She's a bit.... unique....

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She's a bit.... unique....

Postby Micro_Mouse » Sun Jun 29, 2014 10:08 am

He opened the door to the apartment complex, his muzzle bearing a frown the first thing through the door as he stepped inside. The place was dimly lit, but he knew his way around this shit hole. He tore off his tie from his shirt, the parts that were at the neck line drenched in sweat. He began his journey up the unforgiving stares as he had already noted the 'out of order' sign on the elevator. Each step were spikes driven into his feet, pain almost overwhelming the poor boy, but against all odds, he reached the top. Lucky for him the room of desire was first on the right. He reached into his left pocket pulling out a pair of keys, one clearly belonging to a Honda, the other more of a golden brown. He unlocked the door and stepped inside the dark room to see a Bed, a pile of dirty laundry,a TV hooked up to a Playstation 4, and a laptop.

"Why," he began, "why does my life suck so hard...." He said walking over to the bed, giving up 3/4ths of the way there only to fall onto the edge, letting out a moan of satisfaction. "At least I have 3 days off after this..." He said to himself, muzzle in the bed. However his attention was taken away by the laptop as a notification sound came from the computer. He walked over to the device and into the light. He was a tall grey wolf, somewhat well built, but that was because of his hobby. But the most remarkable thing about him, were his blue eyes. He leaned over and looked into the screen.

2 new messages

He clicked on the first one, it was from Okstupid, just some lame dating website. Then again, he was on it, so he didn't have any right to speak. Anyway he had been frequenting the site for about 3 weeks now, more than most ladies that would hit him up would run away as soon as they actually read his profile. He was a gamer, through and through. But there was this one girl he met on there. Batcrazy72, a beautiful skinny bat anthro girl with long black hair. She sounded crazy at first, but really she was just a gamer like him, both spent hours talking to each other, only being separated by work and other trivial matters. He started to write her a message back, but saw that she was online. Strange, usually she was at work at this hour. He clicked "start chat".

DerpGamer: Hey, you there?

Batcrazy72: Yeah, just get off work I presume?

DerpGamer: Yeah, I got three days off thank arceus...

Batcrazy72: 3 days off? Really? Usually you're so neck deep in work we only get to talk late at night.... hey...

DerpGamer: Whats up?

Batcrazy72: Look... me and you.... we've been talking forever and I think it's time we meet. No more pictures, no more chat, dinner date, ME... AND... YOU! I got tomorrow off, so let's do this.

His eyes lit up, his intent on joining this sight was to find a girlfriend, but.... never would he have expected one of these women to actually think he was boyfriend material! He didn't know how to feel about this, in fact, he hadn't gotten serious with a girl since high school. He regained his composure and proceeded to type.

Batcrazy72:.... I didn't scare you off did I?

Derpgamer: Nononononono, I'm just surprised is all, I just never expected anyone to actually meet up

Batcrazy72: Oh good.... so I guess we should know each others names.... real names...

Derpgamer: Yeah... my name is Jake Brienof

Batcrazy72: Carol, Carol Echos

Derpgamer: Echos? Like a bat... get it?

Batcrazy72: Yeah... you and every other jerk back in high school, you're lucky you're cute and nerdy. So what do you want to do?

Derpgamer: What do you mean?

Batcrazy72: For like dinner numb nuts

Derpgamer: Well we're both carnivores.... so how about just like a burger joint?

Batcrazy: That sounds perfect! I'll text you the time and place! There's this awesome burger joint that even serves Micros, but you gotta be pretty ballsy to eat there.

Jake raised a brow in question. Surely she didn't want to eat with the likes of Macros. Sure there were laws against Macros killing Micros, but those guys were miles and miles tall. He even drove past one once when he was outside the city limits, that things toe dwarfed him and his car, possibly even this entire apartment complex, nay, this entire city block! Also Macros aren't exactly the most gentle when it comes to interacting with their speck sized cousins, insurance companies strongly encourage non Macro activity, Jake can't even recall the amount of times a young Macro child had stepped on a freeway by accident, killing hundreds. And it doesn't stop at the children, millions of Micros go missing every year or so thanks to those monsters, be it young or old.

Derpgamer: You sure it's okay to eat there?

Batcrazy72: Dude, the cook is a friend of my dads, we'll be fine, no trouble, promise.

Derpgamer: Okay, alright. I'll see you tomorrow then.

Batcrazy72: Hey... I'm actually pretty happy I get to finally meet you :)

Derpgamer: Yeah I feel the same way :)

Batcrazy72 has logged out

Jake stepped away from the screen and keyboard and smiled. He had done it, he finally was gonna go on a date. Well all he had to do now was pick out some kick ass clean clothes to wear... He glanced towards his drawers, all of them emptied out, then towards his pile of clothing.

".... Shi-"


Carol had a giddy feeling in the pit of her stomach as she exited the chat, stomping her feet up and down as she grinned with excitement. She never truly has ever been on a date before, this.... this was invigorating to say the least! She stood up from her chair and pulled out her phone, looking up her contacts for 'uncle geoff'. She quickly pressed the call key and waited eagerly.

"Hey, what's up Carol?"

"U-U-Uncle Geoff... listen, tomorrow I'm gonna be coming over to your restaurant.. with a boy." She said, very shyly, holding in all of her joy as to not freak out the man.

"Oh, really Carol? Oh I'm so proud of you! Your father would be so proud of you as well. What do you need me to do?"

"Just set off a table to the side, maybe some candles, b-but don't make it too fancy or nothing, I don't want the guy thinking I'm crazy or something!" She said, almost choking on her words

"You got it baby girl, and you know what, not even 50 percent off, this one is free."

"Oh thank you Uncle Geoff, I gotta go, I'm gonna get ready for tomorrow!" She said, hanging up on the man. She let out a sigh of relief. Everything was in place for this momentous occasion. All she needed now were some kick ass clean clothes.... She glanced towards her drawers, all of them emptied out, then towards the pile of dirty clothing.

"..... Shi-"


This was it, tonight was the night, date night that is. Jake drove up towards the city limits and stopped at the check out post. He rolled down his window and leaned outwards, showing his Micro Fur License.

"You realize that once you pass this line that your safety is endangered almost indefinitely. That if a Macro should so attack you, help will be more or less 15 minutes away, even emergency response teams?"

"Y-Yeah..." Jake replied to the old tiger in the post.

"Go on through." He said, opening the gates for Jake to pass through. Jake tensed up as he drove past the gate, the road in front of him completely empty, this was nerve racking to say the least. The roads for businesses and companies leading out of the city were packed, but civilian roads, almost like ghost towns. He reached the speed limit, driving even a little faster as he just wanted to get there quickly. A cats meow came from the passengers seat, it was his phone. He looked up and in his rear view mirror, no cops or other cars for miles so might as well. He picked up the phone and read the text, even getting ready to reply...

Hey, you almost there?

Yeah,I'm about 20 minutes out

Same here, I'll be the girl in the purple shirt!

I'll be the guy with the low self confidence.

Shhh! You'll be fine, if your pictures are correct, then I already think you're fucking adorable! If you get there before me, text me!

He set his phone back down and kept on driving, not wanting to push his luck any further and have a cop see him texting while driving. 20 minutes came and gone, he pulled up to one of the largest anthro structures he had ever laid eyes upon. about 15 minutes ago he could see this place in all it's glory, but now, he couldn't even see the top. He kept driving until he saw a sign saying 'Micro Parking'. Note that the sign was made out of wood and had sloppy white paint all over it, more than likely the work of a Macro. He drove in, seeing only 1 or 2 cars his size in this ridiculously huge parking lot. He sighed and parked up all the way near the front, he questioned why the other 2 cars who had gotten here earlier had not done this. But he shrugged it off and got out of his car, looking around for a bat girl in a purple shirt. To be honest, he already knew she wasn't here, everything was clear for miles, up until you got to the ludicrously tall building and the planetary sized cars. He opened the door back up, sitting down and reaching for his phone, calling Carol up.

"Hope she's not one of those girls who are always super-" He stopped towards the end of his sentence as he noticed everything around him begin to darken, the moon no longer shining down on the Micro's car. He opened his car door and looked straight up into the sky, to where he saw a gigantic, no, colossal creature with wings extending from it's arms, bat wings to be exact, but he didn't notice that, he was too busy trying not to wet his jeans. It was falling towards him! He closed the door and gripped the steering wheel, waiting for god to take his life there and then. He closed his eyes... this was it, crushed by a Macro, what would Carol think? He didn't have time to think as the Macro made one last flap before impact with the ground, softening its landing, but still creating quite a shake for Jake. He opened his eyes and looked around as his car shook violently, two massive brown pillars of god had descended around his little hybrid. He looked far out to see sharp claws at the end of these things. Were these possibly.... toes? He stepped out of his car, looking around.

"Raptor Jesus...." Jake said to himself. This Macro's toes had enough space between them to hold his car.... along with 20 others! He collected himself a bit, realizing even if this thing took a step, he would be safe, he was in the middle of this new canyon, if this thing lifted his foot he and his car would be out of harms way. He knew why the cars earlier had parked so far away now. But for about ten minutes Jake waited, this thing not even budging. He had time to examine this Goliath of nature, it had brown fur, and was wearing some blue jeans, and what looked like a purple top. He wanted to run towards the end of the toes, to possibly get another look, but awe and numbing fear kept him in place. The Macro began to move, reaching into its pocket and pulling out a phone. It all connected.

"You gotta be shitting me...." He said to himself as he reached into his car and pulled out his phone, holding it up at the ready. The Macro began to press buttons on it's much larger phone before placing the device gently near it's ear. That was it.... Jake's phone began to ring, he hesitantly began to reach for the accept button. Once he did, he slowly brought the phone to his ear and said... ".................. hey..."

"Hey, are you almost here?" He didn't even have to hold the phone to his ear anymore, he could hear her perfectly fine from between her toes. THIS WAS CAROL! How could she not tell him that she was a Macro? Then again all they ever talked about were video games, movies, and other stupid shit. And the fact they he never mentioned he was a Micro on his profile page. He shook his head back and forth.

"This is not fucking happening, this is not fucking happening...." He began to chant over and over again before slapping himself mentally. This was the same girl he had been talking to for weeks, this was Carol, she was just like him, a gamer! He mentally slapped himself again, was he really considering talking and possibly proceeding the date with this Macro monster?! He brought the phone back up. "U-Ugh... yeah... I'm here already..."


"Are you already inside?" She asked, turning her upper body towards the restaurant, looking inside the windows from where she stands. She raised a brow, not seeing any wolves inside.

"No.... still outside...."

"Well I don't see you or your Honda.... you sure you got the right place?" She asked, tapping her foot against the ground, thankfully not the foot that Jake was between.

"Oh... yeah, no doubt about it."

"Listen Jake, if this is some stupid game you're playing or if you just set me up for-"

"Listen, just... just let me have a moment Carol..... Look between your toes."

"Jake, how do you know I'm not wearing any-"

"Just roll with me on this one.... please?" She huffed and looked at both her feet.

"I don't see an-"

"The right one, make sure it's the right foot..."

"Jake this is-"

"Carol, for the love of Raptor Jesus, please look very closely between your toes on your right foot!" She pulled back from the phone as Jake sounded very desperate. She kneeled down, taking a knee but keeping her right foot in position. She spotted two black specks between her toes, to which she began to get closer to before gasping, covering her mouth with her free hand. She had seen very similar black specks before... when stepping over Micro freeways....

"J-J-Jake?" She asked, putting away the phone and concentrating her hearing on the two specks, this is where being a bat came in handy.

"..Hey hehe..." Jake said, giving her a very nervous laugh, wiggling his fingers in a pathetic attempt at a wave.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god..." Carol began to say as she slowly stood up and lifted her foot away from Jake and his car. "W-Why!? Why didn't you tell me you were a Micro?!" She said, almost yelling, but it still being more than enough to force Jake to cover his ears.

"H-Hey hey watch it!" He said, yelling into his phone to which Carol heard from hers in her hand. She hung up and got on her hands and knees.

"You don't have to use the phone anymore, I can hear you, you're lucky I'm a bat!" She said in a much softer tone, getting much closer to him, but not to the point where breathing would be lethal to the guy. "Are you and your car okay? Did my toes do any damage?"

"No, it's a miracle, your toes completely missed us...." He said, walking forward a couple of steps. There was an awkward silence. Carol couldn't believe this.... the man she had been talking to all this time, was a Micro. She knew the stupid dating site allowed cross-size dating, but didn't realize she had forgot to press the "size compatible only" option!

"Y-You look nice... for a Micro..." She said, more of a reflex to break this dreaded silence that was carving away at her brain.

"You look nice too.... for a Macro..." He said, giving off a cheesy grin, to which she actually took note of.

"Jake... you don't mind if I try and pick you up do you?" She asked, very carefully. She took some Micro interactions classes in high school, so she was very well trained in handing the smaller of furs. So she could see most movements the Micro made. Jake hesitantly stepped forward.

".... take your best shot." He said. His mind was busted, completely and utterly busted. Never in a million years would he think he would be interacting with such a titanic creature, much less let one of them pick him up. But part of him felt safe as the other felt in danger. He watched her god like appendages come down for him, a single finger sliding on the ground towards him. He closed his eyes and felt a soft but firm leathery pad sweep him off his feet. He felt himself rising as he opened his eyes, witnessing what looked like a goddess raising him up into heaven. He passed her knee's, her wait, her stomach, and a very impressive cleavage, and finally reached her face. She smiled awkwardly and he smiled back.

"S-So.... I'm guessing you didn't pick the 'size compatibility only' option either, did you?" She asked, chuckling a bit as she watched the speck on her finger pad walk around.

"I guess not. Kinda explains why I didn't get a lot of search results." He replied, sharing the chuckle, both Macro and Micro growing a bit more calm. "Y-You have some surprisingly clean and beautiful feet...." Carol did a double take at her finger and towards her bare bat feet. She smiled more genuinely.

"Well, there's a funny story about that actually. You see I couldn't find my right shoe, I searched all up and down my room but still couldn't find the sucker. And you mentioned you had a foot fetish earlier once so I decided what the hell. So I cleaned my feet really good, made the smell from work go away too. And I know bat feet aren't exactly shaped like a cat or a dog's, but hey, a foots a foot right?" Jake nodded. The part about the fetish made him blush, as well as her. He took a seat on the leathery surface, staring up at the girl as she stared down at him.

"Yeah, they're still very beautiful to me, bat feet or not." She turned even redder, not believing that she was flirting with something that could be classified as sentient toe lint.

"H-Hey... I can understand if you want to go home now, I know I would if my date's toes were bigger than my car...." She said, getting ready to lower him back down to his car.

"N-No!" He yelled, catching her attention and making her pause, her eyes even widening even after everything she had witnessed. "We can still go on with the date Carol... that is, if you don't mind being seen eating with an insect like me." He said, rubbing the back of his head. She smiled.

"No no, not at all, I mean, if it was with some other insect yes. But you... you're one lucky bug today." She said, being very sarcastic. She kneeled down once more and gently took his car between her fingers, bringing the automobile over to her chest, where she gently set it down towards the bottom of her bra. "You may have your little toy afterwards, but for now, I'll keep it safe so no one steps on it."

"Thanks... I think?" he laughed, and so did she.

She brought the Micro over to her shoulder and gently deposited him there, directing her left ear towards him. "One last chance, are you sure you want to go through with this date?" She asked.

"No doubt." He replied as she walked towards the door, opening it, both Macro and Micro being coated in light as they stepped inside and out of the darkness.
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Re: She's a bit.... unique....

Postby Duct Tape Fanatic » Mon Jun 30, 2014 10:16 am

Short and sweet, very enjoyable read.
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Re: She's a bit.... unique....

Postby Duct Tape Fanatic » Mon Jun 30, 2014 10:16 am

Double post.
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Re: She's a bit.... unique....

Postby TendoTwo » Mon Jun 30, 2014 2:16 pm

Heh, considering the first time micros were even mentioned was when Carol mentioned a restaurant that "serves micros", before even what size difference the two had were mentioned, the story felt like it got pretty dark pretty quick..... until it was made clear she meant "serves them food" :P

For a restaurant that advertises serving both macros and micros, I am surprised they don't have some sort of enclosure or other protection over the micro parking lot, or at the very least a warning sign for the macros not to step there. :lol:
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Re: She's a bit.... unique....

Postby Micro_Mouse » Mon Jun 30, 2014 5:42 pm

Thank you guys, I should have a follow up to this very soon. First time writing a macro fur story, I've written a ton of giantess and some giant works, but first time with a furry, so its good to see some awesome feedback.
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Re: She's a bit.... unique....

Postby Kusanagi » Tue Jul 01, 2014 3:16 am

Rather enjoyed it hope to see more of your stuff. (something new has been added :o)

catch other stories by the drunken writer
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Re: She's a bit.... unique....

Postby gadabout » Sat Jul 05, 2014 6:06 am

Well well, havent seen you around here, welcome I say, welcome, you certainly came in with a good story I say! >:I

Now as a welcome gift, I wont rag on your grammar too much but... thees this one thing thats bothering me immensely...

He began his journey up the unforgiving stares as he had already noted the 'out of order' sign on the elevator.

I think you meant STAIRS there unless the wall have eyes and have cold, unforgiving gazes...
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Re: She's a bit.... unique....

Postby NeoVid » Sat Jul 05, 2014 10:40 pm

Heh, this was a good one, and a great way to make a first impression!

I'm really starting to think the 'accidental mixed-size blind date' trope is showing up in enough macro stories to get clichéd, though it's hard to picture many other scenarios where a couple could start out not knowing...
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Re: She's a bit.... unique....

Postby littlepeople » Sun Feb 12, 2017 7:04 am

I am a novice around here. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Good job! :)
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