Cautious Catering

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Cautious Catering

Postby Berserker » Tue Jan 12, 2016 1:36 am

The latter season has arrived for Fiela and Rey, and more telling of such than the snow on the sill and the blistering cold is the nasty bug that has ridden the wolfess to bed. Only time will tell whether or not poor Rey survives day one.

Merry holidays, everybody! Maybe slightly less merry for these two. This is a story I started in November of 2014, but I missed the December deadline so I postponed it til next year. I still managed to be slightly late, but better late than never!

Within, Fiela and Rey celebrate Second Solstice, a rich and caramel-sweet mix of Christmas and Valentine's day, as they make an attempt to survive one another. Expect an indulgent romp for those of you that like size difference, paws, and cute things!

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As always, read on, and hopefully enjoy!

----Dreary, as the day always was. The wolfess wrung apart her curtains to see only white. Cracks of spidery ice crawled and skittered along the glass pane, snow settling on the other side of the sill. Ah, the December shade cometh, and brought with it a wintry hellhole.

Why. Why was there so much of it? Why did it have to be everywhere?

“And why the fuck does it have to make me sick?” Fiela grumbled, pulling her sheets up close. Every latter solstice was this way; if the song and dance of winter ever changed even once, she never noticed, as it always seemed to be an identical series of brown notes sailing from the sky in a sick, horrible cacophony. She liked to pride herself on attentiveness; she would know if she ever felt any better about it.

The wolfess veered her eyes about her room, shifting much to the denial of her mobility. Her muscles ached, her nose was stiff, her ears bore a fever flare--dreary, as it was, yes. Winter. Sickness. One and the fucking same.

As it was, it could be worse, and Fiela knew that. The one thing she hated more than feeling so dreadful was being seen in such a state. Worse still, if her friends found that she was sick, then they’d just come over and begin the despicable doting process. She had a terrible, nigh-fatal allergy for prissy bullshit.

Rey didn’t know, either--at least, from what she could gather. All she’d said was that she was taking the day off. It was close enough to the truth without going into detail. On that point, he’d probably leave her alone for a while--get some oh-so-desired time to herself, rest away all the crap in her throat and eyes.

But then... she could use a bunny to squeeze while she napped. It took all of her willpower to make the choice, but after a 5-second deliberation period, the wolfess rolled her eyes and managed to flop to her side, quaking the mattress with her hulking weight and yanking the sheets up from the sides of the bed. Total blanket surface area: maximized.

“Reeeey,” the wolfess whined deeply. A snuffle of her nose served as punctuation. “Come fucking sleep with me or something.”

“I am not catching that.” The light voice returned. “I don’t even know if giant germs are contagious to me and I still ain’t taking that risk.” The tiny bunny perched on her end table rolled out from his little napkin beanbag and rose to a stand, crossing his arms. “I can provide moral support from over here.”

The behemoth canine’s eyes sprung open, her rolling to the other side to eye Rey. Soft creases sounded through the thick air as the comforter crinkled further beneath Fiela’s weight. “Since when was I anything less than at the peak of my prime?”

“Since holy crap you are a terrible liar.” Rey disguised a scoff. “I was still half-asleep when you got home, but there’s no way in hell I can sleep with your kind of snoring.”

“The fuck’re you talking about,” the wolfess snorted derisively, but did so through a telltale mucoid clog. Her multi-ringed eyes drooped low. “I’m fine. I’m so fine, just look at how fine I--”

A hacking barrage split her sentence in twain. The wolfess’ coughs were deep, wavering weakly with every succession. Rey, hands patted over his long and splayed ears, stood patiently with knees only slightly buckled. “Uh-huh.”

The gargantuan guardian bit her lip once she was convinced she had recovered. There she flopped dejectedly--the impact of her behemoth form generating shockwaves that nearly blew the tiny rabbit away--frazzled fur flattening against the ivory pillowcase. “Okay, so I feel a little like a lot of shit. What of it?”

“You’re the one making something of it!” the tiny creature cried, arms raised like antennae on an ant.

Guh. Maybe he was right. Her head just wasn’t in the right game to be weaving around him. Things to be considered: her head was cooking hotter than a meth lab and her jaws were no longer an arsenal weapon of choice due to being rusted over with soreness. If she kept trying to poorly wrangle control, she would just end up unspooling herself and look like an idiot. Here’s a fork Rey. Just skewer me right now! No no please, I’m totally asking for it.

Screw that. Best to be honest.

“I’m… just really out of it, that’s all.” The canid’s ears fell to their sides without her consent. Staring deep into the intricate grooves of the ceiling, she duly noted her heartbeat’s inconsistent thrumming as silence left it the only sound. “This happens every year. I guess this is the first year I’ll be spending it with you.”

Rey nodded. It was a funny thought. “Every year? Gosh, you sound terrible.” He seemed to toss about some manner of deliberation, but finished it quite swiftly. “Well fine, gimme a second.” The rabbit promptly hopped the gap between the end table and the bed, an action that he made look almost effortless.

From her slanted sideways vantage Fiela watched the inch-high bunny mosey over, eyeing his tiny paws as they lifted and fell, pink pads fleeting. Her eyes narrowed. “Ain’t taking that risk, I thought,” she said bluntly. Her eyes flitted to her left, pinning on his tiny, soft face. “You’re such a little shit.”

He drew close; close enough for his heat to be felt. A light erf escaped the gigas’ nostrils as the miniscule bunny hugged into her muzzle and rubbed his cheek against her snout, spoiling her with affectionate nuzzles. Warmth permeated the clefts of her cheeks, the wolfess sitting in indecision about how to react. “I am your little shit, thank you, and you’re my giant whiny bitch. So go ahead and stuff it.”

“Wow. What a charmer,” Fiela snarked, doing little to return the gesture. The cuddles are cute, though, she thought. It was nice knowing that she didn’t always have to be the one making the moves. It just meant she could cherish the times she did even more. “Okay. I was going to be sarcastic, but I’ve got to admit that you’ve gotten a lot better at being adorable.”

Rey sidled higher up the length of her muzzle, plopping onto the portion of the pillowy plains closest to a massive, doggish ear. It flicked with every movement and breath. The rabbit found himself unable to keep perfectly still; Fiela’s senses were ever analytic, almost as if waiting for a slip-up.

The thought that she was too tired to capitalize on one, should it happen, was amusing.

“It was hard.” His quip was met only with an intent stare. He swallowed. “W-what has you so riled up today, anyway?”

She focused on the question, now. “Winter,” Fiela croaked wrathfully, voice ragged with depth and darkness. The gargantuan sheet-cloaked lump shifted and rolled to her side; amusingly, the side ended up being the one that faced away from Rey. Springy quakes groaned and creaked with the earth-rending movements while Rey found himself clambering for a semblance of balance with the constantly shifting ground. His urps of caution rendered inaudible, Fiela saw no qualm with interrupting them. “I kinda hate it, Rey.”

“...Should I have expected a better answer?” Rey asked aloud. The rabbit struggled to follow, jogging close again and beginning to scale the giantess’ fuzzy mane and ruffled hair, eventually settling into a lean at the foot of her ear. “Oh come on. Are you seriously pouting?”

“I would fucking never. I’m just tired…” Fiela mumbled, voice low once again. “A good three-fourths of me wants to just go to sleep and forget the rest of the world exists. The other quarter-me says I’d be missing something, but I know she’s a bullshit liar.”

“There’s me you’d be missing,” Rey answered airily. “And you would miss me.”

“Damn, Rey. I should start writing down the things that you say just in case I ever question why we started dating.” Fiela rolled back over, muzzle pointed straight up while her puffy, lidded gaze lolled to its side to eye Rey amusedly. “Or better yet, I could make you do it. Scribble down a little Second Solstice list just for me.”

“O-oh come on, that’s just silly.” Rey shuffled his paws and answered, but only airily. It was still a remarkable thought that both tinies and giants shared themes in a holiday. “I’m supposed to write the things I like about you, not the other way around. Traits, hobbies, features, whatever. Just… when you write a Second Solstice list, you jot down the things you like about a significant other or a friend. I could have chosen Dexter…”

“You’re a dick.”

Rey shrugged off the comment effortlessly. “My handwriting is also utter crap, so. There’s that in the way.”

“With a pencil my size,” Fiela finished candidly. “Maybe I should spoil you with a graphite toothpick.” She giggled at the thought of having Rey attempt to wield a normal-scale pencil like a polearm pointed at the ground.

“Still too big!” Rey huffed.

“Mmm.” Fiela’s visage finished tilting back to face Rey completely; an act that made the bunny briefly wonder what the point was in turning over to begin with. However, the movement of a limp arm scattered his thoughts, and an ebony-furred leviathan fell with a soft, velvety whisper. The parapets of her powerful biceps rose a staunch thrice or more his height as they walled him in, the rippling fur just barely concealing layers of tightly packed muscle that shifted like the morning tide with every flex of her tendons. Her padded palm creeped forward almost sultrily, sleepily, from her side and toward him. “You know, it is a rather romantic time of year, under the right weather. Why, you and I have never so much as shared a dance. I could dip a claw in ink. Have you lead my finger, twirl around on a piece of paper, share a little tango by the fireplace.”

Her voice contained just the right amount of dryness for Rey to be absolutely nonplussed as to her level of seriousness. The rest of him tingled with excitement, hoping beyond hope that she meant every syllable that crossed her supple lips. He shuffled backward two steps, “N-no, I s-suppose we haven’t,” he pressed quickly.

Fiela’s features grew playful as they studied him. Those enchanting mossy eyes distracted Rey long enough for her hand to finish sidling up beside him, then lurch in a delicate grab around his waist, clutching his entire lower half with just two fingers. The rabbit meeped in shock and surprise and he was immediately strung wordless. Powerful tendons shifted against his thighs beneath parapets of black, leathery pad. “And by the time we’re done, we’ll have danced out a little love letter of things that don’t need to be said.”

Fiela felt shivers course against her fingers. “Th...that seems like an awfully roundabout way of writing a Second Solstice letter!”

“It might be. But it’s way more fun. Just look.” Fiela turned fully again, using her free hand to clutch her sheets and pull them warmly over her muzzle. “You’re so flustered already and all I’ve done is play it up.”

“Wh--hey!” Rey squirmed within her grasp. Immediately, he slowed down, noting that her fingers were weak. He could easily jump out--and decided against letting her down.

“Hey… what?” Fiela’s voice rocked up and down with a false lilt. Even through her croak, it sounded--dare he think the word--rather pretty. “You’re giving up that easily? That’s just not like you.”

Rey huffed. “Not that.” His voice seemed defeated. “You’re just winding me up for nothing! You went the whole nine yards with grabbing me and everything. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the pleasure of experiencing that thorough of a blue-balling a second time.” He patted her fingers admonishingly. Almost promptly they retreated like slithering pythons, fingerpads chafing against his stomach.

“Hah, that really gotcha riled up, huh?” she smirked. “You act like that suddenly means I won’t do exactly what I said I would. It isn’t Second Solstice yet, you know…” she trailed off for a second, then propped her sentence back up. “We’ll write up our lists when we get to them. Everybody does them on the day of, so just relax. We’ve got time.”

“It’s getting there.”

“Snrk. So impatient. You’re not gonna complain, are you?” At Fiela’s question, Rey’s lack of reaction was telling. A huff of frozen steam hissed between her teeth. “You, of all the lucky people...”

“Oh?” Rey uncrossed his arms and leaned against the base of a thumb. “I guess you’re right. It does take a certain amount of luck to wind up getting stuck with you over getting eaten by you.”

“How right you are. Every time you make a quip like that, I wonder just a little more what you taste like.”

The visible shudders were all she needed to stay content.

Satisfied, Fiela took to brief thought, eyes bobbing to their rims. The week had been long, uninteresting, and riddled with all manner of inconveniences that did not line up with her schedule or her interests. It hit her in a great tidal wave: she was plumb out of commission.

“Fine, y’know what, I’m gonna not beat around this bush anymore.” She snuffed harshly, her voice lower and deeper than usual. “I need you. It’s really, really not something I want to ask you to do. Guh… I’m just not, uh…” A pause. Those massive green eyes drooped to make eye contact. Her wrinkled, worn lids drooped in pursuit. “I’m not feeling my best.”

Fiela felt a small brush of fur against her thumb as Rey shifted. “Gee, you’d think that was obvious or something.”

“Yeah. I would.”

Rey’s head tilted, limp ears following, as he tickled himself with thoughts; he’d never seen Fiela so vulnerable. She merely gave a soft smile and a huff of cool air from her nostrils, sleepy and content to do just that much in place of any threats or flashes of teeth. And it was all she offered.

The rabbit breathed out. It was strange, but he wanted to help. Maybe it was wanting to do something for her for once, or just the weird skewing of control that had come into play. Regardless, there wasn’t a way in the world he’d refuse.

It was still hilarious though. Oh, the delicious irony of it all. In time enough, he managed to phrase acquiescence. “Fine. I’m here for you, you big whiner. Just keep your cool. You’re good at that.”

“Nice digs. I’m finding it pretty hard to laugh,” Fiela said dryly.

“Aww, do you want me to bring you your pills?”

Fiela’s fierce glare trembled the very air. “Tread. Lightly.” Fiela punctuated the hollow threat with a rasping series of coughs. Incidentally, they knocked Rey over in short effect.

Recomposing himself before she could open her eyes, the rabbit approached, sliding his hand along a house-sized cheek. The black fur was soft, but coarse and stiff from the cold, like grass. “I’ll ask it again if I need to,” Rey insisted. He cocked his head toward the end table. Beneath the stale lamplight was a small box, already opened, with its cylindrical and candy-colored contents spilling haphazardly onto the oak. “I, uh, mean it this time. Want me to grab them?

Fiela sighed. If she could so much as move her arm from the toasty confines of her comforter she wouldn’t dare ask it of him. But here, now? She hated to ask any favors from the little dust bunny, but damn if she had a choice. “Could you? ...Please.”

He resisted the painfully obvious temptation to laugh; his better sense quickly took over. “I could call work too if you want.” Though the prospect of jumping from button to button like a caffeinated cricket on the receiver was less than appealing. “Or get one of your friends on the phone--”

“Don’t… we don’t need to get Elsa, alright? She can’t help me. Or Sam, or any of my other friends.” There was a pause. Its length and timing spoke volumes before she decided to speak their worth outright. “This is time we can spend together. Not just me by myself. It’s not like anybody’s gonna want to hang out when I’m feeling this shitty--and I sure as hell don’t want to be around them.” Saying as much was as bittersweet as it got; on the one hand, Rey was here and well enough company for the coming week. “I’d rather just hang out with you.”

On the other, it sucked that he had to see her like this. Sputtering, weak, vulnerable. It was a state nobody could ever catch her in--and nobody aside from her parents and Elsa on one or two occasions actually had. Granted… it could be a unique experience.

There was no telling how much grief she would receive though. The floodgates had been opened.

Sucking in her pride, she continued, “Could you sit with me? Well, order of events. Can you get my meds, bring ‘em back here, then hang out with me?” She huffed weakly, eyes rolling to their sides. “Good fuck I sound needy.”

Rey shrugged. “I probably wouldn’t be doing anything else. And besides, I’m happy to spend time with you,” the little ball of encouragement said sweetly. “You already know that.” And like that he was off, hopping from the bedside to the table. He heaved up a single pastel green pill like a felled tree and hoisted it on over.

The wolfess eyed him amusedly as his stubby little legs hobbled over beneath the weight of his quarry. He wasn’t arm-strong. “Need some help?”

“As fucking if,” the rabbit retorted despite his quaking palms. “This is kinda cool though, isn’t it? Like a storybook!”

“Please don’t elaborate.”

“Can see it now. The great beast lay there, wounded by a group of hunters and left to die! All seems grim. But she has one hope--the rabbit she tried to eat so long ago returns with the proper treatment, if he can get there in time!”

The bemused behemoth snorted derisively as Rey finished his 15-second trek. “I think you made it in time.”

Rey puffed. “Oh, when don’t I?”

“Thanks, Nesingwary, but I think I’ll survive.” Her black, leathery lips parted to reveal that cavern he’d come to see many times since their meeting; the ebony-furred exterior of her face belied pink, fleshy walls rimmed by perfect sawlike teeth, kempt to a pearly sheen. Hot, humid breath poured out from its darkest depths in waves of mint and bile, heralded by guttural roars reverberating between the lacquer jaws.

A magenta serpent with budded scales writhed as it dove out from between the lips, haphazardly lapping at the cylinder in Rey’s hands and simultaneously giving him an off-kilter lick. “H-hey, just grab the thing!” he complained, though held his ground.

Fiela’s mossy eyes were drooped low and far from interest, however. Her tongue grew forceful in its attempts to pry away its prize--the tantalizing taste of fur and flesh mingled with bitter medicine. Frustrated, it simply dove lower, knocking the rabbit onto his knees, and scooped the both of them upon its vast wet surface.

Rey began to protest in earnest, but the damage had been done, and both her bunny and his cargo was prone on the face of her muscular tongue. The wolfess groggily drew it back into her mouth and shut it with loud, careless clacks of ivory, caging him within. She slid her meeping contents about her tongue like a conveyor belt, threatening a swallow as she threatened the broad, dark tunnel to her throat--both Rey and the capsule lingered there, teetering over the edge like a cliff to oblivion… before being reluctantly maneuvered them back to the front.

A supple smirk crossed her closed and busy lips. She enjoyed reliving her glory days if for a brief moment, like an aged lioness longing for easy prey. More than that, she reveled in getting her kicks in while Rey was still asking for them. Terror radiated from the inside of her muzzle, palpable even with her congestion. Intoxicating… and yet her quarry was just so easy.

Fiela skillfully separated the green, smooth capsule from her meek and very much alive target using her tongue; quite easy to do given his struggling. Cupping the capsule into the lower cavity, the pink leviathan drove into Rey, pinning him against a cheek with half a thought.

Rippling muscle pounded against his chest and body, never retaining a consistent shape aside from a magenta mass wide enough to cover two of him. Light filtered in through her teeth like the varnished bars of a cell as he lay trapped, prone, and wincing--and finally buckling to its pressure as it shoved him against the elastic surface of her cheek. Hot saliva dripped from the layered ridges of his prison’s roof, forming column-like strands with heavy beads traveling from end to end and eventually pooling into small lakes at the bottom. Humid gusts filtered from the far, undulating corners of flesh; every single one of the gargantuan wolfess’ breaths was heavy, long, and passionate in a way he found immense difficulty describing, resounding with a force only a few octaves away from shattering his ears due to the chilling proximity to her throat.

Before he could find the voice to make heard his complaints and pleas for his life, the lips parted without warning, and the tongue lolled out like a long, budded carpet, sending him tumbling out into the cool indoor air. The wolfess’ tongue scraped the thick heavy strands from her lips, eying him with desert-dry entertainment.

“That’s your reminder to keep quiet.” She said it in a way in which a chuckle would be expected to follow, but she humored no such expectation.

Her cheeks puffed out slightly as she presumably fiddled with the medicinal capsule, wasting no time in throwing it back and gulping it down dry with a bound of her neck. A stark, pained swallow echoed like wet thunder; louder given the effort it no doubt took to force her throat muscles to comply. A small bulge traveled at the speed of molasses down the length of her prone neck, eventually disappearing into the comforter.

“G-God…” the fuzzy speck shivered, fur matted and wet in more places than he thought possible. “H-Had your fun?” Rey wiped down his figure, sopping with the treacle of the mouth. He quickly discovered that his hands made very poor towels. “Hmph. Even while you’re sick you find ways to fuck with me… augh, gross, it’s even thicker than usual--”

Fiela had adorned the smirk of a crow, joyless and taunting, flat-lined yet telling of a primal delight. “Sorry. I just don’t know what came over me.”

Rey had never heard a more insincere set of words in his entire life.


Rey gasped as fingers loosened around his body. His paws touched down gently against the marble earth, and then as the ebony pythons retreated, the world around him returned to once again be seen. Black fur spanned his entire field of view, as the current ground was level with Fiela’s stomach. The wall of muscle and fuzz clenched taut, and its owner shifted a few steps sideways, revealing the rest of the bathroom--the counter, he realized whilst overlooking a massive basin, that’s where he was.

The room’s pale, spotless textures crawled along the wall and floor like a quilt of plaster. Black lines comprised the wefts and weaves between tiles, ending in four flanks of the ceiling. Triplet laundry hampers lined the far wall, shirts and jeans morosely slumped over their sides like rags. Rey noted the scrutinous similarities to her bedroom; clean and organized at a glance, but haphazardly cared for in all the nooks. Articles of clothing lay sparsely strewn behind the wooden door, which the massive wolfess had kicked open conveniently wide.

A light thump caught his attention. Fiela plugged something into the closest outlet near the corner of the wall, snaking a dangling cord just around the edges of the sink, which ended in twin metal bars. They began to hum as she gripped their handle like one would hold an ice cream cone.

Rey gaped in awe as the device sprung to life, its iron bars reddening softly. “What… what is that thing?” The bunny’s voice lost whole octaves as its radiating heat brushed against his cheeks.

Coolly, she half-dropped the device and tightened her grip just before its ends left her grasp. Her eyes were glazed. More than usual. “It’s an iron. You know how I have that big cake-shaped one that I sometimes use to press out my jeans when they get too worn? It’s like that, but for my hair.”

Bags hung just beneath her sockets; the glow within was dim. With her free hand, the titanic wolfess rubbed her eyes with a pinching motion and then slipped her fingers through the disheveled bangs that hung over her forehead, just the slightest overgrown.

Rey was thinking visibly. “Does it hurt?”

“Only if you fuck up and bad.”

“Oh.” The bunny shuffled his paws, looked away, and then up. Fiela’s chin and cheek posed an ebony plateau. As vulnerable as she was, sick and weak, her beauty never managed to fade. Her features, though chiseled and worn, remained feminine. It was all Rey could do to tear his eyes away once the irons clamped tight around her locks of hair and swept downward, terraforming everything they touched into shimmering black parapets. “So it’s… a beauty product? Sort of?”

“Right on target--”

“Since when did you care about that sort of thing?”

The question was borne on a penetrating arrow… but bounced harmlessly off Fiela’s flicking ears. “It keeps my head warm.” They splayed as she brought the twin irons up to her hair, straightened a patch, and felt heat flood her scalp.

“...How does it work?” he suggested. His hands clutched each other tight behind his back, feeling his cottontail wiggle against his fingers.

“I dunno.”

“But you use it regularly, don’t you?”

“Rey, I said I don’t know,” Fiela puffed.

“You’re brushing your head with a molten bar made of metal.” The bunny pumped his arms and clutched the open air with ears frenetically splayed against the back of his skull. “There’s no way now how you’d dance that close to death without knowing what you’re doing, or--or you’d have melted your scalp off!”

“Rey... what the fuck.” She paused to laugh gutturally. It was closer to a growl than she’d intended. “Alright, dust bunny, I’ll tell you how it works… if you tell me why we’re a couple.”

“Oh--come on, Fiela. You’re the one that said we’d get to writing it when the holiday started. Don’t pass the buck.”

The titan suddenly slammed her hands onto the countertop, leaning directly above the white speck. Her irons continued to sizzle in her grasp as a monsoon of ebony hair--straight as curtains now--surrounded Rey in a black void. “I said two things that you didn’t. I asked why we’re a couple, not what we like about each other, so it’s not the Solstice letter. Two, I said we’d do it when we got to it, so it can be whenever we say it’ll be.”

Rey stammered faithfully, knees knocking beneath the emerald searchlights. “S-so which is it?”

“You are too cute to be real… Answer the other question, Rey.” Fiela’s lidded gaze fell upon him again like a physical weight, fanged smirk tearing open the sky. “Tell me why you think we work so well together.”

Interacting with Fiela always required good choices; she was either impressed with a good answer, or delighted far too much in tearing up a bad one. She always laid out her conversations to be riddled with traps--it was a little difficult to tell whether or not he should answer seriously.

Swallowing an empty lump of nothing, Rey made his choice and stared high, high up into her expectant eyes. “I dunno. You’d know that better than me since you’re the one who said it was a good idea.” There was an expectant pause followed by an airy extension of, “I’ve just been here along for the ride...”

Fiela’s brow quirked. “So you know better than to question it, is what you’re saying?”

“Um.” He hesitated. “Simply put, it’s not in my best interests to do so.”

“Right, right,” Fiela said, lifting her grip off the counter. Dim luminance returned to Rey’s world as the wolfess stood to her full, towering height. Locks of hair settled along her shoulders, bare save the straps of her gown. “So, let’s take a leap of logic then.” She swished her iron about, steam wafting from its maw. “Say that the same answer and line of thinking can apply here as well. So, with that in mind, I won’t tell you how or why this thing works the way it does.”

A pout and featherweight stamp of Rey’s paw sounded out and drummed against Fiela’s intently flicking ears. “Oh, whatever! You just don’t know the answer and don’t want to admit it. Real typical of you, Fiela.”

A thundering scoff. “You itty bitty idiot. That’s exactly what I said at the beginning. You just wouldn’t accept that answer.” One wayward finger from Fiela’s only free hand came down with the force of a meteor--then stopped, booped Rey’s entire face, and retreated behind the counter’s edge. The bunny recoiled and staggered a little… but, at his discretion, not too little.

“That was a very unnecessary game that you just played and I hate it and--you’re just trying to get a reaction out of me again, aren’t you?

Fiela’s lips wrenched open to reveal a beastly smirk. “Clues, evidence, and a smoking gun.” Her discerning gaze took to the mirror for only the most cursory glance to decide that the iron had done a sufficient job.

A tinny clack sounded as she set the device down beside a certain Rey--who right away took to scrutinizing its still-steaming metallic contours as though it were an alien craft--before hoisting up her bunny back into her now-free hand, feeling the cold tiles beneath her lumbering footsteps turn to the comfort of carpet.


‘Even the dirt here seems foul.’ Artorias’ nose was stronger than anybody’s. His party learned that well from their raid on Keblin, the Troll King’s cellar storage to retrieve the town of Goldrann’s stolen ale. The instant words escaped his mouth, his entire company turned their heads--in particular, Nolan, who pretended it was for another reason.

Though lying flat with his arms curled relaxedly behind his head, Rey’s ears sprung up full of attent at the story being woven through Fiela’s threaded rumbles. Each individual letter that hung on the tapestry held before him was nearly the size of his head; mirrored in turn by Fiela’s narration. He followed the book as best he could, but reading for himself was simply a trial on his neck. The big lady could handle it.

The rabbit lay still upon the soft scape of fur and flesh beneath, sprawling out his body as if in the center of a great meadow. Fiela’s slow breathing eased the vigilant earth beneath him up and down, rising and falling as her lungs filled and emptied. He looked on to take in the rolling valleys of the monolithic wolfess’ lower curves, her ebony thighs crossed near the knees, with sable mountains flanking him in a canyon at either side—before he might be reddening to a melting point at such a privileged sight, but now he felt as though he could simply drift away. The ground gently undulated all around him, the passive rush of air from his protector’s steady breath brushing against the tips of his ears and spreading his fur before settling into another dreamlike quiet…

The giantess licked a finger and turned the corner of the next page, clearing her throat. “But it was Ren, the Tigerlily Songstress, that spoke up. ‘What do you mean, Artorias?’ came the soft timbre of her lilting voice. “There are few places to name that our eyes have not yet graced.’ Suddenly, all light in the chamber went dark. Light fixtures burst into deadly shards and--

“Ho-whoa wait wait wait. Is Ren really her name?” Rey asked, pointing a finger into the sky. “I wouldn’t put it past you to insert me as the girliest character in the entire book.”

Fiela did not bother with an immediate response. She waited a good ten sleepy seconds before doing so. “You could always try reading it for yourself.”

Although giants and tinies shared a language with enough identicality that dialects were not a consequence, it didn’t change the fact that it would take Rey hours longer to read what was to Fiela only a thirty-minute romp.

Barrow Tales was a nice, slow read--just the sort to butter him up to a sojourn into the realm of sleep, a trek she’d been waiting many long hours to board. The problem… no, not problem, but the thing that got in the way of that was how enjoyable his company was.

Still… enough was, in fact, enough. It was time to get some well-earned sleep. The wolfess hoped beyond the faith that she possessed that she’d managed to unwind her little bun enough to get him off to bed with her stab at an audiobook audition.

“Alright, Rey… we’ve shambled through seven chapters of this by-kids-for-kids elven fantasy. Whaddya say we take a pit stop.”

“...It’s a family series…”

“It’s slow, that’s all I can say about it.” Her brow quirked amusedly; Rey rolled on his side to evade eye contact. “Enjoy my narration, bun?”

“Hrm. Well, aside from the coughing, the yawning, and the minute-long pauses you had between paragraphs…” He flinched--the finger bopping his head was immediate. “Owwwkay, yes it was great! You really do…--fuck that stings--g-great voice for this sort of thing.”

“Mmm.” Her tone was sleepily confident. Fiela’s arm unearthed from the nebulous depths of her comforter, dragging part of the blanket down to reveal her broad, powerful shoulders, and the crook of the elegant gown that draped them. The pardon for his captivity came in the form of a fleeting glimpse of her body, strong and beautiful, presaged by her neckline. And though ill, Fiela’s lunging arm was no less powerful or broad, no less toned with superfluous strength.

A behemoth still, and that shone through in the time it took for her clawed fingers to snatch up the rabbit--which was record. Rey found himself squeezed in a cage of thick, dextrous fingers and palm-pad until he squealed for life and home.

Shuffling her hulking frame and curling her knees up to her stomach, the wolfess let her eyes lid over her prize: the sweet, delicious subject of her affections. He offered little more than a splay of his ears as she let a thumb caress and push them down, though they quickly went hot as irons while her clenched fist rose closer and closer to her bosom. The tightness of her gown betrayed a canyon of cleavage between twin ebony orbs, the emerald cloth threatening to burst around him in a shower of velvet fibers due to their sheer weight and size.

However, a coarse fuzzed chin fell atop his head in a forced assault of aggressive yet well-meaning nuzzles, her fur sending tingles up Rey’s spine like the tongue of a cat.

“Is this how it’s gonna be whenever you get sick?” Rey asked quietly, once he had rediscovered the sorcery of words.

“Hm, maybe. Are you saying you’d want me to shelf aside some cuddle time when I’m all better, too?” Fiela shifted her neck back so as to connect gazes. It succeeded, crumpling the bunny into a puddle of fuzzy blushes and stammers.

“I-I, well I-I-I never said anything l-like that, but…”

She leaned close again, close enough that one of her eyes could carry oceans. Then, in a minty whisper of sweet nothings, words were formed: “Tell me.”

Breathless. How in this world or the next could someone be so intimidating, so frightening, and yet capable of maintaining such impossible elegance; possibly perfection? After a solid ten seconds of silence marred by Fiela’s soft, patient breathing, tepid gales blowing his fur forward and back, Rey summoned words once again. “Y-yeah. I… I’d like that a lot.”

Fiela smiled. Not a smirk or a grin, but exempt of anything other than warmth. “Then I’ll see what I can do.”


“Just one favor, that’s all. That’s what you said, right?”

“Mhm! Just one thing,” Rey said, nodding vigorously. “I mean… just look at yourself. How am I supposed to sit here doing nothing while you rain phlegm on me and the surrounding fifty miles?”

Fiela’s brow quirked as she crossed her arms, clutching her shoulders tight for warmth the second they left the sanctuary of her blankets. “So, you’ve come to your better senses huh? Well I can’t say I’ve ever found the idea of a servant very appealing. Think you can show me the light, Rey?”

The bunny thought about it, and about her teasing timbre. “That operates under the assumption that I’ll survive the next few nights,” he retorted.

Fiela was sure in her every motion, in the limp shifting of her arm as it slunk from her shoulder to her lap, in the way her gaze narrowed as if to let him know that his answer meant life or death. “I’m gonna ask once and only once; are you sure about this, Rey?”

“Because it’s you, I never have and never will be. But that doesn’t mean I won’t do it.” Fiela’s recumbent form shifted in the range of inches, as if indecisive, translating to her entire mountainous frame quivering for a few brief moments as he stumbled to regain his balance. “I mean, I can’t stand seeing you sick. I already said that, sure whatever, but I’m serious!”

The wolfess rocked her neck from side to side, straightened black locks drifting with the motion, as her thumb coursed over his ears thoughtfully. “Okay, Rey. Rub my paws.”

The thumbpad grazing his head and hair gave him plenty of time to think about how he was going to phrase what a funny joke that was. All of it was rendered moot when he came across the idea that she might be serious. Then, subsequently, with a glance upward revealing a half-smirk, one puffed cheek, and a raised, lofty brow. “I… what?”

“Oh yeah. Never went to the masseurs before, you know? Always figured that rabble was too girly--and I don’t like people touching me, either. But,” she let her shoulders rise and fall like an ebony avalanche, “Obviously I don’t mind if you do, Rey. You’re well aware of that.”

“Fiela. I mean-- no.” Rey crossed his arms; staunch, or an attempt at it. “Don’t make me do something that neither of us are gonna like.”

Right then, Rey thought he knew what reaction to expect. Unfortunately, she didn’t demand anything at all; she didn’t pick him up again, grin that horrible grin, nothing. Instead, she shrugged. And because she shrugged, he began to panic.

Limp bangs graced Fiela’s emerald gaze. “You seem to be quite the idea man tonight. You are the one that said you wanted to do one favor and that was absolutely it, didn’t you?” Fiela propped her arms behind her head in a relaxed laze. Her back continued to creep into a straight position against the wall, her lopsided pillow acting as a beanbag for her rear among the aberrated blankets.

“Y-yeah, b-but…” the bunny’s neck twisted around, a motion eternal in its terseness, heart rising at the sight of those massive ebony digits rising from the end of the earth. “I mean…”

“Something got your tongue?”

Lord in heaven, if her intentional teasing was bad, then her ability to pretend not to care was the worst thing imaginable. How could he hope to please someone as terrifyingly large in a way that was so...

She spoke again. “Rey, I don’t mind this. Stop being ridiculous. I fucked your brains out on night one of our first date and this is the stuff that makes you worry?” She shook her head; lips parted in a pearly, knowing grin. “Seriously, you had much deeper shit to contend with.”

“Like getting stepped on by them,” Rey puffed.

Her head cocked, brow creased in an ‘I thought we were beyond that’ degree of fixation. “That’s what you’re scared of?”

“N-no, not at all! Not even close,” the rabbit sighed. He just… gah! It should not have been this hard to say ‘no’ because he had no faith, or ‘yes’ because he wanted to make her happy. Instead he was caught in some horrible, wordless limbo.

Fiela’s head rocked rhythmically. “...So, rather than my paws getting intimate with you in a very violent way, how about you get intimate with them in a way that is very…”

Rey swallowed. She held her sentence on purpose. “Not-violent?”

“Exactly!” Her toes wiggled anxiously, claws pressing into the sumptuous leather of her soles as they scrunched and curled.

Without so much as a warning, Rey felt the wind squeeze from his lungs; pinched at his midsection were enormous parapets of fingerpad, pressing his ribs together with just slightly over the necessary pressure. The environment of Fiela’s room became a giddy blur of colors and shapes; the bunny could only wriggly incessantly or stay still and accept the motion, following a happy medium that simply did not work. There was no grandiosity in the way he was winched toward the foot of the bed; instead, beaten and reserved, Rey found himself gathering his bearings upon the coldest, most barren section of the sheet. He was pleasantly surprised; it was probably the gentlest way Fiela had ever handled him.

Groaning, the white rabbit took in the biblical gigantism of his surroundings, particularly the bed’s cliffside overhead carpeted oceans, overlooked by the many-runged fence comprised of wooden columns. He had never been here. He had been into uncountable nooks and crannies of Fiela’s domicile, but not here. Somewhere so obvious, where hiding was impossible--perhaps that was why he had never bothered.

It made the realization that hiding was no longer an option to begin with all the more startling.

A cataclysmic upheaval of cloth, springs and groans shook the bedrock. Godlike motions threw Rey off his balance in record time, his face making close acquaintances with the soft, forgiving ground, then his back, then his soft rump and cottontail--all in sequence. Although the timing was ferociously bad, Rey found his constant lack of footing helped forced breath back into his finger-compressed chest.

The movements of biblical size and strength were not without purpose; with grunts and groans, the aberrated sheets were moved slightly toward her bare calves--Fiela, stomach-down, reached to her left and nabbed a taut paperback from her end table. From beneath the cover of blankets slid continents of black, cracked leather, four plantigrade toes wiggling as they splayed apart.

Rey felt his heart race up to his throat as digits each size enough to rival if not completely smother him stopped just at his feet. Fiela’s knees were still slightly bent in spite of the lengthy stretch. The bunny watched--and felt--as a massive yawn forced the uncomfortably hot digits to slide around his legs, then lock him in place once a feminine gout escaped her lips.

“Let’s get started, Rey,” Fiela cooed, flipping to her bookmark.

Rey cringed sheepishly at the broad breadth of leathery pad that lay sprawled out before him, the wolfess’ prostration flipping her paws sole-up. Though large and wide beyond any right a set of paws had to be, even for the relativity of a giantess, their textures remained remarkably soft and cushy, rendered so by hours of lay and disuse. To the touch of his tiny finger did the black expanse of pad allow a divot, a facsimile of the pressure he could put onto it.

Wriggling and squirming, Rey popped himself free from the clenched toes and clambered onto the pad at his left. That there was room to pace about was not just remarkable, it was almost awe-inspiring--and slightly terrifying, recalling its meteoric impact. Trembling, the rabbit took careful steps across the pad, toward the furred space between digits and sole--and meeped once the floor behind him raised up and curled overhead like a leathery ceiling, snuggling him tight into the toe’s bridge.

“H-hey, Fiela--” he found his words muffled and close, heat choking his voice.

Heavy giggling resounded from across the bed and behind a curtain of ironed hair. In the far distance, Fiela’s muzzle swung to the side, emerald half-eye scintillating in the dim light. “Sorry. Once again I don’t know what came over me.”

“I do,” Rey muttered. “You’re getting greedy.”

“Pfft. Greedy my ass; you haven’t even started!”

Rey felt his own ear smother the left side of his face. “Are you gonna let me?”

“I could….” The wolfess felt a sharp, smooching tingle against her toepad--her tail flicked straight up, fluffed and dignified. Immediately her cage of toepads relented, forming a bridge to her expansive sole again. “Ack, fine fine fine! Just… save those for the face, okay?”

“Only because you asked!” came his return squeak. The rabbit smoothed out his rumpled, lopped ear and took slow, careful steps forward. He felt rivers of tendons thrum and shift beneath his toes--sobering, to say the least. Would his own paws be the same way to a creature the same relative size to him as he was to Fiela? Probably...--uff, what a strange thought.

Upon crossing, Rey stopped. The doughy texture of the remainder of her paw was a marshmallowy landscape, firm and worn but leathery soft; every nervous tread buried his own feet inches into the forgiving sole, a phenomenon that startled him into never staying still for more than a few seconds. “I really would hate to die here.”

“Relax, dust bunny. Now…” She tapped a finger to her chin, eyes still skimming paragraphs. “Try, um, something.”

Rey knelt. He couldn’t believe he was about to do this… was it degrading, exciting? He couldn’t tell. But there was some level of understanding between the two; it was an activity, like working together to solve a puzzle. Still waiting for directions, the bunny made his steps sure and firm in his search for a more sensitive spot.

“No, okay, stop, hold up…” Fiela boomed. “Let’s try something more like… move a couple steps to your left?”

Rey stood up and shuffled, unsure. “Like this?”

“Ugh, almost. I feel like we’re doing something wrong here. We’re gonna make this work. Just try that again, maybe more… firmly? Just do thammmfff…”

What words remained on her tongue spilled into low, doggish groans as it lolled free and hung over her lips, canine teeth blanketed by the muscular carpet. The tiny rabbit treading on the most neglected, knotted sections of her foot--lord if that didn’t feel good. Mmf. She wasn’t supposed to like it. He must have gained some weight since his stay, she thought. I’ve spoiled him.

“Sounds like I did something right.” The hare knelt low. He planted his tiny hands into the sumptuous ground and rolled his palms as best he could in circular motions. The feeling was… enjoyable; strange, almost magnanimous. Fiela must have been thinking similar thoughts, for she seemed to emit a rolling, thoughtful groan.

“Wow, that feels…” Fiela rumbled, her low growl like the transcendental pleasure of several thunder gods. “A lot better than I thought…” the wolfess seemed to feign disinterest, but the slow curl-to-flex of her soles and one-by-one splaying of her beefy digits was enough to affirm enjoyment.

Rey sunk his tiny hands into the lavish leather once again and continued until his shoulders screamed for reprieve. The bunny’s motion to lean back and take a breather was retaliated against in the form of a low growl of desperation that echoed like a divine chainsaw. “Don’t. You. Dare. Stop.”

Rey quickly marshalled it within his best interests to listen.


A fell gust rattled the sill. The sound was a lonely howl for attention, to be given or forsaken by those fortunate enough to hide away from winter’s bite. Fiela did well to ignore it. She brought the insulated mug of hot cider to her lips and downed an easy half of its febrile contents with sequenced, greedy glugs. Her eyes glazed to the ice-caked window--almost scrutinizing, candidly hateful of what lay beyond.

She spoke. “...They started preparing for Second Solstice months ago, you know.”

“I know, I know. It was a little hard to miss.”

Rey rolled his agonizing shoulders and held his hands over the rim of piping steam as its crimson container slid back into place beside him, at the ingress to Fiela’s lap. A tiny, finger-sized vortex of napkins--the good kind, he made sure--anchored everything below his chest in place.

Rey seemed intrigued by another thought, and spoke up thusly. “Second Solstice… huh. Do you think tinies and giants celebrate the same thing?”

Fiela’s even expression was doubtlessly deceiving. “It’s a holiday,” she answered, earnest. “That’s all I know.” It succeeded only in earning a discontented hum from her bunny. Wasn’t like he could get a better answer, though. That had her quite pleased with herself.

“It’s uncanny though. Can’t help wondering who got it from who, you know?”

Fiela giggled through her nose, a sweet sonnet muffled by her raised mug. “We giants are fantastic at appropriation of the cultural kind.”

“And of the ‘entire city’ kind too,” Rey dug with airy tone.

The wolfess’ eyes glinted, impressed. “You’re just dishing out the sick burns today, aren’t you? Real smooth taking advantage of my inability to whap you across the room, because I had literally nothing to do with that.”

Rey felt a small spur of courage coming from her admission of weakness. Maybe it was wrong, but it felt so, so right. “Not like you would. I already wrote my Solstice letter and you fucking loved it,” Rey said with a cock of his head.

The motion met with the backside of a grocery receipt, hastily scribbled in two different penmanships in six convenient bullets. The first was haphazard, like its author had never picked up a pencil before. The second took place immediately after the first bullet and was practiced, but rudimentary, copied ad verbatim with one hand while the other ruffled the head of a certain bunny.

“I would have written more if you didn’t have a sudden pregnancy craving for hot cider and whine at me to make it for you.” Rey added.

“First of all, not pregnant, fuck you. And I did too get up--all I had you do was tear open the flavor packet.” Fiela’s croaking rattles gave way to one, two, three coughs. Clearing her throat, she settled back into her pillow with only a weak snuffle to punctuate her retort. “Even though the rest came this close to killing me.”

“You really are an oversized baby.” The lagomorph’s warm cheeks nuzzled into her closest finger. The bunny imagined that it elicited a blush, or a sway of her gaze to the far corners of the room. Had he looked to see, he would see in place of any of those a deceptively disarming look of sleepy approval. “Hey… think you could move me away from the cider? It’s getting too hot.”

“‘Course, y’big loser.”

Unceremonious was the arm that reared from beneath the green sea of blankets, plucking Rey from his napkin nest and onto the rivers of ebony hair that splayed out beneath her head. It didn’t take long for him to nestle inside.

“I’ll take that punch,” Rey conceded sleepily. “Happy Second Solstice, Fiela.”

“Happy Second Solstice, Rey. Now… about your letter.”

“Mm?” Ideas swam behind her eyes. He immediately felt a little less safe.

“You have yours done,” Fiela said with a yawn, clacking her teeth shut to stare him right in the eyes. “Now let me say mine.”

Suddenly, a finger swept in front of him, inviting a gust of wind to answer his question. Their weight pinned down heavily against his paws like a leaden pipe. “W-what the heck are you doing!”

“I like these,” Fiela sang, shifting her fingertip to wiggle against the top of his foot.

“Hey, knock that off--” The same finger suddenly pressed against his shins and forces him flat on his rump before then creeping up to his thighs and laying there lazily. Even attempts at wiggling were stifled by the meager force

“And these.” The wolfess’ index crawled just a little higher up Rey’s prone body, much to the bunny’s immediate protest. “And this especially.” She cocked her head and grinned a crocodile grin, pressing a little more firmly against his groin. “That’s a favorite. Oh, but what’s this? And this?”

Rey meeped at the feeling of Fiela’s remaining fingers creeping beneath him and curling around his torso. There they clutched, held fast, using the thumb to crease his hair and ears, repeating the process every time they sprung back up. Another squeeze of his entire form--however gentle--and another meep escaped. “That’s like all of me!”

Fiela’s smile fell tepid and powerful, like a wrathful goddess at the happiest she’d ever been in her life. “I know.”----
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Re: Cautious Catering

Postby NeoVid » Tue Jan 12, 2016 7:07 am

It's great to see these two again! I wanted to comment earlier, but I'd totally forgotten you don't hang around in the #writing channel. You know, I think I missed the one in the series that covered their first date, I need to go back and fix that.

I have just one quibble: Bunnies don't have pads, they're the only species I know of that have fluffy soles.
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Re: Cautious Catering

Postby Berserker » Tue Jan 12, 2016 6:47 pm

NeoVid wrote:It's great to see these two again! I wanted to comment earlier, but I'd totally forgotten you don't hang around in the #writing channel. You know, I think I missed the one in the series that covered their first date, I need to go back and fix that.

I have just one quibble: Bunnies don't have pads, they're the only species I know of that have fluffy soles.

Ah, thank you! Man, I guess I really should hang out on the IRC more. Gad just won't shush about it. |3 But yeah, glad you enjoyed it this much! It's been a long time coming, I will say.

And aye, rabbits usually don't! As in, in reality they don't. But all the art I have of him (sneaky arts!) has him with them, so it's more or less part of his design now, anatomy be damned. Plus I like pads on paws. V:
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Re: Cautious Catering

Postby gadabout » Fri Jan 15, 2016 11:26 am

Hey, I heard you talkin crap about me like I wouldnt hear, but guess what, I CAN HEAR with my special HEAR EAR >:I

But talkin crap aside, I really liked the way these two takl crap about each other, really brings in the relatioship between these two, one well known as the difference between your friend and your best friend. And the whole thing with the hair iron opened a new door inyo the wolf lady's character, which I was glad to see rey jumping in on the subject immediately.

Now this is going to really pain me to say because I hate you so much, but you really have written quite the masterpeice here, good show lad :D
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