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Phew, after midterms finally had some time to proofread what I had written. It"™s funny, whenever you proofread your own work, you sometimes miss things because your brain fills in the gaps, but hopefully I"™ve caught them all. This chapter is a little longer than my previous chapters but I don"™t think that matters. Only one chapter left, but who knows when I"™ll be able to finish it... it has to be good. I also plan on re-writing the first few chapters to make them fit better, so watch out for those. But enough with the senseless chatter, here is Chapter 15 The Beginning of the End. Hope you like it.

Chapter 15: The Beginning of the End

As I woke up I felt a mix of feelings"¦ pain, loss, fear. I could barely move and the air smelled of burning oil and flesh. I looked over to my right and I saw Tim. He was unconscious, and it looked like he had suffered multiple second to third degree burns across his body, or so it seemed with his burnt uniform attire.

I was breathing heavily and when I turned my head to the left, my face flushed of color, and I coughed up some blood as I gagged. Derek was dead, a piece of steel rebar had pierced his forehead and was now holding his head fixed face up on the ground.

I tried to get away but couldn"™t, the bones on the right half of my body were broken. I must have landed on my right side when I was thrown from Tim"™s pocket. Thank God I was in his pocket, because if I wasn"™t I would probably be dead.

Lying there in pain my left hand started to feel wet. When I lifted it up, it was covered in a sticky red substance. It was blood from Derek"™s wound and it had made its way over to me. I grunted as I rolled over my broken arm and leg trying to get away and threw-up on the ground because of the pain and fowl odor.

I began to crawl with my one good arm and leg over to Tim"™s position.

"Tim"¦ Tim," I said as I crawled closer and closer to his head. I was about ten feet away when I noticed his ear twitch in my direction. Thank god he was waking up.

I saw his eyes slowly begin to open, and he started to roll his head over in my direction.

"Tim stop"¦ don"™t look," I didn"™t want him to see his brother like that.

"Tim"¦ your brother"¦ your brother is dead."

I saw Tim close his eyes as tears began to run down his face. He then began to sit up, some of his clothing flaking away as ash. When he saw me he began to cry even more. He could see that I was badly injured because of the blood trail that my wounds left on the ground.

When I looked up at Tim I was relieved to see that he was all right. Even though his clothes were burnt, all he had was some scorched fur.

When he tried to pick me up as gently as he could, I screamed in pain from him touching my broken bones. He recoiled as fast as he could, his hand had begun to shake, and I noticed that this hurt him, because he couldn"™t even pick me up. I motioned for him to put his hand on the ground next to me and he did. I then began to climb up into his palm. I didn"™t have enough strength to get onto his palm so I reached up with my good arm towards Tim. He understood and grabbed my arm with two fingers and pulled me into his hand.

Tim didn"™t know what to do, his brother was lying next to him dead, and his best friend might literally die in his hands.

I could see that he was lost and confused so I tried to comfort him.

"Don"™t worry about me Tim, I"™ll be fine, but we need to go find Brian and kill Jim for this."

He nodded to me and stood up. Staggering his way towards the jeep, he slumped down in the drivers seat once he got in. He started the jeep and began to drive back towards the shack that Brian was holding Jim captive in.

As Tim drove back he made sure to make it as smooth a ride as he could for me. He even closed his fingers a bit to offer me some kind of protection. I felt, safe.

"Oh no," I herd Tim say, as we approached the shack.

I couldn"™t see anything from my position, but as I looked up I began to see smoke all around.

"What is it Tim"¦ what do you see?"

"It"™s gone"¦ Ken, the shack"¦ its been blown apart."

"Where"™s Brian"¦ do you see him?"

"Yeah, he looks ok."

Brian had long since woken up and was now waiting for Tim to return. Once he saw the jeep he began to wave his arms to flag them down. Apart for some bruises and burns he was ok.

Tim stopped the jeep so Brian could get in.

"What the hell happened Brian? Where"™s Jim?" Tim asked as Brian got into the jeep.

"He"™s gone"¦ that psycho son-of-a bitch, blew himself to hell and tried to take me with."

Brian then began to notice the injuries that Tim and Ken had sustained. "Oh my God"¦ what happened to you two? Where"™s Jane?"

"It was a trick," Tim said. "He never wanted us to save her. He switched them, so we were really going after Derek"¦ we got him out and then he"¦ he"¦ died"¦ in the explosion. I wish"¦ I wish Jim didn"™t blow himself up. I really would have liked to execute him myself."

"I"™m sorry Tim," Brian said as he sat down. Tim just looked at Brian and smiled as he began to drive back to the base.

"Tim"¦ Tim," I said from his palm. His fingers began to open up and he looked down and said, "What is it Ken?"

"I need get back to my ship."


"I have medical machines that can heal me in a day or so."


"I have medical machines that can heal me."

"How is that possible?"

"There are, some things that I haven"™t told you Tim, but I promise to tell you once I get better."

Tim nodded and then closed his fingers to shield me again. Brian then spoke up, "You know, something"™s been bothering me in regards to what Jim told me back in the shack. He told me that they wanted me dead because of the things that I knew. I"™ve been thinking, and the only other secret weapon that they have, other than the Zeppelin, is The Kursk."

"What"™s, The Kursk," Tim asked as he looked at Brian.

"It"™s an idea, an airship that was so large, other planes could takeoff from within it. The cost was monumental, so I never thought that they could build it. But if they did, then we need to destroy it before it"™s finished. Otherwise the war will turn in their favor."

"So what can we do?" Tim asked as he looked at Brian.

"We need to tell the commander and prepare for a massive assault on the secret base where they are probably building it, and I, know where it is."

Back in Kantora, in a secret base, a Lieutenant salutes his General.

"General, welcome back."

"At ease Lieutenant, tell me"¦ how is the Kursk coming?"

"Right on schedule, she"™ll be finished in a day or so."

"Good, show me."

The Lieutenant led the General down a long hallway towards two doors that led outside. As the Lieutenant opened the door a smile began to form on the Generals face.

"As you can see General we took the form of the C-130H and enlarged it. We moved the wings forward on the fuselage to increase the space for additional aircraft to fit inside. Now the back end of the fuselage extends one thousand feet past the wings. Our aircraft only need four hundred feet to take off, so this gives us six hundred feet to fit in aircraft. In all, we can fit about fifty extra planes in the airship. However, there is a problem. Apart from constructing the plane outside we don"™t have a runway long enough for the airship to takeoff from. So, we had to attach special detachable balloons to get the ship off the ground at a slower airspeed. During this critical period of flight we will be vulnerable to attack."

"I see Lieutenant, and what about the landing, how do you plan on landing the aircraft."

"Well, it will have to be bellied in the desert and then disassembled for transport. That"™s why we have built it in ten separate detachable sections."

"Very good Lieutenant."

"But before we go inside, your request has been completed and is over here. Using the plane that we shot down when Ken escaped us a while back, we were able to rebuild it to look identical to the enemies aircraft."

"It"™s perfect Lieutenant, I"™ll be able to blend in and take them apart from the inside. They"™ll never see it coming."

"Now, General, if you would please come with me, I"™ll take you on a quick tour of The Kursk."

As the Lieutenant led the General into the airship, the General began to look around.

"As you can see General, we have separate fueling and ammo stations for our planes, that way they are always ready for combat. Once the planes are airborne they will be able to land inside and refuel as well as re-supply and head back out. All the planes will be along the side of the aircraft that way any one plane, can take off at any time. Your aircraft will be in the back closest to the hallway that leads to the cockpit."

"Excellent Lieutenant what else?"

"The hallway is on an incline and leads directly to the cockpit. The hallway goes directly through the massive fuel tanks and has numerous watertight seals throughout that can shut in two seconds to stop fuel leaks should they happen, and also to prevent people from reaching the cockpit, should a takeover occur during flight."

"Very good Lieutenant, I want you to round up the other officers, I need to speak with them immediately."

"Right away General."

The Lieutenant then saluted the General and left to get the other officers. Once the officers were rounded up the Lieutenant found the General and led him to the command room. When he entered the room, the other officers stood up and saluted.

"At ease gentleman," the General said as he and the officers sat back down.

"Gentleman, the Lieutenant has informed me that The Kursk will be completed in the next day or so. Once it is, we will lead a massive attack on the enemy"™s capital, and we will succeed this time."

"How is that General?"

"Well not only am I sending all of you, but I, am also going to accompany you on this mission. We will outnumber the enemy two to one and overwhelm them."

And with that, the General stood up, followed by his officers.

"Gentleman"¦ we attack in two days, you have your orders, inform your troops, and prepare for battle."

"Yes sir General Littlefield."

"Don"™t worry Ken, we"™re almost there."

Tim had reached the base and stopped at the building the commander"™s office was in.

"Brian, go tell the commander what you know. I"™ll meet up with you later, once I take Ken to his ship."

"Ok, see you soon," Brian said as he hopped out of the jeep and walked towards the building.

Tim then started to drive towards the hanger that held Ken"™s ship. He was just hoping that Ken was going to be all right. Once he got inside, Tim got out of the jeep and walked over to the ship with Ken in his hand. As he got close he lowered his palm down to the main door on the side so that Ken could reach the handle.

"Here you go Ken."

"Thank you Tim, but I have to get inside, and it"™s going to hurt."

I knew that I would have to try and stand in order to get inside my ship, and that it was going hurt immensely with a shattered arm and leg. I had Tim tilt his hand so that I could slide off of it onto the ground. I stepped down with my good leg first and then my second. I winced in agony as the pain shot up through my leg. I immediately took the weight off it and took one hop over to the door and grabbed the handle with my good arm. I was now leaning against the door and was able to punch in the security code that would unlock it. I heard the door release its airtight seal and was able to push it open.

I turned around to see Tim kneeling on the ground. "Thank you," I said as I looked at him, and then turned around to enter my ship. Once I was inside, the door shut behind me, and when I looked forward all I could see was that all to familiar medical symbol"¦ the white cross within the red circle. I was able to make my way over to the stainless steel table that was underneath the symbol, and once I laid down on top of the table, I could hear the machines get to work as I drifted off to sleep.

Tim returned to the commander"™s office, where he found Brian informing the commander of the enemy"™s possible plans. The commander then looked at Tim and said, "What do you think we should do?"

"Commander, I think we need to lead a massive attack on the enemy compound, sending everyone in to fight."


"Yes Commander, everyone. We are going to need everyone we can get, because if the enemy has built The Kursk, then they will do everything in their power to protect it."

"I agree with you Private Petterson, we are going to need everyone on this mission. I will round up all our pilots and gather them in the mess hall for a briefing on what"™s to come. Go there, and give me five minutes to get the troops ready."

Tim and Brian turned to exit the Commander"™s office. The Commander then stopped Tim before he exited.

"Tim"¦ I"™m sorry for your loss. Brian told me what happened. We will inform your family for you, and tell them that Jane and Derek died in an unfortunate accident. They don"™t need to know how they died at the hands of a murderer. If you want some time off I can"¦"

"No"¦ I will avenge their deaths"¦ I need to stay here Commander."

"Very well Private Petterson... you can stay."

Tim and Brian waited for all of the pilots to filter in and take a seat in the mess hall. Once everyone was inside, the Commander closed the double doors and stood in the front corner watching everyone.

"Gentlemen," Brian began "We believe that the enemy will be unveiling their most ultimate weapon in a few days. It is called The Kursk, and its capabilities are almost limitless. It"™s a giant plane with the ability to launch smaller planes from within it. We"¦ are going to take it out."

"But how are we going to do that?" a wolf piped up.

Tim then took over the conversation. "We are all going to fly deep behind the enemy lines and destroy it. There are thirty of us, and together we can make it."

"But what if they see us coming and launch the airplane?" another wolf spoke.

"Unfortunately our strongest bullets will not be able to penetrate the skin the fuselage. However, we do have a window should they launch the plane when we attack. You see, they don"™t have a long enough runway to get the plane in the air, so they are going to use balloons, to get the plane in the air at a slower airspeed."

"But I don"™t get it, how will that help us?"

"When the airship is flying with the help of the balloons, all we have to do is take the balloons out. The ship will then fall out of the sky and crash, when it hits the ground. Now"¦ we don"™t know the capabilities of The Kursk. For all we know it can carry ten additional planes inside it or thirty, and that... is in addition to the planes that will be escorting it, and you can bet that there will be many. Just get ready, because we leave in two day"™s."

After Tim spoke, most of the wolves hunched forward as if trying to absorb the magnitude of what they just heard. They knew that the mission would be tough and that they probably wouldn"™t survive.

"Gentlemen," the commander said, "You are dismissed, now, go and get a good nights sleep... You"™ll need it."

Tim couldn"™t sleep that night"¦ all he could think about was Ken and the mission that was soon to come. Once the sun came up, Tim walked straight to the hanger and sat next to Ken"™s ship and waited for something to happen. He waited and waited; the sun, rose higher and higher, and soon, began to fall.

However, his waiting paid off, and he heard the door on the side of the ship open and saw Ken step out.

When I opened the door I saw Tim sitting next to my ship waiting for me. I smiled and held my arms up gesturing for him to pick me up. He did so as gently as he could and held me close to his chest as if something he had lost was now found. He then set me down in his palm and just looked at me.

"I don"™t understand Ken"¦ you"™re all better, and it only took a day. How"¦ I mean"¦ how?"

"Tim, where I come from, back on Earth, it"™s a different time then yours. That"™s why I"™m able to do things that you wolves aren"™t able to do yet."

"But I don"™t understand Ken"¦ what do you mean different time?"

"Tim"¦ what year is it here?"

"It"™s 1957"¦ why?"

"Well"¦ you see"¦ back on Earth, it"™s 2283."

Tim just sat with a blank stare, as if trying to do the math in his head.

"Are you serious Ken"¦ the year is 2283 back on your planet."

"Yes, that"™s why I can do all of these things"¦ anti-matter rail guns, spaceships with nuclear cores, and medical machines that can heal in days"¦ But let"™s not talk about this now. Right now I need your help with something."

"Sure what is it?"

"I need you to ask the mechanics, to create a detachable tail on my plane, so that I can load my ship in it."

"Ok Ken, that shouldn"™t be a problem, but why?"

"We may need it, my ship."

That night both Tim and I got a good nights sleep. When we woke up, everything was quiet. Most of the other wolves were also up, but just lying in bed. No one made a sound or said a word, and we all knew why. It was the day of the attack.

Even the mess hall was silent in eager anticipation of what was to come. After breakfast all you could hear was the sound of our engines coming to life. We all took-off and flew in a huge formation towards Kantora.

We were thirty strong, and we were ready to take on, The Kursk.
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I have rewritten the first chapter of the story... Right now it doesn't fit with chapter two but I will fix that shortly. As you can see most of my first chapter has been deleted. It just didn't fit with the rest of the story.
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Just finished rewriting the second chapter.

Again, sorry that it doesn't tie into chapter three but the next one will. I plan on rewriting the first few chapters before I finish the last.
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Just posted the third chapter. Its right after the second chapter in the same post. It is a bit longer than anticipated but I promised that it would tie into the next chapter rather than leaving it untied. Otherwise I probably would have split it into two chapters. I am currently writing the final chapter and it will probably be a longer chapter than most, but I hope to keep readers entertained when they read it so that it doesn't seem as long. I'm hoping to have it finished before Christmas but I have a lot of course work with college finals coming up in the next few weeks. Also in the mean time I will still be re-writing the other chapters.
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Sorry about the wait... I know I said that I would get it finished before Christmas but life called.. Only two more chapters left... Hope this chapter keeps everyone entertained and wanting more... Would like to get the second part up in the next month or so, but we'll see.
Thanks to KidoftheJ for a little editing.

Chapter 16: The Kursk Part I

Jim was pacing back and fourth in the command center when one of his radar techs called his attention. "General, I think you should come look at this!" The Private shouted, looking up from his station to Jim who was on the other side of the room.

"What is it, Private?" Jim asked, walking around the other work stations towards the Private.

"It"™s the radar sir... It"™s picking up a large return. I estimate twenty-five to thirty-five planes. I think it"™s an assault?" The radar tech said, circling the blip on his screen with a black marker. "But I don"™t understand... how do they know were we are?"

"Its the traitor... Brian," Jim answered, then took a pause to think. "He must have told them about the Kursk, and now he"™s leading an attack against us. Private, how much time do we have before they get here?"

"Thirty minutes... give or take a few."

Jim pushed a red button on the control panel, next to the P.A. system, and a siren started blaring throughout the military complex. Red lights were flashing around the room as Jim picked up the microphone and sounded an alarm, "Attention... attention... all pilots report to your stations. Ready the Kursk for immediate launch."

"But sir," The Private interrupted, "We haven"™t fully tested her... we don"™t know what will happen if we launch now... General, consider the risk."

"I know the risk Private," Jim butted in. "Unfortunately, if we do nothing, then the enemy"™s going to win. We have no other choice but to launch now." Jim got back on the radio, "Pilot"™s of the Kursk, start the engines. Pilots inside the Kursk, get your planes to the fuel and ammo stations and start preparing them for battle. Ground personnel; position the Kursk on the departure end of the runway... I"™m on my way down."

Jim turned to the Private at the radar station and tossed him a radio before he left the control room. "Private, keep me informed about the enemy"™s position in time, not distance."

"Yes sir, General Littlefield."

Jim left the command center in the main tower, and started to head towards the Kursk"™s hanger. He walked down a long hallway and when he opened the door to the hanger, he took a moment to look around at all the activity.

The massive one hundred and fifty foot propellers of the Kursk started to rotate slowly as the pilots started each of the four wing mounted engines. Other pilots were running to their planes that were not on board the airship. They would jump in the cockpits and crank the engines, which sounded like multiple gunshots going off at random intervals. The ground personnel had already attached their vehicles to the airship"™s nose gear, and began to pull it out of the hanger to the runway at a slow speed.

Jim started to walk towards the Kursk as it was being towed to the runway. He was walking faster than it was being moved, so he eventually caught up with it, and stepped into the back of the airship.

Inside the massive six hundred foot cargo bay, Jim walked down the center of it looking at the pilots on both sides of him load ammo and fuel into their planes, at the fifty separate filling stations; one for each plane. Jim"™s plane was sitting in the center all the way in the back, next to the inclined hallway that led to the cockpit, all ready for takeoff. When he walked past it to the hallway he took a quick glance and snickered since his plane was identical to the enemy"™s.

Jim walked up the four hundred foot inclined hallway that passed through the main fuel tanks, which led to the cockpit. When he entered, he stood between the two pilots and looked out the side windows at the massive props, which were now spinning at half the normal speed, still warming up.

"Close the main cargo bay door," Jim said to the pilots as he closed the cockpit door behind him. The co-pilot pushed a button labeled "˜Bay Door Close,"™ and inside the cargo bay, the massive door began to shut. Run by hydraulic fluid, the door was as wide as three of their fighter planes wing tip to wing tip, and as tall as five planes stacked on top of each other. The door closed straight down, because it was made of four panels that could fold into each other.

A small red light flashed on Jim"™s radio and signaled an incoming transmission, "General, the enemy is twenty minutes away."

"Hear that gentlemen... Get those engines up to full power, or it will be to late."

"How do you suppose we do that, General?"

"My god do I have to teach you everything? Step on the breaks and give it some gas you idiots," Jim said in a forced voice. "Now... inflate the Zeppelin"™s attached to the leading edges, and extend the flaps five degrees, we need to generate more lift on takeoff to get her in the air at a lower airspeed."

The red light flashed again on Jim"™s radio, "Fifteen minutes General."

"Prop speed at seventy-five percent power General," The co-pilot said over his shoulder.

Jim looked out the window at the propellers. They were now spinning fast enough that they were just a blur.

"Prop speed at ninety-three percent."

Again the red light flashed on the radio, "General, enemy aircraft ten minutes out."

Jim put on one of the headsets and cued in on the microphone, "All aircraft not onboard the Kursk, depart immediately and intercept the enemy before they reach us... We must get the airship off the ground, or it"™s all over."

The other pilot"™s immediately took off ahead of the Kursk, and in no time, there were thirty planes airborne on an intercept with the enemy.

A red light, "Five minutes out General!"

"General, prop speed at one hundred percent, applying full power for takeoff," said the Captain. The two pilot"™s put their hands on the throttles, and pushed them full forward as they released the breaks. The engines could be heard revving up as the Kursk slowly began to roll forward down the runway.

"Alright General, we have twenty thousand feet of runway... Rotation speed is one hundred and twenty knots," The co-pilot said. He would keep the General informed about their airspeed and distance remaining until they lifted off the ground.

Jim looked at the airspeed indicator as it slowly crept past twenty knots. He raised his head and looked forward out the windscreen, off into the distance. In front of him, he could see small specks approaching, no doubt the enemy.

"Thirty knots sir, nineteen thousand feet remaining."

Jim was grinding his teeth as the airspeed slowly crept past thirty-five; the centerline stripes of the runway moving faster and faster in front of him.

"Enemy aircraft dead ahead," I shouted over the radio. "We need to get to the Kursk before it gets off the ground... Break though their ranks and attack the airship before it gets into the air... Gentlemen, this is it... this is the final battle. We must stop them here, once and for all."

After speaking on the radio I looked behind my seat. Strapped into the detachable tail of my aircraft was my spaceship. I knew what I might have to do, and I didn"™t like it. Shaking the thought from my mind, I turned around and looked out ahead of me. Past the enemy fighters, and through the haze, I could see the massive runway and the Kursk slowly rolling forward on it.

"Tim... Brian," I said over the radio. "I want you two to follow me. We"™re going to go after the Kursk while everyone else deals with the fighters."

Soon two planes fell behind me as we converged on the enemy. There was no need for an order to start firing, and soon streaks of light lit up the sky as both sides converged on each other. I opened fire at a plane that was coming straight at me. I could see the muzzle flash of my turret and the streaks of light flying out in front of me as they penetrated the other aircraft. Sparks and black smoke started to come out of the plane just before it exploded in mid-air. The wings were blown outward and the fuselage became flying shrapnel that quickly lost speed and began to fall to the ground below.

As the fireball from the destroyed fighter began to dissipate, leaving behind a black cloud, another fighter pierced through it coming straight at me. I was caught of guard, but Tim and Brian weren"™t and flew out ahead of me, guns blazing, and took out one of the wings of the fighter. With only one wing, the plane began to spiral uncontrollably towards the ground below.

"Thanks," I said as I exhaled the breath I took in from the shock. "There"™s the Kursk, common, we need to stop it before it gets off that runway."

Tim and Brian both dived on the airship that was still taking off, as I dived lower to the runway below. Tim and Brian fired first at the cockpit, in an attempt to kill the pilots. Sparks began flying everywhere as their bullets came into contact with the metal and glass of the cockpit, then down the back of the fuselage as they pulled up. As soon as they stopped, I then began to fire at the cockpit. Flying straight at it, I was at the same height as the cockpit so all of my bullets hit the glass windscreen. I flew straight at the cockpit guns blazing then pulled up at the last second.

"Fifty knots sir, fifteen thousand feet of runway remaining."

Jim acknowledged the pilots and watched as three planes began to dive at them from a distance. Both pilots looked at Jim with concern, "General what are we going to do?"

"Don"™t worry about the planes... you just keep flying."

Jim watched as two of the planes began to fire at them. He could see the muzzle flash from the guns, and streaks of light, racing towards them.

"Look out!" one of the pilots shouted as he ducked in his chair, but Jim never flinched once. The bullets hit the aircraft and sparks began to fly everywhere. The pilot looked up when nothing happened, and realized that the aircrafts skin and windows were to thick for the enemy"™s bullets to penetrate.

A smile began to slowly form on Jim"™s maw, but quickly faded as he saw another aircraft coming straight at him. Jim took a step back and put his hands up to cover his face because he though the aircraft was going to crash into the cockpit, but at the last second the fighter pulled up. It was so close that Jim could see the rivets under the plane.

"Sixty knots sir, fourteen thousand feet left."

Jim leaned forward and looked out the side windscreen. He could see the three planes circling around for another go.

"Shit!" I shouted over the radio. "Common we need to try again."

I caught up with Brian and Tim as we circled around to the left for another go at the Kursk. We were flying straight at it, on its right side and fired again. Suddenly flak began to explode everywhere, leaving small black clouds all round us.

"Break!" I shouted into the radio, as we each flew in a different direction.

Brian and Tim pulled up and out of range of the gun, but I turned towards it. As I flew at it, flak rounds were passing me on all sides. If any one of them were to hit me and explode I would be taken out instantly. I got close enough to the gun and fired. I managed to hit one of the ammo boxes next to it, which exploded, sending the three wolves that manned the weapon flying into the air.

I then turned back towards the Kursk after making sure the gun was disabled. Now I was flying at the massive airship from behind. I aimed at the cargo bay door and fired again. Sparks were flying everywhere as my bullets came into contact with the thick metal. It wasn"™t doing anything so I pulled up over the tail and fired again at the top of the fuselage. Sparks were racing up the top of the airship all the way to the cockpit. Then the bullets ran out of metal, and started to hit the runway in front of the airship as I dived down in front of the nose. I pulled up just before I hit the ground, and climbed out in front of the Kursk.

"Ninety knots, ten thousand feet remaining."

Jim and the pilots quickly turned their heads to the right as more bullets hit the side of the cockpit. Then the bullets quickly stopped as their flak started to explode around the enemy.
Jim couldn"™t see behind him, but the flak stopped.

"One hundred knots, six thousand feet of runway."

He figured that one of the planes took out the gun, and then he heard a light tapping. The sound stopped and suddenly came back, but was growing in intensity. The tapping quickly turned into gunfire and Jim and the pilots ducked as a plane flew down over their heads in front of them.

"Keep trying," Jim snickered as he watched the plane climb out ahead of them.

"One hundred and ten knots sir, three thousand feet left."

"Ok Captain, begin to rotate," Jim said as he watched the airspeed slowly make its way to one-twenty.

Both pilots pulled back on their yokes and the massive nose of the aircraft began to lift off the ground.

"One-seventeen, a thousand feet left."

As soon as they hit one-twenty, they could feel the aircraft lifting off of the runway. They quickly raised the landing gear to help streamline the aircraft and raised the flaps so that it could pick up speed.

"Alright General," said the Captain. "Until we reach two hundred knots, the airship cannot fly without the help of the Zeppelin"™s. Unfortunately, while we are climbing to gain altitude, our airspeed isn"™t going to increase very fast. It"™s going to take us about twenty minutes in order to climb up to altitude and gain enough speed so that we don"™t have to use the large balloons on the leading edges anymore."

"Very good," Jim answered back, "In twenty minutes we should be at the enemy"™s border."

"Shit!" Tim shouted over the radio. "What are we going to do now? None of our bullets are working."

I didn"™t know what we could do. The metal on the Kursk was too thick for the ammunition we carried. I turned my plane to the left so that I could see the Kursk out my side window, and then I saw it, the solution.

"The Zeppelin"™s," I thought to myself. "Tim... Brian," I hollered over the radio. "We need to take out the Zeppelin"™s attached to the leading edges of the wings and tail. If we take them out, then she"™ll fall to the ground."

But before I could say anything else we had flown back into the enemy fighters. Planes were flying everywhere and it was becoming difficult to pick out which ones were the enemy"™s and which ones were ours. Some of the planes were spewing out grey smoke amidst black clouds where others had exploded.

"General, one hundred and twenty-four knots, nineteen minutes left. Climbing at a-hundred feet per minute."

"Good job," Jim replied as he looked out the windscreen in front of him at the war erupting on the other side.

I turned back into the mess of bullets and planes. As I caught up with the battle, I fell behind an enemy aircraft and opened fire. My bullets flew all around him and he quickly rolled, breaking to the right. I followed, keeping on his tail the whole time about thirty yards back. "Oh no you don"™t," I said to myself as I opened fire again. My bullets ripped thought his plane and I saw his windscreen shatter mixed with a red spray of blood, as the fighter slowly began to dive towards the ground.

After dispatching the fighter I headed back, head on, towards the Kursk. I opened fire at the Zeppelin attached to the right wing, but instead of sparks I didn"™t see anything. My bullets were working, and they were piercing through the softer skin of the Zeppelin.

Jim watched as a fighter began to open fire on the Zeppelin attached to the right wing"™s leading edge.

"Shit!" He yelled, "They know how to take us down."

As Jim watched the fighter go around, he felt the plane start to roll to the right. He looked out the side window and saw the holes in the canvas where the gas was escaping.

"General!" The co-pilot yelled, "We"™re rolling to the right. What do we do?"

"Are you serious!" Jim yelled. "Where"™d you two idiots learn to fly?" He shouted, smacking them both in the back of the head. "Left rudder, you have to compensate."

The Captain pushed on the left rudder pedal, and the Kursk slowly began to level out.

"General we"™re passing one hundred and thirty-two knots," The co-pilot said looking back at Jim. "Seventeen minutes remaining."

After pulling away from the Kursk I watched as it began to roll to the right, then it corrected itself using the rudder. It was working; attacking the Zeppelins would bring down the airship.

"Brian... Tim... Attacking the Zeppelins is working. We need to take them out before she can fly on her own."

Just as I finished my transmission, bullets started to fly all around me. Another fighter was diving on me from above. I pulled out of the way, but not before a couple of the bullets ripped though the fuselage. I turned around and noticed a few holes right behind my seat. Light was now piercing into my aircraft. My spaceship was ok, but there was a bit of red fluid coming up through the holes the bullets had caused. Scanning my instruments I noticed a pressure gauge slowly making its way to zero. It was the hydraulic fluid, and without it I wouldn"™t be able to lower my landing gear; not even manually. I kept trying to shake the fighter behind me, but it was no use.

Tim looked below him and saw that Ken was in trouble. He dived down behind the enemy plane and opened fire. A few of his rounds penetrated the fuel tanks of the fighter, and fuel started to spray out of the holes. Another bullet hit the skin of the aircraft causing a spark and ignited the fuel. The wing exploded, followed by the fuselage, and then the other wing, spraying pieces of the plane in every direction. The only thing left of the fighter was another black cloud.

"Thanks Tim, you saved me there," I said as I exhaled a sigh of relief.

"No problem, we"™re a team. Now let"™s take out this oversized piece of junk once and for all."

"We"™re passing one-forty sir. Fifteen minutes to go."

"Very good," Jim said as he picked up the radio to the intercom of the Kursk.

"Attention, Attention... ETA fifteen minutes; all pilot"™s, get ready for launch. All other personnel get the bombs ready for the drop points. We"™ll be arriving at our first destination in twenty minutes."

Jim took out a map of Mandora, which had various red X"™s on it, as he opened it up. He set it down in front of the pilot"™s and pointed at the route they were taking with a claw.

"As you can see, the first town we"™ll destroy is Essella, followed by Hersha and Baringtell. Then we will hit Mandora"™s military base, followed by their Capital, the city of Manora."

"One-forty-four, fourteen minutes left.

Brian fell behind Tim and I as we dove again on the right-hand wing-mounted Zeppelin. We all opened fire and started to fill the device with holes. Suddenly an enemy fighter started to fire at us from behind. I immediately slammed my stick to the side, and broke the dive off to the left. As planned, the fighter continued after Tim and Brian, and I circled around behind the enemy. I fired and managed to hit the plane a few times, causing a white smoke to spill out behind it.

I watched as the fighter began to spin out of control, and head directly towards one of the Kursk"™s props. I winced as the prop came into contact with he fighter, shredding it to pieces like a hot knife through butter.

Jim watched as one of his fighters slammed into the massive prop. The Kursk didn"™t even shake as the huge blades shredded the fighter. Suddenly, he lost his balance and fell to the right. He caught himself on the co-pilots chair, and when he looked out the window, the right Zeppelin was gone; deflated by enemy gunfire.

The pilots quickly reacted, slamming on the left rudder until it couldn"™t go any further.

"The left rudder is at the stop; full deflection sir!" Yelled the captain, as the Kursk began to level out.

Jim was getting furious, that the enemy had found a way to take them down. He clenched his teeth together as he looked at the airspeed indicator.

"One-fifty-six, eleven minutes to go."

As I was climbing out for another run at the Kursk, I noticed an enemy fighter coming straight at me, head on. We were barreling towards each other as we each opened fire. Bullets were flying all around me as I gritted my teeth in determination. We were about fifty yards away from each other when I finally saw a few sparks shoot off of the enemy plane. Flames began to shoot out behind it as the plane began to spiral out of control. Reacting on instinct, I immediately pushed forward on the stick, diving out of the way of the spiraling plane. We missed each other by mere inches as the enemy fighter passed over me upside down. As it passed, I looked up and could see the enemy wolf inside looking back at me, screaming as his cockpit filled with flames. The enemy fighter exploded behind me as I continued for another run at the Kursk. I made a wide turn to the right, in hopes of coming at the airship perpendicularly, so that when I opened fire on the left-hand wing-mounted Zeppelin, my bullets would penetrate a larger area, rather than a specific point.

I flew directly at the Kursk, and was about to play chicken with the nose of the airship. I was flying perpendicular to it, coming at it from the right-hand side, and flying directly into its flight path. Timing was going to be everything on this maneuver. I was going to have to roll right in front of the Kursk"™s cockpit, so that when the maneuver was completed I would be in line with the Zeppelin, and not in the path of the massive props.

I flew closer and closer, and could just barely see into the cockpit. Just seconds before the maneuver, I noticed that the pilots inside the cockpit of the Kursk were looking at me. I pulled the stick back and slammed it to the left, causing the plane pitch up, and roll. We were only a few feet from each other, and because I rolled to the left, I was able to get a good look inside the cockpit.

"Jim... You"™re alive," I whispered as my eyes locked with his. In that brief moment, I knew that he saw me, because he looked right at me and snarled, as he raised his lips showing his teeth. Another second and my plane rolled out of site, up and over the cockpit of the Kursk.

Continuing the roll I was now upside down looking at the top of the airship, and then on my other side. As I looked up my eyes widened, and I gasped as the huge blades of the prop came down towards me. The prop just missed my plane, and had I performed the maneuver a second later, I would have been reduced to splintered debris.

As my plane rolled back to wings level, I opened fire on the Zeppelin attached to the left wing. Filling it with holes all the way down it"™s length.


"I think I can figure it out for myself thank you," Jim yelled, cutting off the co-pilot mid-sentence. He knew that they were in trouble, and at the rate the enemy was attacking the Zeppelins, there was no way they would make it to two hundred knots.

"Just keep going," Jim demanded to the Captain. "And remember to let up on the left rudder as the left-hand Zeppelin fails."

Jim starred intently at the airspeed indicator as it slowly crept past one seventy-two. "Come on, come on, come on," Jim chanted under his breath.

"Jim"™s alive... He"™s aboard the Kursk!" I hollered over the radio.

A collective, "What!?!" Came back through the radio as Tim, and Brian both answered back in shock. They were both diving back towards the Kursk, and now with the new information, it just fueled the fires burning within them. They both opened fire at the same time. Some of the bullets hit the massive props causing sparks to fly off, but most of the bullets found their target.

Now riddled with holes, two large tares formed in the side of the Zeppelin, deflating it rapidly. The wing began to drop and the Kursk"™s nose began to lower and dive towards the ground.

We all shouted triumphantly through the radio, as we saw the Kursk begin to fall out of the sky.

Jim was watching the airspeed slowly work its way up to one-eighty-four when all hell broke loose. He could see two large tares form in the Zeppelin as warning lights and sounds began to flash and blare through the cockpit.

"Son-of-a-bitch! We"™re loosing lift! Pull up!" The Captain yelled.

"NO!" Jim shouted as he reached over the Captain and pushed forward on the yoke, causing the Kursk to shake a bit and dive towards the ground.

Pitching towards the ground caused the Kursk to gain airspeed rapidly. Jim watched as it quickly jumped past one-ninety, one ninety-five, and finally to two hundred. Jim then pulled back on the yoke, causing the Kursk to level out.

Jim looked at the pilots with a triumphant grin on his maw. "Open the hatch and the bombing bay doors."

The co-pilot, pulled up on a lever located between him and the Captain. The three of them could hear the hydraulics go to work, as the massive door in the rear of the Kursk, began to open up. Simultaneously, smaller doors opened up next to the pilot"™s at each of the fifty separate stations. Which is where the bombs were going to be dropped from.

Ken, Tim and Brian all watched in horror as the Kursk leveled out from its dive. Flying under its own power.
I can access your mind though your dreams.
One simple idea can change everything.
Which is why, I have to steal it.

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I can access your mind though your dreams.
One simple idea can change everything.
Which is why, I have to steal it.

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I can access your mind though your dreams.
One simple idea can change everything.
Which is why, I have to steal it.

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I can access your mind though your dreams.
One simple idea can change everything.
Which is why, I have to steal it.

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Well, finally got the second part written... After this chapter I've only got one more outline to turn into a Chapter and thus is the end of this journey. Hopefully everyone who reads this chapter enjoys it.

Thanks to KidoftheJ for editing...

Chapter 17

The Kursk Part II

"General," The Captain of the Kursk said, as he looked back at Jim.

"Now," Jim replied with a triumphant grin on his face.

The Captain turned his head back around to the control panel and pushed a red button. Inside the main hull of the Kursk, the first ten of fifty rotating red lights illuminated and started to flash above the first ten separate filling stations that were located closest to the rear of the plane.

The wolves looked up at the rotating lights and knew exactly what to do. They walked over to the flashing lights, and under each of them were ten black bombs with two yellow ring-like stripes that went around the center of each all stacked in a pyramid. They grabbed one bomb at a time, and pushed them one-by-one out of the holes that had previously opened up.

As the Kursk flew overhead, dozens of bombs could be seen falling to the ground below.

The citizens of Essella had no warning, other than the growing rumble of plane engines, before the bombs hit the ground. Houses were blown apart, cars were melted down, and civilians were incinerated.

As the bombs began to level the town, innocent wolves ran down the streets, away from the growing explosion behind them. They had nowhere to go, and took any street that might lead them to safety.

Those that weren"™t fast enough were caught up in the flames as the Kursk flew overhead. Those that were fast enough just prolonged the inevitable as they looked up and then slowly forward as the huge airship flew over them and the fireball behind them sped up.

One wolf looked behind him and saw the flames knock the wolves behind him over as it caught up with them. As he turned his head forward to keep running, he noticed the house next to him explode in the direction the fireball was moving, and sent splintered debris into the next house.

The explosion caught up with him and he could feel the fur on his back catch fire from the heat. As he looked forward he could see his neighbors looking back in horror as they kept running. He was lifted off of his feet from the force of the blast and opened his mouth to scream as the fire consumed his body.

Screams were muffled out from the deafening roar of the explosion that consumed them. Men, women, children; none of them were spared. All that was left of the town were black craters, scorched earth, and blazing infernos as the Kursk moved forward to its next target.

"Goddamnit!" Brian shouted as he surveyed the blackened earth below. He looked forward as he quickly flew back into the throng of enemy and allied fighters. He quickly latched onto an enemy aircraft, determined to shoot down every last one.

Squeezing the trigger on his stick, bullets began to spray out of the machineguns on his plane and race after the enemy in front of him.

The enemy fighter quickly rolled and dove to the left. Brian followed, matching the enemy"™s movements exactly. He opened fire again and managed to hit the wing of the fighter several times.

The forces acting on the wing, caused it to tear off of the enemy fighter, and Brian watched as it quickly began to spiral out of control towards the ground below.

Tim was also on the tail of an enemy aircraft, but had another enemy fighter behind him. The plane in front of him turned sharply to the right and Tim did the same.

"Oh no you don"™t, you fucker!" Tim shouted. He was pissed about the destruction under them and he"™d be damned if he let an enemy escape.

Suddenly streaks of light started to fly out in front of him. "Shit!" He yelled as he quickly turned to the left to avoid the barrage of bullets.

The enemy quickly matched his movements and followed him to the left, with their hand still on the trigger.

Tim straightened out after turning, and looked out the window. His eyes widened when he saw the spray of machinegun fire start to come at him, as the fighter behind him followed.

Tim pushed the stick forward and dove for the ground, the bullets following his movements closely behind. He looked up as the streaks of light quickly followed him downward.

Just before they hit him he quickly rolled to the left, pulled up, and rolled to the right in an attempt to shake the pursuer. It didn"™t work and the bullets caught up with him.

Tim was horrified to see the spray of bullets and the streaks of light, flying all around his cockpit. Sparks were flying off of his wing as the bullets made contact with the skin of his aircraft. Tim ducked after a bullet ripped through his plane and left a hole in his windscreen right next to his head.

Just as quickly as they had come, the bullets stopped. Tim was breathing heavily and when he looked out his side window he saw Ken flying next to him.

I looked at Tim out of my left windscreen. I was also breathing heavily, because I thought that I was about to lose my friend.

"I got your back Tim. Now let"™s finish these fuckers!" I shouted over the radio. When I looked for the enemy fighters, I realized that there was only about ten of them left. We were matched, because we also only had ten fighters left.

"We can do this Tim, were almost finished with these assholes!" I continued to say, but I spoke to soon. When I looked at the Kursk, I could see more and more planes coming out of it.

"No," Was the only thing I could say as I watched the enemy"™s forces quickly double in size. I turned around in my seat and glanced at my ship, which was still strapped in the main part of the fuselage.

I knew what I might have to do, when suddenly, bullets started to rip through my fighter in-between my ship and me. I quickly looked up and noticed an enemy fighter diving on me. I pulled up, but nothing happened.

I moved the stick forward and still got nothing. Then, white smoke began to poor out of the holes underneath my plane. I quickly scanned the instruments and realized that I was loosing oil pressure, and that the stick was dead.

Suddenly the prop stopped dead in its tracks, as the engine seized due to a lack of oil. I quickly unbuckled my seat belt as the plane began a steady dive towards the ground. I grabbed the door and pulled myself out of the cockpit.

Behind me, all I could see out the windscreen was the ground, and as the plane began to dive more and more, the floor beneath me became steeper and steeper. The plane began to shake and the holes in the fuselage in front of me started to tear and open up. The plane was being ripped in half, and I needed to be on the other side.

I quickly ran towards my ship. I knew that I was going to have to jump once I reached the section of the plane that was being ripped off. I leaped into the air with all that I had. I looked down as I jumped. I could see the ground through the holes and white smoke, and landed hard on the other side; the floor still getting steeper and steeper beneath me.

I pushed up with my hands, and began to run towards the ship; my feet slipping a few times before getting a good grip. There was a button on the side of the fuselage that I needed to push first, and when I did, the whole back tail of the fighter detached itself from the fuselage.

Luckily for me, there was a rope that attached itself from the button to the door of my ship; otherwise I may have been sucked out from the force of the wind that entered into the plane.

I pulled myself, slowly, to the open door of my ship, and once I was inside, I quickly made my way to the cockpit and started the engines. As I was about to press a button that would detach the cables from my ship to the plane and deploy a parachute, the front end of the fighter ripped off, and the main body started to tumble towards the ground.

As I looked out the windscreen the view changed from sky to ground as the fuselage I was in continued to tumble end-over-end; black smoke pouring out, and leaving a trail to the ground. I had to time it just right and when I saw the sky, I pressed the button, which released the cables and deployed the parachute out behind me.

As the ground started to come into view the parachute opened and I was yanked backwards out of the fuselage. I watched as the section of plane I was in, tumbled three more times before slamming into the ground followed by an explosion.

I immediately started the engines and pushed the thruster lever forward. The rockets ignited and burnt the lines off of the parachute. My ship dropped for about a second before I was able to pull up out of the black smoke and avoid the explosion below.

Tim watched the horrifying spectacle as Ken"™s fighter was hit and started to fall to the ground. He watched as the plane began to break up, leaving a black smoke trail to the ground, and his heart had practically skipped a beat when he saw the fighter explode against the ground.

He thought that Ken was dead, until he saw Ken"™s space ship fly up towards him.

"Thank God," Tim said through the radio. "I though you were dead."

"Don"™t count me out just yet," I answered back through the radio. "Now lets finish the job."

"Ready General," The Captain said.

"Ready," Jim answered back as he watched the Captain press the second of five red buttons.

Inside the hull, the next ten rotating red lights started to flash and illuminate, and the next set of wolves began to push their bombs through the openings. One by one, they dropped their set of bombs each through the holes until there was none left, then, they looked through the holes at the damage below.

Underneath them, the whole town of Hersha was completely obliterated. All they could see were more areas of blackened earth, and raging fires that consumed everything else that the explosions had missed.

I was already getting my weapons ready when the Kursk dropped its second wave of bombs. I watched in horror as more civilians ran for their lives, only to be caught up in the massive fireball as it consumed everything in its path.

As I looked at the inventory on my ship, I realized that I only had one thing that just might work, and it was the Anti-Matter Missiles, or AMM"™s. I had twenty of them left, and could fire four at once.

I quickly pushed the throttle lever full forward and rocketed off into the enemy planes.

Tim watched as the small ship flew up next to him and then launched forwards, and vanished from sight because it was so small.

"Go get"™em Ken," Tim thought to himself as he watched the little human rocket forward into battle. As he looked out in front of him at the approaching planes, suddenly, four exploded at the same time leaving nothing behind except a few pieces of wreckage that fell to the ground.

"Holy shit... Was that Ken?" Tim whispered to himself as he flew into the swarm of enemy fighters.

Tim quickly few through their ranks, straight towards the Kursk, as more and more planes took off from inside the massive hull. He opened fire at the opening, and managed to hit one of the planes that exploded, and took out the other behind it.

Pushing forward on the stick, Tim went under the Kursk. As he made his way to the front he noticed something. It was the flight path of the Kursk, and it was headed right for the town that his parents were in.

His eyes widened and his heart sank as he quickly turned around, and started to head back towards the enemy planes.

"Ken... Ken can you hear me!" Tim shouted over the radio, as four more planes exploded in front of him.

"Yes... Yes I hear you." I replied back.

"Ken, we have to stop the Kursk. My town... My parents... They"™re next.... my town is next!" Tim shouted, almost bursting into tears.

"Ok... I have an idea!" I shouted back. "Get behind the Kursk with Brian, and wait for my signal."

"Ok!" Tim shouted back, as four more planes exploded all around him. He was confused because he hadn"™t seen any bullets hitting them. They were just exploding out of the sky from some sort of force. He knew it was Ken, but he didn"™t know what he was using.

The skies had once again become even as I took out the planes with my AMM"™s. Looking out my left side window, I began to fly down the length of the Kursk and then out in front of it.

"General, three minutes to the next drop," The Captain said.

"Very good Captain," Jim replied. He looked out his left hand window and then out the right. He had to squint when his eyes caught sight of something small, flying ahead of them.

I flew out ahead of the Kursk and armed four more of my AMM"™s.

"Arming AMM missiles," I said over the intercom.

"What the hell"™s a missile?" I heard Ken, and Brian answer back.

I was well ahead of the Kursk and just grinned as I began to turn to the left. I watched as the Kursk"™s position changed, my head following it until it stopped and I was staring at it head on.

"Missiles are armed. Target is acquired I have a good lock," I said over the radio.

"Ken... What the hell is a missile?" Tim asked.

Inside the Kursk, Jim was watching the small plane through a pair of binoculars. He knew it was Ken and when the ship started to turn towards and face them head on; Jim dropped the binoculars and began to quickly walk down the inclined hallway.

"This is a missile... Box three!" I shouted as I pressed the trigger on the yoke. I looked out of my right window as two rockets fired out of each wing, leaving two white smoke trails behind.

The two on the left, quickly accompanied the two missiles on the right, and they were flying straight at the Kursk"™s left hand prop that was closest to the cockpit.

"Hey Jim!" I shouted over the radio. "Here"™s a little present from Earth!"

The pilots of the Kursk squinted and watched as four small objects raced towards them. They looked at each and chuckled, "What the hell are those gonna do?" Then looked back at the small objects.

They watched as the four objects got closer and closer, and then their heads snapped to the left as the objects crashed into the massive propeller next to them.

Their eyes widened as the massive explosion caused one of the three spinning blades to separate from its housing and come straight at them. They threw their hands up in front of their face in defense, as the massive blade pierced through the Kursk right underneath the cockpit, and fuel started to spray out of the damaged engine.

"Shut th..." Was all the Captain could say as the second blade came over the top and slammed down on the blade that was sticking out of the Kursk. When the second blade came into contact with the first it exploded into millions of fragments, and wrenched the first one up like a lever into the cockpit. The pilots were smashed into the ceiling and crushed, and the controls were destroyed, as the blade fractured and broke apart.

Jim heard the loud crash and looked behind him as the massive blade thrust upwards into the cockpit. He quickly started to run down the hall as bulkheads began to seal off the hallway that lead through the fuel tanks. He still had about a hundred feet to go, and it never looked further.

"Tim... Brian... Shoot the fuel!" I shouted over the intercom, and immediately they opened fire on the fuel that was spraying out of the damaged engine.

Their bullets made contact with the jet fuel, and after one of them sparked when hitting the propellers hub surface, a huge fireball erupted.

Jim ran down the hall as the last bulkhead began to close. He lost his footing as the Kursk began to shake. He stumbled forward and looked behind him. Just as the bulkhead at the cockpit was about to close, he saw the cockpit burst into flames.

As he looked forward he noticed the last bulkhead was closing fast, and he was still about twenty feet away. With only ten feet left and two feet of clearance under the bulkhead, Jim dove to the ground and slid under the door, just before it closed.

The inside of the Kursk was shaking violently as Jim staggered to his plane. He climbed inside and started the engine, just as the bulkhead separating the hull from the inclined hallway blew out.

A wolf running by stopped and looked to his right as the bulkhead blew, and it smashed into him. The wolf was killed instantly as the door hit him, spattering his body as it made contact, continuing, and slamming into one of the parked planes, pushing it into another and catching another unsuspecting wolf in between; crushing his body.

Jim slammed the throttle forward, as the massive metal wall behind him began to bulge and push outward. His plane began to slowly roll forward down the six hundred foot hull.

"Come on, come on, come on!" Jim chanted with growing intensity.

Suddenly, fuel began to spray out of the massive steal wall behind him, as the rivets failed. It only sprayed for a second before a massive explosion forced its way through the cracks that the fuel was spraying out of, and then consumed the entire fifty-foot wall.

As Jim"™s plane raced down the hull, the other wolves inside began to run towards the open door at the end. He looked behind him and quickly turned around at what he saw.

Behind him the massive explosion was racing towards him. Before the explosion hit them, each one of the planes would be blown on its side from the force of the blast and then consumed. The wolves that were running would be lifted slightly into the air and would burst into flames before the wall of fire reached them because of the intense heat.

Jim still had four hundred feet to go. On his side, the separate filling stations were exploding one at a time, and hurling the wolves next to them towards the center of the hull, into Jim"™s path. Jim ducked as a wolf was thrown right over his head; another thrown in front of his wing and sliced in half, his organs and vile strewn everywhere in the carnage; a red splatter stained on his right wing.

Jim looked up as sparks began shooting off the ceiling as the lights exploded and pipes ruptured from the pressure. Then, one of the exploding pipes caught the hydraulic line next to the huge metal doors. The red fluid was spraying everywhere on one side as the pressure to hold the doors open quickly escaped the severed line, which was flying around everywhere like a fire hose with no one holding it.

As Jim looked forward the massive metal door began to close. The emergencies breaks on each side of the door kicked in but were not strong enough to keep it from falling. Sparks began to fly on each side as metal grinded against metal, and the massive door slowly began to close shut.

Jim clenched his teeth as his plane raced down the hull away from the rapidly approaching wall of fire. He was passing several planes and fleeing wolves with two hundred feet left to go before he was out of the Kursk.

At the exit, other wolves were standing at the edge, looking at the approaching explosion and out at the unforgiving ground below. Suddenly the spraying hydraulic hose on the left side flung in their direction and smacked into them, sending four wolves flying out of the hull, screaming as they flailed their arms and legs before falling out of site.

One hundred feet, that"™s all that was between Jim and the exit, as the explosion caught up with the tail of his fighter. The huge metal door continued to close and was now mere feet of being to low for his plane to pass. The fireball started to surround his aircraft, starting with the tail and working its way forward.

At the exit, some of the wolves that were still standing, deciding whether or not to jump, put their hands up towards the wall of fire to brace themselves, and the others jumped but were to late to avoid the flames. The wolves that stayed, watch as for a split second the fur on their arms instantly burnt to the skin and erupted into flame before the wall of fire hit them. The others, who jumped, felt themselves cook as the fur on their backs and tails instantly fried as they too, were engulfed in the fireball.

Jim watched as the wall of fire started to reach to the sides of his cockpit. He looked forward and held his breath as he looked at the top of the descending door. The blue sky started to turn red and orange, as the flames started to surrounded him. He could feel the heat of the blast, as the flames started to leak into his cockpit and he passed under the door; the small light on the top of the tail severed as the door hit it.

Jim quickly flew out of the flames as the door closed behind him. When he looked back, the massive door began to bow and erupted into flames. The Kursk was a huge ball of fire as it started to fall out of the sky. It hit the ground, nose first, and the remaining bombs and jet fuel combusted into a massive explosion that sent pieces of the Kursk flying in every direction like the eruption of a volcano.

"YEAH!!!!!" I shouted, along with the few of us that remained, over the radio.

"Come on, let"™s get the rest of them!" I continued to shout as the remaining eight enemy fighters turned around and started to head back to Kantora.

The six of us were quick on their heals and opened fire once we were behind them. They all broke into different directions, and we each followed one. I quickly took out my targets with my remaining AMM"™s. Likewise, Tim and another guy, each managed to take down another.

"I"™m going after the last two!" Brian shouted through his radio.

I was flying next to him, a ways off and looked over to him, "Copy that, don"™t worry, you"™ve got help on your six."

"Copy that," Brian replied and the two planes flew after the two enemy fighters.

Brian quickly opened fire on the first plane, and hit it several times with his rounds before it exploded and left behind a black cloud. The other enemy fighter rolled to the right and Brian quickly followed. He knew that he had help on his six but this enemy was his.

He opened fire and the fighter quickly rolled to the left. Brian matched his movements, with his finger still firmly planted on the trigger. His bullets raced after the plane and made contact. The wing exploded, followed closely by the fighter, and started to fall out of the sky.

"Yeah!" Brian shouted over the radio. Suddenly, bullets started to rip through his plane. He looked out the side window as the streaks of light ripped into his right wing. Fuel started to spray out as another bullet hit the aircrafts surface and created a spark. Brian"™s eyes widened as his face lit up from the explosion outside that quickly enveloped the whole plane, leaving a black cloud behind and burning debris falling to the ground below.

"BRIAN!!!" Tim and I both shouted over the radio, but we got no answer in return.

Tim was already on an intercept with the plane that was behind Brian. He flew directly at it on an angle, and was confused because it was one of their planes. He drew closer and closer to the allied fighter. Tim was right next to him, and just before he slammed into it, he rolled right over the top and looked in, staring in shock at what he saw.

"Jim... It"™s you... You"™re alive," He whispered to himself as he looked up through the top of his cockpit at Jim below who was staring back at him.

"It"™s Jim!" shouted Tim over the radio as he quickly rolled over Jim"™s plane and kept the turn going to the left.

Jim quickly pulled his stick over to the left and followed.

My heart sank upon hearing that name, and realizing that he had survived the crash.

"Tim, you have to shake him!" I hollered back. "I don"™t have anything else left to fight with! You"™re on your own. You can do it! Just remember your sister and brother! Do it for them!"

Tim heard Ken through the radio and determination filled his eyes as thoughts of his sister and brother flooded into his head.

Bullets started to fly all around his cockpit and he quickly half rolled to the right and then to the left, trying to shake Jim off of his tail.

Jim matched his exact movements and kept his hand clenched to the trigger. Bullets continued to spray out of his machinegun and lit up the sky ahead of him. He was determined to kill Tim, who was the one that broke Ken out of his base when he had captured the small human.

Tim saw a cloud to his right and quickly aimed for it. He had to shake Jim off of his tail, no matter what the cost. He entered into the cloud, and couldn"™t see anything as a white blanket covered his windscreen. After he exited the cloud, when he looked behind him, the bullets had stopped. But then Jim"™s fighter burst through the clouds and reengaged.

Jim lost Tim through the cloud for only a second. When he exited the white blanket Tim was right in front of him and he opened fire again.

Tim instinctively ducked his head as he heard a few of the bullets hit his plane before rolling to the left. When he looked out the sides of his window he noticed a hole in one of the fuel tanks, and to make things worse, fuel was spraying out of it.

Jim was right on Tim"™s heels when he rolled to the left. He continued to keep his guns blazing and realized that his windscreen had small droplets of water on it. He snickered and continued to fire, realizing that Tim had a hole in one of his wings and was loosing fuel.

Tim was running out of options as he watched one of his fuel gages quickly dropping to zero. He decided to take a risk and pulled up hard and slammed the stick to the right. Tim"™s fighter started to climb vertically and spin.

Jim quickly matched Tim"™s maneuver and kept his guns blazing as he too climbed vertically.

Tim watched as bullets few all around his cockpit. He held the rotation, and watched as his airspeed rapidly dropped. Suddenly bullets started to penetrate through his plane and the windscreen in front of him shattered completely with a spray of fractured glass.

Both planes stalled at the same time and quickly fell back to the ground below.

Jim grinned when he saw the glass of Tim"™s cockpit shatter and spray outward as his plane stalled, quickly spun around, and fell back to the ground below. Suddenly bullets started to fly by his cockpit on all sides.

Tim opened fire when his plane rotated around and fell behind Jim"™s. His cockpit was shattered but he could still see. He ground his teeth together as the harsh winds ripped into his cockpit, and because he was determined to kill Jim.

Jim quickly rolled to the right and pulled up.

Tim matched Jim"™s maneuver and held his hand on the trigger, firing bullets the whole time he copied Jim"™s maneuver to stay behind him.

Jim watch as the streaks of light continued to follow behind him, matching his every movement, and quickly rolled to the left, a few bullets his tail as they chased after him.

Tim wasn"™t going to let Jim get away; not this time. He continued to hold down the trigger as Jim rolled to the left and he quickly followed; the streaks of light, created by his bullets, chasing Jim the whole time.

Jim ducked when a few rounds could be heard hitting his aircraft. He quickly looked at his instruments and realized that he was loosing oil pressure and white smoke was pouring out underneath his fighter. He clenched his teeth together and turned around in his seat to look back at where Jim was as a bullet ripped through his face, spraying blood and skull fragments all over the control panel before exiting out the windshield, leaving a fist sized hole through both.

Tim watched as a red spray shot out of the cockpit mixed with some shattered glass, and watched as the plane began to dive towards the ground. He circled around and waited until the fighter came into contact with the earth below and exploded.

There were no words to describe how happy we were. The four of us that remained all flew back towards our base. It was a very quiet flight, and we really couldn"™t fathom what had just happened. We all made it back to our base and landed safely.

Once my ship was in the hanger and shut down, I slumped back into the chair and started to laugh for a second before tears filled my eyes.
I can access your mind though your dreams.
One simple idea can change everything.
Which is why, I have to steal it.

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Postby deatheater » Tue Feb 08, 2011 8:09 am

KidoftheJ wrote:As I said before, this is AMAZING (and that word over and over again) :wink:

Thanks Kid :wink:
I can access your mind though your dreams.
One simple idea can change everything.
Which is why, I have to steal it.

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