Communication on a Massive Scale

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Communication on a Massive Scale

Postby Westpilot » Sun Feb 23, 2014 5:45 am

Phillip Saunders glanced at his wristwatch, the digital display read 6:55 pm. The racoon let out a yawn and scratched his cheek as he stared at the screen in front of him. He’d been on the IT team with the local school district for a little while now, and while he didn’t find the work all that challenging, he really had come to dislike the long hours of helping teachers recover a file that some kid had accidentally deleted, or having to figure out why the hell the classroom projector wasn’t turning on when it was just unplugged... Thankfully today was nearly done with. All he had to do now was set up some kids in the grade two class with a world-wide pen-pal service that the school had decided to do a trial run of as part of some social development... thing.

He reached over and pulled a piece of paper off of the desk that he’d been using as a semi-effective coaster for most of the afternoon. He cursed under his breath and flapped the page out as he noticed the ring shaped coffee stain. He began reading through the names on the page and entering them into the database. The program would take over from there and match two of the names together and deliver each kids introductory letter to their penpal. It really wasn't the most innovative messaging system he'd set up before, but at least it cut down on paperwork, worked faster than using the post office, and it let the teachers actually focus on teaching about how to write rather than worry about one kids letter that didn't arrive. He frowned at the last name on the page, which had gotten smudged slightly from the stain. "Is that Sylla or Syllo..." he squinted at it for a bit before shrugging. "Ehh... Sylla." Worse comes to worse it wouldn’t send because there was no one with that name in their system and he'd fix it tomorrow.

He checked his watch again as he closed the program and put the computer to sleep; It read 7:10 now, which meant he was Dee-Oh-eN-Ee DONE! Phillip hopped out of his chair and took his coat off the hook on the wall, more than ready for a relaxing evening.

Mark fidgeted in his seat, tapping the blank screen that took up the majority of his desk boredly as his teacher droned on about long division. Normally he’d be doodling away on the drawing program that the desks came with, but his teacher had recently started locking the terminals while she was talking after some of the students had been caught playing flash games on the internet. It wasn’t that he was a bad student or anything, it was just that he found this kind of thing very easy to do. Because if this, he often found himself getting distracted in class, usually staring out the window at the towering grass stalks off in the distance... Suddenly his terminal leapt to life and made a couple of buzzing sounds as his finger kept tapping against it.

“Wuh?!” He said, jumping at the sudden unexpected noise.

His classmates snickered as his teacher, an older gazelle in a white blouse and a long grey skirt, rolled her eyes. “Mark, since you seem keen on dozing off while I’m talking I’m certain you already know the material very well. Would you kindly demonstrate for the class?”

Mark nodded and glanced at the equation on the board before picking up his stylus and moving it down onto the screen. He started working through the problem while the rest of the class watched his work as it was broadcast onto the large board that took up the front end of the classroom. Within moments he had finished and looked back up at his teacher, not -quite- making eye contact with her. “The answer is 4, Ms. Tula.”

She let out a deep sigh and gave him a nod “That’s correct, Mark. Now I understand that you know this material, but you’re lack of focus is distracting to some of the other students. So at least act like you’re interested, okay?”

He blushed quite a bit and nodded slowly as some of the other kids giggled quietly.

The lights in the room came back on and the desktops became unlocked for the rest of the class as Ms. Tula tapped a few of the buttons on a terminal beside the board. “Alright class, the next thing we’ll be doing today is looking at the letters your penpals have sent to you! Now if you all go to the e-mail client you’ll find that the people from Pen Friends International have set up a direct connection between you and your pen-pal. Some of you will also notice that you cannot reply to their letter just yet; this is because your pen-pal will be replying to the introductory letter that you sent to them first, and then you will reply to them. Now, those of you who DO have the option to reply you should do so in an -appropriate- manner.” She emphasized the last part as she looked at a few of the students in particular.

Mark tapped the unopened mail icon in his inbox and watched as a little animation of the contents of the letter flying out of it and unfolding itself played. However to his surprise he found that the message was not typed out, but rather a handwritten note that had been scanned into a PDF file. The letters were done in a very neat, steady hand; obviously whoever had written this had done so with great care. Wherever this person was from, they certainly did not have the same level of technology that his own home possessed... Well, unless they chose to write like that, but who would choose that? He grimaced as he remembered how much his mother berated his printing last year. Okay so maybe it wasn’t perfect... in fact it was more like chicken scratch than anything, but -he- could read it and that’s all that mattered right?

Mark shrugged to no one in particular and began reading through the letter.


My name is Emily Sylla. I am an eight year old lioness in Mr. Feldman’s grade 2 class. I like drawing, running, and eating pizza! I live with my mom, dad and my little brother, Ryan. He’s really annoying, but I still love him.

How are you? I am really good! On Monday I jumped over this huge hole in my backyard. Dad said that it was dangerous though, so I’m not allowed to do it anymore, but I totally could do it again! Also, we had a race yesterday in gym class and I came in first place! I even beat all the boys, too. Do you like running? My mom says that it’s really good for you because it makes your heart really strong!

I really can’t wait to read your letter! I bet you’re a really cool person, but even if you’re not that’s okay! I bet you’ll still be neat to talk to!

Bye for now,

Mark gave the letter another read before saving it to his personal data drive. He’d really been unsure about who he was going to be paired up with, and just what in the world he’d talk to them about... But this Emily person seemed really nice. He smiled as he glanced around the classroom again, noticing a few of his classmates typing up responses to their own pen-pals. He didn’t have the option to reply yet, so he’d be waiting on her response.

“Psst, Mark!” Came a voice behind him. “Who did you get?”

He turned around to whisper back to the white furred mouse seated behind him. “Some girl named Emily. What about you, Dean?”

“Someone named Tim! That sucks though man, you got a girl? You’re gonna have to talk about like... dolls and stuff with her. At least I can talk to my pen-pal about cool stuff like trucks and the energy rangers!”

Mark rolled his eyes, frowning “I dunno man, she seems cool! She plays sports and stuff, I think.”

Dean raised an eyebrow at him “Oh yeah? Well I guess that’s okay then. As long as she doesn’t want to talk about boring stuff like my little sister.”

Mark snickered and nodded quickly “Yeah!”

“Alright class, if you’re all done we’re going to go over more punctuation today!” Began Ms. Tula.

“I’ll talk with you more at recess!” whispered Mark as he turned back to the front.

“Okaaaay!” His friend whispered back as they gave their attention to the teacher.


Emily yawned and drew her claw across the wood laminate top of her desk, just barely making a mark as it scratched against the surface. Why was it that stuff like recess and gym went by way too quickly, but then stuff like science math seemed to go on forever? She supposed it was one of those things that her mom and dad knew but wouldn’t teach her about until she was older. Adults always seemed to have a bunch of secrets that they kept to themselves, like what they did after 8:00 pm. There MUST have been a reason for her having to always go to bed by then, after all!

She looked back up at the board where her teacher was writing a bunch of stuff on it with a small nub of chalk. ‘Conductors let electricity go through them easier, Insulators make it hard for electricity to pass through’ she wrote down in her notebook. That, at least, seemed straightforward enough. She managed to pay attention him for a whole minute (a new record!) before her eyes were drawn towards the clock. The big hand was on the 11 and the little hand was on the 10, which meant that she still had a little while longer before lunch break.

Her ears folded back against her head and she resisted the temptation to groan out loud as she looked over at her friend Lyla to see what she was doing. The grey furred husky was staring intently at her desk, and tracing her index claw around it very slowly; almost as though she was chasing something. Emily shifted herself forward just a bit to see what exactly she was doing, and nearly let out a gasp when she was the barely visible specks that her clawtip was trailing after.

‘Micros!’ Was her first thought. ‘She’s had micros all day and she didn’t show them to me?’ Technically they weren’t allowed to bring the tiny things into the classroom, but everyone still did it anyways and she wasn’t a tattle-tale. ‘I am definitely gonna get her to show them to me at lunch, though.’ She decided as she sat herself back down in her desk before her teacher could notice. Micros were a really rare thing to see around here- and not just because of their incredibly small size. There just weren’t that many that lived on this end of the border anymore, since most had chosen to go live with their own kind in a place that normals weren’t allowed in. Still, there were a few that had remained here and were completely unprotected by any sort of law. Her parents thought of them more as pests and thieves since they tended to break into the pantry every now and then, and so they tried to set up various traps for them around the house. Though it seemed to her like they rarely worked. She honestly didn’t know what she’d do with a micro if she ever encountered one, but she’d probably figure something out! Maybe ask them if they wanted a footstool or something...

She giggled slightly at that last thought as her teachers voice brought her back to reality. “Alright everyone, I’ll be passing out the letters we received from your pen-pals this morning, so get out your pencils and fresh sheet of paper.”

Oh right, she’d nearly forgotten about that stuff! She reached down into her desk and pulled out a bit of loose leaf from her duotang and one of her less chewed up pencils as she waited for her teacher to bring the sheets around.

She glanced over at Lyla and saw that her friend was carefully scooping up the micros into a little tin box of some sort before hurriedly tucking it away into her backpack. The husky noticed her staring and gave her a smile. Emily made sure to give her a look that said ‘I know’ back to her before the teacher came by and placed the letter on her desk.

There were a couple things that struck her as odd about it. Firstly, it had not come in an envelope as all of her other classmates had received theirs. And second, it was typed out instead of written by hand! Either whoever had written this was well off enough to afford their own computer, or they just had writing that was bad enough to warrant being allowed to use one of the schools few computers to write. It wasn’t really the most... promising of starts, but she’d reserve her judgement of her pen-pal until after she’d read the letter.


My name is Mark Summers. I am 9 years old, and in grade 2. I like cars, teenage cyborg shinobi tortoises, lasagna and books. I have an older sister named Jenna and a younger brother named Richie.

Do you like to read things? I really like the Jerry Sculptor books, my favourite is the Prisoner of Azkaboom. My grandpa says too much reading is bad for your eyes, but I think that reading is really good for them since you’re using them more. Last week I went with my family on a vacation to the beach. It was really sunny and warm, and I learned how to swim kinda good! My dad says if I keep practicing I’ll be a little fish in a few months. I don’t think I’d want to though, fish are all scaly and weird.

It’ll be nice to read your letter when it arrives, and I hope we can become good friends!



The Jerry Sculptor series? Emily frowned. He was one of those people. Still, he didn’t seem all that bad; he was polite, at least, and he said he liked lasagna! So there was one thing she could talk to him about, at least.

“Alright, so those of you with a red sticker on your letter have to write the first reply to your pen-pal. Those of you without one are free to go for lunch early.”

Emily groaned when she flipped the sheet over and noticed the bright red sticker on the back. Great, now she had to miss an early lunch! This guy had better appreciate it... She gave a resigned sigh and started writing her reply, making sure to mention all that she had to sacrifice to reply to his letter. And after a long and grueling five minutes of writing she was finished.

She grinned proudly and held up her hand until her teacher collected it and told her she was free to go get her lunch. She practically dashed out of her seat, only to be told to slow down and -walk- before she left the room. Which she did... until she left the room, and then continued her dash towards Lyla’s coat hook!

The husky was still there, getting her lunch out of her backpack when she noticed her friend! “Hi Emily! Who’d you get as a pen pal? Mine’s someone named Yvona! She comes from this place with a name I can’t say but it sounds really cool!”

“Hii! Oh, I got someone named Mark! He seems nice!” She replied, wanting to quickly finish up that topic before moving on to the question she wanted to ask. “Sooo what was in the box you had earlier?”

Lyla stiffened suddenly and her eartips burned red “W-what box? I don’t have any boxes!”

“Oooh, you’re a bad liar! I -know- you had micros in there! Come ooonnn, you haaaave to show them to me! I’m your best friend, so it’s like a law!”

The husky frowned for a moment and then nodded “Okay, okay, okaaaay! But you can’t tell anyone about this. Got it?”

Emily nodded quickly and her friend reached into her backpack and produced a small silver tin. She glanced at both ends of the hall before peering inside, her face falling after a few minutes. “Aww! They got out!”

“What?! No way, how can you even tell?!” Emily attempted to grab at the tin, but Lyla kept it out of her reach.

“You can tell after a little bit! There’s probably a really tiny hole that they slipped out of... Darn it, I was hoping to keep these ones for a while too! I’m sorry you didn’t get to see them, Emmy.”

Emily sighed and shrugged “It’s okay, it’s not your fault... And anyways I’ll see one someday probably!”

Lyla nodded “Probably! So do you wanna sit by the window today?”

“Sure! I’ll meetcha there!” She grinned and ran off to her own backpack. She had to wonder exactly when she would get to meet a real micro and actually hold it in her hands. But she was sure of one thing; it was going to be something she’d never forget!
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Re: Communication on a Massive Scale

Postby Westpilot » Sun Feb 23, 2014 5:50 am

“And thus we congratulate these fine young people on the end of their journey through school. No matter what path they choose from here, we wish them all the success in the world from here on out. So once again, please give it up for your class of 2046!" The principal of Marks high school, a bald, rather round man by the name of Mr. Gerone took a step back from the podium and began applauding along with the relatives of the students and the rest of the teachers. The graduation ceremony had been held outdoors on a rather hot and sunny day, so a good deal of the loud applause that followed from the parents was both a mixture of pride for their child and relief at finally being able to return to their cars and turn the air conditioning on.

Mark tossed his cap up into the air along with the rest of his class as their parents and teachers began applauding loudly. He grinned over at Dean who was seated two seats two his left and then snatched his cap as it came back down. Of course, their graduation wasn't certain yet, and with finals coming up next month Mark was pretty sure that not everyone here would actually be graduating. Not that he was worried for his own chances mind you, he'd already made the honour roll and received early acceptance from the engineering faculty at the university. From here it’d just be a matter of reviewing both by himself and with the little study group he and Dean had put together in order to prepare for the infamous diploma exams that the government prepared for the graduating class every year and were worth half of their final grade.

However! Tonight was not a time to worry about all that. Tonight was a time to get together with friends and ingest excessive amounts of alcohol while playing video games until the early morning! He waited for a couple of his classmates to shuffle past them before getting up to walk with Dean to the three teachers that were collecting the graduation gowns.

“Aww man, this feels so great! It’s like we’re royalty or something! Well, if kings and queens were part of a crowd of hundreds that is. And like only four of the people cheering actually gave a damn about you personally.” said Dean, scritching at the well combed black hair that was nestled snugly beneath his graduation cap.

Mark laughed and took his own cap off as they made their way through the throngs of students that were headed to go take pictures with their family members or go return the black gowns that were just a bit too stuffy in this heat. “It certainly is a cool feeling though! The end of one era, and the start of a completely new one, right?”

Dean gave him an affirmative nod “Absolutely! I think university’s gonna be pretty damn cool. I’ve been taking another look at the computer science program, and apparently they have this gigantic rec room with a bunch of old game systems that’s only open to students in the program.”

Mark chuckled and shook his head slowly as he took his gown off carefully and handed it to one of the teachers and then waited for Dean to do the same, incredibly grateful to be in somewhat cooler clothing. “Ohh that feels nice. And I’m not sure if that room’s a good idea for you, Dean. You’re enough of a recluse as is!” He grinned and hunched his back over and began imitating the high pitched voice of Dean’s grandmother. “Jean! How come you’ve not met a nice girl yet? It’s all the time you’re spending on that computer! It makes you stupid!”

He received a gentle bop on the back of his head and an eyeroll from his friend as a reward for his display. “Nona doesn’t sound like that. And I will meet someone some day... It just doesn’t have to happen so quickly, y’know? I kinda wanna live a little before I settle down with someone. Or at the very least have a stable job. And you’re one to judge me Mr. best-friends-with-a-girl-he’s-never-met!”

Mark straightened himself up and patted his friend on the back “Or you could meet someone crazy who likes to go base jumping and eat things with unpronounceable names! Ah, though seriously I do think that’s a good way of looking at it. There really is no reason to want to rush into that kind of thing, especially if you don’t feel like you’re ready. And, by the way, Emily is different! I’ve been talking to her for years and we met because of that school thing, not online. So I think that counts for a lot!”

Dean shook his head and scratched beneath his cap again as they neared the seats for the family members, each trying to pick their parents out of the crowd. “Yeah, yeah... So after this you’re coming to my place, right?”

Mark grinned and gave a wave towards his parents as he spotted them before turning back to Dean “Huh? Oh yeah, for sure. Just gotta change first, then I’ll bring over a couple of my controllers and super crash sisters. Terry and Jake are still coming, right?”

“Yup! And sweet, I guess I’ll see you then man!” Dean grinned and began walking over to his family, who were waiting at the edge of the parking lot.

“See ya!” Mark called back over his shoulder as he turned away and walked over to his own parents.

His mother and father had met each other in high school and married within a few years of graduating. Shortly after that they’d gotten pregnant with his older sister and his dad managed to get a job as an entry level coder for a local company while his mom stayed in their tiny apartment and took care of the baby. Two years later they’d had him and a few years after that his younger brother came into the picture. His mom started working once his sister was old enough to babysit her two younger siblings in order to provide a little extra cash for the household. Both of his parents had worked incredibly hard to make sure their kids had as much of an opportunity as possible to succeed, putting enough aside for each of them to help pay for university. And that, combined with a few scholarships had made sure that so far two out of the three had made it into post-secondary; with his sister entering her third year of a culinary academy next year.

“There’s our young scholar!” His dad grinned at him, clapping him on the shoulder as his mom wrapped her arms over his shoulders.

"We're so proud of you, dear. Congratulations! Oh... I remember how small you were on your first day of school..." she smiled and placed her hands lightly on Marks cheeks " You've grown up so much."

"So where's Dean gone? I would've thought that you two would be stuck together like a pair of gossiping schoolgirls as usual." Asked his dad once the two finished their hug.

"Oh he's already gone home with his parents. I’m meeting him and a couple of buddies at his house as soon as I change. Gonna play us some vidja games!” Mark grinned and handed his cap to his mom, who quickly snatched it away and placed it inside her purse for scrapbooking/safekeeping once she got home.

His dad chuckled and scratched at his greying beard “Ahh, fair enough! Sounds like it’ll be a full evening then. I remember my grad night... We reprogrammed one of the advertisement boards in the city square to say some stupid message that we thought was funny at the time.”

“Really? That’s all you did?” Asked Mark, having never heard this story before.

His dad blushed and gave him a sly grin “Weeell, your mother and I got together and did a few... things that night, y’see...”

“Okay okay okay, time to go home!” his mom broke in, smacking her husband in the back of the head and began pushing the two of them towards the car.

His dad let out a loud laugh and looped his arms around the two of them as they walked. “What? I was just gonna tell him about us remaining pure and chaste at all times!”

She rolled her eyes. “Riiiiiight. Mark, don’t listen to your father, he’s being a dumbass.”

Mark shook his head as his dad tried to argue that he was ‘her lovable little dumbass’ and place a few kisses on her cheek. He was really happy that they still loved each other so much, but there were times where he wished they wouldn’t be so upfront about it...


Mark shrugged off his dress shirt as he entered his room, tossing it onto his bed and stretched his arms out. “Lights set sixty percent. Activate terminal.” He said, the houses computer system was quick to oblige, quickly turning the lights on to the prescribed brightness setting and activating his computer. He strode over to his desk and typed in his password and then grabbed a couple controllers as well as the game he said he’d bring and put them in a neat pile on the bed.

His instant messenger made a little noise as it turned on, and when he looked back to the screen he noticed that Emily had logged in and already sent him a message.

Hey! How was the graduation ceremony?

Mark quickly typed up a reply. It was good! Really really warm out, though. And the principal kept going on and on... But overall I can’t complain.

He turned away for a moment to grab a fresh t-shirt and shorts from his dresser, quickly taking his dress pants off and throwing them atop the shirt as he heard the client notify him of her reply.

That’s great to hear! :) Hey can we hop onto video? I’ve got something I wanna tell you!

Mark shrugged and pressed the ‘begin voice chat’ button on the screen, stepping away from the computer as the image from Emily’s webcam was displayed. The tawny furred lioness cocked her head slightly, her purple streaked bangs bouncing gently just above her red eyes as it turned. “You’re not turning your camera on?”

“I will in a bit, I’m just changing right now. Gonna be going over to hang out with some friends in a little while!”

“Oooh, that’s hot.” She said, granting him one of her trademark cheshire grins.

Mark rolled his eyes as he slipped his favourite pair of khaki shorts on “Uh-huh. So what did you want to tell me?”

“Are you sitting down?”

He sighed and pulled on the t-shirt, slipping his arms through the sleeve holes as he sat down into his desk chair and turned on his webcam. “Okay, now I am.”

She took a deep breath and smiled. “I’m getting picked up by a newspaper for their weekly comics page!”

“Holy shit! That’s awesome, congrats!!” Mark replied “Seriously, you’re such a great artist and the strips you've shown me before were funny as hell, so I pretty much knew you were on your way to greatness, of course! But to be picked up out of high school? Damn, that is a friggin’ accomplishment!”

She blushed a bit and shrugged “Well, it’s only a small local paper, but it’s a start! I guess my art teacher is old friends with the editor and he sent him a few of the little comics I’d done. When he spoke to me he said that I’ve got a lot of potential both as a writer and as an artist. He said they’d like to pick me up full time and try to get me in touch with a national press syndicate after I graduate from art school. So yeah it’s all... kinda surreal right now!”

“Boy I’ll bet it is! Still, I’m super happy for you. Like, you really do deserve it! I don’t think I know many other people who’ve worked half as hard as you to succeed.”

She waved a hand dismissively and shook her head “Well it wasn’t all me, y’know! You staying up late with me to go over math and science over and over again was probably the biggest help that I got!”

“Aww well that was nothing! To be honest it helped me learn the stuff even better as well, so it was mutually beneficial.” He paused and then an idea suddenly sprang up. “Say... you know what? We should meet up and celebrate this! I mean we've been looking for an excuse to do so for years, and this is about as good a reason as we could hope for! Like, do you remember that bench on the cerignola trail I mentioned a few months ago? You said it’d take you about a half hour to get over there, and that’s about as long as it’d take me. So like, we could meet and then maybe have pizza in town or something!”

“Hmm, you know.” She gave him a smile and a slight nod “I think I’d like that a lot, yeah! How about in two days then? Gives you time to recover from tonight, and it won’t be a school night or anything so we can stay out a bit later!”

“Alright, that sounds great!” He said and then glanced at his watch “Oh, geeze! I gotta get going. We’ll meet up, let’s say... around noon?” He waited for her to nod and then grinned “Alrighty, I’ll see you then!”

“Have fuuuuuun!” She said, waving goodbye as the video call ended.

“Terminal power down, lights off.” Ordered Mark as he gathered up the controllers and the game. He waited for the computer to shut down and then headed out the door, rather looking forward to this weekend. First an awesome night with his buddies, and then he’d finally get to meet the... admittedly rather pretty girl he’d been talking to for years. Not that he expected anything would really happen between the two of them during their first meeting, but he DID enjoy her company online, and if that carried over to real life AND she felt the same way then maybe... He shook his head and sighed. Tonight wasn’t the time to focus on that, at any rate. At least no matter what happened he could be sure that their meeting would be nothing but a pleasant experience!


“And do you, Mark Summers, realize that by signing this form you take your life into your own hands and absolve the city of Genedia of any and all responsibility in your safety, regardless of your current rights as a citizen. You understand that the dangers of leaving the exclusion zone are including, but not limited to: death, injury, starvation, dehydration, dismemberment, and poisoning? You understand that there is no law that will protect you out there, and should a macro capture you, they will be allowed to do whatever it is they want without fear of repercussion?” The man at the border check was a grizzled old human with a thick, wiry beard and a voice that reminded Mark of a far off rumble of thunder. He was hunched over the desk in front of Mark; his black and gold uniform, probably the largest size that they had, barely contained his well built form. And as his intense brown eyes stared into Marks own, the younger human wondered if this was such a good idea after all.

However, he managed to calm his nerves enough to swallow and let out a “Yes, I do.” without it sounding too wimpy.

The officer nodded and handed him a lengthy piece of paper that listed even -more- ways he could be killed as well as a small black pen. He briefly glanced at the morbid list and moved his hand down to the dotted line, signing his name on it.

The man took the paper back, looked it over, and pressed a button beside him. A loud buzzer sounded and the dark grey door to Mark’s left swung open. “You’re cleared through.” He stated and sat down again without so much as a friendly goodbye.

He felt himself relax as he stepped through the doors, very glad that that ordeal was over with. He made his way outside of the complex and was glad to see that his flightbike was already waiting for him outside the chain link fence that served as the cities outer perimeter. He hopped onto the back, put on his helmet, turned the bike on and took off into the sky. Most micro vehicles were capable of flight to a rather surprising altitude, however when you were inside the city you had to stick to a designated flight level, or risk an incredibly heavy fine. Mark grinned as he took the bike up higher and higher, shooting up past the stalks of grass and colossal pink flowers that swayed in the gentle summer breeze. Thankfully the winds weren’t too strong, and he was able to go to pretty much the bikes height limit which was about a quarter of the way to the top of some of the smaller trees.

It wasn’t Mark’s first time out of the city walls, so he was somewhat familiar with where he was going. It was a sort of ‘rite of passage’ for most of the cities youth to venture out into the wilds, as they were known, once they turned sixteen. It was apparently a very big deal in the olden days, but now all the rite consisted of was being packed inside a city bus, shipped out to somewhere outside the city in the middle of the night, and forced to listen to the mayor drone on and on about their ‘responsibilities as men and women’ for three hours straight.

Mark shook his head as he tried to force the memory out of his mind once more. Instead he tried to focus on his surroundings, despite the dangers of venturing out here he did find it to be a beautiful place for the most part. The thick foliage and immense trees gave a sense of incredible power and life masked beneath a picturesque stillness. Before the narafta accords this entire area had been a wilderness park for the macros; and most of it still was, except of course for the parcel of land that had been set aside for the three micro cities. The bench that was his current destination was part of a trail that looped around the park, known as the cerignola trail. The bench itself was a popular hangout spot for some of the more adventurous of the youth from each of the three cities, since it offered a glimpse of just how insanely huge the macros really were without running a very high risk of one actually coming along. And even then it was actually a fairly rare thing to even be captured, since despite their small size make them incredibly vulnerable it actually put them below the notice of most other creatures.

He aimed the front of the bike down towards the bench and gently glided in as it came into sight. It was a bit before noon right now anyways, so he probably wouldn’t have to worry about any macros coming along just yet since most would likely be stopping to have lunch. He pulled the brakes and gently set the bike down at the bottom of a valley-like scratch in the wood. He switched the bike off and placed his helmet back on the seat before making his way up the gently sloping wall. As he climbed he took out his phone and checked to make sure Emily hadn’t tried to call him or anything.

“Guess she’s still on her way...” He frowned and looked around the expansive wooden plain that stretched out around him for what seemed like miles, as well as the wall of wood planks which he assumed were the back of the bench. Though they seemed like some fantastical thing, something that should never have been possible to build or even exist to someone like him. And yet, there they were. Well, if there was one thing that this place was above all, it was humbling.

He decided to head over towards the edge of the plank of wood that he was situated on to see if he could spot another vehicle on the bottom of the bench, in case she’d parked below it when suddenly he heard a sound that made him freeze midstep. The best way he could describe it was like a far off rumble of thunder, followed by another one that was even louder than the first. With each passing second the blasts became more and more intense until they literally knocked him off his feet. Mark rubbed his eyes and looked around as the blasts finally stopped, somewhat dazed after that whole ordeal, his heart was pounding in his ears from the mixture of fear and adrenaline.

He tried to calm himself down by rationalizing what he’d been through: The explosions had stopped, so maybe whatever it was had passed him by? No if that was the case they would have gotten less intense before fading out. And anyways, it was way too light to be a macro, probably just a... really large squirrel or something, yeah! And hey, was it always this dark?

Then he looked up.

What he saw was quite possibly the largest rear he had ever seen in his life, and it was coming straight for him at a speed which he didn’t think possible for something so utterly huge. He watched as the tail, large enough to wrap itself around half of the city, moved to the side as its owner apparently decided to recline back onto the bench. The material of the macros pants stretched out a bit as it came closer, hugging the subtle curves of its owner tightly. Honestly, a very small part of him was finding this pretty hot; although it was drowned out by a much larger part of him screaming for him to do SOMETHING!

So naturally, he curled into the fetal position and waited for the inevitable.

What came next was what he assumed two entire mountain ranges sliding against each other would sound like. The sound filled his ears and shook the ground beneath him like the most intense of earthquakes before finally stopping and leaving an eerie silence in its place. Slowly, carefully, as though him moving too quickly would break this wonderful peace; Mark got up.

“I can’t believe it...” He whispered, swallowing slowly as he felt himself over, suddenly grinning as he realized that everything was there. “I’m alive... I’m alive! YEAH! The natural order of things can suck it!”

His grin slowly faded as he realized just where he had ended up. On either side of him rose two walls that he realized must have been two incredibly immense thighs. The strands of blue fabric that were likely large enough for him to lie down on rippled and shook with each movement that the macro made. The middle of the thighs were pressed together, which made it difficult to see much beyond that point. Still, despite the dangers this was one hell of a view.

That small part of him was beginning to pipe up again when he suddenly remembered Emily! He hadn't been able to see if she was under the bench or not! And even if she wasn't here yet, what if this macro noticed her!? He had to tell her!

Mark whipped out his phone and began to type up a message when he noticed that he had no service here. "Curse you, BU&U! Coverage anywhere my ass..." He sighed and sat down, hoping that she was okay...


Emily sighed in relief as she came across the bench. The cerignola trail in Trantion provincial park was an easy to medium difficulty walk depending on which path you took, and had the bonus of being rather scenic. On top of that it was also a short drive out of the city, which is why she often enjoyed coming out here for a hike. But it had been quite some time since she'd last come up to this particular part, and she'd been worried that she wouldn't be able to find the bench.

"Looks like Mark had difficulty finding it too." She said to herself as she approached the bench. She glanced around for some sign of the human, but found none. "Hmm, well I am still kinda early."

She plopped herself down onto the bench, leaning back a bit and stretching her arms out as she tried to relax. However the butterflies in her stomach didn't seem keen on stopping any time soon. She sighed and idly wondered if the light green blouse she'd chosen to go with her jeans would look too conservative... Maybe she could unbutton the top a bit... or would that be slutty? She let out a low growl and rubbed her forehead, he would like her no matter how she dressed... And if he didn't then that was his problem!

She sighed and let her head fall back. She really DID hope that he'd like her though... And also that he proved to be as funny and smart in real life as he was in his letters and online.

Of course she thought to herself with a twinge of annoyance it would help if he actually GOT here. She checked her phone for any missed calls from him, but found none and it was already ten minutes past noon!

Well maybe he got lost... I'll give him another half hour, just in case. And so, she waited patiently, certain that he would get there soon.

However, half an hour later he still hadn't shown up... nor had he after a full hour. And after an hour and a half wirth still no message from him Emily decided that he had better damn well have a good excuse for this!

She let out a low, frustrated growl and decided that it was time for her to go home. However, just before she was going to get up her ears picked up a sound. Barely audible, almost the faintest squeak, but definitely there. She honed in on it and spread her legs apart as she tried to locate just where it came from. Finally she managed to find what looked like a small, black speck that had been hidden under her right thigh, gasping slightly as she noticed it.

"No way..." she whispered as she brought her index finger down on top of it, fastening the tiny thing to the tip and bringing it up to her face. "I've been wanting to see one of you guys for years and the day I get stood up is the day that I finally do? Funny how that works, huh? I can't even be happy that I finally found one!"

She frowned and then suddenly it occurred to her exactly -where- she had found the micro. "You little perv! That's so freaking creepy!" This time she erupted into a full on roar, fueled both by her anger at being stood up and her embarrassment at finding the micro where she did. She took a deep breath to calm her herself down, and then suddenly remembered something! She reached into her pocket and got out a small silver cylinder that was made to transport micros inside of without having to worry about them escaping or being smushed. She’d gotten it years ago and often brought it with her wherever she went just in case, but she’d never actually gotten to use it until today.

She sighed and unceremoniously brushed the micro off of her fingertip and into the container after checking to make sure she hadn’t breathed it in or anything. She slipped the container back into her pocket and started to head back home. Mark would definitely had a lot to answer for once she got back...


Mark shivered as he sat up against the cold metal wall of the capsule he had been thrown into. He’s already spent a fair bit of time trying to find some way out... some imperfection or unnoticable hole. But it had been a fruitless endeavour. He thumped his hand uselessly against the floor, listening to the sound of it reverberate off of the walls. He had managed to go two entire hours without her noticing his presence, but of course just as she was getting up to leave he just -had- to sneeze.

After that it had all been kind of a blur... First first those monumental thighs began to move away, knocking him off of his feet and producing that incredible grinding noise once again. And then, before he could even get up he was suddenly pinned beneath the sweet smelling pad of an immense finger and brought up what felt like thousands and thousands of feet in only a couple of seconds! At that point things got really fuzzy, all he could was lie on his side and stare out at the many deep, black valleys that made up the macro’s fingerpad as he tried to recover from the vertigo. He thought he might have heard it saying something to him, but he wasn’t able to make out what that bone shaking voice had been saying before being flung into his current prison.

Just then, he noticed that something was different inside the capsule. The shakings stopped! He thought to himself So it’s probably arrived back at its home... Great, so now what?

Mark waited for the inevitable blinding light to come filtering down from the heavens and signal his demise, but it never came. After waiting a little while longer he decided that the macro obviously had more important things to do right now and that he’d likely be in here a good while longer.

He shook his head slowly and took out his phone to see just how long he’d been down here when he noticed something amazing: He had service.

“Oh SURE! Impenetrable metal walls? No problem, but if you’re under someones thigh? Ohhhh we can’t give you service there. Can’t believe I pay sixty a month for this...” He grumbled, mostly just glad to finally have something which he could point his anger towards.

He realized he was going to have to call his parents and say goodbye to them, but before he made that depressing call he had to make sure of one thing beforehand. Come on, she’s fine don’t worry about it! We’re just gonna call her and make sure, yeah...

His hand shook as he pressed the phone icon under Emily’s name and held it up to his ears, shutting his eyes as he waited for her to answer.

“Hello?” Came her voice after a few agonizing moments.

“Emily! Oh thank goodness, you’re okay, right?!” He said, letting out what might have been the biggest sigh of relief in the history of the world.

“I... Yeah, I’m okay. Where the hell were you!? I waited for like two hours and you never showed up!”

“Wait, you were there?! How did you not see it?” he knew she could be absent-minded but this was ridiculous!

“How did I not see what?”

“The macro! Holy shit they’re like hundreds of miles tall! They’re kinda hard to miss!”

There was a very long period of silence after this point, and Mark was beginning to wonder if the call had dropped. “Em? Are you still there?”

“I... yeah, hold on a sec...” Her voice sounded a bit more distant, and suddenly Mark felt the ground begin to shake once again.

“Oh shit, Emily I think it’s coming back. L-listen if you don’t hear from me again I... I just want you to know one thing, I I, uh... I-” He stopped suddenly as the top of the container opened up and a blinding light poured down onto him.

And then, as his vision cleared he was finally able to make out the face of his captor as she stared down back at him, holding an old looking cellphone to her ear and staring back at him with wide, red eyes.

“Oh no fucking way...” Came the voice simultaneously from both his cellphone and the macro.


Okay, there we go! More stuff posted. :V

This is my latest little series of stories, inspired by a one-off RP I did with Jevin a couple months ago. I enjoyed the idea so much that I decided to do a story about them!

The third part is about halfway done right now, after a month of my brain just not being able to figure out how to sort out the dialogue between these two after this point. X3
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Re: Communication on a Massive Scale

Postby TendoTwo » Sun Feb 23, 2014 10:46 am

Nice to see this posted here too :)

You already saw a lot of my commenting on it back on FA so I'll just leave it at that for now. :mrgreen:
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Re: Communication on a Massive Scale

Postby Kusanagi » Sun Feb 23, 2014 3:10 pm

You already know my thoughts on this one, especially since I keep pestering you to update it, glad to this here too. (something new has been added :o)

catch other stories by the drunken writer
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Re: Communication on a Massive Scale

Postby gadabout » Mon Feb 24, 2014 11:09 pm

Wahey, I remember this, I dun told you it was just like jack n jill >:I
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Re: Communication on a Massive Scale

Postby Westpilot » Tue Feb 25, 2014 6:00 am

gadabout wrote:Wahey, I remember this, I dun told you it was just like jack n jill >:I

Sssh! D: That's supposed to be secret! A terribly kept secret!

Though in all seriousness I had no idea how they were going to communicate with each other right off the bat short of Mark bringing along his laptop. So, sorry Arbon! I really did do my absolute best to keep it from resembling how Jack and Jill met each other in your story. That was just how I had originally intended to proceed with it, though when I went back and looked at yours I realized that the scenario matched a lot more than I'd first imagined. >.<

I just finished reading through the rest of Jack and Jill last night, and I can promise, at least, that the two are WAY different than each other from this point on. I hope that no one's offended by this, as I WAS making a conscious effort to differentiate them, but yeah at the end of the day they are pretty similar the more and more you think about it.
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Re: Communication on a Massive Scale

Postby TendoTwo » Tue Feb 25, 2014 6:51 am

I don't think its a problem since you wrote that before reading Jack and Jill, its just a coincidence.
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Re: Communication on a Massive Scale

Postby Westpilot » Wed Jun 04, 2014 3:11 am

No way. There is just no way that’s possible. Emily thought to herself as she stared down at the speck of a micro at the bottom of the container she held in her hand. I’ve known Mark for years, there is no possible way he could’ve been a micro all this time.

Still... when she thought back to it, she could definitely see the signs; the fancy house and computer that she’d always assumed meant he came from a rich family; or when he would talk about torrential floods the day after a thunderstorm; or even his seemingly irrational fear of mountain bikes, hikers, and owls.

...Okay actually the third one probably should have been a bit of a clue to her. But she had assumed at the time that Mark had just had some horrible childhood encounter with them!

Evidently he didn’t believe it either, as the next thing she heard from her cellphone was “E-emily?”

She nodded slowly, unsure of how else she could respond to that..

“Y-you’re a macro?”

Again she nodded, blinking her eyes for what must’ve been the first time in a few minutes.

“Wow...” His voice trailed off and the two resumed staring at each other. Well, she assumed he was staring since she couldn’t make out any of his details.

As they sat there Emily realized that she finally understood the phrase ‘the silence was deafening’. Her mind raced to find something, anything that she could say that would both drop the awkwardness of this moment and make up for her admittedly rough treatment of him when she discovered him on the bench.

Thankfully, Mark was able to say something. “Well, uh.” He took a moment to clear his throat. “This is certainly a... big surprise!”

She laughed, mostly out of relief at one of them having finally said something and not necessarily at the awful pun. “Yeah, no kidding. You’re, uh, shorter than I pictured!”

She heard him snort and could almost feel him rolling his eyes. “Oh, boo! Your pun-game needs some serious work.”

“Oh please, like 'big surprise' was sooo much better!” Her tail began to wag slightly as she felt the tensions from before begin to dissipate.

“It totally was!” he retorted haughtily.

“Oh yeah? Give me another example of your 'genius'!”

“Uh...I dunno, if I can think of another one so soon! Though it probably would be a comment involving your butt in some fashion.”

Emily rolled her eyes and shook the capsule gently, snickering as she heard him squeak in surprise as she did so. “Oh yes, mentioning how my rear is nothing but cute and petite?”

“Yeah, to you maybe! To me it’s the size of a few city blocks.”

“Well it’s not my fault that you guys are soooo teeny-tiny. Pretty much everything is colossal to you!”

“Yeah... well... we have flying cars! So there.”

Her ears perked a bit more at that. “You do? Holy crap, that’s awesome! Actually... that would explain how you got up on the bench like that.” Suddenly she remembered exactly where she had found him at first and let out a gasp. “Oh shit! I just realized... I almost sat on you! You’re okay, right? Nothing’s broken?”

“Oh!” He started, apparently caught off guard at the sudden concern. “I’m okay, yeah! A little bruised and I’m pretty sure my heart was never meant to beat as hard as it did, but otherwise I’m pretty sure I’m okay.” His voice took on a reassuring tone that let her breathe a bit easier.

She let out a sigh of relief and nodded slowly. “Well that’s good to hear. What in the world were you doing up there anyways?! Surely there are better places for you guys to wait for each other!”

“Well I -was- waiting up there for you! Normally waiting on those benches at that time of day is pretty safe... Of course if the person you’re meeting is a few miles tall and has no idea you’re there, you begin to run into some issues.”

She let out another laugh and smirked down at him. “Hmm, yeah I guess that’s fair... Still, I’m glad you’re okay. I would’ve felt terrible if I’d hurt you.”

She heard him let out another haughty laugh.“Naaah don’t worry about it. At the very least it would have been a pretty good way to go. Especially, when you consider the view! Plus I’m far too tough to be dispatched in such a way. I’m flexing right now, just so you know. It’s -very- impressive.”

“Mmhmm.” She gave the capsule another little shake, grinning as he let out another yelp. “You’re such a smartass!”

She heard him let out a somewhat forced laugh, likely not too happy at being thrown around yet again. “Hey! Gotta look on the bright side when it comes to things like that, right? Um, and also... Not that this dark metallic pit of despair isn’t great and all... But do you think you could let me out?”

Emily smirked and tilted it back towards her face. “You sure you can trust me?”

“Well, when you look at me like that I question it. But I’d rather take my chances with you than spend the rest of my time down here.”

“Alrighty, hold on tight then!” She brought her finger right up against the capsule so that the pad was smushed up against the edge and then began to tilt the whole thing downwards.


Emily’s face disappeared from view and seconds later the entire capsule began to slowly tilt forwards. Mark felt himself start to slide down the sleek metallic walls, unable to get a grip on anything. He gulped and slipped his cellphone into his pocket moments before falling onto his rear and slipping down towards the open end of the capsule. He shut his eyes a few moments before he came out into the blinding light and felt himself land on something soft. He let out a small groan and shook his head, blinking his eyes as they adjusted to the sudden increase in light. As his vision cleared, he noticed that the ground was made of some sort of dark, warm material. He prodded at it a few times before realizing that it was the soft leather of Emily’s immense fingerpad.

He slowly stood up onto his feet and looked around. Before him was the vast set of valleys that were her finger pad ridges, each deep enough for him to camp at the bottom of, with a fair bit of room to spare! Behind him was a thick forest of tawny coloured fur, out of which rose an incredible, teal coloured mountain that he assumed was her claw. As he breathed in, the same sweet smell from when she picked him up before permeated his senses again. He shivered slightly as it occurred to him once more just how truly tiny he was in comparison to her, finally turning his head upwards to look at her face, hanging over him like some sort of colossal moon. Every movement she made, no matter how small it was, was amplified into extreme detail. He watched the muscles on her arm shift and ripple as she brought him closer to her face, concentrating intently on his form as she did so.

He reached into his pocket and brought his phone up to his ear as her finger approached her face, eventually stopping just in front of the top of her nose. He took a moment to watch those nostrils, as wide as entire city blocks, flare before he brought his attention back to her eyes. “Wow.”

He noticed the sides of her mouth curl up slightly as she smiled. “I’ve left you speechless already? Damn, I’m good.” Her voice was far more impressive up close, still retaining its femininity but obviously much louder and more impressive than before, enough to shake him to his bones.

He let out a nervous chuckle and shrugged “I... sorry it’s just. I’ve never gotten to see a macro this close before... Man, you have no idea how incredibly huge you guys look, it’s crazy!”

He heard a rumble like the most incredible thunder he’d ever experienced in his life, strong enough to shake the leather of the pad that he was standing on, which he realized must have been her purring as her nose pressed into the edge of her fingertip slightly.

“Well.” He heard her voice through the phone and all around him. “You have no idea how incredibly cute you guys look from here.”

“Not to sound ungrateful but... cute? I’m barely visible to you, aren’t I?”

“Yes, but I do know how you look, and when I picture you at that size... It’s pretty damn adorable if I do say so myself.”

Mark laughed and couldn’t help but grin. He supposed that when he thought of it that way it was kinda cute in a sort of strange way. “Well then, what should we do now?”

He watched her lips curl up a bit further as her eyes get that same look they always did when she got some sort of idea in her mind. “Weeeeeeeeell! If I remember correctly, you mentioned once or twice that you enjoyed paws, didn’t you? Maybe I ought to give you a closer view of mine?”

Mark felt himself choke a bit at the suggestion, unable to really formulate a reply as she moved her finger away from her face and down towards her left foot, which was resting on her knee. He watched, mouth hanging open, as it approached her mountainous toes. She gave them a slight wiggle as he came close, like thick, fluffy mountains grinding acres upon acres of fur and flesh together. He also noted the fair amount of heat that radiated off of them, as well as the slight scent that seemed to accompany it.

“I- I um... I...” He squeaked out as his mind struggled to form a complete thought. He did eventually manage to tear his gaze away and noticed her staring down at him with an amused look on her face. “M-maybe... Let’s try something a bit, uh, simpler off the bat? Like... how about you show me where you draw?”

Her ear flicked slightly as she smirked and brought him back up to her face. “That’s probably a better idea, yeah. Though, I am very happy to see that you’re as easy to tease in real life as you are online!”

He chose not to respond to that as she stood up and began walking to the other end of her room, each of her tremendous footsteps resembling the sound of far-off explosions as she walked. What surprised Mark the most as he looked around the room, though, was just how normal everything looked. Sure it was a bit more primitive looking than he was used to, but really it was not that different from what you would see in the lower-income neighbourhoods of the city. Her bed, which is what she’d been sitting on before, was up against the far wall of the room, with the door opposite to it. He assumed that her closet was probably on the left end of the room, as the right end which she was walking towards had a ‘small’ wooden desk with a closed laptop on it and with a sketch book propped up against it. A silver lamp that was attached to the wall hung over it. She also had a few completed pieces and various strips hung up on the walls around it. Mark recognized a few of them, mostly stupid jokes that they thought up together over the last few years.

“Well here you go, where the ‘magic’ happens” she said, making air quotes with her free hand on ‘magic’.

Mark rolled his eyes “Ohhh no! You just got an offer to draw for one of the biggest papers in the country right as you’re getting out of high school. You do not get to play the ‘oh I’m so baaaad at art’ card with me missy. Nuh-uh!”

“Pssh, whatever! You’re giving me a lot of sass for someone small enough to fit into my fingerprint you know!” She retorted, sticking out a tongue that was wide enough to fit everyone he ever knew and loved.

“Hey I’ve been reinforcing how amazing you are at this for years, in spite of whatever you thought about yourself! Don’t you think that you suddenly being large enough to fit most of my city underfoot will change that.” He said with a huff, only to squeak as she moved her finger back up towards her face before tipping gently towards the top of her nose. Mark took the hint and hopped off of the immense digit and onto the cold, wet vastness of her nose as he listened to her reply.

“Hmph, I really should stuff you between my toes. But you’d probably enjoy that waaaay too much.” She smirked slightly as she brushed her hand across the desk. “By the way, I hope you don’t mind me putting you there? I figured it’d be easier to carry you around this way.”

“No, no it’s fine! Just, ah, be careful how you tilt your head. I really don’t want to be breathed in or anything.”

“Ew, yeah that’d be gross. Don’t worry though, I’ll be careful!” She smiled and sat down at the desk, grabbing the sketchbook from the side and a pen from a little cup she had put up against the wall. “Okay, I want you to shut your eyes or turn around or something. I’m gonna do a little sketch in commemoration of our first ever meeting.”

“Oh! Well, sure if you want to... but you don’t have to...” He started before hearing a growl that made the sound of her thighs grinding together sound like a kittens mewl in comparison.

“Nope. Shut up. I’m doing it. Now turn around or go into my muzzle fur until I say you’re allowed out.”

Mark rolled his eyes and started walking the length of her nose towards the forest of fur that made up her face. “Okay mom.” He retorted when suddenly the world beneath him began to buckle and shift! The wet, leathery surface of her nose began to roll up into a series of hills and valleys, and Mark was tossed back towards her muzzle fur, eventually ending up just on the edge of the somewhat shorter stalks of facial fur.

“D-did you just wrinkle your nose?!” He shouted into the phone, dazed.

“Yep, and I’ll do it again too if you try and peek before I’m done!” She said with a giggle before he felt her head tilt slightly. “You’re okay though right?”

“Well my butt hurts and my head is spinning a bit, but really I’m feeling just fine otherwise. I’ll just go walk it off, I guess.” He said, stretching out with a groan as he stood himself back up and walked onto the smooth, pink flesh that signalled the end of her nose. He slipped his phone back into his pocket as he walked since she didn’t tend to be very talkative when she was working. When he listened carefully, he could hear the far-off sounds of her pencil gliding across a piece of paper that could probably cover most of the city. He glanced up at the immense stalks of fur and shivered slightly as he thought about how short facial fur usually was compared to the rest of the body fur and tried to picture exactly how big -those- strands would be.

He pushed the thought out of his head and instead redirected his thoughts to her eyes. When he’d first seen her face during their first webcam chat all those years ago, they’d been the first thing that he’d really noticed about her. Bright red, like the most brilliant sunset one could imagine. They still held the same bright spark of excitement that he remembered from when he first saw her face all those years ago. Of course, he thought to himself with a bit of a chuckle, now the thought of being able to lose himself in those eyes could be taken quite literally.

He was trying to calculate the exact circumference of her iris when he heard a loud ‘thunk’ which he assumed was the sound of her putting the pen down. Mark reached into his pocket and brought the phone back up to his ear. “All done?”

“Yep!” came her voice, sounding rather pleased “come out and take a look!”

Mark made a brisk walk back towards the edge of her nose and looked out past the very tip of the wide, black plain. She was holding up the immense piece of artwork so that he could see it, which made it look like some sort of constellation high in the sky. The drawing was of him sitting upon her nose, albeit at a much larger height, and glancing back towards her with a silly looking grin on his face while she stared cross-eyed at him with her tongue sticking out.

“Well, I like that I’m still tiny compared to you, but now I’m actually visible.”

“Hey, I gotta keep it realistic, right?” She replied “I’d give it to you as a keepsake, but I don’t think your pockets are big enough to carry it.”

Mark rolled his eyes and watched as she placed the sketchbook back down onto the desk and closed it.

The lioness glanced out her window sniffed “Hmm, it’s starting to get late. I guess I oughta take you back before your family starts to worry, huh?”

“Heh, that’d be much appreciated! I’d walk back myself, but it’s a bit of a long trip for me to make!”

Emily chuckled gently as she stood up from the chair and walked through her bedroom door and out into the hall. “Well, yeah, you’d probably be a geriatric 80-year old by the time you made it halfway back!”

“Halfway?” Mark smirked “I think you overestimate just how good of a runner I am. Really at best I’d make it an eighth of the way before I get that old.”

“Oof, yeah good point. You’re lucky that you have me as a chauffeur then, huh?” She winked at him, opened up another door and walked towards a car that looked like something out of a history book.

It was a brown coloured, blocky looking thing with no streamlining whatsoever. The chassis was likely made out of steel, and it looked like it had exhaust pipes jutting out of the back, which meant it had a damn combustion engine of all things. And it had wheels. Wheels.

“Uh... this is safe to ride in, right?”

Emily took a while to respond as she opened the door and sat down in the drivers seat, jostling the tiny human on her schnozz around as she sat back into the beige coloured seat.. “Well yeah, of course it is! It might not be as fancy as what you’re used to driving around in, but it gets me from A to B.”

“...Thiiiis isn’t even in the same era as what I’m used to riding in.” Mark frowned as he peered at the old-fashioned dials on the dashboard. “My God, it uses leaded fuel...”

The car made an unholy roar as Emily turned the key. And Mark couldn’t help but notice the little orange light that started flashing on the dashboard. “Look, is this going to be a problem? Because I can always put you on my leg if seeing all of this is too scary for you.”

“No, no! I’ll be alright. After all, I survived the trip over here, didn’t I?” He paused as her head swung around to look out the back window while she reversed out onto the street. “Besides, if I’m going to die I’d rather see it coming!”

The gears made a series of loud clunks and grinds as Emily shifted into first gear, cursing under her breath as she tried to keep the car from stalling. “Gruh... Glad you’re so confident in my driving, you know I could just keep you with me and save myself the trouble of driving all the way there and back again!”

Mark watched her eyes carefully, but for the life of him he could not tell if she was joking or not. “Alright, alright I’ll be good!”

“Aww, are you sure? It’d be real nice! I’d get a microscopic dollhouse for you...”

“Thaaat’s okay! And microscopic? Really?”

“And you could live on my dresser...”

“Aw hey, come on now!”

“And every night you could give me a pedicure!”

“You know, that actually that doesn’t sound too bad.”

“Pssh!” Those ruby eyes rolled slowly and he felt her settle back into her seat. “You are sooo weird! But then, that’s why I like talking with you, we never run out of things to talk about!”


For the first time in his life, Mark had run out of things to say. He sighed and glanced at the overturned cellphone on his chest, trying to think of what else he could talk to Emily about, but nothing came to mind. The strand of belly fur that he’d been placed upon swayed gently as a gust of wind came over Emily’s exposed midriff, creating an effect that resembled a field of wheat swaying in the setting sun. Glancing back and over the two rounded mountains at the edge of that plain of fur, he noticed that she was resting her head back against the slope of the hill that the bench had overlooked.

He couldn’t help but smile as he saw how peaceful she looked. Perhaps it was better to let this moment go on for a bit longer without it being disturbed by noise... After all, the entirety of the car ride and their walk back to the bench had mostly been filled with them talking about the differences between their societies. It had certainly been enlightening to hear about macrosian society from a source that wasn’t his textbooks or the media. Emily had been less concerned with how his society worked and more with how technologically advanced they were. She especially seemed to have gotten hung up on the fact that they had flying cars and had spent about twenty minutes raving about ‘how totally fucking amazing’ that must be. Honestly he’d never given it much thought before, but after seeing the ancient mess of a car that she drove he could definitely understand her amazement.

If things were different, first thing I’d do is take her for a ride on my bike. But unfortunately, the reality was quite a bit different. After all, look at what happened when she tried to sit on my lap last time he thought to himself with a sad chuckle. Still, though, just because he couldn’t do that didn’t mean that he couldn’t enjoy his time with her. Even if it was something as simple as just being physically there with her, in a way that was a million times better than only ever chatting online.

Slowly, he reached for his cellphone and brought up Emily’s number, hesitating only a moment to think about what to say before he pressed the dial button. Far above him he heard the sound of the lionesses cellphone vibrating in its place on the hill beside her head. She twisted slightly to pick it up and bring it to her ear, an act that to Mark looked as though the world itself was being twisted to a forty five degree angle for a moment and then was flattened out again.

“What’s up?” He heard her say sleepily “getting too warm?”

“No, no, I’m alright.” He replied as he fought the urge to get up and pace around. “I just wanted to say, uh, that this was, well, nice. And, uh, I wouldn’t mind doing something like this again soon.”
“Wait, really?” Her tone was a mixture of surprise and something else that he couldn’t quite determine... excitement, maybe? “You’re not worried about me hurting you or anything like that?”

“Well, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t, but I think if we’re both careful enough around each other it’ll be alright. And honestly? The risks are more than worth it.”

When her reply didn’t come a few moments later Mark was wondering if he’d somehow insulted her. Instead he soon found himself being scooped up against the incredible tip of the ebony claw on her index finger. The g-forces kept him held firmly in place as it rocketed towards her face, though she was likely doing her best to keep it as slow as she could. Finally once it stopped he was able to lift himself up off the ground and noticed that Emily had stood up as well.

“Sorry, that wasn’t too fast, was it?” she asked, looking concerned.

“Maybe juuuuust a bit slower next time, I felt a bit like my eyeballs were going to pop into the back of my skull for a second there!”

“Oop, alright! I’ll make sure to go even slower next time.” Her cheeks grew a bit red as she replied. “But, I think I’d like that as well. Maybe we could meet around here next weekend and just practice interacting with each other? Plus, this way we’ll have the whole day together instead of just a few hours.”

Mark’s heart skipped a beat and he felt himself nodding enthusiastically. “Great! Er, that’s great! Yeah, I’d definitely be down for meeting you then.”

Her footpaws created a series of distant thooms miles below him as she walked the short distance back towards the bench. “Well, I guess it’s a date then.”

“I guess it is!” He continued to nod, not actually thinking about what she’d just said until a couple moments later. “Wait, it IS!?”

The claw tip he was on was brought up a bit higher until it was level with her chin. “Mmhmm, and one more thing...”

“What’s that?” He furrowed his brow, still trying to determine what in the world had just happened when her claw began to move him towards her face. “Uh...Em, what are you-” He was cut short as it suddenly accelerated and he found himself rooted firmly in place as her lips got closer and closer. Within a few seconds his entire horizon had been taken up by the vast, ridged blackness of her bottom lip, only for that view to be replaced by complete darkness as he was pressed into that all-encompassing warmth. Mark found himself unable to move for a few moments as her lip completely encapsulated him, the subtle roar of countless gallons of blood rushing beneath the plush flesh surrounded him. He was only trapped there for a few seconds before her claw suddenly pulled away from her face, carefully placing the dazed human down onto the bench where she’d found him originally.

“Goodnight, Mark.” Emily purred, giving him a wink, then turning away with a flick of her tail.

It was not clear how long he’d stood there in the fading light with a stunned look on his face before he managed to come back to his senses. “Goodnight...” He whispered, and then looked back to where he’d parked his bike and began walking towards it. The first few steps were slow and cautious, as though he wasn’t sure he’d remembered how his legs worked. Then, they began to get lighter and lighter, and by the time he was at the bike he was practically prancing!

The machine hummed softly as Mark switched it on and put on his helmet, and the soft glow of the holographic speedometer lit up his grinning face as he took off in the direction of home. Admittedly he had no idea how this would all play out, or even if agreeing to meet with someone who could squish him beneath a stray fur strand was a remotely sane idea. Actually, it probably wasn’t! Like, at all. But even so he found himself not caring. In fact, the prospect of getting to see Emily again after what had just happened only made him even more excited. And then there was that whole ‘date’ thing...

“Well...” He frowned, thrumming the accelerator a bit as he thought about it. “She was probably just kidding around... Right?” Unfortunately, the only answer he received was the sound of the bikes anti-grav pulsars high pitched hum. “Ah, well... Guess we’ll just have to see!”


1 month later

The e-mail icon on the computer screen began dancing around, indicating a new message. Mark looked up from the video on radio transmitters that he’d been watching and moved his hand over to the icon, tapping it to open the inbox.

“Ah, it’s my phone bill, let’s see...” He opened the message up and then immediately felt the colour drain from his face. “Ohhhh shit.”
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Re: Communication on a Massive Scale

Postby Micro_Mouse » Sun Jun 29, 2014 5:32 am

... I love this story...
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Re: Communication on a Massive Scale

Postby Westpilot » Mon Mar 23, 2015 1:54 am

Micro_Mouse wrote:... I love this story...
Thanks dude! Though it would be awesome if we got to see more of yours as well!


“Okay... Like this?” Her voice came like a thunderclap a few seconds before the vast, ebony plain he was on tilted forwards sharply. Mark took a few stumbling steps forward before he felt his feet lose all traction

“Too far! Too far!” he cried, flailing his arms uselessly as he tumbled forward a few feet before Emily brought her claw tip back to a more reasonable angle.

“Oop, sorry!” She sighed “Gosh, the angle where it becomes too much for you is soooo specific!”

“Would you like me to get you a protractor? I think it starts going to hell around 30 degrees.” Mark muttered, holding his phone in place with his shoulder as he straightened his clothes out.

Those glossy red eyes, like a couple of oceans that made part of the landscape of Emily’s face, slowly rolled up and down as she stuck a monumental tongue tip out at him. “As if I could read such tiny markings. I’d need a microscope in order to make them out.” She sighed and stretched her free arm outwards, breaking into a small hurricane-like roar/yawn as she did so. “Mneh... Do you think we could take a break for now? Maybe have lunch?”

Mark managed to tear his view from the immense ripples that played out across her chest following her stretch and instead looked out at the field they were in. It was a fairly large clearing surrounded by a thick ring of trees that were turning golden and red as the weather began to cool; it wasn’t too far from the main trail, yet secluded enough that they were able to practice interacting with each other without worrying about being seen. “Yeah that sounds good to me. We’ve been going all morning and I think we could both do with a break.”

“Mmhmm.” She nodded as she moved herself over towards a tree, bringing her claw up and placing the front of it against the cool, black tip of her nose. It had been one of the first maneuvers they learned to do, since it was the easiest way for her to start carrying him around after picking him up. Of course it had taken him a fair bit of practice to get his part right due to his... lack of athletic prowess. He frowned as he broke into a sprint and made the jump across to the edge of her nose, remembering the first few attempts that had sent him flying into her nostril. It had taken everything for Emily to not break into a fit of laughter and accidentally breathe him in in the time it took for her to scoop him up with her claw.

He cleared the gap and landed unsteadily on his feet, then scrambled up the somewhat slick tip of the lionesses nose. Her piercing red eyes watched him carefully as he got up to the point where she could safely lean forward without him falling off. She winked at him, then rifled through her bag for a little bit and pulled out a sandwich that could probably sustain a thousand of his people for months.

“Do you want a bit? It’s roast beef this time.” She asked, holding the immense construct of bread, meat and mayo just in front of her nose, filling the air with the scent of the tasty meal.

“Ooh, is that the stuff your parents prepare themselves? Heck yeah I’d like some!”

Emily reached out and tore as small a piece as she could manage between two claws and placed a bit of the succulent meat down in front of Mark. “How’s that?”

“Well, it only sorta towers over me now, so that’s an improvement! Still, it’s nice to be able to bring this stuff home. One thing we don’t get much in the city is home made stuff, a lot of the meat is synthetic or comes from bugs or something.”

“Well, even for us not a lot of people smoke and prepare their own cuts. Usually you go to a supermarket for something like that, but my parents enjoy it and it brings in some extra cash at least. ” she flicked an ear, causing a gust of wind that would have blown Mark halfway across the field had he been much closer to it. “But bugs, huh? I guess I can understand why they’d be used, I mean there’s definitely enough of them around to sustain you guys. But how does ‘synthetic meat’ work? That sounds like something out of a science fiction novel. And yes, before you say it I know most of what your people do is like that for us.”

Mark couldn’t help but smirk at that. “Well it is true! And yeah, I guess way back when people started migrating out of the... shit, you guys call yourselves ‘Minevan’ right?” He waited for her to nod, then continued.

“Okay, right. So when they came from Minevan cities and into our own colonies a lot of them started to miss things like the chicken and beef that they’d been able to swipe from you guys before. And well, since the non-sapient versions of them don’t exist at our size we had to look for another method. To make a long story short a bunch of companies began to research ways of synthesizing something that would simulate the nutritional value and taste of meats, and eventually...” He paused and scratched his chin “Hmm, I think Agrico, Sci-Snacks, and Donsainto were the first three... Er, well they came out with a product at around the same time. It... wasn’t exactly a perfect recreation, nor was it very cheap, but it’s been getting better and more affordable as they’ve refined their processes. Nowadays you can get decent quality stuff for an alright price, and some near perfect recreations if you’re willing to pay extra.”

“Huh.” Was her sandwich-filled reply as she chewed up another portion of her lunch, then swallowed. “Crazy how you guys are able to work around things like that. I dunno how I’d live without beef... Mmm, or antelope. You ever had antelope?” She asked, licking a lake sized dollop of mayo off of her index finger.

“Mmm, nope can’t say I have.”

“I’m gonna have to make you some then. My grandma has a pretty good recipe for the stuff, really crispy on the outside while still succulent on the inside.” Her eyes shut and he could feel her muzzle shake as the corners of her mouth pull up into a grin. “It’s one of the few things I’d say taste better than hunting it yourself.”

“Woah, you’ve done that before?” Mark could barely imagine what it would be like seeing something Emily’s size take down an animal that was as big as she was.

“Oh gosh, I did once a looong time ago with some family members. They have a few ranches for carnivore species where you can go and pretend to get dinner the ‘old fashioned’ way. We all got to chase down a zebra... well when I say that I mean my mom and aunties did while my dad and uncles stayed behind to watch the younger kids. Though I was old enough to help bring it down once it had been injured enough, so that was cool! Truth be told it doesn’t taste nearly as good uncooked, but there’s just something about the thrill of the hunt, y’know? The effort just makes it taste better in your head.”

“Ahh, can’t say I do know how that feels, no...” Mark shivered, picturing Emily’s massive face in his mind, only with crazed eyes and a blood stained muzzle. “Still, I get the notion behind that. The sort of pride you feel from doing something yourself, yeah.”

“Mmhmm, exactly!” She replied, then raised her arm up to glance at an archaic looking analog watch. A circular scratched glass surface covered the two hands of a cartoony looking mouse which pointed at the Minevan symbols for various parts of the day. Mark had always found it to be a fascinating thing, since clockwork was more or less a dead art in his society, only really being picked up by a few hobbyists. “Well, we have a while yet before sunset. Wanna practice jogging a bit more? Oh! Or maybe... dancing?”

Mark smirked and shook his head as he felt her stand, making sure to keep her head still for him as she did so. “Dancing huh? Well I’d love to, but I don’t see how that’s possible.”

“Well, I’ll show you.” She grinned, then hung up and placed her cellphone against the tree where it started to play some slow, romantic music. Mark was given a few moments to wonder what she had planned before a mountainous claw tip slammed down in front of him. The human yelped and cringed a bit as the vast expanse of keratin spread out before him, rising up several hundred feet where it joined the massive tip of her finger.

“Geeze, well who am I to turn a lady down?” He said to himself, giving a small graceful bow and grasped the sheer face of her claw tip. Emily walked in a slow, lazy circle, softly humming in time with the music and gently pushed her claw at about the same speed and direction.

“Well, this feels kinda silly, but hey!” She giggled. “At least you can’t step on my feet.”

If I take the angle that the valve enters the compression chamber, and then multiply that by pi... Then that would let me know the amount of force being exerted onto all sides, and thus where metal fatigue is most likely to occur! Mark let out a cry of triumph as he attacked his mechanical engineering homework for the night, quickly but carefully drawing out the necessary equations and diagrams with renewed vigour. A few moments later his world rumbled gently as it began to move itself up and down, Emily’s voice piping up through his phone.

“Figured out the answer to some problem that will change the world as we know it?” She asked as she gently wiggled the toe that her tiny boyfriend was perched on.

“Nooot quite, but I did figure out the answer to a minor mechanical failure, so that’s good!” He smirked and raised his head to look out at the vast expanse of heated, black pad with it’s valley-like ridges that seemed to stretch on into forever. It had taken a few more months of practice, as well as a fair bit of teasing from Emily before he let her put him there during their friday night study sessions. The view alone had been worth the initial worry that he’d had, and now as he enjoyed the warmth and pleasant, if somewhat potent, scent that permeated the area.

“Ooh, good good!” She giggled “You know what they say, baby steps!”

Mark yawned and stood himself up, stretching out the kinks in his back that had developed from lying on his front for so long.”Mmh, yeah exactly that... So how’s your picture coming along?” His answer was a simply massive sheet of paper being held up high into the air above Emily’s head. It was a rather detailed watercolour bust shot of her mother, the brown furred lioness smiling wryly at the viewer. “Ooh, I love it! You’ve gotten much better at eyes too.”

“Hah, thanks.” She lowered the page and went back to finishing her drawing. “Still prefer sequential art though. Been thinking about a fun comic idea too, actually.”

She scrunched her toes a bit, the vast heated landscape of the ball of her foot suddenly rolling up into a series wrinkles that became leathery valleys that each held dozens of the smaller valleys of her ridges. Mark found himself being pointed towards at an angle towards the expanse before they relaxed and returned to normal. “O-oh yeah? What’s that?”

“Thinkin... A comic about a lioness and her little microbe-”

“Cantolian.” Mark interrupted.

“Microbe” She scrunched her toes again, a bit harder this time. “friend and the various adventures that they go on together growing up.”

“Alright, that’s a cheap move there.” He groaned, his back cracking a bit as he stretched it out. “How did these two come to know each other then? Did she almost sit on him with her big b-”

“Finish that thought and you’ll be spending a while getting close and personal with my shoe, mister.”

“Oh no, not the shoe. That’d be so baaaad!” Mark blushed in spite of himself. “Uhh so what DID actually happen for them to meet?”

“Mmhmm, I need to find something better to threaten you with...” Emily “But anyways, I haven’t worked out the details yet, but I figure she spotted him amongst the dust one day, and decided to chat him up! See, he’s a smart fella and doesn’t fly onto a place where someone’s likely to put their rear!”

“You’re never going to let me live that down, are you?”

She giggled, giving her toes another gentle wiggle. “Nope, never.”

“Shitshitshitshitshit!” Mark cried as he ran through the forest of massive, brown coloured stalks. The pink ground below him bounced and rolled with each and every one of his steps, threatening to throw the human for a bit of a ride as he chased after his cellphone which was rolling down the incline of the massive ‘hill’ that he found himself on.

“Aha!” He cried as he jumped after his phone, managing to snatch it before it got any farther. The ground rippled and jiggled around him as he took a breather, making sure that the device was undamaged before he brought up Emily’s name and started texting her.

He typed ‘GET ME OUT OF HERE.’ in as quickly as he could.

‘Huh? Where are you? I thought you were doing homework in my room?’ Came the reply.

‘I’m...’ He paused, wincing as he imagined her reply. ‘I’m on your mom.’

The snicker from his massive girlfriend was audible even through the jean filled sky. Well, that meant she was probably across from her mom on the couch at least. He’d gotten really lucky in where he ended up, since he was located on the upper half of the massive derriere that hadn’t gotten smooshed beneath the titanic lionesses weight when she sat.
“What are you giggling about?” Came her mother’s voice, booming and low.

“Oh! Ah, nothing, friend just sent me something funny.”

He frowned at that and began typing again ‘Well I’m glad you’re enjoying this!’

His phone buzzed with her reply ‘Aww sorry, sorry it’s just so funny! How the hell did that happen?! And... where are you?’

I’m never going to live this down... ‘I’m... on her butt. She sat down on your bed for a bit while I was on it, and I kinda got caught between the threads of her jeans. I wasn’t directly under it, but the whole thing bent down towards her and I couldn’t help but slide towards it.’ He paused for a moment and remembered the sight of the massive continent of jean-clad lioness tush getting larger and larger as he slid helplessly towards it. A sight that was as much terrifying as it was presumably the dream of every hormone ridden Cantolian male.

“Hahahahahaha!” came the voice of Emily once more.

“Boy your friend must be really funny.” The massive lady who currently served as his world remarked, shifting her position so that the sprawling landscape of flesh and fur around him began to jiggle again. He groaned and steadied himself against a fur strand as the world around him bounced up and down like waves on the water, every minute ripple causing a dozen more to play out before it all settled down again.

“Mmhmm, he’s a riot, that’s for sure!”

His phone buzzed again “Well what do you want me to do about it? I’m not gonna goose my mom just to get you out. >:B And by the way what is it with you and getting stuck under people’s asses?”

‘Well what the heck should I do? I don’t want to be stuck to her for the rest of the day! What if she takes a shower?’ he replied, poignantly ignoring the last bit of her message.

‘Okay yeah good point... Uh, well you could try making your way down her leg when she stands up? If you can get onto the floor I can pick you up real quick.’

‘Well it’s worth a shot. I’ll text you once I’m down.’

‘K, good luck! :3’

He rolled his eyes at that. No amount of kitty faces could possibly help him in this situation. Still, while it was going to be a hell of a walk it would certainly be a scenic one! Spending a few hours hiking down the side of a massive, curvaceous lioness would be a lovely way to spend the evening. He’d have a few hours to take in the sights that few guys his size would ever get to see and live to tell the tale. Of course, Emily would tease him endlessly about this but part of him didn’t mind as much as he took in the sight of that expanse of constantly shifting pink flesh!

Unfortunately for him, just as he took his first step her mom began to move once more, announcing that she should get started on dinner. The land began to ripple and shake heavily and Mark found himself getting flung up into the air by a particularly powerful jiggle as it played out across her rump. The teensy human let out a cry of fear as he smacked into the threads of her underwear before falling down into her pant leg.

The winds screamed in his ears and bit at his eyes as he fell through what must have been a fifty foot gap between her pants and her leg. In his mind he tried to calculate if he could survive a fall like this, but it didn’t seem likely. He frowned, trying to think up some profound thing he could say before he hit the ground. Perhaps professing his love for Emily, or some incredible revelation that would astound the flea’s on her mother! Unfortunately when he opened his mouth all that came out was “AHHHHHHHH!” God DAMNIT mouth! You’ve failed me once more! He thought bitterly as he shut his eyes, waiting for the inevitable crack that would end it all.

However, instead of a crack he instead felt himself get smooshed into something soft and spongy! He gasped and opened his eyes, getting a rather unforgettable view of the dust-littered underside of Emily’s mom’s paw as it pulled away, the city-sized worn footpad dropping a few particles of dirt as big as houses as it retreated. He gulped and then looked around at where he was, and found that a simply monumental piece of lint had broken his fall.

Mark breathed a sigh of relief, then pulled out his phone to text Emily and let her know that it was time for another rousing game of ‘figure out which floorboard your boyfriend is stuck on’.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Emily asked for what must have been the fifteenth time that night. She chewed her bottom lip nervously as she stood by her door, staring at where she’d dropped Mark off on her pillow.

The human took a deep breath and nodded. “I’m sure. I trust you, I mean it’s been three years now that we’ve been together and you haven’t so much as bruised me.”

She nodded nervously, locking her door with a resounding clunk. It was after eleven and the rest of her family was asleep, but still it never hurt to be cautious. She began to walk over to the bed, flicking her bedroom light off so that the only source was the lamp beside her bed that cast long shadows across the far wall.

His voice rang out across the room, amplified on speakerphone just enough for Emily to hear it without waking anyone while keeping her hands free. “We’ll take it slow. You know, experiment? Just kinda... See what we like?” Oddly, his voice seemed to grow shakier and less confident as she approached, her nightgown fluttering in great rolling waves.

“Yeah, slowly, exactly!” She sat down on the bed with her legs dangling over the side, staring at him silently while continuing to chew her bottom lip.

The silence between the two hung over them heavily for what felt like hours, both lost as to what to say next.

Well Mark, it was your idea to ‘congratulate’ her on her getting hired by the newspaper by doing something special. Say something, asshole! Screamed his inner voice. “You look beautiful...” He said after a while. “It’s nice to see you with your hair down.”

She smiled at that. “Thanks... Are you really sure y-”

“Yes!” He interrupted. “Goodness, yes! I... I want to do this, but only if you’re comfortable with it too. Are you comfortable with it?”

“I am... Gods, I really am.” He noted with no small amount of fear and pride that her finger claws flexed slightly as she said that. “I’m just worried I might hurt you...”

“Well, yeah. That’s kinda the shitty part about this whole relationship, it’s a risk any time you and I interact.” He took a deep breath and collected his thoughts “But I still want to be with you despite that because... Well, because I love you.”

“Oh, Mark...” Her claws flexed a few more times, then stopped. “I... I love you too.” She smiled. “Okay, I’m ready.”

[Final bit of this scene has been removed from here since while it's not blatant porn, what it implies might violate the rules of the subforum!]
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