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For a Better Tomorrow

Postby spwolf » Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:03 am

Hey, this is one of my first works that I'm posting on this site, so lets see how it goes. This is the prologue for a series that I hope to be working on sporadically, but I want to make it a habit to work on. I have a story line but its not written in stone. Keep in mind that this is only the prologue, and finding out more is part of the adventure!

Comments and criticisms are more than welcome! (Seriously, I like writing and getting feedback can only help me improve!)


Focus. That’s what I have to do. Lose it and you die. Focus. Focus. Focus….
“Push Forward!” A screaming sergeant holding a Federation of Terra flag snapped Alex out of his self-hypnotization. He was running. Running with the other troopers of the Allied Expeditionary Force from the Allied defensive positions on the hills overlooking Herintos into the suburbs. It was night and the fighters and bombers darting across the sky overhead added a dynamic backdrop for the cruise missiles screaming by at lower altitudes. “Funny,” Alex thought while jumping over some rubble, scanning the burning buildings for hostiles, and moving on with his squad. “The rocket glare is just like the ones launch at the festivals. God I hate this place.” The assault was going well, he didn’t see any hostiles, no that he expected to. The outer fringes of the Herintos were bombed to hell. By now, most of the squads had broken up and started to move towards their own objectives, while his still pushed forward down the bombed out main road. “Jaeger 4-2,4-5, and 4-8,standby for new tasking. Link up with elements from the 17th Demon Armor Division at coordinates 234.5 by 546.9. Orders will be given by Demon Commander on site, command out.” “Confirmed, “Sgt. Flintlock said over his headpiece. Flintlock looked at Alex and the rest of his squad. “Double time it!” Flintlock said more as something that was understood not ordered.
As the squads rounded the corner of a obliterated one family home to the designated coordinates, Alex saw what he guessed was four demon squads taking defensive positions amongst the ruins of several other ruins on the same block. “You guys from the 3rd?” a particularly rough looking demon said from the open hatch of his heavy tank. “Must be the commander,” thought Alex, “no other soldier can be that pissed all the time.” “At your service,” responded Sgt. Lockwood from in front of Alex. “’Bout damn time, we’re making a push to the wharf to cut off Sorbic reinforcements from coming across the river. We’re going to try to get there unnoticed to blow them to shit without them even noticing, Ha-ha. So don’t fuck it up,” And with that the Demon impatiently disappeared into the metal behemoth and was replaced by another demon who manned the automatic flak cannon on top of the tank. The armor column sprang to life. The heavy tanks moved behind the light armor, while jeeps moved along the sides. Several mobile artillery pieces were taking up the rear, as well as a mobile cruise missile launcher. The Demon squads had moved behind the tanks with the Human squads. Some time had passed with no problems. The machines rattled along with the infantry not making a sound. Then the tanks stopped, causing Alex to almost run right into the back of it. He had barely noticed that they had moved 6 blocks, about a mile. He was too busy looking at the rockets overhead. On his headpiece, the distinct voice of the same Demon commander said, “Bio signatures ahead, and they sure as fuck ain’t Allied. Get ready.”
At the far end of the block, about 10 organisms moved as stealthily as possible amongst the ruins. Well, as stealthily as possible for something 130 feet tall. “Fucking Macros,” a demon next to Alex mumbled under his breath. Alex didn’t even remember a demon coming over to the tank he was taking cover behind, which was a feat considering the average demon was 9 feet tall. “Hold fire, we have to try to get to the wharf undetected. We’ll fuck ‘em up if need be, but see if they’ll pass,” the commander said over Alex’s headpiece. For a few seconds it looked like they would pass, but one of the macros must have sensed something was off. The street was totally dark except for a few fires in buildings and in craters where rockets had struck, so the Allied troops were temporarily cloaked in darkness. But then the macro turned on a flash light. “Fuck,” was all Alex calmly thought as the light shone right on the tank he was hidden behind. He quickly looked over to the demon that had joined him behind the tank and noticed that his pupils had already turned to slits and he was looking down the sights of his assault rifle. “Fuck ‘em,” was all Alex needed to hear over the radio, before he jumped into action, swinging his body around the tank and putting the macros head in his crosshairs.
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Re: For a Better Tomorrow

Postby NeoVid » Mon Jan 28, 2013 6:20 am

You're hinting at plenty about the setting, which is just what you want to do with a preview. I'm betting that you're purposely making it hard to tell whether this setting is more science fiction or fantasy. I approve.

It's got a lot of possibilities, but since all we've gotten to see is a teaser, there's no telling how this story is going to develop. Cmon, we have to see more...
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Re: For a Better Tomorrow

Postby spwolf » Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:22 am

Sorry for the long wait. My teachers decided that now was the best possible time to assign work. Hooray for secondary education! Anyway, here is just a part that I'll interject between the stories to explain some of the events that led up to the story and some of the characters. Expect a bio on the species in the story as well as the next part soon (I've actually been working on them!). As always, comments and criticisms are welcome!

Following the industrial revolution in the 1800’s, the people of Earth had rapidly expanded their technology, cover what would have taken decades to create in a matter of years. These inventions and technological strides were increased exponentially with the discovery of atomic energy and powered flight. Almost simultaneously, the Demon home world of Draconus was experiencing the same technological shifts, discovering many of the same concepts as Earth but in different ways. The key difference occurred in the area of nuclear energy, where the Demons used highly charged plasma to cause the element Actinium to become unstable and detonate in a fashion similar to the atomic bomb. Both developments would prove critical in the future of both worlds.
Around the Earth year 2045, American scientists combine their research with particle acceleration and nuclear energy with Chinese scientists who had been pioneering superconductors with rare Earth elements. The teams, funded by both nations initially thought that their research had yielded a high powered jet engine, but tests showed that the immense power created by this engine was enough to bend the fabric of space in a certain radius around it. Further studies and experiments created an engine able to bend space around a space vehicle creating Earth’s first intersystem travelling vehicle.
Following this invention and the consequential colonization of various planets in and around the Sol Solar System by various countries, exploration vessels made contact with several extraterrestrial civilizations; the Demons, the Adzark, and the Silithe, as well as other minor planets and civilizations. The very contact between Terra, as it began to be called by the Humans that inhabited it and the new alien species, sparked a weapons race and Cold War on a massive scale. Production shifted away from consumer goods to warships and war machines while various countries prepared their colonies, as well as the home world, for an invasion by the aliens. The same action was being taken by the Demons, who had also invented intersystem technology, and their extraterrestrial colonies. Right before the climax of the tension, the nations of Terra convened and decided that they would pool their resources and colonies for the good of the Human race and unite under one flag creating the Federation of Terra.
In the Terra year 2320, a Demon fleet that had made an incursion into the space of the Federation colony of Jupiter and was met with a Federation fleet. Although they sustained heavy casualties, the Federation fleet defeated the Demon fleet, destroying over three quarters of the ships and capturing several. The Battle of Jupiter marked the beginning of The Second Hundred Year War (to Terra, The Hundred Year War for every other race) in which the colonies of Draconus, Terra, and Adzark (who had also entered the war as their own faction)were ravaged, killing billions of each race. In a stalemate, as no attacks had occurred on the Core Worlds of any race, and questioning why they were fighting, peace was declared in 2426.
Realizing how susceptible the three Empires were to the Silithe should they decide to attack, loose alliances formed that eventually solidified into the Allies known today, in the year 2642. Since the beginning of the conflict, war technology, culture, and faster than light travel had increased exponentially and led to the exploration of other sectors of the galaxy by the Allies and the swift recovery of the colonies within 70 years after peace was declared.
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For a Better Tomorrow: Chapter 1 - A Gathering Storm

Postby spwolf » Sun Feb 10, 2013 4:18 am

Sorry for the long time between updates! And for the boring crap. But anyway, here is the first actual chapter in the story; in which some stompy macro stuff and even more plot. Hooray for plot! Updates should be about every week or so, depending on how busy my schedule is. Each chapter after this is going to have much more action in it, I promise.

As always, comments and criticisms are welcome! (I can only improve with feedback!)

P.S. I'm going to look for a file converter so I don't have a huge wall of text everytime I post a chapter. Hang in there!

Blood. That was the thing about killing macros. The blood; it got everywhere, and this case was no exception. When war first broke out between the Allies and the Macros, or Evetrians, as they called themselves , the Macros fancied themselves invincible. After all, they were fighting insects, tiny things that were barely taller than their ankles. That was why when the Allies first invaded Evetrias to curb the length of the war, the Evetrian army sent to meet them went in with no weapons. That was also why out of the 35,000 Evetrians sent to meet the invaders, only 23 shambled away from the battlefield. The 23 survivors saw firsthand that flesh was flesh, no matter how it manifested itself. And the Evetrian soldier who had shone his flashlight on Alex’s tank was also about to learn that as well.
As soon as the order to open fire was announced, Alex unleashed his assault rifle on the head of Evetrian soldier staring dumbfounded at the Allied assault group down the street. Before the fox-looking Evetrian could even open his mouth to scream, the fire from the Human and Demon infantry blew off large chunks of flesh from his head and chest, causing him to fall to the ground in a shower of blood. The other Evetrians, who had turned once fire broke out, soon met the same fate. The squad of Evetrians had been reduced to flesh and blood speckled onto the side of buildings, and even now, the blood was streaming like a river. Alex took a second to let the events of the past 15 seconds sink in, and once he came back to reality, he reloaded his rifle and checked his squad. From another tank, Flintlock glanced over at him and gave him a quick nod.
“Zortchka company hold fire.” Captain Zey Ranos nonchalantly remarked into his headset. As the Field Commander of the small battlegroup, his priority was making sure they reached the river as commanded; the infantry could deal with the macros up ahead. After all, there was no need to alert any other macros in the area with the thunder of tank fire. Even better would be if they passed without noticing them, but that possibility went out the door after a macro shone his flashlight right at the group. “Fuck ‘em,” was all he said. The rugged Demon sat back into the commander’s seat of his heavy battle tank as the infantry took care of the macros; their incendiary and explosive ammunition making short work of them. “Good job troops, we only have five more blocks to go, so stay alert. Once we reach the river, set up a defensive perimeter along the river while the artillery sets up. Central Intelligence says that the Evetrians are going to try to move more troops and supplies across the river to counter our offensive; we are going to make sure that doesn’t happen, understood.” “YES SIR,” was unanimously said by the battlegroup sergeants over the radio. Ranos sat up straighter in his chair, “Good…move out.”
The rest of the trip to coordinates was uneventful. Abandoned buildings, burning ruins, and various macro, micro, and Allied corpses. The battlegroup silently moved past them all. Looking to his right, Alex saw one of the many horrors of this war; a crying micro wolf crouching over the body of what he assumed was his mother. The corpse was flattened with gore coming out of the sides of her body. A micro killed by a macro. As they walked by, a Demon sergeant silently grabbed one of his soldiers and pointed to the boy, saying in a whisper, “To the HQ.” The Demon nodded and walked over to the boy and crouched down next to him, “Hey there buddy, what’s your name.... The rest of the group continued on. This made Alex think back to his training, when they were told that the Allies were going to war with Evetria…
“Genocide, men,” a sturdy looking colonel sternly said. The all the men and women of the 11th Federation of Terra Army 3rd Division were gathered in a large hangar on their base near San Francisco in the State of America on Terra. There was about 2000 soldiers and officers in the open front hangar, with a podium and projector screen at the closed end. The colonel, whose uniform bore the symbols of the Terra Military Intelligence Agency, was standing at said podium as the insignia of the 11th Army was displayed on the screen. “That is what our new brutish enemy does for pleasure, for fun, because they’re bored,” the words rolled off his tongue like poison from a fang. As he was speaking the screen lit up with a computerized map not recognizable to any one in the room. “This is the planet Evetria, homeworld of the Evetrians, and the Deks.” Next to the map, two pictures that appeared to be taken from a satellite showed up; showing a what appeared to be a wolf and a cat, and underneath the words Evetrian and Dek respectively. “The inhabitants of this planet, much like the Demons, have Type B recombinant DNA, meaning that they look different, but are almost identical genetically. They take the form of multiple animals that we associate with; wolves, foxes, cats, dogs, etc.” “So why is this a planet with two dominant species if they are genetically identical?” one of the Division Colonels chimed in. “No, one distinctly more dominant that the other,” the intelligence colonel darkly responded.
Two different pictures entered the screen showing the two next to each other, the one labeled Dek barely coming up to the ankle of the Evetrian. A third picture came up showing a Human, Demon, Silithe, and Adzark, all around the same size as the Dek being shown on the screen. Murmurs broke out around the hangar. “Nature plays its twisted tricks again,” John murmured to Alex. Alex nodded in agreeance, but the intelligence colonel quickly reeled the soldiers back in. “Not only does this situation exist on Evetria, but on two other planets in the same system. We believe that at some point in its history, fragments of Evetria broke off and landed on the other two planets, bring the DNA from Evetria there. But the planets can only communicate with each other, none of them have developed any space faring vehicles…” “So if they haven’t developed space travel yet, why are the Allies interfering?” yet a different colonel yelled out. “That information is classified. But genocide should be enough; for millennia, the Evetrians have been massacring the Deks, or micros as they are commonly called. Satellite evidence shows what appears to be the remains of cities the appropriate size for the Deks, but we cannot be certain. These cities are littered with, and what appears to be destroyed by, pawprints matching the size of Evetrians. What we can be certain of, however, is that the Dek have built new cities underground, hidden in mountains, or in forests. The Evetrians, or macros as the Deks call them, have developed their society in the standard way. But the Dek cities are still hunted down, and the Deks themselves being killed, imprisoned into slavery, kept as pets, or even eaten in some cases. In short, the Evetrians believe that the Deks are an inferior race, even though all indication exists to show that the Deks are just as intelligent of the Evetrians, and just as cultural. They belive they are insects, that they can literally step all over them. However, that will stop once they feel the wrath of the Allies. They may be big, but they are far behind technologically, and the Allies outmatch them in weaponry, population, and manufacturing. To ensure victory once the Allies strike, all soldiers of Terra will have additional training in the use of heavy weapons and explosives, as well as anti-macro tactics. We will be victorious.” At this the colonel saluted and screamed, “Freedom, Liberty, Courage!” to which the soldiers replied in the same. “All soldiers and officers are dismissed.”
“Fucked up shit,” Alex said to John as they walked out of the hangar. “Yeah, I’d rather not think about it.” There was silence for a second. “Did I tell you that I applied for officer training?” John said. “Ha, I’ll never live to see the day John Flintlock becomes an officer!” “Shut the fuck up, will ya!”
…That was a year ago. To his mind it felt like ten. Alex remembered the training that followed that day. The intelligence officers coming in to discuss new discoveries about the macros or to show the men films of macros committing horrendous acts against Deks. What a long time ago that had been…DING. This time he really did hit the back of the tank, which resulted in several soldiers around Alex, including Flintlock, to snicker. “We’re here,” Captain Ranos said over the radio.
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For a Better Tomorrow: Species Bio I

Postby spwolf » Tue Feb 12, 2013 2:06 am

Just some information on two of the species in For A Better Tomorrow. Nothing too fancy, just so peeps know what the hell I'm talking about when I say demon and Silithe and what not. Will probably be put in scraps later.

Comments and Criticisms are welcome!

Terrans (Humans): The dominant species of Terra and the Sol System that make the empire known as The Federation of Terra. They have multiple colonies across the galaxy that fulfill the needs of the Core Worlds and other colonies. Mostly broken up by specialization, many colonies are agricultural or industrial, with the remainder mostly being cities with dabbles of farms and industry. A social race, they excel when working in teams and squads, hence why many of their tactics reflect specialization in a squad, with each member responsible for a certain skill set. Since they are one of the original Empires, they have a significant amounts of technology and resources at their disposal, as well as experienced industry and military. They currently have a democratic-republic, in which colonies vote for their own legislation as well as representatives that convene on Terra in a congress model after that of the original United States of America. This model of government has allowed the Federation of Terra to experience little resistance in their colonies.

Basic info:
• Average Height: 6 ft.
• Average Weight: 150-190 lb.
• Average Intelligence: Average-Above Average
• Body Type: Mammalian (Primate)
• Temperament: social, passionate, friendly
• Average Gestation: about 9 months
• “Special” Abilities: quick reflexes, tactical sense, squad strategy
• Technological Level: high
• Homeworld: Terra (Earth)

Draconians (Demons): Ironically, this race was the first great threat to Terra; although now the two Empires are close Allies. The Demons can be closest compared to the dragons of human lore, having scales covering their body and claws at the end of their fingers and toes. Bipedal creatures, the Demons stand roughly 9 ft. tall. Typically, the scale pattern on a demon has a primary color all over its body with a lighter version of the color on its chest. Due to a different type of DNA transference from generation to generation, called Type B recombination, Demons colors can vary from the typical black to a darker brown or a dark purple. This same phenomena can let a Demon have different stripe patterns on its body, or none at all. Demons also follow an odd life cycle, Demon fetuses spend half their gestation in their mother’s womb, and the latter half in a laid egg, suggesting that Demons are crossovers of mammals and reptiles. Another major feature that separates demons from their apparent reptilian form is the presence of hair on the top of their head, either brown or black. What gives them the now common name “Demon” is a coupling between the set of wings on a Demons back that allows for gliding and their tenacity in a fight. Demons can work together, but they’d rather take advantage of their natural stature and strength and fight hand to hand, alone or with others.; the result being that the weapons technology of the Demon’s the most advanced armor and close quarters weapons out of any of the Allies. The Empire of Draconus is actually a constitutional monarchy, with the Draconian Emperor being more of a figurehead and morale booster than anything; the real political power being derived from the Draconian Parliament. The Empire of Draconus maintains multiple colonies, though not as many as Terra and not as specialized. However, some of the asteroid belts in their colonial systems boast some of the richest deposits of minerals in the charted galaxy.

Basic info:
• Average Height: 9 ft.
• Average Weight: 375-425 lb.
• Average Intelligence: Average-Above Average
• Body Type: Reptilian (Dragon-like)
• Temperament: caring, aggressive, out going
• Average Gestation: 12 months
• “Special” Abilities: Gliding, strength, better protection due to their scales
• Technological Level: Medium-High
• Homeworld: Draconus
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For A Better Tomorrow: Chapter 2- Down By the River

Postby spwolf » Sun Feb 17, 2013 4:53 am

The next chapter of FABT. Aww shit, that's right, I'm breaking out the abbreviations! Anyway, in this chapter, actual action!

Mature for language and blood

Comments and criticisms welcome!


"More squads in those buildings! I want machine guns set up on top of those buildings! Heavy armor by the walls, and move like you FUCKING MEAN IT!” Ranos had gone into full blown commander mode, barking orders to the entire battlegroup. “Artillery, what’s your status?” “We’re set up behind the apartment buildings to your rear. They won’t even see us from the river.” “Perfect,”responded Ranos. “Listen up maggots, satellite recon just tracked a major Evetrian amphibious force coming towards the river. They’re going to try to take these docks to reinforce their counter offensive. We are here to make sure that doesn’t happen. If they get close, the engineers have loaded the piers with enough explosives to blast them to Draconus. But command wants us to secure these docks for our own reinforcements, so hold them back!”

Alex checked the ammo belt of the powered machine gun. From the 2nd floor of a 4 story apartment building, he and his squad had a perfect view of the river and the docks. “Stay sharp men,” he causally said. Flintlock was on the roof with a laser targeter, which, since he was a corporal, left Alex in charge of the rest of the squad. “Any minute now, any minute now…” It seemed so cliché. The only sounds were the rustling of the soldiers readjusting their position and the sounds of battle in the city behind them. The cruise missiles had long stopped falling from overhead. Occasionally, an aircraft would whiz overhead. But nothing came there way; all eyes were focused on the buildings on the opposite side of the river.

“Cpl. Bismarck, come in.” Alex touched his headset, “I’m here Captain Ranos.” “A sniper squad just arrived to reinforce us.” I’m sending them up to you, help them set up shop, over.” “Yes, sir.” Sure enough, three Demons carrying heavy equipment came up from the elevator shaft. “Fuckin’ macro buildings…fuckin’ macro planet.” Alex chuckled. Possibly one of the worst parts of fighting on a planet where everything was significantly larger than yourself was having to climb everywhere via powered grappling hooks and rappel lines built into standard armor. Even though they were powered, a soldier still had to put some effort in; and heavy equipment didn’t make it any better. “I got some prime real estate for ya guys. Follow me.” The Demons followed Alex to an area a few apartment from his squad to a spot that had a hole big enough to put the gun and sights through. “Thanks Corporal”, the actual sniper nodded to Alex as his mates set up the gun. The gun itself was 10 ft long and had a barrel that a baseball could go down. The other gunners set up the stand, electronic scope, and boxes of different types of ammo.

No sooner had Alex returned to his squad that Ranos screamed over the radio, “Contact, Contact! Multiple infantry and vehicles, across the river. All units open fire!” “Omar, man the gun, I’ll take the rockets!” Private Omar grabbed the gun and started to fire on the Macros moving at the opposite sides of the river with the rest of the unit. Soon the thunder of the tanks joined the fire. On the opposite side of the river amphibious tanks and transports with macros riding on top of them were driving into the river. On the opposite side of the river, Macro machine guns were firing back at the Allies, as well as some infantry, with little effect. From the macro side, flares began to shot up in the air, illuminating both sides of the river in their white glow as they hung in the sky. Every so often, a macro would fall off a tank into the river with a spurt of blood, never rising again. Plumes of water began to shoot up around the tanks as the allied armor zeroed in on them. Soon enough the allied tanks were landing shots on the macros, causing large pieces of metal to fly of as the rounds hit, and occasionally sinking one or causing one to explode. Alex, along with about 8 other soldiers in various positions took their guided missile launchers and added their fire to the barrage. As Alex reloaded his launchers he peaked at the opposite bank; even more macro vehicles were pouring into the river. “This is going to get real bad real soon.”

“Time to get to work.” Flintlock and a Demon sergeant had grabbed their laser targeters and looking through the sights. “This is Hammer 1 and Hammer 2 we are in position and ready to fire on targets as you call them.’” “Roger, what’s the status of Hellfire 1?” Flintlock responded. “Also ready to fire on your command. Just remember, they’ve only got two rockets, so make’em count.” “Roger.”
From their elevated position the two sergeants began to target the vehicles crawling across the river, and unlike the tanks, one shot from the artillery caused the macro armor to explode, quickly sending metal and flesh to the bottom. Despite the amount of destruction being inflicted on the Evetrians, they kept creeping closer and closer. As the battle raged, Ranos watched with binoculars the other side of the river. After watching Evetrian after Evetrian pour from the streets, Ranos saw he had been looking for as soon as the battle started; transports carrying ammunition, medical supplies, and food. The Evetrians had moved them up behind some buildings near the river, probably believing the Allies would be too focused on the armor to notice. “Targeters, sight those transports for Hellfire 1! Behind the red building.”

Despite the relative darkness across the river, Flintlock found the red building and spotted the transports. “Hellfire 1, fire on my designation.” “Roger, firing.” Almost immediately after he locked on to the transports, a cruise missile flew overhead. Once it was above the area, the missile separated and a cone of flame erupted across the area. Flintlock couldn’t look. The screams were providing a gruesome mental pictures, coupled with the fact that they were loud enough to be heard from across the river. After a few seconds, an extremely loud explosion, followed by another, and then another, as the ammo trucks each blew. “Haha! Good job men, just got word from command that a Adzark UAV is being rerouted for support. Hold them back!” For Ranos, the battle was already half won. But the Evetrians crept closer and closer.

“This is going to get messy,” Alex muttered as some of the amphibious vehicles started to fire on back at the defensive line. Explosions began to hit the buildings, including the one that Alex was in, shaking the building to the foundations. Sure enough, several vehicles landed at the docks, and the surviving Evetrians offloaded onto the pier. “Don’t let them get to our lines, Hozark 4-2 cut them off!” A squad of demons moved from a prone position to behind some rubble at the end of the pier and began to lay suppressive fire on the macros. For the most part, they were forcing them to take cover behind assorted objects on the pier; but then a large explosion ripped apart several Macros. “This is Havoc 5-2, drone support is online, ready to begin battle mission.” “Good to see you guys,” Ranos responded on his radio, “we have macros landing on several piers, provide close air support for our defensive lines. Sgt. Tarine, get ready to blow the docks if we can’t hold them back.” “Yes sir, I’ve got the detonator ready.” “Confir… what the fuck!” An Allied tank exploded, leaving behind a massive crater and bits of metal. Soon after, other massive explosions started to pound the Allied line, occasionally obliterating soldiers or jeeps as well as other tanks. “Havoc 5-2, where the fuck is that fire coming from!” “Standby, sir, we’re commencing a satellite scan. Fuck, an Evetrian cruiser is sailing up river and laying down that fire on you.” “Fuck me, Battlegroup 23, retreat, repeat, retreat! Fall back to the park on Garnet street. Now! Command, this Battlegroup 23, we’ve come under massive fire…”

“You heard the commander, move!” Alex shouldered his rocket launcher as the rest of the squad grabbed their gear. Already explosions were pounding the building, huge chunks being blow off with each hit. Arriving at the elevator shaft that led to the bottom floor, the soldiers, along with the other squads in the building started to rappel down. Alex was one of the last to go down; but as he descended a large explosion rocked the building, looking up he saw massive pieces of the roof of the elevator shaft falling towards him. With nothing he could do he put his arm up as the pieces struck his line and caused him to fall 75 feet to the ground.

As soon as Ranos gave the retreat order, Flintlock and the Demon shouldered their sighters and grabbed their gear. Flintlock looked up just in time to see an artillery bombardment rip through where the Demon had been standing, causing pieces of the roof to fall into the building. Running over to the spot, Flintlock looked down through the roof to see debris blocking the bottom floor of the former elevator shaft. “No going through there”, Flintlock said to himself. Thinking quickly, he spotted a pipe running down the entire height of the building. “Well this is going to be fun.” Throwing his rappelling line around the 10 feet in diameter pipe, he slowly slid down the pipe to the ground. Meeting up with the rest of the battlegroup, a feeling of dread washed over him. Looking through the faces, he couldn’t make Alex’s out of the crowd. Spotting Omar with a heavy machine gun, he implored where Alex was. “Afraid he was climbing down the shaft when the roof fell in, that was the last I saw him.” Flintlock just stood in place. “I’m sorry sir.” Nothing. Taking a deep breath Flintlock weakly said, “Has anyone taken a head count?” “We lost Corporal Alex and Private Paterson, sir.” “Right, move out.” “Yes, sir.”

“Sgt. Tarine, we ready to blow this candle?” Ranos yelled over the radio. “Yes sir, on your mark.” “Blow it.” The sergeant clicked the remote detonator. Then he clicked it again. Click. Click. Click. Nothing. “What the fuck is the holdup Sergeant?” “The detonator sir, it’s not setting them off.” “Captain Ranos, this is Havoc 5-2, we just picked up an odd signal coming from the cruiser. Scans confirm that the cruiser is emitting a jamming signal that is most likely blocking the detonators transmission.” “A fucking Silithe dampener, I should have known. Lock and load men, we are about to have fight that’ll send us home: as either heroes or corpses. Hurrah!”
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