Mathematical Inconsistency

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Mathematical Inconsistency

Postby gadabout » Tue Sep 14, 2010 11:09 pm

Let's see here... I wrote something and...

you may read it :I (not done yet mind you)


Mathematical Inconsistency

"I can"™t believe they are sending me all the way out here"¦" Jacob muttered to himself as he looked out of the window of his mini cooper. The endless sea of grass was divided by the highway in two like a black ribbon against a giant green sheet, it was quite a view in the sunset actually. Jacob was five foot ten with fiery red hair, deep blue eyes and pasty white skin, he was a professor in the mathematics and physics department at Ivy University"¦ or at least he hoped he still was. Jacob was twenty nine years old and liked to wear a sweater vest with a bow tie, old fashioned, yet his students found it somewhat fitting and it helped ease classroom tension.
As to why he was driving down this lonely, empty highway in the middle of nowhere"¦ it"™s a long story, luckily Jacob has some time to kill. One of his students died in an accident in the physics lab, the young lady was blatantly not following lab safety protocols even though Jacob, or as his students would call him, Professor Reavis, constantly reminded her to "˜stop acting foolishly"™. They were experimenting high velocity projectiles and that particular student kept peering down the firing tube, next thing you know, she takes a high speed cashew nut through her right eye socket and was dead before she hit the floor.
It wasn"™t Professor Reavis"™s fault, everyone knew that. It wasn"™t his fault that the student was eating in the lab against the professor"™s orders, it most certainly was not his fault that she lost a bit of her snack down the firing tube and had it fired back at her at a muzzle velocity of 316.39 m/s (Jacob did have to calculate that to complete the autopsy report). Jacob did admittedly confess however that he should have kicked her out of the lab at her first signs of defiance. He did try to do just that but she threatened to tell her father, who was a man with high level connections and strings that no one wants pulled.
It was those very connections and strings that lead to Jacob"™s demise, he was Scott free at first, but naturally, the students father was not going to take accidental suicide as an answer, the man wanted blood. Jacob suddenly found all the blame being thrown on him, he was suspended indefinitely from his work, his mortgage payments went "˜missing"™ and he got thrown out of his house and to top it all off, most of Jacob"™s belongings were stolen, all that was left was his car, a note on the floor labeled "˜new living quarters"™ with an address and a map.
Having nowhere else to go, Jacob got into his car and drove off, he had no family living in the country and his friends avoided him like the plague, not that he could blame them of course, he was a marked man after all. He had no idea where he was going nor what this man had in store for him, but it is as they say, beggars can"™t be choosers. After a while on the road Jacob came to a military road block, and what seemed to be an endless length of chain link fence. He was asked to leave the vehicle as it was searched and was taken to a brightly lit room with a desk and two chairs where he took a seat and presented his identification to, what seemed to be, the man in charge.
"Jacob Reavis?" the cameo wearing gentleman with rolled up sleeves, a crew cut and at least one hundred and fifty kilograms of muscle yelled, or as he would called it, "˜asked loudly"™, "You are Jacob Reavis?"
"Well yes, that is correct"¦" Jacob meekly adjusted himself in his chair, "Have you heard about me..?"
"Of course I have!" the man got up, seemingly appalled at something, "I was told that a Reavis was coming here but"¦ there"™s got to be some sort of mistake."
"I"™m not sure-" Jacob tilted his head.
"Shut up!" the man shot out of his seat so suddenly that Jacob yelped and nearly fell out of his chair, the man seemed quite agitated because all of the muscles on his bulky body bulged up, "I need to make a phone call." He grumbled as he grabbed the phone.
Jacob clenched the armrest of his chair with his back pressed against it not daring to say a word as he watched the other man wait for an answer on the phone, suffice to say, Jacob was quite intimidated.
"Yeah," Mr. Rolled-up-sleeves-ready-for-action suddenly spat into the phone, "This is Sanders"¦ yeah he did, is this your idea of a joke? When you say "˜I"™m going to send a man over"™, I"™m expecting an actual MAN, not some nerdy half pint who can"™t even sit up straight when I talk to him"¦ No I can"™t-"¦ look this guy won"™t last five minutes out there"¦" Sanders suddenly eased up and looked directly at Jacob, "I see"¦ all right, I"™ll take care of it then." Then Sanders hung up.
"W-who was that?" Jacob gulped.
"Let"™s just say"¦" Sanders grinned, "That someone high up there really hates you."
"Oh I see"¦ that was cashew girl"™s father, wasn"™t it?" Jacob slowly rose out of his chair.
"Heh, yeah, you could call him that." Sanders slapped Jacob on the shoulder, a bit too hard for his meager frame, "just don"™t let him hear you calling her that, he gets a bit angry"¦"
"I-I see"¦" Jacob rubbed his shoulder painfully as he rose from his chair.
"I"™m Colonel Sanders by the way, crack one of those KFC jokes on me and I"™ll kill you." Sanders gave a friendly smile as he offered his hand, that did little to abate the impact of the death threat however.
"So n-noted." Jacob accepted Sanders hand, the muscles in Sanders right arm bulged up, Jacob knew that his hand would cease to exist in a few moments,"Ah! Ah! Ow!"
"Now then," Sanders let go of Jacob"™s hand, which he immediately started shaking as if to fling the pain away, "what have you been told about this place?"
"Nothing at all really"¦" Jacob shrugged, "I was hoping that you could shed some light on the situation."
"Very well"¦" Sanders motioned for Jacob to follow him as Sanders walked out of the room and back outside where Jacob"™s car was waiting, "Get in and I"™ll tell you all about it, I"™m driving by the way." He winked.
"All right"¦" Jacob complied as he got into the passenger seat while Sanders got into the driver"™s seat and started up the car. The sun has set completely now, but Sanders did not turn on the headlights as he drove through the barricades, Jacob thought that it was a bit odd and dangerous, but Sanders seemed to know the road so well that he could drive through it in the dim moonlight as the whole road seemed to have no other form of light.
"So," Sanders began, keeping his eyes on the dark road, "what do you know about macros?"
"Macros?" Jacob shrugged, "I know they have their own civilization and such, they also look like many of the animals we have around here but walk on two legs and they keep to themselves mostly, correct?"
"That"™s right," Sanders nodded, "do you know why I"™m bringing this up?"
"You don"™t mean to say"¦" Jason gulped, "That we are in macro territory now, do you?"
"Heh heh, you really are as smart as you look," Sanders grinned, "back there, we just crossed the border, and now that you are in here, you left all of the laws and freedoms you enjoyed back on the other side, it"™s sort of like going to a different country," Sanders scratched the stubble on his chin, "they got their own laws here"¦ but I assure you that none of them provide any protection for you," Sander suddenly smirked, "but you see that"™s not all that"™s special about this place."
Jason noticed that the road they were on merged with a larger road, one that was about four times as wide as an interstate highway. Not only that, but a few houses appeared on the horizon, they seemed pretty big now, he hated to see how big they were up close.
"W-what else was special about this place?" Jason feared to ask, but he did anyway.
"Hold on a little," Sanders drove on, "You"™ll see in a minute."
After a while of driving they passed by a few macro houses, they were around seven hundred feet tall and seemed to be around the same height of a few towers he has seen in the city. It looked like any ordinary neighborhood only a lot bigger, but there was something a little odd about the scene"¦
"What are those normal sized houses doing over there?" Jacob asked, pointing to the far end of the road where five to six reasonably sized houses stood wedged between two macro houses like a set of small automobiles parked in between two sixteen wheeler trucks.
"Very observant of you Mr. Reavis," Sanders brought the car to a halt in front of the small cluster of houses. They all looked similar to the larger houses around them and they each had their own driveways and garages. Jacob got the feeling all the houses were empty though as they seemed to be void of life because they were in desperate need of a good cleaning up, "This is what"™s so special about this particular neighborhood, it used to be a co-op living program."
"Used to be..?" Jacob slowly turned his head towards Sanders.
"Yup," Sanders nodded, "Seven people volunteered to live in those houses to try and "˜bring both our communities together"™, naive idiots they were"¦" Sanders chuckled and shook his head, "anyway, the program was canceled after all of them disappeared without a trace."
"A-all of them?" Jacob stuttered.
"Didn"™t even last a week, they all disappeared just like that," Sanders snapped his fingers, "all at the same time too."
"Oh my god"¦" Jacob buried his head in his hands, "He"™s trying to kill me!"
"It doesn"™t take a genius to tell you that pal, that man was never known to be forgiving, and after what happened to his daughter..." Sanders burst out laughing as he shut off the engine and exited the vehicle, "come on, I"™ll show you which one"™s yours."
Jacob exited the car into the chilly night air where he started shaking like a leaf, if some one were to ask him why, he would tell a bold faced lie and blame the cold even though he barely maintained the correct facial expression to mask his fears.
Sanders went to the third house on the left and opened the door, he disappeared inside almost instantly, it was almost as if he didn't want to be caught outside. Jacob followed him inside and squinted, it was dark in there because the lights were out but Sanders was busy checking the curtains, he was tugging the edges till they covered the windows completely making it safe to assume that he was confirming that they were closed fully.
"Blackout curtains," He explained, "always make sure there is no light coming out." After that, Sanders closed the front door behind Jacob quietly and turned on the lights.
Jacob was pleasantly surprised to see all his belongings there, they even used his furniture to furnish the house. Jacob felt his fear melt away like butter on a frying pan as he excitedly explored the house, the kitchen had his food! The wardrobe had his clothes (Sanders expressed a certain distaste for his fashion sense, but that hardly mattered to Jacob)! The cabinets had his dishes! And most importantly, his pantry had his tea, which Jacob desperately needed a cup of.
"Glad to see you"™re making yourself at home." Sanders smirked watching Jacob rummage around the cabinets to remove a kettle and promptly fill it with water, putting it on the stove.
"How did you people move my things so fast anyway?" Jacob asked as he prepared the tea.
"Get enough people on the job and you can get anything done in a matter of minutes." Sanders smiled and seemed pleased with himself.
"And you seem awfully"¦" Jacob slowly turned towards Sanders, the grim situation of things setting back in, "nice for someone who wants to kill me."
"Hey now," Sanders crossed his arms, "just because some fat old rich guy wants you dead doesn"™t mean I do too. I still officially work for the military, I don"™t like the idea of sending men to their deaths. Besides, if I wanted to kill you, I would have done so already" Sanders smirked, patting his sidearm holstered on his belt.
"I see"¦" Jacob gulped, he wondered why he didn"™t notice the gun until now.
"I better go back to the barricade, but before I do, I gotta show you some things about your new house."
"Well all right, if you must." Jacob straightened out his vest.
"First and foremost," Sanders began, "if one of those giants out there made a single wrong step, this house would go kaput, so with that in mind, the architects made these houses pretty much indestructible."
"I find that hard to believe," Jacob tapped his chin, "there"™s nothing out there that"™s REALLY indestructible-"
"Well yeah whatever," Sanders rolled his eyes, "it takes heavy weights and blunt forces pretty well, but is susceptible to high temperatures, so you don"™t have to worry unless a giant comes round with a blowtorch."
"I"™ll keep that in mind." Jacob gulped again, suddenly imagining the walls melting like hot wax.
"Now then, if you would follow me to the basement." Sanders motioned for Jacob to follow him as he maneuvered his way to the basement.
It look like any other basement, cold, dark, full or pipes and metal support beams. The only thing different about it was that there was a cylindrical metal stub in the floor that was about a meter in diameter and twenty five centimeters tall.
"What"™s this thing here?" Jacob asked pointing at it.
"This is your life line," Sanders gave it a little kick, "it"™s a tether that goes fifty meters into the ground so those none of those macros can come around and"¦ walk away with your house. It"™s also got your power supply, water, gas, sewage and the likes."
"I see," Jacob tapped his chin once more, "but won"™t they be able to dig it up?"
"Not really," Sanders shook his head, "the soil is pretty stiff, it"™s hard even for the macros to dig that one out, just watch out when it rains, the soil WILL get soft."
"I will make a note of that"¦" Jacob looked back at the tether worriedly, he somehow had a bad feeling about it.
"Well, now I better go, I"™ll come back once a week with groceries and essentials, the windows are one way and the walls are sound proof, so don't worry about making too much noise or peeking out every now and then," Sanders walked towards the basement door, "remember to stay indoors at all times, they won"™t bother you if they don"™t know you"™re there, understand?"
"Y-yes"¦" Jacob gulped again.
"I"™ll park your car in the garage for you, don"™t worry about me, I"™ve got a ride." Sanders smiled reassuringly, "oh and one more thing"¦ from that fat, old, rich guy."

Sanders removed his pistol and placed it on the basement steps, "don"™t use it on the macros, it"™s just going to make them angry. Only use it when you"™re about to get caught... it"™s easier to go out that way, trust me."
Jacob silently stared at the pistol, a million thoughts passing through his head.
"It"™s not like I want you to use it," Sanders crossed his arms solemnly, "fat, old rich guy wants you to go out the same way his daughter did." Sanders gave the weapon a look over, "Keep it close, you'll want to be able to grab it in a moment"™s notice."
With that, Sanders gave Jacob a stiff pat on the shoulder and left. Jacob stared at the pistol for several minutes before picking it up and gingerly pushed it into the top of his pants next to his hip so only the handle was sticking out. It was cold, but it soon warmed up to Jacob"™s body heat and its presence seemed to vanish completely.

After wallowing in the basement for a while, Jacob went back upstairs, his tea was getting cold, but unfortunately for him, there was one more person who had some words for Jacob before he could enjoy his tea.
The phone rang just as Jacob reached the top step, he was sort of surprised that he even had one in this place. After a little investigation, he found the culprit of the ringing noise lying flat on a table near the kitchen. It wasn't his phone, it was an old fashioned black phone where you had to spin a dial to input a number.
"Uh... h-hello?" Jacob answered the phone with the same amount of caution the bomb squad would have when approaching a live explosive, "Who is this?"
"Oh I think you know who I am Mr. Reavis." A cold, familiar voice replied, he sounded very much like-
"Y-you!" Jacob broke out in a new wave sweat when he realized who he was speaking to, "Why are you doing this to me?"
"I very much dislike answering questions with obvious answers Mr. Reavis," Cashew girl's father sounded somewhat amused, "why don't you try answering that yourself?"
"If you expect me to believe that you would go through all this trouble to 'get back' at someone who isn't all that related to your daughter's death, then you've got another thing coming!" Jacob yelled like a father scolding his child.
A cold, venomous chuckle seeped through the receiver, "In all honesty, I cared nothing for that child. She was nothing but a pain who siphoned off millions of dollars a year, I should be thanking you for taking her out actually."
"I..." Jacob paused, "I beg your pardon?"
"But its my wife you see," The man on the other end continued casually, "She's a bit of a psychopath in my opinion, be glad you weren't next to her when the news came..." the man seemed to shudder, as if reliving a painful memory, "In any case, this was her idea, like they say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."
"Really..?" Jacob furrowed his brow and frowned.
"Really really." The man on the other side chuckled, "but if any one finds you here it's bad for me so I can't quite let you go, so don't think about calling anyone for help because I'm monitoring the phones and your new fangled internet thing... I'd hate to have to kill some one you know Mr. Reavis."
"All right, all right, I get the point..." Jacob bit his lip feeling a bit depressed.
"On that note," The man added, "I'm not paying for your groceries or your utilities, I'm not that generous... I'm drawing the money straight out of your bank account, so you better get back to work."
"I've still got my job?" Jacob gasped, feeling some of his depression fade away. He was one of the few people who actually loved their job.
"You're not leaving the macro territory mind you," The old man growled, "so don't even think about it, I've talked with your boss and she agreed to let you do online courses from now on."
"You've talked to her for me?" Jacob perked up, "Why thank you, that was awfully nice of you..."
"...Hah!" The old man scoffed, "Fifteen minutes of my time will save me thousands of dollars on upkeep costs, my wife wants me to keep you alive as long as possible so you can suffer more."
"Ah... I see..." Jacob slumped against the wall and slid all the way to the floor.
"Before I go, I thought I should tell you that my wife isn't done with you yet, she is planning something else for you... get ready for it" And with that, the old man abruptly hung up the phone and left Jacob to his own thoughts.
But all Jacob could think about now was what that psychopathic woman had in store for him... and how cold his tea has gotten. Perhaps a good minute in the microwave ought to heat it up nicely?
Let's see here, the volume of fluid and the specific heat capacity along with heating power of the microwave...


Complements ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Complaints however are welcomed :D
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Postby Dude_in_the_Back_Row » Tue Sep 14, 2010 11:27 pm

Only complaints, eh? Ok here goes.

You suck at writing.
This story is terrible.
And you smell funny.

There, thats the worst I can muster.
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Postby gadabout » Tue Sep 14, 2010 11:46 pm

I dont like the last one, its not specific enough.

Do I smell like stinky cheese or moldy onions?
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Postby Mr Nelg » Wed Sep 15, 2010 12:43 am

Once again, a GREAT start, but I think you should've found a way to better link the title with the story in this first chapter. It's understandable that Jacob is a Mathematics Professor, but other than that, I can't see how the title works. "Mathematical Inconsistency ?" I'm sure it'll explain it's self down the track, but I think you should've done that first off. Unless there is some kind of twist coming?

Now, for my next complaint; Why do my socks have holes in them? :?
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Postby Dude_in_the_Back_Row » Wed Sep 15, 2010 2:05 am

You smell like hot stinkin carcass in July, mixed with crap. You, sir, could gag a maggot!
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Postby foxelite » Wed Sep 15, 2010 2:18 am

Did you just tell ME to complain?

You have like 6 tense errors..
Tense errors annoy me.
You're a stalker.

You used the name Jacob... I mean REALLY!?

But no.... you can't stop me from saying I'm actually interested
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Postby mandude81 » Wed Sep 15, 2010 3:34 am

you know when i started reading this i thaught i was reading one of the realy old ones ..

i like the older ones gives me more to read. i am horid when it comes to gramar so i cant realy complain what i cant see i would mostlikley pass a misspeled word without even knowing.

4/5 chance sais i did something wrong gramar wise in my reply.

the guy deserves it but i think they should have blamed the cashew first.

(insert negative coments/creative critasism here.) GRAMAR FAIL
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Postby dragon mith » Wed Sep 15, 2010 12:17 pm

Meh, ok story, taking some time for plot to delope



-clubbed on back of head.-

and you sir, do smell
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Postby HypeEnlite » Wed Sep 15, 2010 1:08 pm

gadabout wrote:I dont like the last one, its not specific enough.

Do I smell like stinky cheese or moldy onions?

Stinky cheese

that said

I am totally NOT looking forward to following this
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Postby Duct Tape Fanatic » Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:33 am

Could use some spacing between the lines but otherwise it's a good start, I'm too lazy to think of faux insults right now.
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