » Wed Mar 26, 2008 6:24 pm

Tyrnn Eaveranth wrote:Just so you folks know, I'm a bit behind on my schoolwork, and haven't had adequate time to draw my share of the doodlings around here, so I'll get it done as soon as I can, probably tomorrow or Thursday. Thanks!

TYRNN you live!

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Postby baggy52 » Wed Mar 26, 2008 7:49 pm

ErdeKaiser wrote:@Baggy- Interesting and intertaining read, thanks!

I. have. failed. entertaining?
No, really. Ask me about it.
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Postby 13years » Wed Mar 26, 2008 9:46 pm

baggy52 wrote:
ErdeKaiser wrote:@Baggy- Interesting and intertaining read, thanks!

I. have. failed. entertaining?

What's wrong with that? It's a compliment!
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