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Postby kool kitty89 » Wed Jan 16, 2013 1:31 pm

I'm a little surprised, I could have sworn I'd made a comment following the last installment of this.

Duct Tape Fanatic wrote:I actually did originally plan to have Ashley spare Ian to prove that she was purely gentle and he was a racist jerk with unfounded prejudices, but that seemed boring and was making me lose interest in the story because there wasn't really any conflict left since she caught Ian. Conflict drives the story, and I needed a conflict so with the external one resolved (Ian trying to escape Ashley) I went for the internal (Ashley's desires versus her conscience).

Given the perception I got of Ian's character as far as you described, the whole "racist jerk" thing and Ashely taking the moral high ground out of spite really wouldn't have worked well at all compared to what you did.

Ian had already been established (perhaps overly optimistic on my part) to be more complex than a simple prejudiced asshole. There weren't that many specifics on his true feelings towards the giants in general, but it seemed to be implied that he fell under relatively typical opinions on the matter. In that sense, it easily could have been simple ignorance, and not for lack of intelligence, but perhaps lack of interest in making deeper considerations on the issue. (smart or not, unless you've got some sort of specific interest in idology/philosohy/psychology/etc and/or actually ever planned to have face to face contact with a macro, it really wouldn't seem like something to go into deep thought over)

On top of that, there was already a decent amount of sympathy built up for both characters by that point. Ian seemed like an OK guy who'd just lost something with great apparent personal/sentimental value (his father's hat) and who'd thrown caution to the wind because of it, ending up in a rather nasty situation . . . after a set of the right coincidental events to get him there.

He never really directly insulted Ashley, not to her as a person and in earnest (ie outside of the script/act), and his mouthing off on the set during his search hadn't been directed at her either, but was more of a projection of frustration in an "in for a penny" mindset targeting who he'd thought was simply a security guard.

Now, you certainly could have gone about making Ian a much more one-sided character with sympathies predominantly towards Asheley, but as it stands, it made for a much more interesting story and more complex characterization. Plus, it wouldn't have been as obvious that she wouldn't kill him had he not been sympathetic as such.
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