Strumming the Soul

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Strumming the Soul

Postby Herobreak » Sat Feb 02, 2013 7:43 am

Yes, I'm back and after a very long time I think I'm actually ready to write again. I'm planning for this story to be pretty short in hopes that I will actually be able to finish it but for now, here is the first part:

Strumming the Soul

Lacuna made sure her dress was straight for what must have been (by her guess at least) the fourth time. Making certain that once and for all the crimson colored garment was pressed to her liking, she forced her blue eyed gaze toward the cold gray steel doors before her. It wasn’t that she had never been in the public eye before, on the contrary. She had been in many interviews already however, those had been quite some time ago and things were now certainly different.

God, can’t this thing go any faster? Her voice rattled inside her head. The lift she currently occupied was indeed on an unusually long trip, but then again she knew that it had a LOT of ground to cover. With a sigh that was as much out boredom as it was nervousness she looked down at her small wrist watch. Lightly touching its glass face, Lacuna caused a small holographic image to pop up which displayed the time and bathed the confined space in a dim white glow.

“I wonder if he’s here yet.” She muttered.

The soft hiss of the doors opening told her that the lift had finally reached its destination. The clop, clop sound of her pearly white heels echoed throughout the metal halls as she tried to make sense of the monocratic looking corridors; they all looked the same to her. That’s odd she thought, this was a military capital ship and she more than half expected to have seen some sort of personnel by now.

As if on cue, two young officers in Edge World Coalition uniforms turned a corner and headed in her direction; she guessed that they likely wanted to take the lift she had just stepped off of. As the three of them crossed paths she could hear one of the men whisper to the other.

“Dude, is that who I think it is?”

“It appears so.”

“Is it me.” The younger one said trying to keep his voice low enough for her not to hear, but due to the narrow halls it didn’t quite work. “Or is she hotter in person than the photos let on.”

“Shut it. You do realize can hear us right?”

The young one shot a quick glance her way, but turned away once he realized his gaze met hers, she realized he was blushing. THAT’S something I’ve certainly missed she thought with a smirk. She quickly turned on the sole of her heel causing her long chocolate brown curls to twist in the same fashion as her dress and approached the two.

“I’m sorry boys, but I’m a little lost. I was wondering if one of you could point me in the direction of the broadcasting room.”

“Certainly mam,” The older one said pointing over her shoulder. “Just take this hallway all the way down and make a left.”

She nodded. “Thank you kindly.”

“You’re Lacuna Via aren’t you?” The other one blurted out. His freckled face made her guess that he was likely fresh out of high school.

“That’s me.” She smiled wide “Is there anything I can do for you?”

The young man turned away with red once again on his cheeks. No, I…. I just wanted to say that I love your sound is all.”

She let a small laugh escape. “Well, I wouldn’t say that ALL of it is just mine but, thanks. It’s good to hear that our creative efforts haven't gone unnoticed.” She let a second pass before saying “In any case, I’m afraid I’m going to be late if I wait any longer. I’m guessing you will be seeing us at the show tomorrow?”

The kid nodded. “Of course.” He lightly jabbed an elbow into his older associate’s side. The man rolled his eyes before responding.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

With a wave and small smile she followed the officer's directions and quickly found herself standing in front of a door the read BORADCASTING. Once inside she couldn’t help but notice that the room was considerably smaller than she thought it would be and looked much like any other room on the ship.

In the center she saw two faces she knew very well: her band-mates. The first was their bass player Macon. Hailing from a colony whose roots could be traced all the way back to Australia. He could often been seen wearing a black spiked vest along with a pair of faded and holey jeans. This combined with neatly kept short blonde hair and dark shades screamed the cliched image of a classic rock star. Macon often joked that if he was going to help bring back “good old rock n' roll” he might as was well bring it back with style.

The second was Kadyn. Lacuna thought it funny that, up until their newest member joined, she was often thought of as the most odd ball of the group. It wasn't the intricately designed tattoo that ran along the left side of her face or even because of the fact that she was from one of the defecting Sterkor clans. No, she was loud, rude and had absolutely no qualms about speaking her mind. Her nearly buzzed red hair and multiple piercings often rubbed people the wrong way, but Lacuna couldn't think of a better drummer.

Lacuna didn’t have so much of a second to greet her friends before a stiff looking man in a business suit walked up with an impeccably clean toothy smile. A small pin on his the right side chest caught her attention. Inner systems, he's a long way from home. What's he doing out in a place like this? She thought. Her 5’5 stature forced her to look up to meet his gaze and after a moment’s hesitation she took his offered hand.
“You must be the resident newscaster. I take it your giving the interview?”

“Yes, yes. It’s so good to finally meet you miss Via. I’m Ronald Olva. I’m simply delighted that all of you are finally back together.

“Well..., not quite all of us.”

“Indeed...” His voice was monotone and business like. “His death was tragic.”

Lacuna shook her head and quickly glanced around the room. “That’s not what I meant. I don’t see a view screen for Solin.” Ron waved dismissively.
“Oh right. His flight was delayed and he won’t be arriving for some time.” He cleared his throat and adjusted his tie. “The station representatives want the interview to go on as scheduled. They only bought out the next hour and want you in the spot light with or without your full crew.”

That’s funny she thought. You would think he's one of the main reasons why we’ve managed to turn so many heads. She was about to protest when Macon chimed in. “We tried telling him. But the man won’t budge.”

“You wanted us to make it big again didn’t you?” Kadyn also offered. “Well.” She tilted her head toward an empty seat between her and Macon. “Here we are.” As Lacuna sat down next to her she learned over and whispered: “Besides, I’m sure Fuzzy will understand.”

“In any case.” Ron cut in with a smile. “The heart and soul of the group is all here so that’s really all that matters isn’t it? Ratings are; after all still ratings.”

Lacuna wanted to say something like, “So everything always comes down to money doesn’t it?” but instead just said “Fine, lets get started then.”

Without missing a beat Ron gathered a small stack of white papers which Lacuna guessed were cue cards before sitting down in his chair that faced them. He then clicked a small button on his well ironed suit and a small floating camera droid positioned itself between the two groups. The only thing that alerted the group that the camera had activated was a pale white glow the enclosed the orb shaped object. Ron held out three fingers. “And we’re live in… three… two… one…”

“Welcome music fans from all corners of ISA, EWC and Lyth systems. Coming from you live, straight from the beautiful and majestic ship the HEAD…” He paused and looked down puzzled at one his cue cards. “Uh… SMASHER... I’m your host Ron Olvia and today I have the esteemed privilege of interviewing some VERY special guests. For those whom may be unfamiliar; this lovely bunch are non-other than the musical sensation “We the People.” With that he extended an open hand to indicate that the music group could now speak. The robot orb did a quick 180 so it could capture the band members.

“Lacuna here, it’s great to be back and I can’t wait to show you what we can do live and in the flesh.”

“G'Day mates, Macon talking. Hope all of you are prepaid to get lost in the wicked beats we lay down.” he said behind his shades and flashy smile.

“You all know who I am. Just keeping it real.” Kadyn said as she held up the classic rocker sign and flashed the audience her genetically altered forked tongue.

Ron smiled politely before continuing. “Shall we?” They all nodded. “Okay on to the first question. One of the first things I’m sure most of the ISA and EWC viewers are itching to know is what took so long? You single handily revived a genre that was long thought dead and forgotten. It’s been almost three years since we’ve heard from you guys. Yet, here you are back and better than ever.”

“Well…” Lacuna said thoughtfully. “I guess you could say that the band's original vision pretty much died with Lucas.” The pain of the memory was apparent on not only her face but on Macon's and Kadyn's as well.

Ron nodded more so out formality than respect. “I know the memory must still sting, but what exactly happened?"

“The Thak happened.” Macon said. He made no effort to hide the bitterness in his voice. “He was on his honeymoon visiting his in laws when the invasion on Pieces happened.”

“Yeah.” Kadyn chimed in “Those litter heads took away one of biggest musical talents of the generation. I doubt any ISA or EWC worlds will see a talent like his for a long time to come.”

“Ah..., yes. That’s one day I’m sure none of us will soon forget.” Lacuna thought it interesting. For all of the strife and conflict that the ISA and EWC had seen over the years, they both seemed to unanimously agree that the invasion of Pisces was nothing short of an atrocious human massacre that marked the start of the largest and most wide spread conflict humanity have ever known.

“But…” Ron said clasping his hands together and quickly changed his sullen expression into a more jovial one. “That’s the past, let’s focus on the present. More specifically let’s talk about the white elephant in the room, or... should I say giant wolf.” He chuckled at his own twist on the classic idiom. Only he seemed to find it humorous though. He awkwardly cleared his throat before continuing in a more serious manner. “Anyways.... Is the rumor true?”

“What, about Solin? Lacuna said. “Well I imagine the very fact of us playing HERE of all places would prove that it’s no rumor. Our new lead guitarist is a Lyth, so what?”

“Simply fascinating.” Ron said his eyes full of genuine amazement. “Well, while I’m sure our combined audience can agree that the Lyth have come to humanities aid on the war front, I believe making music is a tad out of their element.”

“Why? It's not like they only exist to make war. We are after all, their Patrons…”

Ron cut of Kadyn with a hand. “I would say that some of our viewers would say that’s a matter of opinion.”

Kadyn continued as if Ron never stopped her. “It only makes sense that something like this would happen eventually. Besides we ARE technically here to support our troops.”

“In any case, I’m sure our audience is just as curious as I am about how this... collaboration came about?”

“Well.... it kind of started out as joke between me and my brother.” Lacuna said.

“Your brother huh? I'm sure the viewers would love to here this.”

“Yeah.” Lacuna continued. “Once he found out that our band was trying to get something going again after we lost Lucas, he thought it would be funny if he took some of our old tracks and played them on the ship he was stationed on. The ship just so happened to be one of the very first that was designed to accommodate both a Human and Lyth crew. My brother later told me that he got a weeks’ worth of deck scrubbing duty for his little stunt, but nevertheless the music made its way into the ears of a certain Loner.”

“Loner?” Ron asked. Though comparatively few humans had actually ever seen an alien, much less a Lyth, the story of the small Loner pack that helped drive the Thak off Pieces had already become one of the legends of the alien war. Scarcely three years out from the incident and “Loner” had practically become a house hold word, even in the Inner Systems that was used to describe some of the Lyth's most fearsome warriors.“How exactly would a Lyth trained assassin find a way into a rock band?”

Lacuna eyed the other two band members. They had anticipated such a question and had all agreed upon the same answer; it was Lacuna who gave it. “I'm sorry, but we don't feel like that's our information to give.”

“Oh? Is it classified or something?” Ron said with a raised eyebrow.

She knew that he was just trying to do his job. But she hated his prying anyways.“No, it's not that. Solin is one the group and we don’t wish to betray his trust. His story is for him to tell, not us.” She felt a slight buzz by her hip indicating that someone had sent her a message. She ignored the odd feeling with a flip-flop of her crossed legs.

“Fair enough.” Ron said trying trying to hide the disappointment in his voice. “So, you where saying the music somehow got to his ears.”

Kadyn nodded and took the spotlight. “When Solin first contacted us via Lacuna bro. We thought it was some elaborate prank; but in the end, Fuzzy was the real deal. At the time we had already been looking for another guitarist to take Lucas's place and we figured we had only something to gain. So... we gave Solins a chance. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say we are thankful we did.” All three of them nodded and smiled in unison.

Macon took over. “Once we herd the mates stuff, it was truth be told, unlike anything we had ever herd before. Lyth don’t have quite the equivalent of a guitar, but even still, the tracks Solin played LIVE for us over a view screen sounded nearly identical to the music Lucas had played.” He stopped for a few moments and looked up in thought. “I really hate to sound all spiritual and shit, but it was almost as if Lucas himself was speaking to us from beyond the grave in the cords and strings of Solins music. We knew then that our lives, and the direction of the band had changed.”

Lacuna nodded in agreement. “Yeah, that guy has some serious talent in his claws. For all of stuff he's had to adapt to, he's made the translation into our band unbelievably well and it's hard to think of the group without him.”

“Really....”Ron crossed his legs. “What's it like working with an Alien?”

“Mates is actually pretty a cool dude.” Macon answered. “His sense of humor is a little dark and is hit or miss at times, but he's the real deal and is just as passionate on laying down tracks as any human musician.”

“You should have seen us in the early days.” Kadyn chuckled. “It was pretty much one cluster fuck after another. Took nearly a year before we figured out a system where we could actually consistently record and rehearse together. It's a little odd only seeing his face from a view screen, but all of us eventually got used to the idea.”

­“So you were actually able to produce songs through these... view screen seasons?”

“Actually.” Lacuna said. Anything that we've put out in the last few months has had Solin on the guitar.”

“That's simply amazing!” Ron said. He paused and looked down at another card in his hand. “I see here that tomorrow is the bands first live performance.”

“Yeah for obvious reasons, we have never been able to meet and play side by side.”

“By now I'm sure most people from the ISA and EWC systems know of your musical talents. I'm curious though, what of the Lyth systems? Do you have a following there, if at all?”

Lacuna shrugged.“Truth be told we can't really say. From what Solin has told us our little group has perked the interest of several Lyth musicians simply because we sound so different. In fact, he said that he knows of a few Lyth that are likely listing to this very interview.”

“Well, I'm sure the performance will be quite sight to behold. However as much as I've come to love this little chat of ours, I'm afraid it will have come to an end. It was pleasure getting to know the state of the band a little better. Got any parting words for any fans out there?”

Lacuna smirked at both Macon and Kadyn. “Just... be prepared for one hell of a show tomorrow! We are going to show all on board just what it means to rock out!”

“Ah, very good. He turned to face directly into the foaling camera droid. “This is Ron Oliva singing off from Galactic Network News. Good day, and good night.”

Not more than a second after Ron had finished his sentence, the ball shaped droid dimmed and floated away in the direction of a bowel like charger. Ron quickly got up and mentioned for the three of them to follow him to the door before placing his hand out toward the hallway. “I don't mean to be rude, but I have another interview with commander Collins in fifteen minutes. So if you wouldn't mind, I need to prepare.” With a silent nod Lacuna followed both Kadyn and Macon out of the room. Once they were out of ear shot, Kadyn broke the silence.

“What was up with that guy?”

Macon nodded. “I dunno. The stupid Figjam just rubbed me the wrong way.”

“Can't believed the little prick cut me off like that.”

Macon was about reply but noticed Lacuna held a look of surprise on her face.“What is it?”

“I got a message while in the interview. It's from Solin.”

Macon gave Lacuna a puzzled look. “A message? On your phone? He can do that?”

She shrugged. “I guess so. He says he flight just got in and he wants to meet us...” Lacuna let the last part hang and they exchanged nervous looks. While they had become quite familiar with the wolf like alien over the past three years they all knew seeing a Lyth through a view screen and meeting one in person were two VERY different things.

“Well, ladies, I don't think we have that much to worry about, I mean come on. It's Solin we are talking about. He's one of the mate now.” Macon said as he swung an arm around Lacuna's shoulder. “Besides... what did they used to say back in the day? The camera adds ten pounds?”

Or a few tons. She thought as she followed the two toward the entrance of the Lyth hanger.


Posted with DTF's permission. A meaningless cookie goes to anyone who knows what this story is talking about, and gets the single musical reference I've made.
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Re: Strumming the Soul

Postby wowmaster » Sat Feb 02, 2013 8:51 pm

Good story so far. Can't wait for part 2.
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Re: Strumming the Soul

Postby Berserker » Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:07 am

This is pretty neat. The story itself had some grammatical errors, but... you know, that's all nitpicky. The dialogue was good, the setting was interesting, and the premise seemed like fun. I just wish there was more.
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Re: Strumming the Soul

Postby Kusanagi » Sun Feb 03, 2013 6:13 pm

Wow good stuff, I didn't even make the connection to DTF's Nature and Patron's war till you mentioned him, then it all came flooding back. Certainly adds that extra bit to it. Hope to see you continue soon. (something new has been added :o)

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Re: Strumming the Soul

Postby NeoVid » Sun Feb 03, 2013 11:26 pm

I'm liking this concept a lot. I always had to wonder how everyday society would have changed after first contact in DTF's setting, and it's great to see it held someone else's imagination enough to inspire more stories.
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Re: Strumming the Soul

Postby TendoTwo » Mon Feb 04, 2013 2:44 am

When I saw the name "Sterkor" I was wondering where I had heard that term before.... then when I saw "Lyth" mentioned...

Honestly, I never expected to hear more of that setting again, Patron's War and Nature were probably one of my favorite DTF settings. (Ok ok, mainly because most of the races were far more tolerant of humans in that setting than most macro stories).

Even though I have never seen the series, was kinda getting a Macross vibe with this story, what with the whole humans and giants in space playing in a band together plot :mrgreen:

I can't imagine what the sight of a macro wolf playing live in a band with humans would look like, but I love the concept.
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Re: Strumming the Soul

Postby RaddaRaem » Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:21 am

I thought making use of the interview as a way to introduce the characters and mix in some back story was a nice touch. Looking forward to what else you have planned!
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Re: Strumming the Soul

Postby gadabout » Tue Feb 05, 2013 4:51 am

Good to finally see you posting here again, you made an excellent re-entrance with this piece here matey, Im still wondering how well they'll meet up by the way :J

And yes a few grammatical errors...
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