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Postby El_Dustino » Fri Jun 26, 2015 7:32 am

Well, after about exactly two years I have decided to post another submission. This one is also NOT a flash, so that's a plus. X3 I've had multiple projects be started and go unfinished over these two years, though I was mostly focusing on school during the time. But... I really wanted to get something out there, and I felt this story would be a good choice for reasons.

This is the first chapter of about 10-12, I plan. I hope to update every 1-2 weeks, just depends how busy I am because I will also be developing my art skills some. Plus, Xenoblade, that's like a big time sink right there.

So, uhm, sorry for vanishing from the website out of great shame, but I hope you give my story a look-over, and would appreciate any constructive criticism you have to give. I am sure issues will come up, but I hope to learn from them and better myself as a writer. :3 Not like anything will change if I never post out of fear of mistakes.

All that aside, please enjoy :3

Chapter 1

“Good morning Ash County, and what a fine morning it is,” a masculine voice bellowed out from the old CRT TV, bursting through the soft electric hum. “Don’t you agree Stacy?”

“It sure is nice Liam. That summer mugginess is blowing away, and here to tell us more is Cindy with the weather.”

“Thanks Stace! Yep, it’s been one warm summer but things are finally beginning to cool down. Countywide we will be seeing temperatures in the high 70s, though Greenburgh will be in the low to mid 80s. Breezes up to seven miles per hour should help cool them off though,” Cindy’s chipper voice spoke out.

The dark furred figure laying in, or more on, their bed opened her eyes just in time to see the screen transition back to Liam and Stacy, a tiger and red squirrel respectively. She smiled at their familiar, friendly faces as they smiled back at her as per the morning routine. Whatever they were saying now was a blur as the black furred individual swung her legs off her mattress and put her paws to the ground. She looked down to the comforter she sat on; it was too hot to sleep under it, but at least didn’t need to make the bed.

Rising off the bed, she stretched her arms upwards to greet the brand new day. The stretch only served to remind her of the stiffness in her back and in her crotch, both of which she tried to push out of mind. ‘No time to worry about a bad bed or things I can’t control,’ she told herself, and reluctantly shuffled into her bathroom. After popping in her shower token she put the water as cold as it would go and stepped in.

After the cold shower had calmed her nerves, among other things, she finally stepped in front of the mirror to see the project she had to deal with today. In the fogless mirror she clearly saw a black panther face looking back at her. This gal did not look so bad, she thought; ‘Sure, a big nose… slightly disconcerting magenta eyes… big fangs… few whiskers are too long, no, I’d like me if I met me. I’d trust me,’ she said to herself, dragging her finger over each finger as she did. Though, then she sadly had to move her finger upwards.

She dragged her finger along the ridged surface of one of the symmetrical large black ram horns that protruded from her head on either side. Even with her whole body being black, the horns stuck out in their darkness compared to her charcoal fur. Like every morning, she tried to brush her long black hair to cover them, but they were so big the tops still showed.

‘Guess it’s another hat day. Really hope that my volumizing shampoo kicks in soon,” she told herself as she exited her bathroom, back into her living and bed room.

She approached her portable closet and after unzipping the canvas door spotted exactly what she wanted: a gray skirt suit with yellow shirt. Once she was dressed and her unmentionables were tucked away so as not to disrupt the flow of her skirt, she smiled to herself. She thought the outfit was pretty on its own, but the light and warm colors worked together to make her blackness more of a highlight.

She grabbed her purse, stood alert, and looked at herself in her vanity mirror. All that was left was the final touch. She looked at her multitude of hats hanging on the wall, and selected a wide brimmed yellow hat, something looking like it was out of an older time, and plopped it onto her head. There. She straightened her drying hair and gave herself an affirmative nod.

‘Look at that. I don’t see a Qereshim, nope: I just see a regular panther, like any other person,’ she complimented herself, though let out an annoyed grunt when her hair disobediently split around her hors. ‘That shampoo can’t work fast enough,’ she muttered with a sigh.

Taking one last look at the single room that contained everything she owned, she flipped off the TV, and exited into the mild morning air. Taking a big whiff of the air, smelling the many trees, still green despite the oncoming Fall, she sighed and carefully trotted down the creaky stairs to the parking lot, and then to the bus stop.

‘It’s going to be a good day. I look fine, and I’ll do just fine. Nothing to worry about, I have this. It’s going to be a good day.’


Even as she lifted hefty boxes filled with donations, the horned panther smiled; despite her ears being covered by her hat, she could clearly hear the sound of children playing inside the church. Even if she had to move boxes from the clean white sidewalk to the back of an impatient raccoon’s truck, she could not help but let her eyes drift to the window near the front of the church, allowing view into a small sitting room. Her eyes quickly fell on the source of the noise: a group of around six children all playing together on the top of a table, the tallest of them barely being three inches tall. The panther let out a sigh of contentment at the scene.

The children were kicking a black and white checkered ball around a soft white doily, in deep contrast with the cherry wood table that it resided on. It was almost hard to keep up with the white ball on the white surface, especially from so far away. But even if it was hard to tell who was winning, not that the panther knew what game they were playing anyways, the children were easy to watch.

The horned panther’s eyes were in constant motion, zipping from child to child as they ran, kicked, dived, and sometimes even used their heads to bounce the ball and keep it in play. At every single laugh, giggle, and squeak of excitement made the smile on her face grow, becoming almost a grin.

The cardboard box of donated clothing almost slacked in her black paws during the moment, but she regained her grip in a jolt once the little ball flew off the round table. What happened now? Who was going to get the ball? How could they even get to the ground to retrieve the ball? Perhaps, I should get it, she figured. Her eyes widened at the possibility, but before she could even set the repurposed computer box down a red fox in a long black skirt and white blouse came into view to save the game.

Even as the game was saved, the panther could not keep her ears from drooping down. The disappointment was short lived, because once the church fox turned away from the children, she and the panther locked eyes. When the sister gave her a soft smile, she was not able to hold on to any negative feelings, and just returned the smile. At least the game was saved.

“This would go a lot faster if you would help me, y’know,” the raccoon growled as he had already loaded several hefty donation boxes into the trailer of his truck. The panther instantly stood alert.

“Oh, my apologies sir! I was just, uhm, sorry,” she sputtered out, hurriedly moving the box she was holding into this raccoon’s truck. She repeated the process for the few remaining boxes that the worker had not gotten himself while she was slacking. “Really, sorry about that, but thank you very much for coming here to pick up these donations; I hope they, uhm, are helpful,” she added, showing a smile that might have been sheepish if it has shown less of her fangs.

An unimpressed “Mmhmm” was all she got in return as the coon sealed the trailer and left, leaving the charcoal furred woman coughing in a cloud of fumes. She waved her dark paw in front of her face as she huddled over, trying to get back the floral and oak scented air she previously had.

“You don’t see many of those old trucks here on the North side. I’m surprised he’s even allowed to drive that south of the tracks,” came a warm voice from behind the panther. Performing a quick 180, she got her grin back again as her eyes took in a middle aged snow leopard standing there.

“Father Alpine!” the one with more black fur exclaimed as she rushed in for a hug. Her long, slender tail rose up, curving at the point between her shoulder blades when she felt him hug back. “I didn’t know you would be back already; I wish you would have called,” she said with eyes of playful accusation.

“Now Marianna, I’ve been back less than a day; surely you have more to do than talk with me. I should be asking you what you’re doing here: first day off training, and you’re here moving boxes?” he asked, setting his eyebrows low and together, almost becoming a single black unibrow on his white forehead.

“W-well I was just stopping by on my way to the Benefits Office; I mean, it’s on the way. And Sister Gabby is busy with the children, and Brother-“

“But the pick-up man didn’t need help at all, it was his job,” Alpine interrupted. He let go of Marianna and looked her in the eye, rubbing a hand on his paling black chin.

“W-well… a-after saying hi to the Sister and Brother, I noticed him noticing me and… w-well I wanted to help,” she meeped out at his sternness. Despite being the bigger blacker feline was shrinking back from him.

He let out a small sigh, but gave a comforting smile. “You’re a kind person Marianna, but that doesn’t mean you can win them all,” he soothed. His minty eyes fell onto his watch, making him add “you’re pushing this mighty close, you should go. We can talk after scripture study on Wednesday.” He patted her shoulder with his salt and peppery hand.

While his reassurance soothed her, the time hit her like a ton of bricks. “Goodness, you’re right. Yes, I’ll see you then Father, thank you,” she said, and with a smile, took off into a confident power walk. ‘Alright, I can do this.’

“Take care, Marianna,’ he called out from behind her. But moments later her ears flicked around backwards to catch his voice again. “Oh! Just making sure: will still Sequoia be joining us this Sunday?” He called out louder as Marianna ambled padded away.

Marianna’s foot did not land on the red brick street properly as her body tightened. With an awkward hop she caught herself before she tumbled. After an internal sigh at her safety, she yelled back “Maybe! We’ll see!” see over her shoulder and continued; she went from a plod to a fast trot.


First day, first customer! Well I guess they would not really be a costumer, because this was not a restaurant or store of any kind. Possibly the word would be client, but it is not like I am their case manager, Marianna thought to herself as she eagerly awaited helping her first person by herself. She straightened all of the papers on her desk into neat little stacks, put her refillable bottle of water under her desk, and made sure all of the pictures attached to her cubicle walls were straight and easily viewable. The tip of her tail twitched as she heard the sounds of footsteps coming towards her specific little three and a half walled structure in this large room.

A pair of large black antlers rose over the wall of the cubicle, and a hulking male elk entered through the doorway, taking a seat when the surprised panther gestured to the chair. The plastic and metal creaked under his weight, and his black fur shown in dark contrast to the tan cubicle walls. A meaty hand came down to the table, presenting a medical application.

“O-oh, uhm, good morning sir! How are you?” Marianna asked after managing to shake her shock at seeing such a large horned person. Not that he exactly had horns, she noted, but his antlers were of a dark color and similar texture to one of their horns. She wondered if that made it easier, not being as different as the rest.

“I was laid off from my factory job in South side. I’m not well,” the elk spoke in a deep, gruff tone. He used two of his thick digits to shove the application towards the panther, eyes narrowing in impatience. “I need to apply for medical benefits.”

“Oh, well, sure thing sir,” Marianna said with as much of a smile as she could muster. She took the paper and looked over the many small boxes filled in; she found it hard to read his handwriting. Must be those big paws. Still, pulling up the appropriate page on her computer, she began copying his information down. Every time the dark elk tapped, or slammed, his finger into the desk Marianna jerked and started typing faster.

“I don’t understand why I need to be here for this,” he said in an even deeper voice, staring down the ever speeding up panther.

“W-well, we just need you to s-sign several forms to verify some i-information for us is all, it’ll only take a moment,” she stammered, typing as fast as possible without making spelling errors. Her thick black claws hit the keys with a noticeably loud “clack.”

“What a waste of time. You government lackeys keep calling me back down here for more and more god damned petty things. Trying to make it as hard as possible for us aren’t you?” He provoked, leaning closer to the desk and practically casting a shadow over Marianna.

“I-I’m sorry that you’re experiencing difficulties sir, but I can assure you it’s nothing intentional,” she squeaked. She internally praised god when she was finished typing, and quickly reached to her printing, snatching up the forms it produced and handing them to the Elk. “O-okay, just signature and date on each of these, and you should be receiving notice of your acceptance into the program within seven business days.” She managed to stop shaking in her boots and smile again.

“Tch, heard that one before,” he growled, scribbling his messy mark on all three pages. Without waiting for confirmation, he rose to back to his intimidating height, and left the cubicle, calling back with a snarky “see you in two weeks.”

Once he was gone, Marianna let out the huge pocket of air she forgot she was keeping in her chest. She grabbed her bottle of water and took a greedy gulp, and leaned over her desk, rubbing her temple. It was too soon to already have an unhappy customer or client. She didn’t have much time to collect her thoughts before she was informed via intercom she had another visitor. Straightening her pretty hat to make sure her ears were still covered, she sat alert. Surely things would go up hill from here, right?


To be fair, the day actually did get progressively better from there. It did not get astoundingly better, but it still got better. The wave of people after the elk applying for their benefits who Marianna helped were all at least a bit better. From disgruntled middle aged women to kindly old people, the panther had to deal with a wide variety of people, but at the least each one was politer than her initial charge. She noted that, unlike the first person, each of them was normal, and wondered if that meant something. Hopefully he was just unhappy with his situation.

Lunch time could have gone a bit better, Marianna noticed. The other employees that shared her lunch time were all too busy to eat lunch with her, which was a little disappointing, but it was not the first time she ate lunch by herself. Though she did catch herself wondering why exactly everyone was so simultaneously busy at a time when you take a break.

The day slowed considerably post lunch, which was not a terrible thing since it allowed Marianna to file some paper work on some previous charges. It’d been almost an hour since her last visitor, and just before her shift ended before she was buzzed about another person coming. She lazily neatened her desk as she waited for the person to enter… and nothing happened. At ten minutes the panther began to worry, biting her black lip and wondering if she did wrong when-

“Sorry I’m late! Think I could get a hand?” A quiet, sort of high pitched voice called out from… somewhere.

Marianna’s eyes scanned her cubicle, looking all around before they settled there on the floor, not terribly far from her desk chair, amidst the cheap blue carpet stood a micro arctic fox waving up at her. The panther’s purple eyes expanded as she took in the sight: scanning over her smiling face, noting the pretty contrast between her white fur, black leggings, and red dress and hat, not to mention the fact that she stood at only three and a half inches tall, Marianna guessed.

“Heehee, are you okay up there? Cat got your tongue? Then again you are a cat and you have your own tongue so I guess so,” she brought the black pads of her white paws to her face covered her mouth as she giggled at her own joke. Marianna snapped to attention and smiled herself.

“My apologies miss, I should have been paying more attention. U-uhm, and sure, just…” she trailed off, setting her hand down on the ground, palm upwards. She was prepared to see the micro recoil, but was surprised to see her instantly climb into her palm instead. The goofiest of grins spread on the panther’s face, which she had to use her free hand to cover. Showing a micro all your teeth can not be a good way to start a dialogue.

As she very slowly lifted the fox away from the ground, she could not help but just be amazed at this moment. Her body was so light it did not even weigh her hand down. Her black leggings felt so incredibly soft against her own black pads. Best of all was that smile plastered on the little fox’s face. She wished she could make the moment last longer, but it would probably get creepy if she did, so she slowly sat her hand on her desk, where the white one disembarked.

“Woo, thank you for the lift ma’am. I don’t think I coulda bared climbing up here after that walk,” the almost pure white fox said with a tail swish.

“W-wait, you had to walk all the way here? But that’s so wrong, you’re supposed to be escorted. How can they expect-“

“Oh no, it’s nothing like that ma’am! The man at the front desk was busy with a grumpy Gus, and rather than interrupt him I said I’d walk. I just underestimated the distance,” she giggled with the slightest of blushes able to be seen through her white fur.

“O-oh, sorry, heh. I just worried that, well, it’s my first day here, and I am not really sure how my employees are about… this sort of thing,” she awkwardly explained. She moved her hands to her keyboard, fingers finding their home keys after a few attempts. “So, what can I do for you today, Miss Sorenson?” She asked while swiping her eyes to the screen now and then to make sure it was right. It was not written in entirely familiar characters.

“Oh, you can call me Leah. I think the only time anyone calls me ‘Miss Sorenson’ is if I’m in trouble,” she said with a small hand wave. “But, I’m just here to file my application for financial aid at Greenburgh City College for the upcoming year,” she spoke proudly, standing on the desk with her arms confidently on her hips.

“Filing for financial aid… isn’t that something you would do at the school itself?” Marianna asked and raised an eyebrow.

“W-well…” Leah started, bring her hands in front of her to twiddle her fingers as her pride was replaced self-consciousness. “See, I sort of… waited until the last minute, and the financial aid office is closed now. I’m also too small to use the drop box, and my lappy’s in the shop. Soooo, this is kind of my last resort for getting the application in their inbox by today… yeah, I messed up,” she admitted, almost getting even smaller with each word.

“Aw, well, it happens to all of us. I forgot to attach the Student Information Form and didn’t realize it until last week,” she chuckled and looked over the application already sent to her computer b the front desk. “Well this should be easy. Are you certain everything is there?” She moved her eyes back down to the fox on her desk. She did not even stand as tall as the cup holding her pencils. So precious.

“Of course everything’s in order! This is my first time ever going to college, and I can’t mess it up! Minus the part where I messed up a little today,” she beamed, and moved in to better see the screen. “Yeah, like, really all you have to do is attach it and send it I guess… I’m sorry I’m making you do something so silly, I just didn’t have any other choice,” she apologized, moving rather close to Marianna and leaning into her forearm to better see.

Marianna’s ears perked up at the sudden contact, and she was happy she brought her hat, because the insides of her ears were becoming mighty red. “It’s really no problem at all, Leah. My job is helping those that need help, and this counts in my book. Here we go,” she said, following the fox’s instructions and attaching it to an email, writing who it was for, and sending it. She smiled, and signed out of the computer. “My shift is over, so… would you, uhm, like a ride back out to the f-front?” She asked awkwardly, trying to keep her face composed.

“Oh, I’d love that! I’ve done enough walking today,” the fox giggled, and promptly got back into the panther’s hand before even being prompted. “A friend said he’d pick me up from the coffee place next door. Could you drop me off there, please?” She asked while sitting on the black pad, preparing for movement.

“S-sure,” Marianna purred sheepishly. She was more focused on making the ride as comfortable as possible. Picking a micro up for a moment is one thing, but walking around with them? What if she made it too bumpy? Oh God, what if she dropped her? Instant regret pumped through her veins as she stood and started carrying the fox. As she walked through the valley of cubicles she used her other hand to create a bowl of sorts, making taller walls to protect Leah. First day, there is NO way I will hurt my first micro, she reasoned.

Leah seemed perfectly content at least, which made Marianna less tense. Just sitting in the padded panther paws, she peered over the edge, her tail thumping. Marianna wondered if it was because she was seeing things at a much taller perspective, but found it adorable either way.

“So you’re going to GCC to?” Lean finally broke the silence, tilting her head backwards to look up to the panther’s face.

“Hmm? Oh, yes I am. It will be my first semester of college too. When I was, uhm, a bit younger, I had to get a job, so I did not have the time to go, but I’m finally ready now,” she whispered down to the micro, resisting the urge to give her a pet with her thumb.

“Oh wow, that’s cool! I hope we get some classes together or something,” Lean squeaked up, before just leaning into one of the sides of the makeshift hand bowl she was in. But suddenly something jolted her awake, at about the time Marianna reached the exit. “Oh my goodness! I can’t believe how rude I was. I got so distracted I… no, no excuse. So, what I should have asked before, what is your name, ma’am?”

Upon reaching the exit, Marianna used her shoulder too push it open, keeping her hands as steady as possible. She smiled softly as she stepped into the evening light. “Please don’t be hard on yourself, you had to walk God knows how long, I would have forgot too. But my name is Marianna, and it is nice to meet you.”

“Well, even if it took me too long to say it, it’s great to meet you too, Marianna. I hope we see each other at college,” she said cheerfully.

“Heh, me too.”


Marianna entered her apartment that night, flipping on the lights first thing, trudging to the kitchen like attachment to the living room and putting the groceries from the hefty bags into her fridge and pantry. It was an alright day, she thought. Sure work has its downs, but it ended on a high note. The rest of the time after work was not particularly exciting either, she supposed, but she wouldn’t let that get her down.

Tossing the empty paper bags into a cupboard, she padded across the room, stripping down to her bra and panties. It was still pretty warm, but not oppressively so like most of the summer. Still too hot to wear much to bed, she reasoned as she flipped off the lights. Or go under the covers, she thought as she crashed down onto the squeaky frame, her six foot frame making the bedframe protest the drop.

She lay in the absolute stillness and darkness for just a minute, before fumbling for her remote, and flipping the television on. Sighing to herself, she nuzzled into her pillow and closed her eyes as the room become just a bit less black and quiet.

“Good evening everyone! Welcome to the Really Late Show. We got a really good show today. Fresh from the set of our award winning television series… I mean our OTHER award winning television series is…”
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Re: Evil

Postby gadabout » Fri Jun 26, 2015 1:56 pm

Well well... lookie who it is, the fairy returns! With a story to boot! I am very pleased indeed >:I

You certainly did start this off on a good note, would certainly like to see more of how leah and marinara interact at school and what the heck marianara actually is and what shes doing hangin out at a church >:I


You made errors.

Many errors.

I am dissapoint >:I

dragging her finger over each finger as she did.

I think you meant feature there, but hey, I could be wrong :I

First day, first customer! Well I guess they would not really be a costumer

you spelled it right the first time D:

and I think I missed a few more, but youve been out a while so I wont attack you too hard. Good story none the less and good t osee you back :D
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Re: Evil

Postby El_Dustino » Fri Jun 26, 2015 2:16 pm

Not sure who I am more disappoint in... myself for making the errors, or the person I had read it for errors not correcting them. X3 I'll try to have some more quality control in the future... always a lil afraid of editing because the more I do the less likely I am to post the story. X3

Marianna and Leah's interactions will be the focal point of the story, so you're in luck. :3 Rest will be shown in time.

Steel, thank you for the feedback and reading ^_^
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Re: Evil

Postby gadabout » Fri Jun 26, 2015 2:19 pm

Pssh, dissapointment is an abundant resource, give it to everyone :D

and yes, this is why I dont like doing my own proofing :I

and of course tis my pleasure >:I
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Re: Evil

Postby Duct Tape Fanatic » Thu Jul 02, 2015 1:56 am

You have me interested in this story, mostly by the title as I'm curious how it pertains to those horns. Demon panther? As others have said, it's good to see you back and writing and I look forward to your next installment.
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Re: Evil

Postby El_Dustino » Thu Jul 23, 2015 2:36 am

Thank you for the kind words DTF :3 I hope I can manage to keep your, and everyone else's interest X3

After far too long, here is chapter 2. :3 For those that don't read FA I was sick and had some family ish, though that's no excuse! Chapter 3 will be a little new for me, but hopefully it won't take anywhere near as long. X3

So, I hope you all enjoy. :3 Feel free and encouraged to give constructive criticism. X3 I hope my proofreader did not FAIL me again. X3

Chapter 2

The arctic fox let out a content, coffee scented sigh after sipping down her first drink of her latte. She held the white cup between her equally white furred paws, the only bits of color showing being the brown Cyberbeans logo of a cartoon coffee bean holding a laptop. It was a cute logo, she thought, and one of the many tiny perks of patronizing Cyberbeans.

Leah plopped down upon a flower shaped cushion, and murred involuntarily at how comfy the simple green pillow was. It was time to set up camp! Down to her right went the coffee table, to the left went her backpack, in her lap – laptop, of course, earbuds to the ears, and most importantly, her cellphone in her breast pocket. She gazed over her magnificent set up in pride, white tail dragging back and forth along the chestnut table top behind her.

‘That appointment didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would,’ she thought to herself as she booted up her laptop. ‘But hey, thirty minutes of fast Wi-Fi! Worth the twenty cent coffee,’ of which she took another sip as she clicked on the browser icon.

After twenty seconds of loading the application Leah was greeted with her home page. Leah scanned down the page, finding a number of news stories. “Heat Wave Finally Ending,” “Best and Worst Majors from Last Year,” “Two Horned Found Dead in RV,” “Star Christy Finally Announces New Sequel to ‘Valley Cats’”… Leah’s trackpad pointer hoovered on that last one for just a moment, before clicking on the search bar.

‘funny cat videos’, enter.

A couple clicks later and Leah’s ears were filled with the sounds of adorable mews and purrs. Taking hold of her coffee once again, just savoring the white chocolate and caramel aromas with her twitching black nose, Leah knew this was a great day. Video after video, cat after cat, the half hour passed by very quickly, all the while Leaf’s fluffy tail thumped and swished against the tabletop, and she held her black paw pads over her muzzle to keep herself from making any embarrassing sounds out loud.

Deep inside of her Leah was aware that a real cat would probably see her as more of a toy than a friend, which was made painfully aware as she glanced at some of the video titles in the side bar, like “Cat Thinks Micro is Prey”. ‘They called us micros, that’s an improvement,’ Leah mentally noted before moving onto a cuter sounding video. “Cat and Micro meet (cute).”

The video game to life before Leah, first shot showing a snoozing feline on its side. An adorable belly of white and orange fur moved up and down as the fluff ball napped, until its ear twitched. The fox herself grew a bit worried when a fellow person who was vertically different moved towards the cat; her eyes zipped immediately back to the waking fluff beast. It knew it wasn’t alone now. What was going to happen? Her question was soon answered; white paws reached out and grabbed the husky. There was no fighting, but the cat had him in its clutches! A white paw moved to the pause button, about to stop this travesty before things took a different turn; rather than become a toy, or worse, the feline pulled the micro right into the fluff of its chest, and held him there as it closed its eyes. A hug.

Leah bite her finger to keep herself from letting out a squee.

Many cats actually were trained to coexist with micros, and other small creatures. For the average housecat there was practically no danger, it was just the other cats in the world that were not as well mannered. Wild cats, the kind that enjoyed living in poorer neighborhoods. ‘But the department of animal control did take care of almost all the cats in southside,’ Leah made sure to correct herself with a smile. ‘People are looking out for us.’

Leah’s eyes looked to the bottom right corner of her screen and she realized it was a few minutes past the time her friend said he would show up. She pulled out her phone and tapped it, but no new messages, just the reflection of blue eyes on the poor quality screen. ‘A few minutes isn’t a big deal, there’s probably all kinds of traffic at this time, especially coming north.’

More time to look at fun videos on the internet! But she would need some more coffee, if one could call it that, to handle all of the cuteness on the internet. As if reading her mind, the eyes of the jackal barista met with Leah’s when she looked upwards; with a long breath, the canine approached, the golden discs boring down at Leah with their lack of concern or passion.

“Ready for your free second cup then?” The older canine asked down in the most disinterested voice. Must be tired from working here on her own, Leah figured.

“Yes please,” the fox paused to scan the nametag of the employee, eying the bronze colored placard that was not terribly smaller than Leah herself, “Julia. Thank you.” She added a wag of the tail in to help show her appreciation; Julia probably needed it today.

The jackal, Julia, paused at the sudden kindness before simply nodding, moving back to her counter and returning with a cup clasped between her giant fingers. The cup was quickly taken into Leah’s hand, who offered another thanks to the uncomfortable giantess who returned back to the counter. Hopefully she could cheer up tonight, the fox mused to herself.

But it was time for even more videos! Settling back onto the cushion the fox took a slow sip of her second latte and resumed the fun. Perhaps it was not so bad that her friend was late, she figured, because at least I can enjoy myself in the meantime. And so the minutes flowed on by. A bit too fast really.

Looking back down at her screen, the time was getting a bit worrisome. It was already 5:20, and there was not a single text or missed call on her phone. He said he’d be there by five, she reminded herself. Sighing, she produced her phone from her pocket and tapped out a text message with her black thumb pads.

“Wer r u at? Everythin ok?” Send. She set her phone down on the hard wood table top so she would better hear it.

In her subscriptions section she spotted some new trailers for “Brave Warriors”, for all smart phones as noted on the video thumbnail. Leah smiled and clicked on the playlist, ears perking up to the sounds of cartoonish combat. Fires, all sorts of colors of hair and armor, plumes of magic bombs, arrows raining, the screen was just awash in action, but the icy blue eyes kept venturing downwards. Even a feminine voiced pig man riding a giant chicken was hard to focus on, as funny and useful as the new class looked. During the window between each video her eyes remained stuck to the white text in the corner.

It was almost 5:40 when the playlist ended. Leah looked at her phone; not one new text.

“I hope everythings ok but I need 2 go. C u tomorrow,” she texted before rising to her feet, dropping her laptop back into her bag and slinging it over one shoulder. Stepping from the tabletop onto a walkway attached to the wall that spanned from the entrance to the counter, she started the trudge back to the entrance.

A cold shiver ran down Leah’s back as she realized the jackal was watching her every move. She craned her head to look around in the café; not a single soul was there, except for her and Julia, who was organizing a display of cookies that was already in order based on bag color, most likely trying to not be too blatant in her staring. Leah looked at the time on her phone, before trotting down the walkway to the counter, Julia instantly looking down to her quizzically.

“I just wanted to say thank you for the service, and for making the drinks so well! The lattes you made tasted a lot better than the Cyberbeans down in Southside, back when we had one. Thank you,” the white fox said with a happy bow, clutching the cup in her paws.

“A machine makes them,” the jackal grunted down at Leah, standing intentionally close to cast a shadow. However, before Leah could feel too intimidated Julia crouched down and eyed the muzzle level fox. “But I do keep the machine as clean as possible, not like there’s much else to, so thank you, and you’re welcome,” she concluded, the corners of her mouth twitching into an almost smile.

“You’re welcome,” Leah sighed in relief, approaching the muzzle, “and I hope you have nice rest of the evening. Hopefully your shift is ending soon?” she inquired, finishing the last of her honey goodness.

“In about an hour, yeah. Thank god too, it’s so fucking boring here like this. Then again at least I get off before the rush,” she replied, actually grinning. “Want me to get rid of that for you?”

“Oh, sure, thank you,” she quickly said, not waiting for any hand to appear but approaching the glinting wall of white fangs, each one almost probably as long as her arm, if not more so. But she reached her arms up, having to stand on the tips of her toes, and manage to balance her white cup atop that black nose, Leah’s own white hair becoming a bit of a mess. The fox giggled at her handiwork, thinking the cup looked like the world’s tiniest dog treat there. “There you go, now sit girl!”

Julia was not sure what to make of the action until the fox spoke up, which made her lips peel back even more.

“I think you got that a little mixed up there squirt. Still, not on your life,” she snarked and rose back to standing, golden irises positioned low so she could keep her muzzle stable, the cup still resting atop her nose.

“Aw, well it was worth a try. Nice balance though, Julia,” she laughed with a shrug.

“Thanks. What’s your name anyways? We don’t get many people from Southside here.”

“It’s Leah, and it’s nice to meet you Julia,” she answered and extended her arm to the enormous barista. “Hopefully I’ll see you again when I start going to the city college. I’d keep you company tonight, but I got to get home; friend didn’t show, so bus it is.”

“Nice to meet you too, Leah. One of the nicer one’s I’ve met,” Julia replied before gently taking Leah’s hand between her forefinger and thumb and giving it a shake. It was tight, but not too painful. “And no worries, just talk to me next time it’s like this. Better than being a little leech, right?” She asked with that same grin.

“I guess so,” Leah chirped back excitedly, shrugging again. “Still, have a good night!” she called out before trotting down the walkway to the exit.


Boarding a bus by yourself was always something of a daunting task. If not for the gap on either side of you when crossing the platform the smaller entrance extends out when it opens, then for the fact that you have to stand on the ground near the feet of every other passenger. Leah’s eyes were constantly on the move as she approached the platform, a sole smaller person in a sea of tennis shoes and flip flops. Not that anyone would try to be malicious, she thought, but just in case.

Her perceptive white ears heard the gears of the great machine, an enormous mobile metal building, shifting and preparing to take off. Even if she needed to be safe, she knew she had to hurry, so she bolted. Earbuds smacking noisily against the shell of her laptop as she ran, her ears flattened in determination, and the belief that doing so would cut back on her wind resistance as she ran. The much more enormous Plexiglas doors had already began to close, so she knew she had only had moments. The metal platform was already prepping to retract, but the fox leapt and landed on the silver and yellow strip, sighing in relief when her ears picked up a familiar tone indicating someone was still boarding.

Leah let out something between a laugh and a heavy breath of relief, and slowly made her way into the great metal whale, booping her card against the scanner to the right of the entry way. It was a pretty long trek from the café to the bus stop, and having to run certainly didn’t help, so she took her time approaching the small black square, letting herself catch her breath as she rode the elevator to the balcony where the micro seating was. As the elevator reached its destination, Leah was greeted with nothing but empty seats, arranged in a way that reminded her of a hospital’s waiting room; least she had free choice of any seat.

Plopping down in one of the uncomfortable green seats, Leah looked out at the rest of the bus’s passengers. The bus itself was not particularly crowded, less than half of the giant sized seats were taken, mostly by middle aged folks in suits staring down at their phones. A few of the seats were occupied by other teenagers, though the difference between them was of course that, even on the balcony, they towered over her as they texted.

“Wow you’re really out of breath there lil girl; come on, it wasn’t that much of a jog for you.”

Leah heard a voice speak to her, at least she was pretty sure it was speaking to her. Scanning back over the bus, everyone was still on their phones… except- she jumped in her seat when she realized that, right next to the micro seating was a huge black wolf, dressed in dark gray clothing. She was so dark she almost blended into the wall, if not for those red eyes and those gleaming white teeth.

“O-oh, man, I didn’t see you there, heehee. But I had to jog from like all the way in the café, it was pretty long,” she said with a sheepish smile up to the 20 something, possibly 30 something woman. Leah’s eyes briefly played across the woman’s long black horns that came from behind and over her ears, protruding just a bit over her face. She quickly looked back to her eyes; did not want to stare.

“Man, that’s kinda sad. The café wasn’t even that far from the sidewalk. What were you doing there anyways?” The wolf asked, that same smile still on her face, more of a grin, Leah guessed.

“Well, what most people do, drinking coffee! I used their Wi-Fi too, watched some vids on my lappy,” Leah giggled, playfully swishing her tail.

“Huh, well isn’t that something. And a lappy… oh, you mean a laptop,” the wolf chuckled, eying the bag laying in the seat near the fox. “Wow, they make electronics that small? I remember back when even we didn’t have laptops.”

“I know right? Isn’t it crazy how fast technology advances? Not that I’m complaining; because of how great things are going I get to go to college. Heheh, like, when I was a little kid that seemed like something that could never happen, like just from a practical standpoint. But now, hee, I can barely believe it,” Leah responded back gleefully.

“How nice, I bet your lil parents are proud. What would someone like you study anyways?” The horned wolf asked.

“Law! Well probably political science at first, but eventually going to law school. I got a lot of general education stuff to work through first though, but that’s how it is. Gives me time to plan at least,” Leah answered, her ears twitching as a rush of hot, moist air fell down on her; the dark furred woman was laughing. What was so funny, she huffed internally.

“Heh, that’s so cute. Not to sound demeaning, it’s just a cute thought,” the wolf sort of apologized, kind of, though the fangs showing still made Leah shift in her seat.
“Uhm, yeah, sure, heheh,” Leah replied while pulling her phone out of her pocket, moving her eyes to it. Despite the new message symbol not being visible on her screen she opened her messages anyways and scrolled through her recent texts. She felt the red eyes still on her, and out of the corner of her eye she could see that fangy smile falter, and wrinkles form on the wolf’s forehead. ‘Dang it, I shouldn’t do this, but-‘

“Wait, who’re you again?”

Huh? Leah returned her gaze up to the confused looking wolf, her forehead wrinkling a bit as she raises her eyebrow. “Uh, I didn’t give you my name yet, but it’s Leah,” she admitted, and after some contemplation, added “what about you?”

“What about me?” The wolf questioned, her black furred face still marred with confusion. She lowered her head to be closer to the fox, and Leah could not help but scoot to a further away seat when the tip of one of this person’s thick black horns scraped along the railing of the platform. The huge black nose twitched as Leah figured it was investigating her scent, warm air pushing back and forth against her rapidly to where she needed to hold onto her red hat, though it’s ribbon whipped back and forth freely.

“Your name,” Leah explained, looking out to the other people in the bus, though every single person was on their phone, or in one painful case just not looking over at the scene. Though, the sound of the bus’s brakes screeching interrupted the conversation.

Once the bus came to a stop a mechanical voice announced it as South Elm Avenue, and the every single suited person exited, as well as a number of the teens. In their place entered a number of young people, teens and twenties mostly, in brightly colored uniforms that clashed with the dark insides of the bus entered, along with a couple of sweaty red fox laborers and an old rabbit woman carrying two overflowing paper sacks of groceries.

The pitch black wolf also scanned each new arrival, lifting her face away from the platform which caused Leah to reclaim her previous seat. Her voice showed little recognition for anyone, except when it returned down to the micro seating and a familiar smile crept across it.

“Oh, we got a lil micro up in here too, fancy that. You just board or what?” The wolf asked the confused looking fox, the bus going back into gear thankfully giving Leah a moment to think, looking out of the enormous windows to see familiar buildings being replaced with dark unincorporated land.

“Uh, what do you mean ma’am? I boarded back at café near the county benefits office; you even commented on it,” Leah asked with a bit of worry. The worry grew when the wolf’s smile became something closer to a grimace.

“The hell are you talking about? I’ve been on this bus for almost half an hour and I certainly don’t remember any eretshim milling about here, but you are easy to miss,” the wolf grumbled, before her lips curled into a smirk as she brought her face back down towards Leah.

Leah once again tried to move to a different seat, taking her bag with her, but the muzzle of the wolfess was overshadowing so much of the platform that she could not decide on a safe place. The elevator? That was out; even if it made her less obvious, going down to the floor would just be risky. However even with that thought Leah did inch towards the black rubber square, the maw of this woman taking up more and more of her personal space.

“Aw, running away? Come on, you think we’re buddies, so get over here friend,” the wolf cooed down, and while those eyed stayed locked onto Leah a single black padded finger curled behind the fox and gave her a push towards the canine’s muzzle, just a few centimeters. But then another little push, and another.

The black clawed finger completely blocked the aisle behind her, as well as the seats on either side of her. There was nowhere to run; she just had to keep moving forward, against her will, towards the long muzzle that was nestling itself onto the platform. ‘At least it’s not an open maw,’ Leah told herself, and forced the most apologetic of looks at the wolf.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry I made my accusations, I must have been thinking of someone else I met today, s-so can you give me some space?” She lied.

The wolf murred, before slowly removing her finger from behind Leah. “I guess so, little one, but-“

“Whoa whoa what the hell? Leah, is everything alright? You need me to get this gal to back the hell off?”

A new voice rung out in her defense! A familiar voice actually. Then again the wolf seemed to be backing off on her own, poor woman probably just got confused or something, no biggie, but either way the hulking form of brown furred otter came into view, grasping at the silver support pole and glaring down at the wolf. As far as Leah was concerned he looked positively heroic in the artificial light of the bus, even if he was in a dopey red and yellow uniform.

“The fuck you want?” the wolfess said in a much louder tone as she lifted her head to glare up to the male younger than herself, a much more country accent ringing through Leah’s ears.

“All I want is for you to leave my friend alone, Qereshim bitch. You shouldn’t be getting your fugly horned face anywhere near her,” the otter growled out, and several fellow uniformed people audibly agreed.

Growling back in return the wolf shot up from her seat and barred her fangs at the otter. From Leah’s point of view they were two imposing titans staring each other down, each holding considerable power and height even among their own scaled people, though the otter stood a bit taller. Though the wolf did not seem concerned with this at all, her horns aimed right for the otter’s face. But glancing at the fellow burger flippers all staring at the situation made her huff, and turn her attention to the dark emptiness outside the bus.

“Whatever, we’re about at my stop anyways,” was all the wolf muttered before tapping the button on the side of the bus, signaling a robot ‘Stop Requested’ from the bus’s speakers. And once the bus did screech to a stop, the dark furred woman stepped into the equally dark surroundings, almost blending in like a chameleon as she walked down a nearby road lined by thick trees, just like the ones blocking out the last bit of sunlight.

“I can’t believe people actually live out here,” Leah spoke to herself, before turning her eyes up to the towering otter, finally able to get a good look at him. Her eyes lit up; “Oh wow, Brock, I haven’t seen you since graduation! How’ve you been?”

“They got a village out that way or something, where they do their weird rituals and stuff,” Brock huffed, before tearing his eyes from the woman through the window and looking down to the fox, smiling softly. “Just fine; got a sports scholarship to VSUG, be playing soccer for them. But more importantly are you okay?” He asked as he sat down in the seat the wolf was in. “She didn’t hurt you did she?”

“Wow, a sports scholarship? That’s amazing Brock! But not surprising, you were always great,” she giggled. “But no, no she didn’t really… I mean getting so close to her mouth was really scary, but when I asked her to stop she did. I think, like, she’s just one of those people who get sorta confused easily, poor thing.”

“There’s a reason they’re like that you know,” Brock huffed and gave his friend a stern look.

“I know I know, but it can be genetic too, so I shouldn’t judge her,” Leah defended with a smile. “I’m fine anyways, so no harm no foul, right?”

“I guess, but I think you give some people too much credit,” he sighed out, before smiling himself. “Still, how have you been? You haven’t kept in contact much, the gang’s wondering if you were sick or something.”

“Heh, well I’m not the only one on break you know. The twins Colin and Colleen got out of school at the same time as us, and Isaac and lil Savannah got out a couple weeks later. Mom and dad work in the day, so someone needs to watch them,” Leah explained proudly.

“You’re putting too much pressure on yourself Leah; the twins are old enough to take care of themselves; hell, they can take care of the young ones too, and probably have a lot easier time with it than you,” Brock said with concern, leaning towards the platform.

“I know, but mom and dad like having someone keep an eye on them; plus when they’re busy with parties and stuff someone has to watch the younger ones. Besides, I might as well pull my weight before I start college; then they’ll have to take over,” she chuckled.

“That’s nice, but you gotta live some yourself girl. Having a party at the end of the week, you should come by; it’ll be at night, so you can have your parents watch the kids. Besides you owe us; only person you’ve even been texting is Asher,” he said while smiling, most likely to show his good nature. “We got a deal then?”

“Oh fine, I guess we do,” Leah said with a fake angry tone, before being unable to hold character and laughing. “Sounds great; I’ve missed everyone, just kinda having to keep the house together while mom and dad pick up extra shifts. So I could use this,” she continued with a tail swish.

“Awesome! I’ll pick you up so you don’t need to rely on Asher’s flakey ass. I’ll text you the details soon.”

“Aw, thank you. But yeah, that’s why I’m riding the bus now, Asher totally flaked,” she said with self-conscious chuckle.

“Damn, I don’t know how, or why, you put up with him.”

“We both know he needs some friends right now, and we’ve known him like forever, so I don’t mind, and you should cut him some slack too; it’s a tough situation,” Leah said while crossing her arms and giving him a most judging look, even if her eyes were jovial.

“Way to make me feel bad Leah,” he said while rolling his eyes, but gave her a smirk. “We’re almost at our stop: want me to give you a lift to your place?” And as he asked the mechanical voice spoke back up and announced that they were approaching the ‘South Brooke Stop.’ He set his hand down near the micro seating.

“You’re so easy,” she giggled, “But yeah, I’d like that,” she finished as she boarded the otter’s padded hand, being carried off the bus once it came to a stop. Taking in the familiar sights of the shrub filled fields and lots filled with abandoned farming machinery, Leah thought back to the green trees of Northside, but still, she smiled as she was carried down the sidewalk and to the close cluster of houses surrounded by brick walls.


“You know I could have cooked dinner Leah, you don’t have to do everything,” a female zebra, around 16 years old, chided with a well-intentioned smirk as she rested her long muzzle on the light blue countertop. She watched the white fox leaned against the glass saucepan filled with warm soapy water. Her black and white hair rested atop the counter in thick locks, on her right side at least; the hair on the left side of her head stop up in an almost finlike Mohawk.

“Do you remember the last time I let you cook dinner? Not only did you undercook the chicken you destroyed one of our cooking sheets,” she disagreed, tail tiredly swishing behind her.

“How long you gunna hold that against me?” The Zebra asked, snorting hot air onto Leah. “I know that’s not it.”

“Yeah yeah, you’re not wrong, I just find it funny,” she chuckled, rising to her feet and slowly approaching the bus sized muzzle, well what she was assuming was bus sized while trying to apply her earlier experience to it. “But I just like taking care of my little brothers and sisters. But also, well, before mom started working dad asked that I look after all of you, and I intend to keep my word. Show him I can handle things, make him proud,” Leah explained, putting her hands onto the bristly black end of her sister’s muzzle.

“Leah,” the zebra teen said before pausing, looking down to the sister before her muzzle, taking extra careful care to not move too much as she spoke. “You’re a great big sister, but I think you’re taking dad’s words a bit far. It’s not like you have to do everything; there’s no shame in letting people help you,” she smiled, gently running one of her fingers down Leah’s back.

“D’aww, thank you Colleen... but handling everything makes me feel so fulfilled. Without all my classes I need to get my micromanaging out elsewhere. So, deal with it,” Leah giggled, and stuck her tongue out. However, she also pressed her body into the black end of her sister’s muzzle, giving it a hug.

Colleen snorted again. “Yeah I think not, stubborn fox. We can talk about this tomorrow, but for tonight I’m taking charge. And to start, I’m washing up for you, and there’s not a thing you can do about it Leah,” the zebra smirked, plucking the fox off of her muzzle. She stood to her full height and lowered her sister into her breast pocket, still smirking down at her.

Glaring, Leah let out a “hmph”, and tried to climb her way out of the pocket, but she felt the push of her little sister’s finger atop her head.

“Deal with it,” Colleen simply smirked down, and began loading the presoaked dishes into the washer.

Not having much recourse, Leah sighed and got comfortable in the tight crevice of warm fabric. “You’re a big bully. But… thanks, Colleen,” she mumbled, and nestled into her sister’s chest.
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Re: Evil

Postby gadabout » Thu Jul 23, 2015 3:16 pm

Very nice very nice.... we are getting to shed a little light on those horny people, and how nasty they seem to be >:I
You need ot keep writing missy so I know more about em! But before that...

The video game to life before Leah,

I think you meant CAME there didnt you? >:I

RIP Baggy52.

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Re: Evil

Postby TendoTwo » Wed Sep 23, 2015 7:22 am

The uniqueness of this setting instantly got my attention. Great job with the way you opened the story, focusing not on it being a macro/micro story, or even on what size the character is, but instead of her race is a new one. I was wondering at first if she was hiding what she is because her kind is simply discriminated against, or because her kind was actually hunted down or not allowed in society, but the bus scene with one in broad daylight of everyone else made it clear it's the former. (Also considering the story's title and her initial interest with getting close to those micros playing on the table... and the disappointment when someone else helped them first, I was wondering if she actually was some kind of evil demon hiding in plain sight). It later being shown just to be a fascination with micros however just made it adorable.

Interesting how usually in macro/micro stories which deal with racism and stereotypes, usually it IS either the macros or micros that are the ones discriminated against, but instead you added a third race that is the one looked down upon while macros and micros seem to be on the same level, that's unique. Very intrigued to see where this goes.

Funny touch with the cat videos. :lol: I was about to say that I would have assumed micros would have an aversion to cats, but that was then answered right as I was thinking that. :P

Was wondering at first just how the macro/micro society worked. In the first chapter, it almost seemed like while they were treated well, there were little to no facilities (or walkways or whatever) specifically designed for micros and they just had to make due living in a macro-sized world. That made me curious if they just simply lived like that or co-existence was a recent development, especially since the barista at first seemed to act pretty cold towards her.

Chapter 2 seemed to show there were clearly some micro-oriented services, though I still wonder about how many there are, and again if this has been going on for a while or became a recent thing. From her point of view it would seem like other than the physical differences people see and treat them like anyone else, then again, considering her run-in with that less-than-friendly Qereshim and her optimistic view of it, her viewpoint could be a little naive. (You'd think there would have been some kind of protection in place so a macro can't just reach into the micro area like that... then again I guess that ties into how friendly macro and micro society is towards each other). Her family certainly caught my attention, now I wonder if she is adopted or being born a micro is just something that happens sometimes like a birth defect. If it's the latter I can certainly understand how society could have quickly adapted to co-exitance. (... and just HOW she managed to cook for people several times her size...)

Yeah, as you can probably tell, I definitely liked the setting of this story. Adding a third race that seems to be discriminated against in the middle of a society where macros and micros co-exist on a seemingly even level is a unique twist, as well as one of the main characters the story focuses on being from that third race. Great story so far. :)

(By the way, is giving blue eyes to white-furred characters a common occurrence or something? This is the fourth macro/micro story I can think of that has a character with white fur and blue eyes... and of those four, three of them are arctic foxes :P )
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Re: Evil (Chapter 3 added 12/24/2016)

Postby El_Dustino » Sat Dec 24, 2016 9:32 am

@Tendo: I am sorry I never replied to your post, and honestly there is really not much that I can actually say since I do not want to give much away outside of the story (though as for the white fur and blue eyes thing I have no idea, I always just thought it looked pretty, and Leah is a pretty little lily X3 ), but I do want to say that while I have been dealing with self doubts and soubts about the story coming back to read your comment now and again made me so happy and feel better about the story and my ability to write it. Seeing how much you enjoyed it and dug into it really brings a smile into my face, so I just want to thank you for that, and hope that the next addition is enjoyable for you too, and that you're still here and still reading despite me being gone so long. Thanks. :3

Well, this is only about a year and a half late. To be fair though the chapter has actually been done for a long time, Iwas just sitting on it because I wanted to backlog some chapters before uploading it but... well with going to a new school and having to get adjusted and having a number of news stories with strict deadlines I ended up not getting much done. X3 But hey, it's finally out for all 5 of you that were reading it. Considering it a Christmas present. X3 But no, seriously, I apologize for how long this has taken... life just happens I suppose, but still I don't want to be one of those peoples that starts something and doesn't finish it, so I will try to get back into it. I know where the story is going, just a matter of actually sitting down an writing it.

Either way, I hope you enjoy the chapter. Thank you to Gadabout for reading it before I uploaded and giving me the confidence to put it up. It's not much, but hopefully it will get the ball rolling again.

If I do not upload anything before the end of the year, Happy Holidays everyone. :3 Thanks for the support.

[center]Chapter 3[/center]

“Good morning Ash County!” Liam’s familiar voice greeted through the stillness of the motel room, causing the horned panther on the bed, adjacent to the blaring television, to stir. “Sure is a warm one today, right Stacey?”

“That’s right Liam; while temperatures were projected to continue to drop after yesterday, the reality is that they have risen back up some. Countywide we can expect heats in the 80s, with Greenburgh topping the charts in the high 80s. Not terrible; perhaps weather to go to the lakeshore? We will have a slight breeze and bright sunshine all through the day,” the equally loud voice of the female newscaster, Stacey, responded back.

“Well, I’d personally rather stay inside with the air conditioning, and I recommend the same for the rest of you. If you do decide to spend some time in the sun, make sure you stay hydrated! Those with dense fur especially need to be wary of overheating.”

“Excellent advice Liam! Well, we’ll give you the updated forecast for the rest of the week, but first I think it’s time we talk about what professional chef…”

Marianna groaned in discomfort as she swatted her hand paw across the surface of her cheap particleboard nightstand, knocking her cellphone and bottle of sleeping pills onto the ground before finding the remote. She jammed her thumb onto the – button, lowering the volume to a reasonable level.

“Air conditioning,” she repeated from Liam, and opened her magenta eyes to look at the wall over here bed. There sat the air conditioner, doing a whole lot of nothing. Dead. Marianna sighed to herself. “It’s going to take a lot of talking to get them to fix it this time,” she said sullenly, hoping she got the single employee who actually spoke in a language she could understand.

Wetness broke the panther’s train of thought. Not the wetness that signaled she had a particularly good dream, but a general wetness all through her sheets and fur. Even sleeping on top of her sheets, Marianna found herself in a pool of sweat. She set her jaw in determination and closed her eyes, slowly sliding her legs to the edge and sitting up, creating a symphony of slick wet sounds. Her ears splayed; not only did this feel gross, it sounded almost as gross. And then she lifted her rear end from her bed, making a final peeling sound as her fur and sheets separated. It sounded worse, she mentally whined.

“It’s just a swamp cooler, maybe I can fix it?” she mused aloud, looking up to the off white device. “It’s just a motor and a pump… well, and some tubes and pads. Can’t be too hard.” She took a step closer to where the outdated machinery hung, but caught sight of herself in her mirror. While her fur was not all that long, sleeping in all of that sweat had left her sleek black body as a canvas of many swirls and otherworldly designs.

‘Maybe I should shower first,’ she thought in shame, and trudged to one of her windows, opening it up and almost gagging at the humidity that poured in. She audibly whined and leaned into onto the sill, covering her chest modestly with her arms and making sure her aching unmentionables were not in view. “It’s so muggy already… if I shower I may never be dry again… but I’m not dry even now, and dirty worse yet,” she spoke to herself, eyes plagued with indecision, tail whipping unhappily back and forth.

With an undignified sniff to her armpit area her muzzle wrinkled, and her mind was made up. Who would want to be stuck in a cubicle with her smelling like sweaty fur? Besides, she figured as she pushed away from the sill, showers are the perfect time for meditation, and maybe even a bit of time to check up on all her friends. A low purr welled up in the panther’s throat as she grabbed a fresh pair of panties and walked, with a bit more pep in her step, into the bathroom.

Ignoring the peeling paint and mildew smell she probably should be concerned about but could never find the energy too be, Marianna peeled her tight panties off with a sigh of relief. Not that she would want to brag about it, but she just had a lot to fit into the cotton prisons. “If only I cared,” she muttered to herself while one hand turned the water on and the other gently pet her beast. Once the water was ready, she entered her shower, causing both a moan and a purr to try to escape at once, sounding instead like a garbled mess.

“Felines are so sexy,” she snarked at herself with an eye roll, but slumped against the cool shower wall in happiness as the water poured over her gross fur. For the first time since meeting Leah the other day a smile was on her lips. Really, who doesn’t love a good shower? The feeling of water cascading over your body, the heavy sound of it hitting the floor; it is the perfect place for tranquility.

Perfect place to escape from the world, for just a bit.


“Princess Marianna is back!”

“She’s back? Oh, she is! It’s been so long!”

“It’s only been about three days.”

“Well, uh, shut up, it feels like forever when she’s gone! Don’t be a Grumpy Gus!”

My perfectly pedicured paws stop right before reaching my little friends, and I smile down to them. I wriggle black toes for my trio of little ones, chuckling as they fawn over my big digits; normally micros would be afraid of such a sight, I think, but not my friends, they just love checking them out.

“Don’t worry Dalton, you know I can see through you,” I coo down to my feistiest of friends, moving my paw so I can ever so gently rub the side of my big toe against his red cloaked back; he always looks so adorable in his red and white adventurer outfit, not that he adventured far beyond my chambers here. Once Dalton gets his pets, my foot tilts over to gently rub my other two friends, Mary and Kelly, with its padded ball area.

“I hope you all survived without my doting for the past few days… and can survive some more of it today,” my lips curl into a grin as I scoop the trio of them up in my hands and bring them up to my up towards my face. My grin only widens as I see them brace themselves.

If there is one thing micros must know about us felines, it’s not to get too close to our muzzles because we will… lick them. My friends know exactly what they are in for as I open my maw and bring it closer; Dalton tries to look aloof, but Mary and Kelly wriggle in excitement. Starting with Mary, I gently slap my wet, pink tongue onto her feet, giving them a quick lick to hear her squeals of delight before dragging my slurper all the way up her body. I repeat the same for Dalton and Kelly, before just smooshing my black nose into them.

I hear squeaks and gasps, and can see their shocked little faces looking up over my muzzle. Perhaps I can nuzzle a bit too hard? But how can I help myself? They are so adorable, especially in their role playing outfits, I just have too smoosh them! Well, I at least ease up so they can keep talking.

“Bleck, did you have to get us so wet Princess? I only have one set of clothes this nice,” Dalton groans, shifting against the side of my muzzle.

“Shush you! It’s just a bit of saliva! It won’t ruin your precious clothes you drama queen,” Mary quickly comes to my defense. She has always been my little defender, whenever my friends get a bit too personal. Not that my friends get on my case all that much!

“Well that makes me think; why are you so drooly today Princess? Did you skip breakfast again?” Kelly inquired, being the lucky one directly before my nose. I huff some warm air onto her.

“Maybe. Then again, my sweeties taste so sweet, maybe you all just made me a little hungry,” I say, my grin returning.

“I hope you are not implying…”

“Of course not!” Mary quickly interrupts Dalton before he can finish his question. “Princess Marianna would never harm us, you know that.”

“If you say so…” My heart sinks with a bit of guilt at Dalton’s fears, poor thing.

“Well, with that out of the way... since we are all dressed up for it, maybe we should go adventuring? What say you princess, have any ideas?” Kelly asks, bouncing with determination.

“Oh, I’m not sure if now is the time little one, I only meant to check in briefly…”

“Aw, come on princess, you’re always so busy with your royal duties! When was the last time we had some fun together?” Kelly presses. I can feel my resolve breaking.

“I know Kell Kell, but I do have things to do… well,” I swallow, and set my friends on my plush bed, fit for royalty. “Maybe I can spare a bit of time… I probably will not be late… oh but it is my second day…”

“Come on princess,” Mary joins Kelly in the pressuring. “You can stand to be a little late…”

“It wouldn’t be a smart idea,” Dalon comes in with some logic.

“Who cares? It’s fun,” Mary counters back.

What to do… I really shouldn’t, but… wait what the heck is that?

Loud shuffling noises broke Marianna from her fantasy. Like the sound of something heavy being dragged over wood. Why now of all times! Marianna quickly turned the water cold to rid herself of her excitement. As her blood pressure rose and she became hyper aware, she realized: someone is in her apartment. Someone uninvited. She knew because really, when was the last time she ever invited anyone to this crackerbox?

Taking a deep breath she shut the water off and tried to dry herself off as quickly and but quietly as possible. Maybe they didn’t hear her or know she was here? Maybe she could get to her cell phone, or just sneak out of the apartment?

Drying and more drying, rubbing the fluffy yellow towel over her dense black fur.

‘I can’t fight him! I mean, I’m big… but I can’t hurt someone! But what if they want to hurt me?” She bit her lip in frustration, drawing a tiny bit of blood with one of her fangs.

First towel soaked, time to use the second.

‘What don’t… I can’t…’ she stifled a whimper, let her second towel drop to the ground, and clenched her fists, staring down the door to the rest of her apartment. The shuffling sounds were gone, but there was clicking, and dripping… what the heck were they doing?

‘Maybe I’ll just scare them… if they don’t leave I can run… please God, let it work…’ She inhaled deeply through her nose and took a step towards the door.

‘Here we go.’

Yanking the door open Marianna barged into her own living room, instantly seeing the dark figure standing near her swamp cooler.

“Get the hell out of my apartment! I’m giving you one chance,” she mustered the most ferocious growl she could and stared down the dark figure, poofing her fur out to increase her mass as much as she could.

The figure barely reacted to her shout, which hurt a bit. Her fluffy black tail twitched, but other than that she did not move at first. It was only after several awkward seconds that the figure turned away from the swamper and to Marianna, revealing herself as a black wolf, dressed in mostly dark gray, with piercing red eyes, and two straight horns wrapping around the side of her head and aiming right at Marianna. The wolf grinned at Marianna.

“Sup sis. Nice tits,” the wolf said in a low sultry voice.

Marianna’s sudden courage deflated along with her fur. “Sequoia?”


“You know you’re not fooling anyone, Leah,” a concerned voice called down from above.

“Am too,” Leah muttered into the fabric of the couch cushion, “I mean be quiet, I just didn’t get a lotta sleep last night, just need a moment.” The artic fox lay face down with her arms and legs sprawled out on the plain of brown and creamy white zigzags. Her muscles ached so much from the night before, her body was practically limp, just a puddle of worn out fox fluff.

“Uh huh. So you’re definitely not still tuckered out from making dinner last night then? Or trying to clean up afterwards?” the same voice called back down. It was obviously the voice of Colleen, Leah knew that, though could not rightly know where exactly her little sister was judging her from, since her face was buried in the couch.

“Of course not! Come on, how out of shape do you think I am? ‘Sides, it was just a salad! Salads don’t take that much effort!”

“They do when you’re not even as big as the salad fork,” Colleen chided down, along with a snort of air.

“Hey!” Leah called back. She planted her paw hands onto the couch cushion and manages to push herself up just enough to glare at her little sister. However when she saw the good natured grin on the towering zebra’s muzzle she could not help but smile along with her. “Mean, Colleen, mean. C’mon, what do you take me for, some kinda micro?”

“…I’m not really sure how to answer that one without hurting your feelings,” Colleen mused, her face looking like it was unsure if it was supposed to still be teasing or sympathetic.

“So so easy,” Leah snickered back. Now that she was looking up she was finally able to discern that Colleen was on the couch with her, though sitting at the other end with her train sized legs stretched out towards her, feet upright and towering on either side of her. Leah’s eyes scanned across the thick black skin on the bulky trotters, wrinkling her nose at the sweaty sheen on them.

“Do you have to put those things near me? ‘Sides, no feet on the couch, you know that, put ‘em on the ground,” Leah muttered up to her sister before flopping back down on her front.

“Of course I do. How else would I be able to give you toe bumps?” Leah heard Colleen chuckle down, and was not surprised to feel a something slick, leathery, and huge rubbing against her side, no doubt one of Colleen’s big toes.

“Stoppit,” was about all Leah could muster, though her pristine white tail did flick at the oversized digit like a horse trying to whip at a fly. “Take ‘em off the couch,” she continued into the couch fabric.

“If you insist,” Colleen sighed, as did Leah in relief, feeling the couch cushion spring upwards with the weight of the zebra feet being lifted away from her. The air around Leah suddenly become just a bit less musky, which put a tired smile on her face… until she heard the familiar sound of one of her siblings feet slapping against their coffee table.

“Girl, did you just…” Leah growled as she pushed herself back up, onto her knees this time, and looked out across the canyon that separated the couch from the oak oval plateau that was the coffee table, and there were Colleen’s stompers, soles planted onto the finished surface, smearing sweat and gunk onto it. Leah’s ears shot up in shock and betrayal as she rose to her feet.

“Colleen what the heck? I have to dust that today, and now…” she started before just holding her tongue, biting on her lip to keep herself from continuing.

“And now what? Now it might be too hard for you to do?” Colleen said, the smirk on her face just replaced with a more compassionate countenance.

“Colleen… I can still do it…”

“Uhg, that’s so not the point Leah! I know you CAN handle it, but you shouldn’t have to! At least not when I can and have the time,” the zebra said to her little big sister as she put her feet on the ground and leaned on her side so she was looming over the arctic fox. “Besides, do you really expect me to just sit by while you clean up my foot funk?”

Leah’s face and ears went flat.

“Okay this was a bad example. But it’s just like I was saying last night, you’re just… you need to…” she trailed off. Leah knew what she wanted to say, and knew how hard it would be to say it. Not that it really would hurt Leah’s feelings if she did... but playing dumb suited her needs well.

“I know that you’re concerned about me Colleen, and I appreciate that, but I need to pull my weight too. Maybe preparing dinner MIGHT be a little difficult here or there, but things like dusting the surfaces is child’s play! I think you’re overreacting sis,” Leah explained with a warm smile, trudging over to her sister’s thigh to plant her hand on it.

“I wouldn’t call it that when you become an actual gray fox from dusting one table…”

“Well, that is my own fault for not doing it as often as I should, or nor doing a good enough job,” Lead said as her ears and tail drooped.

“No! No, just…” Colleen sighed, obviously thinking over her words carefully. “I think… I think that you are just a bit overworked right now, trying to take care of four people and preparing for college, it’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed and slip up here and there,” she said while giving Leah a slightly strained smile.

“I spose you might have a point…”

“SEE?” Colleen started a bit too enthusiastically before dialing it back. “Ehm, I mean, so you see even you can get overwhelmed, there’s no shame in it,” the Zebra slowly moved her hand behind her sister’s back, holding her against her thigh in something of a hug. “You deserve a little break, and I can handle your chores… what do you say?” Her hand gave Leah a gentle squeeze, her expression becoming softer as she gently massaged her sister’s back with a thumb.

Leah let out a sigh before answering, “Fine… you win.”

Colleen’s eyes lit up.

“But just for today, and only because I need to take the library laptop back, AND I will be supervising the whole time, especially while you cook.”

“Guh damn it,” Colleen laughed in frustration, “I hate how stubborn you are.” She intentionally ruffled the arctic fox’s white hair with her fingertip.

“Hey, you know how I am in the morning,” Leah giggled and tried to fight the finger away from her head, unable to escape being pinned to the denim of her sister’s skirt.

“It’s not morning Leah, it’s almost twelve thirty.”

“Wh-what?” Leah chocked in shock, and looked to the window, the strong sunlight streaming in and hitting the calm white and warm orange walls of their home definitely being too bright for the usual time she got up. “Why’d you let me sleep in!? I need to take that laptop back!”

Colleen just laughed and bumped her sister’s nose with her fingertip. “You looked way too cute to get up. Plus you obviously needed it; I mean I carried you out here and you barely stirred… and I’m going to be driving you to the library anyways; it’ll be turned in on time, and we can pick up your laptop while we’re out.”

“But you said you were going to be handling my chores! Oh, I knew I shouldn’t have let you talk me into a break,” she growled, her tail bristling as she tried to break out of her sister’s hold.

‘You know, I’ll just have to do it all. Give you a taste of your own medicine and see how you like it,” the zebra snickered, having to gently grip her older sister around her waist to keep her from getting away.

“So uncool sis,” Leah sighed in defeat, and just leaned over the top of Colleen’s black thumb, resting her arms on it and resting her head on them. “Well, you might be able to use your size against me, but you can’t keep me down 24/7! Soon I will escape!” Leah managed to laugh, her tail wriggling against the zebra’s palm as she felt the familiar sensation of being lifted into the air, until she was right before Colleen’s muzzle.

“True,” the zebra grumbled, snorting hot air onto her sister, “Maybe I’ll have to just stick you in a cage when I can’t watch you,”

“Ah ah ah, careful, you know that’s illegal now!”

“Yeah yeah, I know… nothing illegal about a sneaker though,” Colleen said as a large grin overtook Leah’s field of vision.

“Oh my god that’s disgusting!” Leah gasped in horror, “How could someone even think of that! Bad, bad girl!” She delivered a gentle smack to the zebra’s black bristly nose. “Jeez, just give it a week or so, I’ll be back in school and things’ll go back to normal.”

“That’s what I’m worried about…”

“Pardon?” Leah asked with a tilt of her head.

“Nothing. Come on sis, let’s go grab that crappy college laptop so you can finally get your good one back,” Collen smiled and slipped her sister into the breast pocket of her lime green over shirt, patting the pocket, and the fox shaped lump inside it, softly before heading to her and Leah’s room.


“What the hell are you doing here Sequoia?” Marianna asked from behind her kitchen counter, the only place where she could hide her lower half without simply leaving the room. She kept her eyes trained on the black wolf as she wished that she had put something on to cover her unmentionables before barging out of the bathroom.

“What’s with the hostility? Can’t a gal visit her favorite little sister if she wants?” Sequoia returned, not even looking at the direction of her sister while she tinkered with the open swamp cooler. “Mm-mm, you don’t clean these things and they get all clogged up…”

“That’s not what this is about; you could have at least called and told me you would be coming by,” Marianna scoffed at her sister, rubbing her black temple with one of her paws. “How did you even get in here? I had my locks changed.”

“I asked the person at the front desk for a key, told them I was your sister,” Sequoia answered back nonchalantly. With some grunts she forced the water hose back in place and placed the cover back onto the machine. Turning the knob on the wolf chuffed in delight as cool air began to pour over here. “Much better. You know Mari you really shouldn’t invite someone over if you if you have a busted AC. You really expect us darkies to survive in this heat? You’re lucky you have such a nice sister,” sassed the horned wolf, turning her eyes back to her sister.

“Of course if this is how you dress in the heat maybe I shouldn’t have; been a long time since I saw that dick… gotten pretty big huh?” Sequoia continued with a sultry voice, sashaying closer to the kitchen. Those eyes were like an actual predator’s.

“Stop being gross Sequoia. And I never invited you over, you broke into my apartment!” Marianna’s fur began inflating again, though we as her sister approached she backed up until her back was against her kitchen cupboard.

“You wanted me to fix your air cooler thing, you said so when you last texted me,” the wolf replied, expression unchanged as she leaned again against the stained white countertop that split the kitchen from the rest of the room, one red eye staring directly up to her sister’s face while the other began to drift downwards.

Twisting her legs in discomfort and wrinkling her muzzle in disgust Marianna let out a huff before quickly stomping past her sister and into what could be called the bedroom of her box, her eyes never leaving Sequoia’s until she was all the way to her portable closet; she quickly grabbed some panties and stuffed herself into them before then more carefully search for something to wear for work.

“All I said was that my swamp cooler was busted… and that was a week ago!” Exasperated Marianna as she slid a dress skirt, tilting her head over her shoulder so she could keep her gaze focused on her sister.

“Hey I have I life of me own, cut me some slack! At least I got over here and fixed it right?” Sequoia chortled as she seated herself on one of the torn up stools by the counter, leaning back against it with her arms spread wide as her red eyes continued to examine the panther.

‘Hate the way she stares,’ Marianna seethed internally, putting on her bra and blouse and before walking to her mirror to try to fix her hair over her curved ram horns. ‘It’s like I’m a piece of meat… like she’s an actual wolf staring me down… I can’t stand it.’ She growled at her reflection in the mirror as her limp her did not want to properly cover the horns.

“Look, Sequoia, just… why are you here?” She snarled, tossing her brush back onto her vanity carelessly and whipping her head back to look over at her sister again, keeping her magenta eyes narrowed.

“Fuck sis, calm the hell down. What’s the rush?” Sequoia chided. Unmoving save for her bushy black tail swinging like a pendulum behind the stool, she kept that same grin. Marianna couldn’t stand how much she hated that grin.

‘I have work today, I cannot be bothered with this crap Sequoia, so just spit it out or go,” Marianna demanded, walking up to her sister at the counter and intentionally looming over her to further press her. Standing over her sister and looking down on her from above, seeing her own thick arm in comparison to Sequoia’s, Marianna found something stirring in her. Confidence? Whatever it was she was feeling different than the feline she was when she exited her bathroom… at least until she looked at the wolf’s face.

That grin was finally faltering into something of a grimace as the wolf sat there, head tilted back to look up to Marianna. She was wincing, uttering small, almost unnoticeable groans of displeasure. She was really wracking her brain.

With a sigh Marianna backed off, and went back into the kitchen. Her fur sank back down to her body as she frowned and opened her cupboard. ‘That’s still Sequoia,’ she thought to herself as she poured some water into the glass and set it down in front of her sister.

“Sorry… just take a moment and have some water.”


The two horned sisters sat in silence for a good minute while the smaller, more feminine of the two sipped on some water while using her other hand to rub behind one of her own ears. It was a fairly awkward moment, Marianna mentally noted as she shifted on her stool, sitting beside her sister.

“So… do you remember yet?” Marianna timidly asked, only to be greeted with an animalistic snarl. “S-sorry, just… I mean I do have things to do…” She trailed off. ‘What can I do? I cannot just throw her out, not when she is having an episode… I should not be so mean to her, even if she is…’ she sighed as she thought.

During the awkward silence Marianna kept her eyes on her stained carpet for the most part, shifting between thinking and just making out what the shapes might look like. He eyes would shift over to her sister now and then, just to check up on her. However she could not help but notice a difference in her sister.

Marianna recalled how big and scary Sequoia used to be. Those horns were still plenty scary of course, between their size and her sister never dulling them like Marianna does with her own, but besides them, looking at her sister there on that stool, she looked so… dainty. Her frame appeared so much smaller than Mariana’s, and even if Marianna had a certain kind of bulk that some folks found attractive, she could not keep her eyes from following the graceful flowing curves of her sister’s body. Everything felt so smooth, so natural, and so intentional. Comparatively Marianna just felt so… unintentional. Her eyes went back up Sequoia’s body to her face, only to realize her sister was staring back; the gaze was not her usual one, just confusion.

“Where am I again?” Sequoia finally broke the silence, her tail hanging limp behind her. Marianna sighed sympathetically.

“My place. Your sister’s apartment?” She decided to leave out the fact that she entered without permission. It would be mean to throw that in her face. She shifted as more silence took over the air around them, at least until her sister’s eyes finally lit up with recognition.

“Oh! Marianna, I needed to see you!” Sequoia began, getting off of her stool and getting her eager grin back on her muzzle. “Yes, I saw you updated your occupation status online and thought I should take my baby sister out for a congratulatory lunch.” This caused Marianna to raise her eyebrow.

“You went through all of this trouble just because you wanted to take me too lunch?” She questioned.

“Well…” Sequoia’s grin turned into something more of a smile, mostly, it was still fairly disconcerting, “it’s not like you have been returning my calls, texts, pokes, anything. Come on, I’m not stupid, any idiot could see you’ve been stuck in this fucking apartment for way too long. So it is only natural that I have to remove the boulder blocking the cave entrance, to pull from that silly book you love so much,” she admitted with an eyeroll.

“Don’t start… uhg,” Marianna groaned as she rubbed her wide muzzle, and gave her sister an inquisitive scowl. “And why would you care that much?”

“Aw come on… you might only be my half-sister, but you’re still my baby sister. I know what you think of me, but is it really so strange that I would want to spend time with you, check up on you, help you?” Sequoia retorted, and placed a hand paw on her sister’s shoulder, forcing her face into something of a normal smile.

Discomfort spread over Marianna immediately as she was touched; she wanted to shrink away from the hand, but… ‘Maybe she was being serious?’

“I suppose…” Marianna sighed, and then gently removed the paw from her shoulder, “but I really do need to be going to work. So can we do it another time? I promise I’ll call you and set it up,” she finished before grabbing her hat and purse, and heading to her front door. She looked back to her older sister, motioning for her to come over.

“Oh fine, if you insist… but I am holding you to that Mari,” Sequoia chuckled and walked towards her sister, “but I’m holding you to that promise.” Mari’s wolf sister exited the apartment, swishing her tail as she grinned over her shoulder to the panther.

Marianna gulped. This did not feel right, but maybe her sister was telling the truth and just wanted to spend some time together? She supposed it would not hurt, just one lunch. She wanted to learn how to hang out with people, real people, so this could only help her, right? She closed the door behind her and walked down the stairs with her big sister.

“You’ll see Mari, we might have our differences, but I am here for you,” Sequoia beamed as she went down the steps.

“What are big sisters for?”
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Re: Evil (Chapter 3 added 12/24/2016)

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Well there it is, not bad, I should have read it over a little more clearly cause now Im starting to notice a few... problems, but those are just minor things! Not bad I say in the end! Looks like theres going to be some sisterly bonding going on about there, hopefully with working AC to avoid muggyness, swampyness and other unpleasantries >:I
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