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Re: Iron Age

Postby gadabout » Sat Aug 15, 2015 6:44 pm

Well then, humans are now the source of all power and immortality, this is an interesting twist indeed >:I

A good torture scene indeed though, she definately knows her good cop, bad cop routine to some extent...
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Re: Iron Age

Postby TendoTwo » Tue Sep 22, 2015 7:18 pm

Finally got around to reading this...... and I have to admit... I am very confused. Was this supposed to be based on an existing setting or races? I can't really tell what (or who) anyone is, what exactly entails a pack, and many of the other terms that are being mentioned around. Or is this an intentional cold start?

(Also having a hard time following the characters because of the odd names... though that last one is mostly a fault of my own)

One hell of a twist with the effects human blood has on them though, nice twist.
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Re: Iron Age

Postby Kusanagi » Thu Sep 24, 2015 2:38 am

TendoTwo wrote:Finally got around to reading this...... and I have to admit... I am very confused. Was this supposed to be based on an existing setting or races? I can't really tell what (or who) anyone is, what exactly entails a pack, and many of the other terms that are being mentioned around. Or is this an intentional cold start?

(Also having a hard time following the characters because of the odd names... though that last one is mostly a fault of my own)

One hell of a twist with the effects human blood has on them though, nice twist.

Intentional cold start and fresh setting, new race (think lizard wolves), also hopeful next update is in a week or two. (something new has been added :o)

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Re: Iron Age

Postby RaddaRaem » Tue Oct 06, 2015 2:14 am

Took a while to get used to the new setting, all cold turkey, but really been enjoying it thus far. Keep at it Kusa! I am impatiently awaiting the next update. :V
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Re: Iron Age

Postby Kusanagi » Wed Nov 18, 2015 2:20 am

His consciousness that had been lost to the tidal wave of pain slowly returned to him, along with fuzzy memories of what transpired. There had been a fire then a crash, or was it a crash and then a fire? There had been a battle…no it was a malfunction. He had died, or had he been just close to death? He burned to death, he had to have burned to death that one was clear…but he remembered something piercing his chest.

His mind was awash with contradictory and totally alien memories, he tried to reach up to his head and only found the pain had returned anew.

No matter which memory was the right one, there was one fact that he couldn’t avoid and that was he shouldn’t been alive.

Despite the pain he opened his eyes, and was assaulted by senses that were both comfortingly familiar and disturbingly new. He looked about wildly before he finally realized someone was trying to get his attention.

He looked to the one he would later call Pixie with no hidden amount of fear. “What have you done?”

While it wasn’t as bad as the previous nightmare once La awoke it was an easy decision not to attempt to fall back asleep.

There wasn’t time for any delay this day. By the first hint of dawn La-Ren had been joined by Hr-rex and they managed to rouse the remainder of their party. If at all possible they wanted to be in town by midday and that meant they couldn’t waste an ounce of daylight.

“What is our current plan of engagement?” Hr asked

“First we need to confirm our companions are alive.” There was an edge to La’s voice and it wasn’t just because of another poor night’s sleep.

“If they are?”

“Then we’ll left with more options.” With his mask on she couldn’t tell if he was scowling or smirking, though either way she doubted it was very pleasant to look at.

“If they aren’t?”

“Then we need to determine the most efficient way of killing everyone there.” La said, his tone quite firm to which Hr gave no sign of disagreement. Even the adorable Pixie riding La’s shoulder seemed fine with the idea.

Kyr’s ears went back the moment he realized that he just might be signing up for mass murder.

“And what are options if they are?” the younger Dahesh stammered, the bard had seen more blood in the last day than he had in his entire life up to that point. Kyr would certainly fight for his pack but that didn’t mean he looked forward to the coming onslaught. He wasn’t calmed by the fact that Hr-rex seemed to be walking with an extra bounce in her step.

“It depends how reasonable they are.” La replied.

“Yes, we may only have to skin one or two to get our point across,” Hr added darkly.


Perhaps because they were so frazzled from the night before, maybe they didn’t expect that La-Ren would leave any survivors, or that said survivors would promptly betray their pack. In either case the compound was not as guarded as it could have been.

The compound was a rundown sprawling single story affair, perhaps it had once been owned by some ranking nobility that either failed or moved onto better things. It was on the outskirts of town, surrounded on all sides by heavy forest and walls twice as tall as your average Dahesh. Modest defenses but without a proper occupying force easily breached, especially when they had one who knew the guards habits and rotations.

Though it would have been advantageous to have the prisoner guide them through the complex, La didn’t trust her not betray them the moment it was convenient. Though Kyr wasn’t much of a warrior himself, he was still fit enough to guard their maimed prisoner, something he was relieved to hear though tried not to show.

It did leave the bulk of the work to Hr and La but it suited them both.

“Remember we’re trying diplomacy first,” La restated though Kyr had the feeling Hr-Rex was tuning him out. She gave a noncommittal huff and just looked at the wall. La’s ears flicked in amusement and he grumbled something crass about females as he crouched to give her a boost. Once she stepped into his cupped paws Kyr could only assume it was an accident that he launched her over the wall with perhaps more force than necessary.

The bard tilted his head expecting La to leave Pixie in his care, but the alpha made no move to do so. “Do you think that’s wise La? I have my doubts about the ‘diplomatic solution’.”

“Pixie has a deep role to play,” La said with a degree of seriousness, somewhat undercut by the Pixie’s adorable nodding alongside. She said something to Kyr that caused La to nearly shake with laughter.

“She says not to fear fluffy one, she shall return to you safe and sound,” he easily leapt to the top of the wall and pulled himself over before Kyr could manage a sense of indignation.

Hr waited for him to land and favored him with a glower. The slightest bit of dirt on her coat suggested her landing hadn’t been the most graceful. Hr was a professional though, and any payback could wait once business was done.

“Alright our friends are supposedly in one of the lower levels, I presume I don’t have to say what you need to do if anyone gets in your way?”

“What happened to diplomacy?” she chided, though an eagerness showed she was fine with this deviation.

“I’m negotiable, but I won’t have Oa speaking to me from a position of strength.” His eyes turned to the small second story at the center of the complex. “Do you think a ‘would be noble’ would associate with those lower than her station more than she was required?”

Hr’s ears flicked showing agreement in his target choice.

“And the rabble?”

“After you locate and secure the others I may, or may not, need a distraction.”

He noticed she didn’t ask ‘how would she be able to tell’ apparently she already added ‘make a distraction to her mental checklist. They both crouched low, Ni-Ta had been specific about guard locations.

This bandit pack had few living enemies, and most of the jobs they had were low profile so chances of attack were slim. As such much of those actually armed would be at the main gate. Given there were actually prisoners in their cellar, and a valuable guest staying with them the staircases would have routine patrol, but not constant guard.

The two crouched low and stalked their way over to the window. Hr tentatively put an ear to the wall as she gestured for him to check on the ease of their entrance. Slowly, with the utmost care he slightly lifted the window open just a crack. Enough to prove their informant hadn’t fed them a pack of lies.

With a nod Hr then went perfectly still keeping her ear trained against the wall. La listened as well but was the first to admit his senses weren’t the same as his fellow alpha. He did detect footsteps though, someone approaching, moving in their general direction. It stopped and then took a step in the opposite direction, and that was as far as he got.

Before even La could register Hr was through the window and inside. La reacted throwing himself inside as well and was just to see his second finishing up. She held the guard from behind, the scales on his throat slit wide open, blood pooling and dripping down his front. Once he went completely still Hr hefted his body up then gestured to La to open the window wider, and then they unceremoniously dumped the body outside.

“Diplomacy, is that what you called it?” She asked as she licked her bloodied claws clean.

“Please keep the bodies to a minimum,” he felt like he was chastising a pup.

“And if they’ve killed our pack?”

“Then please make their deaths as quick as that one.”

She nodded once again failing to take any humor from his statement and headed down to the basement. Pixie’s pink face once again emerged saying something to her large furred protector.

“Yes, hardcore does fit her nicely.”

Hr-Rex took the stairs slowly, no telling how many were still down there. These dungeons had obtained a neutral musty scent over years of disuse, but the fresh stench of blood ate at her nerves. Visions of her pack eviscerated made her hackles rise, and the only thing that could calm them was the thought of blood she would spill in return.

They were all rejects in their own way, solitary creatures drawn together with no better options. La’s secret was his own, but the others were easier to read. Scandal, power struggles, not answering to authority, and general passiveness on Kyr’s part. Her sin was being one was forged in the heat of conflict, and then left to rust in a time of peace. No matter the horror that awaited her below this was what she lived for.

Before her thoughts could grow darker her ears caught a voice below and focused in on it.

“-viant little shit, can’t say I give a mozik turd what our employer thinks of you, but hey she’s paying us good coin to act as her muscle and you did deeply offend her.”

Hr picked up her pace and slipped down the stairs two at a time, the ‘deviant’ meant Pon and it meant he was still alive. She would make sure it stayed that way.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, she still wants to talk to your Alpha and that means you still got to be alive for it.”

There was the scent of heated metal and of a fire not far away.

“And this will be, well I won’t say painless, but you should only scream for an hour or so. Y’know some of the religious sects do this voluntarily, if your alpha gets you out of this with your pelt intact maybe you should see if you might find a higher calling? You’d fit right in!”

The female guard laughed nastily, Hr was thankful, if she had been a professional and just done what she was asked Hr never would have had the time to make it down the stairs silently. The door to the first cell was open. The guard kneeling in front of bloodied and unclothed Pon, a red hot blade dangerously close to the male’s nether region. Pon was trying to look defiant, but terror reeked off him as he tried to maintain some semblance of bravery.

“Well that’s for later, the lady wants a trophy, and I do admit it’s kind of impressive,” the guard said, as she laughed again and raised the steaming blade. “Sorry mate a job’s a j-”

Presumably she was going to say job if Hr’s sword hadn’t pierce downward through her neck. A shocked bubble of blood followed by a torrent came out of her mouth instead. Hr held it for a moment to make sure the deed was done before dispassionately pulling her blade free.

“My hero,” Pon said in a pant, “how may I ever repay you? I do have a few talents…”

Hr looked down and snorted with disgust. “Really Pon, now?”

He looked down at himself and smiled before nodding to the Alpha.

“It’s a natural occurrence in a life/body threatening situation I assure you.” When he favored her with a leer she was sorely tempted to finish what the guard had started.

“First pants, then we find the others,” she said with disgust.


La had some idea of what he would find and wasn’t disappointed to have it waiting for him when he arrived.

“Ah you must be La, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

Oa grinned, she was dressed in finery, having a drink of wine and making good use out of what perhaps one day in the past been room of total opulence. The paint was faded, the room was dusty, but La could see what it had been. Oa looked natural here, and he didn’t mean that as a compliment.

She was sat behind a large wooden desk, a chair waiting for him. Her face was utterly smug and despite his earlier suggestions of diplomacy he felt the rising need to strike her. Despite this he sat and forced a neutral tone in his voice.

“I feel we have matters to discuss.”

“Quite right, quite right, this whole situation has been rather unpleasant. Do know that I apologize for any difficulty that has befallen you or your pack in this time of trouble, but I so desperately needed to speak with you face to face.”

“About my pixie.”

“No need for lies here my friend, about your human, and to be honest about my human. I think we can come to some kind of agreement that appeases both parties.”

La eyed her for a moment longer. “I wish to see yours.”

“Oh dear pup, only if you’ll do the same.”

Listening in on the conversation Pixie showed no hesitation pulling herself from his collar and seating herself on his shoulder. Oa looked at the little human with undisguised hunger, but it did not compare to the hate that seethed from Pixie’s gaze.

“Marvelous pristine condition. If only if I had your...control.”

From her breast she produced her specimen, whereas Pixie was the picture of health, this one contrasted with her mightily. The stench of sickness immediately assaulted La’s nose, and scars old and new covered his naked torso. He rasped for breath, and couldn’t bear to open his eyes. While La remained impassive his ears twitched as he heard Pixie’s sudden shocked cry.

“I would like to know how you keep it in such pristine condition, but it’s perhaps for another time. You know I have your pack and you know I am open for reasonable negotiation. I know you probably have one of your remainders right now trying to free them, but I assure you what these mercenaries lack in competence they make up for in numbers.” She said nastily, causing La to rise from his seat.

“Trying to intimidate me?” she scoffed, “You’re impressive no doubt, but looks aren’t everything.” she chuckled to herself even as La drew his sword. “Hostilities are wasted between us, you should know, or given your pet’s condition you may not, but weapons are poorly spent on me.”

He looked once again to Pixie, and the rasping human on the table. “I’ll risk it.”


Pon weighed heavily on her shoulder, but the deviant had more strength than his wounds indicated, he kept his quips to a minimum as they searched for the other two in their party.

At best Hr would describe this rival pack as extraordinarily sloppy, she could understand they were placed in a situation contrary to her pack’s goals but even if they were just assassins this suggested a shocking lack of discipline. If this were her pack she’d gut the first echelon just to prove a point that this level of professionalism was akin to pup’s level of intellect.

Finding Tor was just another example of this. To a mundane observer she didn’t appear to need a guard. The lump on the side of her face rivaled a Naijin fruit, her heartbeat was slow, and to the lazy examiner she would appear comatose.

“Tor you can stop pretending now.” Hr said, dismissing the bandits’ lack of skills and choosing to praise her subordinate. A skilled assassination squad would either have beaten her more, or at least posted more guards. She was starting to doubt the need of her in this plan, as La-Ren likely could have handled it on his own if he so intended.

The petite Dahesh opened her eyes and winked at her. “So I take it boss is handling things?”

Hr’s hackles raised, as if she was strictly La’s subordinate, “my fellow Alpha is dealing with the head, yes,” she said icily.

“So we get to kill everyone else right?”

Any irritation she may have felt vanished with that comment. Ah Tor, a femme of her own heart. “Only if necessary,” she repeated La’s command.

“I’m finding it extremely necessary, what about you?”

“Let’s find Ki-Noh first and then decide,” she said as she undid the fiery alchemist’s shackles. Pon deciding to slump against the wall as he waited.

“While I have no doubt in your abilities, they did yank our tails when we were healthy, perhaps we should wait for La before we do anything rash.”

“And the deviant tucks tail, for shame. I wouldn’t-“

Her voice caught as Pon deftly flicked his wrist and the two femmes turned around in time to see one of guards hit the ground in a spasm, body flailing in its death throes as a result of the knife lodged in its eye before eventually going still.

“It’s just been a long night, not to mention morning, I vote we just burn this vazek pit down.” Pon said, not sparing the body another glance.

“Tempting, but I am going to listen to La on this.”

Tor laid her ears back and huffed at the declaration and Pon didn’t seem especially pleased with it either.

“Though for the expressed interest of pack morale I will approve killing everyone guarding Ki-Noh.” Hr offered diplomatically.

The two practically wagged their tails. It was like giving a pup a day away from chores. Sometimes managing a pack was easy.


This hadn’t been what Oa had been expecting, it wasn’t supposed to be this way. She had expected perhaps genuine ignorance, perhaps a rashness to take both, but she had him where she wanted him. She had his pack, there was no call for this such a foolhardy risk.

But now things looked different, he was playing an angle that she couldn’t see. That put her on edge but more so Oa knew she couldn’t beat him, even if he wouldn’t be able to deal the finishing blow, she knew she wouldn’t be able to either.

“You don’t know what they can do, what they can provide!” She practically screamed in his face, as her short blade met his sword hoping that some sense of logic would prevail. With the tiniest effort he broke her guard leaving her open.

“I’m quite aware actually,” he said without emotion as a downward slash tore open her chest and violently knocking her to the floor. For the second time today she could feel the blood well up in her throat, and for the second time today death did not take her.

La-Ren did not advance, merely watching as she once again rose to her feet.

“You say you’re aware, but are you, look at what just one is capable off?” She said with more anger than pain in her voice. “Even as foolhardy as you are you should know it is fruitless we fight. You might not know the full extent of their ability, but I have no doubt I’d have just as much trouble ending your life,” she paused then looked at him with fresh eyes. “Or would I?”

He didn’t budge but his sword was still at the ready.

“You’re skilled, everything I’ve heard about you says you’re sharp, so if you do know, why haven’t you taken full advantage of what you have?”

She took his silence for a confession and laughed. “I don’t believe it, someone with a heart like that can still make it past the weaning stage!” she spared a condescending look toward Pixie on the table. “You see something helpless and develop a sentimentality toward it. Treat it like a pup instead of a resource!” She laughed again harder and richer as if she just stumbled upon the greatest joke she has ever heard. “Dear boy, there’s so much more than that. You’re stronger, faster, more durable, but they can do so much more!”

The Dahesh bared herself to him. “I’ve gone through the great cycle 75 times. Look at me, in the prime of my youth!”

She waited for a reaction and didn’t receive one. He strode forward, mask hiding his intentions.

“You’re under the impression, that what I’ve gone through doesn’t eclipse what you’ve experienced,” he said, voice as cold as stone.

Oa’s blustering came to a sudden halt as her anger doubled.

“You bluff, you joke, or you are too much a fool to see a simple truth! Do you believe I am the daughter of Oa, perhaps a stand in?” Her look was mix of pity and disgust. Her claws were unsheathed, and her teeth barred. “I offer you so much more than power, if we can find more of these creatures that power becomes everlasting!”

Her plea did not halt his advance and Oa found herself taking a step back.

“I know a male’s pride, and I wounded yours.” She said attempting a different tact. While she didn’t fear death he could cause her a great deal of pain before he got bored. “But your pack are not dead as you’ve seen, and given their skills I would gladly welcome then into our new greater pack. They’d thank you. With one I’ve conquered time with two who knows what we can do, and even you hint that there could be more! If you would only listen and know what I know.”

He stopped and stared at her. He sheathed his blade and Oa relaxed, reason it seemed had prevailed. The La-Ren’s hands went to his mask and her heart raced, her youthful form eager to see the Alpha that could potentially match her for centuries to come.

“You offer me restored youth as if it is the pinnacle that they could achieve,” The mask fell and her horror was evident. Unhidden by the mask, scarred and warped flesh stared back at her. Skin, furless, exposed raw with the scars of fire. His eyes those of the frantic last moments of a Dahesh’s existence, yet with a mad undeniable spark of life. “What is eternal life to one who’s already died?”

The implication should have elated her, but the primal terror his visage caused shattered all thoughts of the future, distant or immediate.

She stuttered, ineffectively trying to back away as her mind processed the walking corpse, no that wasn’t right. Veins pulsed, he had a scent, he had warmth, a living corpse was in front of her! She tried to curl up into a ball but he took her by the shoulders. She tried to flinch away but he held her with his unnatural grip.

“What you need to understand, is while the potential is limitless in theory, the results are far less in practice.”

She looked him in the eye with fresh terror while his the burnt parody of a Dahesh grinned. “In other words, hard to kill is not the same thing as immortal.”

There was a scream, several in fact, but it didn’t stop the truth. There were always limitations in practice and La was going to demonstrate that quite thoroughly.


About 5 minutes prior

The morning had been rough, they lost comrades far more than they had been expecting. Death was always possible in this line of work, but there were certain expectations that needed to be met.

“Now, now my boys, it’s been a rather tragic night but Oa’s going to make it right for us. She’s already paid her advance. Doubled it so it’s equal to the full price.”

If Be-Lor knew anything it was how to placate the men, and dropping a bag of gold in front of them was sure to soften the hardest of hearts.

He could feel the feelings of mutiny drop the second the first bit of coin escaped the bag. It was indeed a substantial sum. Bigger still was the amount he was given initially, but given services rendered he felt he needed to take a little off the top for his hard work. He lost some dregs but a little coin would re-supply his fodder in the next town. All in all a good couple of days.

“Oi I wish to speak with Be-Lor!”

The room froze, there were guards posted at the entrances weren’t there? Someone coming through the entrance should have had some warning, and anyone coming in elsewhere should have been killed immediately.

Still strolling toward them from the hall was a black furred Dahesh. For some of the regular scum that made up the ranks she looked positively like royalty. Striding forward with undeniable purpose. Her blade out and grasped loosely in her hand, her eyes focused, steady and unreadable. She had the composure of a true Alpha and even Be-Lor took notice.

“And who might you be?”

“One of your targets,” she stated with some disgust, “and that right there is why you are unfit to lead.”

The room went entirely quiet.

“As a pack leader I can say without question you are a disgrace, as your enemy I’ve relished in the opportunities you’ve given me, but as a Dahesh I can’t help but pity your subordinates!” Hr-rex didn’t hesitate in raising her voice, and those behind Be-Lor heard even if they did not act.

“Poor intel, poor instructions, poor insight. You’re body count has increased by 10 this morning just so you should know.”

The bandits bristled as she spoke of killing members of their pack, but they did not act, not yet.

“What’s this about, some ploy to buy your friends more time to free your colleagues, well I’d say that’s-“

“Stupid, foolish, brash? Perhaps,” she said finishing for him, “but the fact remains I have recovered my people and you have more dead to bury. Right now I’m just determining just how many I’m going to have to kill today.

“A bluff from a rank amateur, stupidity in lieu of begging for mercy! Kill her!”

He expected a surge, but received none. He turned back to them and raised the obtained bag of gold high.

“Yes, show that inconsequential bit of money high. They’ll receive it regardless. If you win they get it, if I slit your scales they get it as well. So it is entirely moot. What they need to ask themselves is do they want to follow one where that paltry amount is worth the dozens of deaths they suffered. Or if they’re might be a safer more profitable way?”

“More profitable? That’s more gold than most of these dregs have seen in their lives and Oa will double it!

“Oa’s dead,” she didn’t know that, not remotely, given Pon’s ravings she wasn’t entirely sure it could be done at all. But she trusted La. She absolutely trusted him. So she had no trouble taking this gamble. “If you want your money you’re going to have to deal with me, or kill me.” Cards on the table she held her breath. She watched the eyes of those present. Some were cautious but still willing to obey Be-Lor should she not provide any proof. If La was wrong, or even late, she would die and that would be it.

It brought a smile to her muzzle. Such a challenge, such a gamble, and before one of them could even take a step it paid off tremendously. There was a scream from above, and then silence. The sound of footsteps followed and all eyes were trained on the hall, more specifically the base where they met the stairs.

There was a soft thump, then another, and another before they all realized just what it was. The thumps were Oa’s bloody decapitated head rolling down the steps. To dead silence the thumps continued along their merry way until the head came to the base of the stairs and settled against the base of a first story wall.

“As I said,” Hr-rex continued as if that hadn’t come as a complete shock to her as well.

“Hey Hr,” came a familiar voice from the hall.

“Yes La,”

The uncouth voice continued to call out from upstairs rather than show himself, but no one dared question him on it.

“Do tell the bandits they will be paid in full for their endeavor, and I have an open invitation to our pack should they wish to accept it,” he very much sounded bored, relaying what she had said just minutes earlier but it seemed to have more of an effect.

“You can’t, we can’t, we’ve been together for so long….” Be-Lor began, no one backed him, and no one looked to stand with him. Part of the problem of building a pack with solely profits in mind, is that while it made the subordinates replaceable, that went with leadership as well.

“Oh and could you deal with the past pack leader?” La asked, as if it were some insignificant chore.

“Understood” Hr replied as if taking out the garbage, yet her voice and her actions were at complete odds with each other. She dashed forward to the point where she was nose to nose with Be-Lor. He mentally registered that she was a threat, but that was about as far as he got before the end.

Without hesitation the wolf’s middle and index finger found themselves lodged in the soft centers of Be-Lor’s eye sockets. They gave with a satisfying wet squish and he let out a horse scream like any common prey animal. For her own sadistic need she sunk them in slightly deeper as he flailed like a fish on the end of a hook. As his wails became more pathetic, she placed her free hand on the top of his head, and with the upmost mercy gave it a violent twist and broke Be-Lor’s neck.

Without even an acknowledgement to what had occurred she turned to the petrified mess of Be-Lor’s pack.

“So what’s your choice going to be?”


Roxanne Davidson, PHD in multiple fields, and for the moment going by the local vernacular that described her as ‘Pixie’ strode across the table not sure of what she would find.

A man absolutely shattered, a shell of what he once was, and she had to brace herself fearing that he might just be too far gone to save.

She had played a pet so long that letting her emotions out really did a number on her.

Her steps were hesitant, they could afford to be, the wicked queen or whatever the hell she called herself was dead. Translators were really spotty with names.

Daunte’s breathing was still ragged, the damage was extensive, which meant her draining of him was routine and extensive. If he lived through the night he would make a full recovery in the coming weeks, at least physically. This was the clinical detachment the analytical portions of her brain forced her to recognize.

Her more emotional side gripped his shoulders and held back tears as she hoped to god that he still recognized her.

His pupils didn’t focus at first, giving the impression that he was still under the influence of some drug, but miraculously they focused on her.

“the mad doc” he whispered and the relief she felt was immediate.

“Careful, I’m interested in saving your life, but only just.” She said softly, tears just encroaching on her vision. “Do you know about the others?” she asked hopefully.

His expression darkened, and a tremor wracked his body. She made to hold him still but it was only a token effort as he mustered up the courage to speak.

“I crashed with Doctor Langston, she got her hands on him first, she didn’t know then and…”

He shivered and tears fell anew, despite their previous relationship she pulled him into a tight embrace.

“It’s over now, we’re here.”


He shuddered as he could feel the table they were on shudder as one of them returned. He knew intellectually that this one had saved him from his captor, but after what he had been through…despite his wounds he was nearly ready to bolt before Roxanne held him down.

“We,” she looked at the hulking Dahesh. He looked back at the table, tail tucked, clearly nervous. Roxane felt a pang of guilt for a choice that gave her a protector but at serious cost.

“You remember Lauren right?” She spared the Dahesh another look as Daunte looked to her and then the Dahesh with mounting horror. “He’s still with us, more or less.”


“You know despite the whole ‘torture memories’ I kind of like this place.” Pon admitted relaxing in a chair. The bandit group had mostly departed with their gold. Enough of them had died in the last two days that challenging the group who did so was not a high priority. Another flaw with building a pack solely on coin was that the ties that bind were parchment thin. No one rose to avenge Be-Lor, no one even gave his corpse a passing glance.

Hr-rex was rather disappointed no one had taken her offer however. The truly great packs resembled actual armies, while hers remained a paltry 6, seven if you counted the maimed bandit that didn’t seem intent on leaving. Still Pon had a point. While dilapidated, this place had potential. More so since Ki-Noh probably wouldn’t in fighting shape for another week or so. A stable place to rest their heads did sound ideal.

“None of them seemed all that intent on staying.” Tor mumbled, still griping that her payback had been two whole guards. Two rather unfortunate guards, but still only two.

There was the sound of footsteps and all turned to see La-Ren coming to join them.

“Bit dramatic and overly violent for you.” Hr-rex said dryly, but her ears danced with amusement.

“Yeah when did you learn to have fun boss?” Tor piped up.

“The situation required it,” he said to Hr, dutifully ignoring Tor as he did so.

“Well the important thing is did you get what you were looking for?”

Pixie chose to pop up again this time, and after a moment she pulled another ‘pixie’, larger but in decidedly worse shape, from hiding. The newer one immediately ducked back down upon seeing the others, but it drew a smile on La-Ren’s face. “Yes, I think I did.” (something new has been added :o)

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Re: Iron Age

Postby TendoTwo » Wed Nov 18, 2015 3:07 am

Gotta admit, with how much Oa was talked up in previous chapters.... I was not expecting the fight against her to practically be a curb-stomp battle, or for her to be so easily distracted. She just seemed like that type of smug villain who always seems to have a trick up their sleeve and anticipate what the hero was going to try to do.

REALLY curious about that twist now when the story shifted to Roxanne's perspective.
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Re: Iron Age

Postby RaddaRaem » Wed Nov 18, 2015 4:06 am

Answer one question only to plop a couple more in our laps. You did a fine job leaving this setting open to being revisited at your leisure, Kusa! Certainly enjoyed it and I like that you left some threads unanswered and a sense of mystery hanging over the story.
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