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Postby dragon mith » Thu Mar 04, 2010 10:08 am

I don't think anti-stall was invented in the era you have placed them in.
I am Ceteris paribus!

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Postby deatheater » Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:26 pm

[quote="dragon mith"]I don't think anti-stall was invented in the era you have placed them in.[/quote]

Sorry i should have made it more clear. Im not talking about a device that gets you out of a stall, Im talking about Static, and Dynamic Stability of the Aircraft. Where a plane with Positive static and Positive Dynamic stability will return to a normal configuration of flight with no control input. Its all about balance.
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Postby deatheater » Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:45 pm

Well here is chapter six. Time for some Combat Training.

Chapter 6: Combat Training

It has been a couple of months of nonstop practice and basic training, and the days were starting to blur together. At breakfast Tim, Jim, and myself were eating sausage and drinking some orange juice, and I told Tim, "I have had enough with all of this basic training, now it is time for some combat training."

Tim went completely nuts when I said this. He has been waiting for me to say these words since we started. "Finally we get to do some real training," Tim said, and then he asked what we were going to do first. I told Tim that we were going to go though aerial combat training first, and that I had a surprise for him when we got to the hanger.

"What is the surprise," asked Tim, and I told him that he would have to wait and see. Jim was also a little curious and was just listening to the two of us talk. When breakfast was over, Tim quickly put me on his shoulder, and was out the door and heading for the hanger in a hurry.

"Tell me what the surprise is Tim," Jim said, as we went our separate ways while leaving the mess hall. Tim was walking extremely fast toward the hanger, and when he got there he opened the door and started to look around. "Where is the surprise," asked Tim and I told him that we were standing right next to it.

Tim looked around and said, "All I see are these two planes," and I told him that, this was the surprise. "But this is the plane that I fly every day, what is so special about it now," Tim asked, and I told him that it wasn"™t his plane but the other that was special, because I told him that it was built for me.

"Built for you," said Tim, and I told him that over the past few months the leaders and I have been building this plane for me to operate. I told Tim that while the plane is the same size as his, the cockpit has been scaled down to my size and the extra room and been used to increase the ammo capacity of the machine gun.

I told Tim that this meant that I would be in the air with him and would be giving him real life aerial combat training. Tim was a little unsure and said, "So this means that you"™re going to fight me," and I told him, "No, not fight"¦ practice."

I explained to Tim that we would be able to talk to each other in the air, and that we would not be firing the weapons at each other, but more or less playing follow the leader.

I then told Tim that I was done talking, because I wanted to get into the air with him and start training right away. He agreed and he set me down in front of the door that led to the inside of my plane. I told him to go get into his plane and to start it up and wait for my instructions.

Once we were both in our planes, I contacted the base controller and got a clearance to take off and then asked for a special block of airspace from four to ten thousand feet. After doing this I contacted Tim on the Unicom frequency and told him to take-off, head north, and clime to eight thousand feet. I told him that I would be right behind him on take-off and would then fly next to him to the altitude that I told him.

Once we were airborne I told Tim to switch over to another frequency so that we would hear no one else, and it would just be the two of us talking to each other. I flew right next to Tim the whole time, and he thought it was just the coolest thing on the planet, and when I looked out my window I saw him waving to me. I waved back and then realized that he would probably not be able to see me because my windows were so small.

"Ha, I see you," I said and he just smiled. We arrived at eight thousand feet and I told him that we were going to start our combat training. I then told Tim, "I want you to follow me and try to keep up."

He said, "Ok Captain," and with that I advanced the throttles to full power and began to break away in front of him. He did the same and we were off. I immediately banked to the left and then to the right. I knew that his reaction would be a little behind mine and I was trying to simulate a fleeing enemy that was flying erratically.

It took Tim a little bit of time but he was soon following my every turn and getting better at anticipating my next move. I pushed the yoke forward and began to dive. I did a half-barrel roll and pulled up. Like I predicted Tim shot down past me going the opposite direction. I herd him say, "Shit," over the intercom and I began to laugh.

I remained straight and level for some time and he was soon on my tail again. I repeated the maneuver and he was able to copy it with extreme precision. "You learn very fast, and I am very impressed with your ability," I said over the radio and he acknowledged and said, "Thanks" back.

Tim was learning very fast and I just kept pushing him harder and harder. Soon after I told him that if he could stay behind me for three minutes then our training would be over for the day. He agreed and before he could finish his sentence I began to dive.

Tim dived after me and I did another barrel roll. I did a complete roll before pulling up and Tim over anticipated my move and only did a half-barrel roll before pulling up. I had tricked him into going the other way. Tim realized his mistake and pulled up harder performing a half loop so that he would come in right behind Ken. It worked and he did another half-barrel roll to right his self.

When I looked back I realized that he was right behind me again, and I said over the intercom, "Good job," he replied "Thanks," and I was off again. This time I began to climb vertical with full power. Tim copied my move, and applied full throttle when he realized that I was pulling away. When I noticed that he was copying my move I pulled the throttle out and lost my airspeed very quickly. I reached a point where my plane could no longer climb and stalled.

I let the aircraft spin around so that the nose was pointing at the ground and applied full throttle. Tim and I both looked up at each other as we passed with Tim climbing and myself descending. When I looked at his face I noticed that his mouth was hanging open at the maneuver that I had just performed.

Tim pushed his yoke forward and began to dive as well, but when he lowered his nose toward the ground he could not find me. I had already leveled off and flown into a cloud and watched as Tim dived right down past me. I then began to follow him and after a while he went on the intercom and asked where I was. I didn"™t reply, instead I advanced my throttle and passed right over his plane.

"Oh, their you are," Tim replied when he saw me and I told him that the training was over and that we would be out the next day to practice some more. We landed, taxied back to the hanger, and parked our planes next to one another. Tim got out of his first and then walked over to my plane. I was waiting at the door for Tim and he put his hand next to the door and I climbed into his palm, and sat down.

"That was way to cool," said Tim, and I just laughed when he said this, and told him that I had fun as well, and that I liked flying with him. We had lost track of time and before we realized it, we noticed that it was almost time for dinner to begin.

When we got to the mess hall Jim was waiting for us and we apologized for missing lunch, and then sat down to eat. Tim had a mouthful to say to Jim who asked about the surprise that I had for Tim. Tim told Jim that I had a plane built for me and that we just spent the whole day performing combat training together.

Jim was surprised to hear that I had a plane built just for me. When he asked how, I told him that I was able to build the small cockpit and instruments myself for the plane, and then help the mechanics wire the small flight controls to the bigger cables that led to the rudder, elevator, and ailerons so that I could control it.

That night Tim and I wrote another letter to Tim"™s parents. We told them that I had an airplane built just for me so that I could fly it by myself, and also that I would be able to fly along side, and protect Tim in the air should we go to battle.

Tim and I were both excited at how today went. "I"™m very glad that you will be in the air with me now," said Tim, and I said, "So am I," and we both fell asleep with egger anticipation about tomorrow and the training that we would accomplish.

The next morning Tim woke up with a yawn. He started to look around with quizzical eyes and sat up rather quick. He threw the covers off rather quickly because something was wrong.

Ken was gone.
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Postby deatheater » Fri Mar 05, 2010 11:22 pm

Well here is Chapter 7 and tomorrow I'll finish chapter 7 and then take a small break (one week) from writing.

Chapter 7: The Prisoner

When I woke up I couldn"™t remember anything that happened that night. All I could remember was waking up to see someone in a facemask put something over me. I guessed that it must have been a cloth with chloroform on it, and at my size probably didn"™t take much to knock me out.

I noticed that I was in a cage and was being carried by someone who was still in his or her mask. I yelled, "What the hell is all this, and why am I here?" My captor didn"™t say anything, and just kept on walking.

I caught a glimpse of my captor"™s watch and saw that it was already 3 p.m. I figured that I must have been knocked out for several hours and now I had no clue as to where I was.

I was then loaded into a baggage compartment on a plane and while in the air I got a good look at the prison that I was in. I figured that it must have been a small hamster cage, from the looks of it, and then I realized that the lock on the door was a regular spring lock and that I could open it myself with a little force.

"What idiots these people must be to put me in here," I thought, but then I realized that if I escaped now that I would most defiantly be found and who knows what they would do to me then. I figured that it would probably be best to stay were I was for the time being, until I could figure things out.

When we landed all the baggage was thrown onto a truck that started to heading toward some mountain. I figured that it must have been some military base and then my heart sank when I read a patch on someone"™s shirt that read Kantorian Army.

The enemy had captured me, and I knew what they wanted. Someone knew what I was capable of, and that is the only reason that they would have kidnapped me. I already knew that no matter what, I would not help them with anything.

On my way to the base I caught sight of a fenced in area with barbed wire on top and saw people digging in the ground. I then realized that they were prisoners and that they were also children. The only adults where the guards and they all carried machine guns.

I saw one kid fall over to the ground and another kid run over to him, and from what it looked like, was begging the guard for some water. I then saw the guard raise his machine gun and point it at the fallen kid. I turned my head, and shut my eyes very tightly when I herd the shot from the gun.

I was brought inside the base and my cage was set down on a table inside a room with black walls, a single light that hung from the ceiling, one door, and a two way mirror. After about thirty minutes the door opened and a huge wolf entered. I could see that he was a Lieutenant, and was carrying something in his fist.

When he through the item on the table in front of me, it was my bag of cloths and other items that I had brought with me. I had a smirk on my face and thought, "So you didn"™t find it. Well keep looking because you"™ll never find it." It was my rail gun that they were after, and I had put it in Tim"™s bag because it was locked in a locker, and only Tim had the key.

I looked up at the Lieutenant and said, "So you didn"™t find it did you. Well now what are you going to do? Search my cage?" With that being said he slammed his fist down onto the table with enough force to knock me over. "Shut up you little worm," he said. "That"™s Captain Worm to you Lieutenant," I hollered back. He was extremely agitated now and probably would have killed me if not given the order to keep me alive.

With that, he left the room and slammed the door shut. Nothing happened for hours and then the hours turned to days. They were starving me, in order to break me and make me tell them everything that they needed to know. I had already told myself that I would never let these people get what they wanted and that I would rather die than betray Tim, his family, and the nation that I was fighting for.

After two days of no food and very little water another wolf came into the room. This wolf was wearing a mask and I figured that it must have been the same wolf that kidnapped me from the base.

"So the mastermind finally shows himself," I said. I looked at him with hatred and said, "I guess you must be growing desperate now. I"™ve only got a couple of days left without food and water, and then you will never be able to get my technology."

My captor only stood there and listened to me. After five minutes of my yelling he finally spoke and said, "I know you want to get out of here, and if you help me, I"™ll help you. All that you have to do is build us a weapon and we"™ll let you go."

I looked back at him and said, "You"™ve got to be kidding. I have seen what you do to your prisoners and there is no way that you would just let me walk out of here."

I told him then that there was no chance of me betraying my friends and that I would rather die than help you. With that the wolf grabbed the cage opened it and pulled me out in his fist. He closed his fist very tightly, but instead of screaming I just stared at him with a look of disgust.

He then growled and threw me down onto the table. The force of the impact was enough to knock the wind out of me, and for a second I just laid there. After I regained my breath I stood up and spat onto the table in front of him.

Once I did this he took his hand and smacked me half way across the table and stood up. I did not get up this time because he had once again knocked the wind out of me and broken a few ribs as well.

I rolled over onto my stomach and used my arms to prop myself up. I had a bad taste in my mouth and spat out a bit of blood onto the table. I then slowly got up; my legs were shaking a bit from the trauma of the impact and I said, "Show yourself you pathetic, coward. You worm you."

He then took off his mask and my mouth dropped at what I saw. It was Private Jim Littlefield. As he turned to walk out of the room, all I could say was, "Why?" And as he opened the door he turned back to me and said, "That"™s General Worm to you," and as he walked out, the door shut behind him.
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Postby deatheater » Sat Mar 06, 2010 5:05 pm

Well here is the last of the chapters for a bit. Please tell me what you think of the story so far. I also plan on making the next bunch of chapters more intense than the latest few. So here is the next chapter. Enjoy.

Chapter 8: The Mistake

All I could do was bang my fists on the top of the table. "Why was I so stupid, and how did I not see it?" I just kept repeating these phrases in my mind, over and over. It was Jim, the one person at the basic training camp, other than Tim, whom I called my friend. What was I supposed to do now, and how was I going to get out?

As I sat there on the table and contemplated my situation, the door to the black room opened and another soldier came in. I stood up rather quickly expecting to be tortured some more, but instead this soldier just walked over to the chair and sat down.

"Hi, my name is Lieutenant Brian Morgan," he said, and then asked what my name was. I just stood there hunched over holding my chest from the broken ribs and starred back at him. "Look, I"™m not going to touch you. I"™m here to help you," he said. I still only looked at him with disgust.

"Please"¦ let me help you," he said and he put his hands on the table. I took a couple of steps back when he did this, and when he noticed that I was moving back from his gesture he took his hands off. I realized that he didn"™t want to hurt me and said, "How are you going to help me"¦ Are you going to help me right off the table if you don"™t get what you want."

"No," he said, "I can get you food, water, and a proper living environment." "You mean a better cage," I said. He just looked at me, and I knew that"™s what he meant. Brian stood up and slowly walked out of the room. As he passed me by I noticed that he had a look of disappointment on his face, and I let go some of my anger toward him.

Shortly after he left Brian opened the door to the room and sat down in the chair again. He then reached over the table and I shut my eyes in anticipation of a smacked across the table. As I stood there with my eyes shut nothing happened. When I opened them I noticed that there was food and drink on the table in front of me.

"Here, you looked hungry," said Brian. I just looked at the food, drink and then back to Brian. I was at shock with his genuine concern for my well-being. I took a couple bites of the food and then drank all of the water.

"Please just give them what they want," said Brian. I told him, "No, I can not do that. It would certainly spell disaster for this world. I have seen your treatment of the prisoners here, especially the children prisoners in the fields, and now you want me to help you. I don"™t think so."

I then told him, "Here is the deal"¦ Why don"™t you go and tell your commander that he has two options. He can either let me go, or he can kill me." "Please don"™t make do this, I really want to help you, not kill you," he said. "I hate working for these people and would rather leave, but they would surly kill me if I did."

I looked at him with some feeling, and told him that if he really wanted to help me then he would have to take me out of this room and put me somewhere else. He agreed and then left the room. Shortly after another wolf entered the room and slammed the door behind him. The force of the door shutting was enough to make me stumble on the table.

"You"™ve got somewhere to be," he said and he began to reach for me. When he grabbed me all the air was forced out of my lungs. He then grabbed the cage and threw me inside. I was thrown against the side of the cage so hard that I was knocked unconscious.

Once I awoke, I noticed that I was in another room and by the looks of it, it was the Lieutenant"™s office from some pictures that were on the desk. "Big mistake," was all I thought, these people had put me in a room that they thought would be a safe place to keep me, but they were wrong.

The cage wasn"™t that hard to get out of, and after opening the door I was free on Brian"™s desk. I made my way over to the phone and was able to dial a number out. The only person I could call was Tim. When Tim answered the phone he went freaking nuts. I told him that I was being held prisoner at the enemy army"™s mountain base, and that Jim was actually a General, and he was the one who had kidnapped me.

Tim then explained that during my absence, he and a couple of the leaders were planning a rescue attempt to get me out. I told Tim that they had better hurry because I would not be alive much longer since I was refusing to give them my technology.

I then asked Tim if my rail gun was still safe in his locker. He told me yes, and I said, "Good and also make sure that you keep it there and tell no one about it, not even the commander." Tim agreed and said that he would do his best to keep it safe.

"Thank you Tim," I said, and then I asked about the rescue mission that was being planned for my escape. I explained to Tim that if you want to get me out, then it would have to be a small two, maybe three man mission, because if there were any more troops, then they would know what you were after, and would probably just kill me before you got to me.

Tim then explained the mission and that it could be accomplished with two people. He explained that he would sneak in on the ground and once he was inside the building, another person in a plane would attack the outside of the mountain to draw their attention.

I told him that this was a good plan, but that the fortress was heavily guarded and that the person who was flying the plane would have to be careful. I then asked what the plan was for escaping once they had me.

Tim didn"™t say anything because he hadn"™t thought of that part yet. I told him not to worry and that I would have a way out once he got in. Tim didn"™t ask how and I really didn"™t have an answer yet, but Tim trusted me and agreed to go along with the plane.

"So when is the escape mission going to commence," I asked and he replied, "Tomorrow night."
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Postby deatheater » Thu Mar 11, 2010 1:33 pm

I have reposted the last chapter after noticing some spelling errors. Hopefully I have caught them all. Microsoft Spell Check is the most useless tool that I have ever seen . Hopefully I'll get the next chapter up this weekend.
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Postby deatheater » Sun Mar 14, 2010 2:50 pm

Well here is the next chapter. I've decided to only write one chapter a week, giving me time to fix any mistakes. I don't think spitting chapters out is the best way to go. Hopefully this one is a little more entertaining than the previous couple.

Chapter 9: The Rescue

It was the day of the escape and I was sitting quietly in my cage on the lieutenant's desk, just waiting. Brian was sitting at his desk writing some report when the sirens started going off, and a red light in the room above the door started to flash.

Brian nearly jumped out of his chair, "What"™s happening?" and as if answered over the intercom, "Intruder alert, intruder alert, code red, we have a breach in the main gate, intruder alert, intruder alert."

Brian looked down at me and I was already opening the door to my cage. "What"™s going on, what are you doing?" his voice was full of shock and confusion. I explained to him that my friend was coming for me, to get me out of here. I pulled out a homing beacon that I had hidden on my person and explained to Brian that this would lead him strait to me.

"You should come with us," I said. "No, no I cannot, I have to stay here or they"™ll"¦" The thought of death just stuck in his mind. "You hate this place don"™t you?" "Well yah." "Then come with us!" "Ok."

Our conversation was pretty short and finally Brian decided to come with. "What can I do?" he asked, and I told him that he needed to provide a way out for us once Tim, the soldier who is coming to get me, got to us.

Tim was making his way toward Ken with the help from the homing beacon. He had already broken though the main gate and was now at the entrance of the mountain base. He found that the door was unlocked and once he was inside, found himself inside the cargo bay area.

He hid behind some crates and realized that the enemy was everywhere inside and closing in on his position. He then radioed to the pilot to begin the diversion.

The pilot had been hiding in the clouds just waiting for Tim"™s go-ahead, and once he had the all clear he broke out of the clouds and started firing at the main cargo bay door.

Some of the enemy soldiers were killed instantly when the bullets started to penetrate through the door. The enemy started shouting to lay down suppressive fire and to open the cargo bay doors. The diversion worked and Tim was able to make his way deeper into the base.

Since it was dark the bullets from the plane could be easily seen and the pilot was greeted with a barrage of return fire. The pilot could see the incoming bullets and they were all over the pace. He had to break off the attack and circle around, or be shot down.

Tim"™s homing beacon was getting louder and louder as he got closer to Ken"™s position, and finally he was at a door that read Lieutenant Morgan.

Brian and I saw the door to the room open and I saw Tim enter. Tim noticed the lieutenant standing behind me and pulled out his pistol and fired a round at him.

Brian saw Tim pull his weapon and he dove to the ground. The shot missed and I yelled at Tim to stop. "Jesus" said Brian as he stood back up. Tim said he was sorry, but he still didn"™t trust the lieutenant. Tim then looked at me, "Are you ok?" I told him yes and introduced him to Brian and that he was going to get us out of hear.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Tim and I looked up in shock as Brian walked over to the door. "Don"™t worry," he said and he opened the door and walked out.

Tim and I could hear Brian talking to the guards outside the room.

"We have reason to believe that this break in, is an attempt to get their vermin back."

"Don"™t worry I just saw the intruder and I know where he is."

"I knew we couldn"™t trust him. Dam I should have killed him when I had the chance!" said Tim. I told him to hang on and just wait a second.

"He went down the hall to the interrogation room," said Brian, "Little does he know that I have Ken, and the intruder is now walking into a trap."
The guards said, "Thank You!" and were off.

Once the guards left, Brian opened the door and ushered to us to come with him. Tim picked me up and put me into his shirt pocket. I had a little discomfort from being picked up from the bruises and broken ribs that I had accumulated during my stay, but I didn"™t say anything about it.

"Follow me," said Brian and the three of us started to make our way down the hall to the cargo bay. We had to make a couple of turns down the hallway and after one turn we saw a guard walking in our direction.

We all held our breath in anticipation and the guard walked right past us. We all exhaled in relief, but then the guard turned around and said, "Freeze!" He must have seen the enemy insignia on Tim"™s uniform.

Brian turned around and walked to the guard, "What the hell are you doing soldier? Don"™t you see that I"™m taking this prisoner to General Littlefield." Brian was now looking down the barrel of the pistol that was pointed at his head.

Brian noticed the guard flinch a bit and he quickly grabbed the gun with his hand, wrenched it away, and punched him in the face with his other hand knocking the guard unconscious.

"Ok, lets go!" hollered Brian and we made our way into the cargo bay area. Brian then told us that we would be taking a jeep in order to escape.

When we got into the jeep Tim and I hid under a blanket in the back seat and Brian started to drive toward the opening. Just as we were about to drive out the exit bullets started to fly into the bay.

"Shit!" hollered Brian and he swerved to the right to miss the incoming fire. After swerving he realized that he was heading straight for some cargo boxes and he raised his eyebrows as he gasped.

Luckily, there was nothing in the boxes when he hit them, but the force of the impact was enough to jerk us around in the jeep a bit.


The pilot had started to make his fourth attack on the building, but not long after firing he received a call from Tim telling him to turn around. "Copy that," and he started to turn to go back home.

As he started to turn the enemy"™s fire penetrated the plane damaging it severely. The pilot was shot threw the chest and was killed instantly. The plane erupted into flames and started to fall out of the sky.

When the bullets stopped, Brian continued to drive out the cargo bay door. Once we were out he told us that it was ok to take off the cover. When we took the cover off we all looked up to see a fireball heading straight for us.

"O my god!" we all said in unison and Brian hit the gas as hard as he could. "COME ON COME ON COME ON!" yelled Brian as it got closer and closer. The fireball filled our vision, and everything had a yellowish-orange glow to it. We all ducked and the fireball landed right behind us and exploded when it hit the ground. The force of the explosion was enough to lift the backend of the jeep off the ground just a bit. When Tim turned around, he and I got a good look at what had caused the explosion and we realized that it was the plane.

"Dammit," said Tim, and Brian turned around and told us that we were clear of the enemy base. Tim then jumped into the front seat and told Brian how to get back to our camp.

The soldier that Brian knocked out had woken up, and quickly made his way to the command center of the mountain base. When he got there he told General Littlefield what had happened, and they both stormed out of the room.

Once Jim had reached the Lieutenants office he kicked open the door with his pistol drawn. Looking from side to side there was no one in the room and the cage on Brian"™s desk was empty. "GOD DAMMIT!" he shouted as he threw the cage across the room.

Out of pure rage Jim looked at the guard, raised his pistol, and shot him in the head. The guard"™s body fell to the floor in front of Jim, but he only looked forward, stepped over the body, and exited the room slamming the door shut behind him.
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Postby lolzrpwnrd » Mon Mar 15, 2010 3:03 am

This is much better! Several spelling errors and fragmented sentences are the only errors I picked up. Nice!
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Postby dragon mith » Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:28 am

Brian chose fast....
And you made it seem like they where all the same size..
But still good.
I am Ceteris paribus!

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Postby deatheater » Sun Mar 21, 2010 1:55 pm

Woohoo another update... Hopefully these chapters are getting better and better so enjoy.

Chapter 10: Preparing for War

Jim was enraged as he walked back to the command center. "That traitor will be lucky if he even makes it back to the enemy and survives." Once he got back to the command center and opened the door, everyone in the room just stood up in silence, watching him for his next move.

Jim walked over to one of the Sergeant"™s who was working the aircraft dispatch desk at the time. "I want you to send one of our best pilots out after them. Tell whomever you send, that if he doesn"™t kill the Lieutenant, or doest die trying, then he shouldn"™t come back at all!" "Roger that General," the Sergeant replied.

"Striker 16, you are cleared to pursue and engage enemy target. The enemy target is one of our jeeps traveling towards the enemy base. Do not come back until the enemy is neutralized. Do you copy Striker 16?"

"Copy, Striker 16 cleared to pursue and engage enemy target; rolling out of hangers now."

On the way back to the base I noticed that a couple of my wounds reopened, probably from running into crates and from the explosion whilst escaping. Blood was seeping through my shirt and I figured that both Tim and Brian could smell the blood on my shirt because they both kept looking down at me.

Suddenly Tim"™s hand appeared in front of me and as delicately as he could, picked me up and set me into his palm.

"Are you ok Ken?" he said, looking at me with pain in his eyes. "Yes, I just have a couple of minor cuts and bruises, I"™ll be fine." "Those are not minor cuts and bruises, you"™re bleeding through your shirt."

"I"™ll be fine Tim, don"™t worry about me, ok." "Ok" replied Tim as he shot an angry glance toward Brian. "Don"™t look at him like that Tim, Brian didn"™t touch me, it was Jim and a couple of the guards that gave me these injuries."

"I don"™t care, he"™s still one of them." Brian was listening to everything Tim was saying and was visibly hurt by the comments, so I stepped in, "Thank you Brian, without your help we wouldn"™t have even made it out of the base." Brian looked at me and a smile began to creep onto his face.

The sun began to rise over the hills in front of us, and we were no longer driving in the dark. As the sun"™s rays pierced into the car we were all blinded for a second, before we put the visors down on the windshield.

"So Tim, how much further is it to our base?" "It"™s not much further, maybe just a couple of minutes" replied Tim. "Ok, because I am really getting tired, and I really need to tend to these wounds."

As I turned to look forward I caught a glimpse of something small shimmering in the mirror on the side of the car. "What the hell is that?" "What the hell is what?" asked Tim as he looked down at me. "In the mirror, turn around and look." "Ok" said Tim and he turned around so that we could both see what it was.

"Control, Striker 16, I have the enemy in sight, straight ahead, I am engaging the target now." He then started to fly directly at the jeep, pushed a small red button on the control stick, and the mounted machine gun started firing at the vehicle.

Tim and I were looking at the object with confusion, but as Brian turned around he yelled, "HOLY SHIT, IT"™S THEM!" Both Tim and I looked at Brian and said, "Them who?"

But before Brian said anything he jerked the wheel to the left, and the force was enough to knock me over in Tim"™s hand. Tim was just about to yell at Brian as bullets started to fly right next to us into the road.

"JESUS CHRIST!" shouted Tim, as Brian swerved back onto the road. I then yelled at Tim to set me down on the seat and get into the back of the jeep and see if there was anything that we could use against the plane.

Tim set me down and then jumped into the back seat to look for a weapon. After rummaging though the supply crates he yelled, "There"™s nothing back here." Brian then looked into his rearview mirror, and noticed that the plane was right behind us and saw it fire again.

Tim saw the bullets hit the road behind us. "GET DOWN" he yelled, and we all ducked our heads as the bullets started to rip through our jeep. The windshield shattered as the bullets pierced though it, and once the firing stopped we all looked around and breathed a sigh of relief because no one was hurt. I then looked to my left and noticed a bullet hole that was about the size of my body only two feet away from me in the seat.

The plane then flew directly over us and started to climb. No doubt it was climbing to turn around and try again.

"Look" said Brian, and when Tim looked forward he could see our base about a mile in front of us. "What is it?" I said, and Tim picked me up so that I could see the base.

Bullets then started to fly out of the base toward the plane that was climbing in front of us. Some of the bullets must have hit the plane because black smoke started to emanate from the engine.

The three of us watched as the plane began to roll over and head straight into the ground. The plane was about fifty feet off of the ground when the pilot jumped out and pulled his parachute cord. We all cringed as the body hit the ground followed by the plane that exploded with a mushroom cloud.

When we drove by the crash site and got out of the jeep, there was not much left of the pilot or the plane; just a red smear followed by smoldering wreckage. The main cockpit of the plane was still mostly intact and we could hear someone on the radio.

"Striker 16, come in Striker 16, have you completed the mission?" As we listened to the radio we could tell that it was Jim"™s voice and we decided to answer him back. Tim put the headset in his hand and clicked the mic so that I could talk into it.

"Hey General Littlefield, this is Captain Billups," Jim"™s face turned to shock when he heard Ken answering him back. "That was a pretty pathetic attempt to kill us back there." Jim didn"™t say anything, but started to bare his teeth in disgust.

"Your pilot is dead and you will be dea"¦" Finally Jim ripped the cord out of the wall and threw the mic across the room.

I started to laugh, "I think he hung up on me," and both Tim and Brian started laughing after I made the comment and we decided to head back to the jeep.

When we got into the camp we were a little startled to see everyone surrounding our jeep with their guns drawn. We all raised our hands over our heads as two soldiers opened the driver-side door and pulled Brian out of the jeep. I then realized that the side of the jeep had the enemy"™s insignia on it and Brian was still in his uniform.

"Wait, wait, stop!" I shouted as they pinned Brian to the ground. "He"™s the one who saved us, so I order you to let him go." The soldiers could not disobey my orders and they released their grip on Brian who stood back up. "Thanks Ken!" he said as he dusted himself off. "Your welcome Brian."

"Now lets go to the Commander so you can tell him what you know, ok?" "Sure lets go."

I told Tim that I was going to have to go with Brian alone and he was a little resistant to give me up to him. "It"™ll be ok Tim, you can trust Brian," Tim thought about it for a second and then gave in, letting me walk into Brian"™s hand.

When Brian and I went into the Commander"™s room he was thrilled to see that I was all right. The commander sat at a wooden desk with a big window behind him. There were books on both sides of the window and pictures on the walls of maps and other soldiers, and everything in the room was symmetrical with the desk acting as the centerpiece.

"It"™s glad to see you again Captain Billups. The first order of business that I"™m going to take care of, is to promote you to General for your bravery and steadfast dedication." "Thank you Commander Thompson. This is an amazing offer!"

"Now, who is this that you have brought with?" "This is Lieutenant Morgan and he is the reason that I made it out behind enemy lines alive."

"Is that so? Well, then we are very glad to have someone like you on our side." "Thank you sir" replied Brian to the Commander.

"Commander, sir, Brian and I have something to discuss with you." "Oh, and what might that be?" "Brian here has information about the enemy"™s plans and weapons that they are planning to use." "Ok Brian, tell me everything that you know."

"Well sir the first thing that you should know is that the enemy is planning an attack in a couple of days. They plan on utilizing a huge blimp that they have constructed to carry bombs into this country for an attack. Also the enemy is currently constructing a secret weapon that they say will allow them to launch an aerial attack from anywhere they want."

"Is that so Lieutenant?" "Yes sir, Commander Thompson, they are planning to attack in a couple of days."

"Commander, if what Brian is saying is true, then I propose that we attack first. I am more that willing to escort a group of bombers into the enemy"™s country for an attack."

"I agree with you General Billups. I think we should attack first and try to knock out some of these weapons that Brian is talking about."

"Yes sir I totally agree, we should attack their secret weapons first."

"Then it"™s settled, tomorrow we will launch an attack against the Kantorians. General Billups, get your men ready, and prepare for war."
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